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(The TQCC of Speculum-A Journal of Medieval Studies is 0. The table below lists those papers that are above that threshold based on CrossRef citation counts [max. 250 papers]. The publications cover those that have been published in the past four years, i.e., from 2020-02-01 to 2024-02-01.)
Laying the Corpses to Rest: Grain, Embargoes, andYersinia pestisin the Black Sea, 1346–4815
Gregory of Tours on Sixth-Century Plague and Other Epidemics9
From Purification to Protection: Plague Response in Late Medieval Valencia4
What Did Medieval Slavery Look Like? Color, Race, and Unfreedom in Later Medieval Iberia4
Performative Images and Cosmic Sound in the Exultet Liturgy of Southern Italy3
From One Mortality Regime to Another? Mortality Crises in Late Medieval Haarlem, Holland, in Perspective3
Nivelon de Quierzy, the Cathedral of Soissons, and the Relics of 1205: Liturgy and Devotion in the Aftermath of the Fourth Crusade2
Reassembling Textile Networks: Treasuries and Re-collecting Practices in Thirteenth-Century England2
Framing Mediterranean Famine: Food Crisis in Fourteenth-Century Barcelona2
The Regulation of “Sodomy” in the Latin East and West2
Bishop Guðmundr’s Roman Redemption: Imagining and Suspending Papal Government in Medieval Iceland1
Origen’s Story: Heresy, Book Production, and Monastic Reform at Saint-Laurent de Liège1
AmigasandAmichs: Prostitute-Concubines, Strategic Coupling, and Laboring-Class Masculinity in Late Medieval Valencia and the Mediterranean1
On the Aesthetic of Diagrams in Byzantine Art1
Apocalyptic Ecologies: Eschatology, the Ethics of Care, and the Fifteen Signs of the Doom in Early England1
Macro/Microcosm at Vézelay: The Narthex Portal and Non-elite Participation in Elite Spirituality1
Tales of the Living Dead: Dealing with Doubt in Medieval English Law1
The Ages of the World and the Ages of Man: Irish and European Learning in the Twelfth Century1
Comparative Economy and Martial Corporatism: Toward an Understanding of Florentine City Leagues, 1332–921
The Healing Power of Music? Documentary Evidence from Late-Fourteenth-Century Bologna1
Moustaches, Mantles, and Saffron Shirts: What Motivated Sumptuary Law in Medieval English Ireland?1
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Magical Charaktêres in the Carolingian World: A Ninth-Century Charm in MS Vat. lat. 5359 and Its Broader Cultural Context1
A Rudder for The Ship of Fools?: Bosch’s Franciscans as Jongleurs of God1
The Social Constituency of the Jacquerie Revolt of 13581
The Scribes of the Silos Apocalypse (London, British Library, Add. MS 11695) and the Scriptorium of Silos in the Late Eleventh Century1
“To Embrace a Sack of Excrement”: Odo of Cluny and the History of an Image1
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Draining the Swamp: National and Local Regulation of Drainage in a 1396 English Sewer Commission Report1
Defining “Conversos” in Fifteenth-Century Castile: The Making of a Controversial Category1
Borderland Anxieties: Lisān al-Dīn ibn al-Khaṭīb (d. 1374) and the Politics of Genealogy in Late Medieval Granada1
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Trans Climates of the European Middle Ages, 500–13000
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Brief Notices0
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Front Matter0
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Front Cover0
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