South Atlantic Quarterly

(The TQCC of South Atlantic Quarterly is 2. The table below lists those papers that are above that threshold based on CrossRef citation counts [max. 250 papers]. The publications cover those that have been published in the past four years, i.e., from 2020-05-01 to 2024-05-01.)
Reclaiming the Radical Politics of Self-Care47
After Crip, Crip Afters39
The Ethics of Pace32
Spatial Debilities26
Time Harms24
The Sovereignty of Critique23
State Homophobia, Sexual Politics, and Queering the Boğaziçi Resistance15
Actually Existing Platformization15
Making Mental Health through Open in Emergency14
The Limits of Algorithmic Management13
Identity Politics, Criticism, and Self-Criticism13
Autistic Disruptions, Trans Temporalities12
Social Uprising, Racism, and Resistance in Cali’s National Strike11
Rider Platforms?9
“Platformization” beyond the Point of Production8
Solar Infrastructure as Media of Resistance, or, Indigenous Solarities against Settler Colonialism8
Against Unjust Laws7
Thrice Unseen, Forever on Borrowed Time6
Platform Urbanization and the Impact on Urban Transformation and Citizenship6
Hustling the Platform6
Beyond the Sun5
Three Currents of Platformization in China5
Impasse Time5
Citizens, Infiltrators, and Others5
The Technical Fix5
Making Use of Everything: Tangier and Its Southern, Peripheral Practices4
Documenting the Everyday Hidden Resistance of Ride-Hailing Platform Drivers to Algorithmic Management in Lagos, Nigeria4
Platform Battlefield4
Leapfrogging to Solar4
The Gilets Jaunes4
Lebanon’s October 2019 Uprising4
Notes for an Anti-racist Feminism in the Wake of the Migrant Caravans4
The Paradise Performs4
The Struggle for Academic Freedom in an Age of Post-truth3
Taking Political Time: Thinking Past the Emergency Timescapes of the New Climate Movements3
Dispossession, Un-freedom, Precarity3
Let there Be Light (Or, In Defense of Darkness)3
The Making of Freedom and Common Forms of Struggle of Runaways in Taiwan3
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Single? Great? Collective?2
Digital Workers, Urban Vectors, and New Economies2
Anthropocene Destitution2
Black Futures Not Yet Lost2
Anti-racist Feminism or Barbarism2
Customer Service Representatives2
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Stolen Life, Stolen Time2
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The End of Ideology, the Ideology of the End2
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Essentially Dispossessed2
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Solarities or Solarculture2
Counting Citizens in Assam2
Judgment and Social Being2
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Cooperativism as Contestation to Crypto-colonialism in Puerto Rico2
Critical Theory in Times of Crisis2
Viral Solarity2