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(The median citation count of Shakespeare Quarterly is 0. The table below lists those papers that are above that threshold based on CrossRef citation counts [max. 250 papers]. The publications cover those that have been published in the past four years, i.e., from 2020-05-01 to 2024-05-01.)
Shakespearean Magnitudes3
Theater, Revision, and The Merry Wives of Windsor2
Racial Disgust in Early Modern England: The Case of Othello1
Playhouse Markings and the Revision of Hamlet1
“Circle Worcke”: Atmospheres on the Early Modern Stage1
“Distinguished by the Letter C”: Edmond Malone and Edward Capell as Rival Editors of Shake-speares Sonnets1
Gaming the Stage: Playable Media and the Rise of English Commercial Theater. By Gina Bloom0
Shakespearean Intersections: Language, Contexts, Critical Keywords. By Patricia Parker0
Women and Shakespeare’s Cuckoldry Plays: Shifting Narrative of Marital Betrayal. By Cristina León Alfar0
Error in Shakespeare: Shakespeare in Error. By Alice Leonard0
Shame and Solidarity in the Sonnets0
Shakespeare and Stratford. Edited by Katherine Scheil0
Shakespeare and Lost Plays: Reimagining Drama in Early Modern England. By David McInnis0
The Auckland First Folio: A Living Document0
The Complexions of Shakespeare’s Voices0
The Shakespearean Forest. By Anne Barton0
Comrade Rutland: Anti-Stratfordian Conversations in Early Soviet Russia0
“A Moniment, without a tombe”: Institution, Instruction, and Succession in Shakespeare’s First Folio0
Cures for Chance: Adoptive Relations in Shakespeare and Middleton. By Erin Ellerbeck0
John Shakespeare’s “Spiritual Testament” Is Not John Shakespeare’s0
“Whither are you bound”: The Publication and Shaping of Shakespeare in 1623 and 19230
Shakespeare’s ‘Lady Editors’: A New History of the Shakespearean Text. By Molly G. Yarn0
In Defense of Caliban: The Tempest and the Myth of the Black Rapist0
John Fletcher’s Rome: Questioning the Classics. By Domenico Lovascio0
Shakespeare’s Domestic Tragedies: Violence in the Early Modern Home. By Emma, Whipday0
From the Editor0
¿Shakespeare para todos?0
Early Modern Theatre and the Figure of Disability. By Genevieve Love0
Shakespeare and Happiness. By Kathleen French0
Fictions of Credit in the Age of Shakespeare. By Laura Kolb The Loss of the “Trades Increase”: An Early Modern Maritime Catastrophe. By Richmond Barbour0
This Is Shakespeare. by Emma Smith0
1623–2023: The First Folio Unbound0
Dreams, Sleep, and Shakespeare’s Genres. By Claude Fretz0
Shakespeare Jungle Fever: National-Imperial Re-Visions of Race, Rape, and Sacrifice. By Arthur L. Little, Jr0
Feeling Faint: Affect and Consciousness in the Renaissance. By Giulio J. Pertile0
Typographies of Performance in Early Modern England. By Claire M. L. Bourne0
Shakespeare and Queer Representation. By Stephen Guy-Bray0
“This bastard graff shall never come to growth”: Conception and Consent in Shakespeare’s Lucrece0
The Anachronic Shakespeare 1623 Folio0
Of Human Kindness: What Shakespeare Teaches Us About Empathy. By Paula Marantz Cohen0
Othello and the Grammar of Evil0
Literature’s Stake: Economy, Law, and Aesthetics in The Merchant of Venice0
The Battle of the Bard: Shakespeare on U.S. Radio in 1937. By Michael P. Jensen0
Constructing Collective Response: Julius Caesar, Theatrical Phenomenology, and the Cultivation of Political Discernment in the Globe0
The Commonplacing of Professional Plays Revisited: Print, Theater, and Early Modern Institutional Exchange0
Recovering Shakespeare’s Racial Genealogies: Slavery, Barbarism, and Whiteness in Hamlet and its Sources0
Phantasmatic Shakespeare: Imagination in the Age of Early Modern Science. By Suparna Roychoudhury0
Manuscript Precedents for Editorial Practices in John Benson’s Poems: Written by Wil. Shake-Speare. Gent0
Shakespeare, Steevens, and the Fleeting Moon: Glossing and Reading in Antony and Cleopatra0
The First Folio in the Web of Readers and Collectors0
Shakespeare and the Play Scripts of Private Prayer. By Ceri Sullivan0
Shakespeare and London: A Dictionary, Arden Shakespeare. By Sarah Dustagheer0
Prop Culture: The Shakespearean Clown and His Marotte0
Zuan Bianco and Othello: The Afro-European Military Commander in Life and Art0
Conscience-Caught: Historicizing the Religious and Legal Traditions of Conscience in Hamlet0
King Lear “After” Auschwitz: Shakespeare, Appropriation and Theatres of Catastrophe in Post-War British Drama. By Richard Ashby0
Who Rpinted Shakespeare’s Fourth Folio?0
Books of the Unlearned: Shakespearean Iconicity and Black Atlantic Critique0
Othello, Oserō, Washirō: Reflecting (on) Hegemony through Global Shakespeares0
Blood, Virtue, and Romance in Cymbeline0
Teaching Social Justice Through Shakespeare: Why Renaissance Literature Matters Now. Edited by Hillary Eklund and Wendy Beth Hyman0
Hunger: The Jamestown Context of Shakespeare’s The Tempest0
King Lear and Blessing0
Immateriality and Early Modern English Literature: Shakespeare, Donne, Herbert. By James A. Knapp0
Through the First Folio, Darkly: When is a “Perfect” Copy Perfect?0
Beholding Disability in Renaissance England. By Allison P. Hobgood0
Latinx Shakespeares: Staging U. S. Intracultural Theater. By Carla Della Gatta0
Passing Strange: Shakespeare, Race, and Contemporary America. By Ayanna Thompson0
Shakespeare, Spectatorship and the Technologies of Performance. By Pascale Aebischer0
All the Sonnets of Shakespeare. Edited by Paul Edmondson and Stanley Wells0
Publishing the History Play in the Time of Shakespeare: Stationers Shaping a Genre. By Amy Lidster0
Pericles’s Humming Waters: Nonhuman Agency, Textual Criticism, and the Practice of Material Ecocriticism0
The Afterlife of Shakespeare’s Sonnets, By Jane Kingsley-Smith0
The Diva’s Gift to the Shakespearean Stage: Agency, Theatricality, and the Innamorata. By Pamela Allen Brown Boy Actors in Early Modern England: Skill and Stagec0
“And golden vizards on their faces”: Theatrical Awakening in All Is True0
Shakespeare and the Romantics. By David Fuller0
The Bible on the Shakespearean Stage: Cultures of Interpretation in Reformation England. Edited by Thomas Fulton and Kristen Poole0
Playbooks and Their Readers in Early Modern England. By Hannah August0
Dissent and Authority in Early Modern Ireland: The English Problem from Bale to Shakespeare. By Jane Yeang Chui Wong0
Rogue Sexuality in Early Modern English Literature: Desire, Status, Biopolitics. By Ari Friedlander0
Drowning the First Folio: Co-laboring and the Value of Knowledge in The Tempest0
Shakespeare, Technicity, Theatre. By W. B. Worthen0
Illyria in Shakespeare’s England. By Lea Puljcan Juric0
Tasting Difference: Food, Race, and Cultural Encounters in Early Modern Literature. By Gitanjali G. Shahani0
Shakespeare and the 99%: Literary Studies, the Profession, and the Production of Inequity. Edited by Sharon O’Dair and Timothy Francisco0
Performances at Court in the Age of Shakespeare. Edited by Sophie Chiari and John Mucciolo.0
The 1623 Folio and Collection(s): Beyond Shakespeare0
Shakespeare’s Law. By Mark Fortier0
Reenacting Shakespeare in the Shakespeare Aftermath: The Intermedial Turn and Turn to Embodiment. By Thomas Cartelli0
Early Shakespeare, 1588–1594. Edited by Rory Loughnane and Andrew J. Power0
“Strange roots”: Rereading Food Scarcity in Sir Thomas More0
Perilous Networks: Risk and Maritime News in The Merchant of Venice0
White People in Shakespeare: Essays on Race, Culture and the Elite, Arden Shakespeare. Edited by Arthur L. Little, Jr0
Shakespeare on the Arabian Peninsula. By Katherine Hennessey0
Things of Darkness: Economies of Race and Gender in Early Modern England. By Kim F. Hall0
Ovid and the Liberty of Speech in Shakespeare’s England. By Heather James0
Shakespeare and the Cultivation of Difference: Race and Conduct in the Early Modern World. By Patricia Akhimie0
Honour Killing in Shakespeare. By Loraine Fletcher0
Performing Gods in Classical Antiquity and the Age of Shakespeare. By Dustin W. Dixon and John S. Garrison0
Impressive Shakespeare: Identity, Authority and the Imprint in Shakespearean Drama.By Harry Newman0
The Shakespeare Multiverse: Fandom as Literary Praxis. By Valerie M. Fazel and Louise Geddes0
The Private Life of William Shakespeare. By Lena Cowen Orlin0
Shakespeare and Virtual Reality. Edited by Stephen Wittek and David McInnis0
From the Editor0
“Do it not with poison”: Iago and the Killing of Desdemona0
Shakespeare and East Asia. By Alexa Alice Joubin0
Of Scamels and Such0
Shakespeare in the World: Cross-Cultural Adaptation in Europe and Colonial India, 1850–1900. By Suddhaseel Sen0
Believing in Shakespeare: Studies in Longing. By Claire McEachern0
“Baggage Bookes” and the Shakespeare First Folio: Towards a Critical Historiography of the Book0
The Shakespeare Ark of America0
Shakespeare’s Accents: Voicing Identity in Performance. By Sonia Massai0
Adapting “Macbeth”: A Cultural History. Arden Shakespeare. By William C. Carroll0
The First Folio at 400: Editing Roundtable0
“King Lear”: A New Variorum Edition of Shakespeare. Edited by Richard Knowles0
Shakespeare / Sex: Contemporary Readings in Gender and Sexuality. Arden Shakespeare. Edited by Jennifer Drouin0
Shakespeare and the Fall of the Roman Republic: Selfhood, Stoicism, and Civil War. By Patrick Gray0
Shakespeare and the Political Way. By Elizabeth Frazer0
Shakespeare, Objects and Phenomenology: Daggers of the Mind. By Susan Sachon0
Screening Gender in Shakespeare’s Comedies: Film and Television Adaptations in the Twenty-First Century. By Magdalena Cieślak0
Shakespeare’s Chair: Material Culture and Literary Phantasms0
Shakespeare’s Rare Words and Chronology0
Transgender Reassessments of the Cross-Dressed Page in Shakespeare, Philaster, and The Honest Man’s Fortune0
Shakespeare’s Mad Men: A Crisis of Authority. By Richard van Oort0
Shakespeare from the Bottom: Transnationalism, Unfounded Whiteness, and the First Folio0
Mixed Faith and Shared Feeling: Theater in Post-Reformation London. By Musa Gurnis0
Shakespeare’s Body Parts: Figuring Sovereignty in the History Plays. By Huw Griffiths0
Impossible Desire and the Limits of Knowledge in Renaissance Poetry. By Wendy Beth Hyman0
“King Lear”: A New Variorum Edition of Shakespeare. Edited by Richard Knowles0
John Shakespeare’s Muckhill: Ecologies, Economies, and Biographies of Communal Waste in Stratford-upon-Avon, circa 1550–16000
Introduction: The Patchwork Folio0
Sweet Fooling: Ethical Humor in King Lear and Levinas0
Catastrophizing: Materialism and the Making of Disaster. By Gerard Passannante0
Shakespeare and Emotion. Edited by Katherine A. Craik0
Early Modern German Shakespeare: “Hamlet” and “Romeo and Juliet” / “Der Bestrafte Brudermord” and “Romio und Julieta” in Translation. Edited by Lukas Erne and Kareen Seidler0
Shakespeare, Violence and Early Modern Europe. By Andrew Hiscock0
Cormorant Shylock0
“A Strange, Hollow, and Confused Noise”: Prospero’s “Start” and Early Modern Magical Practices0
Thinking Through Place on the Early Modern English Stage. By Andrew Bozio0
The Names of the Actors: The First Folio and Theater History0
Sounding Otherness in Early Modern Drama and Travel: Uncanny Vibrations in the English Archive. By Jennifer Linhart Wood0
On Shakespeare’s Legacy, Critical Race, and Collective Futures0
Passion’s Fictions from Shakespeare to Richardson: Literature and the Sciences of Soul and Mind. By Benedict S. Robinson0
Race and Rhetoric in the Renaissance: Barbarian Errors. By Ian Smith0
Segregated Shakespeare0
Fictions of Consent: Slavery, Servitude, and Free Service in Early Modern England. By Urvashi Chakravarty0
A Refusal to Celebrate the First Folio’s Last Centenary0