Scientific American

(The TQCC of Scientific American is 0. The table below lists those papers that are above that threshold based on CrossRef citation counts. The publications cover those that have been published in the past four years, i.e., from 2019-05-01 to 2023-05-01.)
Southern Pine for White Paper1
Across the Editor's Desk1
Date Industry in Persia1
X-Rays and Crystalline Structure-1
The Patent Office and Invention Since 18451
The “Movie” Theater up-to-Date1
The Arabian Date Trade0
Barnard's Black Nebulae0
Shipbuilding Resuming its Old-time Importance in American Commerce and Industry, Activity of Our Shipyards Since the Outbreak of the European War0
The Textile Industries of the United States Since 18460
Date Boundary Line0
Elimination of Friction in Ball Bearings0
Sol Stone's Rule to find Day of Week for any Date in Present Century0
Books Selected by the Editors0
Star Colors and Star Temperatures0
Engineering Inventions Since 18620
Amateur Astronomers' Activities in Indianapolis0
The Pearl Fisheries of Ceylon0
Since Man Took Wings0
Big Springs0
Endurance Cut From the Hillside0
Irish Trade since the Union0
Our Point of View0
The Transmission Engineer's Job0
Interesting Patent Decision When Does an English Patent Take Date?0
Gun Recoil Control0
It's Getting Easier to Find a Date0
Telepathy? Mind-Reading0
Up to Date on Cosmic Rays0
The New X-Ray 'Microscope'0
Actual Instances of Dual Personalities—I0
A Rule to Find the Day of the Week upon Which Any Given Date in the Christian Era Fell0
Date Growing in the United States0
The Construction and Classification of Modern Warships0
Dew Ponds0
An Up-To-Date Refrigerator0
The Action of Steam in Cylinders0
How Does the Law Protect Slogans?0
Proposed Mont Blanc Tunnel0
A New Chapter on Egyptian Art0
Rat “Digests” Part of a Steel Ball Bearing0
Has the Climate of North Africa Changed since the Roman Period?0
Up-To-Date Toys0
Back of Frontispiece0
Detecting One Ten-Millionth of a Volt0
Increase of our Navy Since the Spanish War0
Fix the Date0
The Father of All Skyscrapers0
Watching the Creation of the Stars0
The Holzwarth Gas Turbine since 19140
New Light on Sasanian Culture0
The Business Man Takes Wings0
Engineering Inventions Since 18620
Factory Methods in Coal Mining0
Concrete Bridge Makes New Record0
The Progress of Aviation Since 18910
Across the Editor's Desk0
Glass and the Machine Age0
To find the Day of the Week for any given Date0
Our Point of View0
The Age-Old Survival of the Fittest0
The Date of the Glacial Era in Eastern North America0
Breeding Better Trees0
An Up-to-Date Ice Sloop0
Highways Up-To-Date0
The Snake-Charming Sisters Of Holy Popa0
The Punch Press, The World's Most Dangerous Tool, And how it is Robbed· of its Menace in the Up-To-Date Factory0
The Parachute Up-to-Date0
Back of Frontispiece0
Electric Lighting and Power Statistics0
Is Space Curved?0
Punching Glass Lenses, Metal Surface is Liquid, and more0
Up-To-Date Toys0
Down The Ways0
Sundials and their Construction—IV0
Improvements in Steam Engines Since the Time of Watt0
Botany Up to Date0
Books Selected by the Editors0
'Fireworks' be Tween the Wires on a Power Line0
The Growth of Our Navy Since the War0
The Date Palm0
Whose Baby?0
The Navy's Contribution to Industry0
Our Naval Development Since the War with Spain0
Books Selected by the Editors0
Viscount Grey and Lord Haldane0
Is the Sixteen Candle-Power Standard for Electric Lamps out of Date?0
Back of Frontispiece0
Why a Watch Keeps Time0
A Perpetual Electric Current, Wilkes Land Up to Date, and more0
Our Point of View0
Another Job for the Codfish0
Highly Important Patent Decision.—Stamping the Date on Patented Articles0
Across the Editor's Desk0
Rothamsted Up to Date, The Cholera Granary, and more0
Gold From Goldfish0
An Up-To-Date German Fire Brigade0
The Newer Photography0
Steam-Turbines to Date0
The Peculiar Ship's Bow that Saves Fuel0
Mushroom Piling Patent Valid, Unfair Competition Suppressed, and more0
Forge Welding0
The Date Palms of Biskra0
Where is Television?0
Dates and the Date Palm0
Looking at Stresses0
Inventions and Industry, Pictures on Labels, and more0