Revista Mexicana de Fisica

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Two-class structure of Forbes Global 2000 firms sales per employee similar to countries income distributions including some COVID-19 pandemic effects0
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Transistores de Película Delgada Basados en Oxido de Zinc por Spray Pyrolysis Ultrasónico de Alta Frecuencia a Baja Temperatura0
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Effect of transverse magnetic field on dose distributions of yttrium 90 skin patch source0
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Vector fields localization on brane worlds0
Monte Carlo simulation of the measurement by the 2E technique of the average prompt neutron multiplicity as a function of the mass of fragments from thermal neutron-induced fission of 239Pu0
Theoretical study of [111]-germanium nanowires as anode materials in rechargeable batteries: a density functional theory approach0
Effects of non-uniform nanoparticle concentration on entropy generation0
Laser cavity with a Van der Pol dynamics0
Applications of the complex, double and dual numbers in Lagrangian mechanics0
B − L model with D5 × Z4 symmetry for lepton mass hierarchy and mixing0
Complementary atomic force microscopy and magnetic force microscopy study for the magnetic transition of cobalt clusters onto gold substrates0
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CdTe mini-modules characterization and photovoltaic performance under outdoors conditions0
Analysis of factors that affect radiation dose level during interventional cardiology procedures using logistic regression0
An investigation of the elastic scattering of 17O projectiles by different target nuclei using the CDCC method0
EEG motor imagery classification using machine learning techniques0
Computational study of structural stability, elastic, electronic, magnetic and thermodynamic properties of the Rh2-based full-Heusler compounds: Rh2MnZ (Z = Sn, Pb, Tl) by FP-LAPW method0
Nonlinear effects and applications for piezoelectric materials0
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First principles calculation of structural, electronic and optical properties of (001) and (110) growth axis (InN)/(GaN)n superlattices0
Dinámica molecular de grano grueso de la proteína tau0
Generalización de las transformaciones de Lorentz0
Thermodynamics of viscous dark energy for the late future time universe0
Impact of AlN interlayer on the electronic and I-V characteristics of In0.17Al0.83N/GaN HEMTs devices0
Classical and quantum dynamics of over-damped non linear systems0
Application of the SU(1, 1) spinors in the study of the Lorentz transformations0
Note on the conformable boundary value problems: Sturm’s theorems and Green’s function0
Characterisation and comparative analysis of metallic inclusions in dry, paste and wet ground maize (zea mays) forms and its health implication on human0
Phase stability, mechanical, electronic, magnetic and thermodynamic properties of the Pd2PrX(X=Cl, F) compounds: An Ab-initio study0
Generador de microondas con fibra láser de Brillouin estabilizado de bajo costo para sistemas de radio sobre fibra0
Experimental and numerical study of submerged jets from pipes of different wall thickness for Re<10
Hydrogenic impurity effect on optical properties of Wannier-Mott exciton confined in a spherical quantum dot with Kratzer potential under magnetic field0
Studying quarkonium in the anisotropic hot-dense quark-gluon plasma medium in the framework of generalized fractional derivative0
Modos cuasi--normales de un agujero negro de Einstein--Gauss--Bonnet rodeado de quintaesencia: perturbaciones escalares y electromagnéticas0
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Seasonal characterization of tropospheric ozone fluctuation in Mexico City0
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Prediction of Rms Charge Radius of Proton Using Proton–Proton Elastic Scattering Data at TeV0
Characterizing errors for Quantum Fourier Transform on IBM Q0
Molecular dynamics simulations of CBD and THC with a DPPC / DPPG monolayer membrane: Comparative study with morphine and lidocaine0
The graviton Compton mass as Dark Energy0
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Phase transition in tumor growth VIII: The spatiotemporal of avascular evolution0
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Inverted oscillator: pseudo hermiticity and coherent states0
A Study on the density and excess molar volume of the mixture formed by 2-amino-2-methyl-1-propanol, diethanolamine, and water0
Study of the critical probability of percolation in a 3D system with pores of random radius for variable grids0
Light refraction in the earth's atmosphere I. Inferior mirages: analytic solution of ray paths0
Projective method for spinorial techniques: Unifying calculational schemes of Dirac amplitudes0
Proton wave function in a water molecule: Breakdown of degeneration caused by interactions with the magnetic field of a Magnetic Resonance Imaging device0
Prediction of equations of state of molecular liquids by an artificial neural network.0
First-principles investigation of the structural, electronic and optical properties of Zn2NbN30
Time-dependent SI model for epidemiology and applications to Covid-190
Optical gain and threshold current density of strained wurtzite GaN/AlGaN quantum dot lasers0
Performance and error modeling of Deutsch's algorithm in IBM Q0
Stark-shift-chirped rapid-adiabatic-passage technique in tripod systems0
Low-cost embedded system for optical imaging of intrinsic signals0
Linear and nonlinear optical properties in single CuIn1−xGaxSe2 nanowire: Effects of size, incident intensity, relaxation time and Ga concentration0
Structural, magneto-electronic and thermophysical properties of the new d0 quaternary heusler compounds KSrCZ (Z =P, As, Sb)0
On the radiative and multiple reflection corrections of the van der Waals force between two particles/atoms: dipolar contribution0
Soft breaking of the µ ↔ τ symmetry by S4 ⊗ Z20
Modeling the Electronic structure and stability of three aluminum nitride phases0
Lepton Flavor Violating $h\to\tau\mu$ decay induced by leptoquarks0
A non-renormalizable neutrino mass model with S3 ⊗ Z2 symmetry0
Preparation, thermal analysis, and crystal structure refinement of the quaternary alloy (CuIn)2NbTe50
Revisión general de ADCs tipo Noise Shaping SAR: Fundamentos, retos y tendencias0
Catching CO2 pollutant gas through nanocomposite formed by chitosan with non-circular C16 carbon double ring: VAMP study0
Detección intradina en comunicaciones ópticas con modulación de fase binaria empleando un lazo de Costas en el dominio del procesamiento digital de señales0
Effects of an external electric field on the electronic and optical properties of a Cylindrical ZnS/ZnO multi-layer quantum dot with a parabolic potential0
Radial solution of Schrödinger equation with Hulthen-Yukawa-Inverse quadratic potential in a Point-Like defect under AB-flux field0
Structural, electronic, and elastic properties of Tetragonal Sr0.5Be0.5TiO3: Ab-initio calculation.0
Comprehensive examination of the elastic scattering angular distributions of 10C+4He, 27Al, 58Ni and 208Pb using various potentials.0
Projection of the two-dimensional Black-Scholes equation for options with underlying stock and strike prices in two different currencies0
London superconductor and time-varying mesoscopic LC circuits0
Initial State Radiation and Beamstrahlung in the production of a resonance of mass mZ0 in 3-3-1 model0
Structural, electronic and optical properties of the wide band gap semiconductors KGaQ2 (Q = S, Se) and of AGaTe2 (A = K, Cs)0
Synthesis of silicon quantum dots using chitosan as a novel reductor agent0
On some novel solitons solutions to the generalized (3 + 1)-dimensional Boiti-Leon-Manna-Pempinelli model using two different approaches0
Synthesis and structural characterization using the Rietveld method of the quaternary compound CuAlGeSe40
Magnetic susceptibility of ferrofluids determined from diffusion coefficient of a tracer0
Complex Fourier demodulation approach for the dual rotation polarizer-analyzer polarimeter0
An investigation of alpha-transfer reaction 28Si(20Ne,16O)32S0
Cosmological-static metric correspondence and Kruskal type solutions from symmetry transformations0
Half-metallic and thermodynamic properties of new d 0 CsCaZ (Z= Ge, Sn and Pb) half Heusler alloys: A spin-based devices vision for the future0
Uncertainties in theoretical predictions for γd → π 0d observables near threshold due to the use of different elementary amplitudes0
Analysis of nonrelativistic particles in noncommutative phase-space under new scalar and vector interaction terms0
A simulation study on the effect of size gold nanoparticles on broadband light absorption in dye-sensitised solar cells0
Analysis of 4,6,8He+208Pb elastic scattering at E=22 MeV using various potentials0
Generation of triangular waveform radiofrequency signals based on photonic filtering using a broad-spectrum source0
Physical properties of spray pyrolysed ZnO thin films obtained from nitrate, acetate and chloride precursors: Comparative study for Solar Cell Applications0
Fidelity and concurrence of entangled qudits between a trapped ion and two laser beams0
Analytical solution to Scholte’s secular equation for isotropic elastic media0
Spinor representation of curves and complex forces on filaments0
Estructura metal-semiconductor-metal en equilibrio0
Intrinsic time resolution and efficiency study for simulated scintillators plastics with Geant40
A two-index generalization of conformable operators with potential applications in engineering and physics0
Double and dual numbers. SU(2) groups, two-component spinors and generating functions0
Characterization and physical property studies of Sn, Al doped and co-doped CdO thin films0
Structural and electrical properties of dodecylbenzene sulphonicacid doped polypyrrole/zirconium oxide composites0
Viscous micropump of immiscible fluids using magnetohydrodynamic effects and a power-law conducting fluid0
Approximate fractal morphometry of spherical type essential oil microemulsions: A simple model0
Flat bands, quantum Hall effect and superconductivity in twisted bilayer graphene at magic angles0
Confinement effects of external fields and topological defect on hydrogen atom in a quantum-plasma environment0
Rabi oscillations at the exceptional point in anti-parity-time symmetric diffusive systems0
Extended Jacobi elliptic function solutions for general boussinesq systems0
Crystalline native defects in ZnO analyzed by photoluminescence applying Maxwell-Boltzmann statistics in the visible region0
A 1D kinetic model for cosmic microwave background comptonization0
Study on a falling metal drop in a perpendicular magnetic field0
Numerical characterization of shock separation in a laboratory-scale nozzle0
Electronic excitation of C6H6 by positron impact0
Asymmetry in particle transport in slightly non-homogeneously doped silicon layers in low injection regime and quasi-neutrality condition0
Desing of grating couplers for submicron optical waveguides0
Experimental study of the modified Paschen's law: glow discharge of Ethanol (CH3CH2OH), Methanol (CH3OH) and its mixture0
Dynamics of neutrino wave packet in the Tachyon-like Dirac equation0
Planar motion with Fresnel integrals as components of the velocity0
Designing high sensitivity surface plasmon resonance sensor using a left-handed material layer0
Structural and thermodynamic properties for the BaMn(Fe=V)F7 Fluoride glass system by using the Hybrid Reverse Monte Carlo simulation0
On the existence of the Brillouin peaks in a simple dilute dissipative gas0
On the critical behavior of the spin-s Ising model0
Determining the gravitational effects on tide height on an stuary and theoretical comparisons0
Susceptible-Infected-Recovered model study using free particle dynamics0
Amplitude and phase measument using reflection polarization mode of a prism-based surface plasmon resonance0
Neutron and gamma-ray fluxes measured by SciCRT prototype at the top of Sierra Negra volcano, Mexico0
Estimating the dose differences nearby the metal implant by means of artificial contouring errors via Monaco and Geant40
New shape of the chirped bright, dark optical solitons and complex solutions for (2+1) Ginzburg-Landau equation0
Asymptotic solutions for a continuum model of a DC gas discharge incavities with different geometry0
Analysis and electronic circuit implementation of an integer-and fractional-order Shimizu-Morioka system0
Localized overheating on aluminum metafilms mediated by surface plasmons0
Dosimetría tridimensional por Monte Carlo del tratamiento tópico de carcinoma de células escamosas y células básales con 188Re0
Structural changes in clays subjected to heat treatment: an analysis by structural refinement using the Rietveld method0
Effect of nature and degree of crosslinking agent of poly(hydroxy-butyl-methacrylate-co-2-ethyl-hexyl-acrylate) networks on the swelling properties in nematic liquid crystal 5CB0
Analysis of the nagnetic properties of core-shell iron oxide nanoparticles0
Design and construction of a single-axis, low-frequency magnetic probe (B-dot probe) calibrated with a LCvar Helmholtz resonant circuit0
A novel theoretical study of elastic and electronic properties of Os2YAl, (Y=Sc, Ti, V) Heusler Alloys0
Design and simulation of hybrid SET-CMOS inverter using macro-model technique0
The relation of Zakharov-Shabat scattering problem to Schrödinger equation with complex potential and approximations for soliton parameters0