Physical Review Letters

(The TQCC of Physical Review Letters is 66. The table below lists those papers that are above that threshold based on CrossRef citation counts. The publications cover those that have been published in the past four years, i.e., from 2019-06-01 to 2023-06-01.)
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Fundamental Gaps in Finite Systems from Eigenvalues of a Generalized Kohn-Sham Method353
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High-Pressure Hydrogen Sulfide from First Principles: A Strongly Anharmonic Phonon-Mediated Superconductor350
Search for Weakly Interacting Massive Particles with the First Five-Tower Data from the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search at the Soudan Underground Laboratory350
High-energy neutrinos from active galactic nuclei349
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Accurate Bulk Properties from Approximate Many-Body Techniques342
Dynamics of Supernova Explosion Resulting from Pair Formation341
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Better Late than Never: Information Retrieval from Black Holes334
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Spectrum, temporal structure, and fluctuations in a high-gain free-electron laser starting from noise333
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Unique Thickness-Dependent Properties of the van der Waals Interlayer Antiferromagnet M331
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Second-Harmonic Reflection from Silicon Surfaces and Its Relation to Structural Symmetry331
Limit on NeutrinolessββDecay of330
Black Hole Entropy from Conformal Field Theory in Any Dimension330
Equilibrium Free Energies from Nonequilibrium Metadynamics329
High-Efficiency Extraction of Microwave Radiation from a Tapered-Wiggler Free-Electron Laser329
Generation of Metal Clusters Containing from 2 to 500 Atoms328
Predator-Prey Cycles from Resonant Amplification of Demographic Stochasticity328
Precision Measurement of the Helium Flux in Primary Cosmic Rays of Rigidities 1.9 GV to 3 TV with the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer on the International Space Station328
Maximum Kick from Nonspinning Black-Hole Binary Inspiral327
Direct Observation of Dynamical Quantum Phase Transitions in an Interacting Many-Body System327
New Mechanism for Hydrogen Desorption from Covalent Surfaces: The Monohydride Phase on Si(100)326
Non-Gaussian Statistics from Individual Pulses of Squeezed Light325
From Metadynamics to Dynamics324
Spontaneous Scalarization of Black Holes and Compact Stars from a Gauss-Bonnet Coupling324
Crystallization of Opals from Polydisperse Nanoparticles323
Magnetic Field Dependence of the Density of States of YBa<323
Extracting Renewable Energy from a Salinity Difference Using a Capacitor323
Magnetic and Electric Phase Control in EpitaxialEuTiO3from F323
Electron Scattering from Nuclear Targets and Quark Distributions in Nuclei322
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Directed Spontaneous Emission from an Extended Ensemble ofNAtoms: Timing Is Everything321
Evidence fordx320
Dispersion Energy from Density-Functional Theory Description of Monomers320
First Direct Detection Limits on Sub-GeV Dark Matter from XENON10320
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Driving a quantum system with the output field from another driven quantum system319
Three-Family Supersymmetric Standardlike Models from Intersecting Brane Worlds318
From Soliton Equations to Integrable Cellular Automata through a Limiting Procedure318
Raman Scattering from Nonequilibrium LO Phonons with Picosecond Resolution318
Magnetization process of anS=1linear-chain Heisenberg antiferromagnet315
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Dark Matter Halos as Particle Colliders: Unified Solution to Small-Scale Structure Puzzles from Dwarfs to Clusters313
Classical Bifurcation at the Transition from Rabi to Josephson Dynamics311
Constraints on Neutrino Oscillation Parameters from the Measurement of Day-Night Solar Neutrino Fluxes at Super-Kamiokande311
Enhancement of X-Ray Power from aZPinch Using Nested-Wire Arrays311
Equations of Motion for the Heterotic String Theory from the Conformal Invariance of the Sigma Model309
Time-Resolved X-Ray Diffraction from Coherent Phonons during a Laser-Induced Phase Transition308
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Evidence for a New Broadening Mechanism in Angle-Resolved Photoemission from Cu(111)306
Observation of a Peak Structure in Positron Spectra from U+Cm Collisions305
Tests of General Relativity with GW170817303
Single Photons from Coupled Quantum Modes303
Inelastic electron tunneling from a metal tip: The contribution from resonant processes302
Observation of Terahertz Emission from a Laser-Plasma Accelerated Electron Bunch Crossing a Plasma-Vacuum Boundary302
Anharmonic Phonon Lifetimes in Semiconductors from Density-Functional Perturbation Theory301
Self-Running Droplet: Emergence of Regular Motion from Nonequilibrium Noise301
Calculation of Energy-Band Pressure Coefficients from the Dielectric Theory of the Chemical Bond301
Comment on "VO2300
Constraints on Primordial Gravitational Waves Using Plan299
From Quantum Dynamics to the Canonical Distribution: General Picture and a Rigorous Example298
Superscattering of Light from Subwavelength Nanostructures298
Sum-Rule Conserving Spectral Functions from the Numerical Renormalization Group297
Production of Long-Lived UltracoldLi297
Neutron Density Distributions Deduced from Antiprotonic Atoms297
Reconstruction of NaCl surfaces from a dipolar solution to the Madelung problem296
Entropy Driven Stabilization of Energetically Unstable Crystal Structures Explained from First Principles Theory296
Neutrino Signal of Electron-Capture Supernovae from Core Collapse to Cooling296
Photon Antibunching from a Single Quantum-Dot-Microcavity System in the Strong Coupling Regime296
Quantum Information Transfer from Spin to Orbital Angular Momentum of Photons294
Understanding the Core-Halo Relation of Quantum Wave Dark Matter from 3D Simulations293
Edge States in Graphene: From Gapped Flat-Band to Gapless Chiral Modes293
Formation of Hard Power Laws in the Energetic Particle Spectra Resulting from Relativistic Magnetic Reconnection293
Generation of 1.5-kW, 1-THz Coherent Radiation from a Gyrotron with a Pulsed Magnetic Field293
Magnetic x-ray dichroism in core-level photoemission from ferromagnets292
Incompressibility of Nuclear Matter from the Giant Monopole Resonance292
Horizon Formation and Far-from-Equilibrium Isotropization in a Supersymmetric Yang-Mills Plasma291
Generation of GW Radiation Pulses from a VUV Free-Electron Laser Operating in the Femtosecond Regime291
Evidence for Coexistence of the Superconducting Gap and the Pseudogap in Bi-2212 from Intrinsic Tunneling Spectroscopy290
Stimulated Raman Scattering From Organic Liquids290
Electronic Phase Diagram of High-TcCuprate Superconductors f290
10-Qubit Entanglement and Parallel Logic Operations with a Superconducting Circuit289
High- Q Quasibound States in the Continuum for Nonlinear Metasurfaces289
Sharp Diffraction Maxima from an Icosahedral Glass289
Single-mode Spontaneous Emission from a Single Quantum Dot in a Three-Dimensional Microcavity289
Real-Time Observation of Internal Motion within Ultrafast Dissipative Optical Soliton Molecules288
Monte Carlo simulations: Hidden errors from ‘‘good’’ random number generators288
Mott Transition from a Spin Liquid to a Fermi Liquid in the Spin-Frustrated Organic Conductorκ287
Room Temperature Polariton Emission from Strongly Coupled Organic Semiconductor Microcavities287
Search for neutrinos from the Sun using the reactionGa287
Characterizing Long-Range Correlations in DNA Sequences from Wavelet Analysis286
Inhibited and Enhanced Spontaneous Emission from Optically Thin AlGaAs/GaAs Double Heterostructures286
Direct Observation of Corner States in Second-Order Topological Photonic Crystal Slabs286
Visualization of Higher-Order Topological Insulating Phases in Two-Dimensional Dielectric Photonic Crystals285
Microstructure of Fragile Metallic Glasses Inferred from Ultrasound-Accelerated Crystallization in Pd-Based Metallic Glasses285
Anomalous Positron Peaks from Supercritical Collision Systems284
Lasing from excitons in quantum wires284
Indistinguishable Photons from Separated Silicon-Vacancy Centers in Diamond284
Gravitational waves from first-order cosmological phase transitions284
Structure ofA=1013Nuclei with283
Quantum-Enhanced Advanced LIGO Detectors in the Era of Gravitational-Wave Astronomy282
Bright, Coherent, Ultrafast Soft X-Ray Harmonics Spanning the Water Window from a Tabletop Light Source282
Transient nonlinear optical response from excitation induced dephasing in GaAs282
Improved Limits on Scattering of Weakly Interacting Massive Particles from Reanalysis of 2013 LUX Data280
Binary Black Hole Mergers from Globular Clusters: Implications for Advanced LIGO280
Coherent Polarization Control of Terahertz Waves Generated from Two-Color Laser-Induced Gas Plasma279
Photoluminescence from a single GaAs/AlGaAs quantum dot278
Perpendicular giant magnetoresistance of microstructured Fe/Cr magnetic multilayers from 4.2 to 300 K276
First Results from the CERN Axion Solar Telescope276
Decoherence and Disorder in Quantum Walks: From Ballistic Spread to Localization276
Epitaxial-Strain-Induced Multiferroicity inSrMnO3from First 276
From Bouncing to Floating: Noncoalescence of Drops on a Fluid Bath275
Determination of the Bond Length and Binding Energy of the Helium Dimer by Diffraction from a Transmission Grating274
Stochastic Resonance in a Neuronal Network from Mammalian Brain274
Axions from SN1987A274
Resonance Fluorescence from a Coherently Driven Semiconductor Quantum Dot in a Cavity273
Second-Order Topological Phases in Non-Hermitian Systems272
Non-Markovian Dynamics of the Vibrations of Ions in Water from Femtosecond Infrared Three-Pulse Photon Echoes272
Gravitational Waves from the Sound of a First Order Phase Transition271
Optical Diode Made from a Moving Photonic Crystal270
Efficient Extreme UV Harmonics Generated from Picosecond Laser Pulse Interactions with Solid Targets270
Observation of Structure Resonances in the Fluorescence Spectra from Microspheres270
Femtosecond and Subfemtosecond X-Ray Pulses from a Self-Amplified Spontaneous-Emission–Based Free-Electron Laser270
Coherent Wake Emission of High-Order Harmonics from Overdense Plasmas269
Three-Phase Contact Line Energetics from Nanoscale Liquid Surface Topographies269
Strong Dependence of the Superconducting Gap on Oxygen Doping from Tunneling Measurements on269
Gravitational Radiation from Inspiralling Compact Binaries Completed at the Third Post-Newtonian Order269
Creation of an Ultracold Gas of Ground-State DipolarNa269
Octave Spanning Tunable Frequency Comb from a Microresonator269
Self-affine fractal interfaces from immiscible displacement in porous media268
Longitudinal Spin Seebeck Effect Free from the Proximity Nernst Effect268
Observation of Collective Friction Forces due to Spatial Self-Organization of Atoms: From Rayleigh to Bragg Scattering268
Improved Symmetry Greatly Increases X-Ray Power from Wire-ArrayZ-Pinches268
Entangled Light from White Noise267
All Magic Angles in Twisted Bilayer Graphene are Topological266
Unexplained Excess of Electronlike Events from a 1-GeV Neutrino Beam265
Gravitational Wave Bursts from Cosmic Strings265
Distinguishing the Higgs Boson from the Dilaton at the Large Hadron Collider264
Ising-Model Critical Indices in Three Dimensions from the Callan-Symanzik Equation264
The Simplest Quantum Model Supporting the Kibble-Zurek Mechanism of Topological Defect Production: Landau-Zener Transitions from a New Perspective264
Influence of Current on Field-Driven Domain Wall Motion in Permalloy Nanowires from Time Resolved Measurements of Anisotropic Magnetoresistance263
Giant Spin Hall Effect Induced by Skew Scattering from Bismuth Impurities inside Thin Film CuBi Alloys263
Improved Limit on a Temporal Variation ofmp/261
The Second Law, Maxwell's Demon, and Work Derivable from Quantum Heat Engines261
Time-Reversal-Breaking Weyl Fermions in Magnetic Heusler Alloys261
Direct Observation of the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction in a Pt/Co/Ni Film261
Antiproton Flux, Antiproton-to-Proton Flux Ratio, and Properties of Elementary Particle Fluxes in Primary Cosmic Rays Measured with the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer on the International Space Station261
Turning Carbon Nanotubes from Exceptional Heat Conductors into Insulators261
Asymmetry in Photoelectron Emission from Chiral Molecules Induced by Circularly Polarized Light260
Bragg scattering of atoms from a standing light wave260
Cores in Dwarf Galaxies from Dark Matter with a Yukawa Potential260
Constructing Phantom Cosmologies from Standard Scalar Field Universes259
Detection ofB-Mode Polarization in the Cosmic Microwave Background with Data from the South Pole T259
Primordial Magnetic Fields from String Cosmology259
Stable GeV Ion-Beam Acceleration from Thin Foils by Circularly Polarized Laser Pulses258
Large Exchange Bias after Zero-Field Cooling from an Unmagnetized State258
Pure Gas of Optically Trapped Molecules Created from Fermionic Atoms258
Antiferromagnetic Exchange Interactions from Hybrid Density Functional Theory257
Limits on the Time Variation of the Electromagnetic Fine-Structure Constant in the Low Energy Limit from Absorption Lines in the Spectra of Distant Quasars256
Tunneling escape rate of electrons from quantum well in double-barrier heterostructures256
Emergence of a 4D World from Causal Quantum Gravity256
New Results from the Search for Low-Mass Weakly Interacting Massive Particles with the CDMS Low Ionization Threshold Experiment255
Revisiting the Bound on Axion-Photon Coupling from Globular Clusters255
Variation with Temperature of the Energy of Recoil-Free Gamma Rays from Solids255
Hawking Radiation from Ultrashort Laser Pulse Filaments254
From the Quantum Zeno to the Inverse Quantum Zeno Effect254
Phase diagram ofUPt3254
Growth of Carbon Nanotubes on Metal Nanoparticles: A Microscopic Mechanism fromAb InitioMolecular Dynamics Simulations254
Bright Band Gap Photoluminescence from Unprocessed Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes254
‘‘Phase diagram’’ of the vortex-solid phase in Y-Ba-Cu-O crystals: A crossover from single-vortex (1D) to collective (3D) pinning regimes254
Equilibrium Structures and Finite Temperature Properties of Silicon Microclusters fromab initioMolecular-Dynamics Calculations254
Estimating Model Parameters from Time Series by Autosynchronization254
Improved Upper Limit on the Neutrino Mass from a Direct Kinematic Method by KATRIN253
Phase Diagram of Water from Computer Simulation253
First Constraints on Fuzzy Dark Matter from Lyman- α Forest Data and Hydrodynamical Simulations253
Exclusion of Canonical Weakly Interacting Massive Particles by Joint Analysis of Milky Way Dwarf Galaxies with Data from the Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope253
Limits on Spin-Independent Interactions of Weakly Interacting Massive Particles with Nucleons from the Two-Tower Run of the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search251
Scattering Forces from the Curl of the Spin Angular Momentum of a Light Field251
Photoemission from mass-selected monodispersed Pt clusters250
Spin bags, polarons, and impurity potentials inLa250
Scattering Amplitudes and the Conservative Hamiltonian for Binary Systems at Third Post-Minkowskian Order250
Revealing Network Connectivity from Response Dynamics249
Ecosystem Engineers: From Pattern Formation to Habitat Creation249
Boson Sampling with 20 Input Photons and a 60-Mode Interferometer in a1014249
Exact Relations for a Strongly Interacting Fermi Gas from the Operator Product Expansion249
Antiferromagnonic Spin Transport fromY249
Superconducting GapΔ248
Observation of a Near-Threshold Enhancement in thepp¯248
Strong Coupling of the Fe-Spin State and the As-As Hybridization in Iron-Pnictide Superconductors from First-Principle Calculations247
Parallel Implementation of High-Fidelity Multiqubit Gates with Neutral Atoms247
Resonance fluorescence from an atom in a squeezed vacuum247
Young’s interference experiment with light scattered from two atoms247
Liquid-Liquid Phase Transition: Evidence from Simulations246
Strong X-Ray Emission from High-Temperature Plasmas Produced by Intense Irradiation of Clusters246
Low-Temperature Phase Transformation from Graphite tosp3245
Resonant Photon-Assisted Tunneling through a Double Quantum Dot: An Electron Pump from Spatial Rabi Oscillations245
Non-Hermitian Skin Effect and Chiral Damping in Open Quantum Systems244
Evidence of pairing and its role in the recombinative desorption of hydrogen from the Si(100)-2×1 surface244
New aspects of the mixed state from six-terminal measurements onBi<243
Extraordinary Exciton Conductance Induced by Strong Coupling243
Theory of Non-Ohmic Conduction from Charge-Density Waves in NbSe243
Identified Baryon and Meson Distributions at Large Transverse Momenta fromAu+Au243
Quantum Spectra and Transition from Regular to Chaotic Classical Motion243
Observation of a Dipolar Quantum Gas with Metastable Supersolid Properties242
Three-Dimensional Simulations of Ion Acceleration from a Foil Irradiated by a Short-Pulse Laser242
Critical Current Suppression in a Superconductor by Injection of Spin-Polarized Carriers from a Ferromagnet241
Short-Pulse Laser Ablation of Solids: From Phase Explosion to Fragmentation241
Secure Key from Bound Entanglement240
Improved Constraints on Primordial Gravitational Waves using Planck , WMAP, and BICEP/ Keck Observations through the 2018 Observing Season239
Predictions from Quantum Cosmology239
Self-Assembly of Gradient Concentric Rings via Solvent Evaporation from a Capillary Bridge238
Topological Surface States Originated Spin-Orbit Torques inBi238
Direct Fidelity Estimation from Few Pauli Measurements237
d-Dimensional Black Hole Entropy Spectrum from Quasinormal Modes237
Evidence for Interference Effects in Electron Emission fromH236
Crossover from Rouse to Reptation Dynamics: A Molecular-Dynamics Simulation236
Separation of strangeness from antistrangeness in the phase transition from quark to hadron matter: Possible formation of strange quark matter in heavy-ion collisions236
Topological Insulators in Twisted Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Homobilayers236
Coherence, Narrowing, Directionality, and Relaxation Oscillations in the Light Emission from Ruby235
Surface photovoltage effects in photoemission from metal-GaP(110) interfaces: Importance for band bending evaluation235
Finite-temperature defect properties from free-energy minimization235
New Determination of the Fine Structure Constant from the ElectrongValue and QED233
What Do We Learn from the Local Geometry of Glass-Forming Liquids?233
Evidence for flux-lattice melting and a dimensional crossover in single-crystal233
Transition from Attractive to Repulsive Forces between Dust Molecules in a Plasma Sheath233
Direct Evidence for Two-Band Superconductivity inM232
Light Dark Matter Search with Ionization Signals in XENON1T232
Hints ofθ13>0from Globa232
Evidence for two pairing energies from nuclear spin-lattice relaxation in superconducting232
Cavity Nonlinear Optics at Low Photon Numbers from Collective Atomic Motion231
TeV Gamma Rays from Geminga and the Origin of the GeV Positron Excess231
Asymmetric photoelectron angular distributions from interfering photoionization processes231
Nature of Light Scalar Mesons from their Large-NcBehavior230
Evidence for Astrophysical Muon Neutrinos from the Northern Sky with IceCube229
Thermal Conductivity and Large Isotope Effect in GaN from First Principles228
Mapping from Densities to Potentials in Time-Dependent Density-Functional Theory228
Evolution of High-Temperature Superconductivity from a Low-T227
Weak Localization and Light Scattering from Disordered Solids227
Evidence for a Soft Nuclear Equation-of-State from Kaon Production in Heavy-Ion Collisions227
Estimating Granger Causality from Fourier and Wavelet Transforms of Time Series Data227
γ-Ray Bursts and Afterglows from Rotating Strange Stars and Neutron Stars226
Specular Reflection of Very Slow Metastable Neon Atoms from a Solid Surface226
From Dislocation Junctions to Forest Hardening226
Centrality Dependence ofπ+/225
Observation of an Exotic Baryon withS=+1in Phot225
Emergence of a Small World from Local Interactions: Modeling Acquaintance Networks225
Gravitational Radiation from a Particle Falling Radially into a Schwarzschild Black Hole224
Emission of Electromagnetic Pulses from Laser Wakefields through Linear Mode Conversion224
Order from disorder in a kagomé antiferromagnet224
Production ofJ/ψMesons223
Theory of Angular Resolved Photoemission from Adsorbates223
Plasma Radiation from Metal Grating Surfaces222
Atomic Quantum Simulation of Dynamical Gauge Fields Coupled to Fermionic Matter: From String Breaking to Evolution after a Quench222
Ultrafast Electron Pulses from a Tungsten Tip Triggered by Low-Power Femtosecond Laser Pulses222
Flow in powders: From discrete avalanches to continuous regime221
Band Offsets at Semiconductor-Oxide Interfaces from Hybrid Density-Functional Calculations221
Universal Transition from Quasiperiodicity to Chaos in Dissipative Systems221
New Dark Energy Constraints from Supernovae, Microwave Background, and Galaxy Clustering220
Characteristics of Thermalization of Boost-Invariant Plasma from Holography220
Direct Measurement of Photon Recoil from a Levitated Nanoparticle220
Motion Induced Radiation from a Vibrating Cavity220
Precise Test of Electroweak Theory from a New Measurement of Parity Nonconservation in Atomic Thallium220
Electrical Transport through Single-Molecule Junctions: From Molecular Orbitals to Conduction Channels219
Elastic Electron Scattering fromHe219
Ultrahigh Brilliance Multi-MeVγ-Ray Beams from Nonlinear Relativistic Thomson Scattering219
12-Photon Entanglement and Scalable Scattershot Boson Sampling with Optimal Entangled-Photon Pairs from Parametric Down-Conversion218
Spin from Isospin in a Gauge Theory218
Hadronic Light-by-Light Scattering Contribution to the Muon Anomalous Magnetic Moment from Lattice QCD218
Hybrid Higher-Order Skin-Topological Modes in Nonreciprocal Systems218
Quasiparticle Spectra from a Nonempirical Optimally Tuned Range-Separated Hybrid Density Functional217
Experimental Demonstration of Quantum Effects in the Operation of Microscopic Heat Engines217
Intersubband emission from semiconductor superlattices excited by sequential resonant tunneling217
High-Precision Determination of theπ,217
Energy Dissipation in Gigahertz Oscillators from Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes217
Chiral Primordial Gravitational Waves from a Lifshitz Point216
Post-Selected Indistinguishable Photons from the Resonance Fluorescence of a Single Quantum Dot in a Microcavity216
Measuring Neutron-Star Properties via Gravitational Waves from Neutron-Star Mergers216
MeV-Energy X Rays from Inverse Compton Scattering with Laser-Wakefield Accelerated Electrons215
Reconstruction of dynamical systems from interspike intervals215
GV/mSingle-Cycle Terah215
GW150914: Implications for the Stochastic Gravitational-Wave Background from Binary Black Holes215
Observation of Molecules Produced from a Bose-Einstein Condensate215
From Lamb shift to light shifts: Vacuum and subphoton cavity fields measured by atomic phase sensitive detection214
Freezing of a Lennard-Jones Fluid: From Nucleation to Spinodal Regime214
Origami Multistability: From Single Vertices to Metasheets214
TeV Neutrinos from Successful and Choked Gamma-Ray Bursts214
Vacancies in Metals: From First-Principles Calculations to Experimental Data214
Exotic Levels from Topology in the Quantum-Chromodynamic Effective Lagrangian213
Cross Sections and Transverse Single-Spin Asymmetries in Forward Neutral-Pion Production from Proton Collisions at<213
Weak mixing angles from semileptonic decays in the quark model213
Algebraic Fermi Liquid from Phase Fluctuations: “Topological” Fermions, Vortex “Berryons,” and213
Electrostatic Waves in a Paired Fullerene-Ion Plasma213
Gravitational Waves Induced by Non-Gaussian Scalar Perturbations212
Piezoelectric properties of III-V semiconductors from first-principles linear-response theory212
Precision Measurement of the(e+211
Probing the Transition from van der Waals to Metallic Mercury Clusters211
High Harmonic Generation from Ultrafast Pump Lasers211
Measurement of the Flux of Ultrahigh Energy Cosmic Rays from Monocular Observations by the High Resolution Fly’s Eye Experiment211
Supersolid Order from Disorder: Hard-Core Bosons on the Triangular Lattice211
Twisted Bilayer Graphene: A Phonon-Driven Superconductor211
Three-Particle Entanglements from Two Entangled Pairs211
Two-Photon Quantum Interference from Separate Nitrogen Vacancy Centers in Diamond210
Quantum Interference Effects in Spontaneous Emission from an Atom Embedded in a Photonic Band Gap Structure210
Upper Limit for the Anisotropy of Inertial Mass from Nuclear Resonance Experiments210
Freeze-Out Conditions in Heavy Ion Collisions from QCD Thermodynamics209
Fröhlich Electron-Phonon Vertex from First Principles209
Pseudorapidity Distributions of Charged Particles fromAu+Au209
Oscillatory Cross Sections in Low-Energy Ion Scattering from Surfaces209
Crossover from Fermi Liquid to Wigner Molecule Behavior in Quantum Dots208
Lattice Anharmonicity and Thermal Conductivity from Compressive Sensing of First-Principles Calculations208
Precision Determination of Electroweak Coupling from Atomic Parity Violation and Implications for Particle Physics208
Bonding and Bond Lengths of Chemisorbed Molecules from Near-Edge X-Ray-Absorption Fine-Structure Studies208
Magnetodielectric Effects from Spin Fluctuations in Isostructural Ferromagnetic and Antiferromagnetic Systems207
Identifying a First-Order Phase Transition in Neutron-Star Mergers through Gravitational Waves207
Crossover from Three-Dimensional to Two-Dimensional Geometries of Au Nanostructures on Thin MgO(001) Films: A Confirmation of Theoretical Predictions207
Maximum Proton Energy above 85 MeV from the Relativistic Interaction of Laser Pulses with Micrometer Thick207
From Scattering Amplitudes to Classical Potentials in the Post-Minkowskian Expansion207
Limits on Spin-Dependent WIMP-Nucleon Cross Sections from 225 Live Days of XENON100 Data207
Optical Vortices from Liquid Crystal Droplets206
Lower Growth Rate from Recent Redshift Space Distortion Measurements than Expected from Planck206
Controlled Uniform Coating from the Interplay of Marangoni Flows and Surface-Adsorbed Macromolecules206
X-Ray Diffraction from Isolated and Strongly Aligned Gas-Phase Molecules with a Free-Electron Laser205
Calculation of the total ionization cross section and spin asymmetry in electron-hydrogen scattering from threshold to 500 eV205
Signatures of Quark-Hadron Phase Transitions in General-Relativistic Neutron-Star Mergers205
Intensity correlation functions and fluctuations in light scattered from a random medium205
Single Circularly Polarized Attosecond Pulse Generation by Intense Few Cycle Elliptically Polarized Laser Pulses and Terahertz Fields from Molecular Media205
Universal Algorithm for Optimal Estimation of Quantum States from Finite Ensembles via Realizable Generalized Measurement204
Precision Measurement of the Boron to Carbon Flux Ratio in Cosmic Rays from 1.9 GV to 2.6 TV with the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer on the International Space Station204
Non-Hermitian Topological Invariants in Real Space204
Transition offelectron nature from itinerant to localized: Metamagnetic transition in204
Topological Phase Transition in non-Hermitian Quasicrystals204
Optical orbital angular momentum from the curl of polarization203
Strong-Field Above-Threshold Photoemission from Sharp Metal Tips203
Evolution of Turbulence from the Rayleigh-Bénard Instability203
Strong Coupling Phases of Partially Filled Twisted Bilayer Graphene Narrow Bands203
Interference of Single Photons from Two Separate Semiconductor Quantum Dots203
Subnatural Linewidth Single Photons from a Quantum Dot203
Objectively Discerning Autler-Townes Splitting from Electromagnetically Induced Transparency203
Observation of spin-polarized-electron tunneling from a ferromagnet into GaAs203
Static Dielectric Properties of Carbon Nanotubes from First Principles203
Quasiparticle Band Gap of ZnO: High Accuracy from the ConventionalG0203
Demonstration of a Narrow Energy Spread,0.5202
Topological Evolution of Dynamical Networks: Global Criticality from Local Dynamics202
Prediction of Regge Parameters ofρPoles from Low-Energy202
TeV–PeV Neutrinos from Low-Power Gamma-Ray Burst Jets inside Stars202
Resonance Scattering of Electrons fromN202
Electromagnetic Wormholes and Virtual Magnetic Monopoles from Metamaterials202
Nonunitary Spin-Triplet Superconductivity inUPt3201
Dynamics of the direct reaction of hydrogen atoms adsorbed on Cu(111) with hydrogen atoms incident from the gas phase201
First Results from CUORE: A Search for Lepton Number Violation via 0νβ201
Evidence for a BoundHDibaryon from Lattice QCD201
Left-Right Symmetry: From the LHC to Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay201
Improved Limit on Neutrinoless Double- β Decay of 201
Femtosecond photon echoes from molecules in solution201
Angular Distributions of1sσPhotoelectrons from Fixed-in-Space200
First Order Transition for the Optimal Search Time of Lévy Flights with Resetting200
Dissipative Relativistic Fluid Dynamics: A New Way to Derive the Equations of Motion from Kinetic Theory200
Electronic properties of graphite nanotubules from galvanomagnetic effects200
Odd-Parity Superconductivity with Parallel Spin Pairing inUPt199
Hyperon Puzzle: Hints from Quantum Monte Carlo Calculations199
Multiple Colliding Electromagnetic Pulses: A Way to Lower the Threshold ofe+199
X-Ray Reflectivity from the Surface of a Liquid Crystal: Surface Structure and Absolute Value of Critical Fluctuations199
Vibrationally Resolved Fluorescence from Organic Molecules near Metal Surfaces in a Scanning Tunneling Microscope199
Three-Nucleon Low-Energy Constants from the Consistency of Interactions and Currents in Chiral Effective Field Theory199
Constraints on WIMP Dark Matter from the High Energy PAMELAp¯198
Highly Directional Emission from Photonic Crystal Waveguides of Subwavelength Width198
Measurements of the Cross Section fore198
Low-Velocity Intense Source of Atoms from a Magneto-optical Trap198
Optical Forces Arising from Phase Gradients198
Route to a Superconducting Phase above Room Temperature in Electron-Doped Hydride Compounds under High Pressure198
New Exotic Meson and Baryon Resonances from Doubly Heavy Hadronic Molecules198
Photonuclear Fission from High Energy Electrons from Ultraintense Laser-Solid Interactions198
Gyrokinetic Simulations of Solar Wind Turbulence from Ion to Electron Scales197
Gravitational Waves and Pulsating Stars: What Can We Learn from Future Observations?197
Non-Fermi-Liquid Behavior ofSrRuO197
Photon Scattering from Atoms in an Atom Interferometer: Coherence Lost and Regained197
Bragg Reflection of Light from Single-Domain Cholesteric Liquid-Crystal Films197
Three-Dimensional General-Relativistic Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations of Remnant Accretion Disks from Neutron Star Mergers: Outflows and 197
Classification of Exceptional Points and Non-Hermitian Topological Semimetals197
Direct Construction of Conservation Laws from Field Equations197
Compression of Carbon Nanotubes Filled withC60196
Ultrahigh-Vacuum Studies of Enhanced Raman Scattering from Pyridine on Ag Surfaces196
Limits to Quantum Gravity Effects on Energy Dependence of the Speed of Light from Observations of TeV Flares in Active Galaxies196
Transition from collisional to kinetic regimes in large-scale reconnection layers196
Colossal Elastocaloric Effect in Ferroelastic Ni-Mn-Ti Alloys196
Periodic Resonance Excitation and Intertube Interaction from Quasicontinuous Distributed Helicities in Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes196
First Results from a Microwave Cavity Axion Search at 24195
Stimulated Infrared Emission from Trivalent Uranium195
Increasing the Astrophysical Reach of the Advanced Virgo Detector via the Application of Squeezed Vacuum States of Light195
Method for Probing the Orbital Angular Momentum of Optical Vortices in Electromagnetic Waves from Astronomical Objects195
Nuclear Matter Distributions in6195
Superconductors from Superstrings195
Microwave radiation from a high-gain free-electron laser amplifier194
Two-Dimensional Melting: From Liquid-Hexatic Coexistence to Continuous Transitions194
Direct-Channel Resonances from Regge-Pole Exchange194
Significant Gamma Lines from Inert Higgs Dark Matter194
Gravitational-Wave Stochastic Background from Cosmic Strings194
Evidence for Massive Neutrinos from Cosmic Microwave Background and Lensing Observations194
Crossover from Thermal Hopping to Quantum Tunneling194
Strong Enhancement of Terahertz Radiation from Laser Filaments in Air by a Static Electric Field193
Cryogenic UHV-STM Study of Hydrogen and Deuterium Desorption from Si(100)193
Dark Matter Search Results from the PICO60193
Hawking Radiation from Charged Black Holes via Gauge and Gravitational Anomalies193
Growth and Form of Planetary Seedlings: Results from a Microgravity Aggregation Experiment192
VO2: A Novel View from Band Theory192
From classical to quantum glass192
Evidence for a Multiple Superconducting Gap inMgB2192
Single-Photon Generation from Stored Excitation in an Atomic Ensemble192
Picosecond Photon Echoes Stimulated from an Accumulated Grating192
Improved Determination ofαs192
Chiral Anomaly and Local Polarization Effect from the Quantum Kinetic Approach192
Enormous Yield of Photoelectrons from Small Particles192
Predominantly Superconducting Origin of Large Energy Gaps in Underdoped191
Quantum Vacuum Radiation Spectra from a Semiconductor Microcavity with a Time-Modulated Vacuum Rabi Frequency191
Persistent Quantum Beats and Long-Distance Entanglement from Waveguide-Mediated Interactions191
One-Neutron Knockout from Individual Single-Particle States ofB191
Proposed Photosynthesis Method for Producing Hydrogen from Dissociated Water Molecules Using Incident Near-Infrared Light191
Vacancy-Formation Energies in Metals from Positron Annihilation191
Higher-Order Topology, Monopole Nodal Lines, and the Origin of Large Fermi Arcs in Transition Metal Dichalcogenides X191
Evidence for Interfacial-Storage Anomaly in Nanocomposites for Lithium Batteries from First-Principles Simulations191
Leptogenesis from Gravity Waves in Models of Inflation191
Temperature-Dependent Transformation Thermotics: From Switchable Thermal Cloaks to Macroscopic Thermal Diodes190
Accelerating Cosmologies from Compactification190
New limits on the electron electric dipole moment from cesium190
Constraining the Equation of State of Neutron Stars from Binary Mergers190
Bright Multi-keV Harmonic Generation from Relativistically Oscillating Plasma Surfaces189
Polarization and Intensity of Raman Scattering from Plasmons and Phonons in Gallium Arsenide189
Search for Lepton-Universality Violation in B+189
Visible-to-Telecom Quantum Frequency Conversion of Light from a Single Quantum Emitter189
From Strong to Fragile Glass Formers: Secondary Relaxation in Polyalcohols189
Terahertz Response and Colossal Kerr Rotation from the Surface States of the Topological InsulatorBi189
Challenge to the Charging Model of Semiconductor-Nanocrystal Fluorescence Intermittency from Off-State Quantum Yields and Multiexciton Blinking189
Limit on the Magnetic Moment of the Neutrino from Supernova 1987A Observations189
Elliptically Polarized High-Order Harmonic Emission from Molecules in Linearly Polarized Laser Fields188
Charged-Particle Multiplicity Distribution from 200-GeVppInteractions188
Estimation of Single-Crystal Elastic Moduli from Polycrystalline X-Ray Diffraction at High Pressure: Application to FeO and Iron188
Understanding Correlations in Vanadium Dioxide from First Principles187
Structure of the (√3 × √3 )R30° Ag/Si(111) surface from first-principles calculations187
Full Phase Diagram of Active Brownian Disks: From Melting to Motility-Induced Phase Separation186
Boson Sampling from a Gaussian State186
Femtosecond time-resolved surface reaction: Desorption of Co from Cu(111) in <325 fsec186
Observation of Electron Energies Beyond the Linear Dephasing Limit from a Laser-Excited Relativistic Plasma Wave186
Large-NQCD Baryon Dynamics—Exact Results from Its Relation to the Static Strong-Coupling Theory186
Molecular Mechanisms of Polymer Crystallization from Solution186
Measurement of High-pTSingle Electrons from Heavy-Flavor Dec186
Electron-Phonon Coupling and a Polaron in thetJ186
Geometric and electronic properties of Cs structures on III-V (110) surfaces: From 1D and 2D insulators to 3D metals186
Atom Interferometer Based on Bragg Scattering from Standing Light Waves185
Resonant Rayleigh Scattering from an Inhomogeneously Broadened Transition: A New Probe of the Homogeneous Linewidth185
Vacuum tunneling current from an adsorbed atom185
Experimental Observation of the Thomas Peak in High-Velocity Electron Capture by Protons from He185
High-Momentum-Transfer Electron Scattering fromPb184
Gravitational Waves and Neutrino Emission from the Merger of Binary Neutron Stars183
Single Dirac Cone Topological Surface State and Unusual Thermoelectric Property of Compounds from a New Topological Insulator Family183
Topological Order with a Twist: Ising Anyons from an Abelian Model183
Crossover from Debye to non-Debye dynamical behavior of the α relaxation observed by quasielastic neutron scattering in a glass-forming polymer183
Exclusion Limits on the WIMP-Nucleon Cross Section from the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search182
Scaling Equations from a Self-Consistent Theory of Anderson Localization182
Extraction ofVub182
Observation of the Identical Rigidity Dependence of He, C, and O Cosmic Rays at High Rigidities by the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer on the International Space Station182
Near-Unity Quantum Yields of Biexciton Emission fromCdSe/CdSNano182
Identifying the Role of Terahertz Vibrations in Metal-Organic Frameworks: From Gate-Opening Phenomenon to Shear-Driven Structural Destabilization181
Plasma Ion Emission from High Intensity Picosecond Laser Pulse Interactions with Solid Targets181
Collisional losses from a light-force atom trap181
Longitudinal and Transverse Inelastic Electron Scattering from181
Crossover from Large to Small Polarons across the Metal-Insulator Transition in Manganites181
Constraints on Torsion from Bounds on Lorentz Violation181
Phase Diagram ofPb(Zr,Ti181
High Energy Ion Explosion of Atomic Clusters: Transition from Molecular to Plasma Behavior181
Observation of a 2D Bose Gas: From Thermal to Quasicondensate to Superfluid181
Fermi Surface of Superconducting LaFePO Determined from Quantum Oscillations180
Superconductivity from commensurate flux phases180
Elastic Scattering of 1-BeV Protons from Hydrogen, Helium, Carbon, and Oxygen Nuclei180
Criterion for Negative Refraction with Low Optical Losses from a Fundamental Principle of Causality179
Deviations from Fermi-Liquid Behavior aboveTc179
Atomistic Study of Dislocation Loop Emission from a Crack Tip179
Coarsening Mechanisms in a Metal Film: From Cluster Diffusion to Vacancy Ripening179
New Limits on Dark Matter Annihilation from Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer Cosmic Ray Positron Data178
Interpretation of Momentum Distribution of Recoil Ions from Laser Induced Nonsequential Double Ionization178
Gravitational Waves from a Dark Phase Transition178
Evidence for a Quantum Phase Transition inPr2178
Coherent 0.5-keV X-Ray Emission from Helium Driven by a Sub-10-fs Laser178
Temporal Coherent Control in Two-Photon Transitions: From Optical Interferences to Quantum Interferences178
Energy Decay in Superconducting Josephson-Junction Qubits from Nonequilibrium Quasiparticle Excitations178
Search for a Dark Matter Annihilation Signal from the Galactic Center Halo with H.E.S.S.178
New limits on spatial anisotropy from optically-pumpedsup201Hg and178
Elastic Higher-Order Topological Insulator with Topologically Protected Corner States178
Melting of Sodium Clusters: Where Do the Magic Numbers Come from?178
Low-Energy Ion Scattering from the Si(001) Surface178
Ultrabroad Terahertz Spectrum Generation from an Air-Based Filament Plasma178
Direct Transition from a Disordered to a Multiferroic Phase on a Triangular Lattice178
Cyclic Voltammograms for H on Pt(111) and Pt(100) from First Principles177
Shape Coexistence and theN=177
Higher-Order Topology of the Axion Insulator EuIn177
From Electromagnetically Induced Transparency to Superscattering with a Single Structure: A Coupled-Mode Theory for Doubly Resonant Structures177
New Constraints onR-Parity-Broken Supersymmetry from Neutrinoless Double Beta176
Recoil Velocities from Equal-Mass Binary-Black-Hole Mergers176
Optical Gap of Strontium Titanate (Deviation from Urbach Tail Behavior)176
Observation of Chiral Fermions with a Large Topological Charge and Associated Fermi-Arc Surface States in CoSi176
Structure of the Magnetic Reconnection Diffusion Region from Four-Spacecraft Observations176
Nonthermal Fixed Points: Effective Weak Coupling for Strongly Correlated Systems Far from Equilibrium176
Periodic Orbits, Entanglement, and Quantum Many-Body Scars in Constrained Models: Matrix Product State Approach176
Quantum Reflection from a Solid Surface at Normal Incidence176
Transition from the Viscous to Inertial Regime in Dense Suspensions176
Construction of Solutions of Gravitational, Electromagnetic, or Other Perturbation Equations from Solutions of Decoupled Equations175
Charge Form Factor of the Neutron from the Reaction2175
Creating Macroscopic Atomic Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen States from Bose-Einstein Condensates175
Velocity Renormalization and Carrier Lifetime in Graphene from the Electron-Phonon Interaction175
Tunable Stimulated Raman Scattering from Conduction Electrons in InSb175
Observation of the Askaryan Effect: Coherent Microwave Cherenkov Emission from Charge Asymmetry in High-Energy Particle Cascades174
Microwave Spin Echoes from Donor Electrons in Silicon174
Nonperturbative Shell-Model Interactions from the In-Medium Similarity Renormalization Group174
Speed of Light from Direct Frequency and Wavelength Measurements of the Methane-Stabilized Laser174
New Measurement of the Cosmic-Ray Positron Fraction from 5 to 15 GeV174
Intrinsic origin of visible light emission from silicon quantum wires: Electronic structure and geometrically restricted exciton174
Single Spin Asymmetries in Charged Pion Production from Semi-Inclusive Deep Inelastic Scattering on a Transversely Polarized173
High-Efficiency Plasma Refuelling by Pellet Injection from the Magnetic High-Field Side into ASDEX Upgrade173
Coherent Backscattering of Light from Amplifying Random Media173
First Results from the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search in the Soudan Underground Laboratory173
Compact X-ray Free-Electron Laser from a Laser-Plasma Accelerator Using a Transverse-Gradient Undulator173
New Bounds from a Search for Muonium to Antimuonium Conversion173
Tip Streaming from a Drop in the Presence of Surfactants173
Explanation of Photon Correlations in the Far-Off-Resonance Optical Emission from a Quantum-Dot–Cavity System172
Elliptic Flow: Transition from Out-of-Plane to In-Plane Emission inAu172
Bragg Scattering from Atoms in Optical Lattices172
Measurements of the electric and magnetic form factors of the neutron from172
Universal Arrhenius Temperature Activated Charge Transport in Diodes from Disordered Organic Semiconductors172
On-Demand Semiconductor Source of Entangled Photons Which Simultaneously Has High Fidelity, Efficiency, and Indistinguishability171
Effect of Cluster Surface Energies on Secondary-Ion-Intensity Distributions from Ionic Crystals171
Observation of Light-Phase-Sensitive Photoemission from a Metal171
Rheological Microscopy: Local Mechanical Properties from Microrheology171
Anomalous Resistivity Resulting from MeV-Electron Transport in Overdense Plasma170
Observation of a Warped Helical Spin Texture inBi2Se<170
Observation of the Transition from Thomson to Compton Scattering in Multiphoton Interactions with Low-Energy Electrons170
Many-Body Localization Characterized from a One-Particle Perspective170
Study of Physics and Chemistry of Surfaces from Frustrated Total Internal Reflections170
Spectroscopy of Double-Beta and Inverse-Beta Decays from100170
Nature of Driving Force for Protein Folding: A Result From Analyzing the Statistical Potential170
Universal Optimal Cloning of Arbitrary Quantum States: From Qubits to Quantum Registers170
Gravitational-Wave Emission from Rotating Gravitational Collapse170
SQUID picovoltometry of single crystalBi170
Spatial Correlation of Solar-Wind Turbulence from Two-Point Measurements170
Transfer of Angular Momentum to Matter from Acoustical Vortices in Free Space170
Quantum Teleportation in High Dimensions169
Kohn-Luttinger Superconductivity in Twisted Bilayer Graphene169
Correlated Insulating States in Twisted Double Bilayer Graphene169
Polarization Singularities from Unfolding an Optical Vortex through a Birefringent Crystal169
Search for Photon-Linelike Signatures from Dark Matter Annihilations with H.E.S.S.169
Stochastic Model for Surface Erosion via Ion Sputtering: Dynamical Evolution from Ripple Morphology to Rough Morphology169
Quasiparticle Dispersion of the 2D Hubbard Model: From an Insulator to a Metal168
Rogue Waves Emerging from the Resonant Interaction of Three Waves168
Coherent Quasiparticle Weight and Its Connection to High-T168
Experimental Free Energy Surface Reconstruction from Single-Molecule Force Spectroscopy using Jarzynski’s Equality168
Violations of SU(6) Selection Rules from Quark Hyperfine Interactions168
How Cold Is Cold Dark Matter? Small-Scales Constraints from the Flux Power Spectrum of the High-Redshift Lyman-α168
Velocity Statistics Distinguish Quantum Turbulence from Classical Turbulence168
Phase Transitions of Hybrid Perovskites Simulated by Machine-Learning Force Fields Trained on the Fly with Bayesian Inference167
Few-Cycle THz Emission from Cold Plasma Oscillations167
Anomalous Current-Induced Spin Torques in Ferrimagnets near Compensation167
Robust Photonic Band Gap from Tunable Scatterers167
Theory of Superradiant Scattering of Laser Light from Bose-Einstein Condensates167
Zero-Energy Modes from Coalescing Andreev States in a Two-Dimensional Semiconductor-Superconductor Hybrid Platform167
Cooperative Resonances in Light Scattering from Two-Dimensional Atomic Arrays167
Limits on the Neutrino Magnetic Moment from SN1987A167
Spin-Polarized Photoelectrons from Nickel Single Crystals166
High Field Phase Diagram of Cuprates Derived from the Nernst Effect166
Determination of the Superconducting Skin Depth from the Energy Gap and Sum Rule166
Photoemission from Rare-Gas Solids: Electron Energy Distributions from the Valence Bands166
Nonreciprocity and Unidirectional Invisibility in Cavity Magnonics166
Structural, electronic, and vibrational properties of Si(111)-2×1 fromab initiomolecular dynamics166
Radiative Recombination from Photoexcited Hot Carriers in GaAs166
Four Dimensional Superconformal Index fromq-Deformed Two Dimensional Yang-Mills Theory166
Charge Transfer from Ammonia Physisorbed on Nanotubes166
Upper Limits on the Stochastic Gravitational-Wave Background from Advanced LIGO’s First Observing Run165
Insights into the Molecular Mechanism of Membrane Fusion from Simulation: Evidence for the Association of Splayed Tails165
From Band Insulator to Mott Insulator in One Dimension165
Neutron Skin ofPb<165
Observation of Synchrotron Radiation from Electrons Accelerated in a Petawatt-Laser-Generated Plasma Cavity165
Brighter Light Sources from Black Metal: Significant Increase in Emission Efficiency of Incandescent Light Sources165
Testing the No-Hair Theorem with GW150914165
Radiative Force from Optical Cycling on a Diatomic Molecule165
Dispersive and Covalent Interactions between Graphene and Metal Surfaces from the Random Phase Approximation164
Anti–de Sitter Space from Optimization of Path Integrals in Conformal Field Theories164
Island Shape-Induced Transition from 2D to 3D Growth for Pt/Pt(111)164
High-Energy Neutrinos from Photomeson Processes in Blazars164
Insight into the Microscopic Structure of an AdS Black Hole from a Thermodynamical Phase Transition164
Cerium Volume Collapse: Results from the Merger of Dynamical Mean-Field Theory and Local Density Approximation164
Fluid Mixing from Viscous Fingering164
Measurements of the effective mass and scattering times of composite fermions from magnetotransport analysis164
Controlled atomic spontaneous emission fromEr163
Transition fromNormalto163
Spin Polarization in Double Diffraction of Low-Energy Electrons from W(001): Experiment and Theory163
Evidence for Changing of Cosmic Ray Composition between10<163
Ground states ofCa163
Fluorescence and Phosphorescence from IndividualC60163
Effect of Adsorbates on Field Emission from Carbon Nanotubes163
Emergent SU(2) Dynamics and Perfect Quantum Many-Body Scars163
Temperature Dependent Magnetic Anisotropy in Metallic Magnets from anAb InitioElectronic Structure Theory:L163
Coherent Emission from a Disordered Organic Semiconductor Induced by Strong Coupling with Surface Plasmons163
Multiple light scattering from concentrated, interacting suspensions163
Spatially Inhomogeneous Development of Antiferromagnetism inURu162
Strong Constraints on Sub-GeV Dark Sectors from SLAC Beam Dump E137162
Frequency-Dependent Spontaneous Emission Rate from CdSe and CdTe Nanocrystals: Influence of Dark States162
Thermal Conductivity of Isolated and Interacting Carbon Nanotubes: Comparing Results from Molecular Dynamics and the Boltzmann Transport Equation162
Observation of Vertical-Incidence Scatter from the Ionosphere at 41 Mc/sec162
Flavor Asymmetry of the Light Quark Sea from Semi-inclusive Deep-Inelastic Scattering162
Strongly Correlated Metal Built from Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev Models162
Wrinkling Hierarchy in Constrained Thin Sheets from Suspended Graphene to Curtains162
Nonclassical double-bridged structure in silicon-containing molecules: Experimental evidence in Si_{2}H_{2} from its submillimeter-wave spectrum162
Adsorption of Xe Atoms on Metal Surfaces: New Insights from First-Principles Calculations162
Determination of Critical Exponents from the Multifragmentation of Gold Nuclei162
Experimental Demonstration of Acoustic Chern Insulators162
Photoelectron Diffraction Mapping: Molecules Illuminated from Within162
Rheology of Ring Polymer Melts: From Linear Contaminants to Ring-Linear Blends162
Nonlinear Optical Reflection from a Metallic Boundary162
Determining Horizontal Symmetry from Neutrino Mixing161
Gap Structure of the Spin-Triplet SuperconductorS161
Multiphoton induced x-ray emission from Kr clusters onM-shell (∼100 Å) andL-shell (∼6 Å) transitions161
Photon Beats from a Single Semiconductor Quantum Dot161
Quantum noise in the parametric oscillator: From squeezed states to coherent-state superpositions161
Resonant Raman Scattering from Amplitude Modes intrans-(161
Neutrino and Axion Bounds from the Globular Cluster M5 (NGC 5904)161
Critical Field for Complete Vortex Expulsion from Narrow Superconducting Strips161
Deformation Potential in Germanium from Optical Absorption Lines for Exciton Formation161
Electron capture fromC60161
Resonant Activation from the Zero-Voltage State of a Current-Biased Josephson Junction161
Graphene Edge from Armchair to Zigzag: The Origins of Nanotube Chirality?161
Nature of thef0(600<160
Proposal for Intense Attosecond Radiation from an X-Ray Free-Electron Laser160
Measurement ofBs0Mixing Parameters fr160
Observation of Narrow-Band Terahertz Coherent Cherenkov Radiation from a Cylindrical Dielectric-Lined Waveguide160
Emulating Many-Body Localization with a Superconducting Quantum Processor160
Nonlinear Transition from Mitigation to Suppression of the Edge Localized Mode with Resonant Magnetic Perturbations in the EAST Tokamak160
High-Energy Photons from Passage of Jets through Quark-Gluon Plasma160
Experimental Observation of Quantum Reflection far from Threshold160
Precise Determination of thef0(159
Thermal Radiation from Photonic Crystals: A Direct Calculation159
Supersymmetric Standard Model from the Heterotic String159
Effective action for strongly correlated fermions from functional integrals159
Quantum Interference of Single Photons from Remote Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers in Diamond159
Spontaneously Scalarized Kerr Black Holes in Extended Scalar-Tensor–Gauss-Bonnet Gravity159
Stochastic Background of Gravitational Waves from Hybrid Preheating159
Twofold Advance in the Theoretical Understanding of Far-From-Equilibrium Properties of Interacting Nanostructures159
Enhanced Raman Scattering from Individual Semiconductor Nanocones and Nanowires159
Microwave Background Signals from Tangled Magnetic Fields159
Spontaneous Electromagnetic Superconductivity of Vacuum in a Strong Magnetic Field: Evidence from the Nambu–Jona-Lasinio Model158
Determination of Atom-Surface van der Waals Potentials from Transmission-Grating Diffraction Intensities158
Coherent phonon detection from ultrafast surface vibrations158
Evolution of Fermion Pairing from Three to Two Dimensions158
Molecular Dynamics in Confining Space: From the Single Molecule to the Liquid State158
General Relativity from Scattering Amplitudes158
Searching forCPTViolation with Cosmic Microwave Background Data 158
Limits on Spin-Dependent WIMP-Nucleon Cross Sections from the XENON10 Experiment157
Evidence for Line Nodes in the Superconducting Energy Gap of NoncentrosymmetricCePt3157
Forward Quark Jets from Protons Shattering the Color Glass Condensate157
Inflation from Quantum Geometry157
Fermi Large Area Telescope Search for Photon Lines from 30 to 200 GeV and Dark Matter Implications157
InverseβDecay of157
Enhanced Collimated GeV Monoenergetic Ion Acceleration from a Shaped Foil Target Irradiated by a Circularly Polarized Laser Pulse157
Transition from Pauli Paramagnetism to Band Ferromagnetism in Very Thin Ni Films157
Experimental Characterization of a Spin Quantum Heat Engine157
Proton and Pion Spectra from Proton-Proton Interactions at 10, 20, and 30 BeV/c157
Thomson-Backscattered X Rays From Laser-Accelerated Electrons157
New bound on neutrino dipole moments from globular-cluster stars157
Chiral Voltage Propagation and Calibration in a Topolectrical Chern Circuit156
5- to 16-GeV Single-π+156
Far-from-Equilibrium Spin Transport in Heisenberg Quantum Magnets156
Search for Dark Matter Annihilations towards the Inner Galactic Halo from 10 Years of Observations with H.E.S.S.156
Gamma radiation from theN=Znucleus40155
Determining Neutrino Mass from the Cosmic Microwave Background Alone155
Unconventional Superconductivity and Electron Correlations in the Cobalt Oxyhydrate155
Dynamical Quantum Phase Transitions in Spin Chains with Long-Range Interactions: Merging Different Concepts of Nonequilibrium Criticality155
Higgs Inflation is Still Alive after the Results from BICEP2155
Anomalous Deep Inelastic Neutron Scattering from LiquidH154
Theory of Enhance I Light Scattering from Molecules Adsorbed at the Metal-Solution Interface154
Possible Correlated-Electron Behavior from Quadrupolar Fluctuations in PrInA154
Valence-band photoemission from a quantum-dot system154
Improving Band Gap Prediction in Density Functional Theory from Molecules to Solids154
Photoemission from Surface States on Tungsten154
Additional Strange Hadrons from QCD Thermodynamics and Strangeness Freezeout in Heavy Ion Collisions153
Multiresolution Wavelet Analysis of Heartbeat Intervals Discriminates Healthy Patients from Those with Cardiac Pathology153
Observation of magnetic-field-induced delocalization: Transition from Anderson insulator to quantum Hall conductor153
Topological Characterization of Fractional Quantum Hall Ground States from Microscopic Hamiltonians153
From Excitonic to Photonic Polariton Condensate in a ZnO-Based Microcavity153
Weak coupling phase from decays of chargedBmesons to πKand ππ153
Electron-Vibration Interaction in Single-Molecule Junctions: From Contact to Tunneling Regimes153
Rydberg-Mediated Entanglement in a Two-Dimensional Neutral Atom Qubit Array152
Imaging the Fermi Surface Through Diffuse Scattering from Concentrated Disordered Alloys152
Structure and thermodynamics ofSi152
Role of vortex fluctuations in determining superconducting parameters from magnetization data for layered superconductors152
Axion Emission From Neutron Stars152
High-Precision Determination of the Pion-NucleonσTerm from Roy-Steiner Equations152
Nanomechanics of Individual Carbon Nanotubes from Pyrolytically Grown Arrays152
First Results from ABRACADABRA-10 cm: A Search for Sub- μeV 151
Accelerating Cosmologies from Spacelike Branes151
Superconducting Gap Anisotropy inNd1.85151
Interface Enhancement of Gilbert Damping from First Principles151
Room-Temperature Ordered Photon Emission from Multiexciton States in Single CdSe Core-Shell Nanocrystals151
Gamma Rays from Kaluza-Klein Dark Matter151
Experimental Twin-Field Quantum Key Distribution through Sending or Not Sending151
Explanation of the Anomalous Peak Observed in He-Atom Scattering from Ag(111)151
Entropy from Extra Dimensions151
Observation of New Properties of Secondary Cosmic Rays Lithium, Beryllium, and Boron by the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer on the International Space Station151
Higher-Order Topological Corner States Induced by Gain and Loss151
High Friction from a Stiff Polymer Using Microfiber Arrays151
Near-Band-Edge Photoluminescence from PseudomorphicSi150
Charged-Current Weak Interaction Processes in Hot and Dense Matter and its Impact on the Spectra of Neutrinos Emitted from Protoneutron Star Cooling150
Electron Emission from Diamondoids: A Diffusion Quantum Monte Carlo Study150
Monte Carlo Calculation for Electromagnetic-Wave Scattering from Random Rough Surfaces150
Band Offsets at theSi/SiO2150
Chirality from Interfacial Spin-Orbit Coupling Effects in Magnetic Bilayers150
Locally Critical Resistivities from Umklapp Scattering150
Noncommutative Quantum Mechanics from Noncommutative Quantum Field Theory150
Frustrated Cuprate Route from Antiferromagnetic to Ferromagnetic Spin-12150
B-Meson Decay Constant from Unquenched Lattice QCD150
Observation of the Spectrum of Light Scattered from a Pure Fluid Near its Critical Point150
Wavelength Selection in Systems Far from Equilibrium150
Magnetic phase diagram of lightly dopedLa149
New Precision Tests of the Einstein Equivalence Principle from Sn1987a149
Search for Neutrinos from Annihilation of Captured Low-Mass Dark Matter Particles in the Sun by Super-Kamiokande149
Resonant CarbonK-Edge Soft X-Ray Scattering from Lattice-Free Heliconical Mol149
Results from a High-Sensitivity Search for Cosmic Axions149
Melting Curve of MgO from First-Principles Simulations149
Charged-Particle Pseudorapidity Density Distributions fromAu+A149
Anisotropic Superconducting Gap in the Spin-Triplet SuperconductorSr149
Determination of the strong coupling constant from the charmonium spectrum149
Multiorder Stokes Emission from Micrometer-Size Droplets148
Emergence of a Complete Heavy-Quark Spin Symmetry Multiplet: Seven Molecular Pentaquarks in Light of the Latest LHCb Analysis148
Enhanced stability and neutron production in a denseZ-pinch plasma formed from a frozen deuterium fiber148
Skull Flexure from Blast Waves: A Mechanism for Brain Injury with Implications for Helmet Design148
Precise Measurement of the Neutrino Mixing Parameterθ23from 148
Primordial Black Holes as a Dark Matter Candidate Are Severely Constrained by the Galactic Center 511 keVγ148
Collective Effects in Second-Harmonic Generation from Split-Ring-Resonator Arrays148
Attosecond Extreme Ultraviolet Vortices from High-Order Harmonic Generation148
Finite-Temperature Properties ofBa(Zr,148
Intense Picosecond X-Ray Pulses from Laser Plasmas by Use of Nanostructured “Velvet” Targets148
2-channel Kondo scaling in conductance signals from 2 level tunneling systems148
Electrostatic Control of the Evolution from a Superconducting Phase to an Insulating Phase in UltrathinYBa147
New Constraints from Haverah Park Data on the Photon and Iron Fluxes of Ultrahigh-Energy Cosmic Rays147
From Si Nanowires to Porous Silicon: The Role of Excitonic Effects147
Optical Rogue Waves in Integrable Turbulence147
Halo Properties of the First1/2147
New Test of the Equivalence Principle from Lunar Laser Ranging147
Valence Electronic Structure and Charge Transfer in Tetrathiofulvalinium Tetracyanoquinodimethane (TTF-TCNQ) from Photoemission Spectroscopy147
Nucleon-Nucleon Scattering from Fully Dynamical Lattice QCD147
SENSEI: Direct-Detection Results on sub-GeV Dark Matter from a New Skipper CCD147
Phase Diagram and Superconducting Dome of Infinite-Layer Nd147
Orientation of Chemisorbed Molecules from Surface-Absorption Fine-Structure Measurements: CO and NO on Ni(100)147
Prediction of Segregation to Alloy Surfaces from Bulk Phase Diagrams147
New Silicide Interface Model from Structural Energy Calculations146
GW170817: Implications for the Stochastic Gravitational-Wave Background from Compact Binary Coalescences146
Proton Acceleration from High-Intensity Laser Interactions with Thin Foil Targets146
First Order Phase Transition Resulting from Finite Inertia in Coupled Oscillator Systems146
Evolution of Core States from Energy Bands in the4d5s146
Strong-Field Perspective on High-Harmonic Radiation from Bulk Solids146
Prediction of New Phases of Nitrogen at High Pressure from First-Principles Simulations146
Determining Phonon Mean Free Paths from Observations of Quasiballistic Thermal Transport146
Asymmetric Optical Second-Harmonic Generation from ChiralG-Shaped Gold Nanostructures146
Electron Cyclotron Emission from a Tokamak Plasma: Experiment and Theory146
First Dark Matter Constraints from a SuperCDMS Single-Charge Sensitive Detector145
Evidence for Anomalous Nuclei among Relativistic Projectile Fragments from Heavy-Ion Collisions at 2 GeV/Nucleon145
Entangled Imaging and Wave-Particle Duality: From the Microscopic to the Macroscopic Realm145
First measurement of neutrino oscillation parameters using neutrinos and antineutrinos by NOvA145
Collimated Multi-MeV Ion Beams from High-Intensity Laser Interactions with Underdense Plasma145
Nearly Perfect Triplet-Triplet Energy Transfer from Wannier Excitons to Naphthalene in Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Quantum-Well Materials145
Complex Heavy-Quark Potential at Finite Temperature from Lattice QCD145
Measurements ofGEn/145
Charge-Density Wave and Superconducting Dome inTiSe2from Ele145
Electronic Stopping Power in LiF from First Principles145
Multichannel Molecular High-Order Harmonic Generation from Asymmetric Diatomic Molecules145
Nonergodic Subdiffusion from Brownian Motion in an Inhomogeneous Medium144
Determination of the chemical potentials of polymeric systems from Monte Carlo simulations144
Evidence for Quasiparticle Decay in Photoemission from Underdoped Cuprates144
Dissociation Dynamics ofH2<144
Experimental Generation of Multiple Quantum Correlated Beams from Hot Rubidium Vapor144
Icosahedral Order, Frustration, and the Glass Transition: Evidence from Time-Dependent Nucleation and Supercooled Liquid Structure Studies144
Role of Local Plasmon Modes in Light Emission from Small-particle Tunnel Junctions144
Transition from Fractional to Majorana Fermions in Rashba Nanowires144
From Above Threshold Ionization to Statistical Electron Emission: The Laser Pulse-Duration Dependence of144
Bond- and Site-Selective Loss ofHfrom 144
Magnetism in FeO at Megabar Pressures from X-Ray Emission Spectroscopy144
Transition from Cage Clathrate to Filled Ice: The Structure of Methane Hydrate III144
Flow Rate of Particles through Apertures Obtained from Self-Similar Density and Velocity Profiles144
Nature of Single-Localized-Electron States Derived from Tunneling Measurements144
Inclusive Electron Scattering fromHe144
Emission of electrons from a clean gold surface induced by slow, very highly charged ions at the image charge acceleration limit144
Chiral Interactions up to Next-to-Next-to-Next-to-Leading Order and Nuclear Saturation144
Low-Emittance Electron Bunches from a Laser-Plasma Accelerator Measured using Single-Shot X-Ray Spectroscopy143
From Phase to Microphase Separation in Flocking Models: The Essential Role of Nonequilibrium Fluctuations143
Glass-Transition Temperature Gradient in Nanocomposites: Evidence from Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Differential Scanning Calorimetry143
Observation of Surface Phonons in Inelastic Scattering of He Atoms from LiF(001) Crystal Surfaces143
Failed Escape: Solid Surfaces Prevent Tumbling ofEscherichia coli143
Limit on ν¯143
Determination of Adsorbate Geometries from Intramolecular Scattering in Deep-Core-Level X-Ray Photoemission: CO on Ni(001)143
Laser-Assisted Photoelectric Effect from Surfaces143
Pressure-Induced Symmetry-Lowering Transition in Dense Nitrogen to Layered Polymeric Nitrogen (LP-N) with Colossal Raman Intensity143
Erratum: Measurements of the Solar Neutrino Flux from Super-Kamiokande's First 300 Days [Phys. Rev. Lett. 81, 1158 (1998)]143
Soft X-Ray Resonant Magnetic Scattering from a Magnetically Coupled Ag/Ni Multilayer143
Off-Axis Phase-Matched Terahertz Emission from Two-Color Laser-Induced Plasma Filaments143
Computational Advantage from Quantum-Controlled Ordering of Gates143
Convergent Strong-Coupling Expansions from Divergent Weak-Coupling Perturbation Theory143
Prediction of Dislocation Cores in Aluminum from Density Functional Theory142
Isotopic Chains Around Oxygen from Evolved Chiral Two- and Three-Nucleon Interactions142
Multiple Rabi Splittings under Ultrastrong Vibrational Coupling142
Observation of Minority Spin Character of the New Electron Doped ManganiteL142
Relativistic Quasimonoenergetic Positron Jets from Intense Laser-Solid Interactions142
MeV X Rays and Photoneutrons from Femtosecond Laser-Produced Plasmas142
Novel Direct Detection Constraints on Light Dark Matter142
Limit on Primordial Small-Scale Magnetic Fields from Cosmic Microwave Background Distortions142
Ground State Fidelity from Tensor Network Representations142
Scaling and Universality at Dynamical Quantum Phase Transitions142
Boson Sampling with Single-Photon Fock States from a Bright Solid-State Source142
Two Dimensional Ice from First Principles: Structures and Phase Transitions142
Scattering of Low-Energy Ions from Clean Surfaces: Comparison of Alkali- and Rare-Gas-Ion Scattering142
Uncertainty Relations from Simple Entropic Properties142
From Dia- to Paramagnetic Orbital Susceptibility of Massless Fermions142
Threshold Resummation in Momentum Space from Effective Field Theory142
Constraints on Cosmic Neutrino Fluxes from the Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna Experiment142
Abundance of Primordial Black Holes Depends on the Shape of the Inflationary Power Spectrum142
Quantum Oscillation from In-Gap States and a Non-Hermitian Landau Level Problem142
Energy Dependence of the Cronin Effect from Nonlinear QCD Evolution142
Non-Josephson Emission from Intrinsic Junctions inBi141
Stimulated Emission from Donor Transitions in Silicon141
Nonparametric Dark Energy Reconstruction from Supernova Data141
Relativistic Turbulence: A Long Way from Preheating to Equilibrium141
Precise Measurement of the e+e141
Evidence for Two-Band Superconductivity from Break-Junction Tunneling onMgB141
Loop Integrands for Scattering Amplitudes from the Riemann Sphere141
Contact Angles on a Soft Solid: From Young’s Law to Neumann’s Law141
Hund’s Rule-Driven Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction at3d<141
Evidence for a New Resonance from Polarized Neutron-Proton Scattering141
Exact Quantum Many-Body Scar States in the Rydberg-Blockaded Atom Chain141
Experimental Observation of Four-Photon Entanglement from Parametric Down-Conversion141
Femtosecond Undulator Radiation from Sliced Electron Bunches141
Parabolic Magnetoresistance from the Interaction Effect in a Two-Dimensional Electron Gas140
Quarkyonic Matter and Neutron Stars140
Superheating and Supercooling of Vortex Matter in a Nb Single Crystal: Direct Evidence for a Phase Transition at the Peak Effect from Neutron Diffraction140
Top-quark and Higgs-boson mass bounds from a numerical study of supersymmetric grand unified theories140
Crossover from Singular to Regular Behavior of the Transport Properties of Fluids in the Critical Region140
Stable Laser-Driven Proton Beam Acceleration from a Two-Ion-Species Ultrathin Foil140
Radiation from Cerenkov Wakes in a Magnetized Plasma140
Interference Effect in Electron Emission in Heavy Ion Collisions withH140
First Simultaneous Extraction of Spin-Dependent Parton Distributions and Fragmentation Functions from a Global QCD Analysis140
Creating Polarization-Entangled Photon Pairs from a Semiconductor Quantum Dot Using the Optical Stark Effect140
Relation between Self-Diffusion and Viscosity in Dense Liquids: New Experimental Results from Electrostatic Levitation140
Inelastic Scattering of Electrons from Adsorbate Vibrations: Large-Angle Deflections140
Fluorescence fromXtraps inC140
Limits on Stellar-Mass Compact Objects as Dark Matter from Gravitational Lensing of Type Ia Supernovae140
High-Energy Ions from Near-Critical Density Plasmas via Magnetic Vortex Acceleration140
Excitation Energies and Spins of a Superdeformed Band in194139
Surface-Enchanced Raman Scattering from Pyridine on Ag(111)139
Extracting Work from a Single Thermal Bath via Quantum Negentropy139
Low-Energy Pion Production at 0° with Heavy Ions from 125 to 400 MeV/Nucleon139
Measurements of dynamic scaling from epitaxial growth front: Fe film on Fe(001)139
Transverse AsymmetryA139
Observation of Gigawatt-Class THz Pulses from a Compact Laser-Driven Particle Accelerator139
From Sticky to Slippery Droplets: Dynamics of Contact Line Depinning on Superhydrophobic Surfaces139
General Entanglement Scaling Laws from Time Evolution138
Probing the Superconducting Energy Gap from Infrared Spectroscopy on aBa0.6138
Generalized Hydrodynamics on an Atom Chip138
Surface Tension of Liquid Metals: Results from Measurements on Ground and in Space138
Anomalous Aharonov-Bohm Conductance Oscillations from Topological Insulator Surface States138
Revealing the Transition Dynamics from Q Switching to Mode Locking in a Soliton Laser138
Enhanced Density Fluctuations in SupercooledH138
Atoms in strong optical fields: Evolution from multiphoton to tunnel ionization138
Novel Dark Matter Constraints from Antiprotons in Light of AMS-02138
Classical Aspects of Quantum Fields Far from Equilibrium138
Liquid Alumina: Detailed Atomic Coordination Determined from Neutron Diffraction Data Using Empirical Potential Structure Refinement138
From Homogeneous to Heterogeneous Nucleation of Chain Molecules under Nanoscopic Cylindrical Confinement138
Physical Nucleon Properties from Lattice QCD138
Evidence of two-gaps-wave superconductivity inYBa137
Adsorbate Core Ionization as Primary Process in Electron-and Photon-Stimulated Desorption from Metal Surfaces137
Predicting Structure of Molecular Crystals from First Principles137
Scaling of the longitudinal and Hall resistivities from vortex motion in137
Circular Dichroism in Photoelectron Angular Distributions from Oriented Linear Molecules137
Paramagnetic Resonance Absorption from Acceptors in Silicon137
Hierarchical Black Hole Mergers in Active Galactic Nuclei137
Properties of a Glass-Forming System as Derived from Its Potential Energy Landscape137
Transition from Amplitude to Oscillation Death via Turing Bifurcation137
Large Bragg Reflection from One-Dimensional Chains of Trapped Atoms Near a Nanoscale Waveguide136
Understanding the Phase Transitions of theNi2MnGa136
Fast Neutron Emission from a High-Energy Ion Beam Produced by a High-Intensity Subpicosecond Laser Pulse136
Circularly Polarized Light Emission from Semiconductor Planar Chiral Nanostructures136
Nematic Susceptibility of Hole-Doped and Electron-DopedBa136
State-specific dynamics ofD2<136
Electron distribution anisotropy in laser-produced plasmas from x-ray line polarization measurements136
Evidence for Nodal Quasiparticles in Electron-Doped Cuprates from Penetration Depth Measurements136
Electrical Response of Molecular Chains from Density Functional Theory136
Five-Dimensional Fission-Barrier Calculations fromS136
Two-Dimensional Second-Order Topological Insulator in Graphdiyne136
Rényi Entropies from Random Quenches in Atomic Hubbard and Spin Models136
Multipole Interference in the Second-Harmonic Optical Radiation from Gold Nanoparticles136
Photoemission from Physisorbed Xenon: Evidence for Lateral Interactions136
Optical Maser Oscillation fromNi136
Spin Gap inHgBa2135
Effective Field Theories from Soft Limits of Scattering Amplitudes135
Efficient Channeling of Fluorescence Photons from Single Quantum Dots into Guided Modes of Optical Nanofiber135
Narrow-Band Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Signals from Broad-Band Pulses135
Objective Properties from Subjective Quantum States: Environment as a Witness135
Elliptic and Triangular Flow inp-Pb and Peripheral Pb-Pb Collisions from Parton Scatterings135
Field-Emission-Induced Luminescence from Carbon Nanotubes135
Multiple Plasmon Satellites in Na and Al Spectral Functions fromAb InitioCumulant Expansion135
New Prospects for Real-Time Spectroscopy of Low Energy Electron Neutrinos from the Sun135
Dislocation Core Energies and Core Fields from First Principles135
Multi-MeV Ion Production from High-Intensity Laser Interactions with Underdense Plasmas135
Resonant Terahertz Optical Sideband Generation from Confined Magnetoexcitons135
Photoemission from Cu, Ag, and Au in the 10- to 27-eV Energy Range135
Nucleon Mass from a Covariant Three-Quark Faddeev Equation135
Doping Dependence of Heat Transport in the Iron-Arsenide SuperconductorBa(<134
New Upper Limit on the Total Neutrino Mass from the 2 Degree Field Galaxy Redshift Survey134
Laser amplification at 18.2 nm in recombining plasma from a laser-irradiated carbon fiber134
Polyhedral Units and Network Connectivity in Calcium Aluminosilicate Glasses from High-Energy X-Ray Diffraction134
Medium-Mass Nuclei from Chiral Nucleon-Nucleon Interactions134
Parity-Violating Electron Scattering fromHe4134
Transition from activated to diffusive behavior in the vortex-liquid state in134
Experimental Evidence of Interatomic Coulombic Decay from the Auger Final States in Argon Dimers134
Cracks and Crazes: On Calculating the Macroscopic Fracture Energy of Glassy Polymers from Molecular Simulations134
Thermal Conductivity of MgO Periclase from Equilibrium First Principles Molecular Dynamics134
First Measurement of the Gerasimov-Drell-Hearn Integral forH134
Inelastic Neutron Scattering from the Spin Ladder Compound(134
Constraints on the Primordial Black Hole Abundance from the First Advanced LIGO Observation Run Using the Stochastic Gravitational-Wave Background134
Auger-Electron Emission Resulting from the Annihilation of Core Electrons with Low-Energy Positrons134
Evidence for an Orientationally Ordered Two-Dimensional Fluid Phase from Molecular-Dynamics Calculations134
Magnetoluminescence from correlated electrons in quantum dots134
Observation of Heteronuclear Feshbach Molecules from aRb133
Dark Matter fromR2Gravity133
Low- and High-Frequency Noise from Coherent Two-Level Systems133
Orderly Spectra from Random Interactions133
Testing Hadronic Interactions at Ultrahigh Energies with Air Showers Measured by the Pierre Auger Observatory133
Inelastic cross section forp-air collisions from air shower experiments and total cross section forp-pcollisions up to √s=24 TeV133
Upper Bound of 0.28 eV on Neutrino Masses from the Largest Photometric Redshift Survey133
Observation of Polarization Vortices in Momentum Space133
Precision Measurement ofsin2<133
Sub-Poissonian Fluctuations in a 1D Bose Gas: From the Quantum Quasicondensate to the Strongly Interacting Regime133
Extraction of Work from a Single Thermal Bath in the Quantum Regime133
Transition from Adiabatic to Sudden Excitation of Core Electrons133
Asymmetric High-Energy Ion Emission from Argon Clusters in Intense Laser Fields132
Neutrino Emission from Gamma-Ray Burst Fireballs, Revised132
Determination of the Weak Phaseγfrom Rate Measurements in132
Limits on Neutrino Masses from Neutrinoless Double-βDecay132
Crossover from Glassy to Inhomogeneous-Ferroelectric Nonlinear Dielectric Response in Relaxor Ferroelectrics132
From QCD sum rules to relativistic nuclear physics132
Atomic Structure of IcosahedralB4132
New Limits on Local Lorentz Invariance from Hg and Cs Magnetometers132
Generalized Parton Distributions from Lattice QCD132
Kinetics and Energetics of Oligomer Desorption from Surfaces132
Mode-Locked Ultrashort Pulse Generation from On-Chip Normal Dispersion Microresonators132
Extractable Work, the Role of Correlations, and Asymptotic Freedom in Quantum Batteries132
Towards Understanding the Origin of Cosmic-Ray Positrons131
Inelastic Light Scattering from a Quasi-Two-Dimensional Electron System in GaAs-131
Measurement of Complex Fragments and Clues to the Entropy Production from 42-137-MeV/nucleon Ar + Au131
Quantum Phase Transition in a Far-from-Equilibrium Steady State of anXYSpin Chain131
Estimating the Lyapunov-exponent spectrum from short time series of low precision131
Cherenkov Radiation from Jets in Heavy-Ion Collisions131
Lower limit on the top-quark mass from events with two leptons inpp¯collisions at √s=1.8 TeV131
Superconducting Properties ofMg131
Weak Ergodicity Breaking and Quantum Many-Body Scars in Spin-1 XY Magnets131
Large Magnetostriction from Morphotropic Phase Boundary in Ferromagnets131
Diffraction of Fast Atomic Projectiles during Grazing Scattering from a LiF(001) Surface131
High-Energy Antiprotons from Old Supernova Remnants131
Stochastic and Resolvable Gravitational Waves from Ultralight Bosons131
Measurement of Elastic Electron Scattering from the Proton at High Momentum Transfer131
Raman Scattering from InSb Surfaces at Photon Energies Near theE131
Evolution of Kondo Resonance from a Single Impurity Molecule to the Two-Dimensional Lattice131
Neural-Network Approach to Dissipative Quantum Many-Body Dynamics131
Criticality between Cortical States131
Observation of Large Kerr Angles in the Nonlinear Optical Response from Magnetic Multilayers130
Isotropy and Homogeneity of the Universe from Measurements of the Cosmic Microwave Background130
Search for squarks and gluinos fromp¯pcollisions at √s=1.8 TeV130
Dynamical Evolution of Correlated Spontaneous Emission of a Single Photon from a Uniformly Excited Cloud ofN<130
Interference between Selected Dipoles and Octupoles in the Optical Second-Harmonic Generation from Spherical Gold Nanoparticles130
Edge Dynamics in a Quantum Spin Hall State: Effects from Rashba Spin-Orbit Interaction130
Uncovering the Transition from Regularity to Irregularity in a Quantum System130
Comparison of Polarization Observables in Electron Scattering from the Proton and Deuteron130
Magnetic Self-Organized Atomic Laminate from First Principles and Thin Film Synthesis130
No “Light Shining through a Wall”: Results from a Photoregeneration Experiment130
Macroscopic Approach to Correlations in the Electronic Transmission and Reflection from Disordered Conductors130
Nontopological Saddle-Splay and Curvature Instabilities from Anisotropic Membrane Inclusions130
First Higher-Multipole Model of Gravitational Waves from Spinning and Coalescing Black-Hole Binaries130
Determining Potentials of Zero Charge of Metal Electrodes versus the Standard Hydrogen Electrode from Density-Functional-Theory-Based Molecular Dynamics130
Near-Transform-Limited Single Photons from an Efficient Solid-State Quantum Emitter129
Semiconducting Graphene from Highly Ordered Substrate Interactions129
Transition from a Tomonaga-Luttinger Liquid to a Fermi Liquid in Potassium-Intercalated Bundles of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes129
Ferromagnetic Mott state in Twisted Graphene Bilayers at the Magic Angle129
Luminescence from Spherically and Aspherically Collapsing Laser Induced Bubbles129
Carbon Phase Diagram fromAb InitioMolecular Dynamics129
Opacity Effect on Extreme Ultraviolet Radiation from Laser-Produced Tin Plasmas129
Large-Scale Photonic Ising Machine by Spatial Light Modulation129
Experimental Retrieval of Target Structure Information from Laser-Induced Rescattered Photoelectron Momentum Distributions129
Circular dichroism in the angular distribution of photoelectrons from oriented CO molecules129
Universal Results from an Alternate Random-Matrix Model for QCD with a Baryon Chemical Potential129
Crack blunting effects on dislocation emission from cracks129
Ultralight Boson Dark Matter and Event Horizon Telescope Observations of M129
Phonon-Assisted Optical Absorption in Silicon from First Principles129
Scanning tunneling spectroscopy of a vortex core from the clean to the dirty limit129
Few-Boson Dynamics in Double Wells: From Single-Atom to Correlated Pair Tunneling129
From viscous fingering to viscoelastic fracturing in colloidal fluids129
Surface X-Ray Emission from Neutron Stars129
Antiferromagnetism from Phase Disordering of ad-Wave Superconductor128
A New Contribution to the Nonlinear Optical Susceptibilityi Arising from Unequal Atomic Radii128
Geometrical Resonance Conditions for THz Radiation from the Intrinsic Josephson Junctions inBi128
Decoupling of Ionic Transport from Segmental Relaxation in Polymer Electrolytes128
Pattern Formation during Deformation of a Confined Viscoelastic Layer: From a Viscous Liquid to a Soft Elastic Solid128
Small Energy Transfer Scattering of Cold Neutrons from Liquid Argon128
Limits on Spin-Dependent WIMP-Nucleon Cross Section Obtained from the Complete LUX Exposure128
Primordial Black Hole Dark Matter: LISA Serendipity128
Early Dark Energy from Massive Neutrinos as a Natural Resolution of the Hubble Tension128
Ion Emission from Laser-Produced Plasmas with Two Electron Temperatures128
From sideward flow to nuclear compressibility128
Elastic Scattering of 500-MeV Polarized Protons fromCa128
Three-Dimensional Axisymmetric Cloak Based on the Cancellation of Acoustic Scattering from a Sphere128
Higher-Order Topological Insulator in Twisted Bilayer Graphene127
Discovering Ordered Phases of Block Copolymers: New Results from a Generic Fourier-Space Approach127
Acoustic emission from volcanic rocks: An example of self-organized criticality127
Quantum Nonlocality and Beyond: Limits from Nonlocal Computation127
Graviton Propagator from Background-Independent Quantum Gravity127
Constraints on neutrino-oscillation parameters from the Kamiokande-II solar-neutrino data127
Black Hole Mergers from an Evolving Population of Globular Clusters127
Dynamic Release of Trapped Light from an Ultrahigh-QNanocavity via Adiabatic Frequency Tuning127
Direct Experimental Evidence of Back-Surface Ion Acceleration from Laser-Irradiated Gold Foils127
Relativistic Fluid Dynamics Far From Local Equilibrium127
Constraints on Sub-GeV Dark-Matter–Electron Scattering from the DarkSide-50 Experiment127
Azimuthal Anisotropy in Core-Level X-Ray Photoemission fromc(2127
Evidence for Rapidly RisingρρTotal Cross Section from Cosmic-Ra127
Variational Quantum Monte Carlo Method with a Neural-Network Ansatz for Open Quantum Systems127
Low-Density "Patches" in the Hydrogen-Bond Network of Liquid Water: Evidence from Molecular-Dynamics Computer Simulations127
Static response from quantum Monte Carlo calculations127
SENSEI: First Direct-Detection Constraints on Sub-GeV Dark Matter from a Surface Run127
Boroxol Rings in Liquid and VitreousB2127
Crystal Structure and Antiferromagnetic Order inNdFeAsO1126
Demonstration of Strong Forward-Backward Asymmetry in theC1126
Quantum Spin Dimers from Chiral Dissipation in Cold-Atom Chains126
General Theory of Microscopic Dynamical Response in Surface Probe Microscopy: From Imaging to Dissipation126
General Derivation of Bäcklund Transformations from Inverse Scattering Problems126
Fusion power production from TFTR plasmas fueled with deuterium and tritium126
Neutron Scattering fromK2126
Acoustically ModulatedγRays From126
Efficient Method for Computing the Maximum-Likelihood Quantum State from Measurements with Additive Gaussian Noise126
Metallization of Molecular Hydrogen: Predictions from Exact-Exchange Calculations126
Spectroscopy of Radioactive Beams from Single-Nucleon Knockout Reactions: Application to thesd126
Thomson Scattering from High-ZLaser-Produced Plasmas126
Freeze-Out Parameters from Electric Charge and Baryon Number Fluctuations: Is There Consistency?126
Diffusion and drift of charge carriers in a random potential: Deviation from Einstein’s law126
Brine Rejection from Freezing Salt Solutions: A Molecular Dynamics Study126
Prospects for Resolving the Hubble Constant Tension with Standard Sirens125
Ultrafast Optical Switching from an Ionic to a Neutral State in Tetrathiafulvalene-p-Chloranil (TTF-CA) Observed in Femtosecond Reflection Spectroscopy125
Generating Far-Field Orbital Angular Momenta from Near-Field Optical Chirality125
Raman Scattering from Surface Polaritons in a GaAs Film125
Scalar Interaction Limits from theβν125
Polarization of x-ray emission lines from heliumlike scandium as a probe of the hyperfine interaction125
Photoelectron Angular Distributions from Liquid Water: Effects of Electron Scattering125
Gauged Six-Dimensional Supergravity from Massive Type IIA String Theory125
Upper Limit on the Diffuse Flux of Ultrahigh Energy Tau Neutrinos from the Pierre Auger Observatory125
From Chiral Vibration to Static Chirality inNd135125
Predictions for Higgs and Supersymmetry Spectra from SO(10) Yukawa Unification withμ>125
Spontaneous Conversion from Virtual to Real Photons in the Ultrastrong-Coupling Regime125
Controllable Soliton Emission from a Bose-Einstein Condensate125
In-Orbit Performance of the GRACE Follow-on Laser Ranging Interferometer125
Resonant Femtosecond Emission from Quantum Well Excitons: The Role of Rayleigh Scattering and Luminescence124
Anomalous Thermalization in Ergodic Systems124
Constraints on Light Dark Matter Particles Interacting with Electrons from DAMIC at SNOLAB124
X-Ray Scattering from Sodium-Doped Polyacetylene: Incommensurate-Commensurate and Order-Disorder Transformations124
Quantum Hall Transition in Real Space: From Localized to Extended States124
Raman Scattering from a Nematic Liquid Crystal: Orientational Statistics124
Measurement of the Midrapidity Transverse Energy Distribution froms123
Energetic Protons from a Few-Micron Metallic Foil Evaporated by an Intense Laser Pulse123
New Type of Electron Nuclear-Spin Interaction from Resistively Detected NMR in the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect Regime123
Vibrational Sum Frequency Scattering from a Submicron Suspension123
Crossover from two to one dimension inin situgrown wires of Pb123
From Random Walk to Single-File Diffusion123
Analysis of neutrino burst from the supernova 1987A in the Large Magellanic Cloud123
Slow-Positron Emission from Metal Surfaces123
Distribution of flux-pinning energies inYBa123
Realization of an Acoustic Third-Order Topological Insulator123
Polarization State of High-Order Harmonic Emission from Aligned Molecules123
Quantum Light from a Whispering-Gallery-Mode Disk Resonator123
Observation of Radiation from Channeled Positrons123
Rejection of Evidence for Nonzero Neutrino Rest Mass from Double Beta Decay123
Dispersive Hopping Transport from an Exponential Energy Distribution of Sites123
Isoscalar ππ Scattering and the 123
Experimental Observation of the Blob-Generation Mechanism from Interchange Waves in a Plasma123
Quantum Spin Ices and Topological Phases from Dipolar-Octupolar Doublets on the Pyrochlore Lattice123
Error-Mitigated Digital Quantum Simulation123
Limit on the Photon Mass Deduced from Pioneer-10 Observations of Jupiter's Magnetic Field123
SENSEI: Direct-Detection Constraints on Sub-GeV Dark Matter from a Shallow Underground Run Using a Prototype Skipper CCD123
Photoacoustic Doppler Effect from Flowing Small Light-Absorbing Particles123
Laboratory Search for a Long-RangeT-Odd,122
Intergranular Magnetoresistance inSr2FeMoO122
Plasmon-Enhanced Ultraviolet Photoluminescence from Hybrid Structures of Graphene/ZnO Films122
Number of Fermion Generations Derived from Anomaly Cancellation122
Discriminating the Superconducting Gap from the Pseudogap inBi122
Observation of Many-Body Localization in a One-Dimensional System with a Single-Particle Mobility Edge122
Fourier-space Diffractive Deep Neural Network122
Temperature-Modulated Reflectance of Gold from 2 to 10 eV122
Circular Dichroism inK-Shell Ionization from Fixed-in-Space CO and122
Harpooning in Surface Scattering:O122
Limit on the Cosmological Variation ofmp/122
Dark Matter Spikes and Annihilation Radiation from the Galactic Center122
Resonant Electronic Energy Transfer from Excitons Confined in Silicon Nanocrystals to Oxygen Molecules121
New Limits on Primordial Black Hole Dark Matter from an Analysis of Kepler Source Microlensing Data121
Spontaneous Formation of Complex Micelles from a Homogeneous Solution121
Non-Hermitian Sonic Second-Order Topological Insulator121
Equation of state and phase diagram of solidHe121
Dark Energy from Violation of Energy Conservation121
Electron-Phonon Coupling in High-Temperature Cuprate Superconductors Determined from Electron Relaxation Rates121
Evidence for Spin-Dependent Electron-Hole-Pair Excitations in Spin-Polarized Secondary-Electron Emission from Ni(110)121
Self-Assembled Quantum Dots: Crossover from Kinetically Controlled to Thermodynamically Limited Growth121
Atomistic Mechanism of NaCl Nucleation from an Aqueous Solution121
Proof-of-Principle Experimental Demonstration of Twin-Field Type Quantum Key Distribution121
Experimental Limits on the Dark Matter Halo of the Galaxy from Gravitational Microlensing121
Pair Tunneling fromc-AxisYBa2121
van der Waals Interactions in Hadron Resonance Gas: From Nuclear Matter to Lattice QCD121
Variation of the electron-spin polarization in EuSe tunnel junctions from zero to near 100% in a magnetic field121
Cavity-Mediated Electron-Photon Superconductivity121
Two-Proton Emission from the Ground State ofO121
Abrupt Desynchronization and Extensive Multistability in Globally Coupled Oscillator Simplexes121
Alloy Formation of Supported Gold Nanoparticles at Their Transition from Clusters to Solids: Does Size Matter?121
Evidence of Growing Spatial Correlations at the Glass Transition from Nonlinear Response Experiments121
Evidence for the Insulator-Metal Transition in Xenon from Optical, X-Ray, and Band-Structure Studies to 170 GPa120
Contractile Units in Disordered Actomyosin Bundles Arise from F-Actin Buckling120
Concentration of Small Ring Structures in Vitreous Silica from a First-Principles Analysis of the Raman Spectrum120
Controlled Dicke Subradiance from a Large Cloud of Two-Level Systems120
Photon Mass from Inflation120
High Sensitivity Search forν¯e120
Third-Harmonic Generation in Photonic Topological Metasurfaces120
Hierarchical Assembly of Nanoparticle Superstructures from Block Copolymer-Nanoparticle Composites120
Ultracold Bose Gases in 1D Disorder: From Lifshits Glass to Bose-Einstein Condensate120
Transition from Simple Rotating Chemical Spirals to Meandering and Traveling Spirals120
Rotational- and Spin-State Distributions: NO Thermally Desorbed from Ru(001)120
Van der Waals Spin Valves120
Nanoplasma Dynamics of Single Large Xenon Clusters Irradiated with Superintense X-Ray Pulses from the Linac Coherent Light Source Free-Electron Laser120
Excitation Spectrum of a Trapped Dipolar Supersolid and Its Experimental Evidence120
Molybdenum at High Pressure and Temperature: Melting from Another Solid Phase120
Quantum Interference of Tunably Indistinguishable Photons from Remote Organic Molecules120
Inelastic Light Scattering from Landau-Level Electrons in Semiconductors120
Dimensional crossover from Fermi to Luttinger liquid120
Circularly Polarized States Spawning from Bound States in the Continuum120
Stark Many-Body Localization119
Evidence for Muon Production by Particles from Cygnus X-3119
Exploring Correlated 1D Bose Gases from the Superfluid to the Mott-Insulator State by Inelastic Light Scattering119
Secondary Photons and Neutrinos from Cosmic Rays Produced by Distant Blazars119
Phase Diagram and Electrical Conductivity of High Energy-Density Water from Density Functional Theory119
Large-scale structure from wiggly cosmic strings119
Electron Photoinjection from Silicon to Ultrathin SiO119
Diffraction of Photoelectrons Emitted from Core Levels of Te and Na Atoms Adsorbed on Ni(001)119
Observation of Channeling Radiation from Relativistic Electrons119
Spin and Energy Analyzed Secondary Electron Emission from a Ferromagnet119
From Molecular Dynamics to Dissipative Particle Dynamics119
Small Cosmological Constant from the QCD Trace Anomaly?119
Electron-Phonon Coupling on the Surface of the Topological InsulatorBi2119
Vector Correlations in Dissociative Photoionization of Diatomic Molecules in the VUV Range: Strong Anisotropies in Electron Emission from Spatially Oriented NO Molecules119
Adsorption Sites and Bond Lengths of Iodine on Cu{111} and Cu{100} from Surface Extended X-Ray-Absorption Fine Structure119
Chaos-Assisted Directional Light Emission from Microcavity Lasers119
From Flutter to Tumble: Inertial Drag and Froude Similarity in Falling Paper119
High-Resolution Interband-Energy Measurements from Electroreflectance Spectra119
From labyrinthine patterns to spiral turbulence119
Peculiar Rashba Splitting Originating from the Two-Dimensional Symmetry of the Surface118
Secondary-ion yields from surfaces bombarded with keV molecular and cluster ions118
Acoustic emissions from rapidly moving cracks118
Estimating Dissipation from Single Stationary Trajectories118
Bending of Multilayer van der Waals Materials118
Theory of Non-Hermitian Fermionic Superfluidity with a Complex-Valued Interaction118
Quantum Computation of Electronic Transitions Using a Variational Quantum Eigensolver118
Highly Excited and Exotic Meson Spectrum from Dynamical Lattice QCD118
Resonantly Stimulated Desorption of Pyridine from Silver Surfaces by Polarized Infrared Laser Radiation118
Conformal Bootstrap in Mellin Space118
Resonances in CoupledπKηK118
From Nodal Chain Semimetal to Weyl Semimetal in HfC118
Observations of spheromak equilibria which differ from the minimum-energy state and have internal kink distortions118
Second-harmonic generation from the surface of a simple metal, Al118
Extrinsic Spin Hall Effect from First Principles118
Determination of the Weak Axial Vector Couplingλ=g118
Kinetic Theory of Spin Diffusion and Superdiffusion in XXZ Spi118
Centrality Dependence of Charm Production from a Measurement of Single Electrons inA117
Momentum transfer dependence of nuclear transparency from the quasielastic117
Anisotropy of Quasiparticle Lifetimes and the Role of Disorder in Graphite from Ultrafast Time-Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy117
Clear Evidence of Reptation in Polyethylene from Neutron Spin-Echo Spectroscopy117
Lyapunov exponents from observed time series117
Limits on a Muon Flux from Neutralino Annihilations in the Sun with the IceCube 22-String Detector117
Genuine 12-Qubit Entanglement on a Superconducting Quantum Processor117
Robust Reconstruction of Complex Networks from Sparse Data117
Gamma Rays from SN 1987A due to Pseudoscalar Conversion117
Constraints on Conformal Field Theories in Diverse Dimensions from the Bootstrap Mechanism117
Constraining the Spin-Dependent WIMP-Nucleon Cross Sections with XENON1T117
Charge-State Dependence of Electron Loss from H by Collisions with Heavy, Highly Stripped Ions117
Non-Hermitian Many-Body Localization117
Detection of Neutrinos from Supernovae in Nearby Galaxies117
Decoupling of Diffusion from Structural Relaxation and Spatial Heterogeneity in a Supercooled Simple Liquid116
Comparison of Laser Ion Acceleration from the Front and Rear Surfaces of Thin Foils116
Observation of Orbital Angular Momentum Transfer from Bessel-Shaped Acoustic Vortices to Diphasic Liquid-Microparticle Mixtures116
Evidence of Strong Proton Shape Fluctuations from Incoherent Diffraction116
From Three-Photon Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger States to Ballistic Universal Quantum Computation116
Detection of High-Energy Gamma Rays from Winter Thunderclouds116
New interpretation of Penning spectra from alkali-metal atoms chemisorbed on metal surfaces116
Factors Influencing Stimulated Emission from Poly(p-phenylenevinylene)116
Attosecond Time-Resolved Photoemission from Core and Valence States of Magnesium116
Measurement of the Flux and Zenith-Angle Distribution of Upward Through-Going Muons in Kamiokande II+III115
Evidence for a Nodal Energy Gap in the Iron-Pnictide Superconductor LaFePO from Penetration Depth Measurements by Scanning SQUID Susceptometry115
Enhancement of Second-Harmonic Generation from Metal Nanoparticles by Passive Elements115
Protein Structures and Optimal Folding from a Geometrical Variational Principle115
Nucleon Decay from Deformed Nuclei115
Efficient production of fast electrons from femtosecond laser interaction with solid targets115
Nuclear Saturation from Two-Nucleon Potentials115
Surface Scattering from W Single Crystals by MeVHe115
Characteristic Spectrum of Very Low-Energy Photoelectron from Above-Threshold Ionization in the Tunneling Regime115
Zero-magnetic-field spin splitting in the GaAs conduction band from Raman scattering on modulation-doped quantum wells115
Plasmon-Assisted Electron Emission from Al and Mg Surfaces by Slow Ions115
How to Generate the Pomeranchukon from the Background in a Dual Multiperipheral Model115
Light Scattering from Non-Gaussian Concentration Fluctuations115
Gate-Tunable Topological Flat Bands in Trilayer Graphene Boron-Nitride Moiré Superlattices115
Simulating Dynamic Quantum Phase Transitions in Photonic Quantum Walks115
Directional Laser Emission from a Wavelength-Scale Chaotic Microcavity115
Living Clusters and Crystals from Low-Density Suspensions of Active Colloids115
High Three-Dimensional Thermoelectric Performance from Low-Dimensional Bands115
Raman Scattering from Donor and Acceptor Impurities in Silicon115
Extracting Entanglement from Identical Particles115
Variational Neural-Network Ansatz for Steady States in Open Quantum Systems114
Evidence for Saturation of Channel Transmission from Conductance Fluctuations in Atomic-Size Point Contacts114
Observation of quantum size effects in photoemission from Ag islands on GaAs(110)114
Central Charge and Universal Combinations of Amplitudes in Two-Dimensional Theories Away from Criticality114
Wave Function for Beryllium from X-Ray Diffraction Data114
Limit on thebuCoupling from Semileptonic114
Resonant Inelastic X-Ray Scattering from Valence Excitations in Insulating Copper Oxides114
From Full Stopping to Transparency in a Holographic Model of Heavy Ion Collisions114
Transition from superfluorescence to amplified spontaneous emission114
Cosmology from Group Field Theory Formalism for Quantum Gravity114
Light Scattering from Rotons in Liquid Helium114
Quantization of Quasinormal Modes for Open Cavities and Plasmonic Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics114
Laser Cooling of a Solid by 16 K Starting from Room Temperature114
Inelastic Atom Scattering from a Cu(001) Surface and an Ordered Adsorbed Layer of Xe Atoms at 16°K114
Theory of Size-Dependent Resonance Raman Scattering from Carbon Nanotubes114
Learning from examples in large neural networks114
Transverse Scattering and Generalized Kerker Effects in All-Dielectric Mie-Resonant Metaoptics113
High-Pressure Phase Diagram and Equation of State of Solid Helium from Single-Crystal X-Ray Diffraction to 23.3 GPa113
Direct Observation of Density-Gradient Effects in Harmonic Generation from Plasma Mirrors113
Crossover from Two- to Three-Dimensional Turbulence113
Galactic Antiprotons from Photinos113
Dark Matter Search Results from the PandaX-4T Commissioning Run113
Quantum Noise Theory of Exceptional Point Amplifying Sensors113
Observed Deviations from Scale Invariance in High-Energy Muon Scattering113
Band Structure and Quantum Conductance of Nanostructures from Maximally Localized Wannier Functions: The Case of Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes113
Many-Body Localization Dynamics from Gauge Invariance113
Improved Limits on Spin-Dependent WIMP-Proton Interactions from a Two LiterCF3113
Spin Heat Engine Coupled to a Harmonic-Oscillator Flywheel113
High-Order Harmonic Generation up to 250 eV from Highly Ionized Argon113
Spectral Function of the One-Dimensional Hubbard Model away from Half Filling113
Commensurate-Incommensurate Phase Diagrams for Overlayers from a Helical Potts Model113
Growth of alkali halides from molecular beams: Global growth characteristics112
Azimuthal Anisotropy ofKS0and112
Electronic structure of metallofullereneLaC112
Evidence for Pairing above the Transition Temperature of Cuprate Superconductors from the Electronic Dispersion in the Pseudogap Phase112
Almost Hermitian Random Matrices: Crossover from Wigner-Dyson to Ginibre Eigenvalue Statistics112
Tensor Modes from a Primordial Hagedorn Phase of String Cosmology112
Extended Measurement of the Cosmic-Ray Electron and Positron Spectrum from 11 GeV to 4.8 TeV with the Calorimetric Electron Telescope on the International Space Station112
Nucleon Structure Functions from Operator Product Expansion on the Lattice112
Extracting Work from Quantum Measurement in Maxwell’s Demon Engines112
Prospects of Detecting Baryon and Quark Superfluidity from Cooling Neutron Stars112
Martensitic phase transformation of single-crystal lithium from bcc to a9R-related structure112
Evidence of a Precursor Superconducting Phase at Temperatures as High as 180 K inRBa112
Proton Radioactivity from Highly Deformed Nuclei112
Computation of the Correlated Metal-Insulator Transition in Vanadium Dioxide from First Principles112
Test of Wigner's Spin-Isospin Symmetry from Double Binding Energy Differences112
Observation ofJ/ψϕ111
Proton electromagnetic form factors in the timelike region from 8.9 to 13.0111
Scheme to Measure the Topological Number of a Chern Insulator from Quench Dynamics111
Stacking Transformation from Hexagonal to Cubic SiC Induced by Surface Reconstruction: A Seed for Heterostructure Growth111
Evidence for Flow from Hydrodynamic Simulations ofpPb111
Limits on Gravitational-Wave Emission from Selected Pulsars Using LIGO Data111
Indication of Gamma-Ray Emission from the Newly Discovered Dwarf Galaxy Reticulum II111
Universal Method for Separating Spin Pumping from Spin Rectification Voltage of Ferromagnetic Resonance111
Structure and Nucleation Mechanism of Nickel Silicide on Si(111) Derived from Surface Extended-X-Ray-Absorption Fine Structure111
Maximum Achievable Beam Brightness from Photoinjectors111
Results on the Spin-Dependent Scattering of Weakly Interacting Massive Particles on Nucleons from the Run 3 Data of the LUX Experiment111
Low Emittance, High Brilliance Relativistic Electron Beams from a Laser-Plasma Accelerator111
ππPhase-Shift Analysis from 600 to 1000 MeV111
Topological Waves in Fluids with Odd Viscosity111
From Droplets to Nanowires: Dynamics of Vapor-Liquid-Solid Growth111
Mass Spectrum of Bosons from 500 to 2500 MeV in the Reactionπ110
Effect of Hydrostatic Compression on the Energy of the 14.4-kev Gamma Ray from110
Dissociative Attachment in Electron Scattering from CondensedO110
Strong Coupling between Microwave Photons and Nanomagnet Magnons110
Photoejection of Electrons from Bubble States in Liquid Helium110
Midrapidity Antiproton-to-Proton Ratio fromAu+Au110
Measurement of the Neutron-NeutronS-Wave Scattering Length from the Reaction110
Collisions of Self-Bound Quantum Droplets110
X-ray spectroscopic measurements of high densities and temperatures from indirectly driven inertial confinement fusion capsules110
Direct Detection of Two-Photon Emission from the Metastable State of Singly Ionized Helium110
Light Scattering from Bulk and Surface Spin Waves in EuO110
Limits on the masses of supersymmetric particles from 1.8-TeVpp¯collisions110
Cooperative Effects Observed in theπ0110
Measurements of the Inverse Faraday Effect from Relativistic Laser Interactions with an Underdense Plasma110
Transverse Spin Structure of the Nucleon from Lattice-QCD Simulations110
Indispensable Finite Time Corrections for Fokker-Planck Equations from Time Series Data110
Neutrino Mass and Dark Energy from Weak Lensing110
Scaling Behavior and Cluster Fractal Dimension Determined by Light Scattering from Aggregating Proteins109
Dynamics of Transition from Static to Kinetic Friction109
Constraints on Weak-Current Angles of the Six-Quark Model from theK<109
Resonance-Enhanced Vibrational Excitation in Electron Scattering from109
Erratum: ‘‘High-energy neutrinos from active galactic nuclei’’ [Phys. Rev. Lett.66, 2697 (1991)]109
New Mechanism for Electron Emission from Planar Cold Cathodes: The Solid-State Field-Controlled Electron Emitter109
Light Dark Matter from Forbidden Channels109
Diffraction of Atoms from a Measurement Induced Grating109
Type II Band Alignment inSi1109
Electronic Structure ofMgB2109
Electromagnetic Transport from Microtearing Mode Turbulence109
Photon-Number Squeezed Solitons from an Asymmetric Fiber-Optic Sagnac Interferometer109
Electron emission from slow hollow atoms at a clean metal surface109
From Anomalous Energy Diffusion to Levy Walks and Heat Conductivity in One-Dimensional Systems109
Determination of Coupling Constants from Poles in Scattering Cross Sections109
High-Brightness High-Energy Electron Beams from a Laser Wakefield Accelerator via Energy Chirp Control109
Simultaneous Measurement of Ionization and Scintillation from Nuclear Recoils in Liquid Xenon for a Dark Matter Experiment109
Anomalous Low-Frequency Raman Scattering from Rough Metal Surfaces and the Origin of Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering109
Hydrogen adsorption on and desorption from Si: Considerations on the applicability of detailed balance109
Fluctuation Theorem Uncertainty Relation109
Search for Neutrinoless Double- β Decay with the Complete EXO-200 Dataset108
Light-Cone Parton Distribution Functions from Lattice QCD108
Exponential Communication Complexity Advantage from Quantum Superposition of the Direction of Communication108
Subleading Soft Theorem in Arbitrary Dimensions from Scattering Equations108
Spontaneous Two-Photon Emission from a Single Quantum Dot108
Non-Gaussianity from preheating108
From Antiferromagnetic Order to Static Magnetic Stripes: The Phase Diagram of(La108
Second-Order Topological Superconductivity in π -Junction Rashba Layers108
Crossover from 2D to 3D in a Weakly Interacting Fermi Gas108
Electron Emission Due to Exciton Breakup from Negative Electron Affinity Diamond108
Measuring Higgs Couplings from LHC Data108
Na Adsorption on theSi(108
Large-Angle Electron Diffraction Structure in Laser-Induced Rescattering from Rare Gases108
Stimulated Raman Scattering from uv-Laser-Produced Plasmas108
Anharmonic Raman Spectra in High-Pressure Ice fromAb InitioSimulations108
Thermal Conductivity of Periclase (MgO) from First Principles108
Dark Matter Search in Missing Energy Events with NA64107
New Integrable 4D Quantum Field Theories from Strongly Deformed Planar N=107
Fabrication of Complex Three-Dimensional Nanostructures from Self-Assembling Block Copolymer Materials on Two-Dimensional Chemically Patterned Templates with Mismatched Symmetry107
Low-Frequency Raman Scattering from Fractal Vibrational Modes in a Silica Gel107
Electromagnetic and Gravitational Outputs from Binary-Neutron-Star Coalescence107
Derivation of the Gross-Pitaevskii Equation for Condensed Bosons from the Bogoliubov–de Gennes Equations for Superfluid Fermions107
Superconductivity in granular systems built from well-defined rhombohedral Bi-clusters: Evidence for Bi-surface superconductivity107
Determining Ionic Conductivity from Structural Models of Fast Ionic Conductors107
Ab InitioStudy of Field Emission from Graphitic Ribbons107
Infrared Probe of Transition from Superconductor to Nonmetal inYBa107
Multifractal Scalings Across the Many-Body Localization Transition107
Intrinsic Spin and Orbital Hall Effects from Orbital Texture107
Crystal Structures of Zirconia from First Principles and Self-Consistent Tight Binding107
Prediction of Electronic Excited States of Adsorbates on Metal Surfaces from First Principles107
Transition from Spirals to Defect-Mediated Turbulence Driven by a Doppler Instability107
Electron Spin Polarization in Field Emission from EuS-Coated Tungsten Tips107
5–10 GeV Neutrinos from Gamma-Ray Burst Fireballs107
Electromagnetic radiation from superconducting cosmic strings107
QCD Crossover at Finite Chemical Potential from Lattice Simulations107
Repulsive Interactions and Universal Properties of Charged Anti–de Sitter Black Hole Microstructures107
Supersymmetry Relics in One-Flavor QCD from a New1/NExpansion107
Trinucleon Bound-State Properties from an Exact Solution of the Faddeev Equations with Realistic Nuclear Forces107
Correlation Effects on 3D Topological Phases: From Bulk to Boundary107
Polarization Evidence for Momentum Conservation in Photoelectric Emission from Germanium and Silicon107
Random Compiler for Fast Hamiltonian Simulation107
Time-Dependent Density-Functional Theory and Strongly Correlated Systems: Insight from Numerical Studies107
From Infinite to Two Dimensions through the Functional Renormalization Group106
Acoustic Emission from Paper Fracture106
Transverse Momentum and Total Cross Section ofe106
Fast and Accurate Prediction of Numerical Relativity Waveforms from Binary Black Hole Coalescences Using Surrogate Models106
Time-Periodic Stiffness Modulation in Elastic Metamaterials for Selective Wave Filtering: Theory and Experiment106
Artificial Atoms Can Do More Than Atoms: Deterministic Single Photon Subtraction from Arbitrary Light Fields106
Experimental Observation of Radiation from Cherenkov Wakes in a Magnetized Plasma106
Noise-Mediated Spike Timing Precision from Aperiodic Stimuli in an Array of Hodgekin-Huxley-Type Neurons106
Reflectance and Photoemission From Si106
ηPhotoproduction on the Proton for Photon Energies from 0.75 to 1.95 GeV106
Transition from Molecular Complex to Quantum Solvation inH<106
Higher-Order Harmonic Generation from Fullerene by Means of the Plasma Harmonic Method106
High-Intensity Laser Induced Ion Acceleration from Heavy-Water Droplets106
Observation of strain-enhanced electron-spin polarization in photoemission from InGaAs106
Spontaneous Emission from Photonic Crystals: Full Vectorial Calculations106
High-Energy Neutrinos from Gamma Ray Bursts106
Energy Spectrum of Cosmic-Ray Electron and Positron from 10 GeV to 3 TeV Observed with the Calorimetric Electron Telescope on the International Space Station106
Importance of Loop Effects in Explaining the Accumulated Evidence for New Physics in B Decays wi106
Rydberg atoms in uniform magnetic fields: Uncovering the transition from regularity to irregularity in a quantum system106
Azimuthal Anisotropy in Deep Core-Level X-Ray Photoemission from an Adsorbed Atom: Oxygen on Copper(001)106
Dynamical Band Flipping in Fermionic Lattice Systems: An ac-Field-Driven Change of the Interaction from Repulsive to Attractive106
Many-Body Line Shape in X-Ray Photoemission from Metals105
Calculation ofB0105
Spin-Orbit Torques in Heavy-Metal–Ferromagnet Bilayers with Varying Strengths of Interfacial Spin-Orbit Coupling105
Magnetically Induced Phonon Anisotropy inZnCr2105
Magnetic Relaxation of Interacting Co Clusters: Crossover from Two- to Three-Dimensional Lattices105
Acoustic Type-II Weyl Nodes from Stacking Dimerized Chains105
Elastic Electron Scattering from the Deuteron Using the Gross Equation105
Leptogenesis from Supersymmetry Breaking105
npShort-Range Correlations from (105
Electronic Properties of theSi/SiO105
Highly Coherent Electron Beam from a Laser-Triggered Tungsten Needle Tip105
Observing the Transition from a Multiphoton-Dominated to a Field-Mediated Ionization Process for Polyatomic Molecules in Intense Laser Fields105
Observation of Interference Oscillations in Helium Scattering from Single Surface Defects105
Searching for Higher Dimensional Integrable Models from Lower Ones via Painlevé Analysis105
Robustness of Many-Body Localization in the Presence of Dissipation105
Plug-and-Play Approach to Nonadiabatic Geometric Quantum Gates105
Quark-Mass Dependence of theρand105
Precise Determination of|Vus105
High Fractions of Negative Ions in Grazing Scattering of Fast Oxygen Atoms from a LiF(100) Surface105
X-Ray Diffraction from a Dense Plasma105
Identifying Multiquark Hadrons from Heavy Ion Collisions104
Orientation of CO on Pt(111) and Ni(111) Surfaces from Angle-Resolved Photoemission104
Fixed-NSuperconductivity: The Crossover from the Bulk to the Few-Electron Limit104
Inner Composition Alignment for Inferring Directed Networks from Short Time Series104
Generation of Superfluid Turbulence Deduced from Simple Dynamical Rules104
Broadly Tunable Subterahertz Emission from Internal Branches of the Current-Voltage Characteristics of Superconducting104
Beyond the two-fluid model: Transition from linear behavior to a velocity-independent force on a moving object in104
Auger-Like Resonant Interference in Raman Scattering from One- and Two-Phonon States of BaTi104
Effective Spin-Mixing Conductance of Heavy-Metal–Ferromagnet Interfaces104
Did NANOGrav See a Signal from Primordial Black Hole Formation?104
Identification of odd-parity superconductivity in UPt_{3} from paramagnetic effects on the upper critical field104
Helical Topological Edge States in a Quadrupole Phase104
Power-Law Tails from Multiplicative Noise104
Constraints on Cosmology and Gravity from the Dynamics of Voids104
Growth Morphology of Vicinal Hillocks on the {101} Face of KH104
Production of Thermonuclear Neutrons from Deuterium-Filled Capsule Implosions Driven byZ-Pinch Dyn104
Radiation-Pressure Acceleration of Ion Beams from Nanofoil Targets: The Leaky Light-Sail Regime104
Photon Emission from a Cavity-Coupled Double Quantum Dot104
Subwavelength Photonic Band Gaps from Planar Fractals104
Coulomb Suppression of Tunneling Rate from Small Metal Particles104
Quantum Thermal Transport from Classical Molecular Dynamics104
Evidence for Dark Energy from the Cosmic Microwave Background Alone Using the Atacama Cosmology Telescope Lensing Measurements104
New Antineutrino Energy Spectra Predictions from the Summation of Beta Decay Branches of the Fission Products104
Evidence for Large DirectCPViolation in103
Chiral Phase Transition Temperature in ( 2+1103
The Quark Condensate fromK<103
Constraining the Self-Interacting Neutrino Interpretation of the Hubble Tension103
Understanding Anharmonicity in fcc Materials: From its Origin toab initioStrategies beyond the Quasiharmonic Approximation103
Electronic energy gap of molecular hydrogen from electrical conductivity measurements at high shock pressures103
Topological Fano Resonances103
NMR Relaxation and Resistivity from Rattling Phonons in Pyrochlore Superconductors103
Active to Sterile Neutrino Mixing Limits from Neutral-Current Interactions in MINOS103
Mixed-State Entanglement from Local Randomized Measurements103
Superhigh-Resolution Recognition of Optical Vortex Modes Assisted by a Deep-Learning Method103
Acoustic Phonon Emission from a Weakly Coupled Superlattice under Vertical Electron Transport: Observation of Phonon Resonance103
Determination of Local Atomic Arrangements at Surfaces from Near-Edge X-Ray-Absorption Fine-Structure Studies: O on Ni(100)103
Test ofCPTand Lorentz Invariance from Muonium Spectroscopy103
Ellipticity Dependence of High-Order Harmonic Generation from Aligned Molecules103
Z=50Shell Gap near103
Sensing with Exceptional Surfaces in Order to Combine Sensitivity with Robustness103
Evolution of the Normal State of a Strongly Interacting Fermi Gas from a Pseudogap Phase to a Molecular Bose Gas103
Symmetry-Selective Third-Harmonic Generation from Plasmonic Metacrystals103
Field effects on the Rydberg product-state distribution from dielectronic recombination103
Mechanism for Nanotube Formation from Self-Bending Nanofilms Driven by Atomic-Scale Surface-Stress Imbalance103
Extracting Excitations from Model State Entanglement103
QCD Corrections from the Top Quark to Relations between Electroweak Parameters up to Order102
Dynamic Two-Center Interference in High-Order Harmonic Generation from Molecules with Attosecond Nuclear Motion102
Determining Biomembrane Bending Rigidities from Simulations of Modest Size102
Long-Term Evolution of Stellar Self-Gravitating Systems Away from Thermal Equilibrium: Connection with Nonextensive Statistics102
Determination of the Strange-Quark Density of the Proton from ATLAS Measurements of theW102
Thermal Radiation and Amplified Spontaneous Emission from a Random Medium102
Measurement of the Proton’s Electric to Magnetic Form Factor Ratio from102
Driving Rate Dependence of Avalanche Statistics and Shapes at the Yielding Transition102
Determining the Wiedemann-Franz Ratio from the Thermal Hall Conductivity: Application to Cu and<102
Tunable Axion Plasma Haloscopes102
Cavity Cooling of a Levitated Nanosphere by Coherent Scattering102
Photodesorption of NO from Ni(100)-O102
Microcluster Growth: Transition from Successive Monomer Addition to Coagulation102
Constraints on Ultrahigh-Energy Cosmic-Ray Sources from a Search for Neutrinos above 10 PeV with IceCube102
Recovering General Relativity from Massive Gravity102
Mechanism of Néel Order Switching in Antiferromagnetic Thin Films Revealed by Magnetotransport and Direct Imaging102
Many-Body Delocalization as a Quantum Avalanche102
Quantum and Classical Lyapunov Exponents in Atom-Field Interaction Systems102
Evading the Vainshtein Mechanism with Anomalous Gravitational Wave Speed: Constraints on Modified Gravity from Binary Pulsars102
Constraining the Equation of State of Superhadronic Matter from Heavy-Ion Collisions102
Direct Observation of Coherent Exchange Scattering by Low-Energy Electron Diffraction from Antiferromagnetic NiO102
Electron Emission from Metal Surfaces by Ultrashort Pulses: Determination of the Carrier-Envelope Phase102
Lattice Compression from Conduction Electrons in Heavily Doped Si:As102
Dark Matter Search Results from the PICO-2LC3102
Charge Independence in High-Energy Scattering from Deuterons102
Neutrino mass limits from a precise determination of ββ-decay rates of102
Search for Charged Higgs Bosons from Top Quark Decays inpp¯101
Experimental Realization of Nonadiabatic Shortcut to Non-Abelian Geometric Gates101
Self-Organizing GeV, Nanocoulomb, Collimated Proton Beam from Laser Foil Interaction at7×101
Parallel Electron-Hole Bilayer Conductivity from Electronic Interface Reconstruction101
Spectral Structure of Electron Antineutrinos from Nuclear Reactors101
Watching Hydrogen-Bonded Structures in an Alcohol Convert from Rings to Chains101
Quantum Beats from Nuclei Excited by Synchrotron Radiation101
Near-Threshold Diffractiveϕ-Meson Photoproduction from the Proton101
Hadronic Vacuum Polarization Contribution to the Anomalous Magnetic Moments of Leptons from First Principles101
Emergence of Long-Range Order inBaTiO3101
TheαγTransition in Ce: A Theoretical View from Optical Spectros101
Observation of the transition from adiabatic to nonadiabatic small polaron hopping in a molecularly doped polymer101
Scratching as a Fracture Process: From Butter to Steel101
Thermal Desorption of Large Molecules from Solid Surfaces101
B-Meson Decay Constants from Improved Lattice Nonrelativistic QCD with Physical101
Quantum Network Nodes Based on Diamond Qubits with an Efficient Nanophotonic Interface101
Polaronic Behavior of Undoped High-TcCuprate Superconductors101
Light Dark Matter at Neutrino Experiments101
Hawking Radiation from an Acoustic Black Hole on an Ion Ring101
Gravitational Lensing of Gravitational Waves from Inspiraling Binaries by a Point Mass Lens101
Scalars from Top-Condensation Models at Hadron Colliders101
Fractal Dimension of Strange Attractors from Radius versus Size of Arbitrary Clusters100
First Measurement of Near-Threshold J/ψ Exclu100
Strong Coupling between Magnons and Microwave Photons in On-Chip Ferromagnet-Superconductor Thin-Film Devices100
Photon-Mediated Spin-Exchange Dynamics of Spin-1 Atoms100
Amorphous Ice: Stepwise Formation of Very-High-Density Amorphous Ice from Low-Density Amorphous Ice at 125 K100
Giant Thermopower Effects from Molecular Physisorption on Carbon Nanotubes100
Surface Structure from Angle-Resolved Secondary-Ion Mass Spectrometry: Oxygen on Cu(001)100
Structural Similarity and Transition from Newtonian to Non-Newtonian Behavior for Clay-Water Suspensions100
Viscous Plasma Evolution from Gravity Using Anti–de Sitter/Conformal-Field-Theory Correspondence100
Neutral-Beam-Heating Results from the Princeton Large Torus100
Constraints on Galaxy Bias, Matter Density, and Primordial Non-Gaussianity from thePSC100
New Limits on Extragalactic Magnetic Fields from Rotation Measures100
Formation of Solid-State Excitons in Ultrathin Crystalline Films of PTCDA: From Single Molecules to Molecular Stacks100
Bright Quasi-Phase-Matched Soft-X-Ray Harmonic Radiation from Argon Ions100
Measurement of the Electron Energy Spectrum Resulting from a Double Auger Process in Argon100
Proton Spin Structure from Measurable Parton Distributions100
Accelerated Variational Quantum Eigensolver100
Constraints on Cosmological Parameters from the Analysis of the Cosmic Lens All Sky Survey Radio-Selected Gravitational Lens Statistics100
Identification of thes-derived Valence-Electron Level in Photoemission from Alkali-Metal Adlayers 100
Water Pair and Three-Body Potential of Spectroscopic Quality fromAb InitioCalculations100
Spin and Polarized Current from Coulomb Blockaded Quantum Dots100
Time-Resolved Electron Diffraction from Selectively Aligned Molecules100
Electromagnetic shock waves from transmission lines100
NegativeSParameter from Holographic Technicolor99
Extracting Nucleon Strange and Anapole Form Factors from World Data99
From Power-Localized to Extended States in a Class of One-Dimensional Disordered Systems99
Superthermal Radiation from Fusion Products in JET99
Study ofe+e99
Anomalous Orbital Magnetism of Proton Deduced from the Magnetic Moment of the1199
Atomistic Origin of Brittle Failure of Boron Carbide from Large-Scale Reactive Dynamics Simulations: Suggestions toward Improved Ductility99
Transition from Island Growth to Step-Flow Growth for Si/Si(100) Epitaxy99
Observation of a Continuum in Enhanced Raman Scattering from a Metal-Solution Interface99
Deriving the hard thermal loops of QCD from classical transport theory99
Prediction of Spatiotemporal Patterns of Neural Activity from Pairwise Correlations99
Gamma-Ray Spectrum from Gravitino Dark Matter Decay99
Longitudinal Response Functions and Sum Rules for Quasielastic Electron Scattering from99
Uniaxial Magnetic Anisotropy in NanostructuredCo99
Low-Scaling Algorithm for Nudged Elastic Band Calculations Using a Surrogate Machine Learning Model99
Photoionization and Compton Double Ionization of Helium from Threshold to 20 keV99
Sweeping from the Superfluid to the Mott Phase in the Bose-Hubbard Model99
Pressure-Induced Crossover from Long- to Short-Range Order in Compositionally Disordered Soft Mode Ferroelectrics99
Charge Redistribution in Pd-Ag Alloys from a Local Perspective99
Gravitational Fixed Points from Perturbation Theory99
First Measurements of InclusiveWand99
Dissociative attachment from condensedO99
Temperature Rise Associated with Adiabatic Shear Band: Causality Clarified99
Observation of Stimulated Hawking Radiation in an Optical Analogue99
Chern Insulators from Heavy Atoms on Magnetic Substrates98
Measurement of parity violation in the elastic scattering of polarized electrons from98
Origin of the Insulating Phase and First-Order Metal-Insulator Transition in 1T98
Real Part of the Proton-Proton Forward-Scattering Amplitude from 50 to 400 GeV98
Emergent Supersymmetry from Strongly Interacting Majorana Zero Modes98
Leptophilic Dark Matter from the Lepton Asymmetry98
Photon Statistics from Coupled Quantum Dots98
High-Pressure Melting Curves of Argon, Krypton, and Xenon: Deviation from Corresponding States Theory98
High-Power Microwaves from a Nonisochronic Reflecting Electron System98
Minimum Length from Quantum Mechanics and Classical General Relativity98
Constraints on Neutron Star Crusts from Oscillations in Giant Flares98
Interferences from Fast Electron Emission in Molecular Photoionization98
Rotational Constants forC98
Precision Model Independent Determination of|Vub98
X-Ray Emission from Betatron Motion in a Plasma Wiggler98
Effect of Pion Absorption onπdElastic Scattering from Threshold to the Resonance 98
Quantum Linear System Algorithm for Dense Matrices98
Transition Path Times for Nucleic Acid Folding Determined from Energy-Landscape Analysis of Single-Molecule Trajectories98
Extracting the Chern Number from the Dynamics of a Fermi Gas: Implementing a Quantum Hall Bar for Cold Atoms98
Time-Bin-Modulated Biphotons from Cavity-Enhanced Down-Conversion98
Ultralow Values of the Absorption Coefficient of Si Obtained from Luminescence98
Nuclear Resonance in EuS from 4.2°K to the Critical Temperature Region98
Tomography of Band Insulators from Quench Dynamics98
Experiments with Thermalized Rare Isotope Beams from Projectile Fragmentation: A Precision Mass Measurement of the Superallowed98
New Giant Resonances in 172-MeVαScattering from98
Isospin Decomposition of Nuclear Multipole Matrix Elements fromγDecay Rates of Mirror Transitions:98
Determination of the time evolution of fission from particle emission98
Many-Body Spin Berry Phases Emerging from theπ-Flux State: Competition between Antiferromagnetism 98
Fresnel Filtering in Lasing Emission from Scarred Modes of Wave-Chaotic Optical Resonators98
Quantum Computation as Gravity98
Final-State Structure in Photoemission from Transition-Metal Compounds98
Spectrum of Light Scattering from Thermal Shear Waves in Liquids98
Nonlinear Second-Order Topological Insulators97
Spin-Transfer Torques in Antiferromagnetic Metals from First Principles97
Search for Subsolar Mass Ultracompact Binaries in Advanced LIGO’s Second Observing Run97
Gigahertz Frequency Antiferromagnetic Resonance and Strong Magnon-Magnon Coupling in the Layered Crystal 97
Azimuthal Imaginary Poynting Momentum Density97
Tunable Few-Cycle and Multicycle Coherent Terahertz Radiation from Relativistic Electrons97
Attosecond Synchronization of High-Order Harmonics from Midinfrared Drivers97
Construction of Symbolic Dynamics from Experimental Time Series97
Nonthermal States Arising from Confinement in One and Two Dimensions97
Constraints on Oscillation Parameters fromνeAppearance and97
Surface Core-Level Photoelectron Diffraction from Si Dimers at the Si(001)-(2×197
Transition from an Electron Solid to the Sequence of Fractional Quantum Hall States at Very Low Landau Level Filling Factor97
Emergence of Order from Turbulence in an Isolated Planar Superfluid97
Measurement of the Angle of Dangling-Bond Photoemission from Cleaved Silicon97
Density Fluctuations in an Electrolyte from Generalized Debye-Hückel Theory97
Constraints on Symmetries from Holography97
Constraints on Dark Matter Properties from Observations of Milky Way Satellite Galaxies97
JDependence of the Angular Distributions from (97
Defect-Free Assembly of 2D Clusters of More Than 100 Single-Atom Quantum Systems97
Femtosecond Carrier Dynamics in GaAs Far from Equilibrium97
Upper Limits on Sparticle Masses fromg296
Intrinsic Room-Temperature Electrophosphorescence from aπ-Conjugated Polymer96
Genetic-Algorithm Discovery of a Direct-Gap and Optically Allowed Superstructure from Indirect-Gap Si and Ge Semiconductors96
Oxygen Abstraction from Dioxygen on the Al(111) Surface96
Orbital Magnetism in Transition-Metal Clusters: From Hund’s Rules to Bulk Quenching96
Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen effects from independent particle sources96
Observation of the Astrophysically Important3+96
Geometric and Conventional Contribution to the Superfluid Weight in Twisted Bilayer Graphene96
Experimental Evidence forJDependence of the Angular Distribution from (96
Universality of the Peregrine Soliton in the Focusing Dynamics of the Cubic Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation96
Polarization-Controlled Circular Second-Harmonic Generation from Metal Hole Arrays with Threefold Rotational Symmetry96
Associating Polymers: From “Flowers” to Transient Networks96
Giant Microwave Bursts Emitted from a Field-Emission, Relativistic-Electron-Beam Magnetron96
Enhanced Spin-Orbit Torque via Modulation of Spin Current Absorption96
Thermal Fluctuations in the Magnetic Ground State of the Molecular ClusterMn96
Determination of theππInteraction Strength from96
Quartic Anharmonicity of Rattlers and Its Effect on Lattice Thermal Conductivity of Clathrates from First Principles96
Study of Quantum Dynamics in the Transition from Classical Stability to Chaos96
Purcell-Factor-Enhanced Scattering from Si Nanocrystals in an Optical Microcavity96
From Avalanches to Fluid Flow: A Continuous Picture of Grain Dynamics Down a Heap96
Magnetic Field Generation from Cosmological Perturbations96
Elementary excitation in the Haldane state96
Detecting Sub-GeV Dark Matter with Superconducting Nanowires96
Absolute Differential Cross Sections for Photo Double Ionization of Helium from theAb InitioHyperspherical95
Collective Modes in Light Nuclei from First Principles95
Universal Relations for Identical Bosons from Three-Body Physics95
Longitudinal Flow of Protons from(28)95
Observation of a striking departure from velocity proportionality in low-energy electronic stopping95
First Detection of Photons with Energy beyond 100 TeV from an Astrophysical Source95
Van Hove Singularities of the Surface Phonon Density from Inelastic Reflection of Atoms95
Limit on the Electron Neutrino Magnetic Moment from the Kuo-Sheng Reactor Neutrino Experiment95
Broadband Quasi-Phase-Matched Harmonic Generation in an On-Chip Monocrystalline Lithium Niobate Microdisk Resonator95
Bursts of Superreflected Laser Light from Inhomogeneous Plasmas due to the Generation of Relativistic Solitary Waves95
Relation Between the Pion-Nucleon and theρ-Meson Coupling Constants from Pion Scattering Lengths95
Direction of Coupling from Phases of Interacting Oscillators: A Permutation Information Approach95
Spin-Dependent Weakly-Interacting-Massive-Particle–Nucleon Cross Section Limits from First Data of PandaX-II Experiment95
From van der Waals to metallic bonding: The growth of Be clusters95
High-Pressure Transformation ofSiO295
Universally Composable Privacy Amplification from Causality Constraints95
New Isotopes fromK95
High-AccuracyCO2Line Intensities Determined from Theory and 95
Collective Phenomena Emerging from the Interactions between Dynamical Processes in Multiplex Networks95
Constraints on Changes in Fundamental Constants from a Cosmologically Distant OH Absorber or Emitter95
Chemical shift photoelectron diffraction from molecular adsorbates95
Production ofϒ(1S95
Kinematic Low-Energy Electron-Diffraction Intensities from Averaged Data: A Method for Surface Crystallography95
Transition from Mott Insulator to Superconductor inG95
Infrared fluorescence from a monolayer of CO on NaCl(100)95
Evolution from Magnetism to Unconventional Superconductivity in a Series ofCe95
Entanglement Wedge Cross Section from the Dual Density Matrix95
Cosmic Bell Test: Measurement Settings from Milky Way Stars95
Structure Determination of Disordered Materials from Diffraction Data94
Entanglement Irreversibility from Quantum Discord and Quantum Deficit94
Search for Light Dark Matter Interactions Enhanced by the Migdal Effect or Bremsstrahlung in XENON1T94
Transition from semiorder to disorder in the aggregation of dense colloidal solutions94
Image charge effects in electron stimulated desorption:O94
Geometrical Resonance and Boundary Effects in Tunneling from Superconducting In94
Structure ofNi94
Network Reconstruction from Random Phase Resetting94
Unusual Transformation from Strong Negative to Positive Thermal Expansion inPbTiO394
Spin-Cluster Resonance in CoCl94
Determination of the Pion Structure Function from Muon-Pair Production94
Expansion of a Quantum Gas Released from an Optical Lattice94
Higher Spin Interactions from Conformal Field Theory: The Complete Cubic Couplings94
Transition from Phase Locking to the Interference of Independent Bose Condensates: Theory versus Experiment94
Time Evolution of a Quantum Many-Body System: Transition from Integrability to Ergodicity in the Thermodynamic Limit94
Structural Forces in Thin Films Made from Polyelectrolyte Solutions94
Spectral Statistics: From Disordered to Chaotic Systems94
Spin-Induced Scalarized Black Holes94
Direct and Exchange Contributions in Inelastic Scattering of Spin-Polarized Electrons from Iron94
Measurement of the Weak Axial-Vector Coupling Constant in the Decay of Free Neutrons Using a Pulsed Cold Neutron Beam94
Microemulsion structure from a three-component lattice model94
Measurements of the Photon Total Cross Section on Protons from 18 to 185 GeV94
Spin ½ from Gravity94
Cavity-Based 3D Cooling of a Levitated Nanoparticle via Coherent Scattering94
Strong Constraints on Fuzzy Dark Matter from Ultrafaint Dwarf Galaxy Eridanus II94
Evidence for Phase-Separated Quantum Dots in Cubic InGaN Layers from Resonant Raman Scattering94
Observation of an Anomalous Structure in Proton Polarization from Deuteron Photodisintegration94
Supernova Inelastic Neutrino-Nucleus Cross Sections from High-Resolution Electron Scattering Experiments and Shell-Model Calculations94
Mechanism of the Gunn Effect from a Pressure Experiment94
From Damage Percolation to Crack Nucleation Through Finite Size Criticality94
Four-Qubit Entanglement Classification from String Theory94
Correlated Perturbations from Inflation and the Cosmic Microwave Background94
Determination of thea094
Electroweak Baryogenesis from a Classical Force94
Fast, High-Fidelity Conditional-Phase Gate Exploiting Leakage Interference in Weakly Anharmonic Superconducting Qubits94
Ultrahigh Energy Neutrinos from Gamma Ray Bursts94
Expanding (3+1)-Dimensional Universe from a Lorentzian Matrix Mo94
Room-Temperature Spin-Orbit Torque from Topological Surface States94
Heterodyne-Detected Fifth-Order Nonresonant Raman Scattering from Room TemperatureCS94
X-Ray Radiation from Nonlinear Thomson Scattering of an Intense Femtosecond Laser on Relativistic Electrons in a Helium Plasma94
Femtosecond Laser-Induced Desorption of CO from Cu(100): Comparison of Theory and Experiment94
Chemisorption-Site Geometry from Polarized Photoemission: Si(111)Cl and Ge(111)Cl94
Dynamical Screening of Hot Carriers in Semiconductors from a Coupled Molecular-Dynamics and Ensemble Monte Carlo Simulation94
Optically Generated 2-Dimensional Photonic Cluster State from Coupled Quantum Dots93
Unification and Hierarchy from 5D Anti–de Sitter Space93
Plasmoid Ejection and Secondary Current Sheet Generation from Magnetic Reconnection in Laser-Plasma Interaction93
Observation of Critical Phenomena in Parity-Time-Symmetric Quantum Dynamics93
Quantum Oscillations of the Total Spin in a Heterometallic Antiferromagnetic Ring: Evidence from Neutron Spectroscopy93
From Electronic Structure to Catalytic Activity: A Single Descriptor for Adsorption and Reactivity on Transition-Metal Carbides93
Study in Ammonium Dihydrogen Phosphate of Spontaneous Parametric Interaction Tunable from 4400 to 16 000 Å93
Angle-Resolved Second-Harmonic Light Scattering from Colloidal Particles93
Excitonic Phases from Weyl Semimetals93
Local Character of Many-Body Effects in X-Ray Photoemission from Transition-Metal Compounds:93
Multibeam Effects on Fast-Electron Generation from Two-Plasmon-Decay Instability93
Cosmological Limits on the Neutrino Mass from theLyαForest93
Dissipative Charging of a Quantum Battery93
Neutron Scattering from Nitrogen Adsorbed on Basal-Plane-Oriented Graphite93
Two-Dimensional Melting Far from Equilibrium in a Granular Monolayer93
Thermodynamic Uncertainty Relations from Exchange Fluctuation Theorems93
Direct Measurement of the Cosmic-Ray Proton Spectrum from 50 GeV to 10 TeV with the Calorimetric Electron Telescope on the International Space Station93
Sharp Raman Anomalies and Broken Adiabaticity at a Pressure Induced Transition from Band to Topological Insulator in93
Topological Correspondence between Hermitian and Non-Hermitian Systems: Anomalous Dynamics93
Determination of the Exciton Formation in Quantum Wells from Time-Resolved Interband Luminescence93
Surviving Structure in Colloidal Suspensions Squeezed from 3D to 2D93
Single Photons from S + Au Collisions at the CERN Super Proton Synchrotron and the Quark-Hadron Phase Transition92
Nonoblique effects in theZbb¯vertex from extended technicolor dynamics92
Formation ofA=1292
Neutrino Emission from Black-Body Radiation at High Stellar Temperatures92
Polarizedq→Λ fragmentation functions frome92
Statistical Properties of Light from a Dye Laser92
Primordial Black Holes from Sound Speed Resonance during Inflation92
Observation of the Alpha Particle “Knock-On” Neutron Emission from Magnetically Confined DT Fusion Plasmas92
Correlations in the actions of periodic orbits derived from quantum chaos92
Particle Multiplicities in Lead-Lead Collisions at the CERN Large Hadron Collider from Nonlinear Evolution with Running Coupling Corrections92
Routes to Chaotic Output from a Single-Mode, dc-Excited Laser92
Nonsinusoidal Current-Phase Relationship in Josephson Junctions from the 3D Topological Insulator HgTe92
Measuring Dark Matter Power Spectrum from Cosmic Microwave Background92
Exact Correlation Functions for Dual-Unitary Lattice Models in 1+192
Strong Ionization Asymmetry in a Geometrically Symmetric Radio Frequency Capacitively Coupled Plasma Induced by Sawtooth Voltage Waveforms92
Topological Flat Bands from Dipolar Spin Systems92
Quantum Entanglement in Deep Learning Architectures92
Radio Signals from Axion Dark Matter Conversion in Neutron Star Magnetospheres92
Femtosecond laser desorption of molecularly adsorbed oxygen from Pt(111)92
Brownian dynamics close to a wall studied by photon correlation spectroscopy from an evanescent wave92
Polarization of Λ ( 92
Squeezed light from injection-locked quantum well lasers92
Signals for a Transition from Surface to Bulk Emission in Thermal Multifragmentation92
Electron-Energy-Band Determination by Photoemission from Overlayer States92
Neutron Electric Dipole Moment and Tensor Charges from Lattice QCD92
Direct Evidence from Gas-Phase Atomic Spectra for an Unscreened Intra-Atomic Origin of Outer-Core Multiplet Splittings in Solid Manganese Compounds92
Electron Energy Spectra from Intense Laser Double Ionization of Helium92
Elastic Properties of 2D Colloidal Crystals from Video Microscopy91
Verifiable Model of Neutrino Masses from Large Extra Dimensions91
How a Small Quantum Bath Can Thermalize Long Localized Chains91
Measurement ofBd<91
Evidence of Resonant Surface-Wave Excitation in the Relativistic Regime through Measurements of Proton Acceleration from Grating Targets91
High-Dilution Carbon-Black/Polymer Composites: Hierarchical Percolating Network Derived from Hz to THz ac Conductivity91
Atomistic Simulations of Nonequilibrium Crystal-Growth Kinetics from Alloy Melts91
Determination of the πNNcoupling constant from elastic pion-nucleon scattering data91
Type-1.5 Superconducting State from an Intrinsic Proximity Effect in Two-Band Superconductors91
Resonant Cancelation of Raman Scattering from CdS and Si91
Differential Cross Section for Atoms Inelastically Scattered from Surfaces91
Bending of Light in Quantum Gravity91
Large Spin-Orbit Splitting of Deep In-Gap Defect States of Engineered Sulfur Vacancies in Monolayer 91
Absence of Evidence of Electrical Switching of the Antiferromagnetic Néel Vector91
Cold Damping of an Optically Levitated Nanoparticle to Microkelvin Temperatures91
Structure of an unusual tilted state of CO on Fe(001) from x-ray photoelectron diffraction91
Raman Coherence Beats from Entangled Polarization Eigenstates in InAs Quantum Dots91
Exact Results for a 1D Kondo Lattice from Bosonization91
Pump-Controlled Directional Light Emission from Random Lasers91
Escape from a Metastable Well: The Kramers Turnover Problem91
Search for Higgs Boson Pair Production in theγγb91
Measurement of the Nucleon Strange-Antistrange Asymmetry at Next-to-Leading Order in QCD from NuTeV Dimuon Data91
Environment-Assisted Quantum Transport in a 10-qubit Network91
Nodal versus Nodeless Behaviors of the Order Parameters of LiFeP and LiFeAs Superconductors from Magnetic Penetration-Depth Measurements91
Neutrino Signals from the Formation of a Black Hole: A Probe of the Equation of State of Dense Matter91
Bright squeezed light from a singly resonant frequency doubler91
Dilute Fermi Gas in Quasi-One-Dimensional Traps: From Weakly Interacting Fermions via Hard Core Bosons to a Weakly Interacting Bose Gas90
Short-range magnetic order near the Curie temperature iron from spin-resolved photoemission90
Radiation Scattered from the Plasma Produced by a Focused Ruby Laser Beam90
Pair Interaction from Structural Data for Dense Classical Liquids90
Optical Radiation from Low-Energy Ion-Surface Collisions90
Measurement of the Slope of the Diffraction Peak for ElasticppS90
Chromatic Aberration Correction for Atomic Resolution TEM Imaging from 20 to 80 kV90
Optical Detection of Hot-Electron Spin Injection into GaAs from a Magnetic Tunnel Transistor Source90
Layered Ruthenium Oxides: From Band Metal to Mott Insulator90
Strong Field Acceleration and Steering of Ultrafast Electron Pulses from a Sharp Metallic Nanotip90
Angular Distribution of Fast Protons from Singly and Doubly Ionizing Collisions with He90
Light Exiting from Real Photonic Band Gap Crystals is Diffuse and Strongly Directional90
Mechanism of Terahertz Electromagnetic Wave Emission from Intrinsic Josephson Junctions90
Axial Current Generation from Electric Field: Chiral Electric Separation Effect90
Fermi Gamma-Ray “Bubbles” from Stochastic Acceleration of Electrons90
Selective Adsorption Resonances in the Scattering ofn-90
Harmonic Generation from Relativistic Plasma Surfaces in Ultrasteep Plasma Density Gradients90
Continuous Transition from Two- to One-Dimensional States in Si(111)-(5×290
Phonon Spectroscopy at Atomic Resolution90
Ionic Conduction in Glass: New Information on the Interrelation between the “Jonscher Behavior” and the “Nearly Constant-Loss Behavior” from Broadband Conductivity Spectra90
Theory of Subradiant States of a One-Dimensional Two-Level Atom Chain90
Helical Hinge Majorana Modes in Iron-Based Superconductors90
Production of Highly Excited States of Fast Ions Emerging from Solid Targets90
Polyamorphism of Ice at Low Temperatures from Constant-Pressure Simulations90
Kramers-Wannier Duality from Conformal Defects90
Nuclear Scaling in Inelastic Electron Scattering fromd,90
Two-Jet Differential Cross Section atO(α90
Directly Detecting Sub-GeV Dark Matter with Electrons from Nuclear Scattering90
Impact of aCP-Violating Higgs Sector: From LHC to Baryogenesis90
Particle Exhaust from Plasma Discharges with an Expanded-Boundary Divertor90
Erratum: Upper Limits on the Stochastic Gravitational-Wave Background from Advanced LIGO’s First Observing Run [Phys. Rev. Lett. 118 , 121101 (2017)]89
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Coherent XUV Generation from Gases Ionized by Several Cycle Optical Pulses89
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Power-Law Creep from Discrete Dislocation Dynamics89
Temperature Dependent Magnon-Phonon Coupling in bcc Fe from Theory and Experiment89
Cosmic Ray Diffusion from the Galactic Spiral Arms, Iron Meteorites, and a Possible Climatic Connection89
Constraints on Dark Matter Interactions with Standard Model Particles from Cosmic Microwave Background Spectral Distortions89
Liquid-Liquid Phase Transformation in Silicon: Evidence from First-Principles Molecular Dynamics Simulations89
Constraints on New Physics from the Quark Mixing Unitarity Triangle89
From Fermi's Golden Rule to the Vacuum Rabi Splitting: Magnetopolaritons in a Semiconductor Optical Microcavity89
Vibronic Spectroscopy with Submolecular Resolution from STM-Induced Electroluminescence89
Doniach Phase Diagram, Revisited: From Ferromagnet to Fermi Liquid in PressurizedCeRu89
Evolution of excitons and polarons in polythiophene from femtoseconds to milliseconds89
Charge-Spin Correlation in van der Waals Antiferromagnet NiPS89
Femtosecond Spectral Interferometry of Resonant Secondary Emission from Quantum Wells: Resonance Rayleigh Scattering in the Nonergodic Regime89
Probing the Excitations of a Lieb-Liniger Gas from Weak to Strong Coupling89
First-principles investigation of visible light emission from silicon-based materials89
Experimental Characterization of Nonlinear Harmonic Radiation from a Visible Self-Amplified Spontaneous Emission Free-Electron Laser at Saturation89
Low-Energy Positron Diffraction from a Cu(111) Surface89
Observation of a Hot High-Current Electron Beam from a Self-Modulated Laser Wakefield Accelerator89
Kardar-Parisi-Zhang Physics in the Quantum Heisenberg Magnet89
Spin and the Honeycomb Lattice: Lessons from Graphene89
Equilibrium tunneling from the two-dimensional electron gas in GaAs: Evidence for a magnetic-field-induced energy gap89
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Static Quark-Antiquark Potential in the Quark-Gluon Plasma from Lattice QCD89
Electronic Compressibility of Magic-Angle Graphene Superlattices89
Enhancing Acceleration Radiation from Ground-State Atoms via Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics89
Measurement of Shadowing in Photon-Nucleus Total Cross Sections from 20 to 185 GeV89
Stability of Si-Interstitial Defects: From Point to Extended Defects89
Angle-Resolved Photoemission from TiSe89
Evolution of Axionic Strings and Spectrum of Axions Radiated from Them89
Strong Rashba-Type Spin Polarization of the Photocurrent from Bulk Continuum States: Experiment and Theory for Bi(111)89
Positronium Cooling and Emission in Vacuum from Nanochannels at Cryogenic Temperature89
Angular Momentum of Twisted Radiation from an Electron in Spiral Motion89
Analytically Solvable Renormalization Group for the Many-Body Localization Transition89
Cryptography from Noisy Storage89
Long-Distance Entanglement Purification for Quantum Communication89
Orientational ordering in solidC88
Conditional Preparation of a Quantum State in the Continuous Variable Regime: Generation of a sub-Poissonian State from Twin Beams88
Transition from Plasma-Driven to Kerr-Driven Laser Filamentation88
Direct Measurement of Transverse Coherence Length of Hard X Rays from Interference Fringes88
Photochemical Hydrogen Desorption from H-Terminated Silicon(111) by VUV Photons88
Black Hole Mass Threshold from Nonsingular Quantum Gravitational Collapse88
Phase diagram of the one-dimensional t-J model from variational theory88
Bose-Einstein Condensation in Relativistic Field Theories Far from Equilibrium88
Fourier’s Law from Schrödinger Dynamics88
Novel Superhard sp3 88
Theoretical Investigation of Controlled Generation of a Dense Attosecond Relativistic Electron Bunch from the Interaction of an Ultrashort Laser Pulse with a Nanofilm88
Excess dephasing in photon-echo experiments arising from excitation-induced electronic level shifts88
Relativistic Axions from Collapsing Bose Stars88
Hexagonal Layered Polymeric Nitrogen Phase Synthesized near 250 GPa88
Surface Molecular Structure from Ion-Neutralization Spectroscopy of Electrons in Surface Orbitals88
New Constraints on Dark Matter Effective Theories from Standard Model Loops88
Dynamics of a Self-Propelled Particle in a Harmonic Trap88
Angular Distribution of Annihilation Radiation from Plastically Deformed Aluminum88
Transform-Limited Photons From a Coherent Tin-Vacancy Spin in Diamond88
Light-Nuclei Spectra from Chiral Dynamics88
Emergence of Active Nematic Behavior in Monolayers of Isotropic Cells88
Highly Charged Ions from Laser-Cluster Interactions: Local-Field-Enhanced Impact Ionization and Frustrated Electron-Ion Recombination88
Coherent vs Incoherent Emission from Semiconductor Structures after Resonant Femtosecond Excitation88
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Classical-trajectory studies of electron- or photon-stimulated desorption from ionic solids88
Einstein Equations from Varying Complexity88
Spectrum of Light Scattered from Thermal Fluctuations in Gases88
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Dissociation Energy forC287
Experimental Observation of an Exceptional Surface in Synthetic Dimensions with Magnon Polaritons87
1fNoise from Sys87
Superconducting Transition at 38 K in Insulating-OverdopedLa2Cu87
Higher-Order Topology and Nodal Topological Superconductivity in Fe(Se,Te) Heterostructures87
Hot-Electron Intraband Luminescence from Single Hot Spots in Noble-Metal Nanoparticle Films87
Temperature-Dependent Luminescence from the Electron-Hole Liquid in Ge87
Critical Parameters from a Generalized Multifractal Analysis at the Anderson Transition87
Magnetic Excitations in a Bond-Centered Stripe Phase: Spin Waves Far from the Semiclassical Limit87
Mass Matrix Textures from Superstring Inspired SO(10) Models87
Proton Mass Decomposition from the QCD Energy Momentum Tensor87
Gamma Rays from Heavy Neutralino Dark Matter87
Multiphoton Electron Angular Distributions from Laser-AlignedCS287
Density Fluctuations from Strings and Galaxy Formation87
New Extraction of the Cosmic Birefringence from the Planck 2018 Polarization Data87
Neutral Naturalness from Orbifold Higgs Models87
Characteristics of Projectile Fragments Produced from Heavy-Ion Collisions at2AGe87
Pressure-Induced Structural Changes in LiquidSi87
Superconductivity and Lattice Instability in Compressed Lithium from Fermi Surface Hot Spots87
Pure Spin Current from One-Photon Absorption of Linearly Polarized Light in Noncentrosymmetric Semiconductors87
Translational energy transfer from molecules and atoms to adsorbed organic monolayers of long-chain amphiphiles87
Spin Polarization of Photoelectrons from Topological Insulators87
Kondo Effect in a Luttinger Liquid: Exact Results from Conformal Field Theory87
Photoemission from Buried Interfaces inSrTiO3/87
Bath-Optimized Minimal-Energy Protection of Quantum Operations from Decoherence87
High Contrast X-ray Speckle from Atomic-Scale Order in Liquids and Glasses87
High-Energy Photons from the Compton-Synchrotron Process in the Crab Nebula87
Observation of the Crossover from Two-Gap to Single-Gap Superconductivity through Specific Heat Measurements in Neutron-Irradiated87
Constraints on Shift-Symmetric Scalar-Tensor Theories with a Vainshtein Mechanism from Bounds on the Time Variation of87
Optical Reflectance of Polymeric Sulfur Nitride Films from the Ultraviolet to the Infrared87
Equation of State for Cold Nuclear Matter from RefractiveO87
Structure and Mobility of Defects Formed from Collision Cascades in MgO87
Quantitative Image Reconstruction of GaN Quantum Dots from Oversampled Diffraction Intensities Alone87
Generic Gravitational-Wave Signals from the Collapse of Rotating Stellar Cores87
Thermotropic Transition from a State of Liquid Order to a Macrolattice in Asymmetric Diblock Copolymers87
Evolution of Electronic Energy Levels in Krypton Clusters from the Atom to the Solid87
Adiabatic Density Perturbations and Matter Generation from the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model87
Mn-Stabilized Zirconia: From Imitation Diamonds to a New Potential High-TC87
Perturbed Kerr Black Holes Can Probe Deviations from General Relativity87
Strong bulk magnetic dipole induced second-harmonic generation from87
Deuterons from High-Energy Proton Bombardment of Matter87
Non-Gaussian Curvature Spikes from Chaotic Billiards in Inflation Preheating86
Theory of the Electron Energy-Loss Spectrum in Core-Level X-Ray Photoemission from Solids86
Quantum Wires Formed from Coupled InAs/GaAs Strained Quantum Dots86
Infrared Interlayer Exciton Emission in MoS286
Voyager 1 e± Further Constrain Primordial Black Ho86
Interference Carpets in Above-Threshold Ionization: From the Coulomb-Free to the Coulomb-Dominated Regime86
Solving Statistical Mechanics Using Variational Autoregressive Networks86
Black Hole Scrambling from Hydrodynamics86
Far-Infrared Emission from Population-Inverted Hot-Carrier System inp-Ge86
From Single- to Multiple-Photon Decoherence in an Atom Interferometer86
First observation of Smith-Purcell radiation from relativistic electrons86
Sampling from the Thermal Quantum Gibbs State and Evaluating Partition Functions with a Quantum Computer86
Gravitational Waves from Relativistic Neutron-Star Mergers with Microphysical Equations of State86
Upper Bound on the Decayτμγ86
Cosmic Microwave Background Polarization Signals from Tangled Magnetic Fields86
Do the Quark Masses Run? Extractingm86
Spectral and Magnetic Properties ofα- and86
Determination of the Deformation inC86
Electron Scattering from the Deuteron atθ=180°86
Towards Bond Selective Chemistry from First Principles: Methane on Metal Surfaces86
Enabling Highly Effective Boiling from Superhydrophobic Surfaces86
Chiral Nematic Phase of Suspensions of Rodlike Viruses: Left-Handed Phase Helicity from a Right-Handed Molecular Helix86
X Rays from Superheavy Quasiatoms Transiently Formed during Heavy-Ion—Atom Collisions86
Determination of Injection Barriers in Organic Semiconductor Devices from Capacitance Measurements86
Proton Spin Structure from Lattice QCD86
Flavor Decomposition of the Sea-Quark Helicity Distributions in the Nucleon from Semiinclusive Deep Inelastic Scattering86
Topological Phases inInAs1x86
Spin Pinning and Spin-Wave Dispersion in Nanoscopic Ferromagnetic Waveguides86
Observation of a Transition from Fluid to Kinetic Nonlinearities for Langmuir Waves Driven by Stimulated Raman Backscatter86
Production of Spin3/2Particles from Vacuum Fluctuations86
Nonclassicality as a Quantifiable Resource for Quantum Metrology86
X-Ray Image Contrast from a Simple Phase Object86
Tomography of a High-Purity Narrowband Photon from a Transient Atomic Collective Excitation86
Indistinguishable Photons from Independent Semiconductor Nanostructures85
Cosmic Microwave Radiation at 2.63 mm from Observations of Interstellar CN85
Directional Photoemission from Three Tungsten Single-Crystal Faces85
Limits on an Energy Dependence of the Speed of Light from a Flare of the Active Galaxy PKS 2155-30485
Ultrahigh-Energy Pulsed Emission from Hercules X-1 with Anomalous Air-Shower Muon Production85
Matching the Nonequilibrium Initial Stage of Heavy Ion Collisions to Hydrodynamics with QCD Kinetic Theory85
Quantifying Quantum Resources with Conic Programming85
Strangeness at High Temperatures: From Hadrons to Quarks85
Vibrational and Rotational Energy Distribution of NO Scattered from the Pt(111) Crystal Surface: Detection by Two-Photon Ionization85
Ultrafast Charge Transfer Times of Chemisorbed Species from Auger Resonant Raman Studies85
Convective Cahn-Hilliard Models: From Coarsening to Roughening85
Magnetic Ordering in CuO from First Principles: A Cuprate Antiferromagnet with Fully Three-Dimensional Exchange Interactions85
Blocking Effects in the Emergence of Charged Particles from Single Crystals85
Polarization of Photoelectrons Ejected by Unpolarized Light from Xenon Atoms85
Limits on Light Weakly Interacting Massive Particles from the First 102.8<85
Detection by Metastable Quenching Spectroscopy of Enhanced Back-Donation from a Ni(111) Surface to the285
Atomic Structure of Si(111)-(5×2)85
Topological Magnons and Edge States in Antiferromagnetic Skyrmion Crystals85
Fast Proton Generation from Ultrashort Laser Pulse Interaction with Double-Layer Foil Targets85
Topological Phase Transition Driven by Infinitesimal Instability: Majorana Fermions in Non-Hermitian Spintronics85
Thick Films of Viscous Fluid Coating a Plate Withdrawn from a Liquid Reservoir85
Cosmic gravitational-wave background: Limits from millisecond pulsar timing85
Electron Microscope Observation of Etched Tracks from Spallation Recoils in Mica85
Reflection High Energy Positron Diffraction from a Si(111) Surface85
Domain Coarsening in Systems Far from Equilibrium85
Results of a Search for Sub-GeV Dark Matter Using 2013 LUX Data85
Parity Violation Constraints Using Cosmic Microwave Background Polarization Spectra from 2006 and 2007 Observations by the QUaD Polarimeter85
From Ultraslow to Fast Lithium Diffusion in the 2D Ion ConductorLi0.785
Proposed Orbital Ordering inMnV285
Evidence for QuasimolecularKX-Ray Emission in Heavy-Ion Collisions from the Observation of the X-R85
Calculation of a Deuterium Double Shock Hugoniot fromAb InitioSimulations85
Graphite from the Viewpoint of Landau Level Spectroscopy: An Effective Graphene Bilayer and Monolayer85
PeV Neutrinos from Intergalactic Interactions of Cosmic Rays Emitted by Active Galactic Nuclei85
Spin-Current Autocorrelations from Single Pure-State Propagation85
Adsorbate Azimuthal Orientation from Reflectance Anisotropy Spectroscopy84
Quantum eigenvalues from classical periodic orbits84
Three-Dimensional Model of Cosmic-Ray Lepton Propagation Reproduces Data from the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer on the International Space Station84
Fermion mass hierarchy from radiative corrections84
Effect on Cosmic Microwave Background Polarization of Coupling of Quintessence to Pseudoscalar Formed from the Electromagnetic Field and its Dual84
From High Dimensional Chaos to Stable Periodic Orbits: The Structure of Parameter Space84
Correlating Decoherence in Transmon Qubits: Low Frequency Noise by Single Fluctuators84
Survey of Ground State Neutron Spectroscopic Factors from Li to Cr Isotopes84
Bilayer Quantum Hall Systems atνT=184
Observation of the Second Harmonic in Thomson Scattering from Relativistic Electrons84
Electronic excitations in liquid helium: The evolution from small clusters to large droplets84
Realization of a Monolithic High-Reflectivity Cavity Mirror from a Single Silicon Crystal84
Brillouin Scattering from Smectic Liquid Crystals84
Observation of a Disordered Bosonic Insulator from Weak to Strong Interactions84
Neutron Drip Line in the Ca Region from Bayesian Model Averaging84
First production of intense circularly polarized hard x rays from a novel multipole wiggler in an accumulation ring84
Raman Scattering from Phonons in Polymorphs of Si and Ge84
Many-Electron Effects in Core-Level X-Ray and Electron Spectroscopies from Na, Mg, and Al84
Differential Scattering of Na3S84
Magnetoplasmon Excitations from Partially Filled Landau Levels in Two Dimensions84
Event Rates in Dark Matter Detectors for Neutralinos Including Constraints fromb84
Solvable Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev Models in Higher Dimensions: From Diffusion to Many-Body Localization84
ac Conductivity Spectra of Alkali Tellurite Glasses: Composition-Dependent Deviations from the Summerfield Scaling84
Silicon Liquid Structure and Crystal Nucleation from Ab Initio Deep Metadynamics84
Tunable Optical Vortex Arrays from a Single Nematic Topological Defect84
Far-from-Equilibrium Quantum Magnetism with Ultracold Polar Molecules84
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Observation of CP Violation in Charm Decays84
Mechanisms of Postsynthesis Doping of Boron Nitride Nanostructures with Carbon from First-Principles Simulations84
Rational Design Principles of the Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect in Superlatticelike Magnetic Topological Insulators84
Reciprocal-Space-Trajectory Perspective on High-Harmonic Generation in Solids84
Local Flux of Low-Energy Antiprotons from Evaporating Primordial Black Holes84
Strain Engineering of the Berry Curvature Dipole and Valley Magnetization in Monolayer 83
Tangential Friction in Deep-Inelastic Scattering ofO83
Intense Superradiant X Rays from a Compact Source Using a Nanocathode Array and Emittance Exchange83
Genuine Quantum Nonlocality in the Triangle Network83
Signature of Smooth Transition from Sudden to Adiabatic States in Heavy-Ion Fusion Reactions at Deep Sub-Barrier Energies83
Positive Ion Emission from Excimer Laser Excited MgO Surfaces83
Light Scattering from Nonequilibrium Stationary States: The Implication of Broken Time-Reversal Symmetry83
Generalized Second Law in Cosmology from Causal Boundary Entropy83
Two-Step Phase Transition in SnSe and the Origins of its High Power Factor from First Principles83
GW190521 as a Merger of Proca Stars: A Potential New Vector Boson of 8.7×83
Surface-Plasmon Resonance-Enhanced Multiphoton Emission of High-Brightness Electron Beams from a Nanostructured Copper Cathode83
Entropy Inequality Violations from Ultraspinning Black Holes83
Strongly coupled stimulated Raman backscatter from subpicosecond laser-plasma interactions83
Particle Pressure in a Sheared Suspension: A Bridge from Osmosis to Granular Dilatancy83
Higher Derivative Corrections to Black Hole Thermodynamics from Supersymmetric Matrix Quantum Mechanics83
Nonclassical Radiation from Thermal Cavities in the Ultrastrong Coupling Regime83
Fluctuation Diagnostics of the Electron Self-Energy: Origin of the Pseudogap Physics83
Electron-Phonon Scattering in the Presence of Soft Modes and Electron Mobility in SrTiO83
Observation of Vibrational Excitation and Deexcitation for NO(v83
Direct Evaluation of the Quark Content of Nucleons from Lattice QCD at the Physical Point83
Multiple Gap Symmetries for the Order Parameter of Cuprate Superconductors from Penetration Depth Measurements83
Three-Qubit Randomized Benchmarking83
Non-Gaussian Fluctuations Resulting from Power-Law Trapping in a Lipid Bilayer83
Controlling the Flow of Light Using the Inhomogeneous Effective Gauge Field that Emerges from Dynamic Modulation83
Negative contributions to radiative-correction parameterSfrom Majorana particles83
Crossover from Localized to Cascade Relaxations in Metallic Glasses82
Universal Origin of Boson Peak Vibrational Anomalies in Ordered Crystals and in Amorphous Materials82
Quasielastic Scattering from Relativistic Bound Nucleons: Transverse-Longitudinal Response82
Driving Rydberg-Rydberg Transitions from a Coplanar Microwave Waveguide82
Jahn-Teller Dynamics in Charge-Ordered Manganites from Raman Spectroscopy82
Thermochemical Values for Cu-Ni Surface and Interface Segregation Deduced from Core-Level Binding-Energy Shifts82
Pathway from Condensation via Fragmentation to Fermionization of Cold Bosonic Systems82
Protein Folding Kinetics and Thermodynamics from Atomistic Simulations82
Neutrino mass limits from SN1987A82
First Detection of sub-PeV Diffuse Gamma Rays from the Galactic Disk: Evidence for Ubiquitous Galactic Cosmic Rays beyond PeV Energies82
Determination of Interface States for CaF82
Temperature Dependence of Photoluminescence Spectra of Nondoped and Electron-DopedSrTiO382
Evidence for Asymmetric Shapes from High-Spin Odd-ASpectra82
Evidence for a Toroidal-Momentum-Transport Nondiffusive Term from the JFT-2M Tokamak82
Direct and Stepwise Energy Transfer from Excitons to Plasmons in Close-Packed Metal and Semiconductor Nanoparticle Monolayer Films82
Femtosecond Infrared Emission Resulting from Coherent Charge Oscillations in Quantum Wells82
Chiral Topological Elasticity and Fracton Order82
Spontaneous Raman Scattering from Shocked Water82
Stimulated backscattered harmonic generation from intense laser interactions with beams and plasmas82
Ferroelectric Transitions at Ferroelectric Domain Walls Found from First Principles82
Large-Scale Patterns in a Minimal Cognitive Flocking Model: Incidental Leaders, Nematic Patterns, and Aggregates82
Deviations from Drude Response in Low-Dimensional Metals: Electrodynamics of the Metallic State of (TMTSF<82
Renormalization of the Graphene Dispersion Velocity Determined from Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy82
Determination ofρ0<82
B-Factory Physics from Effective Supersymmetry82
Hot-electron characterization fromKα measurements in high-contrast,p-polarized, picosecond laser-plasma interactions82
Confirmation of the Copernican Principle at Gpc Radial Scale and above from the Kinetic Sunyaev-Zel’dovich Effect Power Spectrum82
Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Rapid Hydrogen Production from Water Using Aluminum Clusters as Catalyzers82
Kinetic Theory of Light Scattering from a Fluid Not in Equilibrium82
Energy Dependence of Pion Elastic Scattering from Nuclei across the (3,3) Resonance82
Winding-Angle Distributions of Two-Dimensional Self-Avoiding Walks from Conformal Invariance82
Extracting Hidden Information from Knowledge Networks82
Neutrino Mass from the Beta Spectrum in the Decay of Tritium82
Measurement of the Proton Structure Function from Muon Scattering82
Lifetimes of Rotational States From Heavy-Ion Reactions81
Temperature-Dependent Magnetoelectric Effect from First Principles81
Ultranarrow and Widely TunableMn2+81
Manipulating Small Particles in Mixtures far from Equilibrium81
Extended Limits on Neutral Strongly Interacting Massive Particles and Nuclearites from NaI(Tl) Scintillators81
Screened Radiative Corrections from Hyperfine-Split Dielectronic Resonances in Lithiumlike Scandium81
X-Ray Photoemission from Aluminum81
Reflectivity of intense femtosecond laser pulses from a simple metal81
Positrons from 1.4-GeV Uranium-Atom Collisions81
Evolution of Magnetism in Iron from the Atom to the Bulk81
Binary Quantum Turbulence Arising from Countersuperflow Instability in Two-Component Bose-Einstein Condensates81
Observation of Fine Time Structures in the Cosmic Proton and Helium Fluxes with the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer on the International Space Station81
Polyatomic Candidates for Cooling of Molecules with Lasers from Simple Theoretical Concepts81
Resonant Absorption of the 14.4-kevγRay from 0.10-μsec81
Efficient Propagation of Polarization from Laser Photons to Positrons through Compton Scattering and Electron-Positron Pair Creation81
Tunable Nanoresonators Constructed from Telescoping Nanotubes81
Electroproduction of Hadrons from Nuclei81
Strong Bound on Canonical Ultralight Axion Dark Matter from the Lyman-Alpha Forest81
Action Principle for Newtonian Gravity81
Photonic Crystal Lens: From Negative Refraction and Negative Index to Negative Permittivity and Permeability81
Orientation Dependence of Core Edges in Electron-Energy-Loss Spectra from Anisotropic Materials81
Exciting a Bound State in the Continuum through Multiphoton Scattering Plus Delayed Quantum Feedback81
Nonquasilinear diffusion far from the chaotic threshold81
Inelastic Light Scattering from Magnetic Fluctuations inCuGeO81
Photon Momentum Sharing between an Electron and an Ion in Photoionization: From One-Photon (Photoelectric Effect) to Multiphoton Absorption81
Spin-Polarized Auger Spectroscopy from Magnetically Ordered Solids81
Measurement-Induced Qubit State Mixing in Circuit QED from Up-Converted Dephasing Noise81
Matter-Wave Diffraction from a Quasicrystalline Optical Lattice81
Electrostatic Extraction of Cold Molecules from a Cryogenic Reservoir81
Absence of an Abrupt Phase Change from Polycrystalline to Amorphous in Silicon with Deposition Temperature80
New Class of Effective Field Theories from Embedded Branes80
Decay Distribution of Spontaneous Emission from an Assembly of Atoms in Photonic Crystals with Pseudogaps80
Determining Triple Gauge Boson Couplings from Higgs Data80
Observation of the Transition from Semiconductor to High-T80
Determination of Correlation Functions of Scattering Potentials of Stochastic Media from Scattering Experiments80
Accelerated Emission of Gamma Rays from the 31-yr Isomer of80
TeV Neutrinos from Core Collapse Supernovae and Hypernovae80
Complex Low Energy Tetrahedral Polymorphs of Group IV Elements from First Principles80
Evidence forX(387280
Electron Correlation Effects in Photoemission from the1π80
Protected Nodal Electron Pocket from Multiple-QOrdering in Underdoped High Temp80
Ultraslow Positive-Muon Generation by Laser Ionization of Thermal Muonium from Hot Tungsten at Primary Proton Beam80
Time-Resolved Photoelectron Angular Distributions from Strong-Field Ionization of Rotating Naphthalene Molecules80
Elimination of theA-Square Problem from Cavity QED80
Low Frequency Raman Scattering from Acoustic Phonons Confined in ZnO Nanoparticles80
Critical Temperature and the Transition from Quantum to Classical Order Parameter Fluctuations in the Three-Dimensional Heisenberg Antiferromagnet80
nnScattering Length from the Photon Spectra of the Reactions80
Oxygen and Silver Clusters: Transition from Chemisorption to Oxidation80
Demonstration of Coherent Terahertz Transition Radiation from Relativistic Laser-Solid Interactions80
Ultrafast THz Probe of Photoinduced Polarons in Lead-Halide Perovskites80
Heat-Capacity Study of the Transition from a Stacked-Hexatic-BPhase to a Smectic-80
Spin localization in Si:Pdirect evidence fromP80
First-Principles Plasma Simulations of Black-Hole Jet Launching80
Narrow-Line Cooling and Imaging of Ytterbium Atoms in an Optical Tweezer Array80
Infrared Absorption from Charge Density Waves in Magnetic Manganites80
Analysis of subgrid-scale eddy viscosity with use of results from direct numerical simulations80
Observation of —100% Spin-Polarized Photoelectrons from a Transversely Magnetized Ni(110) Single Crystal80
Measurement of Inclusive Antiprotons fromAu+Au80
Atomistic Spin Dynamic Method with both Damping and Moment of Inertia Effects Included from First Principles80
First Star-Forming Structures in Fuzzy Cosmic Filaments80
Phase Transitions in Lattice-Gas Models Far from Equilibrium80
Nature of Unconventional Pairing in the Kagome Superconductors A80
Confined Quasiparticle Dynamics in Long-Range Interacting Quantum Spin Chains80
Interference Structure in the Photoelectron Spectra Obtained from Multiphoton Ionization of80
Constraining Primordial Black Hole Abundance with the Galactic 511 keV Line80
1fNoise from The80
Optimized Free Energies from Bidirectional Single-Molecule Force Spectroscopy79
High energy cosmic rays from active galactic nuclei79
Prediction of an Interaction Symmetry from Dispersion Relations79
Charge Dynamics of Doped Holes in HighTcCuprate Superconduct79
Correlations from Ion Pairing and the Nernst-Einstein Equation79
Absence of Ergodicity without Quenched Disorder: From Quantum Disentangled Liquids to Many-Body Localization79
Efficient Multi-keV X-Ray Sources from Ti-Doped Aerogel Targets79
Low-Energy Models for Correlated Materials: Bandwidth Renormalization from Coulombic Screening79
Limits on Neutrino Emission from Gamma-Ray Bursts with the 40 String IceCube Detector79
Statistical Estimation of Atomic Positions from Exit Wave Reconstruction with a Precision in the Picometer Range79
Two-Dimensional Antiferromagnetic Excitations from a Large Single Crystal of79
Evidence for enhancement of gluon and valence-quark distributions in nuclei from hard lepton-nucleus processes79
Clustering Fossils from the Early Universe79
Plunge Waveforms from Inspiralling Binary Black Holes79
Constraints on the Skyrme Equations of State from Properties of Doubly Magic Nuclei79
Visualization and characterization of colloidal growth from ramified to faceted structures79
Axial and pseudoscalar nucleon form factors from low energy pion electroproduction79
Emission of Thermally Activated Electrons from Rare Gas Clusters Irradiated with Intense VUV Light Pulses from a Free Electron Laser79
Optical Absorption Spectrum of Gold Atoms Deposited onSiO2fr79
Coherent Backscattering of Ultracold Atoms79
Reduction of the Casimir Force from Indium Tin Oxide Film by UV Treatment79
Implications on the Band Structure of the Isostructural Family Tetrathiafulvalene Tetracyanoquinodimethane (TTF-TCNQ), Tetraselenafulvalene Tetracyanoquinodimethane (TSeF-TCNQ), and Their Solid Soluti79
Dynamical Buildup of a Quantized Hall Response from Nontopological States79
Total Cross Sections and Angular Distributions forπ79
Flavor Evolution of the Neutronization Neutrino Burst From an O-Ne-Mg Core-Collapse Supernova79
Time-Resolved Fluorescence from Ba and Ca Excited by a Pulsed Tunable Dye Laser79
Onset of Droplet Aggregation from Self-Diffusion Measurements in Microemulsions79
Two-Particle Nonlocal Aharonov-Bohm Effect from Two Single-Particle Emitters79
Formation of the Upper Hubbard Band from Negative-Donor-Ion States in Silicon79
Convection in a Binary Mixture Heated from Below79
Strong Field Electron Emission from Fixed in SpaceH279
Floquet Second-Order Topological Insulators from Nonsymmorphic Space-Time Symmetries79
New Direct Reaction: Two-Proton Knockout from Neutron-Rich Nuclei79
Comment on “Limits on the Time Variation of the Electromagnetic Fine-Structure Constant in the Low Energy Limit from Absorption Lines in the Spectra of Distant Quasars”79
Quantifying Operations with an Application to Coherence79
Ground state oftrans-polyacetylene and the Peierls mechanism79
Structural Determination ofβ-SiC(100)-79
Predicting Dislocation Climb and Creep from Explicit Atomistic Details79
Entanglements of Electrons and Cavity Photons in the Strong-Coupling Regime79
Recovering the Acoustic Green’s Function from Ambient Noise Cross Correlation in an Inhomogeneous Moving Medium79
Surface Temperature Dependence of Rotational Excitation ofH78
Polar Behavior in a Magnetic Perovskite fromA-Site Size Disorder: A Density Functional Study78
Angle-Resolved Photon-Stimulated Desorption of Oxygen Ions from a W(111) Surface78
Motility-Induced Temperature Difference in Coexisting Phases78
Growth and Form of Planetary Seedlings: Results from a Sounding Rocket Microgravity Aggregation Experiment78
Explanation of peak shapes observed in diffraction from icosahedral quasicrystals78
Transition from chaotic to nonchaotic behavior in randomly driven systems78
Search for Sterile Neutrinos in MINOS and MINOS+ Using a Two-Detector Fit78
Predicted Pressure-Induced Superconducting Transition in Electride Li78
Measurement of a Saturated Emission of Optical Radiation from Gold Nanoparticles: Application to an Ultrahigh Resolution Microscope78
Single-Molecule Study of the Electronic Couplings in a Circular Array of Molecules: Light-Harvesting-2 Complex fromRhodospirillum Molischianum78
Nucleation and Growth in Pressure-Induced Phase Transitions from Molecular Dynamics Simulations: Mechanism of the Reconstructive Transformation of NaCl to the CsCl-Type Structure78
Direct Determination of Sizes of Excitations from Optical Measurements on Ion-Implanted GaAs78
Novel Approach to Binary Dynamics: Application to the Fifth Post-Newtonian Level78
Chemisorption-Induced Surface Umklapp Processes in Angle-Resolved Synchrotron Photoemission from W(001)78
Superradiant Quantum Materials78
Elastic Constants of Crystals from Linear-Response Theory78
Nuclear Stopping from0.09Ato78
Enhanced Sensing and Nondegraded Thermal Noise Performance Based on P78
Extremely Asymmetrical Acoustic Metasurface Mirror at the Exceptional Point78
Photon Echoes from Semiconductor Band-to-Band Continuum Transitions in the Regime of Coulomb Quantum Kinetics78
Ground-State Properties of Crystalline Ice from Periodic Hartree-Fock Calculations and a Coupled-Cluster-Based Many-Body Decomposition of the Correlation Energy78
Superconductivity from Emerging Magnetic Moments78
Unambiguous Determination of Gravitational Waveforms from Binary Black Hole Mergers78
Exact Scale-Invariant Background of Gravitational Waves from Cosmic Defects78
Determination of the Statistical Properties of Light from Photoelectric Measurements78
Quantum Time Crystals from Hamiltonians with Long-Range Interactions78
Towards Understanding the Origin of Cosmic-Ray Electrons78
Coherent Control of Nitrogen-Vacancy Center Spins in Silicon Carbide at Room Temperature78
Photon Emission fromSi(111)-78
Direct Observation of the Transition from Free to Constrained Single-Segment Motion in Entangled Polymer Melts77
Nonadditivity of Bipartite Distillable Entanglement Follows from a Conjecture on Bound Entangled Werner States77
Experimental Evidence for a Departure from the Law of the Rectilinear Diameter77
Directional Limits on Persistent Gravitational Waves from Advanced LIGO’s First Observing Run77
Determination of the Momentum Distribution from the Dynamic Structure Factor in Quantum Liquids77
Results from the Super Cryogenic Dark Matter Search Experiment at Soudan77
Determination of the Electron Density Matrix from X-Ray Diffraction Data77
Comment on ‘‘Weak mixing angles from semileptonic decays in the quark model’’77
Gate Tunable Dark Trions in Monolayer WSe277
Radiative Charge Transfer from H Atoms by Fast Ions77
Free Energy from Stationary Implementation of theDFT+DMFT77
Effect of Local Chain Conformation in Adsorbed Nanolayers on Confined Polymer Molecular Mobility77
Quantum Hamiltonian Identification from Measurement Time Traces77
Molecular Dynamics of Shock Waves in Three-Dimensional Solids: Transition from Nonsteady to Steady Waves in Perfect Crystals and Implications for the Rankine-Hugoniot Conditions77
Subradiant Bell States in Distant Atomic Arrays77
Positivity of Amplitudes, Weak Gravity Conjecture, and Modified Gravity77
Quantum Measurement Cooling77
Defect energetics in oxide materials from first principles77
Phase Diagram of Disordered Vortices from London Langevin Simulations77
Improved Upper Limits on the Stochastic Gravitational-Wave Background from 2009–2010 LIGO and Virgo Data77
Erratum: Constraint on the Photino Mass from Cosmology [Phys. Rev. Lett.50, 1419 (1983)]77
New Limit on Muon and Electron Lepton Number Violation fromK77
Cosmic Microwave Background Bispectrum from Primordial Magnetic Fields on Large Angular Scales77
Direct Determination of Band-Gap Renormalization in the Photoexcited Monolayer MoS77
Nonperturbative Yukawa Couplings from String Instantons77
Operational Advantage of Quantum Resources in Subchannel Discrimination77
Ab initio Path Integral Monte Carlo Results for the Dynamic Structure Factor of Correlated Electrons: From the Electron Liquid to Warm Dense Matter77
Terahertz-Radiation-Enhanced Emission of Fluorescence from Gas Plasma77
Tetrahedral Colloidal Clusters from Random Parking of Bidisperse Spheres77
Landau-Zener Bloch Oscillations with Perturbed Flat Bands77
Homodyne Tomography of a Single Photon Retrieved on Demand from a Cavity-Enhanced Cold Atom Memory77
From Heavy-Ion Elastic Scattering to Fission: A Unified Potential for the Description of Large-Scale Nuclear Collective Motion77
Gravitational Waves from Quasicircular Black-Hole Binaries in Dynamical Chern-Simons Gravity77
Transient Effects in Fission from New Experimental Signatures77
Production of Muons from Heavy Flavor Decays at Forward Rapidity inppand Pb-Pb Co77
Direct Evidence of Multifractal Atmospheric Cascades from Planetary Scales down to 1 km77
Gravitational Lensing of Gravitational Waves from Merging Neutron Star Binaries77
Measurements ofF277
Signatures of the Unruh Effect from Electrons Accelerated by Ultrastrong Laser Fields77
Limits on Axion Couplings from the First 80 Days of Data of the PandaX-II Experiment77
Interaction-Induced Magnetoresistance: From the Diffusive to the Ballistic Regime77
Gamow-Teller Transition Strengths fromNi5677
Pulse-Coupled Relaxation Oscillators: From Biological Synchronization to Self-Organized Criticality77
Nuclear Quadrupole Moment ofF77
Accurate Determinations ofαsfrom Realistic Lattice QCD77
Parametric Three-Wave Soliton Generated from Incoherent Light77
Chiral Three-Nucleon Forces fromp-wave Pion Production77
Evolution from a Molecular Rydberg Gas to an Ultracold Plasma in a Seeded Supersonic Expansion of NO77
Diabatic Energy Level Confluence: The Mechanism of Negative Ion Conversion of Neutral Atoms in Grazing Scattering from Insulator Surfaces77
Identifying and Mitigating Charge Instabilities in Shallow Diamond Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers76
Characteristic Radiation from Channeled Electrons76
Observation of Transition from Escape Dynamics to Underdamped Phase Diffusion in a Josephson Junction76
Comparison of Electron and Neutron Compton Scattering from Entangled Protons in a Solid Polymer76
Location of Electron and Hole Carriers in Graphite from Laser Magnetoreflection Data76
Ramsey Fringes and Time-Domain Multiple-Slit Interference from Vacuum76
Constraints on Relativity Violations from Gamma-Ray Bursts76
Interference Effects in Neutron Scattering from Magnetic Clusters76
Evidence for Gravitational Lensing of the Cosmic Microwave Background Polarization from Cross-Correlation with the Cosmic Infrared Background76
Most Strange Dibaryon from Lattice QCD76
Breakup and Recovery of Topological Zero Modes in Finite Non-Hermitian Optical Lattices76
Erratum: New Determination of the Fine Structure Constant from the ElectrongValue and QED [Phys. R76
Neutrinos from SN1987A and current models of stellar-core collapse76
Equation of State and Pressure Induced Amorphization ofβ-Boron from X-Ray Measurements up to 100 G76
Weak Gravity Conjecture from Unitarity and Causality76
Prospects for Detection of Gravitational Waves from Intermediate-Mass-Ratio Inspirals76
Cusp and Collinear Anomalous Dimensions in Four-Loop QCD from Form Factors76
Critical Exponents of the Gross-Neveu Model from the Effective Average Action76
Dynamical Transition from a Quasi-One-Dimensional Bose-Einstein Condensate to a Tonks-Girardeau Gas76
Magnetic Susceptibility of Insulators from First Principles76
Quasielastic scattering ofLi76
Restoration of theN=82Shell Gap from Direct Mass Measurements of76
Green’s Functions from Real-Time Bold-Line Monte Carlo Calculations: Spectral Properties of the Nonequilibrium Anderson Impurity Model76
Kinetic Turbulence in Relativistic Plasma: From Thermal Bath to Nonthermal Continuum76
Anisotropic Spin Hall Effect from First Principles76
Breather Wave Molecules76
New mechanism for electron-stimulated desorption of nonthermal halogen atoms from alkali-halide surfaces76
Direct Observation of the Crossover from Single to Multiple Excitations in Femtosecond Surface Photochemistry76
Single-Atom Contact Mechanics: From Atomic Scale Energy Barrier to Mechanical Relaxation Hysteresis76
Enhanced Inelastic Light Scattering from Metal Electrodes Caused by Adatoms76
Plasmon Reradiation From Silver Films76
Γ(b→ulν)/Γ(b→clν) from the end point of the lepton momentum spectrum in semileptonicBdecay76
Measurement of Tensor Analyzing Powers for Elastic Electron Scattering from a Polarized76
Limit onν¯76
Magnetic Cycloid ofBiFeO3from Atomistic Simulations76
Resonance Microwave Measurements of an Intrinsic Spin-Orbit Coupling Gap in Graphene: A Possible Indication of a Topological State75
Wave Functions Derived by Quantum Modeling of the Electron Density from Coherent X-Ray Diffraction: Beryllium Metal75
From Low-Dimensional Synchronous Chaos to High-Dimensional Desynchronous Spatiotemporal Chaos in Coupled Systems75
Shape Transition in Artificial Tumors: From Smooth Buckles to Singular Creases75
X-Ray Spectra from Oxygen-Ion Bombardments on Ca and V at 15 MeV75
Counterions at Highly Charged Interfaces: From One Plate to Like-Charge Attraction75
Limits on Self-Interacting Dark Matter from Neutron Stars75
Observation of Anomalous π Modes in Photonic Floquet Engineering75
Cryptotomography: Reconstructing 3D Fourier Intensities from Randomly Oriented Single-Shot Diffraction Patterns75
Precision Metrology Meets Cosmology: Improved Constraints on Ultralight Dark Matter from Atom-Cavity Frequency Comparisons75
Entanglement Transition in a Monitored Free-Fermion Chain: From Extended Criticality to Area Law75
Average CsI Neutron Density Distribution from COHERENT Data75
Realization of a Strongly Interacting Bose-Fermi Mixture from a Two-Component Fermi Gas75
Nonclassicality Criteria from Phase-Space Representations and Information-Theoretical Constraints Are Maximally Inequivalent75
Better Nonlinear Models from Noisy Data: Attractors with Maximum Likelihood75
Langmuir-Blodgett films: From micron to angstrom75
Universality Far from Equilibrium: From Superfluid Bose Gases to Heavy-Ion Collisions75
Optical Time Reversal from Time-Dependent Epsilon-Near-Zero Media75
Microscopic Mechanism for a Higher-Spin Kitaev Model75
Gravitational-Wave Fringes at LIGO: Detecting Compact Dark Matter by Gravitational Lensing75
Spin-Orbit Semimetal SrIrO3 in the Two-Dimensional Limit75
Linear Mechanism of Wave Emergence from Vortices in Smooth Shear Flows75
Symmetry for Flavor-Kinematics Duality from an Action75
Quantum Radiation Reaction: From Interference to Incoherence75
Neutrino helicity flip from gravity-spin coupling75
Elastic Scattering of 0.8-GeV Protons fromC75
Mass of theηband75
Discrete Time Crystals in the Absence of Manifest Symmetries or Disorder in Open Quantum Systems75
Aging of Thin Polymer Films Cast from a Near-Theta Solvent74
Nanophase-Separated Synchronizing Structure with Parallel Double Periodicity from an Undecablock Terpolymer74
Systems with Multiplicative Noise: Critical Behavior from KPZ Equation and Numerics74
Crossover from Spin Accumulation into Interface States to Spin Injection in the Germanium Conduction Band74
Photoemission Energy Distributions for Au from 10 to 40 eV Using Synchrotron Radiation74
Erratum: Tidal Deformabilities and Radii of Neutron Stars from the Observation of GW170817 [Phys. Rev. Lett. 121 , 091102 (2018)]74
New spin-polarization effect in photoemission from nonmagnetic surfaces74
Nonequilibrium Kondo model: Crossover from weak to strong coupling74
Exchange currents from chiral Lagrangians74
Fundamental Physics Implications for Higher-Curvature Theories from Binary Black Hole Signals in the LIGO-Virgo Catalog GWTC-174
Superconducting Properties ofA15Compounds Derived from Band-Structure R74
Determination of Phonon Dispersions from X-Ray Transmission Scattering: The Example of Silicon74
First Detection of the Acoustic Oscillation Phase Shift Expected from the Cosmic Neutrino Background74
Observation of a Near-Threshold Enhancement in theωϕMass Spectrum from the Doubly74
Positron Scattering from Atoms and Molecules at Low Energies74
Experimental Observation of Superscattering74
Energy Gaps and Cohesive Energy of Ge from the Optimized Effective Potential74
Higgs Mode in the d -Wave Superconductor 74
Schwarzschild Black Holes from Matrix Theory74
Analysis of Thomson Scattering from Nonequilibrium Plasmas74
Band Structure from Random Interactions74
Narrow-Line Single-Molecule Transducer between Electronic Circuits and Surface Plasmons74
High-Frequency Mechanical Properties of Tumors Measured by Brillouin Light Scattering74
Terahertz Emission from Quantum Cascade Lasers in the Quantum Hall Regime: Evidence for Many Body Resonances and Localization Effects74
From Mild to Wild Fluctuations in Crystal Plasticity74
Angular Distributions of Ejected Particles from Ion-Bombarded Clean and Reacted Single-Crystal Surfaces74
Fission time scales from anisotropic in-plane distributions in74
Multiple-Scattering Description of Intensity Profiles Observed in Low-Energy Electron Diffraction From Solids74
Nonlinear Valley and Spin Currents from Fermi Pocket Anisotropy in 2D Crystals74
Extended Thermodynamic Scaling from a Generalized Parametric Form74
Floquet-Engineering Counterdiabatic Protocols in Quantum Many-Body Systems74
From Bubbles to Clusters in Fluidized Beds74
Evidence against Perturbative QCD from Polarized Deep-Inelastic Scattering74
Nonlinear Optical Reflection from a Metal Surface74
Learning a Local Hamiltonian from Local Measurements74
Wave Emission from Heterogeneities Opens a Way to Controlling Chaos in the Heart74
Constraints on Spin-Independent Nucleus Scattering with sub-GeV Weakly Interacting Massive Particle Dark Matter from the CDEX-1B Experiment at the China Jinping Underground Laboratory73
Photoexfoliation of Graphene from Graphite: AnAb InitioStudy73
Cosmic Bell Test Using Random Measurement Settings from High-Redshift Quasars73
Chiral Phase Transition from String Theory73
Evidence for Decreased Pairing Energies in Odd-NNuclei from Band-Crossing Frequencies73
Standard Model Predictions forBK73
Neutron Radius ofPb73
Revisiting Properties of Ferroelectric and Multiferroic Thin Films under Tensile Strain from First Principles73
Spiral-Based Phononic Plates: From Wave Beaming to Topological Insulators73
From Single Particle to Superfluid Excitations in a Dissipative Polariton Gas73
Enhanced vibrational broadening of core-level photoemission from the surface of Na(110)73
Radial Wave Crystals: Radially Periodic Structures from Anisotropic Metamaterials for Engineering Acoustic or Electromagnetic Waves73
Propagation and Localization of Collective Excitations on a 24-Qubit Superconducting Processor73
Amplitude Equations from Spatiotemporal Binary-Fluid Convection Data73
Rotational Excitation and Vibrational Relaxation ofH73
Stimulated Emission from the Excitonic Molecules in CuCl73
On-Ball Doping of Fullerenes: The Electronic Structure ofC73
Limited Asymmetry Dependence of Correlations from Single Nucleon Transfer73
Limits on the Cosmological Abundance of Supermassive Compact Objects from a Search for Multiple Imaging in Compact Radio Sources73
Highly structured singlet oxygen photoluminescence from crystalline73
Limits to the Radiative Decays of Neutrinos and Axions fromγ-Ray Observations of SN 1987A73
Predicting the Proton Mass fromππScattering Data73
Investigation of the Correlation Potential from Kohn-Sham Perturbation Theory73
Stability of Quantum States of Finite Macroscopic Systems against Classical Noises, Perturbations from Environments, and Local Measurements73
From Target to Projectile and Back Again: Self-Duality of High-Energy Scattering Evolution in QCD73
Crossover from Coherent to Incoherent Electronic Excitations in the Normal State of73
Coherent Microwave Rayleigh Scattering from Resonance-Enhanced Multiphoton Ionization in Argon73
Probing the Band Structure of Topological Silicon Photonic Lattices in the Visible Spectrum73
Controlling Domain Patterns Far from Equilibrium73
Moment of Inertia ofDy15873
Absence of Scaling for the Intermediate Scattering Function of a Hard-Sphere Suspension: Static and Dynamic X-Ray Scattering from Concentrated Polystyrene Latex Spheres73
Proposal to Detect Dark Matter using Axionic Topological Antiferromagnets73
Unraveling the Large Deviation Statistics of Markovian Open Quantum Systems73
Primordial Black Holes from Supersymmetry in the Early Universe73
Perfectly Absorbing Exceptional Points and Chiral Absorbers73
Visible Light Emission from Atomic Scale Patterns Fabricated by the Scanning Tunneling Microscope73
Growth of Bose-Einstein Condensates from Thermal Vapor73
Combination of Searches for Invisible Higgs Boson Decays with the ATLAS Experiment73
Neutron Scattering from the Ferroelectric Fluctuations and Domain Walls of Lead Germanate73
Exploration of the Transition from the Hydrodynamiclike to the Strongly Kinetic Regime in Shock-Driven Implosions72
Harmonic Emission from the Rear Side of Thin Overdense Foils Irradiated with Intense Ultrashort Laser Pulses72
Growth Rate of Cosmological Perturbations atz0.172
Ablation of GaAs by Intense, Ultrafast Electronic Excitation from Highly Charged Ions72
Entanglement Swapping with Photons Generated on Demand by a Quantum Dot72
Threshold in the Stopping of Slow Protons Scattered from the Surface of a Wide-Band-Gap Insulator72
Angular Dependence of the Raman Scattering from Benzene Excited by the He-Ne cw Laser72
From Massively Parallel Algorithms and Fluctuating Time Horizons to Nonequilibrium Surface Growth72
Defect States Emerging from a Non-Hermitian Flatband of Photonic Zero Modes72
Bounds on Isocurvature Perturbations from Cosmic Microwave Background and Large Scale Structure Data72
Boiling a Unitary Fermi Liquid72
Theory of a Planckian Metal72
Cosmological Constraints from Type Ia Supernovae Peculiar Velocity Measurements72
Measurement of theBX72
Cavity Quantum Eliashberg Enhancement of Superconductivity72
Line Broadening of Light Scattered from a Liquid Surface72
First Measurement of the Gerasimov-Drell-Hearn Sum Rule forH72
Ubiquitous Non-Majorana Zero-Bias Conductance Peaks in Nanowire Devices72
Integrating Neural Networks with a Quantum Simulator for State Reconstruction72
Spectral Properties of Correlated Materials: Local Vertex and Nonlocal Two-Particle Correlations from CombinedG72
Electron Wave Function at a Vicinal Surface: Switch from Terrace to Step Modulation72
Observation of High-Lying Levels inBe<72
Assessing Guest Diffusivities in Porous Hosts from Transient Concentration Profiles72
Plasma Luminescence from Femtosecond Filaments in Air: Evidence for Impact Excitation with Circularly Polarized Light Pulses72
Forward Directed Smith-Purcell Radiation from Relativistic Electrons72
Fast Dynamics of Water Droplets Freezing from the Outside In72
Gravitational Waves from the Papaloizou-Pringle Instability in Black-Hole-Torus Systems72
Direct Measurement of Electron Emission from Defect States at Silicon Grain Boundaries72
The Kondo Screening Cloud: What Can We Learn from Perturbation Theory?72
Speed of Gravitational Waves from Strongly Lensed Gravitational Waves and Electromagnetic Signals72
Doppler Peaks from Active Perturbations72
Measurement of the Radiation Energy in the Radio Signal of Extensive Air Showers as a Universal Estimator of Cosmic-Ray Energy72
Blackbody source and detector of ballistic quasiparticles in72
Change of Scale for Nucleons in Nuclei from Quasielastic Electron Scattering72
Nuclear-Coulomb Interference in Inelastic Scattering ofαParticles from72
High-Accuracy Mass, Spin, and Recoil Predictions of Generic Black-Hole Merger Remnants72
Rotational Alignment in Associative Desorption ofD72
Obstacles to Variational Quantum Optimization from Symmetry Protection72
Fate of the Tetraquark Candidate Zc(72
Photoproduction of Rho Mesons from Complex Nuclei at 9 BeV72
Nonbasal Slip Systems Enable a Strong and Ductile Hexagonal-Close-Packed High-Entropy Phase72
Direct Observation of a Transition of a Surface Plasmon Resonance from a Photonic Crystal Effect72
Tilted CO on clean and potassium-covered Ni(110): Adsorbate orientation from polar-angle x-ray-photoelectron diffraction72
Measurement of electron capture from electron-positron pair production in relativistic heavy ion collisions72
Radiation from the Negative Lithium Ion72
Scattering Amplitudes from Intersection Theory72
Evidence for Anisotropy of the Superconducting Energy Gap from Ultrasonic attenuation72
Estimating Good Discrete Partitions from Observed Data: Symbolic False Nearest Neighbors72
Measurement of the Top Quark Mass andtt<72
First Germanium-Based Constraints on Sub-MeV Dark Matter with the EDELWEISS Experiment72
Superconductivity from Flat Dispersion Designed in Doped Mott Insulators72
Search for a Dark Matter-Induced Annual Modulation Signal in NaI(Tl) with the COSINE-100 Experiment72
Matter Wave Diffraction from an Inclined Transmission Grating: Searching for the Elusive72
Erratum: Comparison of Polarization Observables in Electron Scattering from the Proton and Deuteron [Phys. Rev. Lett. 80, 452 (1998)]72
Complexity as a Novel Probe of Quantum Quenches: Universal Scalings and Purifications72
Disordered Fermi Liquid in Epitaxial Graphene from Quantum Transport Measurements71
Cosmological Constraints from Multiple Probes in the Dark Energy Survey71
Determination of Step Free Energies from Island Shape Fluctuations on Metal Surfaces71
Inner-Shell Proton Binding Energies inC71
Constraints from primordial nucleosynthesis on the mass of the τ neutrino71
Linking transitions from the superdeformed band inEu71
Band-Structure Calculation of the Electron Spin Polarization in Field Emission from Ferromagnetic Nickel71
Survival Probability ofH271
Neutron Diffraction from Ethylene Adsorbed on Graphite71
Transition from Collective to Aligned-Particle Configurations at High Spin in71
Emission and detectability of hadronic axions from SN 1987A71
Chain-Length-Dependent Relaxation Scenarios in an Oligomeric Glass-Forming System: From Merged to Well-Separatedα71
Riemann-Einstein Structure from Volume and Gauge Symmetry71
Determination of the electronic structure of anomalous muonium in GaAs from nuclear hyperfine interactions71
Bright Luminescence from Indirect and Strongly Bound Excitons in h-BN71
Magnetoelectric Response of MultiferroicBiFeO3and Related Ma71
Evolution from BCS to BEC Superfluidity inp-Wave Fermi Gases71
Atomic Fermi-Bose Mixtures in Inhomogeneous and Random Lattices: From Fermi Glass to Quantum Spin Glass and Quantum Percolation71
Mass-Asymmetric Barriers from Excitation Functions for Complex-Fragment Emission71
Bound-nucleon response functions from the reactionCa71
Complete description of molecular photoionization from circular dichroism of rotationally resolved photoelectron angular distributions71
Finite-Volume Spectrum of π+<71
Comment on “Indispensable Finite Time Corrections for Fokker-Planck Equations from Time Series Data”71
Prediction of Semimetallic TetragonalHf271
Inferring Phase Equations from Multivariate Time Series71
Anomalous Small-Angle Magnetic Scattering from Amorphous TbFe71
Discrepancies from Asymptotic Series and Their Relation to Complex Classical Trajectories71
Large Anomalous Hall Effect in Topological Insulators with Proximitized Ferromagnetic Insulators71
Spectral Distributions of Thomson-Scattered Photons from High-Intensity Pulsed Lasers71
In-Plane and Out-of-Plane Diffraction ofH271
Gamma Rays from Ultracompact Primordial Dark Matter Minihalos71
Quantitative Study on Current-Induced Effect in an Antiferromagnet Insulator/Pt Bilayer Film71
Effective Hamiltonians for Rapidly Driven Many-Body Lattice Systems: Induced Exchange Interactions and Density-Dependent Hoppings71
Temperature and Intensity Dependence of Intersubband Relaxation Rates from Photovoltage and Absorption71
Fault-Tolerant Logical Gates in the IBM Quantum Experience71
Proton Momentum Distribution of Liquid Water from Room Temperature to the Supercritical Phase71
Transition from the Pseudomorphic State to the Nonregistered State in Epitaxial Growth of Au on Pd(111)71
Pressure-induced Transition of the Sublattice Magnetization inEuCo71
Membrane Viscosity Determined from Shear-Driven Flow in Giant Vesicles71
Differential Cross Section and Polarization in the Reactionπ71
Strong Anisotropic Spin-Orbit Interaction Induced in Graphene by Monolayer WS<71
Observation of Topological Magnon Insulator States in a Superconducting Circuit71
Mean Field Dynamics in Non-Abelian Plasmas from Classical Transport Theory71
Evidence for a Peierls distortion inLa71
From Classical Mobility to Hopping Conductivity: Charge Hopping in an Ultracold Gas71
Collisional Triggering of Fast Flavor Conversions of Supernova Neutrinos71
Ultralight Fractal Structures from Hollow Tubes71
Forward-Backward Asymmetry intt¯71
Field Emission of Hot Electrons from Tungsten71
Photoproduction ofK+71
Strongly Driven Semiconductor Microcavities: From the Polariton Doublet to an ac Stark Triplet71
Optical Radiation from Photon-Stimulated Desorption of Excited Atoms71
State-to-State Molecular-Beam Scattering of Vibrationally Excited NO from Cleaved LiF(100) Surfaces70
Superradiance from Crystals of Molecular Nanomagnets70
Raman Scattering from Mixed Crystals(Ca70
Evidence for Spin Zero of theηFrom the Two Gamma-Ray Decay Mode70
Evolution of the Electronic Structure of Small Vanadium Clusters from Molecular to Bulklike70
Reversal of the Circular Dichroism in Angle-Resolved Photoemission fromBi270
Laughlin Spin-Liquid States on Lattices Obtained from Conformal Field Theory70
Neutron-Star Radius from a Population of Binary Neutron Star Mergers70
Energy Spectra of Electrons from Autoionization States in Helium by Electron Impact70
Edge States and Topological Pumping in Spatially Modulated Elastic Lattices70
Gas-phase segregation effects in pulsed laser desorption from binary targets70
Strong Quantum Nonlocality without Entanglement70
Spontaneous Generation of Raman Solitons from Quantum Noise70
Singularities and Poincaré Indices of Electromagnetic Multipoles70
Ionization of Atomic Particles Sputtered from Solids70
Cell Motility Resulting from Spontaneous Polymerization Waves70
Specular Reflection ofHe70
Inferring Entropy Production from Short Experiments70
Magnetic-Field-Induced Rotation of Polarized Light Emission from MonolayerWS270
Regular-to-Chaotic Tunneling Rates: From the Quantum to the Semiclassical Regime70
Nonequilibrium Spin-Glass Dynamics from Picoseconds to a Tenth of a Second70
Multiphoton-Induced Directional Emission of Halogen Atoms from Alkali Halides70
Cascade of Solitonic Excitations in a Superfluid Fermi gas: From Planar Solitons to Vortex Rings and Lines70
Neutron Scattering from Liquid Helium at High Energies70
Observation of a novel relaxation process associated with electronic transitions from deep (D) defects in hydrogenated amorphous silicon70
Constraining Nuclear Equations of State Using Gravitational Waves from Hypermassive Neutron Stars70
Surface-enhanced Raman scattering from surface and subsurface oxygen species at microscopically well-defined Ag surfaces70
Limits on Lorentz Violation from Synchrotron and Inverse Compton Sources70
Direct Constraints on the Ultralight Boson Mass from Searches of Continuous Gravitational Waves70
Efficiency of a Quantum Otto Heat Engine Operating under a Reservoir at Effective Negative Temperatures70
Quantum Oscillations from Nodal Bilayer Magnetic Breakdown in the Underdoped High Temperature Superconductor70
Revised Upper Limit to Energy Extraction from a Kerr Black Hole70
Octupole Correlations in the Pu Isotopes: From Vibration to Static Deformation?70
Cosmological Baryon-Number Domain Structure from Symmetry Breaking in Grand Unified Field Theories70
Finite Spot Effects on Radiation Pressure Acceleration from Intense High-Contrast Laser Interactions with Thin Targets70
Cholesterol-Phospholipid Interactions: New Insights from Surface X-Ray Scattering Data70
Strangeness Contribution to the Proton Spin from Lattice QCD70
Scattering of Two Photons from Two Distant Qubits: Exact Solution70
Imprint of Accretion Disk-Induced Migration on Gravitational Waves from Extreme Mass Ratio Inspirals70
Thomson Scattering of Optical Radiation from an Electron Beam70
Properties of thePand69
Lattice Calculation of Non-Gaussian Density Perturbations from the Massless Preheating Inflationary Model69
Achievement of Reactor-Relevant Performance in Negative Triangularity Shape in the DIII-D Tokamak69
Melting-Curve Extrema from a Repulsive "Step" Potential69
Energy Harvesting from Drops Impacting onto Charged Surfaces69
Magnetoresistance of Carbon Nanotubes: From Molecular to Mesoscopic Fingerprints69
Ultrarelativistic Electron-Beam Polarization in Single-Shot Interaction with an Ultraintense Laser Pulse69
Crossover from High to Low Reynolds Number Turbulence69
Phonon Collapse and Second-Order Phase Transition in Thermoelectric SnSe69
Departures from the Friedmann-Lemaitre-Robertston-Walker Cosmological Model in an Inhomogeneous Universe: A Numerical Examination69
All-Gaussian Universality and Fault Tolerance with the Gottesman-Kitaev-Preskill Code69
Fracton Topological Phases from Strongly Coupled Spin Chains69
Ab InitioTheory of Dislocation Interactions: From Close-Range Spontaneous Annihilation to the Long-Range Continuum Limit69
γrays from peripheral and central collisions in the reaction69
Scattering of He Atoms from Crystal Surfaces: A Tentative Analysis on the Surface Crystallography of LiF(001)69
Yrast Excitations around Doubly Magic13269
Knot-Controlled Ejection of a Polymer from a Virus Capsid69
Yrast isomers in tin nuclei from heavy ion collisions and the νh69
Leptogenesis from Quantum Interference in a Thermal Bath69
Spectroscopic Quadrupole Moments inSr69
From Majorana fermions to topological order69
Static Two-Body Potential at Fifth Post-Newtonian Order69
Deviations from Dynamic Scaling in Helium and Antiferromagnets69
Photoinduced Two-Body Loss of Ultracold Molecules69
Orbital-Angular-Momentum Multiplexed Continuous-Variable Entanglement from Four-Wave Mixing in Hot Atomic Vapor69
Improved Limits for Violations of Local Position Invariance from Atomic Clock Comparisons69
Discrete Visible Luminescence of Helium Atoms and Molecules Desorbing from Helium Clusters: The Role of Electronic, Vibrational, and Rotational Energy Transfer69
Two-Dimensional Topological Polariton Laser69
Crossover from Stretched to Compressed Exponential Relaxations in a Polymer-Based Sponge Phase69
Spin-Density Functionals from Current-Density Functional Theory and Vice Versa:A Road towards New Approximations69
Accurate Rotational Constants ofC69
Semiflexible Polymer Network: A View From Inside69
Association of Efimov Trimers from a Three-Atom Continuum69
Control of the Exciton Radiative Lifetime in van der Waals Heterostructures69
Insulating Ground States of Transition-Metal Monoxides from Exact Exchange69
Explosions of Xenon Clusters in Ultraintense Femtosecond X-Ray Pulses from the LCLS Free Electron Laser69
Transition from Antibunching to Bunching in Cavity QED69
Evidence for the Color-Octet Mechanism from CERN LEP2γγ69
Hadron Mass Spectrum from Lattice QCD69
Topological Phases without Crystalline Counterparts69
Transition from Static to Kinetic Friction: Insights from a 2D Model69
Hamiltonian of theV1569
Correlation between Spin Polarization of Tunnel Currents from3dFerromagnets and T69
One-Dimensional Quasicrystals with Power-Law Hopping69
Coherent Interaction of Light with a Metallic Structure Coupled to a Single Quantum Emitter: From Superabsorption to Cloaking69
Search for γ -Ray Line Signals from Dark Matter Annihilations in the Inner Galactic Halo from 10 69
Gamma Rays and Neutrinos from the Crab Nebula Produced by Pulsar Accelerated Nuclei69
Experimental High-Dimensional Quantum Teleportation69
High Energy Neutrino Flashes from Far-Ultraviolet and X-Ray Flares in Gamma-Ray Bursts69
Superfluid density from heat-pulse propagation near the λ line in68
Hyperon-Nucleon Interactions from Quantum Chromodynamics and the Composition of Dense Nuclear Matter68
All Sets of Incompatible Measurements give an Advantage in Quantum State Discrimination68
Angular Momentum Transfer in Deeply Inelastic Collisions from Exclusive Sequential-Fission Experiments68
Dynamical Scar States in Driven Fracton Systems68
η photoproduction from threshold through theS68
Dynamically Generated Mott Gap from Holography68
Mass Ordering of Spectra from Fragmentation of Saturated Gluon States in High-Multiplicity Proton-Proton Collisions68
Incoherent Scatter from Plasma Oscillations in the Ionosphere68
Observation of the Wave Function of a Quantum Billiard from the Transverse Patterns of Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers68
Luminescence from Metallic Quantum Wells in a Scanning Tunneling Microscope68
Measurement of Neutrino Oscillation Parameters from Muon Neutrino Disappearance with an Off-Axis Beam68
Dopant-Induced Crossover from 1D to 3D Charge Transport in Conjugated Polymers68
Constraints on almost-Dirac neutrinos from neutrino-antineutrino oscillations68
Prospect of Studying Nonperturbative QED with Beam-Beam Collisions68
Location of the Neutron Dripline at Fluorine and Neon68
Observation of charge-transfer population of high-nlevels in68
Tests of LargeNc68
Dark Energy after GW170817 Revisited68
Hierarchy of Azimuthal Anisotropy Harmonics in Collisions of Small Systems from the Color Glass Condensate68
Widely Tunable Single-Photon Source from a Carbon Nanotube in the Purcell Regime68
Pressure-induced crossover from good to poor solvent behavior for polyethylene oxide in water68
High-TcFerroelectricity Emerging from Magnetic Degeneracy in68
Dewetting near the Glass Transition: Transition from a Capillary Force Dominated to a Dissipation Dominated Regime68
Tunable Circularly Polarized Terahertz Radiation from Magnetized Gas Plasma68
Stable Fourfold Configurations for Small Vacancy Clusters in Silicon fromab initioCalculations68
Observation of an Energetic Radiation Burst from Mountain-Top Thunderclouds68
Nonclassical light from a semiconductor laser operating at 4 K68
Observation of Spin Correlation intt¯<68
Controlling the Dynamics of Many-Electron Systems from First Principles: A Combination of Optimal Control and Time-Dependent Density-Functional Theory68
Determination of Surface States at Clean, Cleaved Silicon Surfaces from Photoconductivity68
Publisher’s Note: Observation of an Exotic Baryon withS=+168
Appearance of Novel Sideways Peaking in Light-Fragment Angular Distributions from 28-GeV Proton Irradiation of U and Au68
Strings from five-branes68
Evidence for Parity-Forbiddenα-Particle Decay from the 8.87-MeV68
Photoabsorption ofAgN(N68
Polarization-Resolved Study of High Harmonics from Bulk Semiconductors68
Evidence for universal quantum reflection of hydrogen from liquid68
Stationary Black Holes and Light Rings68
Fingerprints of Heavy-Element Nucleosynthesis in the Late-Time Lightcurves of Kilonovae68
Coherent Soft-X-Ray Dynamic Light Scattering from Smectic-AFilms68
Variational Thermal Quantum Simulation via Thermofield Double States68
Scaling High-Order Harmonic Generation from Laser-Solid Interactions to Ultrahigh Intensity68
Observation of interface phonons by light scattering from epitaxial Sb monolayers on III-V semiconductors68
Coupled Magnetic-Ferroelectric Metal-Insulator Transition in Epitaxially StrainedSrCoO368
Directional Tunneling Escape from Nearly Spherical Optical Resonators68
Tunable Quantum Dot Arrays Formed from Self-Assembled Metal-Organic Networks68
Departure from Fourier's Law for Fluidized Granular Media68
Study of Vector Boson Scattering and Search for New Physics in Events with Two Same-Sign Leptons and Two Jets68
Accurate estimate ofνfor the three-dimensional Ising model from a numerical measurement of its partition function68
Heat Convection in Liquid Crystals Heated from Above68
Sterile Neutrino Constraints from the STEREO Experiment with 66 Days of Reactor-On Data68
Constraints on Primordial Non-Gaussianity from80000068
Magnetic Structure of MnO at 10 K from Total Neutron Scattering Data68
Velocity Distribution ofH268
Enhanced Sputtering Yields from Single-Ion Impacts on Gold Nanorods67
Generation of Large Flavor Mixing from Radiative Corrections67
Slow Ferroelectric Cluster Dynamics in KH67
Active Phase Separation in Mixtures of Chemically Interacting Particles67
Inelasticp-Air Cross Section at Energies between67
Transition from Compact to Fractal Islands during Submonolayer Epitaxial Growth67
Total and Differential Cross Sections forπ67
Spin-Wave Evolution Crossing from the Ferromagnetic to Spin-Glass Regime of67
Characterization of the Transition from Defect to Phase Turbulence67
M1Giant Resonance in67
Hydrogen Diffusion in Silicon from Tight-Binding Molecular Dynamics67
Nuclear Magnetic Susceptibility of SolidHe67
Network Reconstruction and Community Detection from Dynamics67
Electronic structure of adsorbates from core-level shake-up spectra:67
Electric-Field-Induced Patterns in Soft Viscoelastic Films: From Long Waves of Viscous Liquids to Short Waves of Elastic Solids67
Bose-Einstein correlations of pion pairs and kaon pairs from relativistic quantum molecular dynamics67
Interrupted Motility Induced Phase Separation in Aligning Active Colloids67
Measurement of the Proton-Neutron Elastic-Scattering Polarization from 2 to 6 GeV/c67
Transition from boundary- to bulk-controlled regimes in optical pattern formation67
Measurement ofΛ67
Microtubule Dynamics Depart from the Wormlike Chain Model67
First Results from an Axion Haloscope at CAPP around 10.767
Superfluid Turbulence from Quantum Kelvin Wave to Classical Kolmogorov Cascades67
Electrical Detection of Spin Backflow from an Antiferromagnetic Insulator/ 67
From Dark to Bright: First-Order Perturbation Theory with Analytical Mode Normalization for Plasmonic Nanoantenna Arrays Applied to Refractive Index Sensing67
Glueball Masses from an Infrared Moment Problem67
Supercurrent Detection of Topologically Trivial Zero-Energy States in Nanowire Junctions67
Broadband Nonreciprocal Amplification in Luminal Metamaterials67
Derivation of Holographic Negativity in AdS3/67
Self-Propelled Droplet Removal from Hydrophobic Fiber-Based Coalescers67
Non-Gaussian Fluctuations and Non-Markovian Effects in the Nuclear Fusion Process: Langevin Dynamics Emerging from Quantum Molecular Dynamics Simulations67
Quench Dynamics and Orthogonality Catastrophe of Bose Polarons67
Direct Observation of Radiation-Belt Electron Acceleration from Electron-Volt Energies to Megavolts by Nonlinear Whistlers67
Distillation of Squeezing from Non-Gaussian Quantum States67
Self-Consistent Density Functional Calculation of Field Emission Currents from Metals67
Measurements of the electric and magnetic form factors of the proton from67
Cosmic Microwave Background and Density Fluctuations from Strings plus Inflation67
Systematic Study of L -Shell Opacity at Stellar Interior Temperatures67
Gravitational radiation from nonaxisymmetric instability in a rotating star67
Local Structure ofLa1x67
Magnetization Plateaus ofSrCu267
Total Energy Method from Many-Body Formulation67
Measurement of thep¯67
Diffuse Neutrino Flux from Failed Supernovae67
Standard Rulers, Candles, and Clocks from the Low-Redshift Universe67
Limits on Quark-Lepton Compositeness Scales from Dileptons Produced in 1.8 TeVp67
s-Wave Superconductivity from an Antiferromagnetic Spin-Fluctuation Model for67
Transition from Overscreening to Underscreening in the Multichannel Kondo Model: Exact Solution at Large67
Formation of Streamer Discharges from an Isolated Ionization Column at Subbreakdown Conditions67
Pattern Formation Resulting from Faceted Growth in Zone-Melted Thin Films66
Measurement ofαs66
Confinement Effects in Polymer Crystal Nucleation from the Bulk to Few-Chain Systems66
Visualization of Diamond Nucleation and Growth from Energetic Species66
Oxygen Stripes inLa66
Mesonic enhancement of the weak axial-vector current evaluated from β decay in the lead region66
Kink-Kink and Kink-Antikink Interactions with Long-Range Tails66
Constraint on hypothetical light interacting bosons from low-energy neutron experiments66
Radiative Decay Rates inHg+66
Picosecond Spin Seebeck Effect66
Photoproduction ofρ066
Molecule-Frame Photoelectron Angular Distributions from OrientedCF66
Shortcuts to Adiabaticity for the Quantum Rabi Model: Efficient Generation of Giant Entangled Cat States via Parametric Amplification66
Observation of Triplet Doubly Excited States in Single Photon Excitation from Ground State Helium66
New Limits on Fundamental Weak-Interaction Parameters from SuperallowedβDecay66
Operator Entanglement in Interacting Integrable Quantum Systems: The Case of the Rule 54 Chain66
Time-Resolved Charge Carrier Generation from Higher Lying Excited States in Conjugated Polymers66
Search for Gravitational-Wave Bursts from Soft Gamma Repeaters66
Phase Diagram of a Ternary Mixture of Cholesterol and Saturated and Unsaturated Lipids Calculated from a Microscopic Model66
Laser Acceleration of Highly Energetic Carbon Ions Using a Double-Layer Target Composed of Slightly Underdense Plasma and Ultrathin Foil66
Quantum Interferences in Cooperative Dicke Emission from Spatial Variation of the Laser Phase66
Comment on “Collimated Multi-MeV Ion Beams from High-Intensity Laser Interactions with Underdense Plasma”66
J/ψSuppression in66
Spectral Measurements from a Tunable, Raman, Free-Electron Laser66
Hilbert-Space Fragmentation from Strict Confinement66
Optical dynamics in crystal slabs: Crossover from superradiant excitons to bulk polaritons66
X-Ray Emission Spectra from High-Power-Laser-Produced Plasmas66
Nonadditive Compositional Curvature Energetics of Lipid Bilayers66
Coherent Light Generation from aNdSBNNonlinear Laser Crystal th66
Hadronic Light-by-Light Scattering Contribution to the Muon Anomalous Magnetic Moment from Lattice QCD66
Experimental Observation of Two-Dimensional Anderson Localization with the Atomic Kicked Rotor66
Magnetoresistance of a 2D Electron Gas Caused by Electron Interactions in the Transition from the Diffusive to the Ballistic Regime66
Information on Adsorbate Positions from Low-Energy Recoil Scattering: Adsorption of Hydrogen on Pt66
Anomalous Coherent Backscattering of Light from Opal Photonic Crystals66
Hydrodynamic Metamaterial Cloak for Drag-Free Flow66
Search for KL66
Transition from Thermal to Athermal Friction under Cryogenic Conditions66
Photoemission from (110) Faces of Noble Metals: Observation of One-Dimensional Density of States66
Decays of odd-oddN-Z=2 nuclei aboveSn66
Resonant Secondary Emission from Two-Dimensional Excitons: Femtosecond Time Evolution of the Coherence Properties66
Estimates of the Nuclear Time Delay in Dissipative U + U and U + Cm Collisions Derived from the Shape of Positron andδ66
New method to determine first-order transition points from finite-size data66
Evidence of High Harmonics from Echo-Enabled Harmonic Generation for Seeding X-Ray Free Electron Lasers66
511 keV Photons from Color Superconducting Dark Matter66
New Light on Disordered Ensembles:Ab InitioStructure Determination of One Particle from Scattering Fluctuations of Many Copies66
Burstiness and Aging in Social Temporal Networks66
Probing the Roton Excitation Spectrum of a Stable Dipolar Bose Gas66
Demonstration of Protection of a Superconducting Qubit from Energy Decay66
Evidences of transitory metastable phases in refractory metals solidified from highly undercooled liquids in a drop tube66
Artificial impurities in quantum wires: From classical to quantum behavior66
Enhancement of the c_{11} elastic constant of Ag/Pd superlattice films as determined from longitudinal guided modes66