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(The median citation count of Philosophical Quarterly is 0. The table below lists those papers that are above that threshold based on CrossRef citation counts [max. 500 papers]. The publications cover those that have been published in the past four years, i.e., from 2019-08-01 to 2023-08-01.)
What is White Ignorance?14
Sensible Over-Determination11
Aesthetic Reasons and the Demands They (Do Not) Make9
Reimagining Illocutionary Force8
De Minimis Normativism: a New Theory of Full Aptness7
Eating Local: A philosophical toolbox7
Modal Fragmentalism6
Perfectionist Bads6
Certainty in Action6
Agency, Power, and Injustice in Metalinguistic Disagreement6
The Focus Theory of Hope6
Specialized Visual Experiences6
Endless and Infinite5
Groundwork for a Fallibilist Account of Mathematics5
Arguing About Extraterrestrial Intelligence5
As Good As ‘Enough and As Good’5
Maximal Cluelessness5
Subject Matter: A Modest Proposal5
On Reflection4
Moral Education and Rule Consequentialism4
Gene Editing, Identity and Benefit4
Memory, Knowledge, and Epistemic Luck3
Semantic Deflationism and Meta-Ontological Deflationism3
A Care Ethical Theory of Right Action3
Why We Need a New Normativism about Collective Action3
Shared Agency Without Shared Intention3
Authorial Intention, Readers’ Creation, and Reference Shift3
Recent Experimental Philosophy on Joint Action: Do We Need a New Normativism About Collective Action?3
The Attitudinal Opacity of Emotional Experience3
Should We Sacrifice the Utilitarians First?3
Symmetry Fundamentalism: A Case Study from Classical Physics3
Platonic Relations and Mathematical Explanations2
Perceptual Experience and Degrees of Belief2
Against the Doctrine of Infallibility2
Must We Love Epistemic Goods?2
On the Compatibility of Rational Deliberation and Determinism: Why Deterministic Manipulation Is Not a Counterexample2
Species Natures: A Critique of Neo-Aristotelian Ethics2
Hume’s Dictum and Metaethics2
Why Special Relativity is a Problem for the A-Theory2
Extracting Money from Causal Decision Theorists2
Epistemic Judgement and Motivation2
Against ‘Good for’/‘Well-Being’, for ‘Simply Good’2
Narrative, Second-Person Experience, and Self-Perception: A Reason it is Good to Conceive of One’s Life Narratively2
The Logic of Leibniz’s Borrowed Reality Argument2
Degrees of Acceptance2
Content and the Fittingness of Emotion2
Laws of Nature: Necessary and Contingent2
Trust-Based Theories of Promising2
The Varieties of Agnosticism2
Negation, expressivism, and intentionality2
How Gene–Culture Coevolution can—but Probably did not—Track Mind-Independent Moral Truth1
The Normative Significance of Cognitive Science Reconsidered1
Are Public Reason Liberalism’s Epistemological Commitments Indefensible?1
Sharing Burdensome Work1
The New Ledoux: Survival Circuits and the Surplus Meaning of ‘Fear’1
Mapping the Visual Icon1
Truth Pluralism and Many-Valued Logic: Lesson from Suszko’s Thesis1
Outline of a Theory of Reasons1
Is Honesty Rational?1
Saving People From the Harm of Death1
Criminal Proof: Fixed or Flexible?1
Why It Does Not Matter What Matters: Relation R, Personal Identity, and Moral Theory1
Centering the Everett Interpretation1
Character and Causation: Hume's Philosophy of Action1
Desire and Satisfaction1
Reasons and Defeasible Reasoning1
Grief and Composition as Identity1
Saving Sensitivity1
Fictions that Purport to Tell the Truth1
Is the Macro Grounded in the Micro?1
A New Class of Fictional Truths1
Inferences from Utterance to Belief1
Fragmentalism We can Believe in1
Meta-Metasemantics, or the Quest for the One True Metasemantics1
Fairness, Individuality, and Free Riding1
Prejudice: A Study in Non-ideal Epistemology1
The Epistemology of Debunking Argumentation1
Coherence and Knowability1
The Epistemic Role of Consciousness1
Meaning, Rationality, and Guidance1
Moral Sunk Costs in War and Self-Defence1
The Alethic Platitudes, Deflationism, and Adverbial Quantification1
A Question-Sensitive Theory of Intention1
Constancy Mechanisms and Distal Content: a Reply to Garson1
The Paradox of Pain1
Phenomenal Relations and Collective Essence1
Pregnancy, Parthood and Proper Overlap: A Critique of Kingma1
The Dialectics of Liberty: Exploring the Context of Human Freedom1
Avicenna on the Ontology of Pure Quiddity1
I Hear You Feel Confident1
The Cosmopolitan Tradition: A Noble but Flawed Ideal1
Evidentialism and Epistemic Duties to Inquire0
Sociolinguistic Variation, Speech Acts, and Discursive Injustice0
What We Owe the Future: A Million Year View0
Learning From My Daughter: The Value and Care of Disabled Minds0
On Frege’s Assimilation of Sentences with Names*0
Norms and Necessity0
What the Senses Cannot ‘Say’0
Between Deflationism and Inflationism: A Moderate View on Truth and Reference0
The Semantic Conception of Logic: Essays on Consequence, Invariance, and Meaning0
Agents of Change: Political Philosophy in Practice0
Crossmodal Aesthetics: How Music and Dance Can Match0
Is Truth Primitive?0
Hume's Epistemological Evolution0
Existential Flourishing: A Phenomenology of the Virtues0
What is Political Philosophy?0
Trust, Distrust, and ‘Medical Gaslighting’0
Honouring and Admiring the Immoral: an ethical guide. Drawing the Line: What to Do with the Work of Immoral Artists from Museums to the Movies0
The Trolley Problem in the Ethics of Autonomous Vehicles0
Life Above the Clouds: Philosophy in the Films of Terrence Malick0
Is God Invisible? An Essay on Religion and Aesthetics0
Thinking Parts and Embodiment0
Identity and Purity0
Spinoza on Expression and Grounds of Intelligibility0
Sidestepping the Frege–Geach Problem0
Dear Prudence0
Kant's Justification of Ethics0
The Virtues of Limits0
The a Priori Truth of Modal Rationalism0
Book Review0
The Women Are Up to Something: How Elisabeth Anscombe, Philippa Foot, Mary Midgley, and Iris Murdoch Revolutionized Ethics0
The Mismeasure of the Self: A Study in Vice Epistemology0
Human and Animal Minds: The Consciousness Questions Laid to Rest0
Acquiring a Concept of Visual Experience10
Syntax, Truth, and the Fate of Sentences0
Being: A Study in Ontology0
Can Risk Aversion Survive the Long Run?0
Recognition and the Self in Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit0
Orthodox Mysticism and Asceticism: Philosophy and Theology in St Gregory Palamas’ Work0
The Oedipus Plays of Sophocles0
Metaphysical Emergence0
A Not-so-Simple Rule for ‘I’0
Editorial Note0
The Normative and the Evaluative. The Buck-Passing Account of Value0
Grief: A Philosophical Guide0
Relational Troubles Structuralist Worries for an Epistemology of Powers-Based Modality0
Markets With Limits: How the Commodification of Academia Derails Debate0
Moral Error Theory Without Epistemic Error Theory: Scepticism About Second-Personal Reasons0
Emotions, Values and Agency0
Critical Study0
What Is, and What Is in Itself: A Systematic Ontology0
Revisiting the Epistemic Regress of Dispositions0
Cooperative Intuitionism0
Death and Decline0
The Realist Turn: Repositioning Liberalism0
Why Dreaming Worlds aren’t Nearby Possible Worlds0
On Inhumanity: Dehumanization and How to Resist It0
Transparency and Self-Knowledge0
In Search of Just Families0
Shame and the Scope of Moral Accountability0
Failure and Success in Agency0
Choosing for Changing Selves0
Promising by Normative Assurance0
History, Metaphors, Fables. A Hans Blumenberg Reader0
Editorial Note0
Reliabilism’s Memory Loss0
A Wolf in the City: Tyranny and the Tyrant in Plato's Republic0
Caring for Liberalism: Dependency and Liberal Political Theory0
Critical Notice0
Is Perfect Being Theology Informative?0
Galileo's Error: Foundations for a New Science of Consciousness0
Morality and Mathematics0
The Scope of Consent0
The Epistemology of Reading and Interpretation0
On Trying to Leave Truth Alone0
Rawls: Reticent Socialist0
E.J. Lowe and Ontology0
A Deductive Solution to the Generalisation Problem for Horwich’s Minimalism about Truth0
Spinoza's Political Psychology: The Taming of Fortune and Fear0
Moral Testimony and Re-Conceived Understanding: A Reply to Callahan0
Self-Deception as a Moral Failure0
Fiction And Content in Hume’s Labyrinth0
Is There a God? A Debate0
An Argument from Proof Theory against Implicit Conventionalism0
Harm, Baselines, and the Worse than Nothing Account0
Epistemic Uses of Imagination0
The Fiery Test of Critique: A Reading of Kant's Dialectic0
Rethinking Existentialism0
Realism and the Value of Explanation0
Rational Powers in Action: Instrumental Rationality and Extended Agency0
Attention Not Self0
On Grounds, Anchors, and Diseases: A Reply to Glackin0
Schaffer, Sherlock and Shaddai0
Fine’s Monster Objection Defanged0
Metaphysical Animals: How Four Women Brought Philosophy Back to Life0
On Believing: Being Right in a World of Possibilities0
What is Epistemology?0
Shared Agency and Mutual Obligations: A Pluralist Account0
Persistence Without Personhood: A New Model0
Description of Situations: An Essay in Contextualist Epistemology0
Evaluative Perception0
Explicating Agency: The Case of Visual Attention0
The Conceptual Foundation of Morality0
Diagnosing Institutionalized ‘Distrustworthiness’0
Trustworthiness, Responsibility and Virtue0
Desire and Satisfaction0
Truth from the Agent Point of View0
On the Logicality of Truth0
Morality, Uncertainty0
Moral Feelings, Moral Reality, and Moral Progress0
What Do We Mean When We Talk About Meaning?0
Hegel's Foundation Free Metaphysics: The Logic of Singularity0
Degrees of Epistemic Criticizability0
The Roots of Normativity0
Anscombe's Intention: A Guide0
Spinoza's Religion0
Grounding: De Re and De Dicto0
The Meaning of Travel0
The Case for Rage: Why Anger is Essential to Anti-Racist Struggle0
The Essential Berkeley and Neo-Berkeley0
Critical Notice: Fitting Things Together: Coherence and the demands of structural rationality0
Mathematical and Moral Disagreement0
Spying Through a Glass Darkly0
The Single-Minded Animal: Shared Intentionality, Normativity, and the Foundations of Discursive Cognition0
Pain Linguistics: A Case for Pluralism0
Down Girl: The Logic of Misogyny0
Parity versus Ignorance0
Closing the Conceptual Gap in Epistemic Injustice0
The Metaphysics of Action: Trying, Doing, Causing0
Frame It Again: New Tools for Rational Decision-Making.0
A Map of Selves: Beyond Philosophy of Mind0
Are There Non-Propositional Implicatures?0
Parental Love and Procreation0
Environmental Thought: A Short History0
The Metaphysics of Representation0
Fear of Black Consciousness0
A Sperm and Ovum Separately! Contra Marquis on Abortion and Contraception0
Blameworthiness and Dependence0
‘Rails Invisibly Laid to Infinity’0
Environmental Ethics: A Very Short Introduction0
The Habermas-Rawls Debate0
Freedom to Care: Liberalism, Dependency Care, and Culture0
Immorality and Transgressive Art: An Argument for Immoralism in the Philosophy of Art0
The Price of Twin Earth0
Quantum Gravity and Mereology: Not So Simple0
Inquiry, Knowledge, and Understanding0
Foundations of Institutional Reality0
Games: Agency as Art0
Desire That Amounts to Knowledge0
On the Genealogy of Universals: The Metaphysical Origins of Analytic Philosophy0
What is Structural Rationality?0
Why Free Will Is Real0
Social Dimensions of Moral Responsibility0
The Importance of Being Rational0
Being for Beauty: Aesthetic Agency and Value0
Responsibility and Comparative Pride – a Critical Discussion of Morgan-Knapp0
A Philosophy of Struggle: The Leonard Harris Reader0
The Historical Ontology of Art0
Reconsidering Reparations0
Assertion and Certainty0
The Labyrinth of Mind and World: Beyond Externalism–Internalism0
The Proper Formulation of the Minimalist Theory of Truth0
Medieval Philosophy0
Metacontexts and Cross-Contextual Communication: Stabilizing the Content of Documents Across Contexts0
The World According to Kant: Appearances and Things in Themselves in Critical Idealism0
The Limits of Partial Doxasticism0
Reason in Nature: New Essays on Themes from John McDowell0
The Logic of Conditional Belief0
Practical Structure and Moral Skill0
Learning from Our Mistakes: Epistemology for the Real World0
Dispositional Pluralism0
The Political Soul: Plato on Thumos, Spirited Motivation, and the City0
The Logical Alien. Conant and His Critics0
Reasonable But Non-Liberal: Another Route to Polycentrism0
Alethic Openness and the Growing Block Theory of Time0
Expanding the Client’s Perspective0
How to Express Implicit Attitudes0
Response to LÖhr: Why We Still Need a New Normativism0
A Duty not to Remain Silent: Hypocrisy and the Lack of Standing not to Blame0
Probabilistic Proofs, Lottery Propositions, and Mathematical Knowledge0
The Value of Emotions for Knowledge0
Nonideal Social Ontology. The Power View0
Hegel and the Problem of Beginning: Scepticism and Presuppositionlessness0
No Work for Fundamental Facts0
Sad Love: Romance and the Search for Meaning0
On the Adequacy of a Substructural Logic for Mathematics and Science0
Spinoza's Epistemology through a Geometrical Lens0
The Life and Philosophy of Elizabeth Anscombe0
Reason and Ethics: The Case Against Objective Value0
The Philosophy of Modern Song0
Reflective equilibrium and the principles of logical analysis: Understanding the laws of logic0
Being Self-Deceived about One’s Own Mental State0
Effective Filtering: Language Comprehension and Testimonial Entitlement0
Knowing, Telling, Trusting0
Attribution and Explanation in Relativism0
Objective Imperatives: An Exploration of Kant's Moral Philosophy0
Choosing Values? Williams Contra Nietzsche0
The Internet Is Not What You Think It Is: A History, A Philosophy, A Warning0
The Physics of Emergence0
On Parfit’s Wide Dual Person-Affecting Principle0
Cross-Domain Descriptions: The Sensory and the Psychological0
Shared and Institutional Agency: Toward a Planning Theory of Human Practical Organization0
Truth and Norms: Normative Alethic Pluralism and Evaluative Disagreements0
Can We have Justified Beliefs about Fundamental Properties?0
Why We Hate: Understanding the Roots of Human Conflict0
The Case Against Death0
Death, Creation, and Future Bias0
Hegel's Ontology of Power: The Structure of Social Domination in Capitalism0
Mark Sinclair, Bergson0
Sense Perception and Mereological Nihilism0
Football: the Philosophy behind the Game0
A Hole in the Box and a Pain in the Mouth0
Don’t Stop Believing: Fragmentalism and the Problem of Tensed Belief Explosion0
A Philosophical Perspective on Folk Moral Objectivism0
Aristotle's On the Soul: A Critical Guide0
Our Fate. Essays on God and Free Will0
Love: A New Understanding of an Ancient Emotion0
Can Civic Friendship Ground Public Reason?0
Relevance and Verification0
The Metaphysics of Quantities0
Coping: A Philosophical Guide0
Deflating the Many Attitudes Problem0
Locke on Persons and Personal Identity0
Aristotle on the Concept of Shared Life0
Descriptivism and the Determination Thesis: an Untenable Marriage in the Metaontology of Art0
Materialism and the Moral Status of Animals0
Individuality and Beyond: Nietzsche Reads Emerson0
Why Can’t There Be Numbers?0
Plato's Essentialism. Reinterpreting the Theory of Forms0
Correction to: Coherence and Knowability0
OUP accepted manuscript0
Ambivalence: A Philosophical Exploration0
Meanings as Species0
Vagueness: A Global Approach0
The Emotional Mind: A Control Theory of Affective States0
On the Epistemic Significance of Perceptual Structure0
Augustine’s Master Argument for the Incorporeality of the Mind0
The Nature of Contingency: Quantum Physics as Modal Realism0
Democracy after Virtue: Toward Pragmatic Confucian Democracy0
Hegel's Century: Alienation and Recognition in a Time of Revolution0
The Weaknesses of Weak Preemptionism0
Corrigendum to: Death, Creation, and Future Bias0
Restricted Composition is Information Compression0
Metaphysical Overdetermination0
What’s your Opinion? Negation and ‘Weak’ Attitude Verbs0
Rationality is Not Coherence0
Thinking about Animals in Thirteenth-Century Paris: Theologians on the Boundary Between Humans and Animals0
Sensorimotor Relationalism and Conscious Vision0
The Art of Abduction0
Consequences of Reference Failure0
Review of the World-Directedness of Emotional Feeling0
Being and Freedom: On Late Modern Ethics in Europe0
The Later Wittgenstein on Expressive Moral Judgements0
The Limitations of the Open Mind0
The Myth of Luck: Philosophy, Fate, and Fortune0
Erratum to: Reflective Equilibrium and the Principles of Logical Analysis0
Strawson’s Account of Morality and its Implications for Central Themes in ‘Freedom and Resentment’0
The Nature of Desert Claims: Rethinking What It Means to Get One's Due0
Conversational Pressure: Normativity in Speech Exchanges0
The Threat of Anti-Theism: What is at Stake in the Axiology of God?0
Negative Actions: Events, Absences, and the Metaphysics of Agency0
Knowledge Out of Control0
Recursivity and Contingency0
Knowing Our Limits0
Linguistic Conventionalism and the Truth-Contrast Thesis0
Transfinitely Transitive Value0
Guided by Voices. Moral Testimony, Advice, and Forging a ‘We’0
Legislating Taste0
On Powers BSAs0
On Bitcoin: A Study in Applied Metaphysics0