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Adopt a moratorium on heritable genome editing214
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Secondary organic aerosol reduced by mixture of atmospheric vapours145
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Genetic predisposition to mosaic Y chromosome loss in blood126
Single-neuron perturbations reveal feature-specific competition in V1125
Enhanced intrinsic photovoltaic effect in tungsten disulfide nanotubes124
Interacting neural ensembles in orbitofrontal cortex for social and feeding behaviour124
Windborne long-distance migration of malaria mosquitoes in the Sahel124
FACT caught in the act of manipulating the nucleosome124
A volumetric display for visual, tactile and audio presentation using acoustic trapping123
Mechanisms of RALF peptide perception by a heterotypic receptor complex123
Reverse-engineering the locomotion of a stem amniote123
Immunization expands B cells specific to HIV-1 V3 glycan in mice and macaques123
Hyperbolic lattices in circuit quantum electrodynamics122
How to win public support for a global carbon tax122
FTSJ3 is an RNA 2′-O-methyltransferase recruited by HIV to avoid innate immune sensing122
Visualizing Poiseuille flow of hydrodynamic electrons122
Observed controls on resilience of groundwater to climate variability in sub-Saharan Africa122
Exome sequencing of Finnish isolates enhances rare-variant association power122
PhDs: the tortuous truth121
Non-Hermitian ring laser gyroscopes with enhanced Sagnac sensitivity121
Introns are mediators of cell response to starvation121
Viral and metazoan poxins are cGAMP-specific nucleases that restrict cGAS–STING signalling121
Molecular architecture of lineage allocation and tissue organization in early mouse embryo121
Distinct modes of mitochondrial metabolism uncouple T cell differentiation and function121
Mammalian ISWI and SWI/SNF selectively mediate binding of distinct transcription factors120
Salmonella persisters promote the spread of antibiotic resistance plasmids in the gut120
GPR31-dependent dendrite protrusion of intestinal CX3CR1+ cells by bacterial metabolites120
Millennial-scale changes in North Atlantic circulation since the last glaciation119
Cavity quantum electrodynamics with atom-like mirrors119
A dominant autoinflammatory disease caused by non-cleavable variants of RIPK1119
Ionic-surfactant-mediated electro-dewetting for digital microfluidics118
Oxytocin-dependent reopening of a social reward learning critical period with MDMA118
NAD metabolic dependency in cancer is shaped by gene amplification and enhancer remodelling118
Analysis of the B cell receptor repertoire in six immune-mediated diseases118
Insights into ubiquitin chain architecture using Ub-clipping117
Altered chromosomal topology drives oncogenic programs in SDH-deficient GISTs117
Mid-latitude net precipitation decreased with Arctic warming during the Holocene116
Chromatin structure dynamics during the mitosis-to-G1 phase transition116
Spliceosomal disruption of the non-canonical BAF complex in cancer116
Increase in CFC-11 emissions from eastern China based on atmospheric observations116
The Drug Rediscovery protocol facilitates the expanded use of existing anticancer drugs116
Group 3 innate lymphoid cells mediate early protective immunity against tuberculosis116
Hominin occupation of the Chinese Loess Plateau since about 2.1 million years ago115
Comprehensive single-cell transcriptome lineages of a proto-vertebrate115
Anaerobic oxidation of ethane by archaea from a marine hydrocarbon seep115
Coordinated alterations in RNA splicing and epigenetic regulation drive leukaemogenesis115
IL-17a promotes sociability in mouse models of neurodevelopmental disorders115
Metabolic heterogeneity underlies reciprocal fates of TH17 cell stemness and plasticity115
FOXA1 mutations alter pioneering activity, differentiation and prostate cancer phenotypes114
Targeting the CBM complex causes Treg cells to prime tumours for immune checkpoint therapy114
Notum produced by Paneth cells attenuates regeneration of aged intestinal epithelium114
Meridional flows in the disk around a young star113
Make scientific data FAIR113
High performance from extraordinarily thick organic light-emitting diodes113
Stabilization of chromatin topology safeguards genome integrity113
TMK1-mediated auxin signalling regulates differential growth of the apical hook113
Genomic insights into the 2016–2017 cholera epidemic in Yemen113
Colouration by total internal reflection and interference at microscale concave interfaces112
Large electrocaloric effects in oxide multilayer capacitors over a wide temperature range112
scSLAM-seq reveals core features of transcription dynamics in single cells112
Wilderness areas halve the extinction risk of terrestrial biodiversity111
Climate change and overfishing increase neurotoxicant in marine predators111
Alcohol metabolism contributes to brain histone acetylation111
Regulation of lifespan by neural excitation and REST111
Chang’E-4 initial spectroscopic identification of lunar far-side mantle-derived materials111
The ADP/ATP translocase drives mitophagy independent of nucleotide exchange111
A wide star–black-hole binary system from radial-velocity measurements111
Frequent mutations that converge on the NFKBIZ pathway in ulcerative colitis111
Mapping 123 million neonatal, infant and child deaths between 2000 and 2017111
Electrochemically reconfigurable architected materials110
Time-resolved protein activation by proximal decaging in living systems110
Energy of the 229Th nuclear clock transition110
Developmental ROS individualizes organismal stress resistance and lifespan110
The CH25H–CYP7B1–RORα axis of cholesterol metabolism regulates osteoarthritis110
Structural basis of ligand recognition at the human MT1 melatonin receptor110
Astrophysical detection of the helium hydride ion HeH+109
Atomic-scale imaging of a 27-nuclear-spin cluster using a quantum sensor109
RETRACTED ARTICLE: Complex societies precede moralizing gods throughout world history109
A radical switch in clonality reveals a stem cell niche in the epiphyseal growth plate109
Birth date and sporting success108
A gated quantum dot strongly coupled to an optical microcavity108
Light-entrained and brain-tuned circadian circuits regulate ILC3s and gut homeostasis108
HIF-1α metabolically controls collagen synthesis and modification in chondrocytes108
Metabolic reprogramming by the S-nitroso-CoA reductase system protects against kidney injury108
A very-high-energy component deep in the γ-ray burst afterglow108
Cryo-EM structure of oxysterol-bound human Smoothened coupled to a heterotrimeric Gi107
Early fungi from the Proterozoic era in Arctic Canada107
Machine learning in electronic-quantum-matter imaging experiments107
Structures of influenza A virus RNA polymerase offer insight into viral genome replication107
Opposing T cell responses in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis107
Internal state dynamics shape brainwide activity and foraging behaviour107
Programmable design of orthogonal protein heterodimers107
In vivo imaging of mitochondrial membrane potential in non-small-cell lung cancer106
TRAIP is a master regulator of DNA interstrand crosslink repair105
Structure of the mitochondrial import gate reveals distinct preprotein paths105
Dynamics and genomic landscape of CD8+ T cells undergoing hepatic priming105
Skin sensors are the future of health care104
Immunization: vital progress, unfinished agenda104
Crosslinking ionic oligomers as conformable precursors to calcium carbonate104
Selective triplet exciton formation in a single molecule104
Prepare river ecosystems for an uncertain future104
Subthreshold firing in Mott nanodevices104
A dominant population of optically invisible massive galaxies in the early Universe104
Structural basis of lipopolysaccharide extraction by the LptB2FGC complex103
Sensorimotor experience remaps visual input to a heading-direction network103
Temporal and spectral fingerprints of ultrafast all-coherent spin switching103
Structure and autoregulation of a P4-ATPase lipid flippase103
Syndecan 1 is a critical mediator of macropinocytosis in pancreatic cancer103
A bacteriophage nucleus-like compartment shields DNA from CRISPR nucleases103
Designing minimal and scalable insect-inspired multi-locomotion millirobots102
Metamorphism and the evolution of plate tectonics102
Ultrafast spin-lasers102
The low-energy Goldstone mode in a trapped dipolar supersolid102
Supersolid symmetry breaking from compressional oscillations in a dipolar quantum gas102
Discovery of a pathway for terminal-alkyne amino acid biosynthesis102
Innervation of thermogenic adipose tissue via a calsyntenin 3β–S100b axis102
Trace metals in Antarctic snows since 1914101
Anthropogenic biases in chemical reaction data hinder exploratory inorganic synthesis101
Timing of archaic hominin occupation of Denisova Cave in southern Siberia101
Resonant microwave-mediated interactions between distant electron spins101
Observation of inverse Compton emission from a long γ-ray burst101
Axionic charge-density wave in the Weyl semimetal (TaSe4)2I100
Nonreciprocal control and cooling of phonon modes in an optomechanical system99
Natural selection on the Arabidopsis thaliana genome in present and future climates99
The U1 spliceosomal RNA is recurrently mutated in multiple cancers99
Visualizing electrostatic gating effects in two-dimensional heterostructures99
Recurrent noncoding U1 snRNA mutations drive cryptic splicing in SHH medulloblastoma99
Frontal cortex neuron types categorically encode single decision variables98
Structure of the complex I-like molecule NDH of oxygenic photosynthesis98
Structural basis of nucleosome recognition and modification by MLL methyltransferases98
Thermodynamic signatures of quantum criticality in cuprate superconductors98
Deacylative transformations of ketones via aromatization-promoted C–C bond activation97
Structural colour using organized microfibrillation in glassy polymer films97
Dietary salt promotes cognitive impairment through tau phosphorylation97
UDP-glucose accelerates SNAI1 mRNA decay and impairs lung cancer metastasis97
Absence of a thick atmosphere on the terrestrial exoplanet LHS 3844b97
Mapping changes in housing in sub-Saharan Africa from 2000 to 201597
The ultrafast Einstein–de Haas effect97
Gut intraepithelial T cells calibrate metabolism and accelerate cardiovascular disease97
Mandate vaccination with care96
Climate change and tropical cyclone trend96
Excised linear introns regulate growth in yeast96
Electrolytic vascular systems for energy-dense robots96
Optical clock comparison for Lorentz symmetry testing96
Age estimates for hominin fossils and the onset of the Upper Palaeolithic at Denisova Cave96
Activation of PDGF pathway links LMNA mutation to dilated cardiomyopathy96
Early Pleistocene enamel proteome from Dmanisi resolves Stephanorhinus phylogeny96
Challenges in evidencing the earliest traces of life95
Stellar mergers as the origin of magnetic massive stars95
Earliest hunting scene in prehistoric art95
Key role for CTCF in establishing chromatin structure in human embryos95
Collapsing glaciers threaten Asia’s water supplies94
Tissue curvature and apicobasal mechanical tension imbalance instruct cancer morphogenesis94
Asymmetric lysosome inheritance predicts activation of haematopoietic stem cells94
High-resolution lineage tracking reveals travelling wave of adaptation in laboratory yeast94
PU.1 controls fibroblast polarization and tissue fibrosis94
Large-scale chemical–genetics yields new M. tuberculosis inhibitor classes94
Subcellular transcriptomes and proteomes of developing axon projections in the cerebral cortex93
An ultra-stable gold-coordinated protein cage displaying reversible assembly93
Structure of the post-translational protein translocation machinery of the ER membrane93
Genetic induction and mechanochemical propagation of a morphogenetic wave92
Accretion of a giant planet onto a white dwarf star92
Non-line-of-sight imaging using phasor-field virtual wave optics92
Emergence of tissue-like mechanics from fibrous networks confined by close-packed cells92
Phytoplankton productivity in the North Pacific ocean since 1900 and implications for absorption of anthropogenic CO291
Quantum critical behaviour at the many-body localization transition91
Cryo-EM structures of apo and antagonist-bound human Cav3.191
Thermal conductance of single-molecule junctions91
A unified mechanism for intron and exon definition and back-splicing91
The fundamental role of chromatin loop extrusion in physiological V(D)J recombination91
An apical hypoxic niche sets the pace of shoot meristem activity91
Real-space charge-density imaging with sub-ångström resolution by four-dimensional electron microscopy91
A large source of cloud condensation nuclei from new particle formation in the tropics91
An antiaromatic-walled nanospace90
Generation of stable heading representations in diverse visual scenes90
Distinct modes of cell competition shape mammalian tissue morphogenesis90
Structure and drug resistance of the Plasmodium falciparum transporter PfCRT90
No detection of methane on Mars from early ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter observations90
Patch repair of deep wounds by mobilized fascia89
Structure of the inner kinetochore CCAN complex assembled onto a centromeric nucleosome89
Onset of differentiation is post-transcriptionally controlled in adult neural stem cells89
Tracing the origin of adult intestinal stem cells89
β-Synuclein-reactive T cells induce autoimmune CNS grey matter degeneration89
Surface erosion events controlled the evolution of plate tectonics on Earth89
Structural basis of unidirectional export of lipopolysaccharide to the cell surface89
Formation of massive black holes in rapidly growing pre-galactic gas clouds89
What’s next for Registered Reports?88
Five decades of northern land carbon uptake revealed by the interhemispheric CO2 gradient88
Lipid signalling drives proteolytic rewiring of mitochondria by YME1L88
Spin–orbit-driven band inversion in bilayer graphene by the van der Waals proximity effect88
Metastatic-niche labelling reveals parenchymal cells with stem features88
RETRACTED ARTICLE: A 10 per cent increase in global land evapotranspiration from 2003 to 201988
A sensory appendage protein protects malaria vectors from pyrethroids88
SETD3 is an actin histidine methyltransferase that prevents primary dystocia88
Martian dust storm impact on atmospheric H2O and D/H observed by ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter88
Continued decline of total ozone over Halley, Antarctica, since 198587
The reality behind solar power’s next star material87
Peptide ligation by chemoselective aminonitrile coupling in water87
Waveguide-coupled single collective excitation of atomic arrays87
Transcriptional cofactors display specificity for distinct types of core promoters87
Phylogenetic evidence for Sino-Tibetan origin in northern China in the Late Neolithic86
Genome editing retraces the evolution of toxin resistance in the monarch butterfly86
RGF1 controls root meristem size through ROS signalling86
A weak topological insulator state in quasi-one-dimensional bismuth iodide86
78Ni revealed as a doubly magic stronghold against nuclear deformation86
Chiral twisted van der Waals nanowires85
Plasma membrane V-ATPase controls oncogenic RAS-induced macropinocytosis85
Modulation of cardiac ryanodine receptor 2 by calmodulin85
Resolving the energy levels of a nanomechanical oscillator85
An interbacterial toxin inhibits target cell growth by synthesizing (p)ppApp85
Lactonization as a general route to β-C(sp3)–H functionalization85
XFEL structures of the human MT2 melatonin receptor reveal the basis of subtype selectivity85
Probing the energetic particle environment near the Sun85
Broadening not strengthening of the Agulhas Current since the early 1990s84
Weak average liquid-cloud-water response to anthropogenic aerosols84
Calicivirus VP2 forms a portal-like assembly following receptor engagement84
Parallel entangling operations on a universal ion-trap quantum computer84
Predator-induced collapse of niche structure and species coexistence84
Insights into the assembly and activation of the microtubule nucleator γ-TuRC84
Fundamental roles of chromatin loop extrusion in antibody class switching83
Hidden resilience and adaptive dynamics of the global online hate ecology83
De novo protein design by citizen scientists83
Palaeo-Eskimo genetic ancestry and the peopling of Chukotka and North America83
Rein in the four horsemen of irreproducibility82
Three pitfalls to avoid in machine learning82
An N-nitrosating metalloenzyme constructs the pharmacophore of streptozotocin82
Neural signatures of sleep in zebrafish82
Imaging magnetic polarons in the doped Fermi–Hubbard model82
H2A.Z facilitates licensing and activation of early replication origins82
Computational periscopy with an ordinary digital camera81
Chemotaxis as a navigation strategy to boost range expansion81
Neogene cooling driven by land surface reactivity rather than increased weathering fluxes81
Mechanism of DNA translocation underlying chromatin remodelling by Snf281
Transposon molecular domestication and the evolution of the RAG recombinase81
KRAS4A directly regulates hexokinase 181
Non-photosynthetic predators are sister to red algae80
Mediterranean winter rainfall in phase with African monsoons during the past 1.36 million years80
An allosteric mechanism for potent inhibition of human ATP-citrate lyase79
Inhibition of bacterial ubiquitin ligases by SidJ–calmodulin catalysed glutamylation79
Structural insights into the mechanism of human soluble guanylate cyclase78
Interlayer exciton laser of extended spatial coherence in atomically thin heterostructures78
Cryo-EM structures of herpes simplex virus type 1 portal vertex and packaged genome78
p53 regulation of ammonia metabolism through urea cycle controls polyamine biosynthesis78
Regulation of phosphoribosyl ubiquitination by a calmodulin-dependent glutamylase78
A general theoretical and experimental framework for nanoscale electromagnetism77
Structure of ATP citrate lyase and the origin of citrate synthase in the Krebs cycle77
PKG1-modified TSC2 regulates mTORC1 activity to counter adverse cardiac stress77
Tripled yield in direct-drive laser fusion through statistical modelling77
Modified structure of protons and neutrons in correlated pairs76
Mechanism of head-to-head MCM double-hexamer formation revealed by cryo-EM76
Pluripotency and the origin of animal multicellularity76
Genome–lamina interactions are established de novo in the early mouse embryo76
A gut-to-brain signal of fluid osmolarity controls thirst satiation76
Core crystallization and pile-up in the cooling sequence of evolving white dwarfs76
Modular and tunable biological feedback control using a de novo protein switch76
Forearc carbon sink reduces long-term volatile recycling into the mantle76
Observation of two-neutrino double electron capture in 124Xe with XENON1T75
Resonant electro-optic frequency comb75
Exposing Anopheles mosquitoes to antimalarials blocks Plasmodium parasite transmission75
Late steps in bacterial translation initiation visualized using time-resolved cryo-EM75
LLGL2 rescues nutrient stress by promoting leucine uptake in ER+ breast cancer75
Human gut bacteria contain acquired interbacterial defence systems75
Immunity to commensal papillomaviruses protects against skin cancer75
Amino-acid Sequences of Kangaroo Myoglobin and Haemoglobin and the Date of Marsupial-Eutherian Divergence74
Priorities for the next 10 years of human microbiome research74
Global change drives modern plankton communities away from the pre-industrial state74
Twofold expansion of the Indo-Pacific warm pool warps the MJO life cycle74
Giant thermal Hall conductivity in the pseudogap phase of cuprate superconductors74
Nine-hour X-ray quasi-periodic eruptions from a low-mass black hole galactic nucleus74
An integrative systems genetic analysis of mammalian lipid metabolism74
Globally resolved surface temperatures since the Last Glacial Maximum73
How much can forests fight climate change?73
Memory editing from science fiction to clinical practice73
Information gerrymandering and undemocratic decisions73
Position and momentum mapping of vibrations in graphene nanostructures73
Bacterial biodiversity drives the evolution of CRISPR-based phage resistance73
Flower isoforms promote competitive growth in cancer73
Inflation of 430-parsec bipolar radio bubbles in the Galactic Centre by an energetic event73
Increasing subtropical North Pacific Ocean nitrogen fixation since the Little Ice Age72
Tracing the US opioid crisis to its roots72
A potassium channel β-subunit couples mitochondrial electron transport to sleep72
Random anti-lasing through coherent perfect absorption in a disordered medium72
Attachment of the blastoderm to the vitelline envelope affects gastrulation of insects72
Structure and mechanism of the cation–chloride cotransporter NKCC172
A mutation-independent approach for muscular dystrophy via upregulation of a modifier gene72
Enzyme-catalysed [6+4] cycloadditions in the biosynthesis of natural products72
BORIS promotes chromatin regulatory interactions in treatment-resistant cancer cells72
Isomerization of BRCA1–BARD1 promotes replication fork protection72
MHC class II proteins mediate cross-species entry of bat influenza viruses72
Last appearance of Homo erectus at Ngandong, Java, 117,000–108,000 years ago72
HBO1 is required for the maintenance of leukaemia stem cells72
China’s tree-planting drive could falter in a warming world71
Temporal plasticity of apical progenitors in the developing mouse neocortex71
Stationary entangled radiation from micromechanical motion71
A widespread coral-infecting apicomplexan with chlorophyll biosynthesis genes71
Global satellite-observed daily vertical migrations of ocean animals71
Precise therapeutic gene correction by a simple nuclease-induced double-stranded break71
General relativistic orbital decay in a seven-minute-orbital-period eclipsing binary system71
Disinformation’s spread: bots, trolls and all of us70
Quaternary-centre-guided synthesis of complex polycyclic terpenes70
Entanglement of bosonic modes through an engineered exchange interaction70
Lysine harvesting is an antioxidant strategy and triggers underground polyamine metabolism70
FOXK1 and FOXK2 regulate aerobic glycolysis70
Signatures of a jet cocoon in early spectra of a supernova associated with a γ-ray burst70
Classify viruses — the gain is worth the pain69
Light-driven anaerobic microbial oxidation of manganese69
Architecture of the mycobacterial type VII secretion system69
Small-molecule ion channels increase host defences in cystic fibrosis airway epithelia69
Structure of the Fanconi anaemia monoubiquitin ligase complex69
Put equity first in climate adaptation68
Southward propagation of Nazca subduction along the Andes68
Structures of an RNA polymerase promoter melting intermediate elucidate DNA unwinding68
Active chromatin marks drive spatial sequestration of heterochromatin in C. elegans nuclei68
Singlet molecular oxygen regulates vascular tone and blood pressure in inflammation68
Similar scaling laws for earthquakes and Cascadia slow-slip events67
Controlling protein assembly on inorganic crystals through designed protein interfaces67
Design and evolution of an enzyme with a non-canonical organocatalytic mechanism67
Cholera toxin promotes pathogen acquisition of host-derived nutrients66
Four steps to food security for swelling cities66
Why and where an HIV cure is needed and how it might be achieved66
Electrical resistivity across a nematic quantum critical point66
Humans are driving one million species to extinction65
Straightforward access to N-trifluoromethyl amides, carbamates, thiocarbamates and ureas65
Neural circuits underlying a psychotherapeutic regimen for fear disorders65
Cryo-EM structure of the spinach cytochrome b6 f complex at 3.6 Å resolution65
Human origins in a southern African palaeo-wetland and first migrations65
Ultrahigh-pressure isostructural electronic transitions in hydrogen65
A magnetar-powered X-ray transient as the aftermath of a binary neutron-star merger65
Helical van der Waals crystals with discretized Eshelby twist65
Confinement of atomically defined metal halide sheets in a metal–organic framework65
The molecular landscape of ETMR at diagnosis and relapse65
Tainted water: the scientists tracing thousands of fluorinated chemicals in our environment64
Migrant memory B cells secrete luminal antibody in the vagina64
A glucose-sensing neuron pair regulates insulin and glucagon in Drosophila64
Disruption of the Orion molecular core 1 by wind from the massive star θ1 Orionis C64
Structure and assembly of the mitochondrial membrane remodelling GTPase Mgm164
Near-Sun observations of an F-corona decrease and K-corona fine structure64
Direct laboratory determination of the 187Re half-life63
Why the US–China trade war spells disaster for the Amazon63
Rapid expansion of Greenland’s low-permeability ice slabs63
PGRMC2 is an intracellular haem chaperone critical for adipocyte function63
Growth dynamics in naturally progressing chronic lymphocytic leukaemia63
Electric field correlation measurements on the electromagnetic vacuum state62
Near-field photonic cooling through control of the chemical potential of photons62
An X-ray chimney extending hundreds of parsecs above and below the Galactic Centre62
Visualization of clustered protocadherin neuronal self-recognition complexes62
MLLT3 governs human haematopoietic stem-cell self-renewal and engraftment62
Habenular TCF7L2 links nicotine addiction to diabetes62
The CRISPR-baby scandal: what’s next for human gene-editing61
Insect egg size and shape evolve with ecology but not developmental rate61
RETRACTED ARTICLE: Living annulative π-extension polymerization for graphene nanoribbon synthesis61
Two-million-year-old snapshots of atmospheric gases from Antarctic ice61
Trapping biosynthetic acyl-enzyme intermediates with encoded 2,3-diaminopropionic acid61
Social dilemmas among unequals60
Death march of a segmented and trilobate bilaterian elucidates early animal evolution60
Large hydropower and water-storage potential in future glacier-free basins60
UNC93B1 recruits syntenin-1 to dampen TLR7 signalling and prevent autoimmunity60
Controlling organization and forces in active matter through optically defined boundaries60
Enamel proteome shows that Gigantopithecus was an early diverging pongine60
Cooling and freshening of the subpolar North Atlantic Ocean since the 1960s59
Millions of black people affected by racial bias in health-care algorithms59
Observation of fermion-mediated interactions between bosonic atoms59
Measurement of quantum back action in the audio band at room temperature59
Structural basis of ligand recognition and self-activation of orphan GPR5259
India's and Australia's pole path since the late Mesozoic and the India–Asia collision58
Recalibration of path integration in hippocampal place cells58
Structure of the IFNγ receptor complex guides design of biased agonists58
A sensor kinase controls turgor-driven plant infection by the rice blast fungus58
Structural basis of DNA targeting by a transposon-encoded CRISPR–Cas system58
Structure of Plasmodium falciparum Rh5–CyRPA–Ripr invasion complex58
Positive selection at sites of multiple amino acid replacements since rat–mouse divergence57
Hundreds of extreme self-citing scientists revealed in new database57
Analogue quantum chemistry simulation57
Global entangling gates on arbitrary ion qubits57
Structural basis for enzymatic photocatalysis in chlorophyll biosynthesis57
Structure of the human metapneumovirus polymerase phosphoprotein complex57
Author Correction: Virological assessment of hospitalized patients with COVID-201957
Beware of plausible predictions of fantasy materials56
Antarctic offshore polynyas linked to Southern Hemisphere climate anomalies56
A new Miocene ape and locomotion in the ancestor of great apes and humans56
Capture of nebular gases during Earth’s accretion is preserved in deep-mantle neon56
Neuromodulatory control of localized dendritic spiking in critical period cortex55
Aridity is expressed in river topography globally55
Tracking the precession of single nuclear spins by weak measurements55
A hexagonal planar transition-metal complex55
DNA damage detection in nucleosomes involves DNA register shifting55
p38γ is essential for cell cycle progression and liver tumorigenesis55
Late Middle Pleistocene Levallois stone-tool technology in southwest China55
An AI boost for clinical trials54
How China will protect one-quarter of its land54
Phonon heat transfer across a vacuum through quantum fluctuations54
Coherent spin-state transfer via Heisenberg exchange54
Constraints on global mean sea level during Pliocene warmth54
Recruitment of BRCA1 limits MYCN-driven accumulation of stalled RNA polymerase54
A rapidly changing jet orientation in the stellar-mass black-hole system V404 Cygni54
U–Pb-dated flowstones restrict South African early hominin record to dry climate phases54
Impaired cell fate through gain-of-function mutations in a chromatin reader54
The formation of Jupiter’s diluted core by a giant impact53
Sound velocity of CaSiO3 perovskite suggests the presence of basaltic crust in the Earth’s lower mantle53
Carrier-resolved photo-Hall effect53
Maternal vitamin C regulates reprogramming of DNA methylation and germline development53
RETRACTED ARTICLE: Global analysis of streamflow response to forest management52
Rotation tracking of genome-processing enzymes using DNA origami rotors52
Polymers with controlled assembly and rigidity made with click-functional peptide bundles52
CDK phosphorylation of TRF2 controls t-loop dynamics during the cell cycle52
Marine Proteobacteria metabolize glycolate via the β-hydroxyaspartate cycle52
A new date for the Taupo eruption, New Zealand51
15-Myr periodicity in the frequency of geomagnetic reversals since 100 Myr51
Mapping orbital changes upon electron transfer with tunnelling microscopy on insulators51
Sampling the volatile-rich transition zone beneath Bermuda51
Evolution of the new head by gradual acquisition of neural crest regulatory circuits51
Seeing mesoatomic distortions in soft-matter crystals of a double-gyroid block copolymer51
The centrosome protein AKNA regulates neurogenesis via microtubule organization51
Why young climate activists have captured the world’s attention50
Women who win prizes get less money and prestige50
Quantum-enhanced sensing of a single-ion mechanical oscillator50
Greenland melt drives continuous export of methane from the ice-sheet bed50
Direct observation of incommensurate magnetism in Hubbard chains50
Needle-like structures discovered on positively charged lightning branches50
Selecting Rhizobium for acid, infertile soils of the tropics49
Uncertainties in tropical-cyclone translation speed49
Isotopic constraint on the twentieth-century increase in tropospheric ozone49
Dynamic lineage priming is driven via direct enhancer regulation by ERK49
Sensory experience remodels genome architecture in neural circuit to drive motor learning49
Crystal structure of heliorhodopsin49
The Development of Taxonomic Theory Since 185148
Fix the broken food system in three steps48
Upper-plate rigidity determines depth-varying rupture behaviour of megathrust earthquakes48
Hypersonic Bose–Einstein condensates in accelerator rings48
S-Geranylgeranyl-l-glutathione is a ligand for human B cell-confinement receptor P2RY848
Hypo-osmotic-like stress underlies general cellular defects of aneuploidy48
Genome architecture and stability in the Saccharomyces cerevisiae knockout collection48
The amplitude and origin of sea-level variability during the Pliocene epoch47
X-ray pumping of the 229Th nuclear clock isomer47
A GPR174–CCL21 module imparts sexual dimorphism to humoral immunity47
Widespread phytoplankton blooms triggered by 2019–2020 Australian wildfires47
Temporal evolution of nitrogen compounds in Swedish precipitation since 195547
The digitization of organic synthesis47
Eat less meat: UN climate-change report calls for change to human diet47
Kimberlites reveal 2.5-billion-year evolution of a deep, isolated mantle reservoir47
Low-barrier hydrogen bonds in enzyme cooperativity47
Structural basis for KCTD-mediated rapid desensitization of GABAB signalling46
Collisions between cold molecules in a superconducting magnetic trap46
Industrial-era decline in subarctic Atlantic productivity46
Deep hydrous mantle reservoir provides evidence for crustal recycling before 3.3 billion years ago46
Long-term cyclic persistence in an experimental predator–prey system46
A vitamin-C-derived DNA modification catalysed by an algal TET homologue46
Chemistry Nobel honours world-changing batteries45
One neuron versus deep learning in aftershock prediction45
Disaster-zone research needs a code of conduct45
Structure and mechanism of mitochondrial proton-translocating transhydrogenase45
eIF5B gates the transition from translation initiation to elongation45
Structure and function of Vms1 and Arb1 in RQC and mitochondrial proteome homeostasis45
A kiwellin disarms the metabolic activity of a secreted fungal virulence factor45
Multiple liquid crystalline geometries of highly compacted nucleic acid in a dsRNA virus45
Rethink government with AI44
Data sharing and how it can benefit your scientific career44
Self-destructing mosquitoes and sterilized rodents: the promise of gene drives44
Turbulent convective length scale in planetary cores44
A 16-step synthesis of the isoryanodane diterpene (+)-perseanol44
A statistical solution to the chaotic, non-hierarchical three-body problem44
Real-time vibrations of a carbon nanotube44
Self-coalescing flows in microfluidics for pulse-shaped delivery of reagents44
Engineering orthogonal signalling pathways reveals the sparse occupancy of sequence space44
Female-biased embryonic death from inflammation induced by genomic instability44
Feature-selective encoding of substrate vibrations in the forelimb somatosensory cortex43
A new Jurassic scansoriopterygid and the loss of membranous wings in theropod dinosaurs43
Deep electrical imaging of the ultraslow-spreading Mohns Ridge43
Drink more recycled wastewater43
Measurability of pressure inside the proton42
How AI and neuroscience drive each other forwards42
Better methods can’t make up for mediocre theory42
The structures and gating mechanism of human calcium homeostasis modulator 242
Save reefs to rescue all ecosystems42
Release from UNC93B1 reinforces the compartmentalized activation of select TLRs42
Anthropocene now: influential panel votes to recognize Earth’s new epoch42
RB constrains lineage fidelity and multiple stages of tumour progression and metastasis42
Depression researchers rethink popular mouse swim tests41
Don’t let industry write the rules for AI41
The new frontier of gravitational waves41
Four steps to extend drone use in research41
A 3.8-million-year-old hominin cranium from Woranso-Mille, Ethiopia41
Australian gene-editing rules adopt ‘middle ground’41
An actin-based viscoplastic lock ensures progressive body-axis elongation41
Treatment of type 2 diabetes with the designer cytokine IC7Fc41
Study what makes games addictive40
Julia: come for the syntax, stay for the speed40
Model and manage the changing geopolitics of energy40
Elemental signatures of Australopithecus africanus teeth reveal seasonal dietary stress40
A 100-kiloparsec wind feeding the circumgalactic medium of a massive compact galaxy40
Metabolic control of BRISC–SHMT2 assembly regulates immune signalling40
FHL1 is a major host factor for chikungunya virus infection40
Glaciation and Solar Activity since the Fifth Century BC and the Solar Cycle39
Rise of Robot Radiologists39
Protein-slaying drugs could be the next blockbuster therapies39
Why the sexes don’t feel pain the same way39
Machine-learning techniques used to accurately predict battery life39
Dynamic polymer network points the way to truly recyclable plastics39
Collective intercellular communication through ultra-fast hydrodynamic trigger waves39
Increased shear in the North Atlantic upper-level jet stream over the past four decades39
Absence of amorphous forms when ice is compressed at low temperature39
Location-level processes drive the establishment of alien bird populations worldwide39
It’s time to talk about ditching statistical significance38
Starfish enterprise: finding RNA patterns in single cells38
Workflow systems turn raw data into scientific knowledge38
Debating the bedrock of climate-change mitigation scenarios38
Histone lactylation links metabolism and gene regulation38
Credit data generators for data reuse38
An evolutionarily stable strategy to colonize spatially extended habitats38
Contrasting processes drive ophiuroid phylodiversity across shallow and deep seafloors38
Diversity decoupled from ecosystem function and resilience during mass extinction recovery38
Multivalent anions as universal latent electron donors38
Addendum: The Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia enables predictive modelling of anticancer drug sensitivity38
Date of the Pliocene-Pleistocene Boundary in New Zealand37
Marine heatwaves in a changing climate37
Japan’s approval of stem-cell treatment for spinal-cord injury concerns scientists37
Chemosensory modulation of neural circuits for sodium appetite37
Correcting datasets leads to more homogeneous early-twentieth-century sea surface warming37
Directionality of dynein is controlled by the angle and length of its stalk37
Rethinking impact factors: better ways to judge a journal37
Measuring the Berry phase of graphene from wavefront dislocations in Friedel oscillations37
Rolling of the jaw is essential for mammalian chewing and tribosphenic molar function37
Author Correction: Human placenta has no microbiome but can contain potential pathogens37
Seismic velocities of CaSiO3 perovskite can explain LLSVPs in Earth’s lower mantle37
Long-period geomagnetic secular variations since 12,000 yr BP36
The growth of tea36
Cretaceous fossil reveals a new pattern in mammalian middle ear evolution36
Women from some under-represented minorities are given too few talks at world’s largest Earth-science conference36
Imaging work and dissipation in the quantum Hall state in graphene36
Electron pairing in the pseudogap state revealed by shot noise in copper oxide junctions36
Vast CO2 release from Australian fires in 2019–2020 constrained by satellite36
A new date for Ramapithecus35
Superconductivity seen in a non-magnetic nickel oxide35
Daytime colour preference in Drosophila depends on the circadian clock and TRP channels35
FPR1 is the plague receptor on host immune cells35
Publisher Correction: p53 regulation of ammonia metabolism through urea cycle controls polyamine biosynthesis35
The RIPK4–IRF6 signalling axis safeguards epidermal differentiation and barrier function35
Direct limits on the interaction of antiprotons with axion-like dark matter35
A powerful cell-protection system prevents cell death by ferroptosis34
Revisiting the cold case of cold fusion34
The super-cool materials that send heat to space34
Author Correction: Cyclin D–CDK4 kinase destabilizes PD-L1 via cullin 3–SPOP to control cancer immune surveillance34
Inner ear development in cyclostomes and evolution of the vertebrate semicircular canals34
A middle Cambrian arthropod with chelicerae and proto-book gills33
Fatty acids and cancer-amplified ZDHHC19 promote STAT3 activation through S-palmitoylation33
A decline in global CFC-11 emissions during 2018−201933
Nature’s reach: narrow work has broad impact32
A cool accretion disk around the Galactic Centre black hole32
The rheology and thermal history of Mars revealed by the orbital evolution of Phobos32
Glacial advance relative to volcanic activity since 1500 AD31
Precise date for the Laacher See eruption synchronizes the Younger Dryas31
Frequent observations of identical onsets of large and small earthquakes31
Where climate cash is flowing and why it’s not enough31
Reconstructing the late-accretion history of the Moon31
Wnt and TGFβ coordinate growth and patterning to regulate size-dependent behaviour31
Foot callus thickness does not trade off protection for tactile sensitivity during walking31
Automation: Chemistry shoots for the Moon30
How plants perceive salt30
Five ways China must cultivate research integrity30
Electromagnetic and gravitational responses of photonic Landau levels30
Milk of ruminants in ceramic baby bottles from prehistoric child graves30
Perfect Andreev reflection due to the Klein paradox in a topological superconducting state30
Mapping disparities in education across low- and middle-income countries30
Payouts push professors towards predatory journals29
Medicinal signalling cells: they work, so use them29
New antibiotics target the outer membrane of bacteria29
Hydropower dams can help mitigate the global warming impact of wetlands29
Imprinting sets the stage for speciation29
Concise asymmetric synthesis of (−)-bilobalide29
A strongly inhomogeneous superfluid in an iron-based superconductor29
Quantifying secondary transport at single-molecule resolution29
A NIK–SIX signalling axis controls inflammation by targeted silencing of non-canonical NF-κB29
Piezoelectric Effect in Poly-γ-methyl-L-glutamate28
Infrared variability of the BL lacertae object OJ287 since its outburst in 198328
The ethics of brain–computer interfaces28
The advent and rise of monoclonal antibodies28
Antibiotics set to flood Florida’s troubled orange orchards28
A fairer way forward for AI in health care28
Five innovative ways to use 3D printing in the laboratory28
Earth’s magnetic field is acting up and geologists don’t know why28
Interacting Floquet polaritons28
Neurocranial development of the coelacanth and the evolution of the sarcopterygian head28
Author Correction: Single-cell transcriptomic analysis of Alzheimer’s disease28
An Œstrogenic Substance in Pollen-grains of Date Palm Tree Phœnix dactylifera L., Palmæ27
Dry years in south-east England since 169827
The influence of solar forcing trends on global mean temperature since 186127
Hunting for New Drugs with AI27
A DIY approach to automating your lab27
Quantum gold rush: the private funding pouring into quantum start-ups27
Self-formed bedrock waterfalls27
Elastic colloidal monopoles and reconfigurable self-assembly in liquid crystals27
Magnetic monopole noise27
A warped disk around an infant protostar27
Date of deglacierisation of Mount Elgon26
Birth of a class of nanomaterial26
A massive white-dwarf merger product before final collapse26
The flight response impairs cytoprotective mechanisms by activating the insulin pathway26
Data — from objects to assets25
Science funders gamble on grant lotteries25
Genetic paradox explained by nonsense25
Plagiarism detectors are a crutch, and a problem25
Retiring statistical significance would give bias a free pass25
Quantifying the dynamics of failure across science, startups and security25
Deploy diverse renewables to save tropical rivers25
Molecular heterogeneity drives reconfigurable nematic liquid crystal drops25
Structural basis of species-selective antagonist binding to the succinate receptor25
Do not discard Staphylococcus aureus WTA as a vaccine antigen25
Low-carbon, virtual science conference tries to recreate social buzz25
Variation in the Speed of Rotation of the Earth since June 195524
Erratum: Warming of the Antarctic ice-sheet surface since the 1957 International Geophysical Year24
Use ancient remains more wisely24
CRISPR gene-editing creates wave of exotic model organisms24
Brazil’s government freezes nearly half of its science spending24
How to support open-source software and stay sane24
Ocean uproar: saving marine life from a barrage of noise24
A nearby neutron-star merger explains the actinide abundances in the early Solar System24
Cooperative elastic fluctuations provide tuning of the metal–insulator transition24
Nonlinear optics in the fractional quantum Hall regime24
Heterozygous mutations cause genetic instability in a yeast model of cancer evolution24
Highlight negative results to improve science24
Pleistocene date for man in Tasmania23
RNA therapies explained23
The future of electronic health records23
How climate change might affect tea23
Hello quantum world! Google publishes landmark quantum supremacy claim23
Reply to: Moon, I.-J. et al.; Lanzante, J. R.23
Structures of a RAG-like transposase during cut-and-paste transposition23
Magnetism in cold subducting slabs at mantle transition zone depths23
AI empowers conservation biology22
The science of tea’s mood-altering magic22
Discrimination drives LGBT+ scientists to think about quitting22
Why India is striking back against predatory journals22
Bigger is better in virtual drug screens22
The hard truths of climate change — by the numbers22
What’s next for psychology’s embattled field of social priming22
The decoupled nature of basal metabolic rate and body temperature in endotherm evolution22
Two major accretion epochs in M31 from two distinct populations of globular clusters22
15-Myr periodicity in the frequency of geomagnetic reversals since 100 Myr21
Gene Therapy Arrives21
Bitcoin for the biological literature21
The emerging world of digital therapeutics21
Russian biologist plans more CRISPR-edited babies21
Soft microbots programmed by nanomagnets21
Face masks could raise pollution risks21
Soil pollution — speed up global mapping21
Extreme chemistry: experiments at the edge of the periodic table21
Retire significance, but still test hypotheses21
Mitochondrial DNA can be inherited from fathers, not just mothers21
Avert catastrophe now in Africa’s Sahel21
Molecular control of macroscopic forces drives formation of the vertebrate hindgut21
Noncoding deletions reveal a gene that is critical for intestinal function21
New Zealand temperatures since 1300 AD20
How to map the brain20
Facing up to injustice in genome science20
‘Tropical Trump’ sparks unprecedented crisis for Brazilian science20
Humans versus Earth: the quest to define the Anthropocene20
Beyond quantum supremacy: the hunt for useful quantum computers20
Reversion after replacement of mitochondrial DNA20
Robust evidence of declines in insect abundance and biodiversity20
Halt the use of facial-recognition technology until it is regulated20
Seabed mining is coming — bringing mineral riches and fears of epic extinctions20
NIH supports call for moratorium on clinical uses of germline gene editing20
Key concepts for making informed choices20
The case for mandatory vaccination19
Fluorinated compounds present opportunities for drug discovery19
Human genome editing: ask whether, not how19
When English is not your mother tongue19
Thousands of scientists are backing the kids striking for climate change19
Wearable graphene sensors use ambient light to monitor health19
Fine-tuned gel particles enable smart windows for energy efficiency19
Pig experiment challenges assumptions around brain damage in people19
Braess’s paradox and programmable behaviour in microfluidic networks19
How Artificial Intelligence Will Change Medicine18
Will China lead the world in AI by 2030?18
How to banish manels and manferences from scientific meetings18
Small research teams ‘disrupt’ science more radically than large ones18
Heterogeneity in banker culture and its influence on dishonesty18
CRISPR conundrum: Strict European court ruling leaves food-testing labs without a plan18
Trispecific antibodies offer a third way forward for anticancer immunotherapy18
Geochemical evidence for high volatile fluxes from the mantle at the end of the Archaean18
Fossil insect eyes shed light on trilobite optics and the arthropod pigment screen18
Meet the crystal growers who sparked a revolution in graphene electronics17
Reboot ethics governance in China17
To move research from quantity to quality, go beyond good intentions17
Seven steps to make travel to scientific conferences more sustainable17
Social parasitism as an alternative reproductive tactic in a cooperatively breeding cuckoo17
Part-revived pig brains raise slew of ethical quandaries17
The surprisingly large neutron capture cross-section of 88Zr17
Sustainable development will falter without data17
How evolution builds genes from scratch17
We need to talk about systematic fraud17
Can quantum ideas explain chemistry’s greatest icon?17
Pandemic bonds: designed to fail in Ebola17
Extreme emission seen from γ-ray bursts17
Your robot surgeon will see you now17
How secret conversations inside cells are transforming biology17
Make code accessible with these cloud services17
Protect our right to light17
Caterpillar’s devastating march across China spurs hunt for native predator17
Biodefence since 9/11: The price of protection16
Farewell authors, hello contributors16
What the data say about police shootings16
The mental health of PhD researchers demands urgent attention16
The non-stop waste of water16
Safeguards for human studies can’t cope with big data16
How broken sleep promotes cardiovascular disease16
The World Health Organization’s decision about traditional Chinese medicine could backfire16
Climate change made Europe’s mega-heatwave five times more likely16
Molecular catalyst converts carbon dioxide to methanol16
Sizzling interest in lab-grown meat belies lack of basic research16
Brazil’s budget cuts threaten more than 80,000 science scholarships16
Imaging individual barium atoms in solid xenon for barium tagging in nEXO16
Biologists who decoded how cells sense oxygen win medicine Nobel16
Russian ‘CRISPR-baby’ scientist has started editing genes in human eggs with goal of altering deaf gene16
Can lasers really refrigerate CdS nanobelts?16
Interacting multi-channel topological boundary modes in a quantum Hall valley system16
No mass strandings since sonar ban15
The bioengineering of cannabis15
Crack down on genomic surveillance15
Mating preferences of selfish sex chromosomes15
Does psychology have a conflict-of-interest problem?15
The potent effects of Japan’s stem-cell policies15
Rural areas drive increases in global obesity15
Dangerous liaisons as tumour cells form synapses with neurons15
Soot, sulfate, dust and the climate — three ways through the fog15
Small molecule combats cancer-causing KRAS protein at last15
Super-precise new CRISPR tool could tackle a plethora of genetic diseases15
‘Make Ebola a thing of the past’: first vaccine against deadly virus approved15
Where are the Ebola diagnostics from last time?15
Rare forecasted climate event under way in the Southern Hemisphere15
Fast inflows as the adjacent fuel of supermassive black hole accretion disks in quasars15
Evidence for earlier date of ′Ubeidiya, Israel, hominid site14
Evidence for earlier date of Ubeidiya, Israel hominid site14
A New Radio-carbon Date for Wales14
The declining art of brachytherapy14
Soils linked to climate change14
The secret social lives of viruses14
A journal club to fix science14
Animal registries aim to reduce bias14
Global 5G wireless deal threatens weather forecasts14
Russia joins in global gene-editing bonanza14
CRISPR babies: when will the world be ready?14
Progress on the proton-radius puzzle14
How the global fish market contributes to human micronutrient deficiencies14
Communicating science to policymakers: six strategies for success14
Elsevier investigates hundreds of peer reviewers for manipulating citations14
How to make the next Green New Deal work14
The trickster microbes that are shaking up the tree of life14
A fresh approach to synthesizing ammonia from air and water14
The seventh inner moon of Neptune14
Build science in Africa14
Author Correction: Spatial and temporal heterogeneity of mouse and human microglia at single-cell resolution14
Dysregulated naive B cells and de novo autoreactivity in severe COVID-1914
Cannabis’s chemical synergies13
Make robot motions natural13
Towards a universal flu vaccine13
Robotic collectives inspired by biological cells13
The gene-based hack that is revolutionizing epidemiology13
Policies designed for drugs won’t work for AI13
To save Brazil’s rainforest, boost its science13
Materials in flatland twist and shine13
Neurosexism: the myth that men and women have different brains13
CRISPR might be the banana’s only hope against a deadly fungus13
A land without water: the scramble to stop Jordan from running dry13
Morphology of the earliest reconstructable tetrapod Parmastega aelidae13
Deep roots for mid-ocean-ridge volcanoes revealed by plagioclase-hosted melt inclusions13
Woman is first to receive cornea made from ‘reprogrammed’ stem cells13
Age and context of mid-Pliocene hominin cranium from Woranso-Mille, Ethiopia13
Author Correction: Anti-tumour immunity controlled through mRNA m6A methylation and YTHDF1 in dendritic cells13
Food for thought about manipulating gut bacteria13
A radiocarbon date from Lake Bogoria, Kenya Rift Valley12
Science on the solstice 00:00-03:5912
Matrix mimics shape cell studies12
Decoding the neuroscience of consciousness12
Machine learning in quantum spaces12
Ratcheting up lipopolysaccharide transport12
Time to discuss consent in digital-data studies12
Crystallization tracked atom by atom12
Unintended consequences of gender-equality plans12
Contract cheating will erode trust in science12
Light trapping gets a boost12
Tracking humans and microbes12
Ancient plants escaped the end-Permian mass extinction12
Can tracking people through phone-call data improve lives?12
Gigantic Nile dam prompts clash between Egypt and Ethiopia12
Faster, better, cheaper: the rise of CRISPR in disease detection12
An exciting boost for solar cells12
Tumours use a metabolic twist to make lipids12
The US opioid epidemic is driving a spike in infectious diseases12
A newly discovered stem cell that keeps bones growing12
Molecular envoys pave the way for pancreatic cancer to invade the liver12
Groundwater: a call to action12
‘Moral machine’ experiment is no basis for policymaking12
Information gerrymandering in social networks skews collective decision-making12
Secrets to writing a winning grant12
Ambitious open-access Plan S delayed to let research community adapt12
Immune cells track hard-to-target brain tumours12
United States to fund gun-violence research after 20-year freeze12
Author Correction: L1 drives IFN in senescent cells and promotes age-associated inflammation12
Radiocarbon date for the largest extinct bird11
Radio observations of PKS2314 + 03 during occultation by comet Halley11
Superconductivity near room temperature11
The reality behind cannabidiol’s medical hype11
The nano-revolution spawned by carbon11
The discovery of the Antarctic ozone hole11
Deep learning powers a motion-tracking revolution11
Chemists make first-ever ring of pure carbon11
Prevent depression in pregnancy to boost all mental health11
The promise and peril of the new science of social genomics11
Instead of ‘supremacy’ use ‘quantum advantage’11
Satellite time series can guide forest restoration11
Publisher Correction: Intercellular interaction dictates cancer cell ferroptosis via NF2–YAP signalling11
A toast to the error detectors11
Oleuropeic Acid: a New Compound from Olea europæa11
This AI researcher is trying to ward off a reproducibility crisis11
Author Correction: Landscape of somatic mutations in 560 breast cancer whole-genome sequences11
A Late Eocene date for Late Triassic bird tracks10
Radiocarbon Date for Two Painted Stones from a Coastal Cave in South Africa10
No bacteria found in healthy placentas10
Quantum dots realize their potential10
Vaccination lags behind in middle-income countries10
Raising research quality will require collective action10
To learn inclusion skills, make it personal10
How ‘magic angle’ graphene is stirring up physics10
A role for optics in AI hardware10
World’s largest plant survey reveals alarming extinction rate10
The structure of a T-cell mechanosensor10
Fungi accelerate pancreatic cancer10
How European scientists will spend €100 billion10
Black hole pictured for first time — in spectacular detail10
China splashes millions on hundreds of home-grown journals10
The race for enzymatic DNA synthesis heats up10
Mutations differ in normal and cancer cells of the oesophagus10
Ethical research — the long and bumpy road from shirked to shared10
Got mutation? ‘Base editors’ fix genomes one nucleotide at a time10
New name for breast-cancer syndrome could help to save lives10
150 years of Nature: a data graphic charts our evolution10
Atomic rheology of gold nanojunctions10
Author Correction: Advanced maturation of human cardiac tissue grown from pluripotent stem cells10
AI protein-folding algorithms solve structures faster than ever10
Author Correction: Aqueous Li-ion battery enabled by halogen conversion–intercalation chemistry in graphite10
A recurrent nova super-remnant in the Andromeda galaxy10
Author Correction: Mapping the world’s free-flowing rivers10
To Find the Day of the Week for any Given Date9
The computational protein designers9
Unprovability comes to machine learning9
Quantum computing takes flight9
Links between gut microbes and depression strengthened9
Lessons from cold fusion, 30 years on9
The fight for control over virtual fossils9
Huge US university cancels subscription with Elsevier9
Ukraine’s science revolution stumbles five years on9
Leonardo da Vinci’s laboratory: studies in flow9
Global 5G wireless networks threaten weather forecasts9
We need a science of the night9
Artificial intelligence is selecting grant reviewers in China9
How a data detective exposed suspicious medical trials9
Patisiran’s path to approval as an RNA therapy9
Solar cells boosted by an improved charge-carrying material9
Whole-body PET scanner produces 3D images in seconds9
How China is redrawing the map of world science9
How Africa can quell the next disease outbreaks9
A breakthrough method that became vital to neuroscience9
Global maps of soil-dwelling nematode worms9
Spread of deadly pig virus in China hastens vaccine research9
Should we fertilize oceans or seed clouds? No one knows9
Exclusive: Battle to wipe out debilitating Guinea worm parasite hits 10 year delay9
Tree sleuths are using DNA tests and machine vision to crack timber crimes9
A mouse model for the most common form of heart failure9
Beware small dams, they can do damage, too9
Author Correction: An experiment to search for dark-matter interactions using sodium iodide detectors9
Scientists worldwide join strikes for climate change9
Author Correction: A CRISPR/Cas system mediates bacterial innate immune evasion and virulence9
Alarming surge in Amazon fires prompts global outcry9
‘Reprogrammed’ stem cells to treat spinal-cord injuries for the first time9
Why Cyclone Idai is one of the Southern Hemisphere’s most devastating storms9
Nearly half of US female scientists leave full-time science after first child9
Limits to palaeogravity since the late Precambrian8
The four hundred years of planetary science since Galileo and Kepler8
Decrease in Upper-Atmosphere Density Since the Sunspot Maximum of 1957–588
How pandemics shape social evolution8
The forgotten part of memory8
The professionalization of cannabis growing8
‘Broken access’ publishing corrodes quality8
China: How science made a superpower8
Tackle the epidemic, not the opioids8
Mexican science suffers under debilitating budget cuts8
Make reports of research misconduct public8
Two types of fibroblast drive arthritis8
Europe is a top destination for many researchers8
SpaceX launch highlights threat to astronomy from ‘megaconstellations’8
Spectroscopy of graphene with a magic twist8
First hint that body’s ‘biological age’ can be reversed8
Trump administration halts fetal-tissue research by government scientists8
The Power of Spheres8
Lithium: the gripping history of a psychiatric success story8
The science institutions hiring integrity inspectors to vet their papers8
Sticking together helps cancer to spread8
Designer alloy enables 3D printing of fine-grained metals8
Tie institutions’ reputations to their anti-bullying record8
Plantations take economic pressure off natural forests8
Academies’ action plan for germline editing8
A rule from bacteria to balance growth and expansion8
Scientists chase cause of mysterious vaping illness as death toll rises8
Move over, DNA: ancient proteins are starting to reveal humanity’s history8
How African scientists are improving cassava to help feed the world8
A closer look at lightning reveals needle-like structures8
Trauma of Australia’s Indigenous ‘Stolen Generations’ is still affecting children today8
These corals could survive climate change — and help save the world’s reefs8
CRISPR tool modifies genes precisely by copying RNA into the genome8
Europe rules on harm from fluoroquinolone antibiotics8
Fisheries subsidies wreck ecosystems, don’t bring them back8
Account for sex in brain research for precision medicine8
How to make the thinnest possible free-standing sheets of perovskite materials8
A map of β-cell differentiation pathways supports cell therapies for diabetes8
Overdue: a US advisory board for research integrity8
Impact factors are still widely used in academic evaluations8
The physics of ice skating8
Author Correction: Tissue-resident memory CD8+ T cells promote melanoma–immune equilibrium in skin8
The new physics needed to probe the origins of life7
First proven malaria vaccine rolled out in Africa — but doubts linger7
Brain implants that let you speak your mind7
Sex is a biological variable — in the brain too7
Effects of dengue immunity on Zika virus infection7
Modification of histone proteins by serotonin in the nucleus7
Europe’s next €1-billion science projects: six teams make it to final round7
Citizen science could map snakebite risk7
Magnetic and topological order united in a crystal7
How a revolutionary technique got people with spinal-cord injuries back on their feet7
Stop harvesting olives at night — it kills millions of songbirds7
Death, statistics and a disaster zone: the struggle to count the dead after Hurricane Maria7
Pore-forming small molecules offer a promising way to tackle cystic fibrosis7
Publisher Correction: Dissociable dopamine dynamics for learning and motivation7
Indonesia tops open-access publishing charts7
Two Ebola drugs show promise amid ongoing outbreak7
Alarming surge in drug-resistant HIV uncovered7
China to tighten rules on gene editing in humans7
How agile project management can work for your research7
No paper, no PhD? India rethinks graduate student policy7
Author Correction: Predictable and precise template-free CRISPR editing of pathogenic variants7
How to use Twitter to further your research career7
Russia joins race to make quantum dreams a reality7
Author Correction: HER kinase inhibition in patients with HER2- and HER3-mutant cancers7
Publisher Correction: Enhanced strength and ductility in a high-entropy alloy via ordered oxygen complexes7
Publisher Correction: Actively personalized vaccination trial for newly diagnosed glioblastoma7
Archaeology: Date with history7
The century since Darwin7
What's in a name (or a number or a date)?7
Does U–Pb date Earth's core formation?7
The structure of DNA7
Germline gene-editing research needs rules7
Robots on the run7
Flight of the RoboBee7
Pressure regulates immune-cell function7
Geoengineering debate shifts to UN environment assembly7
How the next recession could save lives7
Violence propels Ebola outbreak towards 1,000 cases7
The four biggest challenges in brain simulation7
Dramatic sea-ice melt caps tough Arctic summer7
Why brown fat has a lot of nerve7
How I overcame impostor syndrome after leaving academia7
Ukrainian open index maps local citations7
How scientists can team up with big tech7
Drones unleashed against invasive rats in the Galapagos7
Macrophages form a protective cellular barrier in joints7
Unlocking the potential of vaccines built on messenger RNA7
Tailoring vaccines for older people and the very young7
Three secrets of survival in science advice7
Rare warming over Antarctica reveals power of stratospheric models7
Tea’s value as a cancer therapy is steeped in uncertainty7
More haste, less speed in replenishing China’s groundwater7
After the Integrative Human Microbiome Project, what’s next for the microbiome community?7
Deep learning detects impending organ injury in the clinic7
How well can Pb isotopes date core formation?6
Estimation of Elapsed Time since a Certain Climatic Change for Lake Vanda6
Tryptophan–Nicotinic Acid Metabolism in Subjects recently or long since recovered from Viral Hepatitis6
VRO 42 22 01: a Variable Source with Circular Polarization6
Study cancer survivors6
Act now on CRISPR babies6
All of Us6
Real-time flu tracking6
Fighting fire with science6
Text mining facilitates materials discovery6
Research integrity is much more than misconduct6
Take action to stop the Amazon burning6
Carbon-nanotube computer scaled up6
Can AI Fix Medical Records?6
Building a better malaria vaccine6
Why I welcome a climate emergency6
Treading the tightrope of opioid restrictions6
Chernobyl: data wars and disaster politics6
A more human approach to artificial intelligence6
Building trust is essential to combat the Ebola outbreak6
Raging robots, hapless humans: the AI dystopia6
A step closer to the Sun’s secrets6
Four steps to global management of space traffic6
Chile — right to free will needs definition6
Genetic study homes in on height’s heritability mystery6
Virtual and augmented reality enhanced by touch6
Determining whether the worst earthquake has passed6
Metabolic signal curbs cancer-cell migration6
Scientists struggle to access Africa's historical climate data6
What should Peru do to improve its science?6
Raise the bar rather than retire significance6
Cancer geneticists tackle troubling ethnic bias in studies6
Yeast cells handle stress by reprogramming their metabolism6
Why were scientists silent over gene-edited babies?6
To fix research assessment, swap slogans for definitions6
The plan to mine the world’s research papers6
Africa should set its own health-research agenda6
How algorithms could bring empathy back to medicine6
Air pollution science under siege at US environment agency6
A licence to kill during inflammation6
Science in Europe: by the numbers6
‘Ecological grief’ grips scientists witnessing Great Barrier Reef’s decline6
Consistent patterns of nitrogen fixation identified in the ocean6
Germany’s prestigious Max Planck Society conducts huge bullying survey6
Drone takes to the skies to image offshore reefs6
Eliminating malaria should not be the end of vigilance6
Structures of STING protein illuminate this key regulator of inflammation6
Flower power as human cancer cells compete with normal cells6
Fate of Madagascar's forests in the hands of incoming president6
More South Korean academics caught naming kids as co-authors6
Two-dimensional semiconductors host high-temperature exotic state6
Coding system to track research progress towards SDGs6
What universities can learn from one of science’s biggest frauds6
Receptor for bat influenza virus uncovers potential risk to humans6
How to print multi-material devices in one go6
Keep quantum computing global and open6
Gut immune cells have a role in food metabolism6
Brain-to-pancreas signalling axis links nicotine and diabetes6
Opponents of the Thirty Meter Telescope fight the process, not science6
Forests: many benefits of the Bonn Challenge6
China fortifies marine protection areas against climate change6
A gut punch fights cancer and infection6
Small, furry and powerful: are mouse lemurs the next big thing in genetics?6
Pioneering ‘live-code’ article allows scientists to play with each other’s results6
‘Mosaic’ HIV vaccine to be tested in thousands of people across the world6
The largest study involving transgender people is providing long-sought insights about their health6
Author Correction: Neutrophils support lung colonization of metastasis-initiating breast cancer cells6
Arctic at risk from vast Belt and Road development6
Atomic-scale hardening mechanisms apply on larger scales in ‘architected’ materials6
Manipulating the tumour-suppressor protein Rb in lung cancer reveals possible drug targets6
Forests: when natural regeneration is unrealistic6
Don’t let damage to wetlands cancel out the benefits of hydropower6
Publisher Correction: Harnessing innate immunity in cancer therapy6
6 Non-coding RNA characterization6
Publisher Correction: DNA sequencing at 40: past, present and future6
Author Correction: Emerging trends in global freshwater availability6
Publisher Correction: Dynamics of oligodendrocyte generation in multiple sclerosis6
China set to introduce gene-editing regulation following CRISPR-baby furore6
How we use Instagram to communicate microbiology to the public6
Female researchers in Australia less likely to win major medical grants than males6
Plugging the leaky pipeline for UK female chemists6
Metabolism reprogrammed by the nitric oxide signalling molecule6
Long-term predator–prey cycles finally achieved in the lab6
Author Correction: The bone marrow microenvironment at single-cell resolution6
Possible Relation between Carcinogenicity and Ease of Hydrolysis in vitro of Derivatives of 2-Aminofluorene6
Author Correction: A rigorous electrochemical ammonia synthesis protocol with quantitative isotope measurements6
A slip in the date of DNA's discovery5
Influence of Date of Flushing on Flowering in Pinus banksiana5
Fifty years since DNA repair was linked to cancer5
15-Myr Periodicity in the frequency of geogmagnetic reversals since 100 Myr (reply)5
Dependence of [01] 6300 Å Airglow on Latitude as Observed from Townsville, Australia5
Technologies to watch in 20195
The brain5
Scaling up quantum simulations5
Bring on the biosimilars5
Droplet motion electrically controlled5
Can cannabis go green?5
150 years of scientific illustration5
Refrigeration based on plastic crystals5
Energy harvesters pick up power5
Nuclear energy saves lives5
Japan responds: stem-cell therapy justified5
Postdoctoral mentorship key to career success5
Tomorrow’s industries: from OLEDs to nanomaterials5
Craft beautiful equations in Word with LaTeX5
How the earliest mammals thrived alongside dinosaurs5
China charts a path into European science5
Plants fight fungi using kiwellin proteins5
Regrow forests with locals’ participation5
Four new DNA letters double life’s alphabet5
An operating system for the biology lab5
Three-year trial shows support for recognizing peer reviewers5
Europe the rule-maker5
CRISPR cuts turn gels into biological watchdogs5
Japan should put the brakes on stem-cell sales5
Venice ‘time machine’ project suspended amid data row5
Glacier monitoring tracks progress in limiting climate change5
Springer Nature journals unify their policy to encourage preprint sharing5
E. coli bacteria engineered to eat carbon dioxide5
Reproducibility trial publishes two conclusions for one paper5
Battling disease by giving mosquitoes an antimalarial drug5
Genomics institute to close world-leading animal facility5
Predators affect competitors’ coexistence through fear effects5
Human embryo implantation modelled in microfluidic channels5
Gene therapy is facing its biggest challenge yet5
A message for mentors from dissatisfied graduate students5
Plague in San Francisco: rats, racism and reform5
One tick closer to a nuclear clock5
Methane beneath Greenland’s ice sheet is being released5
Small and large earthquakes can have similar starts5
How to organize a conference that’s open to everyone5
First private Moon lander heralds new lunar space race5
Bacterial dormancy curbs phage epidemics5
World’s oceans are losing power to stall climate change5
A dynamic view of chemotherapy effectiveness5
Peer reviewers need a code of conduct too5
A river that flows free connects up in 4D5
Can NASA really return people to the Moon by 2024?5
Ethiopia’s church forests are a last refuge for dwindling biodiversity5
Junior AI researchers are in demand by universities and industry5
PhD students in China report misery and hope5
Evidence for two blue (type IIb) diamond populations5
A twist in the tale of the structure of ice5
Changes in the Level of Serum Protein during Treatment of Kwashiorkor5
Unethical work must be filtered out or flagged5
Indigenous groups look to ancient DNA to bring their ancestors home5
Who shrank the drug factory? Briefcase-sized labs could transform medicine5
Controversial ‘gay gene’ app provokes fears of a genetic Wild West5
Ready-made cellular plugs heal skin wounds5
The nuclear sins of the Soviet Union live on in Kazakhstan5
Use nudges to change behaviour towards conservation5
Watching cancer cells evolve through chromosomal instability5
Cancer: more genetic BRCA testing for men5
How to make your podcast stand out in a crowded market5
AI researchers in China want to keep the global-sharing culture alive5
Venus is Earth’s evil twin — and space agencies can no longer resist its pull5
Novelist Cormac McCarthy’s tips on how to write a great science paper5
Lymphatic vessels at the base of the mouse brain provide direct drainage to the periphery5
Sea animals are more vulnerable to warming than are land ones5
Reply to: Reversion after replacement of mitochondrial DNA5
Traditional Islamic approach can enrich CRISPR twins debate5
Publisher Correction: Damage-tolerant architected materials inspired by crystal microstructure5
Author Correction: Systems of mechanized and reactive droplets powered by multi-responsive surfactants5
Malaria cases are falling worldwide5
Fresh push for ‘failed’ Alzheimer’s drug5
Japan approves first human-animal embryo experiments5
Huge study documents gender gap in chemistry publishing5
What bioRxiv’s first 30,000 preprints reveal about biologists5
Author Correction: Long-term ex vivo haematopoietic-stem-cell expansion allows nonconditioned transplantation5
Japan poised to allow ‘reprogrammed’ stem-cell therapy for damaged corneas5
Indian court’s decision to uphold GM cotton patent could boost industry research5
Avoid stigmatizing names for 2019 novel coronavirus5
Women can benefit from female-led networks5
Author Correction: Niche stiffness underlies the ageing of central nervous system progenitor cells5
Author Correction: Mitochondrial replacement in human oocytes carrying pathogenic mitochondrial DNA mutations5
Pig brains kept alive outside body for hours after death4
Coral symbiosis is a three-player game4
India aims for national policy on scientific social responsibility4
Selective participation may undermine replication attempts4
Plan S: take Latin America’s long experience on board4
Malaria parasites fine-tune mutations to resist drugs4
The origin and spread of the Sino-Tibetan language family4
Scientists in Pakistan and Sri Lanka bet their futures on China4
Alterations to the circadian clock make brain tumours vulnerable4
Materials science is helping to transform China into a high-tech economy4
Scientists glimpse oddball microbe that could help explain rise of complex life4
Germany faces its future as a pioneer in sustainability and renewable energy4
Don’t demonize parents who are hesitant to vaccinate — discuss their worries instead4
No ‘gay gene’: Massive study homes in on genetic basis of human sexuality4
Double-click enables synthesis of chemical libraries for drug discovery4
Science under fire: Ebola researchers fight to test drugs and vaccines in a war zone4
Reply to: Egg pigmentation probably has an Archosaurian origin4
Previously unknown human species found in Asia raises questions about early hominin dispersals from Africa4
Publisher Correction: Viral and metazoan poxins are cGAMP-specific nucleases that restrict cGAS–STING signalling4
Google health-data scandal spooks researchers4
Scientific progress is built on failure4
Publisher Correction: Natural selection on the Arabidopsis thaliana genome in present and future climates4
Author Correction: c-MAF-dependent regulatory T cells mediate immunological tolerance to a gut pathobiont4
India’s clinical-trial rules to speed up drug approvals4
Mapping the right fit for knowledge sharing4
Retraction Note: Quantification of ocean heat uptake from changes in atmospheric O2 and CO2 composition4
Author Correction: GABAA receptor signalling mechanisms revealed by structural pharmacology4
Treatment for extreme drug-resistant tuberculosis wins US government approval4
Long-term studies will track indelible marks of first flu4
Soviet Union’s collapse led to massive drop in carbon emissions4
Vaccination rates rise in Italy and France after law change4
How one astronomer hears the Universe4
Author Correction: Metabolic reprogramming by the S-nitroso-CoA reductase system protects against kidney injury4
Spectrum of the Radium Emanation4
Why a postdoc might not advance your career4
Australian biobank repatriates hundreds of ‘legacy’ Indigenous blood samples4
Mental health in academia is topic of the week at a sold-out UK meeting4
Author Correction: Epoxyeicosatrienoic acids enhance embryonic haematopoiesis and adult marrow engraftment4
Platelets have a dangerous hold over immune cells in cardiovascular disease4
Trump seeks big cuts to science funding — again4
Author Correction: Mechanosensation of cyclical force by PIEZO1 is essential for innate immunity4
‘I’ll work on it over the weekend’: high workload and other pressures faced by early-career researchers4
Author Correction: Consistent success in life-supporting porcine cardiac xenotransplantation4
Author Correction: Design of amidobenzimidazole STING receptor agonists with systemic activity4
Author Correction: Exome sequencing of Finnish isolates enhances rare-variant association power4
How the scientific meeting has changed since Nature’s founding 150 years ago4
Unsteady date of a big bang4
The Effect of Drilling Date on the Seed Yield of the Navy Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris)4
Erratum: Millennial-scale trends in west Pacific warm pool hydrology since the Last Glacial Maximum4
Atmospheric Density in the 120—190 km Region Derived from the X-ray Extinction Measured by the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory Satellite 1964-01-D4
Nature Conferences: no more ‘manels’4
The Moon’s mantle unveiled4
Opioids by the numbers4
Culturing better tea research4
Stop denying the risks of air pollution4
Cancer-cell death ironed out4
Act now and avert a climate crisis4
Markets must back climate mitigation4
Wiring Minds4
Digital assistants aid disease diagnosis4
Embrace data anonymity, not ‘digital consent’4
Senescent cells feed on their neighbours4
Restrict use of riot-control chemicals4
The mouse in the video game4
Spraying diseased citrus orchards with antibiotics could backfire4
Einstein, Eddington and the 1919 eclipse4
‘Marsquakes’ reveal red planet’s hidden geology4
Israeli spacecraft Beresheet crashes into the Moon4
A sticking point for rapid flu tests?4
Closing in on what motivates motivation4
Pharma’s roller-coaster relationship with RNA therapies4
The ecologist who wants to map everything4
Being a PhD student shouldn’t be bad for your health4
Biggest Denisovan fossil yet spills ancient human’s secrets4
How science has shifted our sense of identity4
Microbial clues to a liver disease4
France must impose strict levels of marine protection4
Brazilian biomedical science faces reproducibility test4
Gene-edited animal creators look beyond US market4
The search for secrets of the human brain4
Artificial intelligence alone won’t solve the complexity of Earth sciences4
Protein modification fine-tunes the cell’s force producers4
Chinese hospitals set to sell experimental cell therapies4
Indian initiatives aim to break science’s language barrier4
China feels the heat over rogue CFC emissions4
EXCLUSIVE: Tiny animal carcasses found in buried Antarctic lake4
Counting the hidden $12-trillion cost of a broken food system4
Why Japan imported Ebola ahead of the 2020 Olympics4
How plants and insects inherit immunity from their parents4
Chinese ministry investigates duplications in papers by university president4
On the road to a gene drive in mammals4
Brand Madagascar’s rosewood and ebony as endangered4
Stop military conflicts from trashing environment4
Reinvestigation of a robotically revealed reaction4
An early dispersal of modern humans from Africa to Greece4
Selective killing of antibiotic-resistant bacteria from within4
Sexual harassment rife in Australian science, suggests first workplace survey4
This Nigerian doctor might just prevent the next deadly pandemic4
Lethal clues to cancer-cell vulnerability4
Spawning Date of the Common Frog3
Mycorrhisal Habit in the Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera Linn.)3
Increase of Settlement Size and Population Since the Inception of Agriculture3
Creep Movements in Low Gradient Clay Slopes since the Late Glacial3
Observed poleward freshwater transport since 19703
New non-stellar BL Lacertae objects OY091 and PKS2335+033
Digital health3
RNA therapies3
Mitigating opioids’ harm3
23 and Baby3
A kinder research culture is possible3
Flu on the farm3
Build a sustainable Belt and Road3
Catalytic machinery of enzymes expanded3
Hybrid embryos, ketamine drug and dark photons3
Ways to make meetings accessible3
Superconductivity mystery turns 253
The scientific events that shaped the decade3
International AI ethics panel must be independent3
Progress in the fight against brain cancer3
Can marketplace science be trusted?3
Strategies for combating online hate3
Weighing the dangers of cannabis3
Turning discarded DNA into ecology gold3
Court ruling highlights the threat of vaccine misinformation3
Planet junk: a journey through discards3
Shadows used to peer around corners3
Protein assembles into Archimedean geometry3
Dating of hominin discoveries at Denisova3
Privacy hurdles thwart Facebook democracy research3
Science must move with the times3
Heart of a stellar explosion revealed3
A bird-based game takes wing3
Quasicrystals: the thrill of the chase3
Only vaccines can eradicate parasitic worms3
Gigantic Chinese telescope opens to astronomers worldwide3
Tiger mosquitoes tackled in a trial3
Trump’s plan would make government stupid3
Survival skills ensure that cancer spreads3
New EU chief makes bold climate pledges3
Indian payment-for-papers proposal rattles scientists3
Sunlight harvested by nanotubes3
Racism in science: the taint that lingers3
Meeting the challenges of research across Africa3
Implanted device enables responsive bladder control3
How Australopithecus provided insight into human evolution3
Leprosy: the world’s oldest human-rights issue3
Light can treat inoperable brain tumours3
Carbon markets shape agenda at UN climate summit3
Doris Lessing at 100: roving time and space3
Germline-editing moratorium — why we should resist it3
The hunt for the lesser-known funding source3
Could offshore groundwater rescue coastal cities?3
Getting the measure of living biomaterials3
Institutions must state policy on data sharing3
Gene drives: yelling match drowns out marginalized voices3
James Lovelock at 100: the Gaia saga continues3
Sexism is still a problem for German research3
Genomic focus brings tea research to the boil3
How US sanctions are crippling science in Iran3
Why I broke the law for climate change3
The aberrant global synchrony of present-day warming3
Early Europeans bottle-fed babies with animal milk3
Save Javan rhinos that survived eruption3
African nations push UN to improve drought research3
Chinese effort to clone gene-edited monkeys kicks off3
A deep dive into the development of sea squirts3
The next step in making arrays of single atoms3
Cuba acknowledges climate change threats in its constitution3
Data on child deaths are a call for justice3
The future of groundwater in sub-Saharan Africa3
Proprietary data formats block health research3
Biological clues to an enigmatic treatment for traumatic stress3
Diversity helps fight wildfires3
It’s time for scientists to shout about RNA therapies3
The debate over e-cigarettes demands stronger evidence of their value3
Racism rife at top South African university, says report3
11 ways to avert a data-storage disaster3
A fresh mechanism for how buckyballs form in space3
Astronomy impasse: What's next for the Thirty Meter Telescope?3
Bullying investigations need a code of conduct3
Use peer support to improve well-being and research outcomes3
The influence of a single neuron on its network3
World Health Organization panel weighs in on CRISPR-babies debate3
Brazilian scientists strive to turn politicians into allies3
Electrochemical reactions drive morphing of materials3
An in-depth structural view of a GABAA brain receptor3
Multiple sclerosis enters a grey area3
Tropical Africa could be a key to solving methane mystery3
Celebrate the women behind the periodic table3
Cells tagged near an early spread of cancer3
Mystery of deadly Indonesian tsunami cracked using social-media videos3
Signalling protein protects the heart muscle from pressure-related stress3
Companies persist with biomedical papers3
China becomes first nation to land on the Moon’s far side3
How fast is the Universe expanding? Cosmologists just got more confused3
Reply to: One neuron versus deep learning in aftershock prediction3
Elimination of unfit cells in young and ageing skin3
Gene edits to ‘CRISPR babies’ might have shortened their life expectancy3
Forget everything you know about 3D printing — the ‘replicator’ is here3
Micro-engineered liquid flow dissolves solids without dispersing them3
What the protests and violence in Chile mean for science3
Make science PhDs more than just a training path for academia3
Egg pigmentation probably has an early Archosaurian origin3
Fossil ape hints at how walking on two feet evolved3
How US–China political tensions are affecting science3
Identifying the source of tumour-infiltrating T cells3
Farmers need independent and holistic advice3
New universities pioneer different approaches to excellence in teaching and governance3
Why scientist-mums in the United States need better parental-support policies3
Nerve cells from the brain invade prostate tumours3
Huge whole-genome study of human metastatic cancers3
Intron RNA sequences help yeast cells to survive starvation3
Author Correction: Universal resilience patterns in complex networks3
Per capita carbon emissions must fall to 1955 levels3
Restore world’s cultural heritage with the latest science3
Construction of an Escherichia coli genome with fewer codons sets records3
Forty years of fathoming life in hot springs on the ocean floor3
Fresh evidence overturns the identification of a factor involved in blood-vessel dilation3
Sequence and destroy: the quest to eliminate the last stocks of deadly rinderpest virus3
Teamwork by different T-cell types boosts tumour destruction by immunotherapy3
New funds needed to cover open-access costs3
Brexit threatens biosecurity — from data to strategy3
Slash local emissions to protect Tibetan plateau3
Science and society3
Publisher Correction: Assessing the efficiency of changes in land use for mitigating climate change3
Author Correction: Diverse and robust molecular algorithms using reprogrammable DNA self-assembly3
Networking for introverted scientists3
Nepali scientists record country’s first tornado3
3 Characterization of intergenic regions and gene definition3
Trump administration weakens Endangered Species Act3
Is this cave painting humanity’s oldest story?3
High-profile subscription journals critique Plan S3
Publisher Correction: Heterochromatin drives compartmentalization of inverted and conventional nuclei3
Eyes hint at hidden mental-health conditions3
A better future for graduate-student mental health3
Novichok nerve agents banned by chemical-weapons treaty3
Essential elements for high-impact scientific writing3
Embryo-like structures created from human stem cells3
Why you should join a journal’s editorial board3
Indian scientists launch preprint repository to boost research quality3
Algeria and Argentina declared malaria-free3
South Korea accepts geothermal plant probably caused destructive quake3
Second patient free of HIV after stem-cell therapy3
Publisher Correction: Somatic APP gene recombination in Alzheimer’s disease and normal neurons3
AI face-scanning app spots signs of rare genetic disorders3
UK hatches plan to build world's first fusion power plant3
China sets sights on first solar power stations in space3
It’s official: Trump begins process to exit Paris climate agreement3
Antidepressant based on party drug gets backing from FDA advisory group3
Google AI beats top human players at strategy game StarCraft II3
Green Climate Fund attracts record US$9.8 billion for developing nations3
Author Correction: Observation of moiré excitons in WSe2/WS2 heterostructure superlattices3
As a climate researcher, should I change my air-travel habits?3
Open-access row prompts editorial board of Elsevier journal to resign3
Daily briefing: WHO calls out ‘vaccine hesitancy’ as top 10 health threat3
The science events to watch for in 20203
US lawmakers propose plan to reduce primate research at National Institutes of Health3
Malaria-carrying mosquitoes get a leg up on insecticides3
All for one and one for all to fight flu3
Author Correction: Genomic characterization of metastatic breast cancers3
Publisher Correction: Absence of NKG2D ligands defines leukaemia stem cells and mediates their immune evasion3
Author Correction: CPS1 maintains pyrimidine pools and DNA synthesis in KRAS/LKB1-mutant lung cancer cells3
Retraction Note: A 10 per cent increase in global land evapotranspiration from 2003 to 20193
Supercharge your research: a ten-week plan for open data science3
Joint statement on EPA proposed rule and public availability of data (2019)2
Snapshots of a genetic cut-and-paste2
The women who cracked science’s glass ceiling2
Stochastic magnetic circuits rival quantum computing2
Tree plantations: we must get them right2
We cannot all be ethicists2
Internationalize hazard management of China’s chemical plants2
Bacterial twist to an antiviral defence2
Plant-thickening mechanisms revealed2
Survival: the first 3.8 billion years2
How Estonia blazed a trail in science2
Heat transferred in a previously unknown way2
Data mining uncovers a treasure trove of topological materials2
Accredit scientific software for sustainability2
How to manage a multi-author megapaper2
Chinese investments fuel growth in African science2
The design decisions behind Nature’s new look2
Machine learning leads mathematicians to unsolvable problem2
Colombia: new plan imperils Amazon2
Colombia creates its first science ministry2
The science news events that shaped 20192
Lost Denisovan bone reveals surprisingly human-like finger2
The World Bank must clean up its act2
Rare bird’s detection highlights promise of ‘environmental DNA’2
Tribute to Suzanne Eaton, from her lab members2
Enzymes trapped and zapped for use outside cells2
Radical reform and the Green New Deal2
How a fever helps the immune system to battle infection2
Chromosomes come together to help mice distinguish odours2
Scientists, help keep coal in the ground2
India–Pakistan nuclear escalation: where could it lead?2
Ways to juggle fieldwork with kids in tow2
Sand particles — an overlooked occupational hazard2
Regulators need to rethink restrictions on cannabis research2
On the troubling trail of psychiatry’s pseudopatients stunt2
Role of major erosion events in Earth’s dynamics2
Dam development: value both wetlands and hydropower2
New interactions seen in an ultracold gas2
Why neutrons and protons are modified inside nuclei2
California wildfires and power outages cause disruptions for scientists2
Gigantic Japanese detector prepares to catch neutrinos from supernovae2
Manage risk of accidental gene editing of germline2
Night-vision ‘super-mice’ created using light-converting nanoparticles2
Meet the weather observers on climate change’s front lines2
Scientists’ salary data highlight US$18,000 gender pay gap2
Nobel Committee responds to criticism2
Evaluating Italy’s ranking boom2
Pressure’s 400-year-old measurement techniques get an upgrade2
Stem-cell and genetic therapies make a healthy marriage2
Scooped in science? Relax, credit will come your way2
Tighten up Mexico’s regulations on human gene editing2
How AI and satellites could help predict volcanic eruptions2
Fate and future climatic role of polar ice sheets2
Signs that Jupiter was mixed by a giant impact2
Scandal-weary Swedish government takes over research-fraud investigations2
Italy’s evaluators: rankings boom is real2
Quake-prone Myanmar leads the way in seismic monitoring2
Strange topological materials are popping up everywhere physicists look2
African swine fever could cause EU rift2
Scientists must rise above politics — and restate their value to society2
Dreaming of death rays: the search for laser weapons2
Metabolic vulnerability in tumours illuminated2
Strategy to selectively remove mutant proteins could combat neurodegeneration2
Geneticists retract study suggesting first CRISPR babies might die early2
Hawaiian-language experts make their mark on the Solar System2
The hunt for ancient ice that witnessed West Antarctica’s collapse2
Tenure denial, and how early-career researchers can survive it2
Engineered bacterium fuels evolution debate2
Deciphering dark matter: the remarkable life of Fritz Zwicky2
Regulatory T cells subdue an autoimmune disease2
Low retention of impact material by the Moon2
The quest to unlock the secrets of the baby Universe2
Inhibition of ‘jumping genes’ promotes healthy ageing2
To make a world-class university, start with these ingredients2
Gravitational-wave observatory LIGO set to double its detecting power2
Physics Nobel goes to exoplanet and cosmology pioneers2
Head of prestigious ancient-DNA lab suspended amid bullying allegations2
How California can use its research muscle to keep the lights on2
Did a million years of rain jump-start dinosaur evolution?2
Japan’s pioneering detector set to join hunt for gravitational waves2
Correlations detected in a quantum vacuum2
How climate and human activity shape a mountain ecosystem2
Temperature-dependent polarization in a non-polar crystal2
One million species to go extinct — a decades-old headline2
Greenland rocks suggest Earth’s magnetic field is older than we thought2
Early tetrapods had an eye on the land2
Two-dimensional polymer knits together and unravels in an electric field2
The challenge of delivering RNA-interference therapeutics to their target cells2
In his element: looking back on Primo Levi’s The Periodic Table2
Reconfiguration of a bacterial transport system generates a reverse gear2
South America is embracing Beijing’s science silk road2
Seven ways scientists handle technology challenges in resource-poor settings2
California biologists are using wildfires to assess health risks of smoke2
Duke University’s huge misconduct fine is a reminder to reward rigour2
How machine learning could keep dangerous DNA out of terrorists’ hands2
Gut microbes regulate neurons to help mice forget their fear2
Include egg donors in CRISPR gene-editing debate2
The microscopic advances that are opening big opportunities in cell biology2
The sounds of science: biochemistry and the cosmos inspire new music2
Air pollution — don’t dismiss proven protection2
War on drugs won’t work in Brazil2
The ant-bite video that changed my approach to science communication2
Why rare genetic diseases are a logical focus for RNA therapies2
NASA changes how it divvies up telescope time to reduce gender bias2
Bull ‘super dads’ are being engineered to produce sperm from another father2
WHO sticks to 2020 governance plan for human-genome editing2
More than 2,000 years of elements: a prehistory of the periodic table2
The microscope makers putting ever-larger biological samples under the spotlight2
A possible non-biological reaction framework for metabolic processes on early Earth2
These secret battles between your body’s cells might just save your life2
‘I was dying of shame’: Mexican science faces its #MeToo moment2
India keeps a close eye on its tigers2
Reply to: Can lasers really refrigerate CdS nanobelts?2
Antitumour T cells stand the test of time2
‘Paralysed by anxiety’: researchers speak about life in troubled ancient-DNA lab2
How RNA therapies could be used to tackle the world’s biggest killer2
Feeling stuck? Close your laptop, stop your field measurements and write a poem2
Concerns that captive breeding affects the ability of monarch butterflies to migrate2
Thousands of Danish children find ten new bacteria species2
Foster local expertise in Botswana’s elephant-hunting debate2
Power of connection: why the Russia–Europe gas trade is strangely untouched by politics2
Retraction Note: KAT5 tyrosine phosphorylation couples chromatin sensing to ATM signalling2
When it comes to good practice in science, we need to think global but act local2
The lineages of the first humans to reach northeastern Siberia and the Americas2
Call of the wild: define it or lose it2
Win–wins for health and climate — new report2
Five scientists explain how they decided whether to move to another country for their work or studies2
Rwanda’s gains from linking science and policy2
Infection triggers symptoms similar to those of Parkinson’s disease in mice lacking PINK1 protein2
Reply to: Do not discard Staphylococcus aureus WTA as a vaccine antigen2
Machine diagnosis2
Publisher Correction: Hydrostatic pressure and the actomyosin cortex drive mitotic cell rounding2
Queer voices in palaeontology2
Ebola responders killed as violence flares2
CRISPR-baby scientist fired by university2
Mars rover detects ‘excitingly huge’ methane spike2
Genial June2
How artificial intelligence is helping to prevent blindness2
Driverless cars: researchers have made a wrong turn2
Australia’s capital city switches to 100% renewable energy2
Why we’re creating Wikipedia profiles for BAME scientists2
Chinese institutes investigate pathogen outbreaks in lab workers2
Author Correction: Trade-offs in using European forests to meet climate objectives2
AI pioneer: ‘The dangers of abuse are very real’2
South Korea clamps down on academics attending ‘weak’ conferences2
Landmark Australian ruling rejects coal mine over global warming2
Many cancer drugs aim at the wrong molecular targets2
Gender parity still falls short in Australia’s research workforce2
How to counter ‘manels’ and make scientific meetings more inclusive2
Italy’s rise in research impact pinned on ‘citation doping’2
Rumours fly about changes to US government open-access policy2
Snakebite crisis gets US$100-million boost for better antivenoms2
Big pharma is embracing open-access publishing like never before2
How to bring preprints to the charged field of medicine2
Elsevier strikes its first national deal with large open-access element2
Promising malaria vaccine to be tested in first large field trial2
‘Randomistas’ who used controlled trials to fight poverty win economics Nobel2
Women and the Fellowship of the Chemical Society2
Scientists concerned over US plans to collect DNA data from immigrants2
Alarm as antimicrobial resistance surges among chickens, pigs and cattle2
What medicine can teach academia about preventing burnout2
Author Correction: Future response of global coastal wetlands to sea-level rise2
China’s different shades of greening2
An academic mother’s wish list: 12 things universities need2
Fat cells with a sweet tooth2
Author Correction: Structural insights into the activation of metabotropic glutamate receptors2
Author Correction: Metastatic-niche labelling reveals parenchymal cells with stem features2
First hint of near-room-temperature superconductor tantalizes physicists2
How those researching adaptation to climate change might reduce their own carbon footprints2
Meet the African researcher who is building a core of junior immunologists on the continent2
Publisher Correction: β-Synuclein-reactive T cells induce autoimmune CNS grey matter degeneration2
Author Correction: Increasing CO2 threatens human nutrition2
Author Correction: CasX enzymes comprise a distinct family of RNA-guided genome editors2
Author Correction: Epigenetic stress responses induce muscle stem-cell ageing by Hoxa9 developmental signals2
No female mice or cells? NIH reviewers still might score grant OK2
Publisher Correction: Genomic insights into the 2016–2017 cholera epidemic in Yemen2
Publisher Correction: The metabolite BH4 controls T cell proliferation in autoimmunity and cancer2
Author Correction: El Niño–Southern Oscillation complexity2
Author Correction: Autophagy maintains tumour growth through circulating arginine2
Author Correction: Tumour lineage shapes BRCA-mediated phenotypes2
Standard Date Periods with Declination Limits2
Factors Controlling Date of Spawning in Frogs2
Genetics Since 19102
Evidence for earlier date of Ubeidiya, Israel hominid site (reply)2
Cæsium-137 Fall-out over Norway since September 19562
Interferometric Observations of the Radio Source VRO 42 22 012
Paul Greengard (1925–2019)2
Science needs mentors2
Save the whales, again2
An innovative way to publish2
Electrifying skyrmion bubbles2
When capitalisms collide2
Analgesia without opioids2
Boosting inclusivity in the Nobels2
Cannabis research round-up2
Cell identity reprogrammed2
Biosimilars: mimicking biological drugs2
The first synthetic element2
Announcement: FAIR data in Earth science2
Mosquitoes, war and power2
Open data could save more tigers2
Arming the immune system2
Working out with weed2
Keeping treatment options open2
A mechanism for touch2
Screen time: how much is too much?2
Stats: is this therapy useful?2
Unconscious bias limits women’s careers2
How a hiring quota failed2
Detection of a strange particle2
Google revives controversial cold-fusion experiments2
Responding to the call of home2
Nature at 150: evidence in pursuit of truth2
Lili Milani banks Estonia’s genomic potential2
Snapshots of vibrating molecules2
Crazy colour printing without ink2
Why you need a support team2
The biological basis of mental illness2
How evolutionary theory guides policy2
Topological properties controlled by light2
Holograms from electrons scattered by light2
The push for better flu therapies2
Quantum simulation of black-hole radiation2
Polar research should include Indigenous perspectives2
India’s journey to the red planet1
Essais de Jean Rey 16301
Lung tumours swell when prodded by airway microbes1
Three tips to achieve academic success — while enjoying a social life1
Cellular censuses to guide cancer care1
Five tips for nailing your US-based graduate-school applications1
A stem-cell race that no one wins1
Female scientists get less money and staff for their first labs1
The painful truth about pain1
Plant sprouts on the Moon for first time ever1
Unravelling the mystery of opioid addiction1
Asteroid’s bumpiness threatens US plan to return a sample to Earth1
Don’t pull punches in peer review1
Thousands of grant peer reviewers share concerns in global survey1
The devastating biological consequences of homelessness1
World’s most invasive mosquito nearly eradicated from two islands in China1
Australian budget fails to impress scientists1
Climate activists turn to lawsuits to force action on global warming1
A realist takes on quantum mechanics1
UK medical chief: ‘We are in an arms race against microbes’1
Europe’s controversial plans to expand defence research1
Author Correction: Maternal vitamin C regulates reprogramming of DNA methylation and germline development1
Saving snow leopards in a war zone1
Taiwan to crack down on unauthorized research collaborations with mainland China1
Russia’s stance on human genome editing1
Top US institutes still aren’t reporting clinical-trial results on time1
Find the switch for healthy artificial lighting1
Podcast: A rapid, multi-material 3D printer, and a bacterium’s role in alcoholic hepatitis1
Not slashing emissions? See you in court1
Why earning a PhD is an advantage in today’s industry job market1
Violent drug cartels stifle Mexican science1
Listen: Small research teams are better than big ones at disrupting science1
What scientists should know about visa hurdles1
Two-thirds of researchers report ‘pressure to cite’ in Nature poll1
Rare mummified lions add to Egyptology buzz1
US sees sharp rise in number of kids swallowing small objects1
Black-hole meal, banana-killer and hottest July ever1
South Korea deploys snipers and drones to fend off deadly pig virus1
Enigmatic origin of diamond-bearing rocks revealed1
Number of EU research students in Britain drops from pre-referendum high1
Sand governance: include artisanal miners’ voices1
Experimental gene therapy frees ‘bubble-boy’ babies from a life of isolation1
A sharper view of the world’s oceans1
Opioid prescriptions: Striking differences in behaviour point to ways to combat abuse1
Weak sensitivity of cloud water to aerosols1
Early-career funding sources: you will not find what you do not seek1
New minister aims to boost Greek research1
Why the huge growth in AI spells a big opportunity for transdisciplinary researchers1
Link between antimatter and dark matter probed1
Political upheaval in Nicaragua leaves scientists under siege1
X-ray chimneys in the Galactic Centre1
Here’s what scientists searched for in 2018: AI is up, stress is down1
Neutrino hunt resumes, ITER’s new confidence and Elsevier’s woes1
Hundreds of thousands of marine viruses discovered in world's oceans1
The top 10 countries that dominate natural-sciences research1
Use peer-to-peer research collaboration in graduate school1
Cancer, climate, plastics: why ‘earthshots’ are harder than moonshots1
Author Correction: miR-34a blocks osteoporosis and bone metastasis by inhibiting osteoclastogenesis and Tgif21
US-China science weathers political ill wind1
Film and television tell children who can be scientists1
Radiocarbon revolution: the story of an isotope1
Author Correction: Distinct modes of mitochondrial metabolism uncouple T cell differentiation and function1
The debated legacy of Einstein’s first wife1
The quest for top female academics — a search and destroy mission?1
Promoting science in India’s minority languages1
Author Correction: Spatially resolved steady-state negative capacitance1
Quantum gases show flashes of a supersolid1
Death threats and lawsuits: John Maddox Prize honours researchers who risk everything to stand up for science1
Stats: multiple experiments test biomedical conclusions1
Author Correction: Climatic controls of decomposition drive the global biogeography of forest-tree symbioses1
Three more unsung women – astatine discovery1
Author Correction: Resonantly hybridized excitons in moiré superlattices in van der Waals heterostructures1
Female climate science pioneer steps out of obscurity1
Author Correction: Targeting cardiac fibrosis with engineered T cells1
Maya bones bring a lost civilization to life1
Publisher Correction: Structural basis of ligand recognition at the human MT1 melatonin receptor1
How to shape research to advance global health1
Retraction Note: A homing system targets therapeutic T cells to brain cancer1
Japanese spacecraft probes asteroid’s guts for first time1
Author Correction: Targeted therapy in patients with PIK3CA-related overgrowth syndrome1
South Africa: stop personal profit from publication payouts1
Publisher Correction: Electron magnetic reconnection without ion coupling in Earth’s turbulent magnetosheath1
The Chinese researcher painting the printing industry green1
Author Correction: Chimeric peptidomimetic antibiotics against Gram-negative bacteria1
Machine learning speeds up synthesis of porous materials1
Author Correction: Superluminal motion of a relativistic jet in the neutron-star merger GW1708171
Write rules for deep-sea mining before it’s too late1
Giant ‘bubbles’ spotted around Milky Way’s black hole1
AI Copernicus ‘discovers’ that Earth orbits the Sun1
Mars methane hunt comes up empty, flummoxing scientists1
X marks the spot for fast radio bursts1
First portrait of mysterious Denisovans drawn from DNA1
Turkey creates its first space agency1
Scrambling of quantum information validated by quantum teleportation1
Knowing and doing — conservation charities must spend wisely1
Lost tectonic history recovered from Earth’s deep mantle1
Overhaul intensive farming systems to meet emissions goals1
India’s geologists champion law to protect fossil treasures1
Fishing out a feeding paradox1
Careers and controversy before the First World War1
First exoplanet found around a Sun-like star1
Would a gene-editing ban fit human-rights law?1
Enzymes that detoxify marine toxins1
Avoid brain contamination from surgery1
Earth scientists push ambitious project to map Canada’s geology1
“Work on problems you most enjoy” — Munk’s legacy1
Startling China organ claims raise alarm about transplant research1
Exclusive: Behind the front lines of the Ebola wars1
From Brueghel to Warhol: AI enters the attribution fray1
Daring scientists extract ice from Earth’s highest tropical glacier1
Krill harvesting: rush on red gold endangers ecosystems1
Dams: weigh pros and cons case by case1
Pity the pinnipeds: industry noise getting louder at sea1
Lessons learnt from doing research amid a humanitarian crisis1
United Nations atlas maps risks from earthquakes worldwide1
The biotechnologists making their mark on the international stage1
Green banks: a critical boost to clean energy transition1
Despite political turmoil, global scientific collaboration continues to flourish1
France set to get first national strategy for research1
Why I said no to peer review this summer1
Microbes make metabolic mischief by targeting drugs1
Scientists track damage from controversial deep-sea mining method1
The value of biodiversity is not the same as its price1
Swine flu snipers, Alzheimer’s drug push and Google’s latest gaming bot1
3D printing: don’t add to plastic pollution1
Coal research institute kept the power on in Ukraine1
Hydropower: don’t waste climate money on more dams1
Indian scientists protest against unscientific claims made at conference1
Corrections to ocean-temperature record resolve puzzling regional differences1
Stats: 800 signatories on death warrant is overkill1
A dam or an ape — Indonesia faces stark choice1
Siberia’s ancient ghost clan starts to surrender its secrets1
Patients’ online interventions can scupper clinical trials1
Conservation groups urge fair trial for jailed Iranian researchers1
Financing open-access publication after 20241
Lost in the house of tomorrow: Berlin’s newest museum1
When a conflict of interest is not a conflict1
Antarctic project to drill for oldest-ever ice core1
Africa’s science academy leads push for ethical data use1
Brain’s reward region helps to supply resilience in the face of stress1
Of chaos, storms and forking paths: the principles of uncertainty1
Cosmic collision created ‘snowman’ MU69 — the farthest world ever explored1
Elusive microbe that consumes ethane found under the sea1
Detours, roadblocks, jams: the rough road to US car regulation1
Paul Nurse on Brexit: ‘UK is sleepwalking into a disaster’1
Pioneering brain study reveals ‘software’ differences between humans and monkeys1
A doubly magic nucleus that has two faces1
Not a first: identifying hominin fossils from their proteins1
What to expect in 2019: science in the new year1
Flies’ colour preferences depend on the time of day1
Sports and IQ: the persistence of race ‘science’ in competition1
Challenge to test reproducibility of old computer code1
EXCLUSIVE: UK to open first ‘body farm’ for forensic research1
An introduction to the complexities of the German research scene1
Chinese infiltration of US labs caught science agencies off guard1
Next-generation LHC: CERN lays out plans for €21-billion supercollider1
Primate embryos grown in the lab for longer than ever before1
How mutations express themselves in blood-cell production1
Syriza may have lost the election, but Greece’s research reforms deserve to stay1
Genomes trace origins of enslaved people who died on remote island1
Star Wars-style 3D images created from single speck of foam1
Meet the Ebola workers battling a virus in a war zone1
Ernst Haeckel’s prescient view1
Balance of power: The Economic Consequences of the Peace at 1001
A European initiative to unclog pipeline for new medicines1
Four-thousand-year-old genomes show deep roots of social inequality1
A father’s fight to help his sons — and fix clinical trials1
Germline editing: could ban encourage medical tourism?1
Genomic mechanisms for the evolution of flightlessness in steamer ducks1
Research culture must be kinder for all, not just royalty1
Do C-section babies need mum’s microbes? Trials tackle controversial idea1
Avert collapse of research co-production systems1
Atmospheric reaction networks affecting climate are more complex than was thought1
Hijack of CRISPR defences by selfish genes holds clinical promise1
How four winning mentors help to build skills and dispel doubt1
Hacking conservation: how a tech start-up aims to save biodiversity1
China’s ‘silicon valley’ must not trash its environment1
World Health Organization resists declaring Ebola emergency — for third time1
Strategic advice is crucial for European policy1
Protect Madagascar’s national parks from pillage1
How long do neutrons live? Physicists close in on decades-old puzzle1
Conservation charities top citation charts1
Forests: questioning carbon stores after restoration1
How big is the proton? Particle-size puzzle leaps closer to resolution1
Trump’s goal to eradicate the HIV epidemic in the United States is achievable — yet remote1
South Africa beats back invasive plants1
India’s tigers seem to be a massive success story — many scientists aren’t sure1
These scientists are setting a forest on fire — and studying it with drones1
A 150-year-old idea could hinder Suez Canal invasions1
What 50 principal investigators taught me about my failure to land tenure1
Science publishers review ethics of research on Chinese minority groups1
Five ways media training helped me to boost the impact of my research1
Brazil wins legal fight over 100-million-year-old fossil bounty1
Ocean snail is first animal to be officially endangered by deep-sea mining1
Conformation of the native HIV-1 envelope protein raises questions for vaccine design1
When did societies become modern? ‘Big history’ dashes popular idea of Axial Age1
The professional advisers who can help you to move from academia to industry1
A key to unlocking chromatin revealed by complex structures1
Preserve Mount Vesuvius history in digging out Pompeii’s1
How a long-distance job move can leave early-career researchers short of cash1
A recipe book for cell types in the human brain1
Scientists despair as US government shutdown drags on1
An adventure in predatory publishing: the contents of two medicine cabinets1
Industrial fishing boats leave few safe havens for sharks on the high seas1
A new World Heritage site for Aboriginal engineering1
The rise and fall of scientific authority — and how to bring it back1
A tale of two disorders: syphilis, hysteria and the struggle to treat mental illness1
Serbia is rethinking science — but the reforms could cost hundreds of jobs1
The Chinese Academy of Sciences responds: we are with the government and with the people1
Editorial Expression of Concern: Global analysis of streamflow response to forest management1
Manage forests as protection against warming1
Infiltration of old brains by T cells causes dysfunction of neural stem cells1
Second example reported of a stem-cell transplant in the clinic leading to HIV remission1
Genetic clues can be used to predict whether early-stage cancer will form an invasive tumour1
Author Correction: A dissipatively stabilized Mott insulator of photons1
Author Correction: A new Jurassic scansoriopterygid and the loss of membranous wings in theropod dinosaurs1
On the shoulders of giants1
Views from a continent in flux1
Author Correction: Controlling an organic synthesis robot with machine learning to search for new reactivity1
French research budget disappoints1
Dispatches from a world in turmoil1
2 Chromatin patterns at transcription factor binding sites1
Robo-fish powered by battery ‘blood’1
Does U–Pb date Earth's core formation?; How well can Pb isotopes date core formation? (Reply)1
Cluster hiring a ready-made collaboration1
Discovery pushes back date of first four-legged animal1
Biologist found dead during Crete conference1
Crucifixion date1
Toolkit: How to transition from academia to industry1
Heterogeneity of Date Fruits1
12 Impact of functional information on understanding variation1
Lampbrush chromosomes brought up to date1
A student’s guide to undergraduate research1
Cheap date1
India debates a nationwide tenure system1
Earth science: New date for diamonds1
Moving from prison to a PhD1
Date and Place of Priestley's Discovery of Oxygen1
Scientists criticize Australia’s ‘questionable’ climate policy1
Date and Place of Priestley's Discovery of Oxygen1
Publisher Correction: Innervation of thermogenic adipose tissue via a calsyntenin 3β–S100b axis1
The Date of the Discovery of the Capillaries1
Author Correction: Single-cell analysis of mixed-lineage states leading to a binary cell fate choice1
Gorbachev's first Chernobyl visit since disaster1
Publisher Correction: Asymmetric lysosome inheritance predicts activation of haematopoietic stem cells1
The Date of the Interment in the Aurignac Cave1
‘Haptic skin’ creates virtual sense of touch1
Do Fossil Elephants date the South African Australopithecines?1
How social networks can be used to bias votes1
Trend of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry Since 18501
Author Correction: Hundred-fold enhancement in far-field radiative heat transfer over the blackbody limit1
The Theory of Evolution since Darwin1
C-section babies are missing key microbes1
An Attempt to Ascertain the Date of the Original Construction of Stonehenge From Its Orientation 11
Scientists brew cannabis using hacked beer yeast1
Illegal CFC emissions have stopped since scientists raised alarm1
Pollution cover-ups exposed in Chinese provinces1
Independence, but no Nobel winners for India since then1
The Ebola outbreak is finally slowing down1
Two centuries since discovery of dawn-of-life molecule1
Measles erases immune ‘memory’ for other diseases1
Estimation of Elapsed Time since a Certain Climatic Change for Lake Vanda1
New 3D printer makes multi-material robots1
Walter Munk (1917-2019)1
The Philippines creates its first space agency1
Manfred Eigen (1927–2019)1
Canadian kids sue government over climate change1
Sydney Brenner (1927-2019)1
Modified mosquitoes reduce cases of dengue fever1
Bill Carter Jenkins (1945–2019)1
Publisher Correction: An actin-based viscoplastic lock ensures progressive body-axis elongation1
Wallace Smith Broecker (1931-2019)1
Publisher Correction: An actin-based viscoplastic lock ensures progressive body-axis elongation1
Robots, hominins and superconductors: 10 remarkable papers from 20191
Japan’s Hayabusa2 craft touches down on asteroid Ryugu1
Tropical Twilight Behaviour of the [01] 6300 Å Air Glow at Townsville1
Foreign interference fears prompt guidelines for Australian universities1
Margarita Salas (1938–2019)1
Publisher Correction: Imaging work and dissipation in the quantum Hall state in graphene1
From the archive1
The 11-step guide to running effective meetings1
Protect the census1
Mass student protests bring down Albania’s science minister1
Beyond the periodic table1
How I switched from academia to science communication1
Reproduction, rethought1
Alarm as devastating banana fungus reaches the Americas1
Accelerating flu protection1
How nuclear scientists are decoding Russia’s mystery explosion1
CRISPR: the movie1
The eyes of mammals reveal a dark past1
The jet engineer1
What institutions can do to improve science communication1
Mahatma Gandhi and sustainable science1
Research group takes down controversial Indonesia fire analysis1
Younger scientists need better support1
Biggest carbon-nanotube chip yet says ‘Hello, World!’1
Protect Italy’s new funding agency1
Unravelling the mysteries of preprints and peer review1
Artist of deep time1
Daily briefing: Fecal transplant linked to patient’s death1
End the drought in drought research1
India’s LIGO gravitational-wave observatory gets green light1
Japanese universities test collaboration1
Peer-review experiments tracked in online repository1
Unstable genomes promote inflammation1
Japanese hospital uncovers flood of research ethics violations1
Colour from colourless droplets1
Lighting design for better health and well being1
A precarious milestone for quantum computing1
Daily briefing: medRxiv brings preprints to medical science1
The sorrows of psychiatry1
Thousands of scientists run up against Elsevier’s paywall1
Brexit has already irreparably damaged research1
Mass fish deaths in Australia set to continue1
Research round-up: Vaccines1
Ebola outbreak declared an international public-health emergency1
Teenage activists and an IPCC triumph1
Male researchers’ ‘vague’ language more likely to win grants1
Discovery is always political1
Virus tricks the immune system into ignoring bacterial infections1
How to make computing more sustainable1
Publisher Correction: Magnetic and magnetic inverse spin Hall effects in a non-collinear antiferromagnet1
Walking on your sensitive sole1
Hungarian government takes control of research institutes despite outcry1
Scientists — make time for contemplation1
Donald Trump finally has a White House science adviser1
Is Japan’s commercial whaling doomed?1
Prominent German neuroscientist committed misconduct in ‘brain-reading’ research1
What Europe is getting right about research1
Four technologies that could transform the treatment of blindness1
The neurobiology of conscience1
Black academics publish one-fifth of South Africa’s research1
Japan expands international scientific links1
China approves ethics advisory group after CRISPR-babies scandal1
Big Tobacco, war and politics1
The Recent Nocturnal Glows1
Preprints: recall Nature’s nasty past1
China announces hefty fines for unauthorized collection of DNA1
Ozone mystery laid to rest1
Eastern European universities score highly in university gender ranking1
Human evolution’s ties to tectonics1
International applications to US graduate programmes are still declining1
Sex chromosomes manipulate mate choice1
Daily briefing: World population will push 10 billion by 20501
The storied state of economics1
Rent or conference — early-career researchers shouldn’t have to choose1
Banish hunger on university campuses1
Hyperauthorship: global projects spark surge in thousand-author papers1
Adventures of a space archaeologist1
Proposal to close UK mouse-research centre is ‘major threat’1
Arctic wildfires, hybrid embryos and record-breaking heatwave1
‘More women are being nominated’: Nobel academy head discusses diversity1
Chinese universities lure postdocs back home1
Five reasons to do an internship during your PhD programme1
Genetic light bulbs illuminate the brain1
Mysterious vaping deaths: Why US officials are focusing on flavour1
Holistic models of reaction selectivity1
Daily briefing: “We are in a state of planetary emergency”1
Ocean explorers delve beneath the ice1
Daily briefing: Secretive Iran court sentences cheetah conservationists to prison1
Brexit impacts, quitting coal and Lassa-fever outbreak1
Daily briefing: Pangolins suspected as source of coronavirus 2019-nCoV1
Globe to gut: inside Big Food1
Plans for world’s next major particle collider stuck in limbo1
Anniversary celebrations are due for Mendeleev’s periodic table1
‘Global deal for nature’ fleshed out with specific conservation goals1
Why microwaving a grape sparks a fiery glow1
Publisher Correction: DNA damage detection in nucleosomes involves DNA register shifting1
Brexit shadow hangs over EU partnerships1
A Long-lived Solar Halo1
Terror deaths, primate research and nuclear deal falters1
Astronaut twins study spots subtle genetic changes caused by space travel1
Rapid progress transforms ideals of health1
Big changes needed to fight harassment, group tells US biomedical agency1