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(The TQCC of Mineralogical Magazine is 3. The table below lists those papers that are above that threshold based on CrossRef citation counts [max. 250 papers]. The publications cover those that have been published in the past four years, i.e., from 2020-07-01 to 2024-07-01.)
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Newsletter 607
Erssonite, CaMg7Fe3+2(OH)18(SO4)2⋅12H2O, a new hydrotalcite-supergroup mineral from Långban, Sweden7
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Newsletter 597
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Newsletter 616
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Newsletter 635
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Towards a detailed comprehension of the inertisation processes of amphibole asbestos: in situ high-temperature behaviour of fibrous tremolite3
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Newsletter 583
Crystal chemistry and Raman spectroscopy study of bennesherite, Ba2Fe2+Si2O7, and rare accessory Ba minerals from Caspar quarry, Bellerberg volcano, Germany3
Gysinite-(La), PbLa(CO3)2(OH)⋅H2O, a new rare earth mineral of the ancylite group from the Saima alkaline complex, Liaoning Province, China3
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Mcconnellite, CuCrO2 and ellinaite, CaCr2O4, from varicoloured spurrite marble of the Daba-Siwaqa area, Hatrurim Complex, Jordan3
Ermakovite (NH4)(As2O3)2Br, a new exhalative arsenite bromide mineral from the Fan-Yagnob coal deposit, Tajikistan3
Fluorsigaiite, Ca2Sr3(PO4)3F, a new mineral of the apatite supergroup from the Saima alkaline complex, Liaoning Province, China3
Newsletter 573
A highly hydrated variety of elpidite from the Khibiny alkaline complex, Kola Peninsula, Russia3
Discussion of the paper by Galuskin and Galuskina (2003), “Evidence of the anthropogenic origin of the ‘Carmel sapphire’ with enigmatic super-reduced minerals”3
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Scenicite, a new uranyl-sulfate mineral from the White Canyon district, San Juan County, Utah, USA3
Nomenclature of wöhlerite-group minerals3
Bolotinaite, ideally (Na7□)(Al6Si6O24)F⋅4H2O, a new sodalite-group mineral from the Eifel palaeovolcanic region, Germany3
Reaphookhillite, MgZn2(PO4)2⋅4H2O, the Mg analogue of parahopeite from Reaphook Hill, South Australia3
Mount Mather Creek, British Columbia – a new sodalite-bearing carbohydrothermal breccia deposit including a new Canadian occurrence for the rare minerals edingtonite and quintinite3
Newsletter 703
Panskyite, Pd9Ag2Pb2S4, a new platinum group mineral from the Southern Kievey ore occurrence of the Fedorova–Pana layered intrusion, Kola Peninsula, Russia3
Flaggite, Pb4Cu2+4Te6+2(SO4)2O11(OH)2(H2O), a new mineral with stair-step-like HCP layers 3
Newsletter 663