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Reply to Letter to Editor regarding the article, “Competency-based medical education and the McNamara fallacy: Assessing the important or making the assessed important?”0
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Spontaneous pneumothoraces complicating acute miliary tuberculosis in a child having recent coronavirus disease 20190
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Introduction of psychological skills laboratory in medical education0
Facial nerve communication with ansa cervicalis – An unusual anatomical variation0
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Placental pathology0
Lessons learnt from therapeutic drug monitoring of levetiracetam0
Current understanding of role of venous sinus stenosis in management of idiopathic intracranial hypertension0
Oxymorons in medical imaging flip-flops, longitudinally-transverse0
The art of referencing: Well begun is half done!0
Creatine supplementation combined with breathing exercises reduces respiratory discomfort and improves creatine status in patients with long-COVID0
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Appendiceal actinomycosis presenting as acute appendicitis: A diagnostic and therapeutic challenge0
Commercial screening tests: Beneficial or a hypnosis to advertisements?0
Coexistent urothelial papilloma and ureteric calculus in an 8-year-old child: A rare co-occurrence0
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Faculty-or senior resident-led SNAPPS for postgraduate teaching in pediatrics0
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Lane-Hamilton syndrome – Is it really a needle in a haystack?0
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Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on eating styles: A population based-survey during the first lockdown in Italy0
The McNamara fallacy in medical education: Spot it, stop it0
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Medicolegal autopsies in private medical colleges in India: An urgent need0
Under-reporting of safety data – cause for concern0
Gold thread acupuncture for chronic pain in multiple joints0
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Bilateral asymmetrical choroidal vitiligo0
Is the rural population of Puducherry district healthy in terms of the burden of non-communicable diseases? Findings from a cross-sectional analytical survey0
Who will guard the guardians? Cross-sectional study on prevalence of psychiatric morbidity, quality of life, and coping skills in caregivers of children with thalassemia major0
Glomerulonephritis registry: Need of the hour0
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Sleep apnea in end-stage renal disease patients: Impact on cardiovascular and neurological outcomes0
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A 75-year-old man with transbronchial broncholithiasis followed up for 9 years!0
How early is too early? Diagnosis of tuberous sclerosis complex in a neonate0
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Post-trabeculectomy early bleb localization mimicking a 'ring of steel'0
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Skull-base temporal encephalocele0
Removing chewing gum from the urinary bladder of a 32-year-old male patient0
Waiting to exhale0
Surgical care delivery in India during the COVID pandemic0