IEEE Transactions on Magnetics

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Table of contents10
Inductance Calculation of Coreless-Type Linear PM Machines Based on Analytical Field Projection and Coil Separation Method10
Impact of Complex Permeability Measurements Up to Millimeter-Wave Frequency Range10
Computational Modeling of Optical Fiber-Based Magnetic Field Sensors Using the Faraday and Kerr Magnetooptic Effects10
Fast Multi-Objective Optimization of Electromagnetic Devices Using Adaptive Neural Network Surrogate Model10
A New Harmonic Current Injection Technique to Reduce Cogging Torque in Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Motors10
Automatic Design of PM Motor Using Monte Carlo Tree Search in Conjunction With Topology Optimization10
Analytical Optimization of Electrodynamic Suspension for Ultrahigh-Speed Ground Transportation10
Metamaterial-Based Broadband Absorber Design10
Analytical Calculation of Surface-Inset PM In-Wheel Motors and Reduction of Torque Ripple10
AC Magnetization of Immobilized Magnetic Nanoparticles With Different Degrees of Parallel Alignment of Easy Axes10
Modeling and Suppression of Eddy Current Loss for BAW Magnetoelectric Devices10
Heisenberg Exchange and Dzyaloshinskii–Moriya Interaction in Ultrathin Pt(W)/CoFeB Single and Multilayers10
An Efficient Method for Litz-Wire AC Loss Computation in Transient Finite Element Analysis10
An Improved Winding Function Theory for Accurate Modeling of Small and Large Air-Gap Electric Machines10
Multifrequency Data Parallel Spin Wave Logic Gates10
Compensation of Magnetic Force of an Electromagnet for Compression Mode Characterization of Magnetorheological Elastomers10
Modeling of Magnetically Biased Graphene Coupler at Terahertz Frequency Through an Improved Anisotropic WCIP Method10
Application of Magnetic Metal 3-D Printing on the Integration of Axial-Flow Impeller Fan Motor Design10
Topology Optimization of the Reluctance Trans-Rotary Magnetic Gear10
Cross-Sectional Area Dependence of Tunnel Magnetoresistance, Thermal Stability, and Critical Current Density in MTJ10
Design and Optimization of a Low-Cost Hybrid-Pole Rotor for Spoke-Type Permanent Magnet Machine10
Analytic Optimization of the Halbach Array Slotless Motor Considering Stator Yoke Saturation10
Suspension Performance Analysis on the Novel Hybrid Stator Type Bearingless Switched Reluctance Motor10
Analysis and Optimization of the Axial Electromagnetic Force for an Axial-Flux Permanent Magnet Vernier Machine10
Accurate Identification for 3-D Position of Hybrid Defects in Ferromagnetic Pipe Using External Remote Field Eddy Current Testing10
A Study on Asymmetry of Electromagnetic Force Modes of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors With Rotor Eccentricity10
Effect of Fiber Tracts and Depolarized Brain Volume on Resting Motor Thresholds During Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation10
A New IPMSM With Hybrid Rotor Structure for Electrical Vehicle With Reduced Magnet Loss10
Nonlinear Permeability Measurements for Nickel Zinc Ferrite and Nickel Zinc Ferrite/Barium Strontium Titanate Composites From 1 to 4 GHz10
Decoupled-Double D Coils Based Dual-Resonating-Frequency Compensation Topology for Wireless Power Transfer10
Symmetric Response Magnetoresistance Sensor With Low 1/f Noise by Using an Antiphase AC Modulation Bridge10
Origin of Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy in Yttrium Iron Garnet Thin Films Grown on Si (100)10
Improvement on Loss Separation Method for Core Loss Calculation Under High-Frequency Sinusoidal and Nonsinusoidal Excitation9
A Dual-Stack Coaxial Magnetic Gear for a Wave Energy Conversion Generator9
A Numerical Calculation Model of Multi-Magnet-Array and 8-Shaped Null-Flux Coil for Permanent Magnet EDS Vehicle System9
Instantaneous Electromagnetic Torque Waveform Calculations for Switched Reluctance Machines Exploiting Vector Analysis9
Straintronic Nanomagnetic Logic Using Self-Biased Dipole Coupled Elliptical Nanomagnets9
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Dynamic Hysteresis and Loss Modeling of Grain-Oriented Silicon Steel Under High-Frequency Sinusoidal Excitation9
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Two-Step Method for the Calculation of Eddy Current Losses in an Open-Core Transformer9
A Study on the Design Method for Improving the Efficiency of Spoke-Type PMSM9
Study on Analysis and Design of Line-Start Synchronous Reluctance Motor Considering Rotor Slot Opening and Bridges9
A Reconfigurable Arbiter MPUF With High Resistance Against Machine Learning Attack9
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Permanent Magnet Synchronous Reluctance Machines With Axially Combined Rotor Structure9
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Analysis of Double-Layer Permanent-Magnet Flux Reversal Machines With Different Permanent Magnet Arrangements in Stator9
An Improved Surface Charge Model for the Static Force Calculation Among the Permanent Magnets in Magnetic Bearings or Magnetic Springs9
Discovering Pareto-Optimal Magnetic-Design Solutions via a Generative Adversarial Network9
A Novel Analytical Study of Anisotropic Multi-Layer Elliptical Structures Containing Graphene Layers9
Reliability-Based Design Optimization of a Permanent Magnet Motor Under Manufacturing Tolerance and Temperature Fluctuation9
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Development of Optimum Preparation Conditions of Fe-Deficient M-Type Ca–Sr–La System Hexagonal Ferrite Magnet9
1 Bit Non-Diffractive Vortex Beam Generator Based on FSS in Microwave Region8
MFM Observation of High Coercivity in Nanostructured Tetragonally Distorted FeCo Films8