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(The TQCC of FEBS Letters is 37. The table below lists those papers that are above that threshold based on CrossRef citation counts. The publications cover those that have been published in the past four years, i.e., from 2019-06-01 to 2023-06-01.)
A highly resolved, oxygen-evolving photosystem II preparation from spinach thylakoid membranes1598
Correlation of mRNA and protein in complex biological samples1254
Cyanobacterial microcystin-LR is a potent and specific inhibitor of protein phosphatases 1 and 2A from both mammals and higher plants1252
Galanin - a novel biologically active peptide from porcine intestine1199
Identification of two distinct synucleins from human brain806
Formation of a thiobarbituric-acid-reactive substance from deoxyribose in the presence of iron salts620
Determination of three-dimensional structures of proteins from interproton distance data by hybrid distance geometry-dynamical simulated annealing calculations605
Separation and characterization of two extracelluar H2O2-dependent oxidases from ligninolytic cultures ofPhanerochaete chrysosporium603
Selection and identification of single domain antibody fragments from camel heavy-chain antibodies566
Relative bioavailability of the antioxidant flavonoid quercetin from various foods in man566
Evidence for nitric oxide-mediated oxidative damage in chronic inflammation Nitrotyrosine in serum and synovial fluid from rheumatoid patients541
Inhibition of protein kinase C μ by various inhibitors. Inhibition from protein kinase c isoenzymes520
Protein a fromStaphylococcus aureus. Its isolation by affinity chromatography and its use as an immunosorbent for isolation of immunoglobulins481
Iron promoters of the Fenton reaction and lipid peroxidation can be released from haemoglobin by peroxides478
Determination of three-dimensional structures of proteins from interproton distance data by dynamical simulated annealing from a random array of atoms Circumventing problems associated with folding426
Secreted Klotho protein in sera and CSF: implication for post-translational cleavage in release of Klotho protein from cell membrane421
Purification and subunit structure of hepatocyte growth factor from rat platelets417
Truncated glucagon-like peptide I, an insulin-releasing hormone from the distal gut414
Role of mitochondrial ROS in the brain: from physiology to neurodegeneration412
hBD-1: a novel β-defensin from human plasma405
From BRCA1 to RAP1: a widespread BRCT module closely associated with DNA repair388
Structure of the multidrug ABC transporter Sav1866 fromStaphylococcus aureusin complex with AMP-PNP343
Purification of a Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent nitric oxide synthase from porcine cerebellum342
Synthetic filaments assembled from C-terminally truncated α-synuclein336
Direct evidence of nitric oxide production from bovine aortic endothelial cells using new fluorescence indicators: diaminofluoresceins320
The high energy state in chromatophores fromRhodopseudomonas spheroides317
Primary structure and distribution of a novel ryanodine receptor/calcium release channel from rabbit brain314
Aromatic hydroxylation and nitration of phenylalanine and tyrosine by peroxynitrite311
Reconstitution of bacterial DNA-dependent RNA-polymerase from isolated subunits as a tool for the elucidation of the role of the subunits in transcription305
Isolation and characterisation of plant defensins from seeds of Asteraceae, Fabaceae, Hippocastanaceae and Saxifragaceae302
PPARγ in adipocyte differentiation and metabolism - Novel insights from genome-wide studies295
Ribosome-inactivating proteins up to date294
Determination of lipid order parameters and rotational correlation times from fluorescence depolarization experiments293
Aggregates from mutant and wild-type α-synuclein proteins and NAC peptide induce apoptotic cell death in human neuroblastoma cells by formation of β-sheet and amyloid-like filaments292
Lipid transfer proteins (nsLTPs) from barley and maize leaves are potent inhibitors of bacterial and fungal plant pathogens292
A novel P-type ATPase from yeast involved in sodium transport290
A putative protein of a growth specific cDNA from BALB/C-3T3 cells is highly similar to the extracellular portion of mouse interleukin 1 receptor284
Formation of 8-nitroguanine in DNA treated with peroxynitrite in vitro and its rapid removal from DNA by depurination284
Identification of G protein-coupled receptor genes from the human genome sequence277
Leptin, from fat to inflammation: old questions and new insights275
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O2and H2O are each the source of one O in NO2produced from NH3byNitrosomonas:15N-NMR evidence271
Limited proteolysis of the cellobiohydrolase I from Trichoderma reesei271
Identification and biological activity of novel ω-oxidized metabolites of leukotriene B4 from human leukocytes269
PTP1B: From the sidelines to the front lines!268
Glutamate acting on NMDA receptors stimulates neurite outgrowth from cerebellar granule cells264
Soluble guanylate cyclase purified from bovine lung contains heme and copper264
Localization of fractalkine and CX3CR1 mRNAs in rat brain: does fractalkine play a role in signaling from neuron to microglia?260
Resistance to fluconazole and cross-resistance to amphotericin B in Candida albicans from AIDS patients caused by defective sterol Δ5,6 -desaturation257
Primary structure and functional expression from cDN A of the cardiac ryanodine receptor/calcium release channel253
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Introduction of a Na+ /H+ antiporter gene from Atriplex gmelini confers salt tolerance to rice245
Trp12, a novel Trp related protein from kidney242
PPARγ3 mRNA: a distinct PPARγ mRNA subtype transcribed from an independent promoter241
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Isolation and structure of corazonin, a cardioactive peptide from the American cockroach237
The stomach as a site for anthocyanins absorption from food 1235
The Ca signal from fura-2 loaded mast cells depends strongly on the method of dye-loading235
Superoxide production from nonenzymatically glycated protein230
Identification of an ion channel activity of the Vpu transmembrane domain and its involvement in the regulation of virus release from HIV-1-infected cells230
Characterisation of a PS II reaction centre isolated from the chloroplasts ofPisum sativum230
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Highly efficient proteintrans-splicing by a naturally split DnaE intein fromNostoc punctiforme220
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The multicatalytic proteinase (prosome) is ubiquitous from eukaryotes to archaebacteria216
Separation of hydrogenase from intact cells ofDesulfovibrio vulgarisPurification and properties214
The human MDR3 P-glycoprotein promotes translocation of phosphatidylcholine through the plasma membrane of fibroblasts from transgenic mice214
Release of polypeptides from highly active O2 -evolving photosystem-2 preparation by this treatment214
Structure-activity relationship of alginate oligosaccharides in the induction of cytokine production from RAW264.7 cells213
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Mn-preserving extraction of 33-, 24- and 16-kDa proteins from O2 -evolving PS II particles by divalent salt-washing208
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Parasin I, an antimicrobial peptide derived from histone H2A in the catfish,Parasilurus asotus207
Oxidation in the NADP system and release of GSSG from hemoglobin-free perfused rat liver during peroxidatic oxidation of glutathione by hydroperoxides207
RanBP1 is crucial for the release of RanGTP from importin β-related nuclear transport factors207
Isolation and characterization of a lectin with exclusive specificity towards mannose from snowdrop (Galanthus nivalis) bulbs207
Two protons are pumped from the mitochondrial matrix per electron transferred between NADH and ubiquinone207
The amino acid sequence of rabbit skeletal muscle troponin C: Gene replication and homology with calcium -binding proteins from carp and hake muscle205
Crel, the carbon catabolite repressor protein fromTrichoderma reesei205
Glucose dehydrogenase fromAcinetobacter calcoaceticus202
Exosomes derived from mineralizing osteoblasts promote ST2 cell osteogenic differentiation by alteration of microRNA expression201
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Purification of two astroglial growth factors from bovine brain196
Clostridium botulinumtype C produces a novel ADP-ribosyltransferase distinct from botulinum C2 toxin192
Translocation of cytochrome c from the mitochondria to the cytosol occurs during heat-induced programmed cell death in cucumber plants191
Scorpine, an anti-malaria and anti-bacterial agent purified from scorpion venom190
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Disulfide structure of the pheromone binding protein from the silkworm moth,Bombyx mori187
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Primary structure and functional expression of a high voltage activated calcium channel from rabbit lung185
Bradykinin stimulates tumor necrosis factor and interleukin-1 release from macrophages184
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Complete amino acid sequence of human intestinal aminopeptidase N as deduced from cloned cDNA182
Dual action of isoprenols from herbal medicines on both PPARγ and PPARα in 3T3-L1 adipocytes and HepG2 hepatocytes181
Complete amino acid sequence of puroindoline, a new basic and cystine-rich protein with a unique tryptophan-rich domain, isolated from wheat endosperm by Triton X-114 phase partitioning181
Reactive oxygen species generated from the mitochondrial electron transport chain induce cytochrome c dissociation from beef-heart submitochondrial particles via cardiolipin peroxidation. Poss180
Pore protein and the hexokinase-binding protein from the outer membrane of rat liver mitochondria are identical179
From entangled membranes to eclectic morphologies: cubic membranes as subcellular space organizers178
The α-isoform of glycogen synthase kinase-3 from rabbit skeletal muscle is inactivated by p70 S6 kinase or MAP kinase-activated protein kinase-1 in vitro177
Daidzein and genistein but not their glucosides are absorbed from the rat stomach176
A new family of small (5 kDa) protein inhibitors of insect α-amylases from seeds or sorghum (Sorghum bicolor(L) Moench) have sequence homologies with wheat γ-purothionins175
Amino acid sequence of the crustacean hyperglycemic hormone (CHH) from the shore crab, Carcinus maenas175
The crystal structure of a post-synaptic neurotoxin from sea snake at 2.2 Å resolution174
A GSK3-binding peptide from FRAT1 selectively inhibits the GSK3-catalysed phosphorylation of Axin and β-catenin173
Phosphorylation of the regulatory subunit of smooth muscle protein phosphatase 1M at Thr850 induces its dissociation from myosin173
A study on reducing substrates of manganese-oxidizing peroxidases fromPleurotus eryngiiandBjerkandera adusta173
From β-glucanase to β-glucansynthase: glycosyl transfer to α-glycosyl fluorides catalyzed by a mutant endoglucanase lacking its catalytic nucleophile173
Protein composition of Lp(a) lipoprotein from human plasma172
The SLO3 sperm-specific potassium channel plays a vital role in male fertility172
Formation and release of nitric oxide from human neutrophils and HL-60 cells induced by a chemotactic peptide, platelet activating factor and leukotriene B4172
PINK1 is recruited to mitochondria with parkin and associates with LC3 in mitophagy171
Truncated tau from sporadic Alzheimer's disease suffices to drive neurofibrillary degeneration in vivo170
Brazzein, a new high-potency thermostable sweet protein fromPentadiplandra brazzeanaB169
Hydrogenase frommethanobacterium thermoautotrophicum, a nickel-containing enzyme169
The three-dimensional structure of porin fromRhodobacter capsulatusat 3 Å resolution169
The amino acid sensitive TOR pathway from yeast to mammals169
Antimicrobial properties of peptides fromXenopusgranular gland secretions168
HGF/NK4 is a specific antagonist for pleiotrophic actions of hepatocyte growth factor168
Putative spermine synthases fromThalassiosira pseudonanaandArabidopsis thalianasynthesize thermospermine rather than spermine167
Purification and characterization of the α-tocopherol transfer protein from rat liver167
γ-Purothionins: amino acid sequence of two polypeptides of a new family of thionins from wheat endosperm166
Herbivore-induced volatiles: The emission of acyclic homoterpenes from leaves of Phaseolus lunatus and Zea mays can be triggered by a β-glucosidase and jasmonic acid166
Cloning of a cDNA encoding diacylglycerol acyltransferase from Arabidopsis thaliana and its functional expression164
Primary structure of sheep prostaglandin endoperoxide synthase deduced from cDNA sequence164
Guanine nucleotides decrease the free [Ca2+] required for secretion of serotonin from permeabilized blood platelets164
A family of glycosyl hydrolase family 45 cellulases from the pine wood nematodeBursaphelenchus xylophilus162
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On the function of multiple subunits of cytochrome c oxidase from higher eukaryotes161
Structure of dimeric ATP synthase from mitochondria: An angular association of monomers induces the strong curvature of the inner membrane160
Mitochondrial dysfunction and cell senescence: deciphering a complex relationship160
Characterization of the lipopolysaccharide from the polymyxin-resistantpmrAmutants ofSalmonella typhimurium160
Hydrogen peroxide is a regulator of ABI1, a protein phosphatase 2C fromArabidopsis160
Identification and functional analysis of bifunctionalent-kaurene synthase from the mossPhyscomitrella patens159
Islet amyloid: From fundamental biophysics to mechanisms of cytotoxicity158
SMAP-29: a potent antibacterial and antifungal peptide from sheep leukocytes158
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Presence of a lattice structure in membrane fragments rich in nicotinic receptor protein from the electric organ of Torpedo marmorata156
How mitochondria import proteins from the cytoplasm156
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CAMTAs: Calmodulin-binding transcription activators from plants to human154
Mobilization of iron from reticulocytes154
A novel CPx-ATPase from the cadmium hyperaccumulatorThlaspi caerulescens153
TAK1 mediates an activation signal from toll-like receptor(s) to nuclear factor-κB in lipopolysaccharide-stimulated macrophages152
Low pH crystal structure of glycosylated lignin peroxidase fromPhanerochaete chrysosporiumat 2.5 Å resolution152
Progress in the purification of the cholinergic receptor protein fromElectrophorus electricusby affinity chromatography151
Superoxide anion formation from lucigenin: an electron spin resonance spin-trapping study151
Cloning and expression of an isoform of the rat μ opioid receptor (rMOR1B) which differs in agonist induced desensitization from rMOR1151
Tautomycin from the bacterium Streptomyces verticillatus151
Plant extracts from stinging nettle (Urtica dioica ), an antirheumatic remedy, inhibit the proinflammatory transcription factor NF-κB150
Partial purification and characterization of an actin depolymerizing factor from brain150
Metabolic profiling reveals disorder of amino acid metabolism in four brain regions from a rat model of chronic unpredictable mild stress149
Fluorescence spectral evidence that benzo(a)pyrene-DNA products in mouse skin arise from diol-epoxides149
Reduced and oxidized glutathione efflux from liver149
Rapid purification of wildtype and mutant cytochromecoxidase fromRhodobacter sphaeroidesby Ni2+-NTA affinity chromatography148
NADP-malic enzyme from plants: a ubiquitous enzyme involved in different metabolic pathways148
Maturation of nuclear lamin A involves a specific carboxy-terminal trimming, which removes the polyisoprenylation site from the precursor; implications for the structure of the nuclear lamina148
Non-lytic release of acetylcholinesterase from erythrocytes by A phosphatidylinositol-specific phospholipase C148
Functional expression from cloned cDNAs of glutamate receptor species responsive to kainate and quisqualate146
Cloning and expression of a glycine transporter from mouse brain146
Selective activation of the γ-subspecies of protein kinase C from bovine cerebellum by arachidonic acid and its lipoxygenase metabolites146
Monovalent nickel in hydrogenase from Chromatium vinosum146
Isoprenoid biosynthesis via the methylerythritol phosphate pathway: the (E)-4-hydroxy-3-methylbut-2-enyl diphosphate reductase (LytB/IspH) fromEscherichia coliis a [4Fe-4S] protein145
Presence of an acyl carrier protein in NADH:ubiquinone oxidoreductase from bovine heart mitochondria145
Purification and substrate specificity of lecithin-cholesterol acyl transferase from human plasma145
Molecular classification of cancer types from microarray data using the combination of genetic algorithms and support vector machines144
Redox properties of the ESR-detectable nickel in hydrogenase fromDesulfovibrio gigas143
Potassium channels from NG108-15 neuroblastoma-glioma hybrid cells143
N5,N10-Methylenetetrahydromethanopterin dehydrogenase fromMethanobacterium thermoautotrophicumhas hydrogenase activity143
Surfactin fromBacillus subtilisdisplays anti-proliferative effect via apoptosis induction, cell cycle arrest and survival signaling suppression142
Evidence for three distinct forms of calmodulin-dependent protein kinases from rat brain142
Erv1p from Saccharomyces cerevisiae is a FAD-linked sulfhydryl oxidase142
Neuronal nicotinic receptors: from protein structure to function142
Evolution of photosystem I - from symmetry through pseudosymmetry to asymmetry142
Identification of mouse trp homologs and lipid rafts from spermatogenic cells and sperm141
Effect of serum and C-apoproteins from very low density lipoproteins on human postheparin plasma hepatic lipase141
Oxa1p mediates the export of the N- and C-termini of pCoxII from the mitochondrial matrix to the intermembrane space140
The role of p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase in IL-6 and IL-8 production from the TNF-α- or IL-1β-stimulated rheumatoid synovial fibroblasts140
Biochemical and spectroscopic characterization of catechol oxidase from sweet potatoes (Ipomoea batatas) containing a type-3 dicopper center1140
Conformational change of mastoparan from wasp venom on binding with phospholipid membrane139
Eckol isolated fromEcklonia cavaattenuates oxidative stress induced cell damage in lung fibroblast cells139
Effect of the troponin C-like protein from bovine brain (brain modulator protein) on the Mg2+ -stimulated ATPase of skeletal muscle actomyosin138
Voltage-gated potassium channels: from hyperexcitability to excitement138
Stimulation of human peripheral blood lymphocytes by bioactive peptides derived from bovine milk proteins137
The refined 2.0 Å X-ray crystal structure of the complex formed between bovine β-trypsin and CMTI-I, a trypsin inhibitor from squash seeds (Cucurbita maxima) Topological similarity of the squash seed 136
Evidence for a trimeric organization of the photosystem I complex from the thermophilic cyanobacteriumSynechococcussp.135
Critical role of sulfhydryl group(s) in ATP-dependent Ca2+sequestration by the plasma membrane fraction from rat liver135
Biochemical characterization of the HydE and HydG iron-only hydrogenase maturation enzymes fromThermatoga maritima135
A novel antimicrobial peptide from the loach,Misgurnus anguillicaudatus134
The iridoid glucoside secologanin is derived from the novel triose phosphate/pyruvate pathway in a Catharanthus roseus cell culture134
Polyamines prevent NaCl-induced K+efflux from pea mesophyll by blocking non-selective cation channels134
Studies on the cholinergic receptor protein fromElectrophorus electricusEffect of detergents on some hydrodynamic properties of the receptor protein in solution134
Clavanins, α-helical antimicrobial peptides from tunicate hemocytes134
The structure of the voltage-sensitive sodium channel133
NPC1L1 and cholesterol transport133
Functional significance of aromatic amino acids from three peptide loops of the α7 neuronal nicotinic receptor site investigated by site-directed mutagenesis133
Enhanced secretion of endothelin-1 by elevated glucose levels from cultured bovine aortic endothelial cells133
Enhanced binding of the N501Y‐mutated SARS‐CoV‐2 spike protein to the human ACE2 receptor: insights from molecular dynamics simulations133
Inhibition of caspase activity induces a switch from apoptosis to necrosis133
Release of apoptogenic proteins from the mitochondrial intermembrane space during the mitochondrial permeability transition132
Chlorophyll a and β-carotene content in the D1 /D2 /cytochrome b -559 reaction center complex from spinach132
Characterization of dimeric ATP synthase and cristae membrane ultrastructure fromSaccharomycesandPolytomellamitochondria131
Molecular cloning and sequencing of the cDNA coding for a calcium-binding protein regucalcin from rat liver131
Multisite phosphorylation of glycogen synthase from rabbit skeletal muscle130
The inhibitor protein of phosphorylated nitrate reductase from spinach (Spinacia oleracea ) leaves is a 14-3-3 protein130
The γ-subunit of ATP synthase from spinach chloroplasts Primary structure deduced from the cloned cDNA sequence130
Primary structure and functional expression of a cyclic nucleotidegated channel from rabbit aorta129
MicroRNA-21 protects from mesangial cell proliferation induced by diabetic nephropathy in db/db mice129
Complete inhibition of electron transfer from ubiquinol to cytochrome b by the combined action of antimycin and myxothiazol129
Synergism in mosquitocidal activity of 26 and 65 kDa proteins fromBacillus thuringiensissubsp.israelensiscrystal128
Capsaicin, a spicy component of hot peppers, modulates adipokine gene expression and protein release from obese-mouse adipose tissues and isolated adipocytes, and suppresses the inflammatory responses127
Myosin light-chain kinase, a new enzyme from striated muscle127
Aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH) 2 associates with oxidation of methoxyacetaldehyde; in vitro analysis with liver subcellular fraction derived from human andAldh2gene targeting mouse127
TRPV1-null mice are protected from diet-induced obesity127
TheCER3wax biosynthetic gene fromArabidopsis thalianais allelic toWAX2/YRE/FLP1127
The mechanism of the alkaline phosphatase reaction: insights from NMR, crystallography and site-specific mutagenesis126
Formation of planar bilayers from artificial or native membrane vesicles126
A new family of K+transporters fromArabidopsisthat are conserved across phyla126
Primary structure of the α-subunit of bovine adenylate cyclase-inhibiting G-protein deduced from the cDNA sequence125
Di-myo-inositol-1, 1′-phosphate: A new inositol phosphate isolated fromPyrococcus woesei125
The EPR properties of nickel in hydrogenase fromMethanobacterium thermoautotrophicum125
Cloning of a novel kinase (SIK) of the SNF1/AMPK family from high salt diet-treated rat adrenal1125
Expression of functional (Na++ K+)-ATPase from cloned cDNAs125
Novel defensin subfamily from spinach (Spinacia oleracea)125
Calcium-induced Ca2+ release from sarcoplasmic reticulum of pigs susceptible to malignant hyperthermia125
A rifampicin resistent rna-polymerase from E. coli altered in the β-subunit125
Cleavage and activation of proteinase-activated receptor-2 on human neutrophils by gingipain-R fromPorphyromonas gingivalis124
Predicting protein interaction sites from residue spatial sequence profile and evolution rate124
Angiotensin-I-converting enzyme inhibitory peptides from tryptic hydrolysate of bovine αS2-casein124
The starch-binding domain from glucoamylase disrupts the structure of starch123
The sequence of phenylalanine tRNA fromE. coli123
Oxyradical reactions: from bond-dissociation energies to reduction potentials123
Amylosucrase fromNeisseria polysaccharea: novel catalytic properties122
Two antifungal thaumatin-like proteins from barley grain122
Protein phosphatase 4 - from obscurity to vital functions121
Structure of tubulin C-terminal domain obtained by subtilisin treatment The major α and β tubulin isotypes from pig brain are glutamylated121
A primordial dopamine D1-like adenylyl cyclase-linked receptor fromDrosophila melanogasterdisplaying poor affinity for benzazepines120
Assembly of Alzheimer-like filaments from full-length tau protein120
Primary structure of the β-subunit of bovine transducin deduced from the cDNA sequence120
Cloning of a melatonin-related receptor from human pituitary119
A novel peptidyl-prolylcisltransisomerase fromEscherichia coli119
Antimicrobial activity of a 13 amino acid tryptophan-rich peptide derived from a putative porcine precursor protein of a novel family of antibacterial peptides119
Chemical structure of lipid A fromporphyromonas(bacteroides)gingivalislipopolysaccharide118
Octopus rhodopsin Amino acid sequence deduced from cDNA118
Liver X receptors link lipid metabolism and inflammation118
Identification and characterization of microRNAs from the bovine adipose tissue and mammary gland118
Novel antimicrobial peptides from skin secretion of the European frogRana esculenta117
Purification and primary structure of two isoforms of arenicin, a novel antimicrobial peptide from marine polychaetaArenicola marina117
Isolation of glucagon-37 (bioactive enteroglucagon/oxyntomodulin) from porcine jejuno-ileum117
Purification of the 22 kDa protein substrate of botulinum ADP-ribosyltransferase C3 from porcine brain cytosol and its characterization as a GTP-binding protein highly homologous to therhogene 117
Potassium channels expressed from rat brain cDNA have delayed rectifier properties117
Chloroplast transit peptides from the green algaChlamydomonas reinhardtiishare features with both mitochondrial and higher plant chloroplast presequences117
Lactate downregulates the glycolytic enzymes hexokinase and phosphofructokinase in diverse tissues from mice116
Identification of prostaglandin E receptor ‘EP2’ cloned from mastocytoma cells as EP4 subtype116
Identification of DEBS 1, DEBS 2 and DEBS 3, the multienzyme polypeptides of the erythromycin-producing polyketide synthase fromSaccharopolyspora erythraea116
Cytochromecrelease from brain mitochondria is independent of the mitochondrial permeability transition116
Imidazolium crosslinks derived from reaction of lysine with glyoxal and methylglyoxal are increased in serum proteins of uremic patients: evidence for increased oxidative stress in uremia116
Purification fromTorpedo marmorataelectric tissue of membrane fragments particularly rich in cholinergic receptor protein116
Expression cloning and characterization of a renal organic anion transporter from winter flounder116
Porcine peptide having N-terminal histidine and C-terminal isoleucine amide (PHI)115
Reconstitution photoactive yellow protein from apoprotein and p -coumaric acid derivatives115
The coffee diterpene kahweol induces heme oxygenase-1 via the PI3K and p38/Nrf2 pathway to protect human dopaminergic neurons from 6-hydroxydopamine-derived oxidative stress115
GTP enhances inositol trisphosphate-stimulated Ca2+ release from rat liver microsomes114
Molecular cloning and predicted full-length amino acid sequence of the type Iβ isozyme of cGMP-dependent protein kinase from human placenta114
Structure of spheroidene in the photosynthetic reaction center from Y Rhodobacter sphaeroides114
Modification of the ATP binding site of the Ca2+-ATPase from sarcoplasmic reticulum by fluorescein isothiocyanate113
The Golgi apparatus: Lessons fromDrosophila113
Release of tyrosine from tyrosinated tubulin. Some common factors that affect this process and the assembly of tubulin113
Human mitochondrial peroxiredoxin 5 protects from mitochondrial DNA damages induced by hydrogen peroxide113
Modulation of interleukin-8 activity by gingipains fromPorphyromonas gingivalis: implications for pathogenicity of periodontal disease113
Peroxynitrite releases copper from caeruloplasmin: implications for atherosclerosis113
TDP-43 and FUSen routefrom the nucleus to the cytoplasm112
Shedding of procoagulant microparticles from unstimulated platelets by integrin-mediated destabilization of actin cytoskeleton111
The DNA repeat lengths in chromatins from sea urchin sperm and gastrula cells are markedly different111
The role of phospholipase activity in the action of a presynaptic neurotoxin from the venom of Notechis scutatus scutatus (australian tiger snake)111
Opioid peptides derived from wheat gluten: Their isolation and characterization111
A cysteine proteinase cDNA fromTrypanosoma bruceipredicts an enzyme with an unusual C-terminal extension110
The hexose carrier fromChlorella110
Complete amino acid sequence of the large subunit of the low-Ca2+ -requiring form of human Ca2+ -activated neutral protease (μCANP) deduced from its cDNA sequence110
Molecular cloning and functional expression of a potassium channel cDNA isolated from a rat cardiac library110
Amino acid sequence of a heat-stable enterotoxin isolated from enterotoxigenicEscherichia colistrain 18D110
Purification and antipathogenic activity of lipid transfer proteins (LTPs) from the leaves of Arabidopsis and spinach110
Cloning and functional expression of a TEA-sensitive A-type potassium channel from rat brain109
Molecular cloning and functional expression of a novel potassium channel β-subunit from human atrium109
Chemical structure of glycosphingolipids isolated fromSphingomonas paucimobilis109
Membrane protein synthesis in cell‐free systems: From bio‐mimetic systems to bio‐membranes109
A novel anti-hypertensive peptide derived from ovalbumin induces nitric oxide-mediated vasorelaxation in an isolated SHR mesenteric artery109
Isolation and characterisation of three polypeptides with neurotoxic activity from Anemonia sulcata109
Nucleotide sequence of cDNA clones encoding the complete ‘23 kDa’ and ‘16 kDa’ precursor proteins associated with the photosynthetic oxygen-evolving complex from spinach109
Cloning and sequencing of glutamate mutase component S fromClostridium tetanomorphumHomologies with other cobalamin-dependent enzymes109
Glial fibrillary acidic protein in primary astroglial cell cultures derived from newborn rat brain109
Isolation of embryonic stem-like cells from equine blastocysts and their differentiation in vitro1108
Acetylcholine from vagal stimulation protects cardiomyocytes against ischemia and hypoxia involving additive non-hypoxic induction of HIF-1α108
Scyliorhinin I and II: two novel tachykinins from dogfish gut108
Solution structure of the DNA binding domain of a nucleoid-associated protein, H-NS, fromEscherichia coli108
The neoxanthin binding site of the major light harvesting complex (LHCII) from higher plants108
Essential aspartic acid residues, Asp-133, Asp-163 and Asp-164, in the transmembrane helices of a Na+/H+antiporter (NhaA) fromEscherichia coli108
Isolation and characterization of biliprotein aggregates fromAcaryochloris marina,aProchloron-like prokaryote containing mainly chlorophylld108
VacA fromHelicobacter pylori: a hexameric chloride channel108
Novel fluorescent protein from Discosoma coral and its mutants possesses a unique far-red fluorescence107
Primary structure of a new cysteine proteinase inhibitor from pig leucocytes107
The active site of the cyanide-resistant oxidase from plant mitochondria contains a binuclear iron center106
Presence of highly selective receptors for PACAP (pituitary adenylate cyclase activating peptide) in membranes from the rat pancreatic acinar cell line AR 4-2J106
The phospholipid component of small unilamellar liposomes controls the rate of clearance of entrapped solutes from the circulation106
Soymetide, an immunostimulating peptide derived from soybean β-conglycinin, is an fMLP agonist106
Characterization and properties of a phosphatidylinositol phosphodiesterase (phospholipase C) from platelet cytosol106
Calcium efflux dependent formation of ATP from ADP and orthophosphate by the membranes of the sarcoplasmic vesicles105
Solution NMR studies of the integral membrane proteins OmpX and OmpA fromEscherichia coli105
Formation of protein complexes in crowded environments - From in vitro to in vivo105
Electron transfer from A 1 to an iron-sulfur center with t = 200 ns at room temperature in photosystem I Charact104
Allicin, a naturally occurring antibiotic from garlic, specifically inhibits acetyl-CoA synthetase104
Purification of ADAM 10 from bovine spleen as a TNFα convertase104
Peroxynitrite causes calcium efflux from mitochondria which is prevented by Cyclosporin A104
Stoichiometric association of extrinsic cytochromec550and 12 kDa protein with a highly purified oxygen-evolving photosystem II core complex fromSynechococcus vulcanus104
Production of endogenous matrix superoxide from mitochondrial complex I leads to activation of uncoupling protein 3104
Interaction domains: from simple binding events to complex cellular behavior104
Cloning and characterization of subtracted cDNAs from a human ciliary body library encodingTIGR, a protein involved in juvenile open angle glaucoma with homology to myosin and olfactomedin103
Characteristics and antifungal activity of a chitin binding protein fromGinkgo biloba103
Anthocyanins from soybean seed coat inhibit the expression of TNF-α-induced genes associated with ischemia/reperfusion in endothelial cell by NF-κB-dependent pathway and reduce rat myocardial damages 103
The chlorophyll-binding protein IsiA is inducible by high light and protects the cyanobacteriumSynechocystisPCC6803 from photooxidative stress103
The purification of ammonia monooxygenase fromParacoccus denitrficans103
Identification of a cDNA encoding a novel C18-Δ9polyunsaturated fatty acid-specific elongating activity from the docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)-producing microalga,Isochrysis galbana103
Galectin-3 overexpression protects from cell damage and death by influencing mitochondrial homeostasis103
Conversion of big endothelin-1 to endothelin-1 by two types of metalloproteinases derived from porcine aortic endothelial cells102
The nervous system specific protein D2 is involved in adhesion among neurites from cultured rat ganglia102
Increased β-amyloid release and levels of amyloid precursor protein (APP) in fibroblast cell lines from family members with the Swedish Alzheimer's disease APP670/671 mutation102
A polygalacturonase of animal origin isolated from the root-knot nematodeMeloidogyne incognita1102
Identification of a novel high-affinity binding site forN-acetylchitooligosaccharide elicitor in the membrane fraction from suspension-cultured rice cells102
Fas antigen signals proliferation of normal human diploid fibroblast and its mechanism is different from tumor necrosis factor receptor102
Enhancement of bee venom phospholipase A2 activity by melittin, direct lytic factor from cobra venom and polymyxin B101
Exploring the open pore of the potassium channel fromStreptomyces lividans101
Transport of glutathioneS-conjugate from human erythrocytes101
Amino acid sequence of a new type of antifreeze protein, from the longhorn sculpin Myoxocephalus octodecimspinosis101
Glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase: Amino acid sequence of enzyme from baker's yeast101
High level expression and characterisation of Plasmepsin II, an aspartic proteinase fromPlasmodium falciparum101
Demonstration of a main immunogenic region on acetylcholine receptors from human muscle using monoclonal antibodies to human receptor101
Acid sphingomyelinase, cell membranes and human disease: Lessons from Niemann-Pick disease101
Leukotriene B4- a stereospecific stimulator for release of lysosomal enzymes from neutrophils100
Primary structure of the β-subunit ofTorpedo californica(Na++ K+)-ATPase deduced from the cDNA sequence100
The mitochondrial permeability transition from yeast to mammals100
Primary structure of helodermin, a VIP-secretin-like peptide isolated from Gila monster venom100
Characterisation of HlyC and mechanism of activation and secretion of haemolysin fromE. coli200199
A glycogen-debranching enzyme fromCytophaga99
Protein toxins from plants and bacteria: Probes for intracellular transport and tools in medicine99
Methylthioadenosine, a potent inhibitor of spermine synthase from bovine brain99
A monoclonal antibody raised against an [Na+K+]coupledl-glutamate transporter purified from rat brain confirms glial cell localization99
Side chain and backbone assignments in isotopically labeled proteins from two heteronuclear triple resonance experiments99
An unusual lectin from stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) rhizomes99
Glutamate transporters from brain99
Biosynthetic evidence for a nickel tetrapyrrole structure of factor F430 from Methanobacterium thermoautotrophicum98
The antifungal plant defensin RsAFP2 from radish induces apoptosis in a metacaspase independent way inCandida albicans98
Secondary structure of the cecropins: antibacterial peptides from the moth Hyalophora cecropia98
The H+/ATP coupling ratio of the ATP synthase from thiol-modulated chloroplasts and two cyanobacterial strains is four98
Evidence for a correlation between the photoinduced electron transfer and dynamic properties of the chromatophore membranes from Rhodospirillum rubrum97
A simplified procedure for the purification of the protein phosphatase modulator (inhibitor-2) from rabbit skeletal muscle97
Gene expression and characterization of isoprene synthase fromPopulus alba97
Complete primary structure of thermitase fromThermoactinomyces vulgarisand its structural features related to the subtilisin-type proteinases97
GABA shunt deficiencies and accumulation of reactive oxygen intermediates: insight fromArabidopsismutants97
Some aspects of the venom proteome of the Colubridae snakePhilodryas olfersiirevealed from a Duvernoy's (venom) gland transcriptome97
Enzymatic synthesis of aromatic compounds in higher plants: Formation of naringenin (5,7,4′-trihydroxyflavanone) from p-coumaroyl coenzyme A and malonyl coenzyme A97
Characterization of myosin light chains from histochemically identified fibres of rabbit psoas muscle97
Fatty acid 9- and 13-hydroperoxide lyases from cucumber196
Different effects of sphingosine, R59022 and anionic amphiphiles on two diacylglycerol kinase isozymes purified from porcine thymus cytosol96
Structure of the vasoactive intestinal octacosapeptide from chicken intestine. The amino acid sequence96
Topological characterization and modeling of the 3D structure of lipase fromPseudomonas aeruginosa96
Molecular cloning of cDNA for vitamin D325-hydroxylase from rat liver mitochondria96
Identification of a new disulphide bonded collagen from cartilage96
Single-chain ribosome inactivating proteins from plants depurinateEscherichia coli23S ribosomal RNA96
Molecular cloning and characterization of a novel calcium channel from rabbit brain96
(2α,3β)-2,3-Dihydroxyolean-12-en-28-oic acid, a new natural triterpene fromOlea europea, induces caspase dependent apoptosis selectively in colon adenocarcinoma cells95
Maltodextrin-binding proteins from diverse bacteria and archaea are potent solubility enhancers95
Studies on the reaction coordinates of the water oxidase in PS II membrane fragments from spinach95
Introgression of a novel salt-tolerant L-myo-inositol 1-phosphate synthase fromPorteresia coarctata(Roxb.) Tateoka (PcINO1) confers salt tolerance to evolutionary diverse organism95
Solubilization of protein BM-40 from a basement membrane tumor with cheating agents and evidence for its identity with osteonectin and SPARC95
Cyclic ADP-ribose-induced Ca2+release from rat brain microsomes95
TFIIH: from transcription to clinic95
Members of the α-amylase inhibitors family from wheat endosperm are major allergens associated with baker's asthma95
Identification of the phosphorylation sites in elongation factor-2 from rabbit reticulocytes95
Isolation of large molecular weight DNA from agarose gels forfurther digestion by restriction enzymes95
Valproic acid, a mood stabilizer and anticonvulsant, protects rat cerebral cortical neurons from spontaneous cell death: a role of histone deacetylase inhibition94
2D-isolation of pure plasma and thylakoid membranes from the cyanobacteriumSynechocystissp. PCC 680394
Identification of the phosphorylation site of an 8.3 kDa protein from photosystem II of spinach94
Electrical current generation and proton pumping catalyzed by the ba 3 -type cytochrome c oxidase from Thermus thermophilus94
Localization of subunits in proteasomes fromThermoplasma acidophilumby immunoelectron microscopy94
Extremely low frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields increase interleukin-2 (IL-2) utilization and IL-2 receptor expression in mitogen-stimulated human lymphocytes from old subjects94
Release of leukotriene C4 from human polymorphonuclear leucocytes as determined by radioimmunoassay94
Eye-lens proteins: The three-dimensional structure of β-crystallin predicted from monomeric γ-crystallin94
1,2-α-l-Fucosynthase: A glycosynthase derived from an inverting α-glycosidase with an unusual reaction mechanism93
Inositol trisphosphate does not release Ca2+ from permeabilized cardiac myocytes and sarcoplasmic reticulum93
A model of the copper centres of nitrous oxide reductase (Pseudomonas stutzeri)93
Vacuum-blotting: a new simple and efficient transfer of proteins from sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gels to nitrocellulose93
Size, shape and mass of the oxygen-evolving photosystem II complex from the thermophilic cyanobacteriumSynechococcussp93
Cinnamate 4-hydroxylase fromCatharanthus roseusand a strategy for the functional expression of plant cytochrome P450proteins as translational fusions with P450reductase in92
Moesin, the major ERM protein of lymphocytes and platelets, differs from ezrin in its insensitivity to calpain92
Short-time non-enzymatic nitric oxide synthesis fromL-arginine and hydrogen peroxide induced by shock waves treatment92
Chemical characterization and opioid activity of an exorphin isolated from in vivo digests of casein92
Core α1→3-fucose is a common modification of N-glycans in parasitic helminths and constitutes an important epitope for IgE fromHaemonchus contortusinfected sheep92
The complete amino acid sequence of the bifunctional α-amylase/trypsin inhibitor from seeds of ragi (Indian finger millet, Eleusine coracana Gaertn.)92
Diverse diseases from a ubiquitous process: The ribosomopathy paradox92
Purification of lactose synthetase a protein from human milk and demonstration of its interaction with α-lactalbumin91
Sequencing and synthesis of pardaxin, a polypeptide from the Red Sea Moses sole with ionophore activity91
The uncoupling protein from brown adipose tissue mitochondria is a dimer. A hydrodynamic study91
Nucleotide sequence of 5 S RNA from Torulopsis utilis91
A cytolytic δ-endotoxin fromBacillus thuringiensisvar.israelensisforms cation-selective channels in planar lipid bilayers91
Septide and neurokinin A are high-affinity ligands on the NK-1 receptor: evidence from homologous versus heterologous binding analysis91
Identification of the cartilage α 1(XI) chain in type V collagen from bovine bone91
Halocidin: a new antimicrobial peptide from hemocytes of the solitary tunicate,Halocynthia aurantium91
Studies on the biosynthesis of surfactin, a lipopeptide antibiotic fromBacillus subtilisATCC 2133291
Binding of different monosaccharides by lectin PA-IIL fromPseudomonas aeruginosa: Thermodynamics data correlated with X-ray structures90
Regulation of the H+/estoichiometry of cytochromecoxidase from bovine heart by intramitochondrial ATP/ADP ratios90
A calmodulin-dependent, microsomal ATPase from corn (Zea mays L.)90
The [FeFe]-hydrogenase maturase HydF from Clostridium acetobutylicum contains a CO and CN ligated iron cofactor90
VDAC/porin is present in sarcoplasmic reticulum from skeletal muscle90
The role of PI3P phosphatases in the regulation of autophagy90
Systems biology of lipid metabolism: From yeast to human90
Transgenic expression of cecropin B, an antibacterial peptide from Bombyx mori , confers enhanced resistance to bacterial leaf blight in rice89
Amino acid sequence of proteinase K from the mold Tritirachium album Limber89
Hemorphins derived from hemoglobin have an inhibitory action on angiotensin converting enzyme activity89
Amino acid sequence of CAP2b, an insect cardioacceleratory peptide from the tobacco hawkmothManduca sexta89
Sphingomyelin is much more effective than saturated phosphatidylcholine in excluding unsaturated phosphatidylcholine from domains formed with cholesterol89
Identification and characterization of GABA, proline and quaternary ammonium compound transporters fromArabidopsis thaliana89
Immunological characterisation of the cholinergic receptor protein from Electrophorus electricus89
Characterisation of calmodulin binding to cyclic nucleotide-gated ion channels fromArabidopsis thaliana89
From peroxisomal disorders to common neurodegenerative diseases – the role of ether phospholipids in the nervous system89
Nitric oxide ejects electrons from the binuclear centre of cytochromecoxidase by reacting with oxidised copper: a general mechanism for the interaction of copper proteins with nitric oxide?89
The mechanism of amine inhibition of the photosynthetic oxygen evolving complex89
Echinocandin inhibition of 1,3-β-D-glucan synthase from Candida albicans89
Learning from the genome sequence ofMycobacterium tuberculosisH37Rv89
Reliable in vitro measurement of nitric oxide released from endothelial cells using low concentrations of the fluorescent probe 4,5-diaminofluorescein88
Molecular cloning of cDNA for cholesterol 7α-hydroxylase from rat liver microsomes88
Isolation of a new dual-functional caffeine synthase gene encoding an enzyme for the conversion of 7-methylxanthine to caffeine from coffee (Coffea arabicaL.)188
The complete amino acid sequence of the bacteriochlorophyllcbinding polypeptide from chlorosomes of the green photosynthetic bacteriumChloroflexus aurantiacus88
A high affinity nitrate transport system fromChlamydomonasrequires two gene products88
Expression of uncoupling protein-3 and mitochondrial activity in the transition from hypothyroid to hyperthyroid state in rat skeletal muscle88
Isolation of dermenkephalin from amphibian skin, a high-affinity (δ-selective opioid heptapeptide containing a D-amino acid residue88
Curcumin inhibits hepatitis B virus via down-regulation of the metabolic coactivator PGC-1α88
Cyclic GMP phosphodiesterase from bovine retina Amino acid sequence of the α-subunit and nucleotide sequence of the corresponding cDNA87
A gene from pea (Pisum sativum L.) with homology to metallothionein genes87
The effect of (−)carnitine on the metabolism of palmitate in liver cells isolated from fasted and refed rats87
The Angiomotins - From discovery to function87
Human plasma kininogens are identical with α-cysteine proteinase inhibitors87
Sucrose-phosphate synthase is dephosphorylated by protein phosphatase 2A in spinach leaves87
A novel phytyltransferase from Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 involved in tocopherol biosynthesis87
Purification and characterisation of epithiospecifier protein from Brassica napus : enzymic intramolecular sulphur addition within alkenyl thiohydroximates derived from alkenyl glucosinolate hy87
Cg-TIMP, an inducible tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase from the Pacific oysterCrassostrea gigaswith a potential role in wound healing and defense mechanisms187
Expression of the blue copper protein azurin fromPseudomonas aeruginosainEscherichia coli87
A glycolipid containing hopane isolated from the acidophilic, thermophilic bacillus acidocaldarius , has a cholesterol-like function in membranes87
Heterologous expression of dihydroflavonol 4-reductases from various plants87
N-terminal sequencing of photosystem II low-molecular-mass proteins 5 and 4.1 kDa components of the O2 -evolving core complex from higher plants86
Functional expression of the calcium release channel from skeletal muscle ryanodine receptor cDNA86
A dynein-like protein from brain86
Identification of protein phosphatase 2A as the major tyrosine hydroxylase phosphatase in adrenal medulla and corpus striatum: evidence from the effects of okadaic acid86
Cloning and characterization of a root specific high-affinity sulfate transporter fromArabidopsis thaliana86
Neurotrophin-7: a novel member of the neurotrophin family from the zebrafish86
The diverse structural landscape of quadruplexes86
Introduction of a CuAsite into the blue copper protein amicyanin fromThiobacillus versutus86
Bcl-2 protects from oxidative damage and apoptotic cell death without interfering with activation of NF-κB by TNF86
Cloning and structure of cDNA encoding α-latrotoxin from black widow spider venom86
Transportin-1 and Transportin-2: Protein nuclear import and beyond85
Immunocontent and secretion of S100B in astrocyte cultures from different brain regions in relation to morphology85
Expression of enzymatically active cloned strictosidine synthase from the higher plant Rauvolfia serpentina in Escherichia coli85
Isolation and characterisation of two degradation products derived from the peptide antibiotic nisin85
Bridging the gap: From protein misfolding to protein misfolding diseases85
Distinct primary structures of the major peptide toxins from the venom of the spiderMacrothele gigasthat bind to sites 3 and 4 in the sodium channel185
Cloning and sequencing of mouse collagenase cDNA Divergence of mouse and rat collagenases from the other mammalian collagenases85
Cytochromebdoxidase fromEscherichia colidisplays high catalase activity: An additional defense against oxidative stress84
Competition between transport of glutathione disulfide (GSSG) and glutathioneS-conjugates from perfused rat liver into bile84
Aminopeptidase N isoforms from the midgut ofBombyx moriandPlutella xylostella- their classification and the factors that determine their binding specificity toBacillus thuringiensis84
Identification of a novel gene coding for neoxanthin synthase from Solanum tuberosum84
Two isoforms of protein phosphatase 1 may be produced from the same gene84
The purification and amino acid sequences of four Tx2 neurotoxins from the venom of the Brazilian ‘armed’ spiderPhoneutria nigriventer(Keys)84
Mechanistic studies of the SufS-SufE cysteine desulfurase: evidence for sulfur transfer from SufS to SufE84
Effects of apocynin, a drug isolated from the roots ofPicrorhiza kurroa, on arachidonic acid metabolism83
CEO1, a new protein fromArabidopsis thaliana, protects yeast against oxidative damage183
Adenovirus persistence, reactivation, and clinical management83
Primary structures of two ribonucleases from ginseng calluses83
Comparison of ΔpH- and Δφ-driven ATP synthesis catalyzed by the H+-ATPases fromEscherichia colior chloroplasts reconstituted into liposomes83
Occurrence of a serine residue in the penicillin-binding site of the exocellular DD-carboxy-peptidase-transpeptidase fromStreptomycesR6183
Cyclic GMP phosphodiesterase from cattle retina83
Tyrosine phosphorylation and stimulation of protein kinase Cδ from porcine spleen by src in vitro83
Hemolytic activity of adenylate cyclase toxin fromBordetella pertussis83
Ethylene and cold participate in the regulation ofLeCBF1gene expression in postharvest tomato fruits82
High homology between a trophoblastic protein (trophoblastin) isolated from ovine embryo and α-interferons82
Identification of two toxins from scorpion (Leiurus quinquestriatus) venom which block distinct classes of calcium-activated potassium channel82
The metal-free hydrogenase from methanogenic archaea: evidence for a bound cofactor82
Maurotoxin, a four disulfide bridge toxin fromScorpio maurusvenom: purification, structure and action on potassium channels82
Purification of hydroxylamine oxidase fromThiosphaera pantotropha82
High resolution proton NMR studies of perfused rat hearts82
Amino acid sequence of pilin fromBacteroides nodosus(strain 198), the causative organism of ovine footrot82
Transsplicing in vivo: joining of transcripts from the ‘divided’ gene for ribosomal protein S12 in the chloroplasts of tobacco82
Primary structure of two sialylated triantennary glycans from human serotransferrin82
The primary structure of the larger subunit of soluble guanylyl cyclase from bovine lung Homology between the two subunits of the enzyme81
Maize polyamine oxidase: primary structure from protein and cDNA sequencing81
Chemical synthesis and biological activity of a novel antibacterial peptide deduced from a pig myeloid cDNA81
Metallothionein genes from the flowering plant Mimulus guttatus81
β-Glucosylarginine: a new glucose-protein bond in a self-glucosylating protein from sweet corn81
Primary structure of a cardioactive neuropeptide from the tobacco hawkmoth,Manduca sexta81
A distinct ferredoxin for nitrogen fixation isolated from heterocysts of the cyanobacteriumAnabaena variabilis81
Isolation of lipid particles from baker's yeast81
Molecular cloning and functional expression of β1,2-xylosyltransferase cDNA from Arabidopsis thaliana 181
Inhibition of digestive proteinase of stored grain coleoptera by oryzacystatin, a cysteine proteinase inhibitor from rice seed81
Enzyme purification by substrate elution chromatography from procion dye-polysaccharide matrices81
Cholinesterases from the common oyster (Crassostrea gigas)80
Release of adenylate kinase 2 from the mitochondrial intermembrane space during apoptosis80
Production of hydroxyl radicals from paraquat radicals and H2O280
31P-NMR studies of respiratory regulation in the intact myocardium80
A sialic acid-binding lectin from the mushroomHericium erinaceum80
Actin in the endocytic pathway: From yeast to mammals80
Curcacycline A - a novel cyclic octapeptide isolated from the latex ofJatropha curcasL80
Guanosine 5'-triphosphate releases calcium from rat liver and guinea pig parotid gland endoplasmic reticulum independently of inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate80
Synergistic effect of A23187 and a phorbol ester on amylase secretion from rabbit pancreatic acini80
Phosphatidic acid in membrane rearrangements80
Reconstitution of water channel function of an aquaporin overexpressed and purified fromPichia pastoris79
Microsecond photooxidation kinetics of cytochrome c 2 from Rhodopseudomonas sphaeroides: in vivo and solution studies79
Identification of a peptide arising from the specific post-translation processing of secretogranin II79
Isolation of lactoferrin from human whey by a single chromatographic step79
Methyl-coenzyme M reductase preparations with high specific activity from H2 -preincubated cells of Methanobacterium thermoautotrophicum79
Molecular cloning and characterization of two novel transport proteins from rat kidney79
Quinone methide formation from 4-alkylcatechols: a novel reaction catalyzed by cuticular polyphenol oxidase79
Cloning and expression of the vesamicol binding protein from the marine rayTorpedo79
A toxin from the green mambaDendroaspis angusticeps: Amino acid sequence and selectivity for muscarinic m4 receptors79
Crystallization of 70 S ribosomes and 30 S ribosomal subunits from Thermus thermophilus79
Purification and microsequencing of hyaluronidase isozymes from human urine79
The polypeptide composition of cytochrome oxidase from beef heart mitochondria79
The SNF1 kinase complex fromSaccharomyces cerevisiaephosphorylates the transcriptional repressor protein Mig1p in vitro at four sites within or near regulatory domain 179
PHF-tau from Alzheimer's brain comprises four species on SDS-PAGE which can be mimicked by in vitro phosphorylation of human brain tau by glycogen synthase kinase-3β78
A calmodulin-stimulated Ca2+ -ATPase from plant vacuolar membranes with a putative regulatory domain at its N-terminus 178
Nitric oxide protects blood-brain barrier in vitro from hypoxia/reoxygenation-mediated injury78
Eicosanoid generation from antigen-primed mast cells by extracellular mammalian 14-kDa group II phospholipase A278
Formation of a dihydropyridine derivative as a potential cross-link derived from malondialdehyde in physiological systems78
Alkali-stable blood group A- and B-active poly(glycosyl)-peptides from human erythrocyte membrane78
Parkin-mediated selective mitochondrial autophagy, mitophagy: Parkin purges damaged organelles from the vital mitochondrial network78
A 15 kDa proteolipid found in mediatophore preparations from Torpedo electric organ presents high sequence homology with the bovine chromaffin granule protonophore78
The complete amino acid sequence of the single light harvesting protein from chromatophores ofRhodospirillium rubrumG-9+78
Isolated endosomes from quiescent rat liver contain the signal transduction machinery78
Lipid droplets lighting up: Insights from live microscopy78
Oxidative inactivation ofEscherichia coliby hypochlorous acid78
Crystal and molecular structure of the inhibitor eglin from leeches in complex with subtilisin Carlsberg78
Identification of a pollen-specific sucrose transporter-like protein NtSUT3 from tobacco78
Vitamin B6 biosynthesis: formation of pyridoxine 5′-phosphate from 4-(phosphohydroxy)-l -threonine and 1-deoxy-d -xylulose-5-phosphate by PdxA and PdxJ protein78
Structural study of novel antimicrobial peptides, nigrocins, isolated fromRana nigromaculata78
Nitrite reductase fromPseudomonas aeruginosa: Sequence of the gene and the protein78
The primary structure of a 1,4-β-glucan cellobiohydrolase from the fungusTrichoderma reeseiQM 941478
Rubiscolin, a δ selective opioid peptide derived from plant Rubisco78
Molecular weight and quaternary structure of the cholinergic receptor protein extracted by detergents fromElectrophorus electricuselectric tissue78
Comparative study of the amino acid sequences of the caseinomacropeptides from seven species78
FMN is covalently attached to a threonine residue in the NqrB and NqrC subunits of Na+ -translocating NADH-quinone reductase from Vibrio alginolyticus77
Expression profiling of pectinolytic genes fromAspergillus niger77
Structural insights into the processivity of endopolygalacturonase I fromAspergillus niger77
Selective removal of type 2 copper fromRhus verniciferalaccase77
Cell-free translation product containing corticotropin and β-endorphin encoded by messenger RNA from anterior lobe and intermediate lobe of bovine pituitary77
Isolation and identification of glycated aminophospholipids from red cells and plasma of diabetic blood77
Generation of βA4 from the amyloid protein precursor and fragments thereof77
Novel 2D maps and coupling numbers for protein sequences. The first QSAR study of polygalacturonases; isolation and prediction of a novel sequence fromPsidium guajavaL.77
Effects of extraction and replacement of ubiquinone upon the photochemical activity of reaction centers and chromatophores from Rhodopseudomonas spheriodes77
A pathogen-inducible divinyl ether synthase (CYP74D) from elicitor-treated potato suspension cells177
Host-pathogen interactions of nontypeableHaemophilus influenzae: from commensal to pathogen77
Site-directed mutagenesis of a single residue changes the binding properties of the serotonin 5-HT2receptor from a human to a rat pharmacology76
Strong affinity ofMaackia amurensishemagglutinin (MAH) for sialic acid-containing Ser/Thr-linked carbohydrate chains of N-terminal octapeptides from human glycophorin A76
Purification and characterization of a fibrinogenolytic serine proteinase fromAspergillus fumigatusculture filtrate76
Killer toxin fromHansenula mrakiiselectively inhibits cell wall synthesis in a sensitive yeast76
Phytohemagglutinins: A new class of metalloproteins. Isolation, purification, and some properties of the lectin fromPhaseolus lunatus76
A rapid procedure for the purification of ferredoxin from clostridia using polyethyleneimine76
Antifungal activity of synthetic peptide derived from halocidin, antimicrobial peptide from the tunicate,Halocynthia aurantium76
Keratinocytes enriched for stem cells are protected from anoikis via an integrin signaling pathway in a Bcl-2 dependent manner76
Isolation and characterization of variant IGF-1 as well as IGF-2 from adult human brain76
The amino acid sequences of homologous hydroxyproline-containing myotoxins from the marine snal Conus geographus venom76
Flash-photolysis studies of the electron transfer from genetically modified spinach plastocyanin to photosystem I76
Identification and characterization of multiple curcumin synthases from the herb Curcuma longa76
Molecular identification of a glucose transporter from fish muscle176
Evidence for an NO-rebound, mechanism for production of N2O from nitrite by the copper-containing nitrite reductase fromAchromobacter cycloclastes76
MicroRNA-106b in cancer-associated fibroblasts from gastric cancer promotes cell migration and invasion by targeting PTEN76
The sensitivity of versican from rabbit lung to gelatinase A (MMP-2) and B (MMP-9) and its involvement in the development of hydraulic lung edema76
Molecular and functional characterization of a 5-HT4 receptor cloned from human atrium76
Primary structure of cathepsin D inhibitor from potatoes and its structure relationship to soybean trypsin inhibitor family76
Molecular cloning of the cDNAs coding for the two subunits of soluble guanylyl cyclase from human brain76
Preparation of an active, oxygen-evolving photosystem 2 particle from a blue-green alga76
Cytokinin biosynthesis in a cell-free system from cytokinin-autotrophic tobacco tissue cultures76
Protein disulfide isomerases in neurodegeneration: From disease mechanisms to biomedical applications75
Nucleotide sequence of cDNA clones encoding the entire precursor polypeptides for subunits IV and V of the photosystem I reaction center from spinach75
Three-dimensional structure of catalase from Micrococcus lysodeikticus at 1.5 Å resolution75
Destabilization of actin filaments as a requirement for the secretion of catecholamines from permeabilized chromaffin cells75
Isolation and characterisation of an unusual collagen from hyaline cartilage and intervertebral disc75
The amino acid sequence of troponin C from chicken skeletal muscle75
Cloning of the fabF gene in an expression vector and in vitro characterization of recombinant fabF and fabB encoded enzymes from Escherichia coli75
The fastest-actin-based motor protein from the green algae,Chara, and its distinct mode of interaction with actin75
Crystallization of reaction center I of photosynthesis Low-concentration crystallization of photoactive protein complexes from the cyanobacterium Synechococcus sp75
Recombinant Whirly1 translocates from transplastomic chloroplasts to the nucleus75
A unique photosynthetic reaction center from Heliobacterium chlorum75
Solution structure of DnaE intein from Nostoc punctiforme : Structural basis for the design of a new split intein suitable for site-specific chemical modification75
Oscillation of delayed luminescence from PS II: recombination of S2 Q B and S3 Q B75
Islet-activating protein, pertussis toxin, inhibits Ca2+-induced and guanine nucleotide-dependent releases of histamine and arachidonic acid from rat mast cells75
Caspase-mediated proteolysis during apoptosis: insights from apoptotic neutrophils75
The purification and properties of NADPH-adrenodoxin reductase from bovine adrenocortical mitochondria75
Conformational changes of the H+-ATPase fromEscherichia coliupon nucleotide binding detected by single molecule fluorescence74
Isolation from human cerebrospinal fluid of a new insulin-like growth factor-binding protein with a selective affinity for IGF-II74
Degradation of type IX collagen by matrix metalloproteinase 3 (stromelysin) from human rheumatoid synovial cells74
Glucose-induced production of hydrogen sulfide may protect the pancreatic beta-cells from apoptotic cell death by high glucose74
Microanalysis of the amino acid sequence of the eclosion hormone from the tobacco hornwormManduca sexta74
Characterization and crystallization of ribosomal particles from Halobacterium marismortui74
Biosynthesis and secretion of a precursor of nisin Z byLactococcus lactis, directed by the leader peptide of the homologous lantibiotic subtilin fromBacillus subtilis74
CO2-reduction to formate by NADPH. The initial step in the total synthesis of acetate from CO2inClostridium thermoaceticum74
Complete amino acid sequence of 33 kDa protein isolated from spinach photosystem II particles74
Purification of a factor from human blood monocyte-macrophages which stimulates the production of collagenase and prostaglandin E2 by cells cultured from rheumatoid synovial tissues74
From structure to function: possible biological roles of a new widespread protein family binding hydrophobic ligands and displaying a nucleotide binding site73
Enzymatic synthesis of chlorogenic acid from caffeoyl coenzyme A and quinic acid73
Change to alanine of one out of four selectivity filter glycines in KtrB causes a two orders of magnitude decrease in the affinities for both K+and Na+of the Na+depend73
Isolation of the rieske iron-sulfur protein from the cytochrome b 6 /f complex of spinach chloroplasts73
Isolation and nucleotide sequence of the extracellular acid protease gene (ACP) from the yeastCandida tropicalis73
‘Brain-type’N-glycosylation of asialo-transferrin from human cerebrospinal fluid73
Purification and N-terminal sequence of a fimbrial protein fromMoraxella nonliquefaciens73
Purification and properties of an oxygen-evolving reaction center complex from photosystem II membranes73
Absence of cytochrome b reduction in stimulated neutrophils from both female and male patients with chronic granulomatous disease73
Reconstitution of the purified acetylcholine receptor fromTorpedo californica73
Complete amino acid sequence of a new type of lethal neurotoxin from the venom of the funnel-web spiderAtrax robustus73
Molecular cloning of two receptors from rat brain with high affinity for salmon calcitonin73
The three-dimensional structure of proteasomes from Thermoplasma acidophilum as determined by electron microscopy using random conical tilting72
Molybdopterin adenine dinucleotide and molybdopterin hypoxanthine dinucleotide in formylmethanofuran dehydrogenase fromMethanobacterium thermoautotrophicum(Marburg)72
Subcellular distribution of key metabolites in isolated liver cells from fasted rats72
Identification of the human Lewisa carbohydrate motif in a secretory peroxidase from a plant cell suspension culture (Vaccinium myrtillus L.)72
The light chain but not the heavy chain of botulinum A toxin inhibits exocytosis from permeabilized adrenal chromaffin cells72
DNA stability in plant tissues: implications for the possible transfer of genes from genetically modified food72
Distribution of gangliosides among subcellular fractions from rat liver and bovine mammary gland72
The nuclear receptor FXR is expressed in pancreatic β-cells and protects human islets from lipotoxicity72
Cloning and expression of a unique inorganic pyrophosphatase fromBacillus subtilis: evidence for a new family of enzymes72
Identification and characterization of a primary antibacterial domain in CAP18, a lipopolysaccharide binding protein from rabbit leukocytes72
A 31-residue tryptic peptide from the active site of the [Ca++]-transporting adenosine triphosphatase of rabbit sarcoplasmic reticulum72
Tetrameric triosephosphate isomerase from hyperthermophilic Archaea72
Grifolin, a potential antitumor natural product from the mushroomAlbatrellus confluens, inhibits tumor cell growth by inducing apoptosis in vitro72
Recognition of peptidoglycan and β-lactam antibiotics by the extracellular domain of the Ser/Thr protein kinase StkP fromStreptococcus pneumoniae71
Isolation of a novel arachidonic acid metabolite 3-hydroxy-5,8,11,14-eicosatetraenoic acid (3-HETE) from the yeastDipodascopsis uninucleataUOFs-Y12871
Nmnat2 protects cardiomyocytes from hypertrophy via activation of SIRT671
Low doses of reactive oxygen species protect endothelial cells from apoptosis by increasing thioredoxin-1 expression71
Protein factor(s) from mitotic CHO cells induce meiotic maturation in Xenopus laevis oocytes71
Proteolytic activation and stimulation by Ca2+of glucan synthase from soybean cells71
Enzyme-enzyme complexes between aspartate aminotransferase and malate dehydrogenase from pig heart muscle71
Inositol trisphosphate stimulates the release of calcium from intact vacuoles isolated fromAcercells71
The consensus sequences for cdc2 kinase and for casein kinase-2 are mutually incompatible A study with peptides derived from the β-subunit of casein kinase-271
A new caffeine biosynthetic pathway in tea leaves: utilisation of adenosine released from the S -adenosyl-L -methionine cycle71
Purification and characterization of α-3′,4′-anhydrovinblastine synthase (peroxidase-like) from Catharanthus roseus (L.) G. Don71
Targeted expression, purification, and cleavage of fusion proteins from inclusion bodies inEscherichia coli71
Superoxide-dependent formation of hydroxyl radicals from NADH and NADPH in the presence of iron salts71
From p63 to p53 across p7371
A novel carbonic anhydrase from the ovine parotid gland71
Metabolic regulation of macrophages during tissue repair: insights from skeletal muscle regeneration71
Cloning and DNA sequence analysis of the glucose oxidase gene from Aspergillus niger NRRL-371
The proteolipid of a mutant ATPase fromEscherichia colidefective in H+-conduction contains a glycine instead of the carbodiimide-reactive aspartyl residue71
Novel bioactive lipodepsipeptides from Pseudomonas syringae : The pseudomycins71
Somatostatin and insulin release from isolated rat pancreatic islets stimulated by glucose71
From chronic overnutrition to metaflammation and insulin resistance: adipose tissue and liver contributions71
Structural similarity of plant chitinase and lysozymes from animals and phage71
Comparison of preribosomal RNA processing pathways in yeast, plant and human cells - focus on coordinated action of endo- and exoribonucleases71
Proteolytic cleavage of DNA polymerase fromEscherichia ColiB into an exonuclease unit and a polymerase unit70
Purification by affinity chromatography of phospholipase C from Bacillus cereus70
An investigation of the abnormal metabolic status of synovial fluid from patients with rheumatoid arthritis by high field proton nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy70
Application of magnetic chromatography to the isolation of lysosomes from fibroblasts of patients with lysosomal storage disorders70
Pyridine as novel substrate for regioselective oxygenation with aromatic peroxygenase fromAgrocybe aegerita70
Altered N‐glycosylation profiles as potential biomarkers and drug targets in diabetes70
A model of a transmembrane drug-efflux pump from Gram-negative bacteria70
An aminopeptidase activity in bovine pituitary secretory vesicles that cleaves the N-terminal arginine from β-lipotropin60-6570
Basic fibroblast growth factor protects cerebellar neurons in primary culture from NMDA and non-NMDA receptor mediated neurotoxicity70
Copper-mediated formation of hydrogen peroxide from the amylin peptide: A novel mechanism for degeneration of islet cells in type-2 diabetes mellitus?70
Vacuolation induced by cytotoxin fromHelicobacter pyloriis mediated by the EGF receptor in HeLa cells70
The complete primary structure of the spermadhesin AWN, a zona pellucida-binding protein isolated from boar spermatozoa69
Functional identification of a fatty acid Δ5desaturase gene fromCaenorhabditis elegans69
Molecular cloning, functional expression, and signal transduction of the GIP-receptor cloned from a human insulinoma69
Immunostimulating properties and three-dimensional structure of two tripeptides from human and cow caseins69
Three-dimensional structure of a recombinant peroxidase fromCoprinus cinereusat 2.6 Å resolution69
Cosecretion of amylin and insulin from isolated rat pancreas69
α-Latrotoxin stimulates glutamate release from cortical astrocytes in cell culture69
Cloning of the D-lactate dehydrogenase gene fromLactobacillus delbrueckiisubsp.bulgaricusby complementation inEscherichia coli69
The broad specificity protein phosphatase from mammalian liver69
Bleomycin-detectable iron in serum from leukaemic patients before and after chemotherapy Therapeutic implications for treatment with oxidant-generating drugs69
Antifungal activity of chitin-binding PR-4 type proteins from barley grain and stressed leaf69
Aspirin protects endothelial cells from oxidative stress - possible synergism with vitamin E69
Sequence-specific interference by small RNAs derived from adenovirus VAI RNA69
From proteomic inventory to architecture69
The 18 kDa cytosolic acid phosphatase from bovine liver has phosphotyrosine phosphatase activity on the autophosphorylated epidermal growth factor receptor69
Cloning and expression analysis of an inducibleHSP70gene from tilapia fish69
Combining data from genomes, Y2H and 3D structure indicates that BolA is a reductase interacting with a glutaredoxin69
Studies of the binding of α-bungarotoxin to membrane-bound and detergent-dispersed acetylcholine receptors fromTorpedoelectric tissue69
Mitochondrial preproteins en route from the outer membrane to the inner membrane are exposed to the intermembrane space69
Antitumour glycopeptides fromLactobacillus bulgaricuscell wall69
Release of the nocturnal inhibitor, car☐yarabinitol-1 -phosphate, from ribulose bisphosphate car☐ylase/oxygenase by rubisco activase68
Isolation of lactoferrin from human milk by metal-chelate affinity chromatography68
Site-specific mutagenesis of the reaction centre fromRhodobacter sphaeroidesstudied by Fourier transform Raman spectroscopy: mutations at tyrosine M210 do not affect the electronic structure of68
The identification of the acid-base catalyst of α-arabinofuranosidase fromGeobacillus stearothermophilusT-6, a family 51 glycoside hydrolase68
Two novel antifungal peptides distinct with a five-disulfide motif from the bark ofEucommia ulmoidesOliv68
Cytochromebdoxidase and nitric oxide: From reaction mechanisms to bacterial physiology68
Isolation of two forms of the high-molecular-mass serine protease, ingensin, from porcine skeletal muscle68
Homology between the pyrazine-binding protein from nasal mucosa and major urinary proteins68
The heterogeneity of the non-histone chromatin proteins from mouse tissues68
D-Amino acid residue in the C-type natriuretic peptide from the venom of the mammal,Ornithorhynchus anatinus, the Australian platypus68
Coordination of a histidine residue of the protein-component S to the cobalt atom in coenzyme B12-dependent glutamate mutase fromClostridium cochlearium68
Prophenin-1, an exceptionally proline-rich antimicrobial peptide from porcine leukocytes68
Primary structure of α-subunit of DNA-dependent RNA polymerase from Escherichia coli68
The three-dimensional structure of thymidine kinase from Herpes simplex virus type 168
Carbohydrate-binding proteins from plant cell walls and their possible involvement in extension growth68
A trip in the “New Microbiology” with the bacterial pathogenListeria monocytogenes68
The GS-GOGAT pathway is not operative in the heterocysts. Cloning and expression ofglsFgene from the cyanobacteriumAnabaenasp. PCC 712068
Crystallographic characterization by X‐ray diffraction of the M‐intermediate from the photo‐cycle of bacteriorhodopsin at room temperature68
Stimulation of Ca2+efflux from fura-2-loaded platelets activated by thrombin or phorbol myristate acetate68
Molecular cloning of hemocyanin cDNA fromPenaeus vannamei(Crustacea, Decapoda): structure, evolution and physiological aspects167
Activation of phosphorylase kinase from rabbit skeletal muscle by calmodulin and troponin67
From protein networks to biological systems67
Targeting STAT1 by myricetin and delphinidin provides efficient protection of the heart from ischemia/reperfusion‐induced injury67
Crystal structure of a family I.3 lipase fromPseudomonassp. MIS38 in a closed conformation67
Cytosolic ADP enhances the sensitivity to tolbutamide of ATP-dependent K+channels from pancreatic B-cells67
The crystal structures of reduced pseudoazurin from Alcaligenes faecalis S-6 at two pH values67
Stimulation of partially purified adenylate cyclase from bull sperm by bicarbonate67
Comparisons ofP-glycoprotein expression in isolated rat brain microvessels and in primary cultures of endothelial cells derived from microvasculature of rat brain, epididymal fat pad and from a67
Substrate specificity of catechol oxidase fromLycopus europaeusand characterization of the bioproducts of enzymic caffeic acid oxidation167
Effects of Ca2+ and a phorbol ester on insulin secretion from islets of langerhans permeabilised by high-voltage discharge67
Inulin synthesis by a combination of purified fructosyltransferases from tubers of Helianthus tuberosus67
Calcitonin and parathyroid-hormone stimulation of acid mucopolysaccharide synthesis in cultured chondrocytes isolated from growth cartilage67
Nitric oxide synthase activity from a hematophagous insect salivary gland67
Characterization of acetohydroxyacid synthase fromMycobacterium tuberculosisand the identification of its new inhibitor from the screening of a chemical library67
The cDNA and deduced amino acid sequence of the γ subunit of the L-type calcium channel from rabbit skeletal muscle67
Identification of a very long chain polyunsaturated fatty acid Δ4-desaturase from the microalga Pavlova lutheri 167
Oxytocinergic circuit from paraventricular and supraoptic nuclei to arcuate POMC neurons in hypothalamus66
Neocarzinostatin naphthoate synthase: an unique iterative type I PKS from neocarzinostatin producerStreptomyces carzinostaticus66
Effect of papulacandin B and aculeacin A on β-(1,3) glucan-synthase fromgeotrichum lactis66
The single subunit NADH dehydrogenase reduces generation of reactive oxygen species from complex I66
Protease activity of CND41, a chloroplast nucleoid DNA-binding protein, isolated from cultured tobacco cells66
The nucleotide sequence of a leucine transfer RNA from E. coli66
The iron-sulfur composition of the active site of hydrogenase fromDesulfovibrio vulgaris(Hildenborough) deduced from its subunit structure and total iron-sulfur content66
A defect in the yeast plasma membrane urea transporter Dur3p is complemented byCpNIP1, a Nod26-like protein from zucchini (Cucurbita pepoL.), and byArabidopsis thalianaδ-TIP or γ-66
Ostreolysin, a pore-forming protein from the oyster mushroom, interacts specifically with membrane cholesterol-rich lipid domains66
Peptide extraction by alkaline treatment is accompanied by rearrangement of the membrane-bound acetylcholine receptor from torpedo marmorata66
Multiple routes of protein transport from endosomes to thetransGolgi network66
Ferulic acid 5-hydroxylase: a new cytochrome P-450-dependent enzyme from higher plant microsomes involved in lignin synthesis66
Isolation and characterization of the sweet principle fromDioscoreophyllum cumminsii(stapf) Diels66
Adenoviruses across the animal kingdom: a walk in the zoo66
Coding sequences for chloroplast ribosomal protein S12 from the liverwort,Marchantia polymorpha, are separated far apart on the different DNA strands66
Primary structure of the α-subunit of bovine adenylate cyclase-stimulating G-protein deduced from the cDNA sequence66
Effects of glucose and arginine on the release of immunoreactive somatostatin from the isolated perfused rat pancreas66
Crosslinking of α-bungarotoxin to the acetylcholine receptor from Torpedo marmorata by ultraviolet light irradiation66
The ribonuclease from an extinct bovid ruminant66
Formation of lipoxin A by granulocytes from eosinophilic donors66
ASP-56, a new actin sequestering protein from pig platelets with homology to CAP, an adenylate cyclase-associated protein from yeast66
Urotensin II induces hypertrophic responses in cultured cardiomyocytes from neonatal rats65
Spectroscopic characterization of PS I core complexes from thermophilicSynechococcussp65
Isolation of PSD-Zip45, a novel Homer/vesl family protein containing leucine zipper motifs, from rat brain165
Procyanidins extracted from pine bark protect α-tocopherol in ECV 304 endothelial cells challenged by activated RAW 264.7 macrophages: role of nitric oxide and peroxynitrite65
Assembly of paired helical filaments from mouse tau: implications for the neurofibrillary pathology in transgenic mouse models for Alzheimer's disease65
Hypoxia induces apoptosis in human neuroblastoma SK-N-MC cells by caspase activation accompanying cytochrome c release from mitochondria65
The 695 nm fluorescence (F 695 ) of chloroplasts at low temperature is emitted from the primary acceptor of photosystem II65
Characterization of a general amino acid permease from Hebeloma cylindrosporum65
Partial purification of an atractyloside-binding protein from mitochondria65
Partial purification of phospholipid exchange protein from beef heart65
Unusual FTIR and EPR properties of the H2-activating site of the cytoplasmic NAD-reducing hydrogenase fromRalstonia eutropha65
Isolation and structural characterization of epilancin 15X, a novel lantibiotic from a clinical strain ofStaphylococcus epidermidis65
Cloning and expression of a novel form of leukotriene B4ω-hydroxylase from human liver65
Amino acid sequence determination of Ancrod, the thrombin-like α-fibrinogenase from the venom ofAkistrodon rhodostoma65
Cloning and sequencing of the gene encoding the large (α-) subunit of the proteasome fromThermoplasma acidophilum65
Isolation of glucagon-37 (bioactive enteroglucagon/oxyntomodulin) from porcine jejuno-ileum65
Purification and characterization of the single-component nitric oxide reductase fromRalstonia eutrophaH1665
Redox agents regulate ion channel activity in vacuoles from higher plant cells65
Stress and prions: Lessons from the yeast model65
The mystery of the trichothecene 3-O-acetyltransferase gene65
The crystal structure of Canavalia brasiliensis lectin suggests a correlation between its quaternary conformation and its distinct biological properties from Concanavalin A65
Molecular cloning, functional expression and chromosomal localization of an amiloride-sensitive Na+channel from human small intestine65
Structural characterization of a 39‐residue synthetic peptide containing the two zinc binding domains from the HIV‐1 p7 nucleocapsid protein by CD and NMR spectroscopy65
Molecular organisation of the ice nucleation protein InaV from Pseudomonas syringae65
Transient adult microbiota, gut homeostasis and longevity: Novel insights from the Drosophila model65
Protonation changes during the photocycle of sensory rhodopsin II fromNatronobacterium pharaonis65
Purification of a 240 000Mrcalmodulin-binding protein from a microsomal fraction of brain64
Electron transfer in pheophytin a -modified reaction centers from Rhodobacter sphaeroides (R-26)64
A second heat-stable protein inhibitor of phosphorylase phosphatase from rabbit muscle64
Purification of a novel pancreatic secretory factor (PSF) and a novel peptide with VIP- and secretin-like properties (helodermin) from Gila monster venom64
Effects of hydrogen/deuterium exchange on photosynthetic water cleavage in PS II core complexes from spinach64
cDNA-derived amino acid sequence of L-histidine decarboxylase from mouse mastocytoma P-815 cells64
The rate of ATP-synthesis as a function of ΔpH and Δψ catalyzed by the active, reduced H+-ATPase from chloroplasts64
Evidence for the production of hydroxyl radicals from the adriamycin semiquinone and H2 O264
A sodium-calcium exchange mechanism in plasma membrane vesicles isolated from ram sperm flagella64
Amino acid sequence of heat-stable enterotoxin produced byVibrio choleraenon-0164
Increased expression of mitochondrial transcription factor A and nuclear respiratory factor-1 in skeletal muscle from aged human subjects64
Parsing a multifunctional biosynthetic gene cluster from rice: Biochemical characterization of CYP71Z6 & 764
Reconstitution and functional characterization of the unusual bi-subunit type I DNA topoisomerase fromLeishmania donovani64
A novel non-peptide endothelin antagonist isolated from bayberry,Myrica cerifera64
Molecular identification of catalases fromNicotiana plumbaginifolia(L.)64
Tungsten, a component of active formate dehydrogenase fromClostridium thermoaceticum64
Adipocytes as a new source of catecholamine production64
Metamorphic protein IscU alternates conformations in the course of its role as the scaffold protein for iron-sulfur cluster biosynthesis and delivery64
A novel heterodimeric antimicrobial peptide from the tree-frogPhyllomedusa distincta64
Molecular and functional characterization of the plastid-localized Phosphoenolpyruvate enolase (ENO1) fromArabidopsis thaliana64
Biochemical characterization and subcellular localization of the sterol C-24(28) reductase, Erg4p, from the yeastSaccharomyces cerevisiae64
Crystal structure of the β-glycosidase from the hyperthermophile Thermosphaera aggregans : insights into its activity and thermostability63
Isolation and functional characterization of a β-eudesmol synthase, a new sesquiterpene synthase fromZingiber zerumbetSmith63
Characterization of a new leiurotoxin I-like scorpion toxin63
The crystal structure of saporin SO6 fromSaponaria officinalisand its interaction with the ribosome63
HOQNO interaction with cytochromebin succinate:menaquinone oxidoreductase fromBacillus subtilis63
Insulin receptor activation inhibits insulin secretion from human islets of Langerhans63
Hydrogenase fromVibrio succinogenes, a nickel protein63
Essential role of the Arg112residue of cytochrome P450cam for electron transfer from reduced putidaredoxin63
Limulus factor D, a 43-kDa protein isolated from horseshoe crab hemocytes, is a serine protease homologue with antimicrobial activity63
The potato leafroll virus 17K movement protein is phosphorylated by a membrane-associated protein kinase from potato with biochemical features of protein kinase C63
Stereochemical course of the hydrolysis reaction catalyzed by chitinases Al and D fromBacillus circulansWL-1263
Degradation of an alkaloid pheromone from the pale-brown chafer,Phyllopertha diversa(Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae), by an insect olfactory cytochrome P45063
TIMP-3 inhibits aggrecanase-mediated glycosaminoglycan release from cartilage explants stimulated by catabolic factors63
Biogenesis of secretory granules Implications arising from the immature secretory granule in the regulated pathway of secretion63
Nuclear actin dynamics - From form to function63
Purification and properties of nucleotide pyrophosphatase from rat liver plasma membranes63
Function and solution structure of hainantoxin-I, a novel insect sodium channel inhibitor from the Chinese bird spiderSelenocosmia hainana163
Sequencing and the alignment of structural genes in the nqr operon encoding the Na+ -translocating NADH-quinone reductase from Vibrio alginolyticus63
Anthocyanidin synthase fromGerbera hybridacatalyzes the conversion of (+)-catechin to cyanidin and a novel procyanidin63
Purification and phosphorylation of the effector protein NopL fromRhizobiumsp. NGR23463
Na+/H+antiport in isolated plasma membrane vesicles from the halotolerant algaDunaliella salina63
Reducing systems protecting the bacterial cell envelope from oxidative damage63
Phosphorylation sequences in h-caldesmon from phorbol ester-stimulated canine aortas63
Isolation of an ion channel gene fromArabidopsis thalianausing the H5 signature sequence from voltage-dependent K+channels62
Identification of a novel protein 3a from severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus62
Mono- and binuclear Zn-β-lactamase from Bacteroides fragilis : catalytic and structural roles of the zinc ions62
Cellulysin from the plant parasitic fungus Trichoderma viride elicits volatile biosynthesis in higher plants via the octadecanoid signalling cascade62
NMR structure of antibiotics plipastatins A and B fromBacillus subtilisinhibitors of phospholipase A262
Acetylcholine release from guinea pig caudate slices evoked by phorbol ester and calcium62
Chromogranin A can act as a reversible processing enzyme inhibitor62
Reconstitution by monogalactosyldiacylglycerol of energy transfer from light-harvesting chlorophyll a/b -protein complex to the photosystems in Triton X-100-solubilized thylakoids62
Calcium-induced calcium release mediated by a voltage-activated cation channel in vacuolar vesicles from red beet62
Learning from hydrogenases: location of a proton pump and of a second FMN in bovine NADH-ubiquinone oxidoreductase (Complex I)62
Isolation of polymerization-competent vimentin from porcine eye lens tissue62
Luteolin, a food-derived flavonoid, suppresses adipocyte-dependent activation of macrophages by inhibiting JNK activation62
A distinct member of the aspartic proteinase gene family from the human malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum62
The hydroxyphenylpyruvate dioxygenase fromSynechocystissp. PCC 6803 is not required for plastoquinone biosynthesis62
TPCs: Endolysosomal channels for Ca2+mobilization from acidic organelles triggered by NAADP62
Identification of a calmodulin-dependent glycogen synthase kinase in rabbit skeletal muscle, distinct from phosphorylase kinase62
A novel brain-specific 25 kDa protein (p25) is phosphorylated by a Ser/Thr-Pro kinase (TPK II) from tau protein kinase fractions61
Covalently bound flavin in the NqrB and NqrC subunits of Na+ -translocating NADH-quinone reductase from Vibrio alginolyticus61
Gluconate dehydratase from the promiscuous Entner-Doudoroff pathway inSulfolobus solfataricus61
Dynamic re-distribution of protein kinase D (PKD) as revealed by a GFP-PKD fusion protein: dissociation from PKD activation61
Sperm PLCζ: From structure to Ca2+oscillations, egg activation and therapeutic potential61
The nucleotide sequence of somatic 5 S RNA fromXenopus laevis61
Crystal structures of the state 1 conformations of the GTP-bound H-Ras protein and its oncogenic G12V and Q61L mutants61
Apisimin, a new serine-valine-rich peptide from honeybee (Apis mellifera L.) royal jelly: purification and molecular characterization161
Primary structure of scorpion anti-insect toxins isolated from the venom of Leiurus quinquestriatus quinquestriatus61
Phylogenetic classification of the major superfamily of membrane transport facilitators, as deduced from yeast genome sequencing61
An oxygen-evolving complex with a simple subunit structure - ‘a water-plastoquinone oxidoreductase” - from the thermophilic cyanobacterium Synechococcus sp.61
The complete genome ofBacillus subtilis: from sequence annotation to data management and analysis61
On the road to unraveling the molecular functions of ether lipids61
Evidence from time resolved studies of the P700+/A1radical pair for photosynthetic electron transfer on both the PsaA and PsaB branches of the photosystem I reaction 61
Photo-acceleration of protein release from endosome in the protein transduction system61
Arabidopsisphytochromes C and E have different spectral characteristics from those of phytochromes A and B61
Calcitermin, a novel antimicrobial peptide isolated from human airway secretions61
N-Methyl-4-phenylpyridine (MMP+together with 6-hydroxydopamine or dopamine stimulates Ca2+release from mitochondria61
The measurement of intracellular calcium levels in protoplasts from higher plant cells61
A thermostable vacuolar-type membrane pyrophosphatase from the archaeonPyrobaculum aerophilum: implications for the origins of pyrophosphate-energized pumps60
Enhanced permeability transition explains the reduced calcium uptake in cardiac mitochondria from streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats60
Organs from mice deleted for NRH:quinone oxidoreductase 2 are deprived of the melatonin binding siteMT360
Characterization of a functional P2X7-like receptor in cerebellar granule neurons from P2X7knockout mice60
Solution structure of robustoxin, the lethal neurotoxin from the funnel-web spiderAtrax robustus60
Grapevine stilbene synthase cDNA only slightly differing from chalcone synthase cDNA is expressed inEscherichia coliinto a catalytically active enzyme60
Topographical and enzymatic characterization of amylases from the extremely thermophilic eubacteriumThermotoga maritima60
Purification and characterization of dissimilatory nitrate reductase from a denitrifying halophilic archaeon,Haloarcula marismortui60
Isolation and characterization of cholecystokinin-58 (CCK-58) from porcine brain60
Purification and characterization of a novel glycine oxidase fromBacillus subtilis60
Urodilatin (CDD/ANP-95-126) is not biologically inactivated by a peptidase from dog kidney cortex membranes in contrast to atrial natriuretic peptide/cardiodilatin (α-hANP/CDD-99-126)60
Induction of nitric oxide synthase by lipoteichoic acid fromStaphylococcus aureusin vascular smooth muscle cells60
Nitroprusside stimulates the cysteine-specific mono(ADP-ribosylation) of glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase from human erythrocytes60
An octahemec-type cytochrome fromShewanella oneidensiscan reduce nitrite and hydroxylamine60
A novel rod-like opsin isolated from the extra-retinal photoreceptors of teleost fish60
Resistant P45051A1 activity in azole antifungal tolerantCryptococcus neoformansfrom AIDS patients60
Amino acid sequence of pilin isolated fromPseudomonas aeruginosaPAK60
Isolation and characterisation of 5′-fluorodeoxyadenosine synthase, a fluorination enzyme fromStreptomyces cattleya60
The crystal structure of fructose‐1,6‐bisphosphate aldolase fromDrosophila melanogasterat 2.5A˚resolution60
Ascorbate as a natural constituent of chromaffin granules from the bovine adrenal medulla60
Cloning and sequencing of the cyclodiene insecticide resistance gene from the yellow fever mosquitoAedes aegypti60
Desulfovibrio desulfuricans isolates from the gut of a single individual: Structural and biological lipid A characterization60
Identification of the ice-binding face of antifreeze protein fromTenebrio molitor60
Expression of porin fromRhodopseudomonas blasticainEscherichia coliinclusion bodies and folding into exact native structure60
Solubilization of trehalase from rabbit renal and intestinal brush-border membranes by a phosphatidylinositol-specific phospholipase C60
Properties and partial purification of the methane-oxidising enzyme system fromMethylosinus trichosporium60
Castanospermine: a potent inhibitor of sucrase from the human enterocyte-like cell line Caco-260
Crystallisation of trypsin-modified methionyl-tRNA synthetase fromEscherichia coli60
Isolation and characterisation of cyclic AMP-dependent phosphorylation sites from rat liver ribosomal protein S660
Integration of PKR-dependent translation inhibition with innate immunity is required for a coordinated anti-viral response60
Myoblast aminophospholipid asymmetry differs from that of fibroblasts59
Identification of a mitochondrial glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase fromArabidopsis thaliana: evidence for a mitochondrial glycerol-3-phosphate shuttle in plants59
Transfer ofrps10from the mitochondrion to the nucleus inArabidopsis thaliana: evidence for RNA-mediated transfer and exon shuffling at the integration site59
Redox-dependent translocation of the heat shock transcription factor AtHSFA8 from the cytosol to the nucleus inArabidopsis thaliana59
Differential activation of lipoprotein lipase from human post-heparin plasma, milk and adipose tissue by polypeptides of human serum Apolipoprotein C59
Stimulation of catecholamine secretion from adrenal chromaffin cells by 14-3-3 proteins is due to reorganisation of the cortical actin network59
Mutilation of RNA phage Qβ virus-like particles: from icosahedrons to rods59
Specific transport of inorganic phosphate, glucose 6-phosphate, dihydroxyacetone phosphate and 3-phosphoglycerate into amyloplasts from pea roots59
A phorbol ester and A23187 act synergistically to release acetylcholine from the guinea pig ileum59
A Ca2+-dependent actin modulator from vertebrate smooth muscle59
A biotin-dependent sodium pump: glutaconyl-CoA decarboxylase fromAcidaminococcus fermentans59
Identification of a structural requirement for thyroid Na+ /I symporter (NIS) function from analysis of a mutation that causes human congenital hypothyroidism59
Purification of RNA polymerase B activity from rat liver59
A leucine-rich repeat peptide derived from theDrosophilaToll receptor forms extended filaments with a β-sheet structure59
Selective inhibition of 5-lipoxygenase by natural compounds isolated from Chinese plants, Artemisia rubripes Nakai59
Pseudomonas syringaeinfection triggers de novo synthesis of phytosphingosine from sphinganine inArabidopsis thaliana59
Secretion of endothelin and related peptides from renal epithelial cell lines59
Isolation from chicken antrum, and primary amino acid sequence of a novel 36-residue peptide of the gastrin/CCK family59
Characterization of two distinct DP-related genes fromArabidopsis thaliana159
31 P-NMR signals from inner and outer surfaces of phospholipid membranes59
Function of a separate NH3-pore in Aquaporin TIP2;2 from wheat59
A novel dehydroascorbate reductase from spinach chloroplasts homologous to plant trypsin inhibitor59
Wild type p53 reactivation: From lab bench to clinic59
Where do they come from? Insights into autophagosome formation59
Identification of ten exon deleted ERβ mRNAs in human ovary, breast, uterus and bone tissues: alternate splicing pattern of estrogen receptor β mRNA is distinct from that of estrogen receptor α59
Cerebral cortex development: an outside‐in perspective59
Corceptins, new bioactive lipodepsipeptides from cultures ofPseudomonas corrugata59
Primary structure and expression of a naturally truncated human P2X ATP receptor subunit from brain and immune system59
The purification and partial amino acid sequence of a polypeptide from the glutelin fraction of rice grains; homology to pea legumin59
The kinetics of association of cyclic AMP to the two types of binding sites associated with protein kinase II from bovine myocardium59
Isolation and functional characterization of a novel plastidic hexokinase from Nicotiana tabacum59
The effect of rhodopsin phosphorylation on the light-dependent activation of phosphodiesterase from bovine rod outer segments59
Prediction of potential protein-protein interaction sites from amino acid sequence59
Structure of the carbohydrate of antifreeze glycoproteins from an antarctic fish59
Primary sequence of glutamic acid tRNA II fromEscherichia coli59
UCN-01, an anti-tumor drug, is a selective inhibitor of the conventional PKC subfamily58
Effects of bovine parathyroid hormone and 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 on the production of prostaglandins by cells derived from human bone58
The regulation of fatty acid biosynthesis58
Isolation of an active and heat-stable monomeric form of Cu,Zn superoxide dismutase from the periplasmic space ofEscherichia coli58
Cloning and nucleotide sequence of cDNA for the plastid glycerol-3-phosphate acyltransferase from squash58
Oxygen from water is coordinated to manganese in the S2 state of photosystem II58
Membrane rafting: From apical sorting to phase segregation58
Gene expression and characterization of a stress-induced tyrosine decarboxylase fromArabidopsis thaliana58
Effector T cells in rheumatoid arthritis: Lessons from animal models58
Complete nucleotide sequence coding for rat liver 6-phosphofructo-2-kinase/fructose-2,6-bisphosphatase derived from a cDNA clone58
Isolation and characterization of two cDNAs encoding for compartment specific isoforms ofO-acetylserine (thiol) lyase fromArabidopsis thaliana58
Inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate releases Ca2+from vacuolar membrane vesicles ofSaccharomyces cerevisiae58
The primary structure of ribosomal protein eL12/eL12-P from Artemia salina 80 S ribosomes58
Characterization of a polypeptide from human seminal plasma with inhibin (inhibition of FSH secretion)-like activity58
Estrogen protects neuronal cells from the cytotoxicity induced by acetylcholinesterase-amyloid complexes58
A metallothionein-like gene from maize (Zea mays) Cloning and characterization58
The sequence of 5S ribosomal RNA from two mouse cell lines58
N-terminal amino acid sequences of chloroform/methanol-soluble proteins and albumins from endosperms of wheat, barley and related species58
Molecular and structural analyses of a novel temperature stress‐induced lipocalin from wheat and Arabidopsis58
Testosterone-induced, sulfonamide-resistant carbonic anhydrase isozyme of rat liver is indistinguishable from skeletal muscle carbonic anhydrase III58
Formation of formaldehyde fromS-adenosyl-L[methyl-3H]methionme during enzymic transmethylation of histamine58
Structural and functional characterization of the abnormal Z α1-antitrypsin isolated from human liver58
Purification, characterization, cDNA cloning, and expression of a xyloglucan endoglucanase fromGeotrichumsp. M128158
Identification of digalactosylcysteine in a glycopeptide isolated from urine by a new preparative technique58
Solubilization of the carboxy-atractylate binding protein from mitochondria58
Structure of a large photosystem II supercomplex fromAcaryochloris marina57
Specific protection against inhibitors of the NADH-nitrate reductase complex from spinach57
Attacking the supply wagons to starve cancer cells to death57
Differential effects of triterpene glycosides, frondoside A and cucumarioside A2-2 isolated from sea cucumbers on caspase activation and apoptosis of human leukemia cells57
Ubiquinone biosynthesis Cloning of the genes coding for chorismate pyruvate-lyase and 4-hydroxybenzoate octaprenyl transferase fromEscherichia coli57
Expression, purification and characterization of GDP-d-mannose 4,6-dehydratase fromEscherichia coli57
Enhanced fMLP-stimulated chemotaxis in human neutrophils from individuals carrying the G protein β3 subunit 825 T-allele57
Cloning of a potential cytochrome P450 from the ArchaeonSulfolobus solfataricus57
A possible role for rhodanese: The formation of ‘labile’ sulfur from thiosulfate57
The amino acid sequence of a cytochromecfrom a protozoanCrithidia oncopelti57
Innate immunity to adenovirus: lessons from mice57
EPR And fluorescence study of interaction ofNaja naja oxiananeurotoxin II and its derivatives with acetylcholine receptor protein fromTorpedo marmorata57
Demonstration of Borna disease virus RNA in peripheral blood mononuclear cells derived from Japanese patients with chronic fatigue syndrome57
Synthetic phosphopeptide from rhodopsin sequence induces retinal arrestin binding to photoactivated unphosphorylated rhodopsin57
Acetylcholinesterase from Bungarus venom: a monomeric species57
Identification of six subunits constituting Na+ -translocating NADH-quinone reductase from the marine Vibrio alginolyticus57
The dicyclohexylcarbodiimide-binding protein of the mitochondrial ATPase complex from beef heart57
Site specificity of iron removal from transferrin by α-ketohydroxypyridine chelators57
δ-Atracotoxins from Australian funnel-web spiders compete with scorpion α-toxin binding on both rat brain and insect sodium channels57
Evidence for a new extracellular peroxidase Manganese-inhibited peroxidase from the white-rot fungusBjerkanderasp. BOS 5557
Kinetic and thermodynamic resolution of cytochrome c 1 and cytochrome c 2 from Rhodopseudomonas sphaeroides57
Isolation of a large complex from the matrix of pea leaf mitochondria involved in the rapid transformation of glycine into serine57
The limiting rate of the ATP-mediated dissociation of actin from rabbit skeletal muscle myosin subfragment 156
NAD(P)H-flavin oxidoreductase from the bioluminescent bacterium,Vibrio fischeriATCC 7744, is a flavoprotein56
Purification and characterization of heat-modifiable protein from the outer membrane ofEscherichia coli56
Primary and secondary structure of conotoxin GI, a neurotoxic tridecapeptide from a marine snail56
Two isoforms of a nucleotide-sugar pyrophosphatase/phosphodiesterase from barley leaves (Hordeum vulgareL.) are distinct oligomers of HvGLP1, a germin-like protein56
Leukotrience C4 : isolation from human polymorphonuclear leukocytes56
Characterization of recombinant human HBP/CAP37/azurocidin, a pleiotropic mediator of inflammation-enhancing LPS-induced cytokine release from monocytes56
Intracellular localization and release of eotaxin from normal eosinophils56
Molecular cloning of a bombinin gene fromBombina orientalis: detection of NF-κB and NF-IL6 binding sites in its promoter56
The effect of pH and temperature on the structure of the active site of azurin from Pseudomonas aeruginosa56
Isolation of human intestinal defensins from ileal neobladder urine56
Functional differences between K+-ATPase rich membranes isolated from resting or simulated rabbit fundic mucosa56
Affinity chromatography of enzymes on an AMP-analogue: Specific elution of dehydrogenases from a general ligand56
Ferredoxin-dependent methane formation from acetate in cell extracts ofMethanosarcina barkeri(strain MS)56
The amino acid sequence of the troponin C-like protein (modulator protein) from bovine uterus56
Comparative studies on two reaction center preparations fromRhodopseudomonas speheroidesY56
Characterization of a testicular 17α,20β-dihydroxy-4-pregnen-3-one (a spermiation-inducing steroid in fish) receptor from a teleost, Japanese eel (Anguilla japonica )156
Isolation of an endogenous clonidine-displacing substance from rat brain56
Essential catalytic role of Glu134in endo-β-1,3-1,4-d-glucan 4-glucanohydrolase fromB. licheniformisas determined by site-directed mutagenesis56
RNA interference-mediated suppression of xanthine dehydrogenase reveals the role of purine metabolism in drought tolerance in Arabidopsis56
Glucose dehydrogenase from the halophilic ArchaeonHaloferax mediterranei: Enzyme purification, characterisation and N-terminal sequence56
Identification of a regulatory phosphorylation site in the hinge 1 region of nitrate reductase from spinach (Spinacea oleracea) leaves56
Activity and inhibition of plasmepsin IV, a new aspartic proteinase from the malaria parasite, Plasmodium falciparum56
Chimeric study of sodium channels from rat skeletal and cardiac muscle56
pH-dependent release of catecholamines from tyrosine hydroxylase and the effect of phosphorylation of Ser-4056
Na+ releases Ca2+ from liver, kidney and lung mitochondria56
Primary structure of human proacrosin deduced from its cDNA sequence56
Relations between divalent cation binding and ATPase activity in coupling factor from chloroplast56
Predicted bacteriorhodopsin fromExiguobacterium sibiricumis a functional proton pump56
The significance of the slow dissociation of divalent metal ions from myosin ‘regulatory’ light chains56
Cry11Aa toxin fromBacillus thuringiensisbinds its receptor inAedes aegyptimosquito larvae through loop α-8 of domain II56
Phosphorylation of a light chain component of myosin from smooth muscle56
Sargaquinoic acid and sargahydroquinoic acid from Sargassum yezoense stimulate adipocyte differentiation through PPARα/γ activation in 3T3-L1 cells56
Class IV mammalian alcohol dehydrogenase56
The complete amino acid sequence of the α-amylase inhibitor I-2 from seeds of ragi (Indian finger millet,Eleusine coracanaGaertn.)56
Small-angle X-ray scattering and crosslinking study of the proteins L7/L12 fromEscherichia coliribosomes56
Breaking the amyloidogenicity code: Methods to predict amyloids from amino acid sequence56
Latent collagenase from human polymorphonuclear leucocytes and activation to collagenase by removal of an inhibitor55
Similarity of fibronectins isolated from human plasma and spent fibroblast culture medium55
Lipid vesicle formation: the transition from open disks to closed shells55
Form and function of the Golgi apparatus: scaffolds, cytoskeleton and signalling55
Ligation of CD40 rescues Ramos-Burkitt lymphoma B cells from calcium ionophore- and antigen receptor-triggered apoptosis by inhibiting activation of the cysteine protease CPP32/Yama and cleavage of it55
Nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in cultured neurons from the hippocampus and brain stem of the rat characterized by single channel recording55
An Asp-Asn substitution in the proteolipid subnit of the ATP-synthase fromEscherichia colileads to a non-functional proton channel55
cDNA cloning of three cecropin-like antimicrobial peptides (Styelins) from the tunicate,Styela clava55
Human Giprotein α-subunit: deduction of amino acid structure from a cloned cDNA55
Synthetic peptides of the effector-binding domain of rab enhance secretion from digitonin-permeabilized chromaffin cells55
Kinetic properties of an inulosucrase fromLactobacillus reuteri12155
Characterisation of the ATP-dependent phosphofructokinase gene family fromArabidopsis thaliana55
Uptake of iron by symbiosomes and bacteroids from soybean nodules55
Characterization of the endonuclease SSO2001 fromSulfolobus solfataricusP255
A purified complex fromXenopusoocytes contains a p47 protein, an in vivo substrate of MPF, and a p30 protein respectively homologous to elongation factors EF-1γ and EF-1β55
Ceramide kinase deficiency improves diet-induced obesity and insulin resistance55
Identification of the DNA binding surface of H-NS protein fromEscherichia coliby heteronuclear NMR spectroscopy55
Long-chain fatty acids and their acyl-CoA esters cause the translocation of phosphatidate phosphohydrolase from the cytosolic to the microsomal fraction of rat liver55
A model for Batten disease protein CLN3: Functional implications from homology and mutations55
Phosphorylation of the EGF receptor from A431 epidermoid carcinoma cells by three distinct types of protein kinase C55
Complete amino acid sequence of γ-subunit of the GTP-binding protein from cattle retina55
(+)-Pinoresinol/(−)-lariciresinol reductase fromLinum perenneHimmelszelt involved in the biosynthesis of justicidin B55
Vacuolar ATPase inactivation blocks recycling to thetrans-Golgi network from the plasma membrane55
Mobilisation of iron from ferritin fractions of defined iron content by biological reductants55
Gluten exorphin C55
ATP-dependent leukotriene export from mastocytoma cells55
Rapid, transient induction of ER stress in the liver and kidney after acute exposure to heavy metal: Evidence from transgenic sensor mice55
Inhibitors of protein phosphatase-2A from human brain structures, immunocytological localization and activities towards dephosphorylation of the Alzheimer type hyperphosphorylated tau55
Isolation fromSpirulinamembranes of two photosystem I-type complexes, one of which contains chlorophyll responsible for the 77 K fluorescence band at 760 nm55
Cholesterol and phospholipid composition of mitochondria and microsomes isolated from morris hepatoma 51 23 and rat liver55
Ca2+-dependent noradrenaline release from permeabilised PC 12 cells is blocked by botulinum neurotoxin A or its light chain55
The biophysical properties of plasmalogens originating from their unique molecular architecture55
Electron transfer from plastocyanin to P70055
Nitric oxide protects endothelial cells from tumor necrosis factor-α-mediated cytotoxicity: possible involvement of cyclic GMP54
The tyrosyl-tRNA synthetase fromEscherichia coli54
Recovery of active, highly purified phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase from specific immunoadsorbent column54
Analysis of the electron transfer from Pheo to QA in PS II membrane fragments from spinach by time resolved 325 nm absorption changes in the picosecond domain54
Novel cDNAs encoding salivary proteins from the malaria vector Anopheles gambiae54
Switch of histamine receptor expression from H2 to H1 during differentiation of monocytes into macrophages54
Alterations of the Wnt/β-catenin pathway and its target genes for the N- and C-terminal domains of parathyroid hormone-related protein in bone from diabetic mice54
Transfection-mediated expression of human Hsp70i protects rat dorsal root ganglian neurones and glia from severe heat stress54
Nanosecond electron transfer kinetics in photosystem I as obtained from transient EPR at room temperature54
Kunitz-type proteinase inhibitors from intact andPhytophthora-infected potato tubers54
Isolation of the folate-binding protein from cow's milk by the use of affinity chromatography54
Identification of microRNAs from different tissues of chicken embryo and adult chicken54
Inhibition of phenylalanine tRNA synthetase fromBacillus subtilisby ochratoxin A54
Evidence for a protein kinase C-directed mechanism in the phorbol diester-induced phospholipase D pathway of diacylglycerol generation from phosphatidylcholine54
Phosphorylation of serine residues is fundamental for the calcium-binding ability of Orchestin, a soluble matrix protein from crustacean calcium storage structures54
Purification, biochemical properties and substrate specificity of a catechol 1,2-dioxygenase from a phenol degradingAcinetobacter radioresistens54
Cloning, sequencing and expression of the lipase gene fromPseudomonas fragiIFO-12049 inE. coli54
Yeast tRNALeu(Anticodon U-A-G) translates all six leucine codons in extracts from interferon treated cells54
Electrochemical redox titration of cofactors in the reaction center fromRhodobacter sphaeroides54
Matrix Mg2+regulates mitochondrial ATP-dependent potassium channel from heart54
Isolation and purification of bilirubin UDP-glucuronyl-transferase from rat liver54
Follistatin-related protein/follistatin-like 1 evokes an innate immune response via CD14 and toll-like receptor 454
Movement of endocytic shuttle vesicles from the sinusoidal to the bile canalicular face of hepatocytes does not depend on occupation of receptor sites54
Purification and molecular properties of 3 polypeptides released from a highly active O2 -evolving photosystem-II preparation by Tris-treatment54
Type 2 copper(II) as a component of the dioxygen reducing site in laccase: Evidence from EPR experiments with17O54
Mucosal interplay among commensal and pathogenic bacteria: Lessons from flagellin and Toll-like receptor 554
Purification and characterization of a group of five novel peptide serine protease inhibitors from ovaries of the desert locust,Schistocerca gregaria53
Molecular cloning of the second major allergen,Cry jII, from Japanese cedar pollen53
From yeast to humans – roles of the Kennedy pathway for phosphatidylcholine synthesis53
Isolation of the epithiospecifier protein from oil-rape (Brassica napusssp.oleifera) seed and its characterization53
Stereochemical course of hydrolysis and hydration reactions catalysed by cellobiohydrolases I and II from Trichoderma reesei53
Volume-regulatory taurine release from a human lung cancer cell line53
Respiratory electron transport in plasma and thylakoid membrane preparations from the cyanobacteriumAnacystis nidulans53
Solubilized contact sites a from cell membranes of Dictyostelium discoideum53
The purification and amino acid sequence of the lethal neurotoxin Tx1 from the venom of the Brazilian ‘armed’ spider Phoneutria nigriventer53
A naturally occurring NAR variable domain binds the Kgp protease fromPorphyromonas gingivalis53
Degradation studies on the lipopolysaccharide fromE. coli071:K?:H12. Separation and investigation ofO-specific and core polysaccharides53
Antitumor activity of interleukin-21 prepared by novel refolding procedure from inclusion bodies expressed inEscherichia coli53
EPR of a novel high-spin component in activated hydrogenase fromDesulfovibrio vulgaris(Hildenborough)53
Molecular cloning and immunological characterisation of Cyn d 7, a novel calcium-binding allergen from Bermuda grass pollen 153
Haem O can replace haem A in the active site of cytochromecoxidase from thermophilic bacterium PS353
Three kinds of extracellular glucosyltransferases fromStreptococcus mutans6715 (serotypeg)53
Purification and crystallization of NADPH-adrenodoxin reductase from bovine adrenocortical mitochondria53
Differences in chain length distribution of inulin from Cynara scolymus and Helianthus tuberosus are reflected in a transient plant expression system using the respective 1-FFT cDNAs53
Chain folding in the dihydrolipoyl acyltransferase components of the 2-oxo-acid dehydrogenase complexes fromEscherichia coli53
Acyl coenzyme A: 6-aminopenicillanic acid acyltransferase from Penicillium chrysogenum and Aspergillus nidulans53
Nitrogenase Fe protein-like Fe-S cluster is conserved in L-protein (BchL) of dark-operative protochlorophyllide reductase fromRhodobacter capsulatus53
ATP-dependent copper transport by the Menkes protein in membrane vesicles isolated from cultured Chinese hamster ovary cells53
Functional and molecular characterization of the frataxin homolog fromArabidopsis thaliana,53
Oxidation reactions catalyzed by manganese peroxidase isoenzymes fromCeriporiopsis subvermispora53
Complete amino acid sequence of glucose dehydrogenase from Bacillus megaterium53
Getting out of mitosis: spatial and temporal control of mitotic exit and cytokinesis byPP1 andPP2A53
Isolation and characterization of Psalmopeotoxin I and II: two novel antimalarial peptides from the venom of the tarantulaPsalmopoeus cambridgei52
CYP98A6fromLithospermum erythrorhizonencodes 4-coumaroyl-4′-hydroxyphenyllactic acid 3-hydroxylase involved in rosmarinic acid biosynthesis152
A 500 MHz1H NMR study of urinary oligosaccharides from patients with mannosidosis52
DNA-hydrolyzing activity of the light chain of IgG antibodies from milk of healthy human mothers52
20S proteasome from LMP7 knock out mice reveals altered proteolytic activities and cleavage site preferences52
Oxygenated complex of cytochromebdfromEscherichia coli: Stability and photolability52
Association of small nuclear RNA with HnRNA isolated from nuclear RNP complexes carrying HnRNA52
The primary sequence of phospholipase-A from bee venom52
Purification of the DCCD-reactive protein of the energy-transducing adenosine triphosphatase complex fromEscherichia coli52
Five disulfide bridges stabilize a hevein-type antimicrobial peptide from the bark of spindle tree (Euonymus europaeusL.)52
Structural characterization of a novel acidic oligosaccharide unit derived from cow colostrum κ-casein52
Cloning, sequencing and expression of VAT, a CDC48/p97 ATPase homologue from the archaeon Thermoplasma acidophilum52
Expression of β-nerve growth factor mRNA in rat glioma cells and astrocytes from rat brain52
SufC hydrolyzes ATP and interacts with SufB fromThermotoga maritima52
Identification of granzyme A isolated from cytotoxic T-lymphocyte-granules as one of the proteases encoded by CTL-specific genes52
The mitochondrial ATPase of brown adipose tissue Purification and comparison with the mitochondrial ATPase from beef heart52
Isolation of a highly active PSII-LHCII supercomplex from thylakoid membranes by a direct method52
Interaction of hydrogen peroxide with superoxide dismutase from erythrocytes52
Sticholysin II, a cytolysin from the sea anemoneStichodactyla helianthus, is a monomer-tetramer associating protein52
The solution structure of the active domain of CAP18 - a lipopolysaccharide binding protein from rabbit leukocytes52
MAP kinase kinase from rabbit skeletal muscle A novel dual specificity enzyme showing homology to yeast protein kinases involved in pheromone-dependent signal transduction52
The crystal structure of pseudoazurin fromAlcaligenes faecalisS-6 determined at 2.9 Å resolution52
Elevated proα2(I) collagen mRNA levels in cultured scleroderma fibroblasts result from an increased transcription rate of the corresponding gene52
Microsomal isoflavone 2′- and 3′-hydroxylases from chickpea (Cicer arietinumL.) cell suspensions induced for pterocarpan phytoalexin formation52
Crystal structure of the flavoprotein ArsH fromSinorhizobium meliloti52
The lipoate synthase from Escherichia coli is an iron-sulfur protein52
NAD-malic enzyme from plants52
Benzophenone synthase from cultured cells ofCentaurium erythraea51
Molecular characterization of two ammonium transporters from the ectomycorrhizal fungusHebeloma cylindrosporum51
Identification of the 110 000 M r glycoprotein isolated from rat liver plasma membrane as dipeptidylaminopeptidase IV51
Evidence for the presence of D-galactofuranose in the lipopeptidophosphoglycan from Trypanosoma cruzi51
The transcriptional activator GaaR of Aspergillus niger is required for release and utilization of d‐ galacturonic acid from pectin51
5-Enolpyruvylshikimate-3-phosphate synthase fromStaphylococcus aureusis insensitive to glyphosate51
A further characterisation of the B890 light-harvesting pigment-protein complex from Rhodospirillum rubrum strain S151
Characterization of the active site of a hydrogen sensor fromAlcaligenes eutrophus51
Heparin inhibits the inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate-induced Ca2+release from rat liver microsomes51
The primary structure of L11, the most heavily methylated protein fromEscherichia coliribosomes51
Complete cDNA encoding a putative phospholipase C from transformed human lymphocytes51
Isolation and characterization of magnesium adenosinetriphosphatase from the chromaffin granule membrane51
A common core for binding single-stranded DNA: structural comparison of the single-stranded DNA-binding proteins (SSB) fromE. coliand human mitochondria51
Maintaining order:COGcomplex controls Golgi trafficking, processing, and sorting51
The role of O-linked sugars in determining the very low density lipoprotein receptor stability or release from the cell51
Purification and properties of a novel enzyme fromBacillusspp. T-3040, which catalyses the conversion of dextran to cyclic isomaltooligosaccharides51
Characterization of anArabidopsis thalianacDNA encoding an S-adenosylmethionine-sensitive threonine synthase Threonine synthase from higher plants51
Evidence that helodermin, a newly extracted peptide from Gila monster venom, is a member of the secretin/VIP/PHI family of peptides with an original pattern of biological properties51
Simultaneous assay of RNA polymerase I and II in nuclei isolated from resting and growing rat liver with the use of α-amanitin51
PREL1 provides a link from Ras signalling to the actin cytoskeleton via Ena/VASP proteins51
Purification and characterization of the acetate forming enzyme, acetyl-CoA synthetase (ADP-forming) from the amitochondriate protist,Giardia lamblia51
Identification of photosystem I components from the cyanobacterium, Synechococcus vulcanus by N-terminal sequencing51
The negative surface charge density of plasmalemma vesicles from wheat and oat roots51
Structure, functions and regulation of CERT, a lipid‐transfer protein for the delivery of ceramide at the ER–Golgi membrane contact sites51
Kinetic studies on the thiol protease fromActinidia chinensis51
Molecular cloning and nucleotide sequence analysis of a cDNA encoding the main β-neurotoxin from the venom of the South American scorpionTityus serrulatus51
An efflux pump is involved in secretion of newly synthesized siderophore byPseudomonas aeruginosa51
A recombinant single-chain antibody fragment that neutralizes toxin II from the venom of the scorpionAndroctonus australis hector51
Isolation of high-molecular-weight C-type natriuretic peptide from the heart of a cartilaginous fish (European dogfish, Scyliorhinus canicula )51
Purification of the complex of cathepsin L and the MHC class II-associated invariant chain fragment from human kidney51
Regulation of UCP3 by nucleotides is different from regulation of UCP151
The azurin gene fromPseudomonas aeruginosacodes for a pre-protein with a signal peptide51
The molecular cloning of the chromogranin A-like precursor of β-granin and pancreastatin from the endocrine pancreas51
Molecular characterization of PadA, a phenylacetaldehyde dehydrogenase fromEscherichia coli51
Concanavalin a binding by isolated plasma membranes and endomembranes from liver and mammary gland51
Isolation and characterisation of active fragments of protein phosphatase inhibitor-1 from rabbit skeletal muscle51
Carbamoylphosphate serves as the source of CN, but not of the intrinsic CO in the active site of the regulatory [NiFe]-hydrogenase fromRalstonia eutropha50
Ceruloplasmin, transferrin and apotransferrin facilitate iron release from human liver cells50
Purification, inhibitory properties, amino acid sequence and identification of the reactive site of a new serine proteinase inhibitor from oil-rape (itBrassica napus) seed50
cDNA cloning of a novel cdc2+/CDC28-related protein kinase from rice50
Biochemical, pharmacological and genomic characterisation of Ts IV, an α-toxin from the venom of the South American scorpionTityus serrulatus50
Structure of melittin isolated from two species of honey bees50
Conventional protein kinase C (PKC)-α and novel PKCε, but not -δ, increase the secretion of an N-terminal fragment of Alzheimer's disease amyloid precursor protein from PKC cDNA transfected 3Y1 fibrob50
Randomization of the EF particles in thylakoid membranes of synechocystis 6714 upon transition from state I to state II50
Crystal structure of momordin, a type I Ribosome Inactivating Protein from the seeds ofMomordica charantia50
D1-D2 complex of the photosystem II reaction center from spinach Isolation and partial characterization50
The subunit molecular weights of the α-ketoacid dehydrogenase multienzyme complexes fromE. coli50
Protein dynamics, folding and misfolding: from basic physical chemistry to human conformational diseases50
Cloning and expression of human neutrophil lipocalin cDNA derived from bone marrow and ovarian cancer cells50
Cloning and characterization of a cDNA encoding a cellobiose dehydrogenase from the white rot fungusPhanerochaete chrysosporium50
Putative benzodiazepine receptor: A protein solubilised from brain50
Fusion of family 2b carbohydrate-binding module increases the catalytic activity of a xylanase fromThermotoga maritimato soluble xylan50
Bacteriorhodopsin in ice50
Thepde2gene ofSaccharomyces cerevisiaeis allelic torcaland encodes a phosphodiesterase which protects the cell from extracellullar cAMP50
Induction of phytoalexin synthesis in soybean50
Zinc in lipase L1 fromGeobacillus stearothermophilusL1 and structural implications on thermal stability50
Triggering mitosis50
Cloning and characterization of microRNAs fromBrassica napus50
Cloning, sequence and expression of the gene encoding the malolactic enzyme fromLactococcuslactis50
Studies on the characteristics of a proton pump in phospholipid vesicles inlayed with purified complex III from beef heart mitochondria50
The release of a 10-kDa polypeptide from everted photosystem II thylakoid membranes by alkaline tris50
Molecular characterization of a novel human PDZ domain protein with homology to INAD fromDrosophila melanogaster50
Real-time measurements of acetylcholine-induced release of ATP from bovine medullary chromaffin cells50
Mitochondrial degradation during starvation is selective and temporally distinct from bulk autophagy in yeast50
Nucleotide sequence of tRNAArgIIfrom brewer's yeast50
Two molecules of cytochromecfunction as the electron donors to P840 in the reaction center complex isolated from a green sulfur bacterium,Chlorobium tepidum50
The prosthetic groups of succinate dehydrogenase: 30 years from discovery to identification50
A comparison of the primary structures of the two B800-850-apoproteins from wild-type Rhodopseudomonas sphaeroides strain 2.4.1 and a carotenoidless mutant strain R26.150
The effect of rifampicin on mitochondrial RNA polymerase from rat liver50
Derivation of the formyl-group oxygen of chlorophyll b from molecular oxygen in greening leaves of a higher plant (Zea mays )50
Isolation of a phosphorylated form of phosphofructokinase from skeletal muscle50
The complete amino acid sequence of the haemorrhagic factor LHFII, a metalloproteinase isolated from the venom of the bushmaster snake (Lachesis muta muta)50
N ‐glycome signatures in human plasma: associations with physiology and major diseases50
Amino acid sequence around the thiolester of α2-macroglobulin from plasma of the crayfish,Pacifastacus leniusculus50
Resolution of a long lived fluorescence component from D1/D2/ cytochrome b -559 reaction centres50
Molecular cloning and functional characterization of a GABA/betaine transporter from human kidney50
Resolution of the ATP-Mg-dependent phosphorylase phosphatase from liver into a two protein component system50
Kinetic study of penicillin acylase from Alcaligenes faecalis50
Derivation of the consensus DNA-binding sequence for p63 reveals unique requirements that are distinct from p5350
Refined structure for the complex ofd-gluco-dihydroacarbose with glucoamylase fromAspergillus awamorivar. X100 to 2.2 Å resolution: dual conformations for extended inhibitors 50
Nuclear envelope assembly around sperm chromatin in cell-free preparations from Drosophila embryos50
Transfer of β subunit regulation from high to low voltage-gated Ca2+ channels49
Translocation in ribosomes by attachment-detachment of elongation factor G without GTP cleavage: Evidence from a column-bound ribosome system49
Characterization and synthesis of a macrophage inhibitory peptide from the second constant domain of human immunoglobulin G49
Dissection of the maturation reactions of the [NiFe] hydrogenase 3 from Escherichia coli taking place after nickel incorporation49
The amino acid sequence of actin from chicken skeletal muscle actin and chicken gizzard smooth muscle actin49
Purification and properties of methioninase fromPseudomonas ovalis49
The molybdenum cofactor of formylmethanofuran dehydrogenase fromMethanosarcina barkeriis a molybdopterin guanine dinucleotide49
Separation of 32 P-labelled ribonucleic acid components. The use of polyethylenimine-cellulose (TLC) as a second dimension in separating oligoribonucleotides of ‘4.5 S’ and 5 S from E. c49
Protein translocation: Common themes from bacteria to man49
Isolation, primary structures and metal binding properties of neuronal growth inhibitory factor (GIF) from bovine and equine brain49
Estimation of flux control coefficients from inhibitor titrations by non-linear regression49
Characterization of Lex, Leyand A Leyantigen determinants in KDN-containingO-linked glycan chains fromPleurodeles waltliijelly coat eggs49
Structural and functional analysis of a lycopene β-monocyclase gene isolated from a unique marine bacterium that produces myxol49
Regulation of cargo export and sorting at the trans‐Golgi network49
Complete characterization of the human IGF-I nucleotide sequence isolated from a newly constructed adult liver cDNA library49
Characterisation of a novel amylosucrase fromDeinococcus radiodurans49
C-phycocyanin from the thermophilic blue-green algaMastigocladus laminosus, isolation, characterization and subunit composition49
Glyoxalase II from A. thaliana requires Zn(II) for catalytic activity49
Isolation and reconstruction of the phosphate-transport system from pig heart mitochondria49
Iron released from transferrin at acidic pH can catalyse the oxidation of low density lipoprotein49
ADP-ribosyltransferase from beef liver which ADP-ribosylates elongation factor-249
Origin, distribution and 3D-modeling of Gr-EXPB1, an expansin from the potato cyst nematodeGlobodera rostochiensis49
Mechanical requirements for membrane fission: Common facts from various examples49
Purification and characterization of a 32-kDa phospholipase A2inhibitory protein (lipocortin) from human peripheral blood mononuclear cells49
Isolation and characterization of two collagenous components from anterior lens capsule49
Isolation of Acein-2, a novel angiotensin-I-converting enzyme inhibitory peptide derived from a tryptic hydrolysate of human plasma49
Phosphatidylglycerophosphate synthases fromArabidopsis thaliana49
PrrC fromRhodobacter sphaeroides, a homologue of eukaryotic Sco proteins, is a copper-binding protein and may have a thiol-disulfide oxidoreductase activity49
Isolation of a mouse MT2-MMP gene from a lung cDNA library and identification of its product49
O-glycosidic carbohydrate units from glycoproteins of different tissues: Demonstration of a brain-specific disaccharide, α-galactosyl-(1→3)-N-acetylgalactosamine49
Specific inhibition of DNA-polymerases from RNA tumor viruses by some new daunomycin derivatives49
Cooperative helix-coil transitions in half molecules of phenylalanine specific tRNA from yeast49
A new protein inhibitor of trypsin and activated hageman factor from pumpkin (Cucurbita maxima) seeds49
Isolation and amino acid analysis of a nonspecific phospholipid transfer protein from rat liver49
Inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate and 5′-GTP induce calcium release from different intracellular pools49
cDNA sequence analysis of an antibiotic dodecapeptide from neutrophils49
Molecular cloning and sequencing of two ‘short chain’ and two ‘long chain’ K+channel-blocking peptides from the Chinese scorpionButhus martensiiKarsch49
Dephosphorylation and activation of Acetyl-CoA-carboxylase from lactating rabbit mammary gland49
The amino acid sequence of a novel inhibitor of cathepsin D from potato49
F‐ATPsynthase and the permeability transition pore: fewer doubts, more certainties49
Cloning and functional expression inE. coliof a polyphenol oxidase transcript fromCoreopsis grandiflorainvolved in aurone formation49
Lipolytic enzymes LipA and LipB fromBacillus subtilisdiffer in regulation of gene expression, biochemical properties, and three-dimensional structure49
Characterization of the direct physical interaction of nc886, a cellular non-coding RNA, and PKR49
The GATATC-modification enzymeEcoRV is closely related to the GATC-recognizing methyltransferasesDpnII anddamfromE.coliand phage T449
Slow vacuolar channels from barley mesophyll cells are regulated by 14-3-3 proteins49
The amino acid sequence of a small DNA binding protein from the archaebacteriumSulfolobus solfataricus48
Purification of a lipoxygenase from ungerminated barley Characterization and product formation48
Purification and characterization of furostanol glycoside 26-O -β -glucosidase from Costus speciosus rhizomes48
Generation of electric potential by reaction center complexes fromRhodospirillum rubrum48
The nucleotide sequence of a serine tRNA from Escherichia coli48
Norepinephrine evokes a marked Mg2+efflux from liver cells48
TheN-oligosaccharyltransferase complex from yeast48
A large number of novel Ergtoxin-like genes and ERG K+ -channels blocking peptides from scorpions of the genus Centruroides48
The genetic code as expressed through relationships between mRNA structure and protein function48
Purification, inhibitory properties and amino acid sequence of a new serine proteinase inhibitor from white mustard (Sinapis albaL.) seed48
The formation of inositol phosphate derivatives by isolated membranes fromAcer pseudoplatanusis stimulated by guanine nucleotides48
Cysteine-string proteins regulate exocytosis of insulin independent from transmembrane ion fluxes48
The high potential iron-sulfur protein (HiPIP) fromRhodoferax fermentansis competent in photosynthetic electron transfer48
A coupled in vitro transcription-translation system for the exclusive synthesis of polypeptides expressed from the T7 promoter48
The polarity of stripping of coat protein subunits from the RNA in tobacco mosaic virus under alkaline conditions48
Inhibition of broad spectrum hemagglutinin fromPseudomonas aeruginosaby D-galactose and its derivatives48
Electronoptical studies of procollagen from the skin of dermatosparaxic calves48
The primary structure of ribosomal protein S4 fromEscherichia coli48
Anticoagulants and inhibitors of platelet aggregation derived from leeches48
Cytochromecis released from coupled mitochondria of yeast en route to acetic acid-induced programmed cell death and can work as an electron donor and a ROS scavenger48
The prion or the related Shadoo protein is required for early mouse embryogenesis48
Release of extracellular membrane vesicles from microvilli of epithelial cells is enhanced by depleting membrane cholesterol48
Identification of Raf-1 Ser621 kinase activity from NIH 3T3 cells as AMP-activated protein kinase48
Immunopurification of a subcomplex of the NAD(P)H-plastoquinone-oxidoreductase from the cyanobacteriumSynechocystissp. PCC680348
Iron transport inMycobacterium smegmatis: Ferrimycobactin reductase (NAD(P)H:Ferrimycobactin oxidoreductase), the enzyme releasing iron from its carrier48
The exogenous lipid requirement for histamine release from rat peritoneal mast cells stimulated by concanavalin A48
A computer program for the determination of kinetic parameters from sigmoidal steady-state kinetics48
Resolution of Ca2+ -calmodulin-activated protein kinase from wheat germ48
Do hydrophobic sequences cleaved from cellular polypeptides induce membrane fusion reactions in vivo?48
Primary structure of protein S18 from the smallEscherichia coliribosomal subunit48
The Tzs protein fromAgrobacterium tumefaciensC58 produces zeatin riboside 5′-phosphate from 4-hydroxy-3-methyl-2-(E)-butenyl diphosphate and AMP48
Removal of lactoferrin from plasma is mediated by binding to low density lipoprotein receptor-related protein/α2-macroglobulin receptor and transport to endosomes48
Expression and mutagenesis of the NqrC subunit of the NQR respiratory Na+pump fromVibrio choleraewith covalently attached FMN48
Debranching enzyme from rabbit skeletal muscle; Evidence for the location of two active centres on a single polypeptide chain48
Dopamine β-hydroxylase from bovine adrenal medulla contains covalently-bound pyrroloquinoline quinone47
Specific and non-specific succinic semialdehyde reductases from rat brain: Isolation and properties47
Functional proteomics of circadian expressed proteins from Chlamydomonas reinhardtii47
Digital magic, or the dark arts of the 21stcentury—how can journals and peer reviewers detect manuscripts and publications from paper mills?47
Biosynthesis of dolichol phosphate by subcellular fractions from liver47
The extracellular matrix proteins laminin and fibronectin modify the AMPase activity of 5'-nucleotidase from chicken gizzard smooth muscle47
Identification of three high molecular mass cysteine proteinases from rat skeletal muscle47
The alternative complex III fromRhodothermus marinus- A prototype of a new family of quinol:electron acceptor oxidoreductases47
Botulinum toxin types A, B and D inhibit catecholamine secretion from bovine adrenal medullary cells47
Pigment stoichiometry of a newly isolated D1-D2-Cyt b 559 complex from the higher plant Beta vulgaris L47
Protein S, a new vitamin K-dependent protein from bovine plasma47
Molecular cloning of the mitogenic mannose/maltose-specific rhizome lectin fromCalystegia sepium47
Transmembrane electron transport in ascorbate-loaded plasma membrane vesicles from higher plants involves ab-type cytochrome47
Aquaporin 3 cloned from Xenopus laevis is regulated by the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator47
The application of pressure relaxation to the study of the equilibrium between metarhodopsin I and II from bovine retinas47
Muscle glycogen synthase translocates from the cell nucleus to the cytosol in response to glucose47
Oral secretions from herbivorous lepidopteran larvae exhibit ion channel-forming activities47
Proteoglycan isolated fromPhellinus linteusinhibits tumor growth through mechanisms leading to an activation of CD11c+CD8+DC and type I helper T cell-dominant immune state47
Pulse radiolysis studies on superoxide reductase from Treponema pallidum47
Activation, reduction and proton-deuterium exchange reaction of the periplasmic hydrogenase fromDesulfovibrio gigasin relation with the role of cytochromec347
Isolation of the neuropeptide pGlu-Gly-Arg-Phe-amide from the pennatulid Renilla köllikeri47
A glucuronoyl esterase fromAcremonium alcalophilumcleaves native lignin-carbohydrate ester bonds47
Acidic ribosomal proteins from the extreme halophile,Halobacterium cutirubrum47
Cytoplasmic localization of the interferon-inducible protein that is encoded by theAIM2(absent in melanoma) gene from the 200-gene family47
A novel prenyltransferase, farnesylgeranyl diphosphate synthase, from the haloalkaliphilic archaeon,Natronobacterium pharaonis47
In vitro expression and activity of lycopene cyclase and β-carotene hydroxylase fromErwinia herbicola47
Glycoproteins from Trypanosoma cruzi : Partial purification by gel chromatography47
Cryo-electron tomography-the cell biology that came in from the cold47
Taraxalisin - a serine proteinase from dandelion Taraxacum officinale Webb s.l47
Characterization of a novel endopolygalacturonase fromAspergillus nigerwith unique kinetic properties47
The amino acid sequences of the phosphorylated sites in troponin-I from rabbit skeletal muscle47
Antibody characterisation of two distinct conformations of the chaperonin-containing TCP-1 from mouse testis47
Functional essentiality from topology features in metabolic networks: A case study in yeast47
Reconstitution of the photosystem I complex from the P700 and Fx-containing reaction center core protein and the FA/FBpolypeptide47
A novel natriuretic peptide isolated from eel cardiac ventricles47
A study on permeability transition pore opening and cytochromecrelease from mitochondria, induced by caspase-3 in vitro47
A rapid procedure for the isolation of ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase from spinach leaves47
Lipid peroxidation and fluidity of plasma membranes from rat liver and Morris hepatoma 3924A47
Cytochrome aa 3 from the thermoacidophilic archaebacterium Sulfolobus acidocaldarius47
Debrisoquine-type polymorphism of drug oxidation: purification from human liver of a cytochrome P450 isozyme with high activity for bufuralol hydroxylation47
Angiotensin II inhibits adenylate cyclase from adrenal cortex glomerulosa zone47
Disulfide bonds stabilize JC virus capsid-like structure by protecting calcium ions from chelation47
State‐of‐the‐art human adenovirus vectorology for therapeutic approaches47
The amino acid sequence of a 20 kDa bifunctional subtilisin/α-amylase inhibitor from brain of rice (Oryza salivaL.) seeds47
Generation of formate by the formyltransferase/hydrolase complex (Fhc) fromMethylobacterium extorquensAM147
Similarity between the bacterial histone-like protein HU and a protein from spinach chloroplasts47
Tc1, from Tityus cambridgei , is the first member of a new subfamily of scorpion toxin that blocks K+ -channels46
The subunit structure of methionyl-tRNA synthetase from Escherichia coli46
Cloning and functional expression of a tetrabenazine sensitive vesicular monoamine transporter from bovine chromaffin granules46
Structural studies on isoleucyl-tRNA synthetase fromE. coli46
The structure of porin from Paracoccus denitrificans at 3.1 Å resolution46
A tale of short tails, through thick and thin: investigating the sorting mechanisms of Golgi enzymes46
Association of two proteolipids of unknown function with ATP synthase from bovine heart mitochondria46
Identification of the α3-subunit in the GABAAreceptor purified from bovine brain46
Crystal structure of macrophage migration inhibitory factor from human Å lymphocyte at 2.1 Å resolution46
Methane formation from acetyl phosphate in cell extracts ofMethanosarcina barkeriDependence of the reaction on coenzyme A46
Conversion of reticuline into scoulerine by a cell free preparation from Macleaya microcarpa cell suspension cultures46
Expression inEscherichia coliof catalytically active phenylalanine ammonia-lyase from parsley46
ABC transporter architecture and mechanism: implications from the crystal structures of BtuCD and BtuF46
Mammalianl-to-d-amino-acid-residue isomerase from platypus venom46
Electric field-induced fusion of large liposomes from natural and polymerizable lipids46
Identification of a group of proteins that are strongly up-regulated in total epidermal keratinocytes from psoriatic skin46
Measurement of the oxidation-reduction potentials of amicyanin andc-type cytochromes fromParacoccus denitrificans46
Sequence homology between EF-1α, the α-chain of elongation factor 1 from Artemia salina and elongation factor EF-TU from Escherichia coli46
Mycalolide-B, a novel and specific inhibitor of actomyosin ATPase isolated from marine sponge46
Pore mutations affecting tetrameric assembly and functioning of the potassium channel KcsA from Streptomyces lividans46
Crystal structure of the RNA demethylase ALKBH5 from zebrafish46
Improved strategies for the determination of protein structures from NMR data: The solution structure of acyl carrier protein46
Perlecan from human epithelial cells is a hybrid heparan/chondroitin/keratan sulfate proteoglycan46
Formation of coenzyme a esters of cinnamic acids with an enzyme preparation from cell suspension cultures of parsley46
The membrane topology of EmrE - a small multidrug transporter fromEscherichia coli46
Simultaneous recording of Indo-1 flourescence and Na+/Ca2+exchange current reveals two components of Ca2+-release from sarcoplasmic reticulum of cardiac atrial myocyte46
Phosphorylation-dephosphorylation of purified insulin receptor from human placenta46
Molecular cloning and functional expression of Cav 3.1c, a T-type calcium channel from human brain46
Epinephrine and serotonin activation of adenyl cyclase fromTetrahymena pyriformis46
Isolation and characterization of polyferredoxin fromMethanobacterium thermoautotrophicumThemvhbgene product of the methylviologen-reducing hydrogenase operon46
Removal of substrate inhibition in a lactate dehydrogenase from human muscle by a single residue change46
Compositional and functional features of the female premenopausal and postmenopausal gut microbiota46
The amino acid sequence of cytochrome c -551.5 (Cytochrome c 7 ) from the green photosynthetic bacterium Chloropseudomonas ethylica46
A simplified procedure for the purification of C1̄-inactivator from human plasma Interaction with complement subcomponents C1̄r and C1̄s46
Characterisation of a concentrative type of adenosine transporter fromArabidopsis thaliana(ENT1,At)46
The purification of 5-enolpyruvylshikimate 3-phosphate synthase from an overproducing strain ofEscherichia coli46
Expressed sequence tags from Madagascar periwinkle (Catharanthus roseus)46
An essential role of cytosolic thioltransferase in protection of pyruvate kinase from rabbit liver against oxidative inactivation46
Specificity of mitochondrial and cytoplasmic ribosomes fromNeurospora crassain poly-U dependent cell free systems46
Identification of cytosolic aldehyde dehydrogenase 1 from non-small cell lung carcinomas as a flavopiridol-binding protein46
Cloning, sequencing and functional expression of an acetylcholinesterase gene from the yellow fever mosquitoAedes aegypti46
Complementation in situ of the yeast plasma membrane H+-ATPase genepmalby an H+-ATPase gene from a heterologous species45
Substitutional editing of transcripts from genes of cyanobacterial origin in the dinoflagellateCeratium horridum45
Identification of a pyridoxine (pyridoxamine) 5′-phosphate oxidase fromArabidopsis thaliana45
A cytotoxic peptide from a marine sponge exhibits ion channel activity through vectorial-insertion into the membrane45
In vitroeffect of NAD on DNa synthesis in isolated nuclei from regenerating rat liver and novikoff hepatoma45
Gene selection and classification from microarray data using kernel machine45
The subunit structure of chromatin: Characteristics of nucleohistone and nucleoprotamine from developing trout testis45
Acetylcholinesterase from human erythrocyte membranes: dimers as functional units45
Specialization from synthesis: How ribosome diversity can customize protein function45
Primary structure of a novelN-glycosidic carboyhydrate unit, derived from hen ovomucoid45
New structural insights into the decoding mechanism: Translation infidelity via a G·U pair with Watson-Crick geometry45
A novel, specific binding protein assay for quantitation of intracellular inositol 1,3,4,5-tetrakisphosphate (InsP4 ) using a high-affinity InsP4 receptor from cerebellum45
Purification and properties of the α-acetolactate decarboxylase fromLactococcus lactissubsp.lactisNCDO 211845
Immunochemical studies of the O-antigens ofVibrio cholerae. The constitution of a lipopolysaccharide fromV. cholerae569B (Inaba)45
The survival motor neuron protein interacts with the transactivator FUSE binding protein from human fetal brain45
Multiple isoforms ofPisumtrypsin inhibitors result from modification of two primary gene products45
Fractionation of synaptophysin-containing vesicles from rat brain and cultured PC12 pheochromocytoma cells45
Cloning and expression of cDNA encoding a new type of ascorbate peroxidase from spinach45
A well resolved ODMR triplet minus singlet spectrum of P680 from PSII particles45
Merlin, a multi-suppressor from cell membrane to the nucleus45
Kinetic and spectroscopic characterization of native and metal-substituted β-lactamase from Aeromonas hydrophila AE03645
Photosynthetic regulatory protein from rabbit liver is identical with thioredoxin45
Characterization of a new peptide fromTityus serrulatusscorpion venom which is a ligand of the apamin-binding site45
NaCl-induced phosphorylation of light harvesting chlorophylla/bproteins in thylakoid membranes from the halotolerant green alga,Dunaliella salina45
Rapid and discrete isolation of oxygen-evolving His-tagged photosystem II core complex fromChlamydomonas reinhardtiiby Ni2+affinity column chromatography45
Some properties of ATP dependent deoxyribonucleases from normal andrec-mutant strains ofBacillus subtilis45
Isolation and characterization of a C3b receptor-like molecule from membranes of a human B lymphoblastoid cell line (Raji)45
NADPH:protochlorophyllide oxidoreductase from Synechocystis : overexpression, purification and preliminary characterisation45
Production and purification of a granular-starch-binding domain of glucoamylase 1 fromAspergillus niger45
Legionella pneumophilaadaptation to intracellular life and the host response: Clues from genomics and transcriptomics45
The isolation and partial characterisation of a new α-macroglobulin from human pregnancy serum45
A method for removal of trace iron contamination from biological buffers45
DHTKD1 is essential for mitochondrial biogenesis and function maintenance45
Regulation of fibroblast growth factor 23 (FGF23) in health and disease45
Picosecond measurements of the primary photochemical events in reaction centers isolated from the facultative green photosynthetic bacterium Chloroflexus aurantiacus45
The nuclear-encoded polypeptide Cfo-II from spinach is a real, ninth subunit of chloroplast ATP synthase44
Pharmacology of Ca2+release from red beet microsomes suggests the presence of ryanodine receptor homologs in higher plants44
Molecular cloning and expression of a novel type V adenylyl cyclase from rabbit myocardium44
Isolation and characterization of a human cDNA clone encoding a novel DNA topoisomerase II homologue from HeLa cells44
Defective relocalization of ALS2/alsin missense mutants to Rac1-induced macropinosomes accounts for loss of their cellular function and leads to disturbed amphisome formation44
Human rhinovirus HRV14 uncoats from early endosomes in the presence of bafilomycin44
DAMGO, a μ-opioid receptor selective ligand, distinguishes between μ-and κ-opioid receptors at a different region from that for the distinction between μ- and δ-opioid receptors44
Endobrevin/VAMP8 mediates exocytotic release of hexosaminidase from rat basophilic leukaemia cells44
On the change of the charges in the four photo-induced oxidation steps of the water-splitting enzyme system S44
Thermal transitions in the purple membrane fromHalobacterium halobium44
Reconstitution of specific Na+-dependent D-glucose transport in liposomes by triton X-100-extracted proteins from purified brush border membranes of rabbit kidney cortex44
Release of the FAD domain from cellobiose oxidase by proteases from cellulolytic cultures ofPhanerochaete chrysosporium44
One-step purification of the β-glucan elicitor-binding protein from soybean (Glycine maxL.) roots and characterization of an anti-peptide antiserum44
The glucose repressor CRE1 fromSclerotinia sclerotiorumis functionally related to CREA fromAspergillus nidulansbut not to the Mig proteins fromSaccharomyces cerevisiae44
The involvement of mitochondrial pyruvate transport in the pathways of gluconeogenesis from serine and alanine in isolated rat and mouse liver cells44
Identification of metabolic pathways of the lipid peroxidation product 4-hydroxynonenal by mitochondria isolated from rat kidney cortex44
On the interaction ofpara-hydroxybenzoate hydroxylase fromPseudomonas fluorescenswith halogen ions44
Decreased sensitivity to α2 adrenergic amines, adenosine and prostaglandins in white fat cells from hamsters treated with pertussis vaccine44
A restriction endonuclease Sua I from the thermoacidophilic archaebacterium Sulfolobus acidocaldarius44
Targeting HECT-type E3 ligases - insights from catalysis, regulation and inhibitors44
The mechanism of Ba2+-induced exocytosis from single chromaffin cells44
Biotin synthesis in higher plants: purification and characterization ofbioBgene product equivalent fromArabidopsis thalianaoverexpressed inEscherichia coliand its subcellular loca44
The primary structure of the initiation factor IF-3 fromEscherichia coli44
Cloning and expression of the gene for a vanadium-dependent bromoperoxidase from a marine macro-alga,Corallina pilulifera144
The paradox of metabolism in quiescent stem cells44
Cloning of the PABA peptide hydrolase alpha subunit (PPHα) from human small intestine and its expression in COS-1 cells44
The origin of cecropins; implications from synthetic peptides derived from ribosomal protein L144
Identification of an essential glutamate residue in the active site of endoglucanase III fromTrichoderma reesei44
cDNA clones completing the nucleotide and derived amino acid sequence of the alpha 1 chain of basement membrane (type IV) collagen from mouse44
Identification of two alkaline proteases and a trypsin inhibitor from muscle of white croaker (Micropogon opercularis )44
α-Haemolysin fromE. colipurification and self-aggregation properties44
Identification of a protein factor involved in dithiothreitol activation of NADP malate dehydrogenase from french bean leaves44
Isolation, amino acid composition and terminal amino acid residues of the vasoactive octacosapeptide from chicken intestine. Partial purification of chicken secretin44
Characterization of multiple nicotinic acetylcholine receptor-binding proteins and phospholipases A2 from the venom of the coral snake Micrurus nigrocinctus nigrocinctus44
Primary structure of protein L33 from the large subunit of the Escherichia coli ribosome44
Arabidopsis thalianainositol 1,3,4-trisphosphate 5/6-kinase 4 (AtITPK4) is an outlier to a family of ATP-grasp fold proteins from Arabidopsis44
A specific adenosine phosphorylase, distinct from purine nucleoside phosphorylase44
Discovery and biological characterization of potent myeloid cell leukemia‐1 inhibitors44
The amino acid sequence of profilin from calf spleen44
Thermodynamic and functional characterization of a stable IgG conformer obtained by renaturation from a partially structured low pH-induced state44
Golgi stress response and organelle zones44
The amino-terminal sequence of the 40 000 molecular weight subunit of the acetylcholine receptor protein fromTorpedo marmorata44
NADH:ubiquinone oxidoreductase from bovine heart mitochondria A fourth nuclear encoded subunit with a homologue encoded in chloroplast genomes44
Biosynthesis of terpenoids: 1-deoxy-D -xylulose-5-phosphate reductoisomerase from Escherichia coli is a class B dehydrogenase43
Primary structure of a potassium channel toxin from the sea anemoneActinia equina43
S-100a0 protein stimulates Ca2+ -induced Ca2+ release from isolated sarcoplasmic reticulum vesicles43
Interaction of peptides derived from the Fas ligand with the Fyn-SH3 domain43
Multiple gene products are produced from a novel protein kinase transcription region43
Amino acid sequence of neurotoxin V from the scorpionLeiurus quinquestriatus quinquestriatus43
Isolation of an Mn-carrying 33-kDa protein from an oxygen-evolving photosystem-II preparation by phase partitioning with butanol43
The nucleotide sequences of two tryptophane-tRNAs from brewer's yeast43
Functional characterization of RK5, a voltage-gated K+channel cloned from the rat cardiovascular system43
Cloning, molecular analysis and insertional mutagenesis of the bidirectional hydrogenase genes from the cyanobacteriumAnacystis nidulans43
Isolation of protein kinase C subspecies from a preparation of human T lymphocytes43
5-methyl-2-thiouridine: A new sulfur-containing minor constituent from rat liver glutamic acid and lysine tRNAs43
On the conformation of the acetylcholine receptor protein from Torpedo nobiliana43
Structural and functional role of FAD in the NADH-nitrate reducing system fromChlorella43
Phospholipin, a novel heterodimeric phospholipase A2 fromPandinus imperatorscorpion venom43
FERONIAregulates auxin‐mediated lateral root development and primary root gravitropism43
Isolation and characterization of an arylalkylamineN-acetyltransferase fromDrosophila melanogaster43
Effects on electrophoretic mobility and antibacterial spectrum of removal of two residues from synthetic sarcotoxin IA and addition of the same residues to cecropin B43
Wnt/β‐catenin signaling in brain development and mental disorders: keeping TCF7L2 in mind43
Plasminogen activators catalyse conversion of inhibitor from fibrosarcoma cells to an inactive form with a lower apparent molecular mass43
Ca2+ -induced fusion of golgi-derived secretory vesicles isolated from rat liver43
Valencene oxidase CYP706M1 from Alaska cedar (Callitropsis nootkatensis)43
Neurofilaments from mammalian central and peripheral nerve share certain polypeptides43
Radical production from free and peptide-bound methionine sulfoxide oxidation by peroxynitrite and hydrogen peroxide/iron(II)43
Pectate lyase fromBacillus subtilis: molecular characterization of the gene, and properties of the cloned enzyme43
Protein L16 induces a conformational change when incorporated into an L16-deficient core derived from Escherichia coli ribosomes43
Facilitated release of substrate protein from prefoldin by chaperonin43
Inhibitory effects of anticancer peptide fromMercenariaon the BGC-823 cells and several enzymes43
Dihydrolipoamide dehydrogenase from porcine heart catalyzes NADH-dependent scavenging of nitric oxide43
Decreased expression of a member of the Rho GTPase family, Cdc42Hs, in cells from Tangier disease - the small G protein may play a role in cholesterol efflux43
Partial separation and interconversion of NADH- and NADPH-linked activities of purified glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase from spinach chloroplasts43
Sub-site preferences of the aspartic proteinase from the human immunodeficiency virus, HIV-143
Pyrimidine nucleotidases from human erythrocyte possess phosphotransferase activities specific for pyrimidine nucleotides43
NO induces a cGMP-independent release of cytochromecfrom mitochondria which precedes caspase 3 activation in insulin producing RINm5F cells43
NADH:ubiquinone oxidoreductase from bovine heart mitochondria: sequence of a novel 17.2-kDa subunit43
A comparison of tubulins from mammalian brain andPhysarumpolycephalumusing SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and peptide mapping43
Purification by affinity chromatography of thermostable glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase fromThermus aquaticus43
Isolation and primary structure of a novel chromogranin A-derived peptide, WE-14, from a human midgut carcinoid tumour43
Studies on the acceptor specificity of asparagine-N-glycosyl-transferase from rat liver43
Gene organization of oryzacystatin-II, a new cystatin superfamily member of plant origin, is closely related to that of oryzacystatin-I but different from those of animal cystatins43
Removal of proteasomes from the nucleus and their accumulation in apoptotic blebs during programmed cell death43
Thermodynamic considerations on the formation of reactive species from hypochlorite, superoxide and nitrogen monoxide Could nitrosyl chloride be produced by neutrophils and macrophages?43
High molecular weight aspartic endopeptidase generates a coronaro-constrictory peptide from the β-chain of hemoglobin43
Solubilization of C18-Co A and C20-CoA elongases from Allium porrum L. epidermal cell microsomes43
Localization of myosin IIB at the leading edge of growth cones from rat dorsal root ganglionic cells43
Purification and properties of methionyl-tRNA synthetase fromE. coliK 12 carrying the F32 episome42
The N-terminal 77 amino acids from tobacco N -acetylglucosaminyltransferase I are sufficient to retain a reporter protein in the Golgi apparatus of Nicotiana benthamiana cells42
The complete amino acid sequence of a thrombin-like enzyme/gyroxin analogue from venom of the bushmaster snake (Lachesis muta muta)42
A systemic antiviral resistance-inducing protein isolated fromClerodendrum inermeGaertn. is a polynucleotide:adenosine glycosidase (ribosome-inactivating protein)42
Phospholipid transfer protein from bovine retine with high activity towards retinal rod disc membranes42
Modified reaction centers fromRhodobacter sphaeroidesR2642
A novel tau-tubulin kinase from bovine brain42
Physico-chemical properties of actin cleaved with bacterial protease fromE. coliA2 strain42
Light-driven uptake of pyruvate into mesophyll chloroplasts from maize42
Isolation and characterization of the hydrogenase activity from the non-heterocystous cyanobacteriumSpirulina maxima42
Isolation and characterization of parvalbumin from chicken leg-muscle42
Subcloning and nucleotide sequence of the 3,4-dihydroxyphenylacetate (homoprotocatechuate) 2,3-dioxygenase gene fromEscherichia coliC42
An actin depolymerizing protein from pig plasma42
Formation of free sphingosine and ceramide from exogenous ganglioside GM1 by cerebellar granule cells in culture42
Determination of the disulfide array of the first inducible antifungal peptide from insects: drosomycin fromDrosophila melanogaster42
Translation of Cowpea Mosaic Virus RNA in a cell-free extract from wheat germ42
Fg LPMO9A from Fusarium graminearum cleaves xyloglucan independently of the backbone substitution pattern42
2.0 Å X-ray structure of the ternary complex of 7,8-dihydro-6-hydroxymethylpterinpyrophosphokinase from Escherichia coli with ATP and a substrate analogue42
Functional relationships between cyclodextrin glucanotransferase from an alkalophilicBacillusand α-amylases Site-directed mutagenesis of the conserved two Asp and one Glu residues42
Peg1/Mestin obese adipose tissue is expressed from the paternal allele in an isoform-specific manner42
Isolation of reductase for SoxR that governs an oxidative response regulon fromEscherichia coli42
Identification of α2 - and α3 -subunits of the GABAA -benzodiazepine receptor complex purified from the brains of young rats42
Tropomyosin from bovine brain contains two polypeptide chains of slightly different molecular weights42
Involvement of plastoquinone and lipids in electron transport reactions mediated by the cytochrome b 6 -f complex isolated from spinach42
The structure of rice storage protein glutelin precursor deduced from cDNA42
Evidence for an iron center in the ammonia monooxygenase fromNitrosomonas europaea42
Diacylglycerol stimulates phospholipase A2from Swiss 3T3 fibroblasts42
Generation of interleukin-8 by plasmin from AVLPR-interleukin-8, the human fibroblast-derived neutrophil chemotactic factor42
Complete amino acid sequence of the protease inhibitor from buckwheat seeds42
Novel peptides from assassin bugs (Hemiptera: Reduviidae): isolation, chemical and biological characterization42
Isolation and characterization of epidermal growth factor from human milk42
Very low density lipoprotein receptor from mammary gland and mammary epithelial cell lines binds and mediates endocytosis ofMr, 40,000 receptor associated protein42
OD1, the first toxin isolated from the venom of the scorpionOdonthobuthus doriaeactive on voltage-gated Na+channels42
Molecular and enzymatic characterization of two stilbene synthases from Eastern white pine (Pinus strobus) A single Arg/His difference determines the activity and the pH dependence of the enzym42
Identification by molecular cloning of two cDNA sequences from the plantBrassica napuswhich are very similar to mammalian protein phosphatases-1 and -2A42
Mutations converting cyclodextrin glycosyltransferase from a transglycosylase into a starch hydrolase42
Variable actin dynamics requirement for the exit of different cargo from thetrans-Golgi network42
The amino acid sequence of tryptophanyl tRNA Synthetase from Bacillus stearothermophilus42
Localization of donor and acceptor sites of NADH dehydrogenase activities using inside-out and right-side-out plasma membrane vesicles from plants42
Microvesicles isolated from bovine pineal gland specifically accumulatel-glutamate42
Time-resolved measurements of fluorescence from reaction centres of Rhodopseudomonas sphaeroides R26.142
Retrotransposons: Mobile and mutagenic from conception to death42
Modified reaction centers from Rhodobacter sphaeroides R2642
The peroxisome biogenesis factors Pex3 and Pex19: multitasking proteins with disputed functions42
Novel substrate specificity of a membrane-bound β-glycosidase from the hyperthermophilic archaeonPyrococcus horikoshii41
Channeling of ammonia from glutaminase to carbamoyl-phosphate synthetase in liver mitochondria41
Isobavachalcone and bavachinin from Psoraleae Fructus modulate Aβ42 aggregation process through different mechanisms in vitro41
Copper-containing proteins from Cucumis Sativus41
Purification and structural characterization of the thermosome from the hyperthermophilic archaeumMethanopyrus kandleri41
Synthesis of β-glucogallin from UDP-glucose and gallic acid by an enzyme preparation from oak leaves41
Functional characterization of sphingolipid C4-hydroxylase genes fromArabidopsis thaliana41
The complete amino acid sequence of ribonuclease from the seeds of bitter gourd (Momordica charantia)41
Purification, and phosphorylation in vivo and in vitro, of phosphoenol pyruvate carboxykinase from cucumber cotyledons41
The primary structure of protein S5 from the small subunit of the Escherichia coli ribosome41
Small-angle X-ray scattering study of the protein complex of L7/L12 and L10 fromEscherichia coliribosomes41
cDNA cloning of porcine p42IP4 , a membrane-associated and cytosolic 42 kDa inositol(1,3,4,5)tetrakisphosphate receptor from pig brain with similarly high affinity for phosphatidylinositol 41
Sarcoplasmic reticulum release channels from frog skeletal muscle display two types of calcium dependence41
Saccharomyces cerevisiaemitochondria can synthesise FMN and FAD from externally added riboflavin and export them to the extramitochondrial phase41
Glucagon-induced stimulation of 2-oxoglutarate metabolism in mitochondria from rat liver41
The study of excitation transfer between light-harvesting antenna and reaction center in chromatophores from purple bacterium Rhodospirillum rubrum by selective picosecond spectroscopy41
Isolation of a glial maturation factor from beef brain41
Harpin, a hypersensitive response elicitor from Erwinia amylovora , regulates ion channel activities in Arabidopsis thaliana suspension cells41
Crystal structure of intracellular family 1 β-glucosidase BGL1A from the basidiomycetePhanerochaete chrysosporium41
Heparin solubilizes asymmetric acetylcholinesterase from rat neuromuscular junction41
Archaeal cold-adapted proteins: structural and evolutionary analysis of the elongation factor 2 proteins from psychrophilic, mesophilic and thermophilic methanogens 141
Determination of the primary reactions of photosynthesis from transient ESR signals41
Sequence and electron paramagnetic resonance analyses of nitrate reductase NarGH from a denitrifying halophilic euryarchaeoteHaloarcula marismortui41
Blood group H antigen with globo-series structure41
The amino acid sequence of a hitherto unobserved segment from porcine pepsinogen preceeding theN-terminus of pepsin41
Isolation and characterization of a cDNA encoding a sulfate transporter fromArabidopsis thaliana41
A second catalytic subunit of type-2A protein phosphatase from rabbit skeletal muscle41
Insights into the formation of carlactone from in‐depth analysis of the CCD 8‐catalyzed reactions41
Interactions of insulin and adrenaline with glycerol phosphate acylation processes in fat-cells from rat41
The complete amino acid sequence of a bacteriochlorophyllabinding polypeptide isolated from the cytoplasmic membrane of the green photosynthetic bacteriumChloroflexus aurantiacus41
A rapid method for extraction of oxygen-evolving photosystem 2 preparations from cyanobacteria41
HCE, a constituent of the hatching enzymes of Oryzias latipes embryos, releases unique proline-rich polypeptides from its natural substrate, the hardened chorion41
Learning module networks from genome-wide location and expression data41
Proteins from the prokaryotic nucleoid Interaction of nucleic acids with the 15 kDaEscherichia colihistone-like protein H-NS41
Fast and slow kinetics of porin channels fromEscherichia colireconstituted into giant liposomes and studied by patch-clamp41
Characteristics of DNA-dependent RNA polymerase activity from isolated yeast nuclei41
Nitric oxide directly activates calcium-activated potassium channels from rat brain reconstituted into planar lipid bilayer41
Systems biology from a yeast omics perspective41
Translation of messenger RNA for immunoglobulin light chains in a cell-free system from Krebs II ascites cells41
(Ca2++ Mg2+)-dependent ATPase mRNA from smooth muscle sarcoplasmic reticulum differs from that in cardiac and fast skeletal muscles41
Acetylcholinesterase fromDrosophila melanogasterIdentification of two subunits encoded by the same gene41
Functional characterization of the Bag7, Lrg1 and Rgd2 RhoGAP proteins fromSaccharomyces cerevisiae41
Trifluoperazine and chlorpromazine block secretion from human platelets evoked at basal cytoplasmic free calcium by activators of C-kinase41
Transfer of CD26/dipeptidyl peptidase IV (E.C. from prostasomes to sperm41
Interaction between cellohexaose and cellulose binding domains from Trichoderma reesei cellulases41
Characterization and synergistic action of a tetra‐modular lytic polysaccharide monooxygenase from Bacillus cereus41
Isolation of a GABA receptor from bovine brain using a benzodiazepine affinity column41
Structural basis for the emission of violet bioluminescence from a W92F obelin mutant41
Isolation of a cyanide-resistant duroquinol oxidase fromarum maculatummitochondria41
Identification of cDNAs from Japanese pufferfish (Fugu rubripes) and Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) coding for homologues to tetrapod prion proteins41
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PDGF-dependent β-catenin activation is associated with abnormal pulmonary artery smooth muscle cell proliferation in pulmonary arterial hypertension40
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Plant mitochondrial genes can be expressed from mRNAs lacking stop codons40
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The aspartic proteinase from the rodent parasitePlasmodium bergheias a potential model for plasmepsins from the human malaria parasite,Plasmodium falciparum39
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Calcium release from InsP3-sensitive internal stores initiates action potential inChara38
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Ca transport and ATPase activity of synaptosomal vesicles from rat brain38
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Release of the surface coat from the plasma membrane of intact bloodstream forms of Trypanosoma brucei requires Ca2+38
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A polycation causes migration of negatively charged phospholipids from the inner to outer leaflet of the liposomal membrane37