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(The TQCC of Cambridge Quarterly is 0. The table below lists those papers that are above that threshold based on CrossRef citation counts [max. 250 papers]. The publications cover those that have been published in the past four years, i.e., from 2020-06-01 to 2024-06-01.)
Christopher Okigbo’s Materials1
Henry James and ‘The Auditive Intelligence’1
Alexander Pope’s Lucretian Vestiges1
On the Making of African Literatures1
Anti-Narratives of Slavery in Colson Whitehead’s The Underground Railroad1
Penelope Fitzgerald and Edward Burne-Jones: The Spirit of Her Work1
Critical Prehistory1
‘Surrealism Found Me’: British Surrealism and Encounter1
On Method: African Materials1
Habit, Romanticism, and the Literary Imagination0
The Art of Advice0
Repair: A New History0
‘What Does a Socialist Woman Do?’ Birth Control and the Body Politic in Naomi Mitchison’s We Have Been Warned0
The Literary Archives of Experience: Richard Rive’s Oxford Library0
The Copyeditor Test0
Romantic Connections0
‘Rotten Work of Genius’: Ford Madox Ford and D. H. Lawrence0
Touching Paintings (in the Contemporary American Novel)0
‘An Encyclopaedia of the Everyday’0
Making Belief: Epistemology and Scenography in John Home’s Theatrical Adaptation of Ossian0
Notes on Contributors0
Voices and Publics: An Interview with Stefan Collini0
Epic Allusions0
Against Presumption: E.M. Forster’s Critical Reception, Unsettlement and Hope0
Romantics De-Romanticised?0
Exemplary Reading?0
The Borders of Biography: Lucia Berlin and Me0
Preface: Habit0
How Subtle Is the Bird0
Paths and Puzzles: Walking the Maze in the Apocalypse of Golias0
‘Pale, Male, Stale’: The Professor in Children’s Literature0
Family Matters0
Notes on Contributors0
Rabbits and Ladders0
‘Colossal Snob’? The Class-Ridden World of Simon Raven0
Irving Kristol and the Biographical Threads of Neoconservatism0
An Undercurrent of Shelley’s Poetics in Ruskin’s Modern Painters0
Running the ‘Household Poems’: Edward Thomas and Money0
‘A Genteel Form of Suicide’: Julian Bell’s Chinese Journey0
The Radical Art of Believing Women0
Things Unattempted0
I’m a Bug!0
The ‘Inner Mumble’: Forster, Free Expression, and International PEN0
The Amazoniad0
Experimenting with Failure0
E.M. Forster and the Character of ‘Character’0
Notes on Contributors0
Terraqueous Intimacy0
Notes on Contributors0
James Merrill’s Sprezzatura0
Spectres of the Gulag: Soviet Bloc Dissident Poetics and Seamus Heaney’s Representation of Political Imprisonment0
Dorothy Wordsworth and the Writing of Resolve0
Reconstructing the American Novel: The Theory and Practice of John W. De Forest0
Polish Poetry Speaks Out0
Afterword: Thomas Love Peacock and Habits of Thinking0
‘Defiantly Ambiguous’: Life in the Black Midwest0
Notes on Contributors0
Old Ageing0
Simeon Solomon’s Contradictions0
The Whale and the Wire: Moby-Dick and the 1858 Atlantic Telegraph Cable0
Lessons in Modernity0
Peace Descends0
‘Cockney Aristotle’: Hazlitt’s Second Nature0
What Makes Us Laugh?0
Indebted – Henry James and Honoré de Balzac0
A Reunion of the Arts0
Notes on Contributors0
‘Still Repeated Circles’: William Cowper’s The Task and the Shape of Habit0
Strange Thinking0
‘Breathing Through its Spectacles’: The Queer Trees of Frank O’Hara0
‘Parnellian Silences’ in Virginia Woolf’s The Years0
Magazine Publics, Jim Crow Politics0
Reclaimed Romanticism in Robin Hyde’s ‘Houses by the Sea’0
Future-Oriented, Backward-Looking0
‘Beyond the path itself’: archive and text in the correspondence of Bernard Dubourg and J. H. Prynne0
Description, Despite Itself0
Alone, Ness: W. S. Graham to Nessie Dunsmuir0
‘Organs of Embodied Sentiment’: Contextualising William Blake’s Sistine Studies c.1770-17900
Versatile Georgic Variety0
Roman Greatness0
Elizabeth Daryush and the Company She Keeps0
‘Nothing is not connected. Nothing is not alive’: Ali Smith as Art Critic0
Is Poetry Communist?0
Early Modernity’s Bad Boy0
Notes on Contributors0
Where Does the Stress Fall?0
How Hollywood Watched Television0
Notes on Contributors0
On Good Form(s)0
Rossetti’s Giorgione and the Victorian ‘Cult of Vagueness’0
Veronica Forrest-Thomson’s ABC of Atoms: Poetry, Knowledge, Technique0
Anthologies and the Materials of Nigerian Poetry0
Where Is the Poem Really From?0
The Two Audens0
Notes on Contributors0
Hardy’s Poetic Retrospect0
Lewis Carroll’s Instructive Alice0
Rethinking Connection: The Edwardian Novels0
‘Daily I sit | with the Language’: Solmaz Sharif’s and Philip Metres’s Documentary Poetics of War0
Splitting Allegiances: A Reading of Swift’s On the Words – Brother Protestants, and Fellow Christians0
An ‘Incongruous Bill of Fare’: Musical Canons and Copies in George Du Maurier’s Trilby0
Conrad’s Margins and Details0
A Mirror and a Razor Lay Crossed0
Notes on Contributors0
Weird Horizons and the Mysticism of the Unhuman in Jeff VanderMeer’s Southern Reach Trilogy0
Ann Yearsley and Habituated Indifference0
The Higher Feebleness: E.M. Forster as a Public Intellectual0
Words for Jazz? Perhaps: Jazzing Up the Poetry of Michael Longley0
Materials, Structures and African Literary Criticism: A Response0
‘The Carpet Fits’: Coincidence and Fate in Howards End0
I Shock Myself: Beatrice Wood on, and in, New York Dada0
Notes on Contributors0
Notes on Contributors0
Dispatches from a Socialist Century0
Notes on Contributors0
The Humanities: Between Skills and Canons0
A Small Big Atlas of What If and Its Vicinities0
Notes on Contributors0
Materials of African Futures0
‘In a Church, in a Cave’: Cruising with E. M. Forster0
Hamlet’s Wisdom0
Bird Learning0
Reading and the Senses0
A Likeness Only Fancied? Lancelot Andrewes and Gertrude Stein0
Notes on Contributors0
Seeing Blindness0
Translation Kits0
Christina Rossetti’s Apocalypse: Rhythm and Deferral in The Face of the Deep0
Jamesian Footings0
A Conversation with Professor Dame Hermione Lee0