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(The TQCC of Byzantinische Zeitschrift is 0. The table below lists those papers that are above that threshold based on CrossRef citation counts [max. 250 papers]. The publications cover those that have been published in the past four years, i.e., from 2020-02-01 to 2024-02-01.)
A contribution to the technology and sources of lead in Byzantium: lead isotope analysis of ten Byzantine seals3
The Baptistery in the North Church of Shivta: structure, ritual, art2
Der Islam-Diskurs bei Niketas von Byzanz1
Islamicate alchemy in Greek letters on the first page of Marcianus graecus 2991
Eight unedited poems to his friends and patrons by Manuel Philes1
The rhetorical works of the school of Gaza1
Ist Andronikos Synadenos um die Mitte des 12. Jahrhunderts in normannische Gefangenschaft geraten?1
The silk industry around Naupaktos and its implications1
Interventi censori nell’Anthologia Planudea1
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Procopius on Theodora: ancient and new biographical patterns1
Un fantôme historique : «l’autre Theophane»1
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Autoren- und Herausgeberverzeichnis zu Band 115, Heft 1–40
Das trapezuntinische Horoskop des Jahres 1336. Ein Beitrag zur Erforschung des mittelalterlichen pontischen Dialekts0
A late Byzantine book inventory in Sofia, Dujčev gr. 253 (olim Kosinitsa 265) – a monastic or private library?0
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The Lord’s gift transformed into a tiger. A hypothesis regarding the fate of the Empress Theodora of Khazaria (705–711)0
Bibliographische Notizen. Part 10
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A tale of two skeletons?0
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Revisiting the church of Saint Spyridon in Selymbria0
Manuele Crisolora a Costantinopoli0
Die Wiederentdeckung von Byzanz: Die kretische Ikone von Göttingen und die Koimesis-Darstellung in der byzantinischen und postbyzantinischen Epoche0
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When Christology intersects with embryology: the viewpoints of Nestorian, Monophysite and Chalcedonian authors of the sixth to tenth centuries0
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Bibliographische Notizen. Part 20
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Bibliographische Notizen. Part 10
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Bibliographische Notizen und Mitteilungen. Part 20
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The engineer and the ocean. Structural hints for John Tzetzes’ ‘Homeric Allegories0
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Der Briefwechsel Paul Marcs mit Konstantin Jireček (1903 – 1917) und das Corpus der griechischen Urkunden0
Stratagems and the Byzantine culture of war: the theory of military trickery and ethics in Byzantium (c. 900–1204)0
A generic experiment of Ioannes Phokas: imaginary guide and dialogical appropriation of Palestine in the Brief ekphrasis of the Holy Land0
Manus, quae supplevit, inscripsit scholia Theophili Protospatharii. Galien, Théophile et le commentaire mélange aux Aphorismes d’Hippocrate0
Bibliographische Notizen. Part 20
The capacity for self-sufficiency of Middle Byzantine urban settlements0
Novel quotes: Achilles Tatius and Heliodorus in Byzantine sacro-profane florilegia0
The economy of Melitene/Malaṭya and its role in the Byzantine-Islamic trade (seventh to eleventh centuries)0
Ein Streiflicht auf die militärische Logistik der Byzantiner im späten 7. Jahrhundert0
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III. ABTEILUNG. Bibliographische Notizen und Mitteilungen. Part 10
Late Roman emperorship in Constantinople: embodiment and ‘unbodiment’ of Christian virtues0
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Bibliographische Notizen und Mitteilungen. Part 10
Imprisoned martyrs on the move: reading holiness in Byzantine martyrdom accounts0
Writing letters and chronography in parallel: the case of Michael Glykas’ letter collection and Biblos Chronike in the 12th century0
The Belissariotai family: a contribution to Byzantine prosopography0
Autoren- und Herausgeberverzeichnis zu Band 113, Heft 1–40
Socrates the judge: a not-so-platonizing dialogue on the deposition of patriarch Nicholas IV Mouzalon0
A list of village payments and the bouleutic career of Theodoros0
Die Briefe des Gregorios Chioniades0
John II Komnenos’ campaign in Cilician Armenia0
Breaking silence in the historiography of Procopius of Caesarea0
Of tortoise necks and dialects. A new edition of the Grammaticus Leidensis0
Stasiôtai into stratiôtai: the Nika Riot revisited0
Ephraim of Ainos at work: a cycle of epigrams in the margins of Niketas Choniates0
Bibliographische Notizen. Part 10
The eternal manifestation of the Spirit through the Son: a hypostatic or energetic reality? Inquiry in the works of Gregory of Cyprus and Gregory Palamas0
Gaga Shurgaia. Vaxt’ang I Gorgasali re di Kartli. Alle origini dell’autocefalia della Chiesa ortodossa di Georgia0
II. Abteilung0
New evidence regarding the early history of the Monastery of Vatopedi (Mt Athos): unpublished sigillographical material0
Image and Chalcedonian Eucharistic doctrine: a re-evaluation of the Riha paten, its decoration and its historical context0
Der Bericht des Minoïdes Mynas über die Bibliothek des Klosters des hl. Ioannes Prodromos tu Bazelonos0
Die Hiatregel in den Jamben von Gregor von Nazianz0
Fragments of a steatite icon (diptych wing) with the Great Feasts cycle excavated in Chełm (eastern Poland)0
Reconstructing the Byzantine sericulture practice0
The philosophy of Constantine the Philosopher of Nicaea0
The Arab conquest in Byzantine historical memory: the long view0
David Holton / Geoffrey Horrocks / Marjolijne Janssen / Tina Lendari / Io Manolessou / Notis Toufexis. The Cambridge Grammar of Medieval and Early Modern Greek0
Textkritik im Dienste der Wahrheitsfindung? Das VI. Ökumenische Konzil (680/81) und seine Fälschungsnachweise0
Dorotei Getov. A catalogue of the Greek manuscripts in the National Library “Sts. Cyril and Methodius”, Sofia0
Nachruf Joachim Kramer (15. 5.1936–11. 9. 2018)0
The donor inscription of the Monastery of Lefkai (Euboea): new evidence for a μαρμαράριος of the middle byzantine period0
The liturgy as a source of the epigraphic formulary: some examples from the late antique Peloponnese0
Łukasz Smorczewski. Administracja diecezji Pontu w późnym cesarstwie rzymskim0
Holy day in a holy place: space, time, and annual miracles in late antique hagiography and the cult of saints0
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The newly discovered paintings in the dome over the sanctuary in Deir al-Surian0
III. ABTEILUNG. Bibliographische Notizen und Mitteilungen. Part 20
Performance, ceremonial and power in the basilikoi logoi by Theophylact of Ohrid0
Alexander the Great engineer and inventor. Elite representation in western Asia Minor and early Byzantine origins of the later Romance tradition and iconography0
Further useful Psalms0
Revisiting the cod. 31 New Testament of the Hagia Lavra at Kalavryta0
Once again on the original name of Emperor Zeno of Isauria0
Vlastimil Drbal. Pilgerfahrt im spätantiken Nahen Osten (3./4.–8. Jahrhundert), bespr.0
The early history of the thema of the Boukellarioi (8th century)0
Ein tödliches Kinderspiel und seine prognostische Bewältigung. Zu Proc. Bella 5(1).20, 1–40
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Philip-Philagathos’ allegorical interpretation of Heliodorus’ Aithiopika: Eros, mimesis and scriptural anagogical exegesis0
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Autoren- und Herausgeberverzeichnis zu Band 114, Heft 1–40
Die zweite Definition der Philosophie der alexandrinischen neuplatonischen Schule in den Werken des Niketas Stethatos0
Bianca Kühnel / Gustav Kühnel. Die Geburtskirche in Bethlehem. Die kreuzfahrerzeitliche Auskleidung einer frühchristlichen Basilika0
Bibliographische Notizen. Part 10
Composing the Μικρομεγάλη Ἰλιάς0
Bibliographische Notizen. Part 20
From Baghdad to Antioch and Constantinople: Ibn Buṭlān and the Byzantines0
Bibliographische Notizen. Part 20
Bibliographische Notizen. Part 10
Marina Loukaki. Les Grâces à Athènes: éloge dʼun gouverneur byzantin par Nikolaos Kataphlôron0
Icons as punishers. Two narrations from the Vaticanus gr. 1587 manuscript (BHG 1390 f)0
Late Byzantine sigillographic evidence from Cappadocia: lead seals from Kırşehir with a unique overstruck example0
Byzantine influence on Nubian painting: the loroi and the gender of the Archangels0
James Howard-Johnston. The last great war of antiquity0
A forgotten translation by Theodorus Gaza unveiled and its context0
Georgi N. Nikolov / Silvia Arizanova. Самуилова България в българската историопис. Библиография (1945–2020)0
In cauda venenum: The end of Libanius’ letter collection and Foerster’s edition0
The uses of oaths in early Byzantine imperial politics: a reconsideration0
Bibliographische Notizen. Part 20
On the toponymics of the Great Palace of Constantinople: the Daphne0
Rituali di corte. Il Triclinio dei XIX Letti del Grande Palazzo di Costantinopoli0
Alcune osservazioni sulla simonia nell’Impero d’Oriente del VI secolo0
Herennius Philon’s progeny: Ps-Ammonius, Eustathius and the term συγγραφεῖς in postclassical times0
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„Byzantinisch“ oder „germanisch“? Zur Ambivalenz wilhelminischer Mosaiken am Beispiel der Erlöserkirche in Bad Homburg0
The reconquest of Dacia by Constantine the Great0