American Scientist

(The TQCC of American Scientist is 0. The table below lists those papers that are above that threshold based on CrossRef citation counts. The publications cover those that have been published in the past four years, i.e., from 2019-05-01 to 2023-05-01.)
Open Science Isn't Always Open to All Scientists25
AI Is Blurring the Definition of Artist20
Is Quantum Computing a Cybersecurity Threat?11
No Simple Answers for Insect Conservation10
Connecting Habitats to Prevent Species Extinctions9
A Hawaiian Renaissance That Could Save the World9
Expanding Consciousness8
Random Paths to Frequency Hopping6
Trust and Bias in Robots6
Sustaining the Last Rivers5
Intelligence May Not Be Computable5
Is Wildlife Conservation Policy Based in Science?4
Wiggling and Jiggling4
Visual Answers to Scientific Questions2
Why We Need Water Ethics2
The Grammar of the Elements1
Dying for a Drink1
The Flavor of Serendipity1
Estimating Ancient Populations by Aerial Survey1
Comets Are Not Forever1
Plastics, Plastics Everywhere1
A Delta in Peril1
Creatures of the Deep Karst1
Thinking Like a Computer1
It's All About Context0
Asteroid Hunting in Infrared0
Seeing the "Sixth Sense"0
Trashing the Tanks0
War and Wildlife0
First Person: David Flannigan0
Bargain-Hunting Robocars Could Spell the End for Downtown Parking0
A Nuclear Option0
First Person: Jeff Dean0
This Is the Title. Or Is It a Head?0
Midcentury Orthodontia0
Drains on the Heart0
A Taxed Infrastructure0
A Realist Vision of the Quantum World0
An Honest Reflection0
A Hue and Cry over the Cryosphere0
Date Distinctions0
Science Communication Lessons from "Kofta-Gate"0
Contextualizing Cave Art0
What This Half-Jaw Could Tell Us0
Overlooked or Ignored Modes of Failure0
Resource Allocation0
Paradox, Sunrise, and a Thirsty Place0
Pill Organizers as Organized Design0
Origins of the Sextant0
First Person: Anna Marie Skalka0
Bent Starlight0
First Person: Latifa Jackson0
Alchemist Extraordinaire0
Bird Strike Prevention0
First Person: Tim Davis0
Learning to Diagnose0
What's in a Shape?0
Glow-in-the-Dark Vampire Bats Could Help Curtail Rabies0
Forging Islamic Science0
The Edge of the Solar System0
Getting a Reaction0
The Decline of Oregon's Rare Sand Dune Lakes0
What Mirrors Do0
A Bad Deal for Early-Career Researchers0
Computing Outside the Box0
Fighting Science Misinformation0
On the Scent Trail of Parkinson's Disease0
Working with a Lack of Data0
Ants and Their Garden0
A Deep Dive into the Green River0
Keeping Birds Out of Jet Engines0
Moonshot Computing0
Foundations: From Solid to Faulty Towers0
The Complex Rise of Baleen0
Microsized Architecture0
Water as an Ideological Force0
Group Innovation0
A Year of Anniversaries0
Heart Waves0
Pill Organizer Hinges0
Huh? Is That a Universal Word?0
Rivers of Plastic0
The Path to Glory0
Renewed Hope for Coastal Marshes in Louisiana0
Measuring Distance0
First Person: Avner Vengosh0
A Mathematician's Odyssey0
Thirsty City on a Lake0
Knit and Stretch0
The Root of Misaligned Jaws0
A Timeline of the Discoveries of Chemical Elements0
Math with Attitude0
The Fine Art of Talking about Science0
Super-Tall and Super-Slender Structures0
Light Conversions0
What Our Garbage Says About Us0
First Person: Geraldine L. Richmond0
Sneaky Cephalopods0
Finding Hope in a Dying Forest0
First Person: Mona Hanna-Attisha0
The Color of Alexandrite0