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21 January 2019

The Challenge of Big Data and Data Science

On (In)Definite Topography: National Identity and European and Regional Imaginaries in the Post-1989 Croatian Literary Narratives

Transnational policy entrepreneurs and the cultivation of influence: individuals, organizations and their networks

Diffusion of Variegated Neoliberalization processes in Euro-Mediterranean policies: a strategic relational approach

Editorial Announcement

Is civic duty the solution to the paradox of voting?

Femininity is not Inferiority: women-led civil society organizations and “countering violent extremism” in Nigeria

A message from the PSA Chair

Peacekeeper Fatalities and Force Commitments to UN Operations

From urban congestion to political confinement: collecting waste, channelling politics in Lagos

Cheap talk or policy lock? Nationalist frames and sympathetic audience costs in international territorial disputes

Political conflict in the reform of the Eurozone

Economic integration agreements, immigrants and trade costs

What consideration sets can teach us about electoral competition: A two-hurdle model

Channelling attention and choice? Examining effects of consideration sets on electoral decision-making

Consideration set models of electoral choice: Theory, method, and application

Sequential vote choice: Applying a consideration set model of heterogeneous decision processes

Insurance strategic considerations in coalition-oriented systems: A consideration set model approach

How (often) do voters change their consideration sets?

Fratricide in rebel movements: A network analysis of Syrian militant infighting

Civilian resettlement patterns in civil war

Introducing the Nonviolent Action in Violent Contexts (NVAVC) dataset

Taking Fact-Checks Literally But Not Seriously? The Effects of Journalistic Fact-Checking on Factual Beliefs and Candidate Favorability

Testing Transitions: Extremist Prisoners Re-Entering Indonesian Society

Contested or established? A comparison of legislative powers across regimes

The legitimacy of free trade agreements as tools of EU democracy promotion

Studying the Chinese Policy Process in the Era of ‘Top-Level Design’: the Contribution of ‘Political Steering’ Theory

Does time colonise intergenerational environmental justice theory?

The end of democracy in the EU? The Eurozone crisis and the EU’s democratic deficit

20 January 2019

Australia’s use of international education as public diplomacy in China: foreign policy or domestic agenda?

Sir Alfred Zimmern lectures Australia, 1938: a utopian on Munich?

19 January 2019

The Law “Justice Under the Constitution, Not Over It”: Public Perceptions of FDR’s Court-Packing Plan

The Interpretation of Article 121(3) of UNCLOS by the Tribunal for the South China Sea Arbitration: A Critique

Lebanon's response to the Syrian Refugee crisis – Institutional ambiguity as a governance strategy

Changing the issues of the electoral arena: do parties and voters move together?

Bringing the outsiders in: an interactionist perspective on deviance and normative change in international politics

Letter from the Editors

Firms and Global Value Chains: Identifying Firms’ Multidimensional Trade Preferences

Prospect theory and presidential elections: Two cases from Yugoslavia and Serbia

Comparing self-reported incidental catch among fishermen targeting Pacific halibut and a fishery independent survey

The current state of marine renewable energy policy in China

Agreeing with FAO: Comments on SOFIA 2018

Taking stock of the status of implementation of the Voluntary Guidelines for Securing Sustainable Small-scale Fisheries: A country-level assessment framework

The Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization Roadmap for the development and implementation of an Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries: structure, state of development, and challenges

A tale of two standards: A case study of the Fair Trade USA certified Maluku handline yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) fishery

Experimental ecosystem accounting for coastal and marine areas: A pilot application of the SEEA-EEA in Long Island coastal bays

A legal pluralism perspective on coastal fisheries governance in two Pacific Island countries

Fisheries-dependent community – Obstacle or opportunity for further development? A case study of Kali in Croatia

Path discussion for offshore wind in Portugal up to 2030

The effectiveness of fisheries subsidies as a trade policy tool to achieving sustainable development goals at the WTO

Factors influencing ‘Sea to School’ purchases of local seafood products

Increased integration between innovative ocean energy and the EU habitats, species and water protection rules through Maritime Spatial Planning

Poor fisheries data, many fishers, and increasing tourism development: Interdisciplinary views on past and current small-scale fisheries exploitation on Holbox Island

Trade-offs for the southern longline fishery in achieving a candidate South Pacific albacore target reference point

Evidence of increased economic benefits from shark-diving tourism in the Maldives

Moving the ecosystem-based fisheries management mountain begins by shifting small stones: A critical analysis of EBFM on the U.S. West Coast

Factors associated with illegal fishing and fisher attitudes toward sturgeon conservation in the southern Caspian Sea

Assessment of the geographical potential for co-use of marine space, based on operational boundaries for Blue Growth sectors

An examination of trans-Arctic vessel routing in the Central Arctic Ocean

The reduction of SOx emissions in the shipping industry: The case of Korean companies

“Great expectations” – Allocating licenses with special requirements in Norwegian salmon farming

Proposed categories of bycatch based on an assessment of data from the Anilao Fish Port, Batangas, Philippines

18 January 2019

What Factors Contribute to the Aggressive Foreign Policy of Russian Leaders?

Economic Responsiveness and the Political Conditioning of the Electoral Cycle

Diversity in Daugavpils: Unpacking Identity and Cultural Engagement among Minority School Youth in Eastern Latvia

Synergies on the coast: Challenges facing shellfish aquaculture development on the central and north coast of British Columbia

The order of victimhood: violence, hierarchy and building peace in Northern Ireland

Mobilizing environmental sentiment through the media

Evaluating EU Actorness as a State-Builder in ‘Contested’ Kosovo

A message from the PSA Chair

Mapping parties in a multidimensional European political space: A comparative study of the EUvox and euandi party position data sets

The politics of cholera, crisis and citizenship in urban Zimbabwe: ‘People were dying like flies’

The politics of industrial policy in a context of competitive clientelism: The case of Kenya’s garment export sector

Strong NGOs and weak states: Pursuing gender justice in the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Africa

Electoral systems and trade-policy outcomes: the effects of personal-vote incentives on barriers to international trade

Producing Airpower: The Rise and Fall of Neo-Liberalism’s Defence Agenda

Europe’s centripetal democracy: the lingua franca thesis revisited

Feminist perspectives on diplomatic practice – a review

Is the trajectory of European Union environmental policy less certain?

The importance of compatible beliefs for effective climate policy integration

Left to interest groups? On the prospects for enforcing environmental law in the European Union

De-Europeanising or disengaging? EU environmental policy and Brexit

The European Union in disequilibrium: new intergovernmentalism, postfunctionalism and integration theory in the post-Maastricht period

Grand theories of European integration in the twenty-first century

Spaces of hope in authoritarian Turkey: Istanbul's interconnected geographies of post-Occupy activism

The European Council, the Council and the Member States: changing environmental leadership dynamics in the European Union

Compliance with EU environmental law. The iceberg is melting

Changing the story? The discourse of ecological modernisation in the European Union

New Data for Investigating the President’s Legislative Program: OMB Logs and SAPs*

Public Opinion and Setting the Agenda on the U.S. Supreme Court

Coup-Proofing in the Shadow of Intervention: Alliances, Moral Hazard, and Violence in Authoritarian Regimes

“The Soldier, the State, and the People—Costs and Benefits of Military Regimes”: Evaluating the Essay “Guns and Butter: Child Mortality and the Mediators of Militarization”

17 January 2019

Conditional Protection? Sex, Gender, and Discourse in UN Peacekeeping

(Profitable) imaginaries of Black Power: The popular and political geographies of Black Panther

The neoliberal location of asylum

Reading diasporic engagements through the lens of citizenship: Turkey as a test case

A path to financial integration: steps for the Eurasian Economic Union

Poliheuristic Theory and Germany’s (Non-)Participation in Multinational Military Interventions. The Non-compensatory Principle, Coalition Politics and Political Survival

Taking Refuge in Leadership? Facilitators and Constraints of Germany's Influence in EU Migration Policy and EU-Turkey Affairs during the Refugee Crisis (2015–2016)

Care-tizenship: precarity, social movements, and the deleting/re-writing of citizenship

Revisiting multi-level governance theory: Politics and innovation in the urban climate transition in Rizhao, China

Regressive effects of regulation

The art of leverage: a study of bank power, money-making and debt finance

Shifting lines of inclusion and exclusion: Islam, Arabs, and migrant communities abroad

Randall G. Holcombe: Political capitalism: how economic and political power is made and maintained

Relational locomotive or apple of discord? – Bilateral perceptions of the economic cooperation

Contentious Activities, Disrespectful Protesters: Effect of Protest Context on Protest Support and Mobilization Across Ideology and Authoritarianism

Legitimating intra-European movement discourses: understanding mobility and migration

Cross-Class and Cross-Ideological Convergences over Time: Insights from the Tunisian and Egyptian Revolutionary Uprisings

Plugging the capability-expectations gap: towards effective, comprehensive and conflict-sensitive EU crisis response?

An extension of Rawls’s theory of justice for climate change

Where did all the environmentalism go? ‘Politics can be different’ (LMP) in the 2018 Hungarian parliamentary elections

The political economy of distillers’ grains and the frictions of consumption

The Thucydides Trap and the Korean Peninsula: So why Won’t the USA and China Get Caught?

The Legacy of Wartime Violence on Intimate-Partner Abuse: Microlevel Evidence from Peru, 1980–2009

Moral Hazard and Financial Crises: Evidence from American Troop Deployments

Active Borders and Transnationalization of the Public Sphere in Europe: Examining Territorial and Symbolic Borders as a Source of Democratic Integration, Positive Identity, and Civic Learning

16 January 2019

Widening Horizons: New Directions in the Scholarship on Sea Power and Security

Beyond the “Sinew of War”: The Political Economy of Security as a Subfield

Revisiting Democratic Elitism: The Italian School of Elitism, American Political Science, and the Problem of Plutocracy

Political regimes and publicly provided goods: why democracy needs development

Dawn of the debt: Tactical performance, humour and the practice of alter-geopolitics

The devil in the details: constitutional regime types in post-Soviet Eurasia

Jessica Lynne Pearson: The colonial politics of global health: France and the United Nations in postwar Africa

Public-private coordination in large emerging economies: the case of Brazil, India and China

US-China conflict in global trade governance: the new politics of agricultural subsidies at the WTO

The rise and fall and rise of the trans-pacific partnership: 21st century trade politics through a new constitutionalist lens

Paradigm and nexus: neoclassical economics and the growth imperative in the World Bank, 1948–2000

Hybridized industrial ecosystems and the makings of a new developmental infrastructure in East Asia’s green energy sector

Resistance to Position Change, Motivated Reasoning, and Polarization

Paying Attention to Inattentive Survey Respondents

Far-Right Extremism and Populist Rhetoric: Greece and Cyprus during an Era of Crisis

Book Review: Civic Hope: How Ordinary Americans Keep Democracy Alive

The American Precariat: U.S. Capitalism in Comparative Perspective

Industrial associations as ideational platforms: why Japan resisted American-style shareholder capitalism

Presidential hegemony and democratic backsliding in Latin America, 1925–2016

Elite defection and grassroots democracy under competitive authoritarianism: evidence from Burkina Faso

Quantifying the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement

15 January 2019

Co-chairing Asia-Pacific defence diplomacy: the case ASEAN Defence Ministers’ Meeting Plus

Trends in African Migration to Europe: Drivers Beyond Economic Motivations

Ideas, coalitions and compromise: reinterpreting EU-ETS lobbying through discursive institutionalism

The Differential Effects of “Democratic” Institutions on Dissent in Dictatorships

MPs’ principals and the substantive representation of disadvantaged immigrant groups

Russian-speaking Belarusian Nationalism: An Ethnolinguistic Identity Without a Language?

Commemorating 1917 in Russia: Ambivalent State History Policy and the Church’s Conquest of the History Market

A Laughing matter? Confronting climate change through humor

“The state kills, we kill, everyone kills”: Cracking and framing the field with humor

What's so funny in Afghanistan?: Jocular geopolitics and the everyday use of humor in spaces of protracted precarity

Review forum

Negotiating adversity with humour: A case study of wildland firefighter women

Privacy by Infrastructure: The Unresolved Case of the Domain Name System

Choices that matter: Coalition formation and parties’ ideological reputations

Democracy as Intellectual Taste? Pluralism in Democratic Theory

Salafi fuel for ISIS tanks? The ideological relationship between Salafism and the Islamic State

Issue dimensionality and party competition in turbulent times

Economic performance and center-periphery conflicts in party competition

Embedding integration: How European integration splits mainstream parties

Economic internationalization and the decline of the left–right dimension


Social and ideological representativeness: A comparison of political party members and supporters in Finland after the realignment of major parties

Effective advocacy: the psychological mechanisms of environmental issue framing

Food certification, domestic politics and international trade: the US compliance response in three WTO disputes

Sino-Caribbean Relations in a Changing Geopolitical Sea

Should I Cast an Ill-Informed Ballot? Examining the Contours of the Normative Obligation to Vote

Deplorables: Emotions, Political Sophistication, and Political Intolerance

Environmental Impact Assessments for deep-sea mining: Can we improve their future effectiveness?

On the determinants of long-run inflation uncertainty: Evidence from a panel of 17 developed economies

Tax enforcement, tax compliance and tax morale in transition economies: A theoretical model

Trade policy & lobbying effectiveness: Theory and evidence for India

Local television, citizen knowledge and U.S. senators' roll-call voting

Rent-seeking with uncertain discriminatory power

Tactical distribution in local funding: The value of an aligned mayor

Gender and climate change: Do female parliamentarians make difference?

Who voted for Brexit? Individual and regional data combined

Does corruption hinder investment? Evidence from Russian regions

The influence of group size on distributional fairness under voting by veto

Does corruption slow down innovation? Evidence from a cointegrated panel of U.S. states

Pension reserve fund, political budget cycles and fiscal illusion

Positional concern and low demand for redistribution of the poor

The impact of economic sanctions on international trade: How do threatened sanctions compare with imposed sanctions?

Quantity-cum-quality contests

The political economy of contributive pensions in developing countries