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12 December 2018

Politics, Science, and Termination: A Case Study of Water Fluoridation Policy in Calgary in 2011

Coordination of European Policy inside the British Government

11 December 2018

How Negative Sentiment toward Muslim Americans Predicts Support for Trump in the 2016 Presidential Election

‘Tory-normativity’ and gay rights advocacy in the British Conservative Party since the 1950s

Delegitimizing the enemy: framing, tactical innovation, and blunders in the battle for the Arctic

Beyond Orientalism: Exploring the Distinctive Feminism of Democratic Confederalism in Rojava

Politics recovered: Realist thought in theory and practice

The Eighth Army at the Gothic Line, August–September 1944: A Study in Staff Compatibility and Coalition Command

Demand Effects in Survey Experiments: An Empirical Assessment

Theopolitics Contra Political Theology: Martin Buber’s Biblical Critique of Carl Schmitt

Tainted Witness: Why We Doubt What Women Say About Their Lives. By Leigh Gilmore. New York: Columbia University Press, 2017. 240 pp. $30.00 (hardcover), $22.00 (paperback).

Mary Wollstonecraft, Social Constructivism, and the Idea of Freedom

The Abortion Debate and Profeminist Coalition Politics in Contemporary Turkey

Generations and Stability of Support for the EU: An Analysis of Six-Wave Panel Data from The Netherlands

Tipping the Scales: The Causes and Consequences of Administrative Spending

Making a safer space? Rethinking space and securitization in the old town redevelopment project of Kashgar, China

Central Banking in Rawls’s Property-Owning Democracy

Alliance and Public Preference for Nuclear Forbearance: Evidence from South Korea

The Origins and Consequences of Affective Polarization in the United States

Executive Control and Turnover in the Senior Executive Service

Democracy in the countryside: The rural sources of violence against voters in Colombia

Refugees, ethnic power relations, and civil conflict in the country of asylum

10 December 2018

Towards a political geography of abortion

Property, Lawfare, and the Politics of Hope in Weak States

The Communist Party-Dominated Governance Model of China: Legitimacy, Accountability, and Meritocracy

The state as a large-scale aggregator: statist neoliberalism and waste management in Portugal

Crisis and austerity: the recent trajectory of capitalist development in Brazil

Are Donation-Based Measures of Ideology Valid Predictors of Individual-Level Policy Preferences?

Inequality through Wage Response to the Business Cycle–Evidence from the FFL Decomposition Method–

Presidential transitions and generational change in Southern African liberation movements

Territorial sovereignty and the end of inter-cultural diplomacy along the “Southern frontier”

Personality and Voting for a Right‐Wing Populist Party – Evidence from Switzerland

Short‐Term Dynamics in Issue Ownership and Electoral Choice Formation

National Election Studies: Valuable Data Machineries and their Challenges

Introduction to the Special Issue “The 2015 Swiss National Elections”

Supply and Demand of Populism: A Quantitative Text Analysis of Cantonal SVP Manifestos

Interest Group Support and Electoral Success in the Swiss Elections of 2015. A Candidate Survey Analysis

Selective Attention and the Information Environment: Citizens’ Perceptions of Political Problems in the 2015 Swiss Federal Election Campaign

Who Holds Populist Attitudes? Evidence from Switzerland

National Sovereignty vs. International Cooperation: Policy Choices in Trade‐Off Situations

The Rise of Cultural Issues as an Opportunity for the Right? Insights from the 2015 Swiss Election

Effects of Issue‐Specific Political Advertisements in the 2015 Parliamentary Elections of Switzerland

A Storm on the Horizon? “Twister” and the Implications of the Blockchain and Peer-to-Peer Social Networks for Online Violent Extremism

The EU in multilateral arms negotiations: shaping the process or outcome?

The ‘Fool’s Cap’ map of the world: exploring critical cosmopolitanism through cartographic critique

Diplomacy with Memory: How the Past Is Employed for Future Foreign Policy

Effects of funding mechanisms on participation in multilateral environmental agreements

Governing Unconventional Oil and Gas Extraction: The Case of Pennsylvania

The Establishment and the Role of the State–Joint Chiefs of Staff Meeting during the Korean War

A Timely Addition in the Study of Narrative

Ecuador-China Relations: the Growing Effect of Chinese Investment on Ecuadorian Domestic Politics, 2007–2016

Rethinking the European Social Market Economy. Introduction to the Special Issue

The Degrowth Movement: Alternative Economic Practices and Relevance to Developing Countries

Rethinking the Porter Hypothesis: The Underappreciated Importance of Value Appropriation and Pollution Intensity

9 December 2018

Grand Old (Tailgate) Party? Partisan Discrimination in Apolitical Settings

Are Public Sector Managers a “Bureaucratic Burden”? The Case of English Public Hospitals

8 December 2018

Introducing a new dataset on leadership change in rebel groups, 1946–2010

The political economy of high skills: higher education in knowledge-based labour markets

From protection to persecution: Threat environment and refugee scapegoating

Conclusion: What academia can contribute to refugee policy

Presence without Encounters

7 December 2018

Too Many Secrets? When Should the Intelligence Community be Allowed to Keep Secrets?

Multiplicity and Uniqueness in Regime Change Games

The Credibility of Party Policy Rhetoric Survey Experimental Evidence

The Historical Presidency The Rendition of Fugitive Slaves and the Development of the Law‐and‐Order President, 1790–1860

Putting a Number on Preferences: How Numerical Attitudes Are Shaped by Ideology and Equivalency Framing

Governing transboundary commons in Africa: the emergence and challenges of the Kavango–Zambezi Treaty

Making Migration Knowable and Governable: Benchmarking Practices as Technologies of Global Migration Governance

Technocratic Exceptionalism: Monetary Policy and the Fear of Democracy

War Ink: Sense-Making and Curating War through Military Tattoos

Performing Diplomatic Decorum: Repertoires of “Appropriate” Behavior in the Margins of International Diplomacy

What Can Counterterrorism Learn from Cognitive Justice in Global Citizenship Education?

Evaluating the effect of the introduction of the euro on tourist flows: A synthetic control approach

Do we need deeper trade agreements for GVC s or just a BIT ?

Sharing is caring: the role of voter-candidate similarities in intra-party electoral competition

Stain removal: Ethics and race

Roll-Call Votes in the German Bundestag: A New Dataset, 1949–2013

Agenda Control and Electoral Success in the US House

Jomini versus Clausewitz: Hamley’s Operations of War and Military Thought in the British Army, 1866–1933

The impact of revenue diversification on municipal debts: comparing short-term and long-term debt levels

Government Responsiveness under Majoritarian and (within) Proportional Electoral Systems

The liberal peace fallacy: violent neoliberalism and the temporal and spatial traps of state-based approaches to peace

Applicability of civil and defense dual use to space situational awareness system in Japan

Editorial Board

Delayed mimicking: the timing of fiscal interactions in Europe

Politically driven cycles in fiscal policy: In depth analysis of the functional components of government expenditures

Give a fish or teach fishing? Partisan affiliation of U.S. governors and the poverty status of immigrants

How voters use grade scales in evaluative voting

Cashless payments and tax evasion

Trump, Condorcet and Borda: Voting paradoxes in the 2016 Republican presidential primaries

More effective defense capabilities and pareto-improving resource transfers: Conflict on the Korean Peninsula

On the interpretation of World Values Survey trust question - Global expectations vs. local beliefs

Gender and corruption: The neglected role of culture

When the mafia comes to town

Lobbying, campaign contributions, and electoral competition

The economic effects of U.S. presidential tax communication: Evidence from a correlated topic model

Undeflected pressure? The protectionist effect of political partisanship on US antidumping policy

The effects of bridging business and politics – A survival analysis of German Federal ministers

Bitterness in life and attitudes towards immigration

The geography of violence during a presidential election: Evidence from Zimbabwe

A clear advantage: The benefits of transparency to crisis recovery

On the measurement of voter ideology

Globalization and international risk-sharing: The role of social and political integration

The effect of Western TV on crime: Evidence from East Germany

On the causes of Brexit

The Hartz reforms and the German labor force

US aid, US educated leaders and economic ideology

Does a stronger system of law and order constrain the effects of foreign direct investment on government size?

Financial crisis and financial policy reform: Crisis origins and policy dimensions

Anticorruption and growth: Evidence from China

Tax morale, aversion to ethnic diversity, and decentralization

Rational ignorance, populism, and reform

Transparency diminishes framing-effects in voting on redistribution: Some experimental evidence

Why go to court? Bargaining failure under the shadow of trial with complete information

Trust no more? On the lasting effects of corruption scandals

Partisanship, priming and participation in public-good schemes

In the Shadow of Asylum Decision-Making: The Knowledge Politics of Country-of-Origin Information

Does polarization affect even the inattentive? Assessing the relationship between political sophistication, policy orientations, and elite cues

6 December 2018

The EU as a securitising agent? Testing the model, advancing the literature

The Italian election of 2018 and the first populist government of Western Europe

Institutions, Gendered Perceptions, and Frames of Meaning: Explaining Strategic Choices of Women MPs in Swedish Prostitution Policy

‘If we stop, the world stops’: the 2018 feminist strike in Spain

A time to rise: collective memoirs of the Union of Democratic Filipinos (KDP)

The Intermarium as a Polish Geopolitical Concept in history and in the Present

Three-dimensional security: Layers, spheres, volumes, milieus

Socio-environmental Conflict, Political Settlements, and Mining Governance: A Cross-Border Comparison, El Salvador and Honduras

Falling on Deaf Ears? Exploring the Effects of Newspaper Coverage of the European Parliament on Public Support for it

Collapse of a Country: A Diplomat’s Memoir of South Sudan by Nicholas Coghlan

Editors' introduction

When the World Seemed New: George H.W. Bush and the End of the Cold War by Jeffrey A. Engel

Brazil’s entrepreneurial power in world politics: The role of great powers and regional politics for successful entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial states: A conceptual overview

The Price of Alliance: The Politics and Procurement of Leopard Tanks for Canada’s NATO Brigade by Frank Maas

Swingback: Getting Along in the World with Harper and Trudeau by Mike Blanchfield

Un selfie avec Justin Trudeau: Regard critique sur la diplomatie du premier ministre Québec Amérique by Jocelyn Coulon

From disaster to development?: The role of the Second World War in shaping Canadian humanitarian aid

In search of international influence: Mexico as an entrepreneurial power

Entrepreneurial states versus middle powers: Distinct or intertwined frameworks?

Canada’s G20 entrepreneurship

Reading entrepreneurial power in small Gulf states: Qatar and the UAE

Trudeau’s World: Insiders Reflect on Foreign Policy, Trade, and Defence, 1968–84 by Robert Bothwell and J.L. Granatstein

Complexity’s Embrace: The International Law Implications of Brexit by Oonagh E. Fitzgerald and Eva Lein (eds.)

Ballot Initiatives and Status Quo Bias

Disembedded Politics: Neoliberal Reform and Labour Market Institutions in Central and Eastern Europe

Reclaiming wonder: After the sublime

Power Sharing: Institutions, Behavior, and Peace

Franco-German cooperation and the rescuing of the Eurozone

Chinese competition: intra-industry and intra-firm adaptation

Financialization, resistance, and the question of women’s land rights

Resilience and Contagion: Invoking Human Rights in African HIV Advocacy Kristi Heather Kenyon Montreal and Kingston: McGill-Queen's University Press, 2017

Could It Happen Here? Canada in the Age of Trump and Brexit Michael Adams Toronto: Simon & Schuster, 2017, 178 pages

Looking for Bootstraps: Economic Development in the Maritimes Donald Savoie Halifax: Nimbus Publishing, 2017

The Corporate War Dead: New Perspectives on the Demographics of American and British Contractors

Jacques deLisle and Avery Goldstein, Eds., China’s Global Engagement: Cooperation, Competition, and Influence in the twenty-first Century

Analyzing inter-state negotiations in the Eurozone crisis and beyond

Hans Keman, Social democracy. A comparative account of the left-wing party family