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20 March 2019

The Crimea conundrum: legitimacy and public opinion after annexation

Ukraine’s unfinished natural gas and electricity reforms: one step forward, two steps back

Semantic Visual Variables for Augmented Geovisualization

Decentralization and electoral swings

The limits of university regionalism

Environmental Geopolitics and Outer Space

Representing the Milan metropolitan region from a public policy perspective

Regional analysis of indirect factors affecting the recovery, degradation and deforestation in the tropical dry forests of Oaxaca, Mexico

Is Planning Delay Really a Constraint in the Provision of Housing? Some Evidence from Israel

Morphotectonics of the Tasso Stream - Sagittario River valley (Central Apennines, Italy)

Infrastructuring European migration and border control: The logistics of registration and identification at Moria hotspot

What matters to people? Exploring contents of landscape identity at the local scale

Inside Checkpoint 300: Checkpoint Regimes as Spatial Political Technologies in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

Agricultural and forestry trade drives large share of tropical deforestation emissions

Changes in secondary vegetation dynamics in a context of decreasing deforestation rates in Pará, Brazilian Amazon

B/ordering the environmental commons

On the geographies of hair: Exploring the entangled margins of the bordered body

Towards a new paradigm of global development? Beyond the limits of international development

The potential impact of synthetic animal protein on livestock production: The new “war against agriculture”?

Consumer-producer interactions in community-supported agriculture and their relevance for economic stability of the farm – An empirical study using an Analytic Hierarchy Process

Hunting communities of practice: Factors behind the social differentiation of hunters in modernity

Relationships between land use changes, stakeholders, and national scenic area administrations: A case study of Mount Jinfo and its surroundings in China

Sentio ergo sum: House paint as politics of the radically mundane

Migration in China: A cohort approach to understanding past and future trends

Learning from South Africa's recent summer rainfall droughts: How might we think differently about response?

The emotional entanglements of smartphones in the field: On emotional discomfort, power relations, and research ethics

Understanding an emerging economic discourse through regional analysis: Blue economy clusters in the U.S. Great Lakes basin

19 March 2019

Border-regional resilience in EU internal and external border areas in Finland

Problems with the concept of capitalism in the social sciences

China’s Middle East investment policy

New Zealand Landscape: Behind the Scene. Paul W. Williams. Elsevier, Amsterdam; Oxford 2017. 470 pp. ISBN 978‐0‐12‐812493‐2

A method for the extraction of partition lines from long and narrow patches that account for structural features

Food for naught: Using the theory of planned behaviour to better understand household food wasting behaviour

18 March 2019

Natural amenities and regional tourism employment: A spatial analysis

The only way is ethics? Applying for National Health Service ethical approval and governance for research with children

The Timescape of Smart Cities

Understanding the affects in street children’s lives in Pelotas, Brazil

Vaping like a chimney; skeuomorphic assemblages and post-smoking geographies

Listening to difficult stories: Listening as a research methodology

Physical planning in an era of marketization: conflicting governance perspectives in the Swedish Transport Administration

Which region to choose for an industrial policy? A research path to highlight restructuring opportunities

Modeling spatially non-stationary land use/cover change in the lower Connecticut River Basin by combining geographically weighted logistic regression and the CA-Markov model

Mapping urban fingerprints of odonyms automatically extracted from French novels

A response to ‘A comment on geographically weighted regression with parameter-specific distance metrics’

Estimating real-time high-street footfall from Wi-Fi probe requests

Violence on bodies: Space, social reproduction and intersectionality

Knowledge, policymaking, and learning for European cities and regions. From research to practice

Testing criminological theories beyond the West: evidence from Czechia during and after transition

A social network analysis of cooperation in forest, mining and tourism industries in the Finnish–Russian cross-border region: connectivity, hubs and robustness

Making space for community in super-productivist rural settings

17 March 2019

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16 March 2019

Cultural landscape meanings. The case of West Lake, Hangzhou, China

Rural transformation in central Myanmar: By how much, and for whom?

Place-based innovation in industrial districts: the long-term evolution of the iMID effect in Spain (1991–2014)

Towards more (un)balanced trade. Production linkages between China and the Visegrad countries: country-level and sector-level analysis

Assessing the local embeddedness dynamics of the Baumwollspinnerei cultural quarter in Leipzig: introducing the POSES Star Framework

Skill formation, environmental pollution, and wage inequality

Universal heritage value, community identities and world heritage: forms, functions, processes and context at a changing Mt Fuji

Between a dog and a green space: applying ecosystem services theory to explore the human benefits of off-the-leash dog parks

Foraging for identity: the relationships between landscape activities and landscape identity after catastrophic landscape change

Technological coherence and the adaptive resilience of regional economies

Institutional analysis of rules governing trade in African Leafy Vegetables and implications for smallholder inclusion: Case of schools and restaurants in rural Kenya

15 March 2019

Using Vulnerability and Exposure to Improve Robbery Prediction and Target Area Selection

Walking, eating, sleeping. Rhythm analysis of human/dog intimacy

The emergence of early childhood education outdoor programs in British Columbia: a meandering story

Socio-Spatial Politics of Otherness: The Desire to Construct a Counterhegemony

Competitiveness through integration in the European Union Strategy for the Alpine Region: a ‘balanced development’ approach

The challenges of feminist geography in Taiwan

Green infrastructure under pressure. A global narrative between regional vision and local implementation

Transdisciplinary approach of transboundary landscape studies: a case study of an Austro-Hungarian transboundary landscape

Enriching the analysis of commercial movement: Convergence and the blurring of trade flows on a border in Southern Africa

Viticultural site selection: Testing the effectiveness of North Carolina's commercial vineyards

Diverse Lived Experiences of Community in Masterplanned Estates: A Case Study of Filipino and Indian Migrants in Wyndham

Urban Renewal and Public Participation in Sydney: Unpacking Social Media Strategies and Use for Contesting Consensus

Residential Segregation in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Region: A Longitudinal Analysis Using Scalable Individualised Neighbourhoods

How firm heterogeneity affects foreign direct investment location choice: Micro-evidence from new foreign manufacturing firms in the Pearl River Delta

Affecting migration: Public information campaigns and the intimate spatialities of border enforcement

Infrastructures of reception: The spatial politics of refuge in Mannheim, Germany



14 March 2019

Pipeline Geopolitics: Subaquatic Materials and the Tactical Point

Domestic genealogies: how people relate to those who once lived in their homes

Automated aircraft tracking for park and landscape planning

Securitization of climate change: How invoking global dangers for instrumental ends can backfire