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21 January 2019

City generics: external urban relations in ancient-Mesopotamian and modern-global city networks

On (In)Definite Topography: National Identity and European and Regional Imaginaries in the Post-1989 Croatian Literary Narratives

Doctoral Thesis Review – Anmeldelse av doktoravhandling

Tailored polities in the shadow of the state’s hierarchy. The CLLD implementation and a future research agenda

Job matching in connected regional and occupational labour markets

From urban congestion to political confinement: collecting waste, channelling politics in Lagos

Cheap talk or policy lock? Nationalist frames and sympathetic audience costs in international territorial disputes

Topoi/graphein: mapping the middle in spatial thought

Eating the ocean

Neoliberalism from below: popular pragmatics and baroque economies

Living a Feminist Life

Recommending attractive thematic regions by semantic community detection with multi-sourced VGI data

City power: urban governance in a global age

Are the reasons for companies to locate around central versus peripheral high-speed rail stations different? The cases of Reims central station and Champagne-Ardenne station

On evolutionary economic geography: a literature review using bibliometric analysis

Land Capability for Agriculture, Hermel District, Lebanon

Little Ice Age glacial systems and related natural instability processes in the Orco Valley (North-Western Italy)

20 January 2019

What mentoring means to me

The impact of temporal resolution on public transport accessibility measurement: Review and case study in Poland

19 January 2019

The spark, the spread and ethics: Towards an object-orientated view of subversive creativity

Why did Cornwall vote for Brexit? Assessing the implications for EU structural funding programmes

Garbage citizenship: vital infrastructures of labor in Dakar, Senegal

Lebanon's response to the Syrian Refugee crisis – Institutional ambiguity as a governance strategy

Walking together: a decolonising experiment in bushfire management on Dja Dja Wurrung country

Pre-individual affects: Gilbert Simondon and the individuation of relation

Analysis of spatial and seasonal distributions of air pollutants by incorporating urban morphological characteristics

Transport geography and geopolitics: Visions, rules and militarism in China's Belt and Road Initiative and beyond

18 January 2019

Usability and usefulness of internet mapping platforms in participatory spatial planning

Cooking with Controversies: How Geographers Might Use Controversy Mapping as a Research Tool

The Eurasian Land Bridge: linking regional value chains along the New Silk Road

Hearing histories of Hammer Hill: Pop music as auditory geography

Evaluating EU Actorness as a State-Builder in ‘Contested’ Kosovo

Rural innovations in biosphere reserves – A social network approach

Spaces of hope in authoritarian Turkey: Istanbul's interconnected geographies of post-Occupy activism

Agent-based modeling to estimate exposures to urban air pollution from transportation: Exposure disparities and impacts of high-resolution data

Discipline and desire in spaces of reading

Unsettling the taken (-for-granted)

17 January 2019

(Profitable) imaginaries of Black Power: The popular and political geographies of Black Panther

The neoliberal location of asylum

Reading diasporic engagements through the lens of citizenship: Turkey as a test case

Together and apart: relational experiences of place, identity and belonging in the lives of mixed-ethnicity families

Understanding road performance using online traffic condition data

Infrastructure and Authoritarianism in the Land of Waters: A Genealogy of Flood Control in Guyana

The Dynamics and Governmental Policies of Shanghai’s International Financial Center Formation: A Financial Geography Perspective

Revisiting multi-level governance theory: Politics and innovation in the urban climate transition in Rizhao, China

Uncertainty and context in GIScience and geography: challenges in the era of geospatial big data

Do behaviours in cultural markets affect economic resilience? An analysis of Italian regions

Regional heterogeneity in Taiwan HSR demand developments: station accessibility and its effect on usage adoption

Measuring pedestrian volume by land use mix: Presenting a new entropy-based index by weighting walking generation units

Island-raised but foreign-made: lived experiences, transnational relationships, and expressions of womanhood among Cape Verdean migrant women in Greater Lisbon

How far can one go? How distance matters in island development

Short- and long-term population and project implications of high-speed rail for served cities: analysis of all served Spanish cities and re-evaluation of Ciudad Real and Puertollano

Spatial short and long-term implications and planning challenges of high-speed rail: a literature review framework for the special issue

Nunamii’luni quvianaqtuq (It is a happy moment to be on the land): Feelings, freedom and the spatial political ontology of well-being in Gjoa Haven and Tikiranajuk, Nunavut

Political will and human geography: Non-representational, post-political, and Gramscian geographies

16 January 2019

Dawn of the debt: Tactical performance, humour and the practice of alter-geopolitics

Experimental practice: technoscience, alterontologies, and more-than-social movements

Toxic landfills, survivor trees, and dust cloud memories: More-than-human ecologies of 9/11 memory

Has HSR improved territorial cohesion in Spain? An accessibility analysis of the first 25 years: 1990–2015

Lateral stability of central Australian longitudinal dunes

15 January 2019

Recycling traffic noise: transforming sonic automobilities for revalue and well being

Crowdsourcing geo-information on landscape perceptions and preferences: A review

Hydroelectric Infrastructure and Potential Groundwater Contamination in the Brazilian Amazon: Altamira and the Belo Monte Dam

Sea Level Rise in Miami Beach: Vulnerability and Real Estate Exposure

Agglomeration economies in the formal and informal sectors: a bayesian spatial approach‡

Are clusters resilient? Evidence from Canadian textile industries

A Laughing matter? Confronting climate change through humor

“The state kills, we kill, everyone kills”: Cracking and framing the field with humor

What's so funny in Afghanistan?: Jocular geopolitics and the everyday use of humor in spaces of protracted precarity

Review forum

Negotiating adversity with humour: A case study of wildland firefighter women

Fiscal interactions in the short and the long run: evidence from German reunification

A network approach to the production of geographic context using exponential random graph models

A quad-tree-based fast and adaptive Kernel Density Estimation algorithm for heat-map generation

Towards an integrated science of movement: converging research on animal movement ecology and human mobility science

Rethinking Path Creation: A Geographical Political Economy Approach

‘Let this forest for ever rest’: tracking protest and identity in Australia’s forests

The relationship between transhipment incidence and throughput volatility in North European and Mediterranean container ports

A survey of communication media preferred by smallholder farmers in the Gweru District of Zimbabwe