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18 June 2019

The neoliberal borderscape: Neoliberalism's effects on the social worlds of migrants along the Thai-Myanmar border

Contestations around water allocation during a climate crisis in India: The case of ‘IPL vs. drought’

Expanded comfort assessment in outdoor urban public spaces using Box-Cox transformation

17 June 2019


Near and far, centralised–decentralised urban futures

Generational order: troubles with a ‘travelling concept’

Why have generational orderings been marginalised in the social sciences including childhood studies?

From boats to bushes: environmental elements supportive of children’s sociodramatic play outdoors

Environment in the lives of children and families: perspectives from India and the UK

The centrality of regions in corporate knowledge flows and the implications for Smart Specialisation Strategies

Territorial cohesion in rural Europe: the relational turn in rural development

Cities on the global real estate marketplace: urban development policy and the circulation of financial standards in two French localities

Changing urban governance in Ghana: the role of resistance practices and activism in Kumasi

A podcast on urban ruins, or the aural weaving of theory and field

Considering Matthew Shepard: normative and anti-normative queer spatial narratives and the politics of performance in choral music

The fading face of a vanishing legacy: the life and death of immigrant culture in Anzali port city

Comparison of two cluster life stages in a synthetic knowledge base

Carceral layers in a geropsychiatric unit in Finland

Restructuring legal geography

16 June 2019

What is Rhythmanalysis?

15 June 2019

Weaponizing vulnerability to climate change

‘Burn it down!’: Materialising intersectional solidarities in the architecture of the South African Embassy during the London Poll Tax Riot, March 1990

Rethinking borders, violence, and conflict: From sovereign power to borderscapes as sites of struggles

Aligning against Indigenous jurisdiction: Worker savings, colonial capital, and the Canada Infrastructure Bank

book review

Sustainable heritage development in the South African Cederberg

Underwater: Resilience, racialized housing, and the national flood insurance program in Canarsie, Brooklyn

Uneven incorporation: Volumetric transitions in peri-urban China's conservation zones

Potential for sustainable use of trees in hot arid regions: A case study of Emirati neighborhoods in Abu Dhabi

14 June 2019

Holes, subterranean exploration and affect in the Yucatan Peninsula

Recolonization of native and invasive plants after large-scale clearance of a temperate coastal dunefield

Residency, class, and community in the contemporary Chinese city

E‐commerce, taobao villages and regional development in China

Belonging to a place: an analysis of the perceptions of rural‐to‐urban migrants in China

Hierarchy and spatial contagion: population in American cities between 1990 and 2010

Do new and relocating firms have different preferences for accessibility?

Responsible research and innovation: a systematic review of the literature and its applications to regional studies

Gendered mobilities and immobilities: Women’s and men’s capacities for agricultural innovation in Kenya and Nigeria

Enacting intersectional multilayered citizenship: Kurdish women’s politics

Genetic sampling identifies canid predators of koalas (Phascolarctos cinereus) in peri-urban areas

Achieving impact from ecosystem assessment and valuation of urban greenspace: The case of i-Tree Eco in Great Britain

Paving the way to growth: transit-oriented development as a financing instrument for Shanghai’s post-suburbanization

The names of urban dispossession: a concluding commentary

Post-Soviet urban renewal and its discontents: gentrification by demolition in Baku

Geomorphology of the Pieria Mtns, Northern Greece

Recent Trends of Regional Development in China – Technological Portfolios and Economic Growth

Composition of place: towards a compositional view of functional space

After the Crash: the conservation-planning assemblage in an era of austerity

Stewart Williams—1964–2019

Why do planes not fly the shortest routes? A review

Economic geography and the regulatory state: Asymmetric marketization of social housing in England

Spatio‐temporal land use multi‐objective optimization: A case study in Central China

Three‐dimensional terrain modeling with multiple‐source illumination

Volunteered geographic information systems: Technological design patterns

Trinity of change agency, regional development paths and opportunity spaces

StarBorn: Towards making in‐situ land cover data generation fun with a location‐based game

Book review

Ecosystem services tradeoffs arising from non-native tree plantation expansion in southern Chile

13 June 2019

The material politics of smart building energy management: A view from Sydney's commercial office space

The centre–periphery dimension and trust in politicians: the case of Norway

Strategic adaptation of city-regions in federal systems: comparing Canada and the United States

‘Now they’re coming after our schools’: interrogating urban intimacies of children and displacement

Job polarization in the new economy in Danish cities: location, size, and the role of the public sector

Identifying and Removing the Silences of Roma Culture in Polish School Texts

Local or global? Does internationalization drive innovation in clusters?

Knowledge, policymaking and learning for European cities and regions: From research to practice

Rising inequality and neighbourhood mixing in US metro areas

Selection of efficient types of inland intermodal terminals

Contemporary Refugee‐Border Dynamics and the Legacies of the 1919 Paris Peace Conference

The influence of ENSO and PDO on tropical Andean glaciers and their impact on the hydrology of the Amazon Basin

Reviewing qualitative GIS research—Toward a wider usage of open‐source GIS and reproducible research practices

Qualitative methods I: On current conventions in interview research

Perceptions of climate and climate change by Amazonian communities

Intersections between rural livelihood security and animal pollination in Anolaima, Colombia

Rethinking learning? Challenging and accommodating neoliberal educational agenda in the integration of Forest School into mainstream educational settings

12 June 2019

Mapping harmspots: An exploration of the spatial distribution of crime harm

Participatory video proposals: A tool for empowering farmer groups in rural innovation processes?

Household livelihood diversification and gender: Panel evidence from rural Kenya

Cartographic Design for Improved Decision Making: Trade-Offs in Uncertainty Visualization for Tornado Threats

Russian-occupied Crimea and the state of exception: repression, persecution, and human rights violations

The geography of Australia's Marriage Law Postal Survey outcome

The political economy of capital cities

Enhanced Conceptual Model for Spatial References in Works of Fiction: Mapping Vilnius Literature

Reassembling Lesseps Square, Rethinking Barcelona: A More‐than‐Human Approach

Flourishing in fragile academic work spaces and learning environments: feminist geographies of care and mentoring

Geographies of sexualities in sub-Saharan Africa: Positioning and critically engaging with international human rights and related ascendant discourses

Financial geography III: The financialization of the city

Veiled Muslim women's strategies in response to Islamophobia in Paris

Sensitivity analysis of changes in human physiological indicators observed in soundscapes

I cannot afford to live alone in this city and I enjoy the company of others: why people are share housing in Sydney