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12 December 2018

Cross-sectional properties of the humeral diaphysis of Paranthropus boisei: Implications for upper limb function

Some days are better than others: Examining time-specific variation in the structuring of interorganizational relations

11 December 2018

Ethnographic Decision Modeling to Understand Smallholder Antibiotic Use for Poultry in Guatemala

A Biocultural Analysis of Mortuary Practices in the Later Anglo‐Saxon to Anglo‐Norman Black Gate Cemetery, Newcastle‐upon‐Tyne, England

Subsistence strategies throughout the African Middle Pleistocene: Faunal evidence for behavioral change and continuity across the Earlier to Middle Stone Age transition

Apprenticeship in Early Neolithic Societies: The Transmission of Technological Knowledge at the Flint Mine of Casa Montero (Madrid, Spain), ca. 5300–5200 cal BC

Cultures of Militarism: Wenner-Gren Symposium Supplement 19

Investigating the provenance of Italian archaeological obsidian tools based on their magnetic properties

Public archaeology cannot just ‘fly at dusk’: the reality and complexities of generating public impact

The Brexit hypothesis and prehistory

The Brexit syndrome: towards a hostile historic environment?

Graeme Cavers & Anne Crone. A lake dwelling in its landscape: Iron Age settlement at Cults Loch, Castle Kennedy, Dumfries & Galloway. 2018. Oxford & Philadelphia: Oxbow; 978-1-785-70373-7 £36.

Historical ecology and archaeology in theory and practice

Spice and rice: pepper, cloves and everyday cereal foods at the ancient port of Mantai, Sri Lanka

Gaining traction on cattle exploitation: zooarchaeological evidence from the Neolithic Western Balkans

New evidence for late first-millennium AD stilt-house settlements in Eastern Amazonia

Globalisation vs the state? Macro- and micro-perspectives on Roman economies

Ancient China reconsidered

Archaeological evidence of early settlement in Venice: a comment on Ammerman et al. (2017)

The effects of heavy-duty machinery on the formation of pseudo-knapping debitage in Stone Age cultural landscapes

Toby F. Martin & Rosie Weetch (ed.). Dress and society: contributions from archaeology. 2017. Oxford & Philadelphia: Oxbow; 978-1-785-70315-7 £36.

New Book Chronicle

The first human settlement of Formentera during the Bronze Age

Archaeometry of Roman Aquitania-Tarraconensis coarse ware pottery from the northern Iberian Peninsula and southern Aquitania

John Simonsen. Daily life at the turn of the Neolithic. A comparative study of longhouses with sunken floors at Resengaard and nine other settlements in the Limfjord region, South Scandinavia. 2017. Aarhus. Jutland Archaeological Society, Museum Salling a

Power, knowledge and the past

Human mobility and early sedentism: the Late Neolithic landscape of southern Azerbaijan

A material and technical study of Paracas painted ceramics

Jebel Moya: new excavations at the largest pastoral burial cemetery in sub-Saharan Africa—CORRIGENDUM

Hella Eckardt. Writing and power in the Roman world: literacies and material culture. 2018. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press; 978-1-108-41805-8 £75.

Thinking of the children: assessing archaeological evidence for childhood—ERRATUM

Berenike Trogodytika: a Hellenistic fortress on the Red Sea coast, Egypt

Prehistory at high altitude: new surveys in the central-southern Apennines

Myanmar's earliest Maritime Silk Road port-settlements revealed

Peter S. Bellwood. First islanders: prehistory and human migration in Island Southeast Asia. 2017. Hoboken (NJ): Wiley Blackwell; 978-1-119-25154-5 £60.

Alicia R. Ventresca Miller & Cheryl A. Makarewicz (ed.). Isotopic investigations of pastoralism in prehistory (Themes in Contemporary Archaeology 4). 2018. Abingdon: Routledge; 978-1-138-30858-9 £105.

Countering the Brexit hypothesis through solidarity, advocacy and activism

Feeding ancient cities in South Asia: dating the adoption of rice, millet and tropical pulses in the Indus civilisation—CORRIGENDUM

Guandimiao: a Shang village site and its significance

Timber for the trenches: a new perspective on archaeological wood from First World War trenches in Flanders Fields

A new chronological model for the Bronze and Iron Age South Caucasus: radiocarbon results from Project ArAGATS, Armenia

Was there ever a Neolithic in the Neotropics? Plant familiarisation and biodiversity in the Amazon

The earliest burial from the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua: the Angi shell-matrix site

Microscopic examination of Mesolithic serpent-like sculptured stones from southern Ukraine

Silvana A. Rosenfeld & Stefanie L. Bautista (ed.). Rituals of the past. Prehispanic and colonial case studies in Andean archaeology. 2017. Boulder: University Press of Colorado; 978-1-607-32595-6 $77.

Recent investigations of the south Indian Middle Palaeolithic: the Middle Godavari basin


Peter Mitchell. The donkey in human history: an archaeological perspective. 2018. Oxford: Oxford University Press; 978-0-198-74923-3 £65.

The baboon: A model for the study of language evolution

10 December 2018

In Women’s Words: Violence and Everyday Life during the Indonesian Occupation of East Timor 1975–1999

Residency Counts and Housing Rights: Conflicting Enactments of Property in Lima’s Central Margins

Leaky Revelations: Commitments in Exposing Militarism

Cultural studies in the present tense

Physical activity energy expenditure and cardiometabolic health in three rural Kenyan populations

Body mass index and parasympathetic nervous system reactivity and recovery following graded exercise

The Life ProjectHelenPearson

Resource conflicts and the anthropology of the dark and the good in highlands Papua New Guinea

Community Archaeology and Heritage in Africa: Decolonizing Practice edited by Peter R. Schmidt and Innocent Pikirayi London: Routledge, 2016. 324 pp.

9 December 2018

No articles on this day.

8 December 2018

A new method to quantify mandibular corpus shape in extant great apes and its potential application to the hominoid fossil record

Finding the good: Reactive modernity among the Gebusi, in the Pacific, and elsewhere

7 December 2018

Dimensions of Fatherhood in a Congo Basin Village: A Multimethod Analysis of Intracultural Variation in Men’s Parenting and Its Relevance for Child Health

Humeral anatomy of the KNM-ER 47000 upper limb skeleton from Ileret, Kenya: Implications for taxonomic identification

Ecological dimensions of population dynamics and subsistence in Neo-Eneolithic Eastern Europe

Sex and Death on the Western Emigrant Trail: The Biology of Three American Tragedies. DONALD K. GRAYSON. 2018. University of Utah Press, Salt Lake City. 261 pp. $29.95 (paperback), ISBN 978-1-6078-1602-7.

Domestic Economies: Women, Work, and the American Dream in Los Angeles, by Susanna Rosenbaum

6 December 2018

Obstetric Racism: The Racial Politics of Pregnancy, Labor, and Birthing

The influence of religious identity and socio-economic status on diet over time, an example from medieval France

Mississippian Beginnings. GREGORY D. WILSON, editor. 2017. University Press of Florida, Gainesville. ix + 332 pp. $89.95 (hardcover), ISBN 978-1-68340-010-3.

The Oxford Handbook of the Prehistoric Arctic. T. MAX FRIESEN and OWEN K. MASON, editors. 2016. Oxford University Press, Oxford. xi + 988 pp. $175.00 (hardcover), ISBN 978-01-9976695-6.