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20 April 2019

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19 April 2019

The influence of network structure and prosocial cultural norms on charitable giving: A multilevel analysis of Movember’s fundraising campaigns in 24 countries

18 April 2019

The Hermeneutics of Silk: China and the Fabric of Christendom according to Martino Martini and the Early Modern Jesuit “Accommodationists”

On Principals and Agency: Reassembling Trust in Indian Ocean Commerce

Pedagogies of Prayer: Teaching Orthodoxy in South India

Fugitives, Vagrants, and Found Dead Bodies: Identifying the Individual in Tsarist Russia

Respect Your Neighbor as Yourself: Neighborliness, Caste, and Community in South India

Archived Voices, Acoustic Traces, and the Reverberations of Kurdish History in Modern Turkey

Colonial America Today: U.S. Empire and the Political Status of Native American Nations

From Enslavement to Emancipation: Naming Practices in the Danish West Indies

Refugee resettlement, social media and the social organization of difference

Grandparents, kinship ties, and belonging after migration: the perspective of second‐generation grandchildren

17 April 2019

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16 April 2019

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15 April 2019

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14 April 2019

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