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18 February 2019

Archaeometric characterization of common and cooking wares from the Late Antique city of Valentia (Valencia, Spain)

Greetings from the New Editor-in-Chief

The early settlement of Northern Europe

Investigations at Naḥal Roded 110: a Late Neolithic ritual site in the southern Negev

‘Meet the Vikings’—or meet halfway? The new Viking display at the National Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen

Mapping Gerasa: a new and open data map of the site

New Book Chronicle

Filling gaps in Aegean deep histories? Evaluating quartz concentrations from Koupharika-Krotiria on Kythera, Greece

Ian Hodder. Religion, history, and place in the origin of settled life. 2018. Boulder: University Press of Colorado; 978-1-60732-736-3 $75.

Mirabad-e Emam Qoli: a newly discovered Sassanid-era fire temple in south-eastern Iran


Late Bronze–Iron Age fortification complexes of the historical Javakheti region, Georgia

‘They came from the ends of the earth’: long-distance exchange of obsidian in the High Arctic during the Early Holocene

FINDER project: collagen fingerprinting (ZooMS) for the identification of new human fossils

Imaging the gods: animal mummies from Tomb 3508, North Saqqara, Egypt

Andy M. Jones & Henrietta Quinnell (ed.). An intellectual adventurer in archaeology: reflections on the work of Charles Thomas. 2018. Oxford: Archaeopress; 978-1-78491-861-3 £44.

Alasdair Whittle. The times of their lives: hunting history in the archaeology of Neolithic Europe. 2018. Oxford: Oxbow; 978-1-78570-668-4 £40.

A barrel-vaulted reservoir at Kale-Krševica: hydraulic technology and Iron Age ‘Hellenisation’ in Serbia

Absolute tree-ring dates for the Late Bronze Age eruptions of Aniakchak and Thera in light of a proposed revision of ice-core chronologies

Recalibrating grave-good chronologies: new AMS radiocarbon dates from Late Bronze Age burials in Lika, Croatia

High-precision dating of ceremonial activity around a large ritual complex in Late Bronze Age Mongolia

Birger Stichelbaut (ed.). Traces of war: the archaeology of the First World War. 2018. Veurne: Hannibal; 978-94-9267-751-8 €29.50.

Dong Son drums from Timor-Leste: prehistoric bronze artefacts in Island Southeast Asia

A bazaar assemblage: reconstructing consumption, production and trade from mineralised seeds in Abbasid Jerusalem

Haiming Yan. World Heritage craze in China: universal discourse, national culture, and local memory. 2018. Oxford: Berghahn; 978-1-78533-804-5 £85.

Searching for the territorial origins of England

Jonathan Kaplan & Federico Paredes Umaña. Water, cacao, and the early Maya of Chocolá. 2018. Gainesville: University Press of Florida; 978-0-8130-5674-6 $125.

Viking warrior women? Reassessing Birka chamber grave Bj.581

So ends this day: American whalers in Yaburara country, Dampier Archipelago

Megalith quarries for Stonehenge's bluestones

Stephanie Wynne-Jones & Adria LaViolette (ed.). The Swahili world. 2018. Abingdon & New York: Routledge; 978-1-138-91346-2 £165.

A village goes mobile: telephony, mediation, and social change in Rural India

‘That was natural. This is just artificial’!: Displacement, memory, worship, and connection at a Kashmiri Hindu shrine replica

White grief, happy friendship: Jane Goodale and emotional anthropological research

Anthropology of/as Repetition

17 February 2019

No articles on this day.

16 February 2019

From mastery to subjection: An embodied ethics of entrapment in Amazonia

Proboscidea from Kanapoi, Kenya

15 February 2019

The Quest for the Good Life in Precarious Times: Ethnographic Perspectives on the Domestic Moral Economy ChrisGregory & JonAltman (eds). Acton, ACT: ANU Press, 2018. Pp. xix + 22, AUD$45 (Pb.), ISBN 9-781760-462000

Resilience and the Localisation of Trauma in Aceh, IndonesiaC. Smith
Asian Studies Association of Australia: Southeast Asia Publications Series. Singapore: NUS Press Singapore, 2018. Pp. v + 178, notes, glossary, bibliog., index, SGD $38.00 (Pb.), ISBN 97

Socio-political organization in the Aceramic Neolithic of southwestern Asia: The complex evolution of socio-political complexity

Dry, rainfed or irrigated? Reevaluating the role and development of rice agriculture in Iron Age-Early Historic South India using archaeobotanical approaches

Diet, cuisine and consumption practices of the first farmers in the southeastern Baltic

The ancient use of colouring on the marble statues of Hierapolis of Phrygia (Turkey): an integrated multi-analytical approach

The tomato paste tin can: An African journey (Burkina Faso)

Resolving the migrant paradox: Two pathways to coalescence in the late precontact U.S. Southwest

Corrigendum to “Hongshan households and communities in Neolithic northeastern China” [J. Anthropol. Archaeol. 47 (2017) 50–71]

Arming landscapes: Connectivity and resistance in northwestern Iberia in Late Prehistory

Corrigendum to “Cemeteries on a moving frontier: Mortuary practices and the spread of pastoralism from the Sahara into eastern Africa” [J. Anthropol. Archaeol. 51 (2018) 187–205]

Ritual economy and ancient Maya bloodletting: Obsidian blades from Actun Uayazba Kab (Handprint Cave), Belize

El Condor mine: Prehispanic production and consumption of hematite pigments in the Atacama Desert, northern Chile

14 February 2019

Geochemical and mineralogical relations of three ceramic complexes from the formative period (2000–300 BC) in Costa Rica

First direct evidence of broomcorn millet (Panicum miliaceum) in Central Europe

A traceological approach to the use of Laguna Azul during the Late Holocene (from ca. 2000 years BP) in Norpatagonia, Argentina

Actualité scientifique/Scientific news

Moving assemblies. Socio-political mobilization in Angola’s collective transport

The Ethnoarchaeology of Ambush Hunting: A Case Study of ǂGi Pan, Western Ngamiland, Botswana

Future-making Tactics: Exploring Middle-class Living and Green Practices in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Event-stanbul? Contemporary Istanbul as Site of Intersecting Urban Events

Motorbike-taxi-drivers as Infrastructure in the Indonesian City

Political Ecologies of Water Capture in an Indian ‘Smart City’

Urban Flows, Movements and Conflict: Negotiating Perceived and Real Precariousness

Managing Risk in Uncertain Times

An Anthropology of the Machine: Tokyo's Commuter Train Network

Anthropology is companion studies: A study of violent relations during fieldwork with my family

Exploring caregiving-related experiences among Chinese American and European American family caregivers of persons with mental illness

Lithic refits as a tool to reinforce postdepositional analysis

13 February 2019

Neanderthal plant use and pyrotechnology: phytolith analysis from Roc de Marsal, France

Book Review: Marriage in Europe, 1400–1800

Editorial statement

La Cueva de las Mulas: re-creations of Tepehuan worldview during the colonial period

12 February 2019

Eneolithic subsistence economy in Central Italy: first dietary reconstructions through stable isotopes

The discovery and extraction of Chinese ink characters from the wood surfaces of the Huangchangticou tomb of Western Han Dynasty

Ethnographical and historical accounts for understanding the exploration of new lands: The case of Central Western Patagonia, Southernmost South America

Intimate Consumption and New Sexual Subjects Among the Sambia of Papua New Guinea