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21 January 2019

We Will Win the Day: The Civil Rights Movement, the Black Athlete, and the Quest for Equality

Following the Ball: The Migration of African Soccer Players Across the Portuguese Colonial Empire, 1949–1975

Rogge’s Games: Establishing the Youth Olympic Games as a New Event in the Olympic Movement

The Challenge of Big Data and Data Science

City generics: external urban relations in ancient-Mesopotamian and modern-global city networks

The work of literary translation

Big Ten Basketball, 1943–1972

The Commodification of Sport: Exploring the Nature of the Sports Product

‘Overpaid’ and ‘inefficient’: print media framings of the public sector in The Irish Times and The Irish Independent during the financial crisis

On (In)Definite Topography: National Identity and European and Regional Imaginaries in the Post-1989 Croatian Literary Narratives

Doctoral Thesis Review – Anmeldelse av doktoravhandling

Transnational policy entrepreneurs and the cultivation of influence: individuals, organizations and their networks

Diffusion of Variegated Neoliberalization processes in Euro-Mediterranean policies: a strategic relational approach

Fantasy, gender and power in Jessica Jones

Creed: legacy franchising, race and masculinity in contemporary boxing films

Editorial Announcement

Tailored polities in the shadow of the state’s hierarchy. The CLLD implementation and a future research agenda

The persistence of race: continuity and change in Germany from the Wilhelmine empire to National Socialism

The labor of care: filipina migrants and transnational families in the digital age

The darkening nation: race, neoliberalism and crisis in Argentina

Potentialities of the virtual analysis of lithic refitting: case studies from the Middle and Upper Paleolithic

Is civic duty the solution to the paradox of voting?

The Brandywine Valley Oral History Project

Predictors and outcomes of initial coming out messages: testing the theory of coming out message production

Femininity is not Inferiority: women-led civil society organizations and “countering violent extremism” in Nigeria

Job matching in connected regional and occupational labour markets

A message from the PSA Chair

Lost in transition: the dietary shifts from Late Antiquity to the Early Middle Ages in the North Eastern Iberian Peninsula

Dimensions of security

‘To Recognise, or not to Recognise’: Macmillan’s Yemen Arab Republic question

Authoritarian resilience and regime cohesion in Morocco after the Arab Spring

School Discipline, Race, and the Discursive Construction of the “Deficient” Student

Exploring Prenatal Physical Activity at the “Postgenomic Turn”: A Transdisciplinary Journey

Home of (or for?) Champions? The Politics of High-Performance/Elite and Community sport at New Zealand’s Home of Cycling

Ordinary Political Conversation in Seemingly Nonpolitical Leisure: All Talk and No Action?

Crash-landings of flying witches in Ghana: Grand mystical feats or diagnosable psychiatric illnesses?

Is West Virginia A Religious Void? An Investigation

Enhancing the Measurement of Composite Indicators of Corporate Social Performance

Ein ambivalentes Erbe: Von Durkheims (un-)politischer Soziologie zu Bourdieus Religionssoziologie des Staates

Peacekeeper Fatalities and Force Commitments to UN Operations

Les politiques du soufisme en France : le cas de la Qādiriyya Būdshīshiyya

From urban congestion to political confinement: collecting waste, channelling politics in Lagos

Cheap talk or policy lock? Nationalist frames and sympathetic audience costs in international territorial disputes

Political conflict in the reform of the Eurozone

Economic integration agreements, immigrants and trade costs

Disability Studies in the Middle East and North Africa: A Field Emerges

Topoi/graphein: mapping the middle in spatial thought

Eating the ocean

Neoliberalism from below: popular pragmatics and baroque economies

Follow the Maid: Domestic Worker Migration in and from Indonesia, by Olivia Killias

What consideration sets can teach us about electoral competition: A two-hurdle model

Channelling attention and choice? Examining effects of consideration sets on electoral decision-making

Consideration set models of electoral choice: Theory, method, and application

Sequential vote choice: Applying a consideration set model of heterogeneous decision processes

Insurance strategic considerations in coalition-oriented systems: A consideration set model approach

How (often) do voters change their consideration sets?

Fratricide in rebel movements: A network analysis of Syrian militant infighting

Civilian resettlement patterns in civil war

Introducing the Nonviolent Action in Violent Contexts (NVAVC) dataset

From Titanic to Game of Thrones: Promoting Belfast as a Global Media Capital

New permanent teeth from Gran Dolina-TD6 (Sierra de Atapuerca). The bearing of Homo antecessor on the evolutionary scenario of Early and Middle Pleistocene Europe

Male–female relationships in olive baboons (Papio anubis): Parenting or mating effort?

A Counterhegemonic Global Ethics of Media: Journalists, Scholars, and the Need for Antithetical Exchange

Marx and the Earth. An anti-critique

The marketing of corporate agrichemicals in Western India: theorizing graded informality

Is she still ‘the legendary Jewish mother’? a comparative look at Golda Meir’s and Tzipi Livni’s election campaign coverage in the Israeli press

The other history of cultural encounters through performance revisited: shifting discourses on Moroccan acrobatic entertainers in nineteenth-century America

Living a Feminist Life

Taking Fact-Checks Literally But Not Seriously? The Effects of Journalistic Fact-Checking on Factual Beliefs and Candidate Favorability

Rural Depopulation: Growth and Decline Processes over the Past Century

From rock art to contemporary art: Indigenous depictions of trains, planes and automobiles

Testing Transitions: Extremist Prisoners Re-Entering Indonesian Society

Biological Explanations of Criminal Behavior

Eqtesād-e Siyāsi-ye Sanduq-hā-ye Qarz al-Hasaneh va Muʾasessāt-e Eʿtebāri: Soqut-e Yek Ideolozhi [The political economy of interest-free funds and credit institutions: the fall of an ideology]

In MemoriamAli Reza Sheikholeslami, 1941–2018

The Pahlavi National Library Project: Education and Modernization in Late Pahlavi Iran

Contested or established? A comparison of legislative powers across regimes

Territorial Determinants of the Brexit Vote

Ayatollah Khomeini: From Islamic Government to Sovereign State

Recommending attractive thematic regions by semantic community detection with multi-sourced VGI data

The legitimacy of free trade agreements as tools of EU democracy promotion

City power: urban governance in a global age

The destroyer of worlds hidden in the forest: Cold War nuclear warhead sites in Poland

Quartz crystal materiality in Terminal Pleistocene Lesotho

Justifying privileged partnership with Turkey: an analysis of debates in the European Parliament

Transforming urban food systems in South Africa: unfolding food sovereignty in the city

Walking the line: Balancing access to research and protecting prisoners

Psychosocial well-being and social media engagement: The mediating roles of social comparison orientation and fear of missing out

Culture is digital: Cultural participation, diversity and the digital divide

Studying the Chinese Policy Process in the Era of ‘Top-Level Design’: the Contribution of ‘Political Steering’ Theory

How organizational characteristics shape gender difference and inequality at work

Does time colonise intergenerational environmental justice theory?

The end of democracy in the EU? The Eurozone crisis and the EU’s democratic deficit

Are the reasons for companies to locate around central versus peripheral high-speed rail stations different? The cases of Reims central station and Champagne-Ardenne station

On evolutionary economic geography: a literature review using bibliometric analysis

Who Benefits from Production Outcomes? Gendered Production Relations among Climate-Smart Agriculture Technology Users in Rural Ethiopia

Land Capability for Agriculture, Hermel District, Lebanon

Little Ice Age glacial systems and related natural instability processes in the Orco Valley (North-Western Italy)

20 January 2019

Framing electoral impropriety: the strategic use of allegations of wrong-doing in election campaigns

Alternatively narrating the aerial gaze: capture, concept, consequence

On making noise: Hokkolorob and its place in Indian student movements

Australia’s use of international education as public diplomacy in China: foreign policy or domestic agenda?

Governance, Gender and the Appropriation of Natural Resources: A Case Study of ‘Left-Behind’ Women’s Collective Action in China

Futures Research Methods and Applications in Natural Resources

A Road to Conflict: Stakeholder’s and Social Network Analysis of the Media Portrayals of a Social-Environmental Conflict in Bolivia

Between Environmental Change and Neoliberalism: The Effects of Oil Palm Production on Livelihood Resilience

What mentoring means to me

The Colic of Madrid (1788–1814): Experts, Poisons, Politics, and War at the End of the Ancien Régime in Spain

The Effects of Electoral Incentives on Fiscal Policy: Evidence from a Legislative Change at the Local Government Level

Sir Alfred Zimmern lectures Australia, 1938: a utopian on Munich?

The impact of temporal resolution on public transport accessibility measurement: Review and case study in Poland

19 January 2019

Corrigendum to “Does community social embeddedness promote generalized trust? An experimental test of the spillover effect” [Soc. Sci. Res. 73 126–145]

State government public goods spending and citizens' quality of life

What do government unions do? Public sector unions and nonunion wages, 1977–2015

The probability of poverty for mothers after childbirth and divorce in Europe: The role of social stratification and tax-benefit policies

The Law “Justice Under the Constitution, Not Over It”: Public Perceptions of FDR’s Court-Packing Plan

Rock-magnetic and color characteristics of archaeological samples from burnt clay from destructions and ceramics in relation to their firing temperature

The development and status of forensic anthropology in India: A review of the literature and future directions

The spark, the spread and ethics: Towards an object-orientated view of subversive creativity

Why did Cornwall vote for Brexit? Assessing the implications for EU structural funding programmes

The business-class case for corporate social responsibility: mobilization, diffusion, and institutionally transformative strategy in Venezuela and Britain

Pedagogies of performative care and school belonging: lessons from an Australian school

What role do students’ enjoyment and perception of ability play in social disparities in subject choices at university?

Argentina’s Missing Bones: Revisiting the History of the Dirty War. By James P. Brennan

‘We go green in Beijing’: situating live television, urban motor sport and environmental sustainability by means of a framing analysis of TV broadcasts of Formula E

A tribe and its states: Yemen’s 1972 Bayḥan massacre revisited

The Interpretation of Article 121(3) of UNCLOS by the Tribunal for the South China Sea Arbitration: A Critique

We Aren’t So Different After All: Differences and Similarities Between Political Affiliation and Issues of Park Use, Management, and Privatization

Advertising nativeness as a function of content and design congruence

‘I owe my life to the kind individual who called the helpline’: exploring the interplay of self-views and social distance in narrative advertising on domestic violence prevention in India and the United States

The effects of eWOM characteristics on consumer ratings: evidence from TripAdvisor.com

Can premium private labels compete with luxury brands: the impact of advertising on perceived luxuriousness


Survival Strategies while Engaging in Deviant Behaviors: The Case of Amateur Waterboarding Torture

Garbage citizenship: vital infrastructures of labor in Dakar, Senegal

Lebanon's response to the Syrian Refugee crisis – Institutional ambiguity as a governance strategy

Changing the issues of the electoral arena: do parties and voters move together?

People of immigrant and refugee background sharing experiences of mental health recovery: reflections and recommendations on using digital storytelling

Multidimensional Levels of Language Writing Measures in Grades Four to Six

Revisiting the Cost of Skin Color: Discrimination, Mastery, and Mental Health among Black Adolescents

Midden or Molehill: The Role of Coastal Adaptations in Human Evolution and Dispersal

Book Review: No Shortcut to Change: An Unlikely Path to a More Gender-Equitable World by Kara Ellerby

Counternarratives of Youth Participation Among Black Girls

Reframing HIV Stigma and Fear

Investigating intersemiosis: a systemic functional multimodal discourse analysis of the relationship between language and gesture in classroom discourse

Walking together: a decolonising experiment in bushfire management on Dja Dja Wurrung country

Pre-individual affects: Gilbert Simondon and the individuation of relation

Hate Spin: The Manufacture of Religious Offense and Its Threat to Democracy

Bringing the outsiders in: an interactionist perspective on deviance and normative change in international politics

Letter from the Editors

Analysis of spatial and seasonal distributions of air pollutants by incorporating urban morphological characteristics

Firms and Global Value Chains: Identifying Firms’ Multidimensional Trade Preferences

Prospect theory and presidential elections: Two cases from Yugoslavia and Serbia

Transport geography and geopolitics: Visions, rules and militarism in China's Belt and Road Initiative and beyond

Comparing self-reported incidental catch among fishermen targeting Pacific halibut and a fishery independent survey

The current state of marine renewable energy policy in China

Agreeing with FAO: Comments on SOFIA 2018

Taking stock of the status of implementation of the Voluntary Guidelines for Securing Sustainable Small-scale Fisheries: A country-level assessment framework

The Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization Roadmap for the development and implementation of an Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries: structure, state of development, and challenges

A tale of two standards: A case study of the Fair Trade USA certified Maluku handline yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) fishery

Experimental ecosystem accounting for coastal and marine areas: A pilot application of the SEEA-EEA in Long Island coastal bays

A legal pluralism perspective on coastal fisheries governance in two Pacific Island countries

Fisheries-dependent community – Obstacle or opportunity for further development? A case study of Kali in Croatia

Path discussion for offshore wind in Portugal up to 2030

The effectiveness of fisheries subsidies as a trade policy tool to achieving sustainable development goals at the WTO

Factors influencing ‘Sea to School’ purchases of local seafood products

Increased integration between innovative ocean energy and the EU habitats, species and water protection rules through Maritime Spatial Planning

Poor fisheries data, many fishers, and increasing tourism development: Interdisciplinary views on past and current small-scale fisheries exploitation on Holbox Island

Trade-offs for the southern longline fishery in achieving a candidate South Pacific albacore target reference point

Evidence of increased economic benefits from shark-diving tourism in the Maldives

Moving the ecosystem-based fisheries management mountain begins by shifting small stones: A critical analysis of EBFM on the U.S. West Coast

Factors associated with illegal fishing and fisher attitudes toward sturgeon conservation in the southern Caspian Sea

Assessment of the geographical potential for co-use of marine space, based on operational boundaries for Blue Growth sectors

An examination of trans-Arctic vessel routing in the Central Arctic Ocean

The reduction of SOx emissions in the shipping industry: The case of Korean companies

“Great expectations” – Allocating licenses with special requirements in Norwegian salmon farming

Proposed categories of bycatch based on an assessment of data from the Anilao Fish Port, Batangas, Philippines

Deep-Rooted Culture and Economic Development: Taking the Seven Deadly Sins to Build a Well-Being Composite Indicator

18 January 2019

Cocina, espacio público y género: el trabajo en las cocinas de hotel (Mar del Plata, segunda mitad del siglo XX)

La “soberanía primitiva” y las proclamas de los municipios en el Distrito del Sur durante la crisis de la Gran Colombia de 1826

Los pobres están invitados a la mesa. Debates y proyectos transnacionales de alimentación popular en América del Sur, 1930-1950

“Por que devemos ser bons para com os animais?” A formação prática e moral dos brasileiros por meio dos discursos de proteção aos animais (1930-1939)

Barbarie o justicia en la Patagonia occidental: las violencias coloniales en el ocaso del pueblo kawésqar, finales del siglo XIX e inicios del siglo XX

Los primeros años de la Revolución cubana y las Unidades Militares de Ayuda a la Producción (UMAP)

What Factors Contribute to the Aggressive Foreign Policy of Russian Leaders?

Usability and usefulness of internet mapping platforms in participatory spatial planning

Cooking with Controversies: How Geographers Might Use Controversy Mapping as a Research Tool

“Like Make Up on a Man”: The Gendered Nature of Gun Norms

Numbers that Matter: Right to Health and Peruvian Maternal Strategies

Economic Responsiveness and the Political Conditioning of the Electoral Cycle

Writing the History of the Greater United States: A Reply to Paul Kramer

The Eurasian Land Bridge: linking regional value chains along the New Silk Road

On the creation of the UK’s ‘hostile environment’

Diversity in Daugavpils: Unpacking Identity and Cultural Engagement among Minority School Youth in Eastern Latvia

Hearing histories of Hammer Hill: Pop music as auditory geography

The Mourning News: Reporting Violent Death in a Global Age by Tal Morse

Public Relations Capitalism: Promotional Culture, Publics and Commercial Democracy by Anne M. Cronin

Achieving Cumulative Progress in Understanding Crime: Some Insights from the Philosophy of Science

Understanding Crime: A Multilevel Approach

Charging More and Wondering Why Readership Declined? A Longitudinal Study of U.S. Newspapers’ Price Hikes, 2008–2016

Pussy power not pity porn: Embodied protest in the #FacesOfProstitution Twitter network

Synergies on the coast: Challenges facing shellfish aquaculture development on the central and north coast of British Columbia

The stickiness of norms

“The facts don’t work”: The EU referendum campaign and the journalistic construction of ‘Post-truth politics’

Post-truth and the political: Constructions and distortions in representing political facts

‘What are these people: migrants, immigrants, refugees?’: Migration-related terminology and representations in Portuguese digital press headlines

The construction of political journalism: A microanalytic approach

Social media and the future of open debate: A user-oriented approach to Facebook’s filter bubble conundrum

News from the pit: Journalistic performativity and discourse on Belgian internment policy

The order of victimhood: violence, hierarchy and building peace in Northern Ireland

Mobilizing environmental sentiment through the media

Evaluating EU Actorness as a State-Builder in ‘Contested’ Kosovo

Uneven Patterns of Inequality: An Audit Analysis of Hiring-Related Practices by Gendered and Classed Contexts

Renditions from the inside: Prison Songs, documusical and performative documentary

Interactionism in the age of ubiquitous telecommunication

On multiple agencies: when do things matter?

‘I just don’t think she has a presidential look:’ the influence of sexism on candidate image

A message from the PSA Chair

The Long-Term Effects of Parental Separation on Childhood Multidimensional Deprivation: A Lifecourse Approach

Mapping parties in a multidimensional European political space: A comparative study of the EUvox and euandi party position data sets

The politics of cholera, crisis and citizenship in urban Zimbabwe: ‘People were dying like flies’

The politics of industrial policy in a context of competitive clientelism: The case of Kenya’s garment export sector

Strong NGOs and weak states: Pursuing gender justice in the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Africa

Developing Competition Law For Collusion By Autonomous Artificial Agents†

Electoral systems and trade-policy outcomes: the effects of personal-vote incentives on barriers to international trade

Producing Airpower: The Rise and Fall of Neo-Liberalism’s Defence Agenda

International Mobility, Joint Working and European Research

Rural innovations in biosphere reserves – A social network approach

Book reviews: Left-Wing Melancholia: Marxism, History, and Memory

Authoritarian populism in rural Belarus: distinction, commonalities, and projected finale

Europe’s centripetal democracy: the lingua franca thesis revisited

Coping, Community and Fighting Stereotypes: An Exploration of Multidimensional Social Capital in Personal Blogs Discussing Mental Illness

Feminist perspectives on diplomatic practice – a review

Laying Blame for Flight and Fight: Sino-Soviet Relations and the “Yi–Ta” Incident in Xinjiang, 1962

Standard of Conduct or Standard of Review? Examination of an African Business Judgment Rule under South Africa's Companies Act 71 of 2008

Young women’s constructions of valued bodies: Healthy, athletic, beautiful and dieting bodies

‘The Nordic female fighter’: Exploring women’s participation in mixed martial arts in Norway and Sweden

Atop Kasteelberg: Social Complexity in the Later Stone Age of South Africa

Fiber Spinning During the Mapungubwe Period of Southern Africa: Regional Specialism in the Hinterland

The translator on stage

Is the trajectory of European Union environmental policy less certain?

The importance of compatible beliefs for effective climate policy integration

Left to interest groups? On the prospects for enforcing environmental law in the European Union

De-Europeanising or disengaging? EU environmental policy and Brexit

The European Union in disequilibrium: new intergovernmentalism, postfunctionalism and integration theory in the post-Maastricht period

Grand theories of European integration in the twenty-first century

The problem with neera: The (un)making of a national drink in late colonial India

The economic power of women in early South Asian Buddhism

Gendered lives in vernacular fiction: Redefining family in Hindi short stories of the early 1940s

Spaces of hope in authoritarian Turkey: Istanbul's interconnected geographies of post-Occupy activism

The European Council, the Council and the Member States: changing environmental leadership dynamics in the European Union

Compliance with EU environmental law. The iceberg is melting

Changing the story? The discourse of ecological modernisation in the European Union

Agent-based modeling to estimate exposures to urban air pollution from transportation: Exposure disparities and impacts of high-resolution data

The Effects of Social Norms Among Peer Groups on Risk Behavior: A Multilevel Approach to Differentiate Perceived and Collective Norms

Roads to Inequality: Infrastructure and Historically Grown Regional Differences in the Markham Valley, Papua New Guinea

New Data for Investigating the President’s Legislative Program: OMB Logs and SAPs*

Multi-level Approaches to Countering Unconstitutional Changes of Government in Africa: Implications for the Rule of Law

Book Review: Giuseppe Giordan and Adam Possamai, Sociology of Exorcism in Late Modernity

Discipline and desire in spaces of reading

The presidency and social media: Discourse, disruption, and digital democracy in the 2016 presidential election

Is political journalism two-faced?

Haunting Hands: Mobile Media Practices and Loss

Editorial boards in communication sciences journals: Plurality or standardization?

Hydraulic society and a “stupid little fish”: toward a historical ontology of endangerment

Public Opinion and Setting the Agenda on the U.S. Supreme Court

Unsettling the taken (-for-granted)

Coup-Proofing in the Shadow of Intervention: Alliances, Moral Hazard, and Violence in Authoritarian Regimes

Emerging adults’ received and desired support from parents: Evidence for optimal received–desired support matching and optimal support surpluses

“The Soldier, the State, and the People—Costs and Benefits of Military Regimes”: Evaluating the Essay “Guns and Butter: Child Mortality and the Mediators of Militarization”

Transgender Athletes and the Queer Art of Athletic Failure

Increasing Schedule Predictability in Hourly Jobs: Results From a Randomized Experiment in a U.S. Retail Firm

Towards a national strategy for managing fixated persons in Australia

17 January 2019

Conditional Protection? Sex, Gender, and Discourse in UN Peacekeeping

(Profitable) imaginaries of Black Power: The popular and political geographies of Black Panther

The neoliberal location of asylum

Reading diasporic engagements through the lens of citizenship: Turkey as a test case

Reconstructing technology, mobility and land use via intra- and inter-site refits from the Gravettian of the Swabian Jura

A path to financial integration: steps for the Eurasian Economic Union

Faith in international agricultural development: Conservation Agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa

‘Arming Black Consciousness’: The Formation of the Bokwe Group/Azanian Peoples’ Liberation Front, April 1972–September 1976

‘Insurgent Democracy’: Post-Apartheid South Africa’s Freedom Fighters

Together and apart: relational experiences of place, identity and belonging in the lives of mixed-ethnicity families

Understanding road performance using online traffic condition data

Art as a pathway to impact: Understanding the affective experience of public engagement with film

Bedouins of Silicon Valley: A neo-Khaldunian approach to sociology of technology

Her name was Clodagh: Twitter and the news discourse of murder suicide

Fake news? A critical analysis of the ‘Welfare Cheats, Cheat Us All’ campaign in Ireland

Discourses of tragedy: a comparative corpus-based study of newspaper reportage of the Berkeley balcony collapse and Carrickmines fire

Telling the truth about power? Journalism discourses and the facilitation of inequality

The Changing Space of Families: A Genealogical Approach

Sky Blue Stone: The Turquoise Trade in World History

Digital use and mistrust in the aftermath of the Arab Spring: beyond narratives of liberation and disillusionment

From reel life to real social change: the role of contemporary social-issue documentary in U.S. public policy

Hulu, streaming, and the contemporary television ecosystem

French and German teenagers in multicultural cities: Religious indifference as a paradox of secular societies

« Nous, maintenant, on veut poursuivre cette occupation de la rue » : les catholiques attestataires entre contre-culture, mission et défense patrimoniale

From religious to secular place-making: How does the secular matter for religious place construction in the local?

Infrastructure and Authoritarianism in the Land of Waters: A Genealogy of Flood Control in Guyana

Poliheuristic Theory and Germany’s (Non-)Participation in Multinational Military Interventions. The Non-compensatory Principle, Coalition Politics and Political Survival

Taking Refuge in Leadership? Facilitators and Constraints of Germany's Influence in EU Migration Policy and EU-Turkey Affairs during the Refugee Crisis (2015–2016)

Care-tizenship: precarity, social movements, and the deleting/re-writing of citizenship

The Dynamics and Governmental Policies of Shanghai’s International Financial Center Formation: A Financial Geography Perspective

Revisiting multi-level governance theory: Politics and innovation in the urban climate transition in Rizhao, China

Pursuing and Reimagining the International Rule of Law Through International Investment Law

Hunting strategy and seasonality in the last interglacial occupation of Cueva Antón (Murcia, Spain)

Regressive effects of regulation

Urban Subversion and Mobile Cinema: Leisure, Architecture and the “Kino-Cine-Bomber”

Hell before Their Very Eyes: American Soldiers Liberate Concentration Camps in Germany, April 1945. By John C. McManus

Toward a Theory of HealthIT Adoption Across the Lifespan: Findings from Five Years in the Community

Virtual Reality, 360° Video, and Journalism Studies: Conceptual Approaches to Immersive Technologies

Is the genie out of the bottle? Digital platforms and the future of clinical trials

The art of leverage: a study of bank power, money-making and debt finance

Uncertainty and context in GIScience and geography: challenges in the era of geospatial big data

Effects of Cram Schooling on Academic Achievement and Mental Health of Junior High Students in Taiwan

The Form of Content Personalisation at Mainstream, Transatlantic News Outlets: 2010–2016

When Everything Else Fails: Radio Journalism During Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico

Do behaviours in cultural markets affect economic resilience? An analysis of Italian regions

Shifting lines of inclusion and exclusion: Islam, Arabs, and migrant communities abroad

Randall G. Holcombe: Political capitalism: how economic and political power is made and maintained

Relational locomotive or apple of discord? – Bilateral perceptions of the economic cooperation

Regional heterogeneity in Taiwan HSR demand developments: station accessibility and its effect on usage adoption

Mediatization of a Research Group: The Estonian Student Satellite ESTCube-1

Contentious Activities, Disrespectful Protesters: Effect of Protest Context on Protest Support and Mobilization Across Ideology and Authoritarianism

The Conscripted Curriculum and the Reproduction of Racial Inequalities in Contemporary U.S. Medical Education

The Emergence of Early Pottery in East Asia: New Discoveries and Perspectives

Legitimating intra-European movement discourses: understanding mobility and migration

Measuring pedestrian volume by land use mix: Presenting a new entropy-based index by weighting walking generation units

Cross-Class and Cross-Ideological Convergences over Time: Insights from the Tunisian and Egyptian Revolutionary Uprisings

Plugging the capability-expectations gap: towards effective, comprehensive and conflict-sensitive EU crisis response?

An extension of Rawls’s theory of justice for climate change

Island-raised but foreign-made: lived experiences, transnational relationships, and expressions of womanhood among Cape Verdean migrant women in Greater Lisbon

How far can one go? How distance matters in island development

Finding the Sweet Spot: Optimizing Criminal Careers within the Context of Illicit Enterprise

Short- and long-term population and project implications of high-speed rail for served cities: analysis of all served Spanish cities and re-evaluation of Ciudad Real and Puertollano

Spatial short and long-term implications and planning challenges of high-speed rail: a literature review framework for the special issue

Where did all the environmentalism go? ‘Politics can be different’ (LMP) in the 2018 Hungarian parliamentary elections

The political economy of distillers’ grains and the frictions of consumption

Nunamii’luni quvianaqtuq (It is a happy moment to be on the land): Feelings, freedom and the spatial political ontology of well-being in Gjoa Haven and Tikiranajuk, Nunavut

The interplay of economic stress and mothers’ use of rewards and the relations to prosocial behaviors in low-income adolescents

The Thucydides Trap and the Korean Peninsula: So why Won’t the USA and China Get Caught?

Political will and human geography: Non-representational, post-political, and Gramscian geographies

The Legacy of Wartime Violence on Intimate-Partner Abuse: Microlevel Evidence from Peru, 1980–2009

Moral Hazard and Financial Crises: Evidence from American Troop Deployments

Active Borders and Transnationalization of the Public Sphere in Europe: Examining Territorial and Symbolic Borders as a Source of Democratic Integration, Positive Identity, and Civic Learning

Decoration composition of Iberian Iron Age ivory artifacts identified by no-destructive chemical analyses

16 January 2019

How reliable is the assessment of Porotic Hyperostosis and Cribra Orbitalia in skeletal human remains? A methodological approach for quantitative verification by means of a new evaluation form

Widening Horizons: New Directions in the Scholarship on Sea Power and Security

Beyond the “Sinew of War”: The Political Economy of Security as a Subfield

A pivotal interactional role to oversee contract negotiation activity: Insights into a key interdisciplinary legal-business practice

How Women Talk in Indian Democracy

Unburials, Generals, and Phantom Militarism: Engaging with the Spanish Civil War Legacy

Drone Warfare in Waziristan and the New Military Humanism

Revisiting Democratic Elitism: The Italian School of Elitism, American Political Science, and the Problem of Plutocracy

Freudenberg, Maren: The Mainline in Late Modernity: Tradition and Innovation in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Political regimes and publicly provided goods: why democracy needs development

Choice Structuring Properties of Natural Resource Theft: An Examination of Redwood Burl Poaching

Dawn of the debt: Tactical performance, humour and the practice of alter-geopolitics

The devil in the details: constitutional regime types in post-Soviet Eurasia

A mixed-methods study of police experiences of adults with autism spectrum disorder in Canada

The Death of an Argentine Prosecutor and the Moral Economy of Truth

Burlesquing Blackness

Measurement and Modernity

Radio, Citizenship, and the “Sound Standards” of a Newly Independent India

Charlie Hebdo

Editor’s Letter

Extracting Affect

Banana Brokers

Radio Meydan

Supplementing a survey with respondent Twitter data to measure e-cigarette information exposure

‘It’s so scary how common this is now:’ frames in media coverage of the opioid epidemic by Ohio newspapers and themes in Facebook user reactions

Symposium on political communication and social movements – the campfire and the tent: what social movement studies and political communication can learn from one another

Constituting Agricultural and Food Security Policy in Malawi: Exploring the Factors that Have Driven Policy Processes in the Farm Inputs Subsidy Programme

Jessica Lynne Pearson: The colonial politics of global health: France and the United Nations in postwar Africa

Experimental practice: technoscience, alterontologies, and more-than-social movements

Public-private coordination in large emerging economies: the case of Brazil, India and China

Border Practices at Beitbridge Border and Johannesburg Inner City: Implications for the SADC Regional Integration Project

No-ball! When transformation, indigenization and politicking overstepped into Zimbabwean cricket

Enabling and constraining migration: the multiscalar management of temporary, skilled, international migration of English professional cricketers

Appearance Framing versus Health Framing of Health Advice: Assessing the Effects of a YouTube Channel for Adolescent Girls

US-China conflict in global trade governance: the new politics of agricultural subsidies at the WTO

The rise and fall and rise of the trans-pacific partnership: 21st century trade politics through a new constitutionalist lens

Paradigm and nexus: neoclassical economics and the growth imperative in the World Bank, 1948–2000

IMC in digitally-empowering contexts: the emerging role of negotiated brands

African footballers’ life cycles according to the analysis of transfer value along their career path: a case study of Ghanaian players

OED. ‘Anglo-Saxonist, n.’: professional scholar or anonymous person

Hybridized industrial ecosystems and the makings of a new developmental infrastructure in East Asia’s green energy sector

Individual pastime or focused social interaction: Gendered gaming practices among Danish youth

Resistance to Position Change, Motivated Reasoning, and Polarization

How China’s flagship news program frames “the West”: Foreign news coverage of CCTV’s Xinwen Lianbo before and during Xi Jinping’s presidency

The political life of the dead Lumumba: Cold War histories and the Congolese student left

Learning leadership? Elite Ugandan students and late colonial politics

Student/teachers from Turfloop: the propagation of Black Consciousness in South African schools, 1972–76

Creating a ‘monster’: the National Youth Service pre-university training programme, student activism and the Kenyan state, 1978–90

Nationalists with no nation: oral history, ZANU(PF) and the meanings of Rhodesian student activism in Zimbabwe

Student activism in Niger: subverting the ‘limited pluralism’, 1960–83

Introduction: student activism in an era of decolonization

‘Shama will not dance’: University of Khartoum politics, 1964–69

Negotiating the German Democratic Republic: Angolan student migration during the Cold War, 1976–90

Agents of dissent: African student organizations in the German Democratic Republic

Paying Attention to Inattentive Survey Respondents

Far-Right Extremism and Populist Rhetoric: Greece and Cyprus during an Era of Crisis

Book Review: Civic Hope: How Ordinary Americans Keep Democracy Alive

The American Precariat: U.S. Capitalism in Comparative Perspective

Industrial associations as ideational platforms: why Japan resisted American-style shareholder capitalism

The Social, Personal, And Spiritual Dynamics Of Ghost Stories In Early Modern England

Presidential hegemony and democratic backsliding in Latin America, 1925–2016

Elite defection and grassroots democracy under competitive authoritarianism: evidence from Burkina Faso

Harney flats: a Florida Paleoindian site

The great Paleolithic war: how science forged an understanding of America’s ice age past

Populist Twitter Posts in News Stories

The Writing on the…Desk: Desktop Graffiti as Unobtrusive Measure of Campus Climate Before and After the Virginia Tech Massacre

Familial resemblance in gross motor coordination. The Peruvian Sibling Study on Growth and Health

Toxic landfills, survivor trees, and dust cloud memories: More-than-human ecologies of 9/11 memory

Has HSR improved territorial cohesion in Spain? An accessibility analysis of the first 25 years: 1990–2015

An NHS Trust and others v Y and another [2018] UKSC 46: Reducing the Role of the Courts in Treatment Withdrawal

Lateral stability of central Australian longitudinal dunes

Quantifying the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement

15 January 2019

Co-chairing Asia-Pacific defence diplomacy: the case ASEAN Defence Ministers’ Meeting Plus

Trends in African Migration to Europe: Drivers Beyond Economic Motivations

Ideas, coalitions and compromise: reinterpreting EU-ETS lobbying through discursive institutionalism

Recycling traffic noise: transforming sonic automobilities for revalue and well being

Air Quality and Visitor Behavior in U.S. Protected Areas

Crowdsourcing geo-information on landscape perceptions and preferences: A review

The Ethics of Memoir: Ethos in Uptake

Values in Science: Lessons from Wildfires

Hydroelectric Infrastructure and Potential Groundwater Contamination in the Brazilian Amazon: Altamira and the Belo Monte Dam

Sea Level Rise in Miami Beach: Vulnerability and Real Estate Exposure

Royal Roads and Entangled Webs: Mining Metals and Making Value in El Cubo, Guanajuato, Mexico

The Differential Effects of “Democratic” Institutions on Dissent in Dictatorships

Comparison of dental and chronological age based on CBCT-generated panoramic images and reconstructed 3D images

Influence of socioeconomic factors during adolescence on the menarcheal age in Central Poland girls

A comparative study on the statistical modelling for the estimation of stature in Korean adults using hand measurements

Suitability of growth standards for growth monitoring in children with genetic diseases

BMI at menarche and timing of growth spurt and puberty in Polish girls – longitudinal study

MPs’ principals and the substantive representation of disadvantaged immigrant groups

Universal values in childhood concepts and education in the ‘New Yishuv’, 1882–1914

Russian-speaking Belarusian Nationalism: An Ethnolinguistic Identity Without a Language?

Commemorating 1917 in Russia: Ambivalent State History Policy and the Church’s Conquest of the History Market

From fragile to smart consumers: Shifting paradigm for the digital era

Why perceived political bias on TV does not inevitably lead to a polarized audience. The case of NRK and TV2 in Norway

Émigré Politics and the Cold War: The National Labor Alliance (NTS), United States Intelligence Agencies and Post-War Europe

Measuring Development: An Intellectual and Political History of Ludwik Landau’s Scale of World Inequality

Agglomeration economies in the formal and informal sectors: a bayesian spatial approach‡

Are clusters resilient? Evidence from Canadian textile industries

A Laughing matter? Confronting climate change through humor

“The state kills, we kill, everyone kills”: Cracking and framing the field with humor

What's so funny in Afghanistan?: Jocular geopolitics and the everyday use of humor in spaces of protracted precarity

Review forum

Negotiating adversity with humour: A case study of wildland firefighter women

Privacy by Infrastructure: The Unresolved Case of the Domain Name System

Living and Robotic Dogs as Elicitors of Social Communication Behavior and Regulated Emotional Responding in Individuals with Autism and Severe Language Delay: A Preliminary Comparative Study

Transgressive Little Pests: Hiker Descriptions of “Shelter Mice” on the Appalachian Trail

Examining the Impact of Naturalistic and Unnaturalistic Environmental Enrichment on Visitor Perception of Naturalness, Animal Welfare, and Conservation

Fiscal interactions in the short and the long run: evidence from German reunification

A network approach to the production of geographic context using exponential random graph models

A quad-tree-based fast and adaptive Kernel Density Estimation algorithm for heat-map generation

Towards an integrated science of movement: converging research on animal movement ecology and human mobility science

Origins and transformations: histories of communication study

‘Waiting for Jardiwanpa’: History and Mediation in Warlpiri Fire Ceremonies

Rethinking Path Creation: A Geographical Political Economy Approach

Perceptions and Attitudes of Urucum Settlement Residents about Local Wildlife

The Next Social Contract: Animals, the Anthropocene, and Biopolitics

The Interpersonal Context of Human/Nonhuman Animal Violence

Reptile Ownership in Balkan Countries: Demographics and Reliance on Veterinary Advice

Match-Fixing in Polish Football: Historical Perspectives and Sociological Interpretations

Diversity And Diversification Research

Black Protestant Views Of Science

Choices that matter: Coalition formation and parties’ ideological reputations

Democracy as Intellectual Taste? Pluralism in Democratic Theory

Salafi fuel for ISIS tanks? The ideological relationship between Salafism and the Islamic State

Some Observations on Attitudes to Disability in Islamic Law

The South African TRC as Neoliberal Reconciliation: Victim Subjectivities and the Synchronization of Affects

Book Review: Happy Abortions: Our Bodies in the Era of Choice

Issue dimensionality and party competition in turbulent times

Economic performance and center-periphery conflicts in party competition

Embedding integration: How European integration splits mainstream parties

Economic internationalization and the decline of the left–right dimension


Social and ideological representativeness: A comparison of political party members and supporters in Finland after the realignment of major parties

R v Hall and the changing perceptions of the crime of bigamy

A law-and-community approach to compensation for takings of property under the European Convention on Human Rights

Effective advocacy: the psychological mechanisms of environmental issue framing

Food certification, domestic politics and international trade: the US compliance response in three WTO disputes

Forensic parameters and admixture in seven geographical regions of the Guerrero state (South, Mexico) based on STRs of the Globalfiler® kit

Validity and Enforceability of Customary Law in Nigeria: Towards a Correct Delimitation of the Province of the Courts

Why Do Grandparents Grumble? Chinese Children’s Birthdays between Kinship, Market, and State

Crying ‘Crying Wolf’: How Misfires and Mexican Engineering Expertise are Made Meaningful

‘Let this forest for ever rest’: tracking protest and identity in Australia’s forests

The relationship between transhipment incidence and throughput volatility in North European and Mediterranean container ports

A survey of communication media preferred by smallholder farmers in the Gweru District of Zimbabwe

Sino-Caribbean Relations in a Changing Geopolitical Sea

Should I Cast an Ill-Informed Ballot? Examining the Contours of the Normative Obligation to Vote

Deplorables: Emotions, Political Sophistication, and Political Intolerance

Friends with benefits: Case significance, amicus curiae, and agenda setting on the U.S. Supreme Court

Fiscal rules and structural reforms

Environmental Impact Assessments for deep-sea mining: Can we improve their future effectiveness?

On the determinants of long-run inflation uncertainty: Evidence from a panel of 17 developed economies

Tax enforcement, tax compliance and tax morale in transition economies: A theoretical model

Trade policy & lobbying effectiveness: Theory and evidence for India

Local television, citizen knowledge and U.S. senators' roll-call voting

Rent-seeking with uncertain discriminatory power

Tactical distribution in local funding: The value of an aligned mayor

Gender and climate change: Do female parliamentarians make difference?

Who voted for Brexit? Individual and regional data combined

Does corruption hinder investment? Evidence from Russian regions

The influence of group size on distributional fairness under voting by veto

Does corruption slow down innovation? Evidence from a cointegrated panel of U.S. states

Pension reserve fund, political budget cycles and fiscal illusion

Positional concern and low demand for redistribution of the poor

The impact of economic sanctions on international trade: How do threatened sanctions compare with imposed sanctions?

Quantity-cum-quality contests

The political economy of contributive pensions in developing countries

Salience and the Severity versus the Certainty of Punishment

How structural adjustment programs affect inequality: A disaggregated analysis of IMF conditionality, 1980–2014

Support of workplace diversity policies: The role of race, gender, and beliefs about inequality