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22 May 2019

Irrigating underground: Assembling, disassembling, and reassembling the hydraulic fracturing energy-water nexus

The New Italian Benefit Corporation

Remaking Eurasia: the Belt and Road Initiative and China-Russia strategic partnership

Ideology or voters? A quasi-experimental test of why left-wing governments spend more

To save the bees or not to save the bees: honey bee health in the Anthropocene

Euroscepticism and government accountability in the European Union

Does Tourism Promote Economic Growth in the Ethnic Areas of China?

Comparing the Quality of Life of cities that gained and lost population: An assessment with DEA and the Malmquist Index

Smart Specialisation: what gets lost in translation from concept to practice?

Does redistribution matter? The decomposition of the fiscal residuum in Italian regions

Product relatedness and economic diversification at the regional level in two emerging economies: Mexico and Brazil

Institutional change and the development of lagging regions in Europe

The imperial treasury: appraisal methodology and regional economic performance in the UK

People want to see tears’: military heroes and the ‘Constant Penelope’ of the UK’s Military Wives choir

Geographies of the Sea: Negotiating Human–Fish Interactions in the Waterscapes of Colombia’s Pacific Coast

Making our neighborhoods, making our selves

Early Modern Media and the News in Europe: Perspectives from the Dutch Angle

The practice of socialist internationalism: European socialists and international politics, 1914–1960

Intimately Inhabiting Borders: Walking In-Between Belonging and Otherness through Constructions of Home

The Case of Islamic State as a Renovative Totalist Movement

Self-Governance and Punishment: An Experimental Study among Namibian Forest Users

The Rise of a Populist Zeitgeist? A Content Analysis of Populist Media Coverage in Newspapers Published between 1990 and 2017

Introduction: Escaping the Nation? National Consciousness and the Horizons of Decolonization

Solidarity with refugees across Europe. A comparative analysis of public support for helping forced migrants

Sex and the genuine marriage: consummation and conjugality in Canadian citizenship

The Romani Women’s Movement: Struggles and Debates in Central and Eastern Europe, edited by Angéla Kóczé, Violetta Zentai, Jelena Jovanović, and Enikő Vincze

Late bloomer? Agricultural policy integration and coordination patterns in climate policies

Mediated grassroots collective action: negotiating barriers of digital activism

(R)evolving masculinities in times of change amongst small-scale fishers in North Wales

Everyday geographies of family: feminist approaches and interdisciplinary conversations

Intergenerationality, family narratives, and black geographic space in rural North Carolina

At the intersection of place, gender, and ethnicity: changes in female circumcision among Kenyan Maasai

Celebrating 30 years of feminist geographies in the German-speaking countries Germany, Switzerland* and Austria

Men in upheaval: integrating Hong Kong politics and critical studies of men and masculinities

Feminist geography in Ecuador

Feminist geography in the UK: the dialectics of women-gender-feminism-intersectionality and praxis

Avoiding the “F” word: feminist geography in Iran

Generative spaces of gender and feminist geography in Singapore: entanglements of the personal and political

You Break It, You Buy It: The Naiveté of Social Engineering in Tech – And How to Fix It

What Can I Do? How to Use Social Media to Improve Democratic Society

LGBT Identity and Its Influence on Perceived Effectiveness of Advertisements from a LGBT Tobacco Public Education Campaign

Do Men Favor Men in Recruitment? A Field Experiment in the Swedish Labor Market

Habitat mapping in the European Seas - is it fit for purpose in the marine restoration agenda?

Myanmar’s intelligence apparatus and the fall of General Khin Nyunt

A reality check for students? How participating to the Model United Nations influences skills, IR perceptions, and perspectives on future career

Exemplars as Argumentative Strategy in Broadcast News: Analyzing the Case of Chile

To Lobby or Not to Lobby? Examining the Determinants of Nonprofit Organizations Taking the IRS 501(h) Election

Nuclear Legitimacy: Why Insurgents Seek and Destroy Nuclear Technology

FARC’s Pursuit of “Taking Power”: Insurgent Social Contracts, the Drug Trade and Appeals to Eudaemonic Legitimation

Rhetoric, Political Ideology and the Peace Process in Colombia: A Twitter® Analysis

Coca, Clausewitz, and Colombia: The Inadequacy of Micro-level Studies in Explaining FARC Violence Against Civilians During the Colombian Civil War

How migration policies moderate the diffusion of terrorism

Exploring the normative turn in regional innovation policy: responsibility and the quest for public value

Forefronts of the Sharing Economy: Uber in Cape Town

The return from Africa: Illegitimacy, concealment, and the non-memory of Portugal’s imperial collapse

Memory in the shadow of a family history of resistance: A case study of the significance of collective memories for intergenerational memory in Austrian families

Building Statistical Indicators of Equitable and Sustainable Well-Being in a Functional Framework

Going Easy and Going After: Building Inspections and the Selective Allocation of Code Violations

A Secular Age beyond the West: Religion, Law and the State in Asia, the Middle East and North Africa

Shame: A Brief History

Who Is Willing to Share the Burden? Attitudes Towards the Allocation of Asylum Seekers in Comparative Perspective

The Individual-Level Origins of Congressional Corruption Scandals

Exploring Differentiated Disintegration in a Post‐Brexit European Union

New public management, physicians and populism: Turkey's experience with health reforms

Explaining high rates of political participation among Chinese migrants to Australia

Developing Thai Happiness Index

Beyond the Disposition and Deliberation Dichotomy: The Interrelation of Teacher Habit and Intention in the Adoption of Student Advisories

Relational Strains and Delinquency: Assessing the Gendering of Emotions’ Claims among Chinese Adolescents

Trends in the Relative Influence of Education and Income on Highbrow Taste, 1982–2012

Autocratic time horizons and the growth effect of foreign direct investment

A tale of two crises? A regional-level investigation of the joint effect of economic performance and migration on the voting for European disintegration

‘Responsibility of the Great Ones’: How the Organization of American States and the United Nations Helped Resolve the Cuban Missile Crisis

Resilience as an Emergent European Project? The EU's Place in the Resilience Turn

The Origins of the 17-Point Agreement of 23 May 1951 between the Chinese Central Government and the Tibetan “Local Government”

Googling the requester: Identity‐questing and discrimination in public service provision

NHS Inquiries and the Problem of Culture

Public Involvement in NHS Inquiries

Abandoning Medical Authority: When Medical Professionals Confront Stigmatized Adolescent Sex and the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine

Patients’ Conceptualizations of Responsibility for Healthcare: A Typology for Understanding Differing Attributions in the Context of Patient Safety

Blood Donation across the Life Course: The Influence of Life Events on Donor Lapse

Political Institutions and the Comparative Medicalization of Abortion

Experiencing Stigma and Exclusion: The Influence of Neoliberal Perspectives, Practices, and Policies on Living with Chronic Illness and Disability

Nikolai Krementsov, With and Without Galton. Vasilii Florinskii and the Fate of Eugenics in Russia

Gendering the Representative Work of the European Parliament: A Political Analysis of Women MEP's Perceptions of Gender Equality in Party Groups

The Biological Standard of Living in China during the 20th Century

Yeomans, H.Alcohol and Moral Regulation: Public Attitudes, Spirited Measures and Victorian Hangovers. Policy Press. 2014. 279 pp. $115.83 (CAD) (hardcover) ISBN 1447309936

Brossard, B.Why Do We Hurt Ourselves? Understanding Self‐Harm in Social Life. Indianapolis and Bloomington: Indiana University Press. 2018. 190 pp $80 (cloth) $25 (pbk) $24.99 (ebk) ISBN 978‐0‐253‐03639‐1

Back to Square One: Revisiting How We Analyse the Right of Access to Environmental Information

Trends in the Evolution of Floodplain Management in Australia: Risk Assessment, Precautionary and Robust Decision-Making

A Suburban Dreamscape Outshining Urbanism: The Case of Housing Advertisements

Validating a Measure of Perceived Parent–Child Political Socialization

Self-Esteem and the Development of Partisan Identity

What Young Adults Want: A Multistudy Examination of Vocational Anticipatory Socialization Through the Lens of Students’ Desired Managerial Communication Behaviors

The Democratic Case for a Written Constitution

Teaching and learning guide for: Women's relationships with women at work: Barriers to solidarity

One step forward? Advances and setbacks on the path toward gender equality in families and work

Cultural journalism—Journalism about culture

Geology of the Alpha Regio (V-32) Quadrangle, Venus

Detailed alluvial fan geomorphology in a high-arctic periglacial environment, Svalbard: application of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) surveys

Please Mind the Gap, Between Halal and Haram

To fight another day: France between the fight against terrorism and future warfare

Denmark: happy to fight, will travel

Excessive Entry and Exit in Export Markets

Romantic partner support during pregnancy: The discrepancy between self-reported and coder-rated support as a risk factor for prenatal psychopathology and stress

Friends from Across the Aisle: The Effects of Partisan Bonding, Partisan Bridging, and Network Disagreement on Outparty Attitudes and Political Engagement

China’s Curious Nonchalance Towards the Indo-Pacific

The Virtues of Arrogance

Russia and the European Union: Crisis and Prospects

Arms, Influence and the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

Mad Momentum Redux? The Rise and Fall of Nuclear Arms Control

Artificial Intelligence and Nuclear Command and Control



Brexit and Nostalgia

A Near-consensus: Israel’s Security Establishment and the Two-state Solution

Debating Nuclear No-first-use, Again

Russia’s Search for a Place in Europe

Rethinking Turkey’s ‘Rapprochements’: Trouble with Germany and Beyond

Latin America

Moscow Rules

Urban structures and daily mobility patterns in a city of long distances—the case of Muscat/Oman

The rapidly changing world of ocean finance

State of the world 2018: democracy facing global challenges

Is there difference in democracy promotion? A comparison of German and US democracy assistance in transitional Tunisia

Gender differences in cycling patterns and attitudes towards cycling in a sample of European regular cyclists

21 May 2019

Breaking families: Whiteness, state violence, and the alienable rights of kin

Review forum

Under friendly fire: An experiment on partisan press, fragmented opposition and voting behavior

Assessing habitat loss, fragmentation and ecological connectivity in Luxembourg to support spatial planning

Smartphones, Wechat and Paid Content: Journalists and Sources in a Chinese Newspaper

The dragon versus the kangaroo: perceptions of Chinese and Australian influence and development assistance in Vanuatu

The micro-politics of implementing and resisting principal-agent relations in a weak state

Sex determination by discriminant function analysis using the human tibia in a Central Indian population

Brand Platform in the Professional Sport Industry: Sustaining Growth Through Innovation by Jingxuan Zheng and Daniel S. Mason

Local State Adhocracy: Infrastructural Power and Stability Maintenance in Grassroots China

A Race to the Middle: The Politics of Interstate Cost Distribution and Welfare State Expansion

Guilt by Association: White Collective Guilt in American Politics

Nonpartisans as False Negatives: The Mismeasurement of Party Identification in Public Opinion Surveys

Who is fighting with whom? How ethnic origin shapes friendship, dislike, and physical violence relations in German secondary schools

Governing the salmon farming industry: Comparison between national regulations and the ASC salmon standard

The right to medical assistance for seafarers. Ethical and practical consequences of the introduction of telemedicine to improve healthcare on board ships


First effective settlement: Histories of an idea

The skill divide in post-unemployment job quality

Jan Van Doesborch and the History of Euryalus and Lucretia

Proving intent to supply drugs – Threshold quantities or circumstantial evidence

Why Poor Families Move (And Where They Go): Reactive Mobility and Residential Decisions

Making Homes Unhomely: The Politics of Displacement in a Gentrifying Neighborhood in Chicago

Samuel Moyn, Not Enough: Human Rights in an Unequal World, Harvard University Press, 2018, 296pp, ISBN 9780674737563 (hb), $29.95

Do terrorist attacks feed populist Eurosceptics? Evidence from two comparative quasi‐experiments

Safe spaces of refuge, shelter and contact: introduction

Talking about CSR matters: employees’ perception of and reaction to their company’s CSR communication in four different CSR domains

Untangling the role of urban ecosystems as habitats for endangered plant species

The Vancouver Index of Acculturation (VIA): New evidence on dimensionality and measurement invariance across two cultural settings

Climate Services and Communication for Development: The Role of Early Career Researchers in Advancing the Debate

Start where you are: Building cairns of collaborative memory

The party choice set and satisfaction with democracy

How do wars end? A strategic perspective

Liberal Peace Implementation and the Durability of Post-war Peace

Pinterest Homemade Sunscreens: A Recipe for Sunburn

Citizen Attitudes on Politicians’ Pay: Trust Issues Are Not Solved by Delegation

Transnational Representation in EU National Parliaments: Concept, Case Study, Research Agenda

Education, Family Background, and Political Knowledge: A Test of the Compensation Hypothesis with Identical Twins

The long-term evolution of economic history: evidence from the top five field journals (1927–2017)

Being an ‘older parent’: Chrononormativity and practices of stage of life categorisation

Moving Society to a Sustainable Future: The Framing of Sustainability in a Constructive Media Outlet

Risks and Benefits of the Increasing Role of ESMA: A Perspective from the OTC Derivatives Regulation in the Brexit Period

The weight of fairness

ILLUMINATING URBAN LIVES. Filip de Boeck and Sammy Baloji. Suturing the City. Living Together in Congo’s Urban Worlds. 2016. United Kingdom: Autograph. 330 pages. Color Photographs. Bibliography. Index. $42.70. Cloth. ISBN: 9781899282197. Sammy Baloji and

Precursors to probation and parole agent intent to send informational, emotional, and esteem social support messages to female clients

Blanket Bans, Subsidiarity, And The Procedural Turn Of The European Court Of Human Rights

Undoing work, rethinking community: A critique of the social function of work

‘A tender gourd among the cactus’. Making sense of Myanmar’s alignment policies through the lens of strategic culture

Manly Civilization in China: Harry R. Caldwell, the ‘Blue Tiger’, and the American Museum of Natural History

Enhancing driving safety: Discovering individualized hazardous driving scenes using GIS and mobile sensing

Diaspora influence on the thin sympathetic response in transitional justice

Global Governance, Sustainability and the Earth System: Critical Reflections on the Role of Global Law

Public Service Media in Europe: Exploring the Relationship between Funding and Audience Performance

Cross-specialisation policy: rationales and options for linking unrelated industries

The means, motive and opportunity of devolved policy responses to an ecosystem approach

Devolution, “new politics” and election pledge fulfilment in Scotland, 1999–2011

History, memory and the meaning of place: the renovation of Sidnā ‘Alī mosque as a nexus of Palestinian, Arab and Islamic identity in Israel

Beyond green and orange: alliance for choice – Derry’s mobilisation for the decriminalisation of abortion

Germany as a Dividual Actor: Competing Social Logics and their Political Articulations

Geopolitical Imaginaries of the Space Shuttle Mission Patches

Internal Migration Trajectories, Occupational Achievement and Social Mobility in Contemporary Italy. A Life Course Perspective

ASEAN sceptics versus ASEAN proponents: evaluating regional institutions

Black women’s perspectives on neighborhood safety: Reflections from The Women of Northeast Oklahoma City Photovoice Project

Right-wing populism with Chinese characteristics? Identity, otherness and global imaginaries in debating world politics online

‘Love Europe, hate the EU’: A genealogical inquiry into populists’ spatio-cultural critique of the European Union and its consequences

Self-Regulation and Rhetorical Problem Solving: How Graduate Students Adapt to an Unfamiliar Writing Project

After Isolation: Mirrors between Parallel Worlds and New Conceptual Spaces of Activism in Post-Revolutionary Iran

License to tweak: Artistic license at first-tier Indian apparel suppliers

Identifying the Impact of Labor Market Opportunities on Criminal Behavior

Communities Serve: A Systematic Review of Need Assessments on U.S. Veteran and Military-Connected Populations

Exploring the Role of Depressive Symptoms, Service Members, and Spousal Demographic Characteristics on Military Spousal Employment

In Memoriam: James D. Cockcroft (1935–2019)

What Predicts Selective Exposure Online: Testing Political Attitudes, Credibility, and Social Identity

Beyond resistance: Geographies of divergent more-than-human conduct in robotic milking

Notes From the Co-Editors

Different predictive and accuracy models for sex and stature estimation from second- and fourth-digit lengths in the Kinnaur population of Himachal Pradesh, North India: Medico-legal and forensic implications

Frontstage and Backstage in Argentina’s Transitional Justice Drama: The Niet@s’ Reconstruction of Identity on Social Media

Modelling Quoting in Newswriting: A Framework for Studies on the Production of News

Local government advocacy in the ‘suburban age’: an institutionalist interpretation of Melbourne’s evolving sub-metropolitan regional structures

Eurozone bailouts and national democracy: Detachment or resilience?

The Ludic Bestiary: Misogynistic Tropes of Female Monstrosity in Dungeons & Dragons

Concealing Disease: Trade and Travel Barriers and the Timeliness of Outbreak Reporting

Identifying the Perpetrators of Chemical Attacks in Syria

Sun-Young Park, Ideals of the Body: Architecture, Urbanism and Hygiene in Postrevolutionary Paris

Frozen or malleable? Political ideology in the face of job loss and unemployment

The opportunity prior: a proof-based prior for criminal cases

Do you know who you are selling to? An ethnographic approach to upper-class shopping experiences in Rio de Janeiro

Book Review: Let Us Make Men: The Twentieth-century Black Press and a Manly Vision for Racial Advancement

Explaining the impact of differences in voting patterns on resilience and relational load in romantic relationships during the transition to the trump presidency

Legal Design for Practice, Activism, Policy, and Research

Kaushik Basu: The Republic of Beliefs: A New Approach to Law and Economics

Beyond the Gaze and Well Beyond Wolfenden: The Practices and Rationalities of Regulating and Policing Sex Work in the Digital Age

Candice Delmas: A Duty To Resist: When Disobedience should be Uncivil

Gillian Douglas: Obligation and Commitment in Family Law

Law and Rhetoric: Critical Possibilities

How common are suicides using nitrous oxide?

Seeing for Himself: Harold Holt, Bushfire and Newspaper Depictions of Prime Ministerial Empathy

Untold Story of Boko Haram Insurgency: The Lake Chad Oil and Gas Connection

Rescaling political ecology? World regional approaches to climate change in the Asia Pacific

Geographies of infrastructure 1: Economies

Who Shapes the Politics of Expertise? Co‐Production and Authoritative Knowledge in Thailand's Political Forests

20 May 2019

Contradictory Comments: Feedback in Professional Communication Service Courses

An ocean of concepts: Why choosing between ecosystem-based management, ecosystem-based approach and ecosystem approach makes a difference

Sovereignty and Status in East Asian International Relations

Systemic ambivalence in authoritarian contexts: The case of opinion formation in Eritrea

How Short Is Long Enough? Modeling Temporal Aspects of Human Mobility Behavior Using Mobile Phone Data

The ‘Missing Link’ Between Science and Show Business: Exhibiting Gorillas and Chimpanzees in Victorian Liverpool

The Online Caliphate: Internet Usage and ISIS Support in the Arab World

Legitimating Extremism: A Taxonomy of Justifications for Political Violence

Building the Bomb: A Further Exploration of an Organizational Approach to Nuclear Terrorism

The Diffusion and Permeability of Political Violence in North and West Africa

“Now Is the Time to Wake Up”: Islamic State’s Narratives of Political Awareness

‘You get in a hole, it’s like quicksand’: a grounded theory analysis of social support amid materially bounded decision-making processes

What influences college students’ career information seeking on the internet? A test of the comprehensive model of information seeking

Debate: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Standard Case for Incentive Inequalities

The black skyscraper: architecture and the perception of race

Care and cruelty in Chios: the “refugee crisis” and the limits of Europe

Gender inequality by design: does successful implementation of childcare policy deliver gender-just outcomes?

Dogs in Schools: The Impact of Specific Human–Dog Interactions on Reading Ability in Children Aged 6 to 8 Years

The Pets of Hurricane Matthew: Evacuation and Sheltering with Companion Animals

The Great Cat and Dog Massacre. The Real Story of World War Two’s Unknown Tragedy

Milkmaid Bears and Savage Mates: The Cultural Exploitation of Real and Fictive White Bears from the Elizabethan Period to the Present

Surveying Attitudes toward Reptiles on Roads: Questionnaire Responses Do Not Directly Translate to Behavioral Action

Does Anthropomorphism of Dogs Affect Pain Perception in Animal-Assisted Interventions? An Exploratory Study

Psychological Mechanisms Predicting Wellbeing in Pet Owners: Rogers’ Core Conditions versus Bowlby’s Attachment

Young Children’s Interpretation of Dogs’ Emotions and Their Intentions to Approach Happy, Angry, and Frightened Dogs

Human–Ape Interactions in a Zoo Setting: Gorillas and Orangutans Modify Their Behavior Depending upon Human Familiarity

Attitudes toward Animals of Students at Three European Veterinary Medicine Schools in Italy and Spain

Equating U.S. Tax Treatment of Dividends and Capital Gains for Foreign Portfolio Investors

Litigation Migrants

The Econtractor? Defining the Esports Employment Relationship

Personal Data and the GDPR: Providing a Competitive Advantage for U.S. Companies

Parliamentary questions as a control mechanism in coalition governments

Detecting Historical Inequality Patterns: A Replication of Thomas Piketty's Wealth Concentration Estimates for the United Kingdom*

Community Entitativity and Civic Engagement

Uneven Neighborhood Recovery: Hurricane Damage and Neighborhood Change in the Houston–Galveston Region Since 1970

Disentangling the Effects of Race and Place in Economic Transactions: Findings from an Online Field Experiment

Editorial Vision, Goals, Processes, and Procedures

Indian spies inside Pakistan: South Asian human intelligence across borders

Landscapes of Hope: Nature and the Great Migration in Chicago By Brian McCammack

Rachel Carson and the Rhetoric of Revolution

Principals’ leadership behaviours that shaped teachers’ motivation to implement an educational ICT reform imposed by state authorities in Israel

Climate justice: integrating economics and philosophy

Around the kitchen-table with Bourdieu: understanding the lack of formalization or professionalization of community sports clubs in New Zealand

Populism and Conspiracy: A Historical Synthesis of American Countersubversive Narratives

Agrarian Populism in the 19 th Century: Four Sources of Partial Success

Foreword Editor‐in‐Chief

Populism in South America: Democratic Panacea or Pitfall?

Populism and the Populists: The Incoherent Coherence of Coxey's March

The Nevada Water Law of 1913: A Populist Response to Progressivism

Populism and British Stories of Decline

Ethnography and the Making of “The People”: Uncovering Conservative Populist Politics in the United States

Modern American Populism: Analyzing the Economics Behind the “Silent Majority,” the Tea Party, and Trumpism

Editor’s Introduction: The Troubled State of Populism

The Party Goes On: U.S. Young Adults’ Partisanship and Political Engagement Across Age and Historical Time

A Global Analysis of Temperature, Terrorist Attacks, and Fatalities

Alle in Bewegung: Räumliche Mobilität in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland 1980–2010Auto-Identitäten: Marketing, Konsum und Produktbilder des Automobils nach dem Boom

Soundtracking Germany: Popular Music and National Identity

An den Ursprüngen populärer Serialität: Das Familienblatt ‘Die Gartenlaube’

Performing Trans in Post-Revolutionary Iran: Gender Transitions in Islamic Law, Theatre, and Film

Punk urbanism: insurgency, crisis, and cultural geography

‘Mafia Capitale’: judicial and symbolic constructions of the new Italian corruption

From global to glocal. Sustainable Community Movement Organisations (SCMOs) in times of crisis

Comments on the Reply to the Rebuttal to: Zhu, Jin, & He ‘On evolutionary economic geography: A literature review using bibliometric analysis’, European Planning Studies vol. 27, pp 639–660

Safety valves for mediated female rage in the #MeToo era

Engdahl, E.Depressive Love: A Social Pathology. London: Routledge. 2018. 122pp. ISBN: 9781138050150

Integrative Framing Analysis: Framing Health Through Words and Visuals

The role of populist strategies in differing outcomes of corruption scandals in Brazil and Turkey

Diplomacy beyond deterrence: Helmut Schmidt and the economic dimension of Ostpolitik

Leuven Manual on the International Law Applicable to Peace Operations Terry D. Gill, Dieter Fleck, William H. Boothby and Alfons Vanheusden (eds)*

Nación y revolución social. El pensamiento y la acción del joven Jordi Solé Tura

La nobleza en la II República (1931-1936): la radicalización elitista


La idea de España en el discurso «servil» (1808-1814)

Mauritania y el Sahara Español: entre Argelia y Marruecos (1969-1979)

José Antonio Primo de Rivera y el Frente Popular

La política europea del PCE (1972-1999): del viraje europeísta al euroescepticismo

República, religión y libertad: la Iglesia y el Frente Popular

La autoridad, el pánico y la beligerancia. Políticas de orden público y violencia política en la España del Frente Popular

El funcionario como experto. Profesionalismo y diletantismo en la función pública de la Generalitat de Catalunya (1931-1939)

Historia de un desencuentro: Ejército y República hacia la España del Frente Popular

La historiografía y los frentes populares en Francia y España: una mirada comparada

L’émergence de la grappe industrielle de l'intelligence artificielle (IA) à Montréal

Being Togetherin Place: Indigenous Coexistence in a More Than Human WorldEdited by Soren C.Larsen, and Jay T.JohnsonUniversity of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis, 2017, 264, paper $27.00 (ISBN 978–1517902223)

Anticipating the Next Half‐Century of Geographical Analysis

Crypto‐coin hierarchies: social contestation in blockchain networks

Homemaking and perpetual liminality among queer refugees

The dynamics of ethnocentrism in Europe. A comparison of enduring and emerging determinants of solidarity towards immigrants

The culture of fatherhood 2.0: exploring the “tiny public” of dad bloggers in North America

Containment’s deceit: why the United States needs to review its China strategy

Overcoming smallness: Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and strategic realignment in the Gulf

Tracing Indian girls’ embodied orientations towards public life

Mapping feminist geographies in Spain

The role of role theory in international political economy

The Varying Effects of Neighborhood Disadvantage on College Graduation: Moderating and Mediating Mechanisms

The political implications of popular support for presidential term limits in Russia

Democracy and the Epistemic Limits of Markets

Of Nation and People: The Discursive Logic of Nationalist Populism

Conventions, Courts, and Communities: Gender Equity, CEDAW and Religious Personal Law in India

Going Local. Voting for independent local Parties in the Netherlands 1986-2010.

Modeling Context-Dependent Latent Effect Heterogeneity

List Experiments with Measurement Error

Where the Other Side Gets News: Audience Perceptions of Selective Exposure in the 2016 Election

Citizenship without states: rehabilitating citizenship discourse among the anarchist left

The evolution of power in the global coffee value chain and production network

Labour Market Returns to Graduates’ International Experience: Exploring Cross-Country Variation in Europe

Changing schools: a study of primary secondary transfer using Vygotsky and Bernstein

Servant of two masters: How social media editors balance between mass media logic and social media logic

Pathways to news commenting and the removal of the comment system on news websites

How journalists understand the threats and opportunities of new technologies: A study of security mind-sets and its implications for press freedom

‘Stay informed’, ‘become an insider’ or ‘drive change’: Repackaging newspaper subscriptions in the digital age

Introducing Social Science Evidence in Family Court Decision-Making and Adjudication: Evidence from England and Wales

Blind spot

Pain and the collision of expertise in primary care physical exams

‘Just having a computer doesn’t make sense’: The digital divide from the perspective of mothers with a low socio-economic position

Science communication scholars use more and more segmentation analyses: Can we take them to the next level?

Galaxy zoo: Science content knowledge of citizen scientists

(dis-)Belonging bodies: negotiating outsider-ness at academic conferences

Mobility, temporality, and social reproduction: everyday rhythms of the ‘FIFO family’ in the Australian Mining Sector

Race and feminist care ethics: intersectionality as method

High-Tech Housewives: Indian IT Workers, Gendered Labor, and Transmigration

From the taxi drivers’ rear-view mirror: masculinity, marginality and sexual violence in India’s capital city, Delhi

Book Reviews: Research Methods and Global Online Communities

Secondary Emotional Labor: Supervisors Withholding Support and Guidance in Interdisciplinary Group Meetings in a Community Hospice Program

Short report: Inclusion of other in the self scale: An adaptation and exploration in a diverse community sample

The future of the Pelagic Advisory Council: Repositioning the organization in the face of BREXIT

Gender, marriage, and the dynamic of (im)mobility in the mid-Western hills of Nepal

Dynamics of precarity among ‘new migrants’: exploring the worker–capital relation through mobilities and mobility power

19 May 2019

The new enclosure: the appropriation of public land in neoliberal Britain

Assessing the Capacity of DRDoS-For-Hire Services in Cybercrime Markets

The Politics of Reproduction: Race, Medicine, and Fertility in the Age of Abolition, by Katherine Paugh

The National Council for Civil Liberties and the British State during the First World War, 1916–1919*

Kindheit und Emotion: Kinder und Ihre Lebenswelten in der Europäischen Frühen Neuzeit

Menschenzucht: Frühe Ideen und Strategien, 1500–1870

To Belong in Buenos Aires: Germans, Argentines, and the Rise of a Pluralist Society

The Law of Blood: Thinking and Acting as a Nazi

Todd LeVasseur: Religious agrarianism and the return of place: from values to practice in sustainable agriculture

The political geography of electoral autocracies: The influence of party strongholds on political beliefs in Africa

18 May 2019

Agricultural shocks and drivers of livelihood precariousness across Indian rural communities

Correction to: Beyond Formal Access: Organizational Context, Working From Home, and Work–Family Conflict of Men and Women in European Workplaces

Historical Ecologies of Pastoralist Overgrazing in Kenya: Long-Term Perspectives on Cause and Effect

Bonnie Lander Johnson and Eleanor Decamp, Blood Matters: Studies in European Literature and Thought, 1400–1700

Social entrepreneurship as field encroachment: how a neoliberal social movement constructed a new field

Do Changes in Material Circumstances Drive Support for Populist Radical Parties? Panel Data Evidence from the Netherlands during the Great Recession, 2007–2015

The influence of landmarks and urban form on cognitive maps using virtual reality

League Tables and Concentric Banding: How Similar are the Employment and Education Domains of the Index of Multiple Deprivation 2010?

Public export credit insurance in the Netherlands: an input‐output approach

Potential and impediments to senior citizens’ volunteering to maintain basic services in shrinking regions

Keeping up appearances: Spatial spillovers and housing renovations

Community food assistance, informal social networks, and the labor of care

The politics of depoliticization and the constitution of city-regionalism as a dominant spatial-political imaginary in Finland

Relating social and symbolic relations in quantitative text analysis. A study of parliamentary discourse in the Weimar Republic

Intersections of nationality, gender, race and crime in news reporting: The case of Oscar Pistorius – Olympian and murderer

The Importance of Variables in Composite Indices: A Contribution to the Methodology and Application to Development Indices

“I’m Not Really 100% a Woman If I Can’t Have a Kid”: Infertility and the Intersection of Gender, Identity, and the Body

Economic Insecurity among Gay and Bisexual Men: Evidence from the 1991–2016 U.S. General Social Survey

How the Alternative for Germany (AfD) and their voters veered to the radical right, 2013–2017

The path from trade to right-wing populism in Europe

AIS in maritime research

Encounters with a canine other: performing domestication in transnational animal rescue and rehoming

Knowledge, policymaking and learning for European cities and regions

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Revisiting the diversity-urban development nexus: Perspectives from Israeli immigrant towns

17 May 2019

Presidential Communication and Character: White House News Management from Clinton and Cable to Twitter and Trump

Scrum Language Use in a Software Engineering Firm: An Exploratory Study

A Comparative Study of Temporary and Ongoing Teams on e-Environment

The Role of Rhetoric in Engineering Judgment

David C. Evans

Using Case-Method Pedagogy to Facilitate Audience Awareness

Language, Identity, and Transnational Communication: Chinese Business Expatriates in Africa

Getting Their Way: Bias and Deference to Trial Courts

Challenging Traditional Culture? How Personal and National Collectivism-Individualism Moderates the Effects of Content Characteristics and Social Relationships on Consumer Engagement with Brand-Related User-Generated Content

Five Seconds to the Ad: How Program-Induced Mood Affects Ad Countdown Effects

Prediction of airborne pollen concentrations for the plane tree as a tool for evaluating allergy risk in urban green areas

Protecting essential information about genetic variants as trade secrets: a problem for public policy?

Willy Brandt and International Relations: Europe, the USA, and Latin America, 1947–1992

Gender‐Equitable Parental Decision Making and Intimate Partner Violence Perpetration in Bangladesh

Halal dating: Changing relationship attitudes and experiences among young British Muslims

Extending public relationship-building through the theory of politeness

The Missing Links: Choosing and Rejecting International Issue Linkages in the Presidential Interest

A critical assessment of the wicked problem concept: relevance and usefulness for policy science and practice

Vietnamese pre-schoolers’ tablet use and early childhood learning: an ecological investigation

John Chappell, FAA (1940–2018)

Snail assemblages: interrogating an environmental controversy involving Powelliphanta augusta and the mining industry in A otearoa N ew Z

Editorial: conference culture and the benefits of connection

Remembering and forgetting 1974: the 2011 Brisbane floods and memories of an earlier disaster

Images of Rabbi Uziel and their place in his commemoration

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Economic crisis and the variety of populist response: evidence from Greece, Portugal and Spain

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What is the cost of voting?

Economic or cultural backlash? Rethinking outsiders’ voting behavior

Feelings about party leaders as a voter's heuristic – what happens when the leaders change? A note

Sustainable landscapes and landscape sustainability: A tale of two concepts

A Gendered Imperative: Does Sexual Violence Attract UN Attention in Civil Wars?

Book Review: The Happiness Fantasy

The Process Performance of the WTO Trade Policy Review Mechanism: Peer‐Reviewing Reconsidered

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Fuck the patriarchy: towards an intersectional politics of irreverent rage

Feminist anger and feminist respair

Human Rights in the Public Sector

Once a journalist, not always a journalist? Causes and consequences of job changes from journalism to public relations

Who writes a press release? Changing audience perceptions of journalists as marketers of news, not just reporters

Sensitivity of disease cluster detection to spatial scales: an analysis with the spatial scan statistic method

A polyhedra-based model for moving regions in databases

Immigration and right-wing populism: An origin story

The uses and abuses of victimhood nationalism in international politics

Legal Approaches to Shark Conservation and Management across the Indo-Pacific Small Island States

When the tongue ties fair trial: the South African experience

Social and economic rights to challenge violence against women – examining and extending strategies

Exceptions to authoritarianism? Variegated sovereignty and ethnonationalism in a Siberian resource frontier

Drawing conclusions about what co-participants know: Knowledge-probing question–answer sequences in new employee orientation lectures

Geomorphology of the coastal alluvial fan complex Guanillos, northern Chile

The Age Of Concerted Cultivation

Marginalized Yet Mobilized

The Global Compact for Migration: Lessons for the Unity of EU Representation

Expulsions: The Construction of a Hostile Environment in Calais

Governing the Central Mediterranean through Indirect Rule: Tracing the Effects of the Recognition of Joint Rescue Coordination Centre Tripoli

A Bird’s Eye View on ECJ Judgments on Immigration, Asylum and Border Control Cases

Is There a Right to Human Dignity? The Example of the Right to Education of Refugees

Facing the Refugee Challenge in Europe: A Litmus Test for the European Union

Alpha, Omega, and the Letters in Between: LGBTQI Conservative Christians Undoing Gender

Beyond the media’s radar: Introducing the Intifada Non-Media-Based Dataset

Source magnification of cyberhate: affective and cognitive effects of multiple-source hate messages on target group members

book review: Singing for Our Lives: Stories From the Street Choirs

Producing Chinese Urban Landscapes of Public Art: The Urban Sculpture Scene in Shanghai

The Family as a Stronghold of State Stability: Two Contradictions in China’s Anti-Domestic Violence Efforts

The urban environment and East Asian queer film festivals

Custodial suicide and class action remedies: Current obstacles and future directions

Organic rural development: Barriers to value in the quest for qualities in Jordanian olive oil

Bridging transformational leadership, transparent communication, and employee openness to change: The mediating role of trust

Towards greater transparency and coherence in funding for sustainable marine fisheries and healthy oceans

Prioritizing global genetic capacity building assistance to implement CITES shark and ray listings

Using Interorganizational Communication Networks to Predict Terrorist Attacks

Is Adoption Equally Beneficial to Different Aspects of Youth’s Behavioral Health? Findings From Comparing Adopted Chinese Youth With Non-Adopted American and Chinese Youth

Six Uses of Analytics: Digital Editors’ Perceptions of Audience Analytics in the Newsroom

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Characterising labour market self-containment in London with geographically arranged small multiples

The Variable Effectiveness of Hedging Strategies

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Investable poverty: Social investment states and the geographies of poverty management

Split Vision: Multidimensionality in the European Union's Legal Policy Space

So many butterflies: Isaiah Berlin and the challenge of strategy

‘Martinique is ours, not theirs!’: framing conflicting identities during the 2009 protests

16 May 2019

Automated pastures and the digital divide: How agricultural technologies are shaping labour and rural communities

Rural-urban variation in informal work activities in the United States

What enables just sustainability transitions in agrifood systems? An exploration of conceptual approaches using international comparative case studies

Are African rural youth innovative? Claims, evidence and implications

A global capability framework: Reframing public relations for a changing world

Room for improvement: Why Korea's leading ICT ODA program has failed to combat corruption

Classroom Assessment to Support Teaching and Learning

Advances in Measurement and Cognition

Assessing Complex Patterns of Student Resources and Behavior in the Large Scale

Assessment in American Higher Education: The Role of Admissions Tests

Assessment to Promote Equity and Epistemic Justice: A Use-Case of a Research-Practice Partnership in Science Education

Assessment of Complex Performances in Digital Environments

Testing, Accountability, and School Improvement

Assessment for Monitoring of Education Systems: International Comparisons

Assessment for Monitoring of Education Systems: The U.S. Example

What Use Is Educational Assessment?

History of Testing in the United States: PK–12 Education

Assessment for Special Education: Diagnosis and Placement

Testing, Accountability, and the American Economy

History of Testing in the United States: Higher Education

Towards a Global Biodiversity Action Agenda

The Governing Paradox in a Transition Economy: Repeated Institutional Reforms and Increasing Regulatory Capture in China’s Energy Sector

Religion, partisanship and preferences for redistribution

The Global Increase in the Socioeconomic Achievement Gap, 1964 to 2015

The Influence of Corporate Lobbying on Federal Contracting

Tweeting Blame in a Federalist System: Attributions for Disaster Response in Social Media Following Hurricane Sandy*

Rural communities and unconventional gas development: What's important for maintaining subjective community wellbeing and resilience over time?

An indicator set for capturing long-term open space fragmentation and urban development dynamics

Public Ideas: Their Varieties and Careers

Introducing the First Black Bachelorette: Race, Diversity, and Courting Without Commitment

Chinese Engagement of Zimbabwe and the Limits of Elite Agency

Community Newspaper as a Tool for Community Development: A Readers’ Perception Study of Idikelethu Newspaper in Alice, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Feeling the Pulse: Towards Production Expansion of Pulses in India

The Revival of ‘Big Government’ Discourse in South Korea, 2017

Blocked Exchanges and the Constitution: Montesquieu on the Moral and Constitutional Limits of Markets

Early Childhood during Indonesia’s Wildfires: Health Outcomes and Long-Run Schooling Achievements

The Zero Trimester: Pre-pregnancy Care and the Politics of Reproductive Risk

Excluded Within: The (Un)Intelligibility of Radical Political Actors by Sina Kramer

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Tyranny, Communism, and U.S. Policy in Equatorial Guinea, 1968–1979*

Okun's Law in the Visegrád Group Countries

Understanding our potential research publics: Exploring boundary disputes in recruitment to a sociological study

Deontic authority in intervention discourse: Insights from bystander intervention

Reach Across the Aisle: Elevation From Political Messages Predicts Increased Positivity Toward Politics, Political Participation, and the Opposite Political Party

Mental health support apps and ‘proper distance’: relational ethics in mHealth

Self-Cultivation of the Socialist New Person in Maoist China: Evidence from a Family’s Private Letters, 1961–1986

State Preemption of Local Authority: Explaining Patterns of State Adoption of Preemption Measures

Green conflicts in environmental discourse. A topos based integrative analysis of critical voices

Power Sharing and the Rule of Law in the Aftermath of Civil War

Erasure, activism and Slovenian fathers on the edge in times of political madness

The role of scale within an Ecosystem Approach to fisheries management: Policy and practice in Southeast Asian seas

Corporate sustainability efforts and e-WOM intentions in social platforms

Parc de Ciutadella, a contested place of conflict and memory in Barcelona

Michael Gove’s war on professional historical expertise: conservative curriculum reform, extreme whig history and the place of imperial heroes in modern multicultural Britain

Pockets of peasantness: small-scale agricultural producers in the Central Finger Lakes region of upstate New York

Food justice, intersectional agriculture, and the triple food movement

Friendship among nations: History of a concept

Incompetent and insane: labor, ability, and citizenship in nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century United States

Stuck! Welfare state dependency as lived experience

The promise of the social contract: Muslim perspectives on the culturalization of citizenship and the demand to denounce violent extremism

Commuting for women in Saudi Arabia: Metro to driving - Options to support women employment

Power, structural power, and American decline

Detroit’s lines of desire: Footpaths and vacant land in the Motor City

Secrecy among Friends: Covert Military Alliances and Portfolio Consistency

Die Vermarktlichung von Wildnis. Lebendige Waren, Companionability und Encounter Value beim Mustang Makeover Germany

Nachhaltige Stadtentwicklung über kommunale Ernährungssysteme: Marktakteursnetzwerke als Ansatzpunkte zur Gestaltung und Steuerung

Revolutionaries for the Right: anticommunist internationalism and paramilitary warfare in the Cold War

The SOLA Model: A Theory-Based Approach to Social Quality and Social Sustainability

Constructing Sexual Harm: Prosecutorial Narratives of Children, Abuse, and the Disruption of Heterosexuality

Ethnic Violence in Africa: Destructive Legacies of Pre-Colonial States

Book Review: Ziad Munson, Abortion Politics

‘The Troika is Dead, Long Live the Domestic Troikas?’: The Diffusion of National Fiscal Councils in the European Union

How dictatorships work: power, personalization, and collapse, by Barbara Geddes, Joseph Wright, and Erica Frantz

Territory and Public Policy in Brazil

Book Review: Intergenerational Family Relations: An Evolutionary Social Science Approach

People’s strategies for perceived surveillance in Amsterdam Smart City

Defining an Organizational Role in a Contested Field: The Evolution of UNESCO’s Approach to Physical Education

Originating Stand Your Ground

The Racial Boundaries of Inequality

Rethinking Legitimation: Positional and Mediated Legitimation Processes for Croatian NGOs

Bargaining Bonus or Breadwinning Burden? Wives’ Relative Earnings, Childrearing, and Depression

An emerging online social network and disaster-induced collective stress

Cross-cultural contact in Manchuria: approaches to lives in between, 1900s–1950s

Geographic Identity and Attitudes toward Undocumented Immigrants

Evidence of securitisation in the economic sector of security in Europe? Russia’s economic blackmail of Ukraine and the EU’s conditional bailout of Cyprus

A return to the tragedy of the commons? Brexit trade-offs and spatial analysis, an Irish perspective

Does the European Union achieve comprehensive blue growth? Progress of EU coastal states in the Baltic and North Sea, and the Atlantic Ocean against sustainable development goal 14

Unbundling property in Boston’s urban food commons

Trading time and space: Grassroots negotiations in a Brazilian mining district

On the banality of paperwork and the brutality of judicial bureaucracy in Myanmar

“Weak Is the New Strong”: Gendered Meanings of Recovery from Substance Abuse among Male Prisoners Participating in Narcotic Anonymous Meetings

Thirty Years in the Making: Attitudes to Abortion among Czechs and Slovaks at the End of the State Socialist Era in Czechoslovakia

The growth-maximizing level of regulation: Evidence from a panel of international data

“Trying to Have your Own First; It’s What you Do”: The Relationship Between Adoption and Medicalized Infertility

Veto power and power-sharing: insights from Burundi (2000–2018)

Muslim democratic parties in the Middle East: economy and politics of Islamist moderation, by A. Kadir Yildirim

Effective strategies for responding to rumors about risks: The case of radiation-contaminated food in South Korea

Asymmetric adjustment of retail cod and herring prices in Germany: A NARDL approach