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20 February 2019

Isotopic Insights into Dietary Life History, Social Status, and Food Sharing in American Samoa

Internet Usage by Women with Eating Disorders during Illness and Recovery

Still waters stay put: uncovering the effects of emotional variability using experience sampling methodology

Forensic characteristics and phylogenetic analysis of 23 Y-STR loci in the Miao population from Guizhou province, southwest China

From the Obama Doctrine to America First: the erosion of the Washington consensus on grand strategy

Mind games: cognitive bias, US intelligence and the 1968 Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia

Class Clues

Using Computer Simulations to Measure the Effect of Gerrymandering on Electoral Competition in the U.S. Congress

Island questions: the chronology of the Brochtorff Circle at Xagħra, Gozo, and its significance for the Neolithic sequence on Malta

Typewriting Mass Observation Online: Media Imprints on the Digital Archive

Bodies of Knowledge, Bodies of Mystery: Recent Work in the History of Bodies, Genders and Sexualities

No Country for Old Men: the Life of John Lee and the Problem of the Aged Pioneer

Book Review: Johan Lidberg and Denis Muller In the Name of Security – Secrecy, Surveillance and Journalism

Book review: Shi-Xu, Kwesi Kwaa Prah and María Laura Pardo, Discourses of the Developing World: Researching Properties, Problems and Potentials

Book review: Paul McIlvenny, Julia Zhukova Klausen and Laura Bang Lindegaard, Studies of discourse and governmentality: New perspectives and methods

Book review: Mariana Achugar, Discursive Processes of Intergenerational Transmission of Recent History: (Re)Making Our Past

Book review: Vijay K Bhatia, Critical Genre Analysis: Investigating Interdiscursive Performance in Professional Practice

Geopolitical encounters of tourism: A conceptual approach

Tourism and the geopolitics of Buddhist heritage in Nepal

The Football Boost? Testing Three Models on Impacts on Sports Spectators’ Self-Esteem

Inequality and inequity in the emergence of conventions

Book review: Giuseppe Balirano, Gardaí and Badfellas, The Discursive Construction of Organized Crime in the Irish Media

Exploring how exchange orientation affects conflict and intimacy in the daily life of romantic couples

Sticky business - Why do beekeepers keep bees and what makes them successful in Tanzania?

Ramirez, M. (2018). Destined for Greatness. Passions, Dreams, and Aspirations in a College Music Town

Breaking the Law Under Competitive Pressure

Trends and drivers of land use/land cover change in Western Ethiopia

19 February 2019

Deciphering landscapes through the lenses of locals: The “Territorial Social-Ecological Networks” Framework applied to a Brazilian maroon case

Making Sense of Stigmata: How Victorians Explained the Wounds of Christ

Explaining Recent Investment Weakness: Causes and Implications

Accidental Activists: Victim Movements and Government Accountability in Japan and South Korea

Infrastructural Propaganda: The Visual Culture of Colonial Roads and the Domestication of Nature in Italian East Africa

Brexit, CANZUK, and the legacy of empire

Understanding the effectiveness and desirability of de-radicalisation: How de-radicalisation is framed in The Daily Mail

Book reviews - Crítica de libros - Crítica de livros (Historia Agraria, 77)

The Resistance as Role Model: Disillusionment and Protest Among American Adolescents After 2016

The Silent Victims of Sexual Violence during War: Evidence from a List Experiment in Sri Lanka

Strategies and Tactics in Armed Conflict: How Governments and Foreign Interveners Respond to Insurgent Threats

Afroalpine Wetlands of the Bale Mountains, Ethiopia: Distribution, Dynamics, and Conceptual Flow Model

Marvin W. Mikesell, 1929–2017

Remembering the medical practices: How health workers narrate their most negative experiences

Therapeutic mobilities

Socially Disadvantaged Groups and Microfinance in India

Democratic Decay: Conceptualising an Emerging Research Field

Regulatory Fitness: Fintech, Funny Money, and Smart Contracts


Introduction: Contemporary European Historians on Brexit

W(h)ither the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), w(h)ither constructivism: Fixity of norms and the ASEAN Way

Identifying the level of major power support signaled for protégés: A latent measure approach

The last forum of accountability? State secrecy, intelligence and freedom of information in the United Kingdom

Excessive internet use by young Europeans: psychological vulnerability and digital literacy?

Urban vibrancy and safety in Philadelphia

Atmospheric Border Politics: The Morphology of Migration and Solidarity Practices in Europe

Marc Allégret, director. Travels in the Congo. 1927/2017. Original title: Voyage au Congo. 117 minutes. Silent with music, French intertitles/English subtitles. France. Icarus Films. $398.

Improving Supreme Court Forecasting Using Boosted Decision Trees

Testing the Validity of Automatic Speech Recognition for Political Text Analysis

Politicising Women’s Part-Time Work in Norway: A Longitudinal Study of Ideas

The Downward Spiral of Youth Unemployment: An Approach Considering Social Networks and Family Background

Constructing black economic empowerment in South African mining: Government v corporate discourse

Beyond History and Boundaries: Rethinking the Past in the Present of International Economic Law

Metaphorical incarnations of the “other” and Iranian International Relations discourses

Foreign policy anarchy in multiparty coalitions: When junior parties take rogue decisions

Logistics land use patterns in metropolitan Canada

“Presenting Our Perspective”: Recontextualizing Youths’ Experiences of Hypercriminalization Through Media Production

Local News and National Politics

Nigerian Immigrants as ‘Liminars’ in Ghana, West Africa: Narratives on Mobility, Immobility and Borderlands

Learning for Legitimacy: The Gaza Flotilla Case of Meaningful Learning in Foreign-Policy Strategic Planning

Up and down and sideways: Collaboration, friction and ethnographic representations of orthodontics for children

City-regions reconsidered

Habitus, spatial capital and making place: Housing developers and the spatial praxis of Johannesburg’s inner-city regeneration

Social Science and the Governance of Crime: Crime Prevention Policy Making during the 1980s

Margaret Davies: Law Unlimited: Materialism, Pluralism, and Legal Theory

In Dependence: The Paradox of Professional Independence and Taking Seriously the Vulnerabilities of Lawyers in Large Corporate Law Firms

Faith Gordon: Children, Young People and the Press in a Transitioning Society: Representations, Reactions and Criminalisation

Of Bodies and Burkinis: Institutional Islamophobia, Islamic Dress, and the Colonial Condition

Revisiting the Role of Negotiation and Trivialization in Environmental Law Enforcement

Anne Barlow, Rosemary Hunter, Janet Smithson, and Jan Ewing: Mapping Paths to Family Justice: Resolving Family Disputes in Neoliberal Times

Birds Behaving Badly: The Regulation of Seagulls and the Construction of Public Space

L.J.B. Hayes: Stories of Care: A Labour of Law

'Ritual Individualization': Creative Genius at Sentencing, Mitigation, and Conviction

Democratization and the Conditional Dynamics of Income Distribution

Beyond nostalgia: other historical emotions

New forms of partnership: the role of logistics clusters in facilitating horizontal collaboration mechanisms

Integrating Multiple Sources to Reconstruct the Pre- and Early Postcolonial Forests of the Chesapeake: 1588–1838

Manoeuvring Conflict: Industrial Land Use Projects and ‘Refusal to Resist’ Among Reindeer Herding Communities in Northern Fennoscandia

The three phases of rock music in the Czech lands

What about Rural Blight? Housing and Neighborhood Conditions in Southeastern Small Towns

Leslie Topp, Freedom and the Cage: Modern Architecture and Psychiatry in Central Europe, 1890–1914

The educational work of a National Museum: creating knowledgeable young citizens in Ottawa, Canada

Can advocacy change the views of politicians about aid? The potential and limits of a presence-based approach

Dynamics in Central–Local Division of the Authority of EIA Approval in China

“Who Should Care about Our Children?”: Public Childcare Policy in Yugoslav Socialism and Its Serbian Aftermath

Polycentric Competition Law

The Principle of res judicata before the International Court of Justice: in the Midst of Comradeship and Divorce between International Tribunals

Revisiting the Dispute Requirement in International Interpretation Proceedings: Deeds, not Words

Elections, recession expectations and excessive debt: an unholy trinity

Evolutionary Models of Leadership

Lee, C. K. (2017). The Specter of Global China: Politics, Labor, and Foreign Investment in Africa

Resident-led beautification of vacant lots that connects place to community

Preserving the scenic views from North Carolina's Blue Ridge Parkway: A decision support system for strategic land conservation planning

A finance- and real estate-driven regime in the United Kingdom

18 February 2019

Detecting tuberculosis clusters in urban neighborhoods, Taipei, Taiwan: Linking geographic and genotyping evidence

Combining remote sensing techniques and participatory mapping to understand the relations between forest degradation and ecosystems services in a tropical rainforest

Analysis on land ecological security change and affect factors using RS and GWR in the Danjiangkou Reservoir area, China

Microcredit for enterprise in the UK as an ‘alternative’ economic space

The wet and the dry, the wild and the cultivated: subsistence and risk management in ancient Central Thailand

The Development of Malaysian Capitalism: From British Rule to the Present Day

Party group coordinators and rapporteurs: Discretion and agency loss along the European Parliament’s chains of delegation

Patent reforms and exporter behaviour: Firm-level evidence from developing countries

GVC journeys: Industrialisation and Deindustrialisation in the Age of the Second Unbundling

Black/white differences in mortality among veteran and non-veteran males

Does Peacekeeping Really Bring Peace? Peacekeepers and Combatant-perpetrated Sexual Violence in Civil Wars

Archaeometric characterization of common and cooking wares from the Late Antique city of Valentia (Valencia, Spain)

“Torture is Putting it Too Strongly, Boredom is Putting it Too Mildly”: The Courage to Tell the Truth in the Late Lectures of Michel Foucault

Waiting for Godot? On some of the obstacles for developing counter-forces in higher education

Cooptation and non-cooptation: elite strategies in response to social protest

In defense of charisma

‘Peace through strength’: Europe and NATO deterrence beyond the US Nuclear Posture Review

The un-equal playground: Developers and urban activists struggling for the right to the city

The risky streets of ontologically redesigned cities: Some comments on Arturo Escobar’s rurbanization research program

Women miners’ exclusion and Muslim masculinities in Tajikistan: A feminist political ecology of honor and shame

Production of competing water knowledge in the face of water crises: Revisiting the IWRM success story of the Lerma-Chapala Basin, Mexico

A brief critical overview of Geoforum’s history, 1970–2018

Saving Cork City? Place attachment and conflicting framings of flood hazards

The peace dividend as an intangible benefit in mega-project justification: A comparative content analysis of the Dead Sea-Red Sea Canal

What makes up democracy? Meanings of democracy and their correlates among adolescents in 38 countries

Blood on the table: essays on food in international crime fiction

Guarding the Guardians: A Critical Appraisal of the Protocol to the African Charter on the Rights of Older Persons in Africa

Good on paper: sociological critique, pragmatism, and secularization theory

Is Justice More Important than Would Be Expected? The Role of Justice in Management Control Systems to Generate Goal Congruence, Trust in Managers and Fairness Perceptions

Temporal Changes in the Association Between Food Insecurity and Socioeconomic Status in Two Population-Based Surveys in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The inner feeling of glacier hiking: an exploratory study of “immersion” as it relates to flow, hedonia and eudaimonia

Governing England: English identity and institutions in a changing United Kingdom

EU Neighbourhood Policy in the Maghreb: Implementing the ENP in Tunisia and Morocco Before and After the Arab Uprisings

Negative surprise in UN Security Council authorization: UK and French vetoes send valuable information for the general public in deciding if they support a US military action

Mining for Mother Earth. Governmentalities, sacred waters and nature’s rights in Ecuador

When guesthouse meets home: The time-space of rural gentrification in southwest China

The Relationship Between Job Satisfaction, Financial Stress and Sufficient Retirement Savings of Near-Retirement Pastors in Southern Africa

Euromaidan revolution, Crimea and Russia–Ukraine war: why it is time for a review of Ukrainian–Russian studies

Handbook on the geographies of power

The evolution of New Moscow: from panacea to polycentricity

Encountering the victims of Romanian communism: young people and empathy in a memorial museum

The Whitechapel History Fest: A Report of an Event Organized by the Survey of London

The unique and joint contributions of various socialization agents to the acquisition of political knowledge among elementary school children in Israel

Cold war-era relations between west Germany and Turkish political Islam: from an anti-communist alliance to a domestic security issue

Turkish secularism and Islam under the reign of Erdoğan

The Leibowitz way

Women’s Jūjutsu and Judo in the Early Twentieth-Century: The Cases of Phoebe Roberts, Edith Garrud, and Sarah Mayer

Benchmarking and Performance Evaluation Towards the Sustainable Development of Regions in Taiwan: A Minimum Distance-Based Measure with Undesirable Outputs in Additive DEA

“We Weren’t Raised that Way”: Using Stigma Management Communication Theory to Understand How Families Manage the Stigma of Substance Abuse

Revisiting A Theory of Access: A review

Access to Ecosystem Benefits: More than Proximity

Queer Farmland: Land Access Strategies for Small-Scale Agriculture

Planning reform and development rights in Greece: institutional persistence and elite rule in the face of the crisis

Financialisation meets collectivisation: occupational pensions in Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden

Becoming American by becoming Muslim: strategic assimilation among second-generation Muslim American parents

Metrics for characterizing network structure and node importance in Spatial Social Networks

Verify the scene, report the symptoms: Testing the Verifiability Approach and SRSI in the detection of fabricated PTSD claims

Testing the Role of Narrative and Gain-Loss Framing in Messages to Promote Sleep Hygiene among High School Students

Human-health probabilistic risk assessment: the role of exposure factors in an urban garden scenario

What can volunteered geographic information tell us about the different ways mountain bikers, runners and walkers use urban reserves?

Transcontextual Effects of Racialized Sports Media Framing: Students’ Off the Field Perceptions of Student-Athletes

From commemoration to celebration: The making of the Norwegian Liberation and Veterans Day

Sustainability labelling as a tool for reporting the sustainable development impacts of climate actions relevant to Article 6 of the Paris Agreement

Advantages and Limitations of Using Mobile Apps for Protected Area Monitoring and Management

Bodies of work: skilling at the bottom of the global nursing care chain

The evolution of public policy attitudes: comparing the mechanisms of policy support across the stages of a policy cycle

Public preferences for Zika policy and responsibility in the absence of partisan cues

European cross-scale spatial planning and Territorial Frames in the Italian Median Macroregion

Deconstructive Hermeneutics of Nature and Culture: Thinking After Derrida

Gender Differences in the Dating Experiences of African American Young Adults: The Challenge of Forming Romantic Relationships Within the Context of Power Imbalance

Beatriz Carrillo, Johanna Hood and Paul Kadetz, eds., Handbook of Welfare in China

Determinants of migrants’ knowledge about their healthcare rights

Housing prices and wealth inequality in Western Europe

Greetings from the New Editor-in-Chief

The formation and structure of cleantech clusters: Insights from San Diego, Dublin, and Graz

The more the merrier? Sino-Japanese security relations in the context of complex interstate rivalry in the Asia-Pacific region

A confusion, not a system: the organizational evolution of strategic intelligence assessment in Canada, 1943 to 2003

Augmenting human cognition to enhance strategic, operational, and tactical intelligence

Picturing war in France, 1792–1856

The early settlement of Northern Europe

Investigations at Naḥal Roded 110: a Late Neolithic ritual site in the southern Negev

‘Meet the Vikings’—or meet halfway? The new Viking display at the National Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen

Mapping Gerasa: a new and open data map of the site

New Book Chronicle

Filling gaps in Aegean deep histories? Evaluating quartz concentrations from Koupharika-Krotiria on Kythera, Greece

Ian Hodder. Religion, history, and place in the origin of settled life. 2018. Boulder: University Press of Colorado; 978-1-60732-736-3 $75.

Mirabad-e Emam Qoli: a newly discovered Sassanid-era fire temple in south-eastern Iran


Late Bronze–Iron Age fortification complexes of the historical Javakheti region, Georgia

‘They came from the ends of the earth’: long-distance exchange of obsidian in the High Arctic during the Early Holocene

FINDER project: collagen fingerprinting (ZooMS) for the identification of new human fossils

Imaging the gods: animal mummies from Tomb 3508, North Saqqara, Egypt

Andy M. Jones & Henrietta Quinnell (ed.). An intellectual adventurer in archaeology: reflections on the work of Charles Thomas. 2018. Oxford: Archaeopress; 978-1-78491-861-3 £44.

Alasdair Whittle. The times of their lives: hunting history in the archaeology of Neolithic Europe. 2018. Oxford: Oxbow; 978-1-78570-668-4 £40.

A barrel-vaulted reservoir at Kale-Krševica: hydraulic technology and Iron Age ‘Hellenisation’ in Serbia

Absolute tree-ring dates for the Late Bronze Age eruptions of Aniakchak and Thera in light of a proposed revision of ice-core chronologies

Recalibrating grave-good chronologies: new AMS radiocarbon dates from Late Bronze Age burials in Lika, Croatia

High-precision dating of ceremonial activity around a large ritual complex in Late Bronze Age Mongolia

Birger Stichelbaut (ed.). Traces of war: the archaeology of the First World War. 2018. Veurne: Hannibal; 978-94-9267-751-8 €29.50.

Dong Son drums from Timor-Leste: prehistoric bronze artefacts in Island Southeast Asia

A bazaar assemblage: reconstructing consumption, production and trade from mineralised seeds in Abbasid Jerusalem

Haiming Yan. World Heritage craze in China: universal discourse, national culture, and local memory. 2018. Oxford: Berghahn; 978-1-78533-804-5 £85.

Searching for the territorial origins of England

Jonathan Kaplan & Federico Paredes Umaña. Water, cacao, and the early Maya of Chocolá. 2018. Gainesville: University Press of Florida; 978-0-8130-5674-6 $125.

Viking warrior women? Reassessing Birka chamber grave Bj.581

So ends this day: American whalers in Yaburara country, Dampier Archipelago

Megalith quarries for Stonehenge's bluestones

Stephanie Wynne-Jones & Adria LaViolette (ed.). The Swahili world. 2018. Abingdon & New York: Routledge; 978-1-138-91346-2 £165.

Big Tent Politics: The Liberal Party's Long Mastery of Canada's Public Life R. Kenneth Carty Vancouver: UBC Press, 2015

Terrorist Hostage-taking and Human Rights: Protecting Victims of Terrorism under the European Convention on Human Rights

Regulating controlling shareholders in Thai private companies

Why Sir Philip Sidney Chose the Dutch National Anthem as the Tune for a Song

Participatory Populism: Online Discussion Forums on Mainstream News Sites During the 2014 European Parliament Election

The Path to Polarization: McGovern-Fraser, Counter-Reformers, and the Rise of the Advocacy Party

Business Interests and the Shape of the U.S. Welfare State: From the Insurance Company Model to Comprehensive Reform

Constructive Welfare: The Social Security Act, the Blind, and the Origins of Political Identity among People with Disabilities, 1935–1950

Corporations and the American Welfare State: Adversaries or Allies?

A village goes mobile: telephony, mediation, and social change in Rural India

Instances of online suicide, the law and potential solutions

Gendered discourses in coaching high-performance sport

Lasso Regularization for Selection of Log-linear Models: An Application to Educational Assortative Mating

Gendered dating messages have consequences for both intended and unintended audiences

‘That was natural. This is just artificial’!: Displacement, memory, worship, and connection at a Kashmiri Hindu shrine replica

White grief, happy friendship: Jane Goodale and emotional anthropological research

Anthropology of/as Repetition

Unpredictability in US foreign policy and the regional order in the Middle East: reacting vis-à-vis a volatile external security-provider

Hashishophobia and the Jewish ethnic question in mandatory Palestine and the State of Israel

Poverty reduction and democratization – new cross-country evidence

Strategic ballot removal: an unexplored form of electoral manipulation in hybrid regimes

Women presidents and prime ministers in post-transition democracies, edited by Verónica Montecinos

17 February 2019

‘A New and Fierce Disorder’s Raging’: Monomania in Mary Barton (1848)

Regulating Near-Space Activities: Using the Precedent of the Exclusive Economic Zone as a Model?

Digital survivance and Trickster humor: exploring visual and digital Indigenous epistemologies in the #NoDAPL movement

Social support networks, instant messaging, and gender equity in refugee education

Pop theology: forum discussions on religion in videogames

In the swarm: Volume 3: Digital prospects (untimely meditations)

Artificial unintelligence: how computers misunderstand the world

The influence of social media use on attitude toward suicide through psychological well-being, social isolation, and social support

Money, power, glory: the linkages between EU conditionality and state capture in the Western Balkans

Geographical gerontology: perspectives, concepts, approaches

Organizational Dissolutions in the Public Sector: An Empirical Analysis of Municipal Utility Water Districts

Judicial Social Theorizing and Its Relation to Sociology

16 February 2019

Physical activity benefits from taking your dog to the park

Doug Meyer, Violence against Queer People: Race, Class, Gender, and the Persistence of Anti-LGBT Discrimination

Teela Sanders and Mary Laing (eds), Policing the Sex Industry: Protection, Paternalism and Politics

Omar G Encarnación, Out in the Periphery: Latin America’s Gay Rights Revolution

Alex Sharpe, Sexual Intimacy and Gender Identity ‘Fraud’: Reframing the Legal & Ethical Debate.

The British constitution resettled? Parliamentary sovereignty after the EU Referendum

Precarious Work and its Complicit Network: Migrant Labour in Singapore

Chaebol and the Turn to Services: The Rise of a Korean Service Economy and the Dynamics of Self-Employment and Wage Work

More than weeds: Spontaneous vegetation in streets as a neglected element of urban biodiversity

Documenting the Truth Default: The Low Frequency of Spontaneous, Unprompted Veracity Assessments in Deception Detection

Unemployment sequences and the risk of poverty: from counting duration to contextualizing sequences

Children and Transitional Justice

Creating in-between spaces through diasporic and mainstream media consumption: A comparison of four ethnocultural and immigrant communities in Ottawa, Canada

Roadblock politics in Central Africa

The common-seekers: Capturing and reclaiming value in the platform metropolis

In value’s shadows: Devaluation as accumulation frontier

Digital DNA: disruption and the challenges for global governance

Shaping the Political Environment: An Ethnography of Public Affairs Professionals at Work

Reassessing the Cold War and the Far-Right: Fascist Legacies and the Making of the Liberal International Order after 1945

The role of resident-city identification in building residents’ city commitment

Social Innovation Regime: an integrated approach to measure social innovation

A Trojan Horse for marketing? Solutions journalism in the French regional press

Towards rising inequalities in newspaper and television news consumption? A longitudinal analysis, 2000–2016

From mastery to subjection: An embodied ethics of entrapment in Amazonia

The Cold War and Third World revolution

Studying the Nordic Resistance Movement: three urgent questions for researchers of contemporary neo-Nazis and their media practices

Fauda television series and the turning of asymmetrical conflict into television entertainment

Structures of Stratification: Advancing a Sociological Debate over Culture and Resources

Work, Social Reproduction, the Transnational Household, and Refugee Resettlement: A Canadian Case Study

Transgressing North–South Divide: Foxconn Production Regimes in China and the Czech Republic

Preface: The Everyday Politics of Public Space

The influence of built environment features on crowdsourced physiological responses of pedestrians in neighborhoods

Disoriented Liberalism: Ortega y Gasset in the Ruins of Empire

Making It Home: An Intersectional Analysis of the Police Talk

Declarative or procedural knowledge? Knowledge for enhancing farmers’ mitigation and adaptation behaviour to climate change

Uruguay’s Stance on the Palestinian Problem at the United Nations and the Creation of the State of Israel

Outcasts among Undesirables: Palestinian Refugees in Brazil between Humanitarianism and Nationalism

The Demographic Transition Theory of War: Why Young Societies Are Conflict Prone and Old Societies Are the Most Peaceful

Correspondence: New Era or New Error? Technology and the Future of Deterrence

Bad World: The Negativity Bias in International Politics

Why China Has Not Caught Up Yet: Military-Technological Superiority and the Limits of Imitation, Reverse Engineering, and Cyber Espionage

India's Counterforce Temptations: Strategic Dilemmas, Doctrine, and Capabilities

Correspondence: Will East Asia Balance against Beijing?

Proboscidea from Kanapoi, Kenya

A ‘distributive regime’: Rethinking global migration control

The paradox of border security – an example from the UK

‘Agro sí, mina NO!’ the Tía Maria copper mine, state terrorism and social war by every means in the Tambo Valley, Peru

Research note: The effect of stream restoration project attributes on property sale prices

Greening in style: Urban form, architecture and the structure of front and backyard vegetation

From sustainable to smart: Re-branding or re-assembling urban energy infrastructure?

What is Zeitgeist? Examining period-specific cultural patterns

15 February 2019

Increasing Trust in Bankers to Enhance Savings: Experimental Evidence from India

He Says, She Says: Spousal Disagreement in Survey Measures of Bargaining Power

Improving Maternal Health Using Incentives for Mothers and Health Care Workers: Evidence from India

Can Small Incentives Have Large Payoffs? Health Impacts of a Cash Transfer Program in Bolivia

The Impact of a National Early Childhood Development Program on Future Schooling Attainment: Evidence from ICDS in India

When Patients Diagnose: The Effect of Patient Beliefs and Information on Provider Behavior

Health-Seeking Amidst Violence: Evidence from the Philippines

Neoliberalizing Authoritarian Environmental Governance in (Post)Socialist Laos

From Hopelessness to Transformation in Geography Classrooms

Parallel lines? Policy mood in a plurinational democracy

Neighborhood health, social structure and family violence

Employees’ Managed Resentment: Public Procurement and the Part of Emotions in Social Change

Everyday practices of memory: Authenticity, value and the gift

Book review: Crossing the Aisle: Party Switching by US Legislators in the Postwar Era

Disentangling an Elusive Relationship: How Democratic Value Orientations Affect Political Trust in Different Regimes

Working-Class Legislators and Perceptions of Representation in Latin America

Assembling European health security: Epidemic intelligence and the hunt for cross-border health threats

No Social Revolution Without Sexual Revolution


ViEWS: A political violence early-warning system

Intergroup commonality, political ideology, and tolerance of enemy collateral casualties in intergroup conflicts

Reputation and the occurrence and success of mediation in civil wars

Status seeking in the friendly Nordic neighborhood

“I Understand What They’re Going through”: How Socioeconomic Background Shapes the Student Service-learning Experience

Propaganda, Misinformation, and the Epistemic Value of Democracy

A taste of Broadway: food in musical theatre

The National Question and Electoral Politics in Quebec and Scotland: Democracy, Diversity, and Citizen Engagement, by Éric Bélanger, Richard Nadeau, Ailsa Henderson and Eve Hepburn

The Increasingly United States: How and Why American Political Behavior Nationalized, by Daniel J. Hopkins

The ideational foundations of social democratic austerity in the context of the great recession

Joining Global Aerospace Value Networks: Lessons for Industrial Development Policies

“A new west in mindanao”: settler fantasies on the U.S. imperial fringe

Is Irrigationalism a Dominant Ideology in Securing Hydrotopia in Mekong Nation States?

Islam, ethnicity and the state: contested spaces of legitimacy and power in the Kurdish-Turkish public sphere

From ‘clients’ to ‘magnates’: the (not so) curious case of Islamic authoritarianism in Turkey

Is democracy dying?

The foundations of institutional-based trust in farmers’ markets

‘The Moustache Makes Him More of a Man’: Waiters’ Masculinity Struggles, 1890–1910

The role of emotions during the Arab Spring in Tunisia and Egypt in light of repertoires

Rejoinder for Calculating the Posterior Odds from a Single-Match DNA Database Search

Calculating the posterior odds from a single-match DNA database search

Exemplary Lives and the Normative Theory of Culture

More at home, more alone? Youth, digital media and the everyday use of time and space

“Judge Lynch” in the Court of Public Opinion: Publicity and the De-legitimation of Lynching

American Muslim Political Participation: Between Diversity and Cohesion

The non-looks of the mobile world: a video-based study of interactional adaptation in cycle-lanes

International Courts and State Compliance: An Investigation of the Law of the Sea Cases

Zap theory & the generic body

Platform Uncommons

The Quest for the Good Life in Precarious Times: Ethnographic Perspectives on the Domestic Moral Economy ChrisGregory & JonAltman (eds). Acton, ACT: ANU Press, 2018. Pp. xix + 22, AUD$45 (Pb.), ISBN 9-781760-462000

Resilience and the Localisation of Trauma in Aceh, IndonesiaC. Smith
Asian Studies Association of Australia: Southeast Asia Publications Series. Singapore: NUS Press Singapore, 2018. Pp. v + 178, notes, glossary, bibliog., index, SGD $38.00 (Pb.), ISBN 97

Brexit populism and fantasies of fulfilment

Losing out on substance but winning procedurally? The European Parliament and accountability in crisis legislation

Indo-Israeli relations in the Modi era: a transformative shift

The state‒religion issue in Israel: is the consociational model still alive?

Domestic Attitudes toward Regional Leadership: A Survey Experiment in Brazil

The Arsenal of Securocracy: Pretoria’s provision of arms and aid to Salisbury, c.1974–1980

The Wizards of Salem: South African historians, truth-telling and historical justice

The identity controversy of religious minorities in Iraq: the crystallization of the Yazidi identity after 2003

Assessing co-development projects for civil society building in Iraq: the case of the Iraqi diaspora and Swedish institutions following the 2003 intervention in Iraq

Hybrid interference as a wedge strategy: a theory of external interference in liberal democracy

Technology neutrality: Exploring the interaction between International Mobile Telecommunication and national spectrum management policies

Socio-political organization in the Aceramic Neolithic of southwestern Asia: The complex evolution of socio-political complexity

Investigating exposure of the population to crash injury using a spatiotemporal analysis: A case study in Florida

The inhumanity of nuclear deterrence

Social sustainability of urban regeneration led by industrial land redevelopment in Taiwan

Religious motifs within reporting of the 7/7 London bombings in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Poland: A transnational agenda-setting network study

Is higher-quality land developed earlier?

Mapping the Knowledge Domain: Research on Service-Oriented Government in China

Dry, rainfed or irrigated? Reevaluating the role and development of rice agriculture in Iron Age-Early Historic South India using archaeobotanical approaches

Contemporary organizational theory: The demographic, relational, and cultural perspectives

Performing Revolutionary Populism: The Revolutionary Path Movement in Turkey

How Do Students Evaluate Instructors’ Performance? Implication of Teaching Abilities, Physical Attractiveness and Psychological Factors

Changes in Reported Nation-Level Pro-social Behavior Frequencies Over 6 Years: A Test of Alternative Predictors

Improving Stylised Working Time Estimates with Time Diary Data: A Multi Study Assessment for the UK

Derek R. Peterson, Kodzo Gavua, and Ciraj Rassool, editors. The Politics of Heritage in Africa: Economies, Histories, and Infrastructures. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2015. vii + 291 pp. Maps. Bibliography. Index. $107.00. Cloth. ISBN 978-110709

J.D. Ohlin, L. May and C. Finkelstein (eds.), Weighing Lives in War, Oxford University Press, 2017, 366pp., ISBN 978-0-198-79617-6, €95.

Pawangs on the Frontier: Miracles, prophets, and divinities in the ricefields of modern Malaya

Diasporas from the Middle East: Displacement, Transnational Identities and Homeland Politics

Distinguishing scientific knowledge: The impact of different measures of knowledge on genetically modified food attitudes

The leaky pipeline and sacrificial lambs: Gender, candidate nomination, and district assignment in South Korea's national legislative elections

Urban policy (im)mobilities and refractory policy lessons: experimenting with the sustainability fix

Diet, cuisine and consumption practices of the first farmers in the southeastern Baltic

The ancient use of colouring on the marble statues of Hierapolis of Phrygia (Turkey): an integrated multi-analytical approach

Film Review: Spike Lee (dir.), BlacKkKlansman

Book review: Deng Xiaoping and China’s Foreign Policy Ronald C. Keith

Book review: Geopolitical Economy of Energy and Environment: China and the European Union Mehdi P. Amineh and Yang Guang (eds)

Book review: Chinese Surplus: Biopolitical Aesthetics and the Medically Commodified Body Ari Larissa Heinrich

Book review: (An epoch of social movements: The trajectory of contentious politics in Hong Kong) Edmund W. Cheng 鄭煒 and Samson Yuen 袁瑋熙

Book review: The Politics of Compassion: The Sichuan Earthquake and Civic Engagement in China Bin Xu

Book review: The World in Guangzhou: Africans and Other Foreigners in South China’s Global Marketplace Gordon Mathews, Linessa Dan Lin, and Yang Yang

Starting Points: Divergent Trajectories of Labor Market Integration among U.S. Lawful Permanent Residents

From Breakers to Bikers: The Evolution of the Dutch Crips ‘Gang’

Selling a presidential candidate: linguistic landscapes in time of presidential elections in Zambia

The Monetary and Financial Powers of States: Theory, Dataset, and Observations on the Trajectory of American Dominance

The European Pillar of Social Rights and the Quest for EU Social Sustainability

The tomato paste tin can: An African journey (Burkina Faso)

Book Review: Black Boys Apart: Racial Uplift and Respectability in All-male Public Schools; In a Classroom of Their Own: The Intersection of Race and Feminist Politics in All-black Male Schools

Covering Trump’s ‘Carnival’: A Rhetorical Alternative to ‘Objective’ Reporting

Memes against sexism? A multi-method analysis of the feminist protest hashtag #distractinglysexy and its resonance in the mainstream news media

Book Review: The Stuff of Bits: An Essay on the Materialities of Information

Towards a Complete Prohibition on the Immigration Detention of Children

The gendered production of infrastructure

Insights into interpersonal violence, aggression, and maltreatment: Bridging relationship science with personality and social psychology

Scale dependence of the benefits and efficiency of green and cool roofs

Lottery Ad Hijacks Bulgarian Culture

Resolving the migrant paradox: Two pathways to coalescence in the late precontact U.S. Southwest

Corrigendum to “Hongshan households and communities in Neolithic northeastern China” [J. Anthropol. Archaeol. 47 (2017) 50–71]

Arming landscapes: Connectivity and resistance in northwestern Iberia in Late Prehistory

Corrigendum to “Cemeteries on a moving frontier: Mortuary practices and the spread of pastoralism from the Sahara into eastern Africa” [J. Anthropol. Archaeol. 51 (2018) 187–205]

Ritual economy and ancient Maya bloodletting: Obsidian blades from Actun Uayazba Kab (Handprint Cave), Belize

El Condor mine: Prehispanic production and consumption of hematite pigments in the Atacama Desert, northern Chile

14 February 2019

Reverting to Informality: Unregistered Property Transactions and the Erosion of the Titling Reform in Peru

Place niche and its regional variability: Measuring spatial context patterns for points of interest with representation learning

The Impact of Bank Regulation and Supervision on Competition: Evidence from Emerging Economies

Geomorphology of the Inskip Peninsula, Queensland, Australia

Tense Relationships between Homicide Co-Victims and Detectives in the Wake of Murder

Ironic political reforms: elected senators, party-list MPs, and family rule in Thailand

One thousand ways to experience loss: A systematic analysis of climate-related intangible harm from around the world

Beyond the ‘extinction of experience’ – Novel pathways between nature experience and support for nature conservation

A governing framework for international ocean acidification policy

Relationships between multi-scale factors, plant and pollinator diversity, and composition of park lawns and other herbaceous vegetation in a fast growing megacity of China

Networks of Cooperation: Rebel Alliances in Fragmented Civil Wars

State, community and the negotiated construction of energy markets: Community energy policy in England

Setting a global agenda of education: Cooperation and tension within the global education policy field

Virtual Team Leader Communication: Employee Perception and Organizational Reality

Geochemical and mineralogical relations of three ceramic complexes from the formative period (2000–300 BC) in Costa Rica

First direct evidence of broomcorn millet (Panicum miliaceum) in Central Europe

A traceological approach to the use of Laguna Azul during the Late Holocene (from ca. 2000 years BP) in Norpatagonia, Argentina

A combined approach for a modern hydrogeological mapping: the case study of Tennacola stream catchment (central Apennine, Italy)

The Gendered Effects of Violence on Political Engagement

Race and Southern Political Development

Shifting parties, rational switchers: Are voters responding to ideological shifts by political parties?

Book review: Party Rules? Dilemmas of Political Party Regulation in Australia

Proving Ground: Expertise and Appalachian Landscapes. By Edward Slavishak

Adolescents’ cognitive capacity reaches adult levels prior to their psychosocial maturity: Evidence for a “maturity gap” in a multinational, cross-sectional sample.

Taking the next steps: Promoting open science and expanding diversity in Law and Human Behavior.

Does video recording inhibit crime suspects? Evidence from a fully randomized field experiment.

Current status of forensic lie detection with the comparison question technique: An update of the 2003 National Academy of Sciences report on polygraph testing.

From persecutors to protectors: Human rights and the F&M Global Barometer of Gay RightsTM (GBGR)

Learning from yourself or learning from neighbours: knowledge spillovers, institutional context and firm upgrading

Competing institutional logics in Soviet industrial location policy

Understanding Turkish secularism in the 21th century: a contextual roadmap

Are we who we follow? Computationally analyzing human personality and brand following on Twitter

Newsfeed native advertising on Facebook: young millennials’ knowledge, pet peeves, reactance and ad avoidance

Record linkage in the Cape of Good Hope Panel

The Hornby Castle Estates: Agrarian Change from the 1582 Survey to the 1751 Sederunt

Princes of the Church: Bishops and their Palaces

Seeking Formula for Misinformation Treatment in Public Health Crises: The Effects of Corrective Information Type and Source

Emerging vacuums of strategic planning: an exploration of reforms in Finnish spatial planning

Reconceptualizing International Investment Law from the Global South. By FABIO MOROZINI and MICHELLE SANCHEZ BADIN (eds), New York: Cambridge University Press, 2017. ISBN 9781316996812, 297pp.

Actualité scientifique/Scientific news

The role of flexibility in enabling transformational social change: Perspectives from an Indigenous community using Q-methodology

Cryptocarbon: The promises and pitfalls of forest protection on a blockchain

Locating tile drainage outlets and surface flow in riparian lowlands using thermal infrared and RGB-NIR remote sensing

Islam, Social Justice, and Democracy

The Politics of Regime Mainstreaming: Knowledge Production and the Institutionalization of Islamic Finance

Runners’ engagement and social support practices: exploring the uses and role of online activities

Toward a New Typology of Sunni Jihad

‘The different sets of ideas at the back of our heads’: Dissent and authority at the International Court of Justice

News Users on Facebook: Interaction Strategies on the Pages of El Paìs, la Repubblica, Le Monde, and The Guardian

Diaspora coalition-building for genocide recognition: Armenians, Assyrians and Kurds

Colored no more: reinventing black womanhood in Washington, D.C.

Transitional justice and acceptance of cohabitation in Cyprus

Moving assemblies. Socio-political mobilization in Angola’s collective transport

The Ethnoarchaeology of Ambush Hunting: A Case Study of ǂGi Pan, Western Ngamiland, Botswana

Judicial Protection as the Meta-norm in the EU Judicial Architecture

Transjordan’s occupation of Jerusalem in the 1948 war

Determinants of the Current Account Balances among Central and Eastern European Countries in the European Union

The Berlin Memorial to the Homosexuals Persecuted under the National Socialist Regime: Ambivalent responses to homosexual visibility

What is Blue Labour?

Liberalism and critical Marxism: a reply to Glasman and Rutherford

Non-universal suffrage: measuring electoral inclusion in contemporary democracies

Committing to cultures of creativity: the significance of transdisciplinarity

Towards naval normalcy: 'open seas protection' and Sino-US maritime relations

Complex Systems and International Governance

First Ladies and American Women: In Politics and at Home. By Jill Abraham Hummer. Lawrence: University Press of Kansas, 2017. 269 pp.

Blackening Skies for Chinese Investment in the EU?

Revisiting the Malayan Emergency: the China factor in the Baling peace talks

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Diet and the comparison of living standards across the Great Divergence: Japanese food history in an English mirror

Editorial – food in global history

Commodity history and the nature of global connection: recent developments - Guano and the opening of the Pacific world: a global ecological history, by Gregory T. Cushman. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2013. Studies in Environment and History. Pp

The future of the Western world: the OECD and the Interfutures project

Many roads from pasture to plate: a commodity chain approach to China’s beef trade, 1732–1931

Managing the world: the United Nations, decolonization, and the strange triumph of state sovereignty in the 1950s and 1960s – ERRATUM

Dragomans, tattooists, artisans: Palestinian Christians and their encounters with Catholic Europe in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries

Before UNEP: who was in charge of the global environment? The struggle for institutional responsibility 1968–72

The origins of informality: the ILO at the limit of the concept of unemployment

International trade in wheat and other cereals and the collapse of the first wave of globalization, 1900–38

Future-making Tactics: Exploring Middle-class Living and Green Practices in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Event-stanbul? Contemporary Istanbul as Site of Intersecting Urban Events

Motorbike-taxi-drivers as Infrastructure in the Indonesian City

Political Ecologies of Water Capture in an Indian ‘Smart City’

Urban Flows, Movements and Conflict: Negotiating Perceived and Real Precariousness

Managing Risk in Uncertain Times

Locus of control and involvement in videogaming

Examining the role of sense of community: Linking local government public relationships and community-building

Challenging the Constitutionality of Restrictions on Same-Sex Sexual Relations: Lessons from India

An Ever More Violent World?

Reclaiming populism

An Anthropology of the Machine: Tokyo's Commuter Train Network

Romance in the cowshed: Challenging and reaffirming the rural idyll in the Dutch reality TV show Farmer Wants a Wife

The Advance on Costs in Investment Arbitration

Who Gets What? The Interactive Effect of MPs’ Sex in Committee Assignments in Portugal

Nitrogen inhalation suicide pacts

The Kosovo Specialist Chambers from a Political Realism Perspective

Secondary Precarity in Asia: Family Vulnerability in an Age of Unfree Labour

Beyond economic insecurity and cultural backlash: Economic nationalism and the rise of the far right

Covering the Boko Haram crisis beyond the nation: Analysis of shifting time and space frames in news reporting

What Are the Key Drivers of Persistent Ghanaian Political Corruption?

Anthropology is companion studies: A study of violent relations during fieldwork with my family

Small Area Estimation of Latent Economic Well-being

Book Review: Not All Dead White Men: Classics and Misogyny in the Digital Age

Perceptions about marital conflict: Individual, dyadic, and family level effects

“A machine masquerading as a movement”: The 2015 UK general election labour campaign investigated through assemblage and affect

Factors Associated with Overeducation Among Recent Graduates During Labour Market Integration: The Case of Catalonia (Spain)

Exploring caregiving-related experiences among Chinese American and European American family caregivers of persons with mental illness

Oceanic embodiments: Living ENSO events in coastal Timor-Leste

Editors’ Introduction

What Matters Is Who Supports You: Diaspora and Foreign States as External Supporters and Militants’ Adoption of Nonviolence

Lithic refits as a tool to reinforce postdepositional analysis

Imperialism, Race, and Rescue: Transformations in the Woman’s Foreign Mission Movement after World War I*