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12 December 2018

“Coworking Is About Community”: But What Is “Community” in Coworking?

Envisioning a feminist urban ethnography: Structure, culture, and new directions in poverty studies

Mapping citizens’ emotions: participatory planning support system in Olomouc, Czech Republic

Politics, Science, and Termination: A Case Study of Water Fluoridation Policy in Calgary in 2011

The role of emotion in a housing purchase: An empirical analysis of the anatomy of satisfaction from off-plan apartment purchases in France

Coordination of European Policy inside the British Government

Opening the bunker: Function, materiality, temporality

Experiencing the outdoors: Embodied encounters in the Outward Bound Trust

Making hidden spaces visible: Using drawing as a method to illuminate new geographies

Geographies of citizenship in higher education: An introduction

Cross-sectional properties of the humeral diaphysis of Paranthropus boisei: Implications for upper limb function

Nelson, N.C.Model Behaviour: Animal Experiments, Complexity and the Genetics of Psychiatric Disorders. London: The University of Chicago Press Ltd.2018. [ISBN‐13: 978‐o‐226‐54608‐7]

Geography: History and Concepts. 5 th Edition. Arild Holt‐Jensen . Sage Publications Ltd, London, 2018, pp. xxi + 276. ISBN 978‐1‐5264‐4014‐3 hbk, ISBN 978‐1‐5264‐4015‐0 pbk.

Urban landscape as a spatial representation of land rent: A quantitative analysis

Some days are better than others: Examining time-specific variation in the structuring of interorganizational relations

11 December 2018

“if The Whole World Were Paper…” A History Of Writing In The North Indian Vernacular

The Compositor's Reversal: Typography, Science, And Creation In Poe's Narrative Of Arthur Gordon Pym

Writing Beyond Time: The Durability Of Historical Texts

Parables Of Inscription: Some Notes On Narratives Of The Origin Of Writing

Making A Mark

Shadow And Impress: Ethnography, Film, And The Task Of Writing History In The Space Of South Africa's Deindustrialization

History As Form, With Simmel In Tow

Talk! As Historical Practice

Reflections On Temporal Perspective: The Use And Abuse Of Hindsight

Teachers’ Concepts of Map-Skill Development

Cogitor Ergo Sum: The Origin of Self-awareness in Dyadic Interaction

Ethnographic Decision Modeling to Understand Smallholder Antibiotic Use for Poultry in Guatemala

Responsible research and innovation? From FinTech’s ‘flash crash’ at Cermak to digitech’s Willow Campus and Quayside

Mentoring early career women geographers in the neoliberal academy: dialogue, reflexivity, and ethics of care

“Academic War” over Geography? Death of Human Geography at the Australian National University

Identifying spatial interaction patterns of vehicle movements on urban road networks by topic modelling

Harvesting the Wind: Analyzing Television News Coverage of Wind Energy

Environmental Perception, Sense of Place, and Residence Time in the Okavango Delta, Botswana

Identifying American Beer Geographies: A Multiscale Core-Cluster Analysis of U.S. Breweries

Defining desire: (Re)storying a “fraudulent” marriage in 1901 Spain

A Biocultural Analysis of Mortuary Practices in the Later Anglo‐Saxon to Anglo‐Norman Black Gate Cemetery, Newcastle‐upon‐Tyne, England

Subsistence strategies throughout the African Middle Pleistocene: Faunal evidence for behavioral change and continuity across the Earlier to Middle Stone Age transition

Apprenticeship in Early Neolithic Societies: The Transmission of Technological Knowledge at the Flint Mine of Casa Montero (Madrid, Spain), ca. 5300–5200 cal BC

Cultures of Militarism: Wenner-Gren Symposium Supplement 19

How Negative Sentiment toward Muslim Americans Predicts Support for Trump in the 2016 Presidential Election

‘Tory-normativity’ and gay rights advocacy in the British Conservative Party since the 1950s

The national versus the foreigner in South America: 200 years of migration and citizenship law

De-indigenized but not defeated: race and resistance in Colombia's Peace Community and Campesino University

Bodies of Truth Law, Memory, and Emancipation in Post-Apartheid South Africa

Transnationalism and exceptional transition processes. The role of the Libyan diaspora from Qadhafi’s Jamahiriyya to post-revolutionary civil war and state collapse

When sistahs support sistahs: A process of supportive communication about racial microaggressions among Black women

Why Companies Risk Losing Customers By Not Reciprocating on Shared Data

What Do We Know About Digital Attribution?

How Limited Data Access Constrains Marketing-Mix Analytical Efforts

Why We Need Better Measures Of Research Impact in Advertising

F-FOD: Fuzzy First Order Dominance Analysis and Populations Ranking Over Ordinal Multi-Indicator Systems

Delegitimizing the enemy: framing, tactical innovation, and blunders in the battle for the Arctic

FROM SINGLE TO SERIOUS: RELATIONSHIPS, GENDER, AND SEXUALITY ON AMERICAN EVANGELICAL CAMPUSES. By Dana M. Malone. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 2018. vii + 240 pp. $99.95 cloth, $28.95 paper.

THE URBAN CHURCH IMAGINED: RELIGION, RACE, AND AUTHENTICITY IN THE CITY. By Jessica M. Barron and Rhys H. Williams. New York: New York University Press, 2017. 240 pp. $30.00 paper.

FAITHFUL MEASURES: NEW METHODS IN THE MEASUREMENT OF RELIGION. Edited by Roger Finke and Christopher D. Bader. New York, NY: New York University Press, 2017. vii+ 399 pp. $99.00 cloth, $35.00 paper, $19.25 Kindle.

Designing Jobs to Make Employees Happy? Focus on Job Satisfaction First

Political hashtag publics and counter-visuality: a case study of #fertilityday in Italy

Generalizing from social media data: a formal theory approach

Spreading the Good News: Analyzing Socially Shared Inspirational News Content

Disarmed: unconventional lessons from the world’s only one-armed special forces sharpshooter

Rise and kill first: the secret history of Israel’s targeted assassinations

Beyond Orientalism: Exploring the Distinctive Feminism of Democratic Confederalism in Rojava

Reading and Writing Travels: Maximilien Misson, Samuel Waring and the Afterlives of European Voyages, c.1687–1714*

Politics recovered: Realist thought in theory and practice

‘There was no mercy at all’: Hooliganism, homosexuality and the opening-up of China

State‐led innovation at the city level: policy measures to promote new energy vehicles in shenzhen, china

Residential settlement patterns among immigrants in atlanta metropolitan area, georgia

Advocating for Israel: diplomats and lobbyists from Truman to Nixon

Memories, Drama and Dreamers: Proposals to Address the Representation of the Latin World in the Face of the Telenovela Crisis

Urbanization, education, and the politics of space on the Tibetan Plateau

The Eighth Army at the Gothic Line, August–September 1944: A Study in Staff Compatibility and Coalition Command

Populismo y democracia

Actitudes populistas, preferencias políticas y sistemas de partidos en España, Francia e Italia

¿Condiciona la ideología de acogida las actitudes de los partidos populistas hacia la UE? Los vínculos entre populismo y euroescepticismo en el sur de Europa

El populismo: de intruso a problema relevante para la ciencia social

La política italiana entre el multipopulismo y la despolitización

La competición espacial en Europa tras la Gran Recesión. Un análisis de las posiciones ideológicas ideales y reales en Italia, España y Francia

El auge de los partidos populistas entre la tecnología, la e-democracia y el proceso de despolitización

Between happiness and sorrow: Phenomenal characteristics of autobiographical memories concerning war episodes and positive events in the Gaza Strip

The importance of scientific method for psychological science

Incorporating Sociocultural and Situational Factors into Explanations of Interpersonal Violent Crime

Eleven Nigerian Students in Cold War East Germany: Visions of Science, Modernity, and Decolonization

Demand Effects in Survey Experiments: An Empirical Assessment

Theopolitics Contra Political Theology: Martin Buber’s Biblical Critique of Carl Schmitt

Using Visual Impact Metaphors to Stimulate Environmentally Friendly Behavior: The Roles of Response Efficacy and Evaluative Persuasion Knowledge

Tainted Witness: Why We Doubt What Women Say About Their Lives. By Leigh Gilmore. New York: Columbia University Press, 2017. 240 pp. $30.00 (hardcover), $22.00 (paperback).

Beyond digital twins – A commentary

Investigating the provenance of Italian archaeological obsidian tools based on their magnetic properties

Public archaeology cannot just ‘fly at dusk’: the reality and complexities of generating public impact

The Brexit hypothesis and prehistory

The Brexit syndrome: towards a hostile historic environment?

Graeme Cavers & Anne Crone. A lake dwelling in its landscape: Iron Age settlement at Cults Loch, Castle Kennedy, Dumfries & Galloway. 2018. Oxford & Philadelphia: Oxbow; 978-1-785-70373-7 £36.

Historical ecology and archaeology in theory and practice

Spice and rice: pepper, cloves and everyday cereal foods at the ancient port of Mantai, Sri Lanka

Gaining traction on cattle exploitation: zooarchaeological evidence from the Neolithic Western Balkans

New evidence for late first-millennium AD stilt-house settlements in Eastern Amazonia

Globalisation vs the state? Macro- and micro-perspectives on Roman economies

Ancient China reconsidered

Archaeological evidence of early settlement in Venice: a comment on Ammerman et al. (2017)

The effects of heavy-duty machinery on the formation of pseudo-knapping debitage in Stone Age cultural landscapes

Toby F. Martin & Rosie Weetch (ed.). Dress and society: contributions from archaeology. 2017. Oxford & Philadelphia: Oxbow; 978-1-785-70315-7 £36.

New Book Chronicle

The first human settlement of Formentera during the Bronze Age

Archaeometry of Roman Aquitania-Tarraconensis coarse ware pottery from the northern Iberian Peninsula and southern Aquitania

John Simonsen. Daily life at the turn of the Neolithic. A comparative study of longhouses with sunken floors at Resengaard and nine other settlements in the Limfjord region, South Scandinavia. 2017. Aarhus. Jutland Archaeological Society, Museum Salling a

Power, knowledge and the past

Human mobility and early sedentism: the Late Neolithic landscape of southern Azerbaijan

A material and technical study of Paracas painted ceramics

Jebel Moya: new excavations at the largest pastoral burial cemetery in sub-Saharan Africa—CORRIGENDUM

Hella Eckardt. Writing and power in the Roman world: literacies and material culture. 2018. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press; 978-1-108-41805-8 £75.

Thinking of the children: assessing archaeological evidence for childhood—ERRATUM

Berenike Trogodytika: a Hellenistic fortress on the Red Sea coast, Egypt

Prehistory at high altitude: new surveys in the central-southern Apennines

Myanmar's earliest Maritime Silk Road port-settlements revealed

Peter S. Bellwood. First islanders: prehistory and human migration in Island Southeast Asia. 2017. Hoboken (NJ): Wiley Blackwell; 978-1-119-25154-5 £60.

Alicia R. Ventresca Miller & Cheryl A. Makarewicz (ed.). Isotopic investigations of pastoralism in prehistory (Themes in Contemporary Archaeology 4). 2018. Abingdon: Routledge; 978-1-138-30858-9 £105.

Countering the Brexit hypothesis through solidarity, advocacy and activism

Feeding ancient cities in South Asia: dating the adoption of rice, millet and tropical pulses in the Indus civilisation—CORRIGENDUM

Guandimiao: a Shang village site and its significance

Timber for the trenches: a new perspective on archaeological wood from First World War trenches in Flanders Fields

A new chronological model for the Bronze and Iron Age South Caucasus: radiocarbon results from Project ArAGATS, Armenia

Was there ever a Neolithic in the Neotropics? Plant familiarisation and biodiversity in the Amazon

The earliest burial from the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua: the Angi shell-matrix site

Microscopic examination of Mesolithic serpent-like sculptured stones from southern Ukraine

Silvana A. Rosenfeld & Stefanie L. Bautista (ed.). Rituals of the past. Prehispanic and colonial case studies in Andean archaeology. 2017. Boulder: University Press of Colorado; 978-1-607-32595-6 $77.

Recent investigations of the south Indian Middle Palaeolithic: the Middle Godavari basin


Peter Mitchell. The donkey in human history: an archaeological perspective. 2018. Oxford: Oxford University Press; 978-0-198-74923-3 £65.

European Union funds and the assumed professionalization of Turkish civil society organizations

Mary Wollstonecraft, Social Constructivism, and the Idea of Freedom

The Abortion Debate and Profeminist Coalition Politics in Contemporary Turkey

Generations and Stability of Support for the EU: An Analysis of Six-Wave Panel Data from The Netherlands

Filtering strategic coupling: territorial intermediaries in oil and gas global production networks in Southeast Asia

Accented Style: On Namewee’s Sinophone Malaysian Film and Rap Songs

‘A Day in the Life’: Nation-building the Republic of Ngô Đình Diệm, 26 October 1956, symbolically

A GIS data model for public gardens

Tipping the Scales: The Causes and Consequences of Administrative Spending

Retrieving the ‘subject’ of European integration

Making a safer space? Rethinking space and securitization in the old town redevelopment project of Kashgar, China

The baboon: A model for the study of language evolution

Israeli public diplomacy toward the United States: a network and narrative approach

Communication about Drug-Related Problems (DRPs) during Patients’ Visits to Dutch Physicians and Pharmacies

The Interplay between Framing and Regulatory Focus in Processing Narratives about HPV Vaccination in Singapore

Making sense of new lines of mapping in a Web 2.0 age

The House: An Architectural Search for Levinasian Hospitality

Central Banking in Rawls’s Property-Owning Democracy

The concept of business judgment

Alliance and Public Preference for Nuclear Forbearance: Evidence from South Korea

The Origins and Consequences of Affective Polarization in the United States

Executive Control and Turnover in the Senior Executive Service

Book review: Sketches in the Theory of Culture

Attachment style and perceived discrimination: Associations with depression among young lesbian, gay, and bisexual Romanian adults

Affective geopolitics: Anxiety, pain, and ethics in the encounter with Syrian refugees in Turkey

Resituating post‐phenomenological geographies: Deleuze, relations and the limits of objects

The contribution of key observation point evaluation to a scientifically rigorous approach to visual impact assessment

Media transparency in China: rethinking rhetoric and reality, by Baohui Xie

Animal cruelty and bullying: Behavioral markers of delinquency risk or causal antecedents of delinquent behavior?

Do low-brow tastes demonstrate stronger categorical differentiation? A study of fiction readership in Russia

Democracy in the countryside: The rural sources of violence against voters in Colombia

Refugees, ethnic power relations, and civil conflict in the country of asylum

10 December 2018

A Multi-Modal Approach for Evaluating Player Experience on Different Gaming Platforms

Towards a political geography of abortion

How to test an insider trading law and its effectiveness: Price movements and comparative empirical data from Taiwan

Property, Lawfare, and the Politics of Hope in Weak States

The Communist Party-Dominated Governance Model of China: Legitimacy, Accountability, and Meritocracy

In Women’s Words: Violence and Everyday Life during the Indonesian Occupation of East Timor 1975–1999

Residency Counts and Housing Rights: Conflicting Enactments of Property in Lima’s Central Margins

Leaky Revelations: Commitments in Exposing Militarism

The state as a large-scale aggregator: statist neoliberalism and waste management in Portugal

Crisis and austerity: the recent trajectory of capitalist development in Brazil

Are Donation-Based Measures of Ideology Valid Predictors of Individual-Level Policy Preferences?

Inequality through Wage Response to the Business Cycle–Evidence from the FFL Decomposition Method–

The immediate impact of the global financial crisis and neo-liberal austerity policies on in-work poverty dynamics in Lithuania

Presidential transitions and generational change in Southern African liberation movements

Ann Shaw, Searching for Sully—Our Stories

From ‘Vilest Beverage’ to ‘Universal Medicine’: Drinking Water in Printed Regimens and Health Guides, 1450–1750

Cultural studies in the present tense

Migration ‘against the tide’: location and Jewish diaspora entrepreneurs

Territorial sovereignty and the end of inter-cultural diplomacy along the “Southern frontier”

Reproduction of social inequality through housing: A three-generational study from Norway

How and why have attitudes about cannabis legalization changed so much?

Ricky and Stick Icky: Marijuana, Sport, and the Legibility/Illegibility of Black Masculinity

Insert Name of Openly Gay Hockey Player Here: Attitudes Towards Homosexuality Among Canadian Male Major Midget AAA Ice Hockey Players

In Search of a Five-Star: The Centrality of Body Discourses in the Scouting of High School Football Players

Frontiérités québécoises : Représentations de la zone transfrontalière québéco‐américaine au Congrès des États‐Unis, 2001–2016

Gender and water insecurity in a subarctic Indigenous community

Physical activity energy expenditure and cardiometabolic health in three rural Kenyan populations

Body mass index and parasympathetic nervous system reactivity and recovery following graded exercise

Between pragmatism and rhetoric: a critical assessment of Greece’s defence and foreign policy in the 1980s in light of new primary sources

Personality and Voting for a Right‐Wing Populist Party – Evidence from Switzerland

Short‐Term Dynamics in Issue Ownership and Electoral Choice Formation

National Election Studies: Valuable Data Machineries and their Challenges

Introduction to the Special Issue “The 2015 Swiss National Elections”

Supply and Demand of Populism: A Quantitative Text Analysis of Cantonal SVP Manifestos

Interest Group Support and Electoral Success in the Swiss Elections of 2015. A Candidate Survey Analysis

Selective Attention and the Information Environment: Citizens’ Perceptions of Political Problems in the 2015 Swiss Federal Election Campaign

Who Holds Populist Attitudes? Evidence from Switzerland

National Sovereignty vs. International Cooperation: Policy Choices in Trade‐Off Situations

The Rise of Cultural Issues as an Opportunity for the Right? Insights from the 2015 Swiss Election

Effects of Issue‐Specific Political Advertisements in the 2015 Parliamentary Elections of Switzerland

The Emperor Has New Clothes: How Outsider Sociology Can Shift the Discipline

A Storm on the Horizon? “Twister” and the Implications of the Blockchain and Peer-to-Peer Social Networks for Online Violent Extremism

The Life ProjectHelenPearson

The EU in multilateral arms negotiations: shaping the process or outcome?

Youth employment decline and the structural change of skill

Factors beyond Lack of Knowledge That Predict “I Don’t Know” Responses to Surveys That Assess HPV Knowledge

Older Adult Preferences of Mobile Application Functionality Supporting Medication Self-Management

The Internet and Changes in the Media Industry: A 5-Year Cross-National Examination of Media Industries for 51 Countries

Penang and Its Networks of Knowledge

Using multi-scale and hierarchical deep convolutional features for 3D semantic classification of TLS point clouds

“I Think When I Speak, I Don’t Sound Like That”: The Influence of Social Positioning on Rhetorical Skill Development in Science

Writing and Science: An Editorial Perspective

Compressing, Expanding, and Attending to Scientific Meaning: Writing the Semiotic Hybrid of Science for Professional and Citizen Scientists

Registered Reports: Genre Evolution and the Research Article

Linguistic Injustice in the Writing of Research Articles in English as a Second Language: Data From Taiwanese and Mexican Researchers

How Do Online News Genres Take Up Knowledge Claims From a Scientific Research Article on Climate Change?

Social & Cultural Geography at 20 years: looking back, thinking forward

Gendered Communication Styles in the News: An Algorithmic Comparative Study of Conflict Coverage

Effectiveness of Dynamic Point Symbols in Quantitative Mapping

The ‘Fool’s Cap’ map of the world: exploring critical cosmopolitanism through cartographic critique

A visualization approach for discovering colocation patterns

Can malpractice pressure compel a physician to relocate?

An empirical comparison of insider trading enforcement in Canada and the United States

The UK Citizenship Process: Political Integration or Marginalization?

Doing Global Urban ResearchJohnHarrison and MichaelHoyler (eds), SAGE Publications, 2018, 264 pp, ISBN 978 1 526 41678 0

Diplomacy with Memory: How the Past Is Employed for Future Foreign Policy

Immigrant network diversity in the land of the fair go

Gathering evidence of evidence: News aggregation as an epistemological practice

Book review: Matthew Powers, NGOs as newsmakers: The changing landscape of international news

‘Globalist war against humanity shifts into high gear’: Online anti-vaccination websites and ‘anti-public’ discourse

Book review: Susanna Priest, Jean Goodwin and Michael F Dahlstrom (eds) Ethics and Practice in Science Communication

Kritische Masse, Wettbewerb oder Legitimität?

Einige Überlegungen zu Stimmung als situationssoziologischer Kategorie

Warum schrumpft die migrantische Mittelschicht in der Stadt? Zur Dynamik der Schichtung am Beispiel Wiens zwischen 2003 und 2013


Soziologie en passant

Soziologie der Europäischen Union

Der späte Nachhall von ’68 – Alte Erkenntnisse in neuen Gewändern?

Vom „Stasi-Knast“ in den „goldenen Westen“?

Effects of funding mechanisms on participation in multilateral environmental agreements

Governing Unconventional Oil and Gas Extraction: The Case of Pennsylvania

Staged Seduction: Selling Dreams in a Tokyo Host Club

Resource conflicts and the anthropology of the dark and the good in highlands Papua New Guinea

The Establishment and the Role of the State–Joint Chiefs of Staff Meeting during the Korean War

“Daughter” as a positionality and the gendered politics of taking parents into the field

Islands of indigeneity: Cultural distinction, indigenous territory and island spatiality

Applying two fractal methods to characterise the local and global deviations from scale invariance of built patterns throughout mainland France

Immigration, social trust, and the moderating role of value contexts

Solidarity through punishment an experiment on the merits of centralized enforcement in generalized exchange

Populism and the UK Constitution

A Timely Addition in the Study of Narrative

Women in the English Historical Review

The Ambiguities of Belief and Belonging: Catholicism and the Church of the East in the Sixteenth Century*

Bicycle–metro integration for the ‘last mile’: Visualizing cycling in Shanghai

Holding up Half the Sky? Ethno-Gender Labour Market Outcomes in China

Value Predicate Analysis: A Language‐Based Tool for Diagnosing Behavioral Tendencies of Religious or Value‐Based Groups in Regions of Conflict

Dynamics of Religious Group Growth and Survival

The Mosaic of Muslim Religiosity and Social‐Political Attitudes in Kyrgyzstan: A Gender‐Based Exploration

Religiosity and Financial Crises in the United States

Supporting Evidence: Why Social Scientists Should Sometimes Consider Data Other than the General Social Survey

Domestic violence beyond representation: finding a feminist subject in the Allison Baden-Clay murder case

“Real Heroes Care”: How Dad Bloggers Are Reconstructing Fatherhood and Masculinities

Ecuador-China Relations: the Growing Effect of Chinese Investment on Ecuadorian Domestic Politics, 2007–2016

Speaking Qur’an: An American Scripture, by Timur R. Yuskaev

Rethinking the European Social Market Economy. Introduction to the Special Issue

The gender division of labour in early modern England

“The Authority of Academics in a Time of Turbulence”

About Face: Reflexively Considering “Audience” in Hiring Situations

Multicommunicator Aspirational Stress, Suggestions for Teaching and Research, and Other Insights After 10 Years of Multicommunication Research

Why Legitimacy Matters in Crisis Communication: A Case Study of the “Nut Rage” Incident on Korean Air

The Degrowth Movement: Alternative Economic Practices and Relevance to Developing Countries

Religion and Progressive Activism: New Stories About Faith and Politics, edited by Ruth Braunstein, Todd Nicholas Fuist, and Rhys H. Williams

Economic hardship, positive affect, and marital processes over middle years

As the states turned: Implications of the changing legal context of same-sex marriage on well-being

Tactile temporalities: The impossible promise of increasing efficiency and eliminating delay through haptic media

Danshi mondai no jidai?: Sakusō suru gender to kyouiku no politics (Period of Boys’ Problems?: Complicated Politics of Gender and Education)

Okinawa-rashisa no shakaigaku: Tabunka sesshoku ryōiki no esunishiti (A Sociology of Okinawaness: Ethnicity in Encounters with Multiculturalism)

Local Politics and National Policy: Multi-level Conflicts in Japan and Beyond

Rethinking the Porter Hypothesis: The Underappreciated Importance of Value Appropriation and Pollution Intensity

Imagining London: The role of the geographical imagination in migrant subjectivity and decision‐making

Community Archaeology and Heritage in Africa: Decolonizing Practice edited by Peter R. Schmidt and Innocent Pikirayi London: Routledge, 2016. 324 pp.

9 December 2018

Mapping sacred space: two studies on the making of the religious in globalizing Asia

Danger, Development and Legitimacy in East Asian Maritime Politics: Securing the Seas, Securing the State

Introduction to the Special Issue

Reimagining Nation and Nationalism in Multicultural East Asia

Who Judges?: Designing Jury Systems in Japan, East Asia and Europe

Escaping Japan: Reflections on Estrangement and Exile in the Twenty-First Century

Grand Old (Tailgate) Party? Partisan Discrimination in Apolitical Settings

Deconstructing a Research Journey: Methods and Lessons of the Religious Leadership and Diversity Project

Ireland and the Imperial World: Citizenship, Opportunism and Subversion

Seizikeizaigaku de yomitoku seifu no kōdō: Abenomikusu no riron bunseki (The Political Economy of Government’s Choices: Theoretical Analysis on Abenomics)

Japan’s Security and Economic Dependence on China and the United States: Cool Politics, Lukewarm Economics

Tōchi Kikō no Kenpō Kōsō (Constitutional Framework of the Government)

Chalmers Moyes Clapperton – an obituary

Soldiers of the Queen: Reading Newspaper Fiction of the South African War (1899–1902)

Are Public Sector Managers a “Bureaucratic Burden”? The Case of English Public Hospitals

Response styles confound the age gradient of four health and well-being outcomes

What do housing wealth and tenure have to do with it? Changes in wellbeing of men and women after divorce using Australian panel data

Proximity and the principle-policy gap in white racial attitudes: Insight from views of student assignment policies in Wake County, North Carolina

8 December 2018

Introducing a new dataset on leadership change in rebel groups, 1946–2010

Empire’s Guestworkers: Haitian Migrants in Cuba during the Age of U.S. Occupation. By Matthew Casey

What roles should the government play in fostering the advancement of the internet of things?

Cowboy Christians

Ekklesia: Three Inquiries in Church and State

The political economy of high skills: higher education in knowledge-based labour markets

A new method to quantify mandibular corpus shape in extant great apes and its potential application to the hominoid fossil record

Christian America in Black and White: Racial Identity, Religious-National Group Boundaries, and Explanations for Racial Inequality

Moving to or from a carbon dependent countryside

In Memoriam: John Opie, 1934–2018

Socioeconomic Resource Environments in Biological and Alternative Family Care and Children's Cognitive Performance*

Student field experiences: designing for different instructors and variable weather

Evolving curricula and syllabi – challenges for physical geography

Finding the good: Reactive modernity among the Gebusi, in the Pacific, and elsewhere

Beyond the urban-rural dichotomy: Towards a more nuanced analysis of changes in built-up land

The design of an IoT-GIS platform for performing automated analytical tasks

Growth patterns and effects of urban micro-climate on two physiologically contrasting urban tree species

Historical perspectives on green structure development: the examples of Stockholm, Sweden and Xi’an, China

From protection to persecution: Threat environment and refugee scapegoating

Conclusion: What academia can contribute to refugee policy

Presence without Encounters

7 December 2018

Too Many Secrets? When Should the Intelligence Community be Allowed to Keep Secrets?

Dimensions of Fatherhood in a Congo Basin Village: A Multimethod Analysis of Intracultural Variation in Men’s Parenting and Its Relevance for Child Health

Multiplicity and Uniqueness in Regime Change Games

The Credibility of Party Policy Rhetoric Survey Experimental Evidence

Humeral anatomy of the KNM-ER 47000 upper limb skeleton from Ileret, Kenya: Implications for taxonomic identification

Green Criminology and Environmental Crimes and Harms

The Historical Presidency The Rendition of Fugitive Slaves and the Development of the Law‐and‐Order President, 1790–1860

The Politics of Counter-Expertise on Aerial Spraying: Social Movements Denouncing Pesticide Risk Governance in the Philippines

Subsistence migration: Smallholder food security and the maintenance of agriculture through mobility in Nicaragua

Putting a Number on Preferences: How Numerical Attitudes Are Shaped by Ideology and Equivalency Framing

The Essence of Rape

Book Review: Didier Fassin (ed.), Writing the World of Policing

“Let me tell you your problems”. Using Q methodology to elicit latent problem perceptions about invasive alien species

Governing transboundary commons in Africa: the emergence and challenges of the Kavango–Zambezi Treaty

Does Inequality Cause a Difference in Altruism Between the Rich and the Poor? Evidence from a Laboratory Experiment

Press performance amid threats of terror: Exploring reporting thresholds and criticism in elite coverage of an Identity Cards Bill

Radicalism, authoritarianism, and the role of new media

Singlewide: Chasing the American Dream in a Rural Trailer Park, by SonyaSalamon and KatherineMacTavish, Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 2017. 282 pp. $29.95 (paper). ISBN: 978‐115017‐1322‐4.

Conceptualizing Environmental Justice: Plural Frames and Global Claims in Land between the Rivers, Kentucky, by DamayantiBanerjee, New York: Lexington Books, 2018. 103 pp. $85.00 (cloth). ISBN: 978‐1‐4985‐0784‐4.

The Sociologist’s Eye: Reflections on Social Life, by KaiErikson, New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 2017. 432 pp. $35.00 (paper). ISBN: 978‐0‐300‐10667‐1.

Food and Society, by Amy E.Guptill, Denise A.Copelton, and BetsyLucal, Cambridge, England: Polity Press, 2017. 250 pp. (paper). ISBN: 978‐1509501847.

A broken chain? Colonial history, middle-class Indian migrants and intergenerational ambivalence

Making Migration Knowable and Governable: Benchmarking Practices as Technologies of Global Migration Governance

Technocratic Exceptionalism: Monetary Policy and the Fear of Democracy

War Ink: Sense-Making and Curating War through Military Tattoos

Performing Diplomatic Decorum: Repertoires of “Appropriate” Behavior in the Margins of International Diplomacy

What Can Counterterrorism Learn from Cognitive Justice in Global Citizenship Education?

Local Government Financing of Climate Change in Ghana: Politics of Aid and Central Government Dependency Syndrome

Latino/a Citizen Children of Undocumented Parents Negotiating Illegality

The ‘lost generation’ of the 2008 crisis: Generational memory and conflict in Spain

What stories should a ‘National Nature Monument’ tell? Lessons from the German Green Belt

Reimagining unfinished architectures: ruin perspectives between art and heritage

Evaluating the effect of the introduction of the euro on tourist flows: A synthetic control approach

Do we need deeper trade agreements for GVC s or just a BIT ?

Resilience to the Global Economic and Turkish (GEO)Political Crisis Compared

Sharing is caring: the role of voter-candidate similarities in intra-party electoral competition

Ratna Kapur: Gender, Alterity, and Human Rights: Freedom in a Fish Bowl

Stain removal: Ethics and race

Roll-Call Votes in the German Bundestag: A New Dataset, 1949–2013

Agenda Control and Electoral Success in the US House

The Circulation of Climate Change Denial Online: Rhetorical and Networking Strategies on Facebook

‘Exempted soldiers’ in the ‘New Selectivity Military’: public opinion among Jewish Israelis concerning selective conscientious objection (military refusal) and the Military Recruitment Model

Haseki Women’s Hospital and the female destitute of nineteenth-century Istanbul

Understanding Computer-Mediated Support Groups: A Revisit Using a Meta-Analytic Approach

Openness values and regional innovation: a set-analysis

‘Won’t Somebody Please Think of the Children?’ Hate Speech, Harm, and Childhood

Doing global urban research

Unequal cities: The challenge of post-industrial transition in times of austerity

Vocational Community College Students’ Conversations about Binge Drinking

Jomini versus Clausewitz: Hamley’s Operations of War and Military Thought in the British Army, 1866–1933

Ecological dimensions of population dynamics and subsistence in Neo-Eneolithic Eastern Europe

Sex and Death on the Western Emigrant Trail: The Biology of Three American Tragedies. DONALD K. GRAYSON. 2018. University of Utah Press, Salt Lake City. 261 pp. $29.95 (paperback), ISBN 978-1-6078-1602-7.

The impact of revenue diversification on municipal debts: comparing short-term and long-term debt levels

Government Responsiveness under Majoritarian and (within) Proportional Electoral Systems

The School Diary in Wartime Japan: Cultivating morale and self-discipline

Reimagining Asia: Indian and Australian women crossing borders

The Eruption and Ruination of ‘Rising India’: Rana Dasgupta's Capital and the temporalities of Delhi in the 2010s

Celebrity Philanthropy in China: Reconfiguring Government and Non-Government Roles in National Development

George Chauncey's Gay New York: A View From 25 Years Later

Suspended Attitudes: Exclusion and Emotional Disengagement from School

‘‘I Can Turn It on When I Need To’’: Pre-college Integration, Culture, and Peer Academic Engagement among Black and Latino/a Engineering Students

Bottom Lines and Deadlines: Examining Local Digital News Startups’ Content Across Different Revenue-earning Sites

Unequal Positions: A Relational Approach to Racial Inequality Trends in the US States, 1940–2010

The ‘cash value’ of the rules of treaty interpretation

The (Alt)right to rape: violated white masculinities in the Alt-right, and the film Nocturnal Animals

“Bribery with Chinese characteristics” and the use of guanxi to obtain admission to prestigious secondary schools in urban China

Sensing the City: Legibility in the Context of Mediated Spatial Terrains

The Impact of Religious Freedom Laws on Destination Image

Domestic Economies: Women, Work, and the American Dream in Los Angeles, by Susanna Rosenbaum

Butterfly diversity along the urbanization gradient in a densely-built Mediterranean city: Land cover is more decisive than resources in structuring communities

When “Mixed” Marriages Fall Apart: A Socio-Legal Perspective

Mixed-ethnicity marriages and marital dissolution in Israel

Athletes for France or Athletes for the Church: Conflict between Sports Officials and Catholic Sportsmen during the Vichy Regime (1940–1944)

‘A good girl is worth their weight in gold’: Gender relations in British horseracing

The liberal peace fallacy: violent neoliberalism and the temporal and spatial traps of state-based approaches to peace

The changing geography of global science

Applicability of civil and defense dual use to space situational awareness system in Japan

Self-control, sleep disturbance, and the mediating role of occupational burnout in married couples

Privacy rules for revealing one’s undocumented status to nonfamily members: Exploring the perspectives of undocumented youth of Mexican origin

Perceptions of the effects of celiac disease on romantic relationships among individuals with celiac disease

Diffusion of hurricane evacuation behavior through a home-workplace social network: A spatially explicit agent-based simulation model

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Delayed mimicking: the timing of fiscal interactions in Europe

Politically driven cycles in fiscal policy: In depth analysis of the functional components of government expenditures

Give a fish or teach fishing? Partisan affiliation of U.S. governors and the poverty status of immigrants

How voters use grade scales in evaluative voting

Cashless payments and tax evasion

Trump, Condorcet and Borda: Voting paradoxes in the 2016 Republican presidential primaries

More effective defense capabilities and pareto-improving resource transfers: Conflict on the Korean Peninsula

On the interpretation of World Values Survey trust question - Global expectations vs. local beliefs

Gender and corruption: The neglected role of culture

When the mafia comes to town

Lobbying, campaign contributions, and electoral competition

The economic effects of U.S. presidential tax communication: Evidence from a correlated topic model

Undeflected pressure? The protectionist effect of political partisanship on US antidumping policy

The effects of bridging business and politics – A survival analysis of German Federal ministers

Bitterness in life and attitudes towards immigration

The geography of violence during a presidential election: Evidence from Zimbabwe

A clear advantage: The benefits of transparency to crisis recovery

On the measurement of voter ideology

Globalization and international risk-sharing: The role of social and political integration

The effect of Western TV on crime: Evidence from East Germany

On the causes of Brexit

The Hartz reforms and the German labor force

US aid, US educated leaders and economic ideology

Does a stronger system of law and order constrain the effects of foreign direct investment on government size?

Financial crisis and financial policy reform: Crisis origins and policy dimensions

Anticorruption and growth: Evidence from China

Tax morale, aversion to ethnic diversity, and decentralization

Rational ignorance, populism, and reform

Transparency diminishes framing-effects in voting on redistribution: Some experimental evidence

Why go to court? Bargaining failure under the shadow of trial with complete information

Trust no more? On the lasting effects of corruption scandals

Partisanship, priming and participation in public-good schemes

In the Shadow of Asylum Decision-Making: The Knowledge Politics of Country-of-Origin Information

Does polarization affect even the inattentive? Assessing the relationship between political sophistication, policy orientations, and elite cues

6 December 2018

Care of the species: races of corn and the science of plant biodiversity

The EU as a securitising agent? Testing the model, advancing the literature

The Italian election of 2018 and the first populist government of Western Europe

Institutions, Gendered Perceptions, and Frames of Meaning: Explaining Strategic Choices of Women MPs in Swedish Prostitution Policy

Obstetric Racism: The Racial Politics of Pregnancy, Labor, and Birthing

‘If we stop, the world stops’: the 2018 feminist strike in Spain

Unemployment among Land-Losing Farmers in China: Evidence from the 2010 Census

A time to rise: collective memoirs of the Union of Democratic Filipinos (KDP)

Populism and competitive authoritarianism in Turkey

The Intermarium as a Polish Geopolitical Concept in history and in the Present

The Classification of Offending and Crime Related Problems: A Functional Perspective

A house of prayer for all people: contesting citizenship in a queer church

Geography of productivity: evidence from China’s manufacturing industries

Three-dimensional security: Layers, spheres, volumes, milieus

Socio-environmental Conflict, Political Settlements, and Mining Governance: A Cross-Border Comparison, El Salvador and Honduras

Thank You to Referees

Chiefs in the City: Traditional Authority in the Modern State

Falling on Deaf Ears? Exploring the Effects of Newspaper Coverage of the European Parliament on Public Support for it

Collapse of a Country: A Diplomat’s Memoir of South Sudan by Nicholas Coghlan

Editors' introduction

When the World Seemed New: George H.W. Bush and the End of the Cold War by Jeffrey A. Engel

Brazil’s entrepreneurial power in world politics: The role of great powers and regional politics for successful entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial states: A conceptual overview

The Price of Alliance: The Politics and Procurement of Leopard Tanks for Canada’s NATO Brigade by Frank Maas

Swingback: Getting Along in the World with Harper and Trudeau by Mike Blanchfield

Un selfie avec Justin Trudeau: Regard critique sur la diplomatie du premier ministre Québec Amérique by Jocelyn Coulon

From disaster to development?: The role of the Second World War in shaping Canadian humanitarian aid

In search of international influence: Mexico as an entrepreneurial power

Entrepreneurial states versus middle powers: Distinct or intertwined frameworks?

Canada’s G20 entrepreneurship

Reading entrepreneurial power in small Gulf states: Qatar and the UAE

Trudeau’s World: Insiders Reflect on Foreign Policy, Trade, and Defence, 1968–84 by Robert Bothwell and J.L. Granatstein

Complexity’s Embrace: The International Law Implications of Brexit by Oonagh E. Fitzgerald and Eva Lein (eds.)

Ballot Initiatives and Status Quo Bias

Water in the Lumbee World: A River and Its People in a Time of Change

Civil liability for nuclear damage in countries developing nuclear new build programmes

The Effects of Unemployment on Non-monetary Job Quality in Europe: The Moderating Role of Economic Situation and Labor Market Policies

Diaspora’s Homeland: Modern China in the Age of Global Migration. By Shelly Chan

The significance of things: Objects, emotions and cultural production in migrant women’s return visits home

American Women Missionaries on Trial in Turkey: Religion, Diplomacy, and Public Perceptions in the 1920s*

Supplemental Material for Development of a 21-Item Short Form of the Attitudes to Sexual Offenders (ATS) Scale

Supplemental Material for A Meta-Analysis of Differences in Children’s Reports of Single and Repeated Events

Supplemental Material for The Psychopathic “Label” and Effects on Punishment Outcomes: A Meta-Analysis

A Field in Flux: The Intriguing Past and the Promising Future of Audience Analysis

What drives students’ online self-disclosure behavior on social media? A hybrid SEM and artificial intelligence approach

What customers want from smart devices: Investigating explicitly judged and implicitly derived success factors

Multimodal Systems For Speech Recognition

Understanding The Factors Affecting Consumers’ Continuance Intention In Mobile Shopping: The Case Of Private Shopping Clubs

Effects of Virtual Reality News on Knowledge Gain and News Attitudes

Use of social networking applications (SNAs) by immigrant children, adolescents, and young adultsto maintain contact with those who remained in the country of origin: Usage characteristics and habits

Disembedded Politics: Neoliberal Reform and Labour Market Institutions in Central and Eastern Europe

Reclaiming wonder: After the sublime

Power Sharing: Institutions, Behavior, and Peace

A study of the acceptance and resistance of airline mobile application services: with an emphasis on user characteristics

Effect of regulatory focus primed by a smartphone application on calling plan satisfaction

Understanding consumer intention to pay by contactless credit cards in Taiwan

Inter-type differences in store personality between department stores, hypermarkets, and mobile commerce

Exploring new factors affecting purchase intention of mobile commerce: trust and social benefit as mediators

Customer retention to mobile telecommunication service providers: the roles of perceived justice and customer loyalty program

Film review: Martin McDonagh (dir.), Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

The art of imprisonment

Franco-German cooperation and the rescuing of the Eurozone

Chinese competition: intra-industry and intra-firm adaptation

“We do this because the market demands it”: alternative meat production and the speciesist logic

Alison Hope Alkon and Julie Guthman (eds.): The new food activism: opposition, cooperation, and collective action

John Lever and Johan Fischer: Religion, regulation, consumption: globalising kosher and halal markets

Book Review: Mothers of Massive Resistance: White Women and the Politics of White Supremacy by Elizabeth Gillespie McRae

From the Guest Editors: Gender, Disability, and Intersectionality

A Match Made in Heaven? Southern Evangelicalism and the Rise and Fall of Agrarian Populism in the 1890s

International criminal justice in an age of perpetual crisis

Embedding road networks and travel time into distance metrics for urban modelling

Exploring the effects of commuting on workers’ satisfaction: evidence for Spain


How does urban population density decline over time? An exponential model for Chinese cities with international comparisons

Evaluating climate change adaptation strategies and scenarios of enhanced vertical and horizontal compactness at urban scale (a case study for Berlin)

Media Amnesia, by Laura Basu

In/visibly different: Melania Trump and the othering of Eastern European women in US culture

Public responses to scientific research: Does disciplinary attribution matter?

Financialization, resistance, and the question of women’s land rights

China's Missing Children: Political Barriers to Citizenship through the Household Registration System

Informality and Working Conditions in China's Sanitation Sector

Legitimacy, Development and Sustainability: Understanding Water Policy and Politics in Contemporary China

Time Perception and Industrialization: Divergence and Convergence of Work Ethics in Chinese Enterprises in Africa

Public Services and Informal Profits: Governing Township Health Centres in a Context of Misfit Regulatory Institutions

Resilience and Contagion: Invoking Human Rights in African HIV Advocacy Kristi Heather Kenyon Montreal and Kingston: McGill-Queen's University Press, 2017

Could It Happen Here? Canada in the Age of Trump and Brexit Michael Adams Toronto: Simon & Schuster, 2017, 178 pages

Looking for Bootstraps: Economic Development in the Maritimes Donald Savoie Halifax: Nimbus Publishing, 2017

Old Pastor and Local Bureaucrats: Recasting Church-State Relations in Contemporary China

Local discoveries and technological relatedness: the role of MNEs, imports and domestic capabilities

Are Rights Out of Time? International Human Rights Law, Temporality, and Radical Social Change

The influence of religious identity and socio-economic status on diet over time, an example from medieval France

Anatomy of a product safety crisis: Fonterra’s recall crisis in China

Visualising where commuting cyclists travel using crowdsourced data

Beyond Word2vec: An approach for urban functional region extraction and identification by combining Place2vec and POIs

Book Review: Seduction: Men, Masculinity and Mediated Intimacy

The Corporate War Dead: New Perspectives on the Demographics of American and British Contractors

Jacques deLisle and Avery Goldstein, Eds., China’s Global Engagement: Cooperation, Competition, and Influence in the twenty-first Century

Historically contested concepts: A conceptual history of philanthropy in France, 1712-1914

Hunger strike and the force-feeding chair: Guantanamo Bay and corporeal surrender

Book review: Critique as Social Practice: Critical Theory and Social Self-Understanding

Mate preferences in emerging adulthood and beyond: Age variations in mate preferences and beliefs about change in mate preferences

Mississippian Beginnings. GREGORY D. WILSON, editor. 2017. University Press of Florida, Gainesville. ix + 332 pp. $89.95 (hardcover), ISBN 978-1-68340-010-3.

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Analyzing inter-state negotiations in the Eurozone crisis and beyond

Hans Keman, Social democracy. A comparative account of the left-wing party family

Day-to-day variation in excess commuting: An exploratory study of Brisbane, Australia

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Corpse Brides: Yinhun and the Macabre Agency of Cadavers in Contemporary Chinese Ghost Marriages

Threshold point utilisation in juror decision-making