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18 June 2019

The UN Declaration of Human Rights at 70: Women’s Rights

The neoliberal borderscape: Neoliberalism's effects on the social worlds of migrants along the Thai-Myanmar border

Contestations around water allocation during a climate crisis in India: The case of ‘IPL vs. drought’

The need for independent advocacy for people subject to mental health community treatment orders

Regulatory alternatives for AI

Principles and business processes for responsible AI

Expanded comfort assessment in outdoor urban public spaces using Box-Cox transformation

Inspiring awe through tourism and its consequence

17 June 2019

Sovereignty between the Katechon and the Eschaton: Rethinking the Leviathan

Visions of a Technological World

National-Populist Social Protest as a Manifestation of Crisis: From December 2008 to the “Indignants” (2011): A Greek Political and Ideological Chronicle

Insourcing Dissent: Brand English in the Entrepreneurial University

A Solution in Hieroglyphic: Carl Schmitt, Herman Melville, and the Politics of Images

Carl Schmitt, Justice of War, and Individual Citizen's Obligation

“Marxism” versus Hegelianism-Engelsism-Stalinism

Conceptual Affinities around the Political: The Case of Laclau and Schmitt

Living Paradoxes: On Agamben, Taylor, and Human Subjectivity


Schmitt vs. Derrida: The Distinction between the Juridical and the Technical Rationality

Diverging patterns of interaction around news on social media: insularity and partisanship during the 2018 Italian election campaign

Dot-Com Design: How do we tell a Web History?

Plausible lies and implausible truths: Police investigators’ preferences while portraying the role of innocent suspects

Pareto-minimality in the jungle

Social Background and Children's Cognitive Skills: The Role of Early Childhood Education and Care in a Cross-National Perspective


Descriptive and Substantive Representation in Congress: Evidence from 80,000 Congressional Inquiries

How Do Terrorist Organizations Make Money? Terrorist Funding and Innovation in the Case of al-Shabaab

Near and far, centralised–decentralised urban futures

Rethinking the VOC: Between Archival Management and Research Practice. Introduction

From the Editors - redactioneel

In the Company of Global History

Rethinking the VOC: Two Cheers for Progress

Weg van de staat. Blijde Intredes in de laatmiddeleeuwse Nederlanden op het snijvlak van sociale, culturele en politieke geschiedenis¹

Decolonisation in Dutch Archives: Defining and Debating

'Disaster upon Disaster Inflicted on the Dutch'. Singing about Disasters in the Netherlands, 1600-1900

Ethnic disorder in VOC Asia. A Plea for Eccentric Reading

'Hoe haer die ghemeente sette jeghen die heren'. Politieke literatuur en opstanden in het veertiende-eeuwse Brabant

Beyond identity lines: women building peace in Northern Ireland and the Korean peninsula

Rent seeking as an evolving process: the case of the Ancien Régime

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) for the treatment of stalking offenders: A randomized controlled study.

Josephine Dawuni and H. E Akua Kuenyehia (eds.): International Courts and the African Woman Judge: Unveiled Narratives

Channeling advocacy? Assessing how funding source shapes the strategies of environmental organizations

Generational order: troubles with a ‘travelling concept’

Why have generational orderings been marginalised in the social sciences including childhood studies?

From boats to bushes: environmental elements supportive of children’s sociodramatic play outdoors

Environment in the lives of children and families: perspectives from India and the UK

Boys don’t cry? Critical phenomenology, self-harm and suicide

The Effect of News Peril-type on Social Inclinations: A Social Group Comparison

The Methodological Divide of Sociology: Evidence from Two Decades of Journal Publications

Present soils and past land use: the “bracken economy” in Lea-Artibai County (Basque Country, northern Spain) in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries

Eating and drinking in Global Brooklyn

Nation as Grand Narrative: The Nigerian Press and the Politics of Meaning, by Wale Adebanwi

Foucault’s History of the Present: The Birth of the Games Concept Approach in Singapore’s Physical Education Curriculum

A Study of the Factor Analysis on the Change in the Title of the Sponsorship of Chinese Professional Football Clubs

Securing human rights through risk-management methods: Breakthrough or misalignment?

Looking at the World Bank’s safeguard reform through the lens of deliberative democracy

The World Bank’s Environmental and Social Safeguards and the evolution of global order

Citing history

Constructing autonomy: the significance of architecture in creating and manifesting autonomy in protest camps

The limits of participatory democracy and the inclusion of social movements in local government

Conceptualizing contexts or contextualizing concepts? On some issues of the modeling of relational spaces in the study of collective action

An analysis of counterterrorism measures taken by Indonesia since the 2002 Bali bombings

“Like Being Shot in the Face” or “I’m Glad I’m Out”: Journalists’ Experiences of Job Loss in the Australian Media Industry 2012–2014

Investigating “Missing” Women: Gender, Ghosts, and the Bosnian Peace Process

Primary Resources, Secondary Labor: Natural Resources and Immigration Policy

Proximities of Violence: Civil Order Beyond Governance Institutions

The Risks of Election Observation: International Condemnation and Post-Election Violence

‘Fitting in’ and ‘standing out’: the peer group and young people’s development of reader identity

The centrality of regions in corporate knowledge flows and the implications for Smart Specialisation Strategies

Territorial cohesion in rural Europe: the relational turn in rural development

The costs of interest representation – a resource perspective on informational lobbying

How does staggered membership renewal affect parliamentary behaviour? Evidence from the French Senate

Rethinking political distrust

Does establishment suppress the political activities of religious congregations? Evidence from Switzerland—ERRATUM

The Secular-Religious Competition Perspective in Comparative Perspective

Borderland environmental justice and governance apertures

“What Value Should We Attach to All These Petitions?”: Petition Campaigns and the Problem of Legitimacy in the Nineteenth-Century Netherlands

New Legends of England: Forms of Community in Late Medieval Saints’ Lives, by Catherine Sanok

Bishops in the Political Community of England, 1213–1272, by S.T. Ambler

Visions of Sainthood in Medieval Rome: The Lives of Margherita Colonna by Giovanni Colonna and Stefania, ed. Lezlie S. Knox and Sean L. Field, tr. Larry F. Field

Disciplined Dissent: Strategies of Non-Confrontational Protest in Europe from the Twelfth to the Early Sixteenth Century, ed. Fabrizio Titone

Sports and the Making of the Modern Middle East

Football Femininities: Lessons from the Gulf

The “baby brain” stereotype and policing of pregnant women’s competence

We (all) can’t have it all: demystifying celebrity motherhood in the face of precarious lives

Traditional Political Institutions and Democracy: Reassessing Their Compatibility and Accountability

Rethinking Democratic Diffusion: Bringing Regime Type Back In

Amending section 25 of the South African Constitution to allow for expropriation of land without compensation: some theoretical considerations of the social-obligation norm of ownership

Interpreting Article II, Section 2: George Washington and the President's Powers

Cities on the global real estate marketplace: urban development policy and the circulation of financial standards in two French localities

Changing urban governance in Ghana: the role of resistance practices and activism in Kumasi

Aggregation, Clickbait and Their Effect on Perceptions of Journalistic Credibility and Quality

Yeni Osmanlıcılık: Hınç, Nostalji, Narsisizm (New Ottomanism: resentment, nostalgia, narcissism)

Economic Vulnerability and Partisanship in Latin America

A podcast on urban ruins, or the aural weaving of theory and field

Considering Matthew Shepard: normative and anti-normative queer spatial narratives and the politics of performance in choral music

The fading face of a vanishing legacy: the life and death of immigrant culture in Anzali port city

Comparison of two cluster life stages in a synthetic knowledge base

Carceral layers in a geropsychiatric unit in Finland

Who refers most? Institutional incentives and judicial participation in the preliminary ruling system

Book review: Reece Peck, Fox populism: Branding conservatism as working class

Lobbying dynamics

Predictors and Mental Health Benefits of Chosen Name Use Among Transgender Youth

The Impact of Community Size, Community Climate, and Victimization on the Physical and Mental Health of SGM Youth

Differential Sexual Behavior Experiences of LGBQ and Transgender/Nonbinary Young People in Colorado

Editors’ note on the Best Review Prize 2018

Just Getting By? Francophone Belgian Journalists Dealing with Dutch-language Sources in Their Public Broadcasting Service

Towards a semiotic theory of the corporation

Mother–child engagement in sports and outdoor activities: Intensive mothering, purposive leisure, and implications for health and relationship closeness

Can celebrity athletes burst the echo chamber bubble? The case of LeBron James and Lady Gaga

Book Review: Contemporary Masculinities in the UK and the US: Between Bodies and Systems

Restructuring legal geography

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights at 70: Indigenous rights and the Uluru Statement from the Heart

16 June 2019

Organizing across Distance: Reconceiving US Postwar Women's Activism

Class, White Women, and Elite Asian Men in British Courts during the Late Nineteenth Century

Reforming Girlhood in Colonial Lagos

An Almost Inconceivable Foe: Anglo-American Women and Violence against Colonial Authority in Seventeenth-Century New England

Editorial Note: Colonial Intimacies and Gendered Violence

Exploring the Diverse Experiences of the Great War One Hundred Years Later

Standing By Your Man: Wives in Nineteenth-Century Empires

Decolonizing Marriage and the Family: The Lives and Letters of Ida, Benoy, and Indira Sarkar

The Body and State Violence, from the Harrowing to the Mundane: Chilean Women's Oral Histories of the Augusto Pinochet Dictatorship (1973–1990)

"That is How Whores Get Punished": Gender, Race, and the Culture of Honor-Based Violence in Colonial Latin America

"Alien to my sex": Enslaved Women and Their Gendered Notions of Abuse in Eighteenth-Century Lima, Peru

I’ll See It When I Believe It: Motivated Numeracy in Perceptions of Climate Change Risk

The Principle of Subsidiarity in the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption: A Philosophical Analysis

Decolonizing Global Ethics: Thinking with the Pluriverse

Artificial Intelligence and International Security: The Long View

Artificial Intelligence in Global Health

The Future Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Humans and Human Rights

Arctic 2.0: How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Develop a Frontier

Some Brief Reflections on Digital Technologies and Economic Development

Artificial Intelligence: Power to the People

Global Power Shifts, Diversity, and Hierarchy in International Politics

Global Health Governance in International Society, Jeremy Youde (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018), 224 pp., $81 cloth, $79.99 eBook.

Trade Justice, James Christensen (New York: Oxford University Press, 2018), 200 pp., $70 cloth, $69.99 eBook.

A Theory of Global Governance: Authority, Legitimacy, and Contestation, Michael Zürn (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018), 336 pp., $94 cloth, $26.95 paper, $25.99 eBook

The Global Climate Regime and Transitional Justice, Sonja Klinsky and Jasmina Brankovic (New York: Routledge, 2018), 196 pp., $140 cloth, $54.95 eBook.

Asia. Cold War and decolonisation: Australia's policy towards Britain's end of empire in Southeast Asia By Andrea Benvenuti Singapore: NUS Press, 2017. Pp. 320. Notes, Bibliography, Index. - Asia. US–Singapore relations, 1965–1975: Strategic non-alignment

Asia. Vamping the stage: Female voices of Asian modernities Edited by Andrew N. Weintraub and Bart Barendregt Honolulu: University of Hawai‘i Press, 2017. Pp. 372. Bibliography, Index.

Timor-Leste. Fieldwork in Timor-Leste: Understanding social change through practice Edited by Maj Nygaard-Christensen and Angie Bexley Copenhagen: NIAS Press, 2017. Pp. xiii, 261. Maps, Plates, Notes, Bibliography, Index.

Editorial Foreword

Translating Philippine history in America's shadow: Japanese reflections on the past and present during the Vietnam War

Thailand. Human rights in Thailand By Don F. Selby Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2018. Pp. 234. Notes, Bibliography, Index.

Cambodia. Cambodia's second kingdom: Nation, imagination, and democracy By Astrid Norén-Nilsson Ithaca, NY: Cornell Southeast Asia Program Publications, 2016. Pp. 229. Plates, Notes, Bibliography, Index.

The Maubara fort, a relic of eighteenth-century local autonomy and Dutch–Portuguese rivalry on Timor

Myanmar. Buddhist visual cultures, rhetoric, and narrative in late Burmese wall paintings By Alexandra Green Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, 2018. Pp. ix, 237. Appendix, Glossary, Bibliography, Index.

Thailand. The rise of the Octobrists in contemporary Thailand: Power and conflict among former left-wing student activists in Thai politics By Kanokrat Lertchoosakul New Haven, CT: Yale Southeast Asia Studies, Monograph 65, 2016. Pp. 364. Notes, Bibliogra

Improvising protocols: Two enterprising Chinese migrant families and the resourceful Nguyễn court

Worldly compromise in Thai Buddhist modernism

The death of a Northern Thai hermit: A case study of religious transition and schism in a Buddhist community

The early years of Philippine Studies, 1953 to 1966

Vietnam. Forests are gold: Trees, people, and environmental rule in Vietnam By Pamela D. McElwee Seattle: University of Washington Press, 2016. Pp. xxvi + 283. Illustrations, Notes, Bibliography, Index.

Vietnam. Maintenir l'ordre aux confins de l'Empire: Pirates, trafiquants et rebelles entre Chine et Viêt Nam, 1895–1940 By Johann Grémont Paris: Maisonneuve & Larose, 2018. Pp. 336. Maps, Illustrations, Bibliography, Sources, Appendices, Glossary, Index.

Vietnam. The British and the Vietnam War: Their way with LBJ By Nicholas Tarling Singapore: NUS Press, 2017. Pp. 451. Maps, Notes, Bibliography, Index.

Vietnam. South Vietnamese soldiers: Memories of the Vietnam War and after By Nathalie Huynh Chau Nguyen Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger, 2016. Pp. 289. Maps, Plates, Notes, Bibliography, Index.

Malaysia. Taming Babel: Language in the making of Malaysia By Rachel Leow Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2016. Pp. 261. Maps, Notes, Bibliography, Index.

Timor-Leste. The land of gold: Post-conflict recovery and cultural revival in independent Timor-Leste By Judith M. Bovensiepen Ithaca, NY: Southeast Asia Program Publications, Cornell University, 2015. Pp. 216. Illustrations, Maps.

Indonesia. Sovereign women in a Muslim kingdom: The Sultanahs of Aceh, 1641–1699 By Sher Banu A.L. Khan Singapore: NUS Press, 2017. Pp. vii + 317. Map, Plates, Glossary, Bibliography, Index.

The Philippines. The Dasmariñases, early governors of the Spanish Philippines By John Newsome Crossley London: Routledge, 2016. Pp. xv + 264. List of Figures, Glossary, Appendix, Bibliography, Index.

The work of the digital undead: digital capitalism and the suspension of communicative death

Linguistic strategies prompting interactions in recipes from Mandarin Chinese food blogs

What is Rhythmanalysis?

The ‘Policy’ That Invalidates Testamentary Conditions

15 June 2019

Hysteresis, academic biography, and political field in the People’s Republic of Poland

Weaponizing vulnerability to climate change

Orientalism, Balkanism and Europe's Ottoman heritage

Race, Gender, and Perceptions of Peer Delinquency: A Within-Subject Analysis

Do Specific Combinations of Parent–Child Relationships Predict Moral Values?

The European Union as a normal international actor: an analysis of the EU Global Strategy

‘Burn it down!’: Materialising intersectional solidarities in the architecture of the South African Embassy during the London Poll Tax Riot, March 1990

Unfitness to plead in England and Wales: Historical development and contemporary dilemmas

A study of triggering events: When do political regimes change?

Rethinking borders, violence, and conflict: From sovereign power to borderscapes as sites of struggles

Aligning against Indigenous jurisdiction: Worker savings, colonial capital, and the Canada Infrastructure Bank

book review

Parent activists versus the corporation: a fight for school food sovereignty

Voluntarism, Corporatism and Path Dependency: The Metalworkers’ Unions Amalgamated Engineering Union and IG Metall and their Place in the History of British and German Industrial Relations

Roadmap for a communication maturity index for organizations—Theorizing, analyzing and developing communication value

Leveraging LEGO® Serious Play® to embrace AI and robots in tourism

What is technology adoption? Exploring the agricultural research value chain for smallholder farmers in Lao PDR

Managing visibility on YouTube through algorithmic gossip

Path creation and the role of entrepreneurial actors: The case of the Otago Central Rail Trail

Sustainable heritage development in the South African Cederberg

Underwater: Resilience, racialized housing, and the national flood insurance program in Canarsie, Brooklyn

Human Values and Digital Work: An Ethnographic Study of Device Paradigm

Language Style Matching in Preschooler–Adult Dyads: Associations with Dyad Familiarity and Children’s Age

Uneven incorporation: Volumetric transitions in peri-urban China's conservation zones

Translocal practices and proximities in short quality food chains at the periphery: the case of North Swedish farmers

Creativity, Conviviality, and Civil Society in Neoliberalizing Public Space: Changing Politics and Discourses in Skateboarder Activism From New York City to Los Angeles

States of Nature in Immanuel Kant’s Doctrine of Right

From a Distance: Geographic Proximity, Partisanship, and Public Attitudes toward the U.S.–Mexico Border Wall

Conversational Patterns and Listener Responses Associated With an Enhanced Fading Affect Bias After Social Disclosure

What Does It Mean to Be Popular in Spain? Mixed-Method Analysis of Popularity as Perceived by Teenagers and Their Teachers

Potential for sustainable use of trees in hot arid regions: A case study of Emirati neighborhoods in Abu Dhabi

14 June 2019

Outsourcing punishment: A poisoned chalice?

Holes, subterranean exploration and affect in the Yucatan Peninsula

High- And Low-risk Activism: Differential Participation In A Refugee Solidarity Movement

Gender And Race In The Occupy Movement: Relational Leadership And Discriminatory Resistance

The Risk Of Occupying A Broad Niche For Environmental Social Movement Organizations

Denial, Deflection, And Distraction: Neutralizing Charges Of Racism By The Tea Party Movement

Social Movement Theory: Lessons From The Sociology Of W. E. B. Du Bois

Linkages And Strategies In Filipino Diaspora Mobilization For Regime Change

Recolonization of native and invasive plants after large-scale clearance of a temperate coastal dunefield

NGO perspectives on the social and ethical dimensions of plant genome-editing

A Social Networks Approach to Understanding Vaccine Conversations on Twitter: Network Clusters, Sentiment, and Certainty in HPV Social Networks

The ‘Dog Doctors’ of Edwardian London: Elite Canine Veterinary Care in the Early Twentieth Century

Preaching Regicide in Jacobean England: John Knight and David Pareus*

Thomas Aquinas’s Relics as a Focus for Conflict and Cult in the Late Middle Ages: The Restless Corpse, by Marika Räsänen

Newspaper Framing of Biafra Agitation Under Buhari’s Administration and its Influence on Public Support for the Struggle

Preventing leisure from being overlooked: Intersecting leisure and prevention sciences

Applicable Law Provisions in Investment Treaties: Forever Midnight Clauses?

Residency, class, and community in the contemporary Chinese city

E‐commerce, taobao villages and regional development in China

Belonging to a place: an analysis of the perceptions of rural‐to‐urban migrants in China

Civil Society Responds to the AWS : Growing Activist Networks and Shifting Frames

The Role of Civilian Innovation in the Development of Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems

Optimizing Coalition Air Warfare: The Emergence and Ethical Dilemmas of Red Card Holder Teams

Marriage, work, and the invention of family law in English legal thought

State Regulation of Organized Crime: Politicians, Police, and Drug Trafficking in Argentina

Allies Already Poised to Comply: How Social Proximity Affects Lactation at Work Law Compliance

The Lost World of the British Leisure Centre

The permaculture movement in India: a social movement with Southern characteristics

The poor’s struggle for political incorporation: the piquetero movement in Argentina

Hierarchy and spatial contagion: population in American cities between 1990 and 2010

Significant UK Environmental Law Cases 2018–19

Do new and relocating firms have different preferences for accessibility?

Digital movement parties: a comparative analysis of the technopolitical cultures and the participation platforms of the Movimento 5 Stelle and the Piratenpartei

From Unconscious Inference to the Beholder’s Share: Predictive Perception and Human Experience

Public relations channel “repertoires”: Exploring patterns of channel use in practice

Silent minority? Willingness to express opinions of motivated public depending on the perceived group size in the context of GM food controversy

Continuity and change in international relations 1919–2019

International Relations: The Story So Far

Nationalism, nations and the crisis of world order

Violence in international relations: The first and the last word

Great illusions or great transformations? Human rights and international relations a hundred years on


Divide and Co-Opt: Private Agendas, Tribal Groups, and Militia Formation in Counterinsurgency Wars

Responsible research and innovation: a systematic review of the literature and its applications to regional studies

Reflections on Devolution: Twenty Years on

The internet trap: How the digital economy builds monopolies and undermines democracy

Government and corporate surveillance: moral discourse on privacy in the civil sphere

Gendered mobilities and immobilities: Women’s and men’s capacities for agricultural innovation in Kenya and Nigeria

Enacting intersectional multilayered citizenship: Kurdish women’s politics

Health Disparities and the Digital Divide: The Relationship between Communication Inequalities and Quality of Life among Women in a Nationwide Prospective Cohort Study in the United States

Not Dead Yet: Political Learning from Newspapers in a Changing Media Landscape

Genetic sampling identifies canid predators of koalas (Phascolarctos cinereus) in peri-urban areas

Achieving impact from ecosystem assessment and valuation of urban greenspace: The case of i-Tree Eco in Great Britain

The impact of tourism research

Paving the way to growth: transit-oriented development as a financing instrument for Shanghai’s post-suburbanization

The names of urban dispossession: a concluding commentary

Post-Soviet urban renewal and its discontents: gentrification by demolition in Baku

Geomorphology of the Pieria Mtns, Northern Greece

Signals of strength: Capability demonstrations and perceptions of military power

Prison management in Israel

Superior Sporting Performance in Athletics: Determinants and Sustainability

Re-imagining Petitioning in Spain (1808–1823)

Collaborative Governance and Conflict Management: Lessons Learned and Good Practices from a Case Study in the Amazon Basin

(Re)Productive Discourses: Media Coverage of Children Born of War in Colombia

Peace Pedagogy and Interpretative Frameworks of Distrust: State–Society Relations in the Colombian Peace Process

Trapped between Promise and Reality in Colombia's Victims' Law: Reflections on Reparations, Development and Social Justice

Introduction: Colombia at the Crossroads: War, Resistance, Transformation, and Peace‐Building

The Gift of News: Phatic News Sharing on Social Media for Social Cohesion

Assessing the variation of ‘leader-focused status’ in contemporary global governance

Mid Staffordshire: a Case Study of Failed Governance and Leadership?

NHS Inquiries and Investigations; an Exemplar in Peculiarity and Assumption

An Elementary Primer for Politicians and Potential Chairs on Public Inquiries

A Crisis for Both Parties

Can Violent Protest Change Local Policy Support? Evidence from the Aftermath of the 1992 Los Angeles Riot

Recent Trends of Regional Development in China – Technological Portfolios and Economic Growth

Jeroen Temperman and András Koltay (eds), Blasphemy and Freedom of Expression: Comparative, Theoretical and Historical Reflections after the Charlie Hebdo Massacre (Cambridge University Press, 2017, xix + 750pp, £140) ISBN 9781108416917 (hb)

Mauro Barelli , Seeking Justice in International Law: The Significance and Implications of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples(Routledge, 2016, xxii + 184pp, £115.00) ISBN 9781138017962 (hb)

Influencing Elite Opinion on Gender Equality through Framing: A Survey Experiment of Elite Support for Corporate Board Gender Quotas

Voter models and external influence

Composition of place: towards a compositional view of functional space

After the Crash: the conservation-planning assemblage in an era of austerity

The 1977 “Carter Initiative” on Northern Ireland*

Stewart Williams—1964–2019

Why do planes not fly the shortest routes? A review

Concerning intent, interpretation, memory and ambiguity in the work of an informal collective working on the Western Sahara conflict


Memory politics: A commentary

‘Descending into hell’: Tazmamart, civic activism and the politics of memory in contemporary Morocco

Archives and/as battlefields: Political aspects of historiographic revision

Submerged memories: Memory, history, and displacement around Lake Asad, Syria

Memory within and without the photographic frame: Wadad Halwani’s The Last Picture… While Crossing

Milieus of memory: Within, across, and between the Mashreq, the Maghreb, and Europe

Book review: Topographies of Memories: A New Poetics of Commemoration

Book review: Memory and Technology: How We Use Information in the Brain and the World

Book review: Palestinians in Syria: Nakba Memories of Shattered Communities

Book review: Ghosts, Landscapes and Social Memory

Archive partisans: Forbidden histories and the promise of the future

Book review: Landscapes of War and Memory: The First Two World Wars in Canadian Literature and the Arts, 1977-2007

Inside Story: How Narratives Drive Mass Harm

Émile Durkheim and the Birth of the Gods: Clans, Incest, Totems, Phratries, Hordes, Mana, Taboos, Corroborees, Sodalities, Menstrual Blood, Apes, Churingas, Cairns, and Other Mysterious Things

Hustle and Gig: Struggling and Surviving in the Sharing Economy

Mobile Orientations: An Intimate Autoethnography of Migration, Sex Work, and Humanitarian Borders

Lethal State: A History of the Death Penalty in North Carolina

Disposession without Developent: Land Grabs in Neoliberal India

Signing the Drama of Dialogue

Economic geography and the regulatory state: Asymmetric marketization of social housing in England

Spatio‐temporal land use multi‐objective optimization: A case study in Central China

Three‐dimensional terrain modeling with multiple‐source illumination

Volunteered geographic information systems: Technological design patterns

Genomic expertise in action: molecular tumour boards and decision‐making in precision oncology

Indo-Fijian women and sportive activity: A critical race feminism approach

Modeling influence on posting engagement in online social networks: Beyond neighborhood effects

Protecting private properties from the sea: Australian policies and practice

Trinity of change agency, regional development paths and opportunity spaces

StarBorn: Towards making in‐situ land cover data generation fun with a location‐based game

Overstrained citizens? The number of ballot propositions and the quality of the decision process in direct democracy

An analysis of the 2014 New Zealand general election: do Internet use and online party mobilisation matter?

Joining the Choir: Religious Membership and Social Trust Among Transnational Ghanaians, by NICOLETTE D. MANGLOS-WEBER

Book review

Ecosystem services tradeoffs arising from non-native tree plantation expansion in southern Chile

13 June 2019

The material politics of smart building energy management: A view from Sydney's commercial office space

The centre–periphery dimension and trust in politicians: the case of Norway

Strategic adaptation of city-regions in federal systems: comparing Canada and the United States

A Secular Age beyond the West: Religion, Law, and the State in Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa, edited by MIRJAM KÜNKLER, JOHN MADELEY, and SHYLASHRI SHANKAR

Decolonizing Mormonism: Approaching a Postcolonial Zion, edited by GINA COLVIN and JOANNA BROOKS

Micro-platformization for digital activism on social media

The Arc of Faith-Based Initiatives: Religion’s Changing Role in Welfare Service Provision, by JOHN P. BARTKOWSKI and SUSAN E. GRETTENBERGER

Fiscal rules to tame the political budget cycle: Evidence from Italian municipalities

Committed or Conditional Democrats? Opposition Dynamics in Electoral Autocracies

Beyond compensation? Examining the role of apologies in the restoration of victims’ needs in simulated tort cases.

Action research on organizational change with the Food Bank of the Southern Tier: a regional food bank’s efforts to move beyond charity

‘Now they’re coming after our schools’: interrogating urban intimacies of children and displacement

Job polarization in the new economy in Danish cities: location, size, and the role of the public sector

Working the Borderlands: working-class students constructing hybrid identities and asserting their place in higher education

Developing and validating a tool to predict placements in administrative segregation: Predictive accuracy with inmates, including indigenous and female inmates.

Identifying and Removing the Silences of Roma Culture in Polish School Texts

Turkey’s rapprochements with Greece and Armenia: Understanding path breaking steps

“Enlightened System” or “Regulatory Nightmare”?: New York’s Adirondack Mountains and the Conflicted Politics of Environmental Land-Use Reform During the 1970s

“The War Power Is Not a Blank Check”: The Supreme Court and Conscientious Objection, 1917–1973

Visible States and Invisible Nation: Newspaper Coverage of Nineteenth-Century Lawmaking

A High-Wire Crusade: Republicans and the War on Poverty, 1966

Social Capital, Civic Labor, and State Capacity in the Early American Republic: Schools, Courts, and Law Enforcement

Local or global? Does internationalization drive innovation in clusters?

Biopolitics Among The Disciplines

How Nineteenth‐century German Classicists Wrote The Jews Out Of Ancient History

From Vague Symbols To Contested Concepts: Peirce, W. B. Gallie, And History

Two Cultures Of The Posthuman Future

The Historian As A Public Moralist: On The Roman Origins Of A Scholarly Persona

What Remains After Postmodernism?

If: Counterfactual And Conditional Historiography

Experience And History: The Reach And Limits Of Phenomenological Approaches To History

The Contest Over Context In Intellectual History

The Virtue Of A Historian: A Dialogue Between Herman Paul And Chinese Theorists Of History

Book review: The Blueprint: Conservative Parties and Their Impact on Canadian Politics

Book review: A Conservative Revolution? Electoral Change in Twenty-First-Century Ireland

Book review: Movement Parties Against Austerity

Book review: Why Parties Matter: Political Competition and Democracy in the American South

The public relations profession as discursive boundary work

Seduced by secrecy – perplexed by complexity: effects of secret vs open-source on intelligence credibility and analytic confidence

Is It All About the Money? How Campaigns Spur Participation in State Court Elections

Key Dimensions of Alternative News Media

Who Shared It?: Deciding What News to Trust on Social Media

Data Journalism Projects Based on User-Generated Content. How La Nacion Data Transforms Active Audience into Staff

Religion and Nationalism in Global Perspective, by J. CHRISTOPHER SOPER and JOEL S. FETZER

The price of salt☆: the capable self in the face of heteronormative marriage pressure in the discourses of the “post-90s” Chinese lesbians

Effects of pronoun use in campaign advertisements on young Taiwanese voters

Stop the clock: comprehending and contesting the logic of speculative time

Food and animal welfare

Swedish fermented herring as a marker of rural identity: the Alfta surströmmingsskiva

Editor’s note

Between careful and crazy: the emotion work of feeding the family in an industrialized food system

The mythologization of protein: a Multimodal Critical Discourse Analysis of snacks packaging

An Alternative Route to Voting Reform: the Right to Vote, Voter Registration, Redistricting and U.S. State Constitutions

Redbrick: A social and architectural History of Britain's civic universities

Algorithms, Machine Learning, And Collusion

Downbound spiral? Economic grievances, perceived social protection and political distrust

Risk aversion and the character of the individual’s place of residence

Comparing the image of the Arab in the Palmah generation literature to the enemy image in Soviet literature

Drivers of ratification rates in global biodiversity governance: local environmentalism, orientation toward global governance, and peer pressure

Garfinkel, Sacks and Formal Structures: Collaborative Origins, Divergences and the History of Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion through Engagement: The APSA 2018 Hackathon

Knowledge, Skills, Craft? The Skilled Worker in West German Industry and the Resilience of Vocational Training, 1970–2000

Reproductive rights or duties? The rhetoric of division in social media debates on abortion law in Poland

For the wild: ritual and commitment in radical eco-activism

Resigned activism: living with pollution in rural China

Combating ‘Filth’: The temple, the state, and urbanization in late nineteenth-century Puri

‘At Least the Government is Watching out for us Now’: Dalit perceptions and experiences of governance and cash transfers in three villages in Sarlahi, Nepal

Making energy personal: policy coordination challenges in UK smart meter implementation

Status competition and rising powers in global governance: an introduction

How Do Observers Assess Resolve?

Building Trust: The Effect of US Troop Deployments on Public Opinion in Peru

Beyond the pregnant man: representing trans pregnancy in A Deal With The Universe

Trade, Migration Costs and Asymmetric Migration Patterns

Knowledge, policymaking and learning for European cities and regions: From research to practice

Rising inequality and neighbourhood mixing in US metro areas

Conflict resolution role of mediation in labor disputes in Turkey

Let’s agree to disagree?

Selection of efficient types of inland intermodal terminals

History and quantitative conflict research: A case for limiting the historical scope of our theoretical arguments

Does Public Opinion Constrain Presidential Unilateralism?

Weathering, Drugs, and Whack-a-Mole: Fundamental and Proximate Causes of Widening Educational Inequity in U.S. Life Expectancy by Sex and Race, 1990–2015

Contemporary Refugee‐Border Dynamics and the Legacies of the 1919 Paris Peace Conference

Transit Life: How Commuting is Transforming Our Cities

Public Support for Increasing Women and Minority MPs

The Women's Movement in Timor-Leste and Potential for Social Change

Book Review: D’Lane Compton, Tey Meadow and Kristen Schilt, Other, Please Specify: Queer Methods in Sociology

The Witch-cleric Stereotype in a Seventeenth-Century Lutheran Context*

Local Experiences and the Second World War: New Perspectives on Mass Violence in Mid-Twentieth Century Europe

Dynamics of FII flows and stock market returns in a major developing country: How does economic uncertainty matter?

Varieties of Regional Integration, International Trade Networks and Risk

Tasmania July to December 2018

Northern Territory July to December 2018

South Australia July to December 2018

Australian Capital Territory July to December 2018

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Issues in Australian Foreign Policy July to December 2018

Editorial Note

Commonwealth of Australia

Victoria July to December 2018

Queensland July to December 2018

New South Wales July to December 2018

Australian welfare workers and street-level discretion when working with clients from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds

Political graffiti in May 2018 at Nanterre University: A linguistic ethnographic analysis

Democracy and Retribution: Transitional Justice and Regime Support in Postwar West Germany

The gender gap in job authority: Do social network resources matter?

(Most of) the Charter of Fundamental Rights is Horizontally Applicable

Separation of Powers and Alternative Dispute Resolution before the European Court of Human Rights

The Direct Horizontal Effect of EU Fundamental Rights

A Feminine Advantage? Delineating the Effects of Feminine Trait and Feminine Issue Messages on Evaluations of Female Candidates

Optimizing Companion Cats: Feline Agility, Biopower, and Possibilities of Interspecies Care in Sport

A Path out of Patriarchy? Political Agency and Social Identity of Women Fighters

Expressive Voting in Autocracies: A Theory of Non-Economic Participation with Evidence from Cameroon

An increasingly squeezed middle class? Changing income distributions and inequality in the EU15 through the last economic cycle

Gateways for consumption: A rhythmanalysis

The influence of ENSO and PDO on tropical Andean glaciers and their impact on the hydrology of the Amazon Basin

Public Engagement for Regulatory Reform: A Case Study of Autologous Stem Cell Therapy Regulation in Australia

A Zero-Sum Politics of Identification: A Topological Analysis of Wildlife Advocacy Rhetoric in the Mexican Gray Wolf Reintroduction Project

Bidirectional Socialization: An Actor-Partner Interdependence Model of Internet Self-Efficacy and digital Media Influence Between Parents and Children

Financial and caregivers’ stressors in Australian law students – a qualitative analysis

In Memoriam: J. Donald Hughes (1932–2019)

Reviewing qualitative GIS research—Toward a wider usage of open‐source GIS and reproducible research practices

The Nadwat al-‘Ulama's Romance with Iqbal: Narrative construction and historiography

More science, less exegesis, please: a rejoinder

On culture and inequality: distinction, omnivorousness, status and class

Class, status and lifestyle: on omnivores, distinction, and the measurement of social position

Classes and classification: comment on Chan and Flemmen, Jarness and Roselund

The challenge of inequality in US society

Understanding cultural omnivores: social and political attitudes

Omnivorousness and openness: comments to Tak Wing Chan

Class and status: reply to comments

A second opinion: diagnosis and prescription of the American case

Cultural narratives and their social supports, or: sociology as a team sport

Beyond the neoliberal moment: self‐worth and the changing nature of work

Is self‐worth crucial for the reproduction of inequality? A response to Michele Lamont’s Lecture

Who’s ‘having’? Who’s ‘being’? A response to Lamont

The myth of agency and the misattribution of blame in collective imaginaries of the future

From ‘having’ to ‘being’: self‐worth and the current crisis of American society

Culture matters: comments on Chan’s and Flemmen et al.’s contributions to the field of cultural participation

Status, stand, capital, class: what do stratified patterns of cultural tastes mean?

Comments on Chan and Flemmen et al’s conceptualization of class, status and cultural consumption

Skills capital and inclusivity in men’s roller derby

Becoming Socrates: Five elements of the consecration process and the case of Jan Patočka

The legislature and agenda politics of social welfare: a comparative analysis of authoritarian and democratic regimes in South Korea

The Core of Kees Dorst’s Design Thinking: A Literature Review

Impact of increased Long-term Care Insurance payments on employment and wages in formal long-term care

The Dialectics of Motherhood in 1950s New Zealand

Book Review: Her Father’s Daughter: Gender, Power, and Religion in the Early Spanish Kingdoms

“I Forgive My Sons for Any Disgust They Might Have Caused Me”: Alvise I Mocenigo and the Decline of Paternal Authority in Nineteenth-century Venice

Inpatient violence in forensic psychiatry: Does change in dynamic risk indicators of the IFTE help predict short term inpatient violence?

Qualitative methods I: On current conventions in interview research

Perceptions of climate and climate change by Amazonian communities

Intersections between rural livelihood security and animal pollination in Anolaima, Colombia

Can China Realize the Grid Parity Target of Centralized Photovoltaic Power by 2020?

Trade Imbalance, Heterogeneous Firms and Pollution Emissions: Evidence from China’s Manufacturing Sector

The Determinants of Gender Income Inequality in Vietnam: A Longitudinal Data Analysis

The Growth Machine Across the United States: Business Actors’ Influence on Communities’ Economic Development and Limited‐Government Austerity Policies

Rethinking learning? Challenging and accommodating neoliberal educational agenda in the integration of Forest School into mainstream educational settings

Sustainable aquaculture in Canada: Lost in translation

12 June 2019

An index of fisheries closures due to harmful algal blooms and a framework for identifying vulnerable fishing communities on the U.S. West Coast

Trouble in paradise: Competing discourses and complex governance in the Romanian danube delta

Estimating the impact of size dependent pricing on fisher revenues under the EU landing obligation

A characterization of Australian shortfin mako shark anglers

Global patterns in mangrove recreation and tourism

Fisheries crime, human rights and small-scale fisheries in South Africa: A case of bigger fish to fry

Challenges and possible solutions concerning the inspection/investigation dichotomy in the context of transnational organised fisheries crime: A South African perspective

Introduction and overview: Transnational organised fisheries crime

Fisheries Improvement Projects and small-scale fisheries: The need for a modified approach

Corrigendum to “Declining Arctic Ocean oil and gas developments: Opportunities to improve governance and environmental pollution control” [Mar. Pol. 75 (2017) 53–61]

State jurisdiction to investigate and try fisheries crime at sea

Legal and practical challenges around restitution, secrecy and asset recovery in transnational fisheries crime: A case study of United States v Bengis, 2013

Economic and Social Rights and Transitional Justice: A Framework of Analysis

Mapping harmspots: An exploration of the spatial distribution of crime harm

On the Democratic Role of News Recommenders

The Paradox of Participation Versus Misinformation: Social Media, Political Engagement, and the Spread of Misinformation

From McCarthy to Trump

Social Science and a Responsible Establishment

Conservatism in Trump Time

Using Word Embeddings to Analyze how Universities Conceptualize “Diversity” in their Online Institutional Presence

A Tribute to Paul Hollander (1932–2019)

Society Caught in a Labyrinth of Algorithms: Disputes, Promises, and Limitations of the New Order of Things

National Culture, Firm Characteristics, and Dividend Policy

Non-Dividend Payout Behavior of Companies: Research on the Effect of Large Shareholders’ “Voting with Their Feet”

Research on Balance Strategy of Supervision and Incentive of P2P Lending Platform

University Spillovers, Spatial Distance, and Firm Innovation: Evidence at Chinese Listed Firms

How Does the Heterogeneity of Internal Control Weakness Affect R&D Investment?

Analysis of Economic Shock Effects between China and ASEAN: An Empirical Study Based on Multinational VAR

Issue Competition without Electoral Incentives? A Study of Issue Emphasis in the European Parliament

Cross-Pressure and Voting Behavior: Evidence from Randomized Experiments

‘Scottish Exceptionalism?’ Trade Unions and the Anti-Apartheid Movement, 1976–1994

The efficacy of cheap talk in collective action problems

Participatory video proposals: A tool for empowering farmer groups in rural innovation processes?

Household livelihood diversification and gender: Panel evidence from rural Kenya

The ecosystem of a ‘wealth-tech’ culture: the birth of networked financial subjects in South Korea

What does Facebook ‘afford’ do-it-yourself musicians? Considering social media affordances as sites of contestation

Cartographic Design for Improved Decision Making: Trade-Offs in Uncertainty Visualization for Tornado Threats

Leisure studies in the 21st century: Challenges and opportunities in our collective identity

Russian-occupied Crimea and the state of exception: repression, persecution, and human rights violations

Building Democracy and International Governance, by George M. Guess

51 Imperfect Solutions: States and the Making of American Constitutional Law, by Jeffrey S. Sutton

The revoking and returning of Jim Thorpe’s Olympics awards: 70 years of Native-American sports protest?

Violence and Terrorism in North Africa

The politics of attack. Communiqués and insurrectionary violence

The Energy Boom: Boon or Bane for Local Philanthropy?

Impacts of Internet on Openness to Change in China: Millennials Versus Pre‐Millennials

Adjudicating Executive Privilege: Federal Administrative Agencies and Deliberative Process Privilege Claims in U.S. District Courts

Making Our Neighborhoods, Making Our Selves

How to Enhance the Effects of Mediated Intergroup Contact? Evidence from Four Countries

Between the Polar Code and Article 234: The Balance in Canada’s Arctic Shipping Safety and Pollution Prevention Regulations

Enrico Pisano: Liber Maiorichinus de gestis Pisanorum illustribus, by Alasdair C. Grant

Medieval Jerusalem: Forging an Islamic City in Spaces Sacred to Christians and Jews, by Nimrod Luz

The geography of Australia's Marriage Law Postal Survey outcome

Being funny is not enough: the influence of perceived humor and negative emotional reactions on brand attitudes

The adapted position: preparing political contents for a hybrid media environment

From online strangers to offline friends: a qualitative study of video game players in Hong Kong

Aspirational paternity and the female gaze on Korean reality–variety TV

Briefing: The Uprising In Sudan

Marriage migration and the economic trajectories of first- and second-generation immigrants in Norway

Making Video News Visible: Identifying the Optimization Strategies of the Cybermedia on YouTube Using Web Metrics

Childbearing Worldviews and Contraceptive Behavior Among Young Women

Status-seeking policies of middle powers in status clubs: the case of Turkey in the G20

Empty Institutions in Global Environmental Politics

Reproducing patriotism: An exploration of ‘freedom’ in US history textbooks

The political economy of capital cities

From party to leader mobilization? The personalization of voter turnout

Candidate nomination rules and party leader strategies

Enhanced Conceptual Model for Spatial References in Works of Fiction: Mapping Vilnius Literature

Inequality in Germany: A Macroeconomic Perspective

Exploring film genre preferences through taste cultures: A survey on contemporary film consumption amongst youth in Flanders (Belgium)

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Fragmentation in high-choice media environments from a micro-perspective: Effects of selective exposure on issue diversity in individual repertoires

Ten theses on the reality of video-chat: A phenomenological account

Interpersonal discussions and immigration attitudes

The impact of sharing brand messages: How message, sender and receiver characteristics influence brand attitudes and information diffusion on Social Networking Sites

Why do we click? Investigating reasons for user selection on a news aggregator website

The emergence of the hybrid older reader: A cross-national study

Measuring Neoliberalism: Development and Initial Validation of a Scale of Anti-Neoliberal Attitudes

“We Are All Broncos”: Hockey, Tragedy, and the Formation of Canadian Identity

Don’t ask, don’t tell: academics and electoral politics in Indonesia

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When Do Opponents of Gay Rights Mobilize? Explaining Political Participation in Times of Backlash against Liberalism

Should we study political behaviour as rituals? Towards a general micro theory of politics in everyday life

Can information campaigns impact preferences toward vote selling? Theory and evidence from Kenya

Media messages and attitudes toward muslims and ethnic minorities: A panel study among ethnic majority adolescents in the Netherlands

Book Review: 90s Bitch: Media, Culture, and the Failed Promise of Gender Equality

Rude or shrewd? Reframing media devices as care structures and child use as accommodation

SPID: A New Database for Inferring Public Policy Innovativeness and Diffusion Networks

Punitive versus Medicalized Responses to Childhood Behavior Problems and High School Graduation

Flourishing in fragile academic work spaces and learning environments: feminist geographies of care and mentoring

United Kingdom, United Courts? Hierarchical Interactions and Attention to Precedent in the British Judiciary

By way of an introduction: Innovations in Telugu cultural history

Book review

Latinx Immigrant Youth’s Indirect and Direct Disclosures About Their Family-Undocumented Experiences, Received Emotional Support, and Depressive Symptoms

When Extremists Become Violent: Examining the Association Between Social Control, Social Learning, and Engagement in Violent Extremism

Geographies of sexualities in sub-Saharan Africa: Positioning and critically engaging with international human rights and related ascendant discourses

Financial geography III: The financialization of the city

For Whom the Bell Trolls: Shifting Troll Behaviour in the Twitter Brexit Debate

Economic self-interest, information, and trade policy preferences: evidence from an experiment in Tunisia

Ethnographic reflections of the role of Global North volunteers in sport-for-development

Literature Review: Design Thinking and Place

Introduction to Special Issue: Design-Thinking Approaches in Technical and Professional Communication

Positive Deviance as Design Thinking: Challenging Notions of Stasis in Technical and Professional Communication

Veiled Muslim women's strategies in response to Islamophobia in Paris

The Intergenerational Effects of Unemployment: How Parental Unemployment Affects Educational Transitions in Germany

Sensitivity analysis of changes in human physiological indicators observed in soundscapes

The Nigerian Civil War and the ‘Italian’ Oil Workers

Photographic portrayal of Israel in the Italian leftwing press, 1947-67

How Did Free Trade Reshape the Transitional China? Evidence from Heterogeneous Exporters and Firm-Level Pollution Emissions

What Determines the Subsidy Decision Bias of Local Governments? An Enterprise Heterogeneity Perspective

I cannot afford to live alone in this city and I enjoy the company of others: why people are share housing in Sydney

‘This War has Produced a Woman Who Can Keep a Secret!’1: The Mulberry Harbour Exhibitions, the Young Woman and the Contested Meanings of a British Wartime Invention

Book review

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