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Latest papers

Neoliberalism in your living room: A spatial cognitive reading of home design in IKEA catalogue
Discourse, Context & Media 2019-06-11

Criticism, consensus, and fandom: Demonstrated practices from a sports Facebook fan page
Discourse, Context & Media 2019-05-29

Populism as a keyword and as a meta-discursive resource for positioning in mediated political discourse
Discourse, Context & Media 2019-05-29

Different bonds around plutonium: Physicists’ and freelance journalists’ tweets at the time of the 3/11 nuclear crisis
Discourse, Context & Media 2019-05-29

The talk scandal as mediatized event and communicative resource in far-right populist talk
Discourse, Context & Media 2019-05-29

Emoji as social semiotic resources for meaning-making in discourse: Mapping the functions of the toilet emoji in Cher’s tweets about Donald Trump
Discourse, Context & Media 2019-05-27

Intersections of nationality, gender, race and crime in news reporting: The case of Oscar Pistorius – Olympian and murderer
Discourse, Context & Media 2019-05-18

Construction of risk in government advertising: A case study of Operation Sovereign Borders video advertisement
Discourse, Context & Media 2019-04-30

Emigrants in contemporary Spanish press: A socio-cognitive approach
Discourse, Context & Media 2019-04-25

Why can’t I speak in kanji?: Indexing social identities through marked script use in Japanese manga
Discourse, Context & Media 2019-04-24

Primacy of the leader, obscuration of followers: The discourse of leadership in the business media
Discourse, Context & Media 2019-04-16

From transliteration to trans-scripting: Creativity and multilingual writing on the internet
Discourse, Context & Media 2019-04-05

‘Don’t say crap. Don’t use swear words.’ – Negotiating the use of swear/taboo words in the narrative mass media
Discourse, Context & Media 2019-03-25

A corpus-based analysis of scientific TED Talks: Explaining cancer-related topics to non-experts
Discourse, Context & Media 2019-03-20

Denunciation, blame and the moral turn in public life
Discourse, Context & Media 2019-03-20

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