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Latest papers

Age and stage of life categorizations used to moralize in online social conflict
Discourse, Context & Media 2019-02-13

Colonial intertexts: Discourses, bodies and stranger fetishism in the Brazilian media
Discourse, Context & Media 2019-02-11

Multimodal storytelling in the news: Sequenced images as ideological scripts of othering
Discourse, Context & Media 2019-01-27

“The facts don’t work”: The EU referendum campaign and the journalistic construction of ‘Post-truth politics’
Discourse, Context & Media 2019-01-18

Post-truth and the political: Constructions and distortions in representing political facts
Discourse, Context & Media 2019-01-18

‘What are these people: migrants, immigrants, refugees?’: Migration-related terminology and representations in Portuguese digital press headlines
Discourse, Context & Media 2019-01-18

The construction of political journalism: A microanalytic approach
Discourse, Context & Media 2019-01-18

Social media and the future of open debate: A user-oriented approach to Facebook’s filter bubble conundrum
Discourse, Context & Media 2019-01-18

News from the pit: Journalistic performativity and discourse on Belgian internment policy
Discourse, Context & Media 2019-01-18

“I talked to my doctor:” Constructing the neoliberal patient-consumer in direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical advertising
Discourse, Context & Media 2019-01-07

Constructing white autochthony in South Africa’s “soul country”: Intersections of race and land
Discourse, Context & Media 2019-01-04

Discursive strategies of resistance on Weibo: A case study of the 2015 Tianjin explosions in China
Discourse, Context & Media 2018-12-04

Editorial Board
Discourse, Context & Media 2018-12-04

The Listening Project as caring public talk
Discourse, Context & Media 2018-12-04

Multimodal analysis of the nationalist discourse and historical inspirations of the spectacle of the populist right in Poland between 2015 and 2017
Discourse, Context & Media 2018-12-04

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