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Latest papers

(Re-)presenting the Paralympics: Affective Nationalism and the “Able-Disabled”
Communication & Sport 2019-03-19

Twitter-Based BIRGing: Big Data Analysis of English National Team Fans During the 2018 FIFA World Cup
Communication & Sport 2019-03-08

Winning With Personality: Underscoring Antecedents for College Students’ Motives for Team Identification
Communication & Sport 2019-02-27

Sport for Development and Peace: Framing the Global Conversation
Communication & Sport 2019-02-21

“Our Ginny”: Virginia Wade, the 1977 Wimbledon Championships and the Gendering of National Identity
Communication & Sport 2019-02-21

The Impact of Hedonic and Meaningful Messages on Sport Consumers’ Responses to Athlete Foundations: A Focus on Fan Identification Level
Communication & Sport 2019-02-21

The Football Boost? Testing Three Models on Impacts on Sports Spectators’ Self-Esteem
Communication & Sport 2019-02-20

Transcontextual Effects of Racialized Sports Media Framing: Students’ Off the Field Perceptions of Student-Athletes
Communication & Sport 2019-02-18

When Should a Brand Cut Ties With a Scandalized Endorser?
Communication & Sport 2019-01-31

Major League Baseball and Racialized Masculinities in Korean Digital Media
Communication & Sport 2019-01-30

He Will Never Walk Outside of a Prison Again: An Examination of Twitter Users’ Responses to the Larry Nassar Case
Communication & Sport 2019-01-28

Division-I Student-Athletes’ Affective and Cognitive Responses to Receiving Confirmation From Their Head Coach
Communication & Sport 2019-01-24

Transgender Athletes and the Queer Art of Athletic Failure
Communication & Sport 2019-01-18

Social Second Screen: WhatsApp and Watching the World Cup
Communication & Sport 2019-01-10

Factors Influencing eSports Viewership: An Approach Based on the Theory of Reasoned Action
Communication & Sport 2019-01-10

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