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Repurposing the (Super)Crip: Media Representations of Disability at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games
Communication & Sport 2019-06-06

The Football Dream of a Sleeping Dragon: Media Framing(s), East–West Geopolitics, and the Crisis of the Chinese Men’s National Team
Communication & Sport 2019-05-31

Reinvention Through CrossFit: Branded Transformation Documentaries
Communication & Sport 2019-05-30

“We All Go Through It”: Media Depictions of Mental Illness Disclosures From Star Athletes DeMar DeRozan and Kevin Love
Communication & Sport 2019-05-29

An Examination of Michigan State University’s Image Repair via Facebook and the Public Response Following the Larry Nassar Scandal
Communication & Sport 2019-05-28

He Said, She Said: An Exploration of Male and Female Print Sports Journalist Tweets, Sports Coverage, and Language Style
Communication & Sport 2019-05-15

Examining IRA Bots in the NFL Anthem Protest: Political Agendas and Practices of Digital Gatekeeping
Communication & Sport 2019-05-14

Promoting the Development of Evidence-Based Concussion Education for Power-5 Collegiate Athletes: The Influences of Organizational Elements on Perceived Vestedness
Communication & Sport 2019-05-06

Keep the Ball Rolling: Information Diffusion within Large Sports-Related Networks through Social Mediators
Communication & Sport 2019-04-12

The Ball Game Is for the Boys: The Visual Framing of Female Athletes on National Sports Networks’ Instagram Accounts
Communication & Sport 2019-04-09

Beyond the Game: Dimensions of Esports Online Spectator Demand
Communication & Sport 2019-04-02

Male Athlete Representations in Men’s Magazines: A Study in Mediated Sport Stacking
Communication & Sport 2019-03-27

(Re-)presenting the Paralympics: Affective Nationalism and the “Able-Disabled”
Communication & Sport 2019-03-19

Twitter-Based BIRGing: Big Data Analysis of English National Team Fans During the 2018 FIFA World Cup
Communication & Sport 2019-03-08

Winning With Personality: Underscoring Antecedents for College Students’ Motives for Team Identification
Communication & Sport 2019-02-27

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