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Throw me a lifeline: Articulating mobile social network dispersion and the social construction of risk in rescue communication
Mobile Media & Communication 2019-06-10

Book review: Adriana de Souza e Silva (Ed.), Dialogues on mobile communication
Mobile Media & Communication 2019-04-23

Book review: Jacqueline Ryan Vickery, Worried about the wrong things: Youth, risk, and opportunity in the digital world
Mobile Media & Communication 2019-04-23

How cars became mobile spatial media: A geographical political economy of on-board navigation
Mobile Media & Communication 2019-04-10

Mobility and the mobile: A study of adolescent migrants and their use of the mobile phone
Mobile Media & Communication 2019-04-03

Book review: Ramesh Srinivasan, Whose global village? Rethinking how technology shapes our world
Mobile Media & Communication 2019-03-20

Smartphones, text messages, and political participation
Mobile Media & Communication 2019-03-02

Decolonizing mobile media: Mobile Internet appropriation in a Guaraní community
Mobile Media & Communication 2019-03-02

Selfies in the wild: Studying selfie photography as a local practice
Mobile Media & Communication 2019-02-23

Default effects in app selection: German adolescents’ tendency to adhere to privacy or social relatedness features in smartphone apps
Mobile Media & Communication 2019-02-08

Mobile Minecraft: Negotiated space and perceptions of play in Australian families
Mobile Media & Communication 2019-02-06

Portables, luggables, and transportables: Historicizing the imagined affordances of mobile computing
Mobile Media & Communication 2018-12-25

The role of mobile devices in 21st-century family communication
Mobile Media & Communication 2018-12-25

Using short message (SMS) and multimedia messaging (MMS) to encourage positive parent–child engagement around literacy and language development
Mobile Media & Communication 2018-12-22

Book review: Deborah Lupton, The quantified self: A sociology of self-tracking
Mobile Media & Communication 2018-12-18

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