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Latest papers

A graph-based analysis for generating geographical context from a historical cadastre in Spain (17th and 18th centuries)
Historical Methods 2019-04-30

Sex ratios and life tables: Historical demography of the age at which women outnumber men in seven countries, 1850–2016
Historical Methods 2019-04-26

Urbanization and GDP per capita: New data and results for the Polish lands, 1790–1910
Historical Methods 2019-04-22

Linking individuals across historical sources: A fully automated approach*
Historical Methods 2019-04-16

European naval diets in the sixteenth century: A quantitative method for comparative and nutritional analysis
Historical Methods 2019-03-30

Linking Scottish vital event records using family groups
Historical Methods 2019-03-28

Public participatory historical GIS
Historical Methods 2019-02-20

Record linkage in the Cape of Good Hope Panel
Historical Methods 2019-02-14

Developing a Flexible Platform for Crowdsourcing Historical Weather Records
Historical Methods 2019-02-11

Citizen science through old maps: Volunteer motivations in the GB1900 gazetteer-building project
Historical Methods 2019-02-11

Creating the 1831 Canadian Census Database
Historical Methods 2019-02-09

Consumption of Chinese goods in southwestern Europe: a multi-relational database and the vicarious consumption theory as alternative model to the industrious revolution (eighteenth century)
Historical Methods 2019-01-30

Post-WWI military disarmament and interwar fascism in Sweden
Historical Methods 2019-01-27

Regional income inequality in France 1860–1954: Methods and findings
Historical Methods 2019-01-12

Linking the 1940 U.S. Census with modern data
Historical Methods 2018-12-20

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