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Publisher: Society for Applied Anthropology
Founded in: 1941
Homepage: http://sfaajournals.net/loi/hu...
• 42/85 in Anthropology (Web of Science 2017)
Category: Anthropology

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Latest papers

Worldview Matters: Mosetene Ontology and Resource Use in the Pilón Lajas IndigenousTerritory and Biosphere Reserve in the Bolivian Amazon
Human Organization 2019-02-26

Anthropological Approaches to the Study of Health Policy
Human Organization 2019-02-26

Landscapes of Loss and Recovery: The Anthropology of Police-Community Relations and Harm Reduction
Human Organization 2019-02-26

“Out of Sight, Out of Mind”: Rapid Ethnographic Assessment of Commercial Fishermen's Perspectives on Corporate/State Response to the Deepwater Horizon Disaster
Human Organization 2019-02-26

“Me and the NGO Staff, We Live Like Azungu”: Malawian Moral Economies of Development
Human Organization 2019-02-26

Coffee Production and Women's Empowerment in Colombia
Human Organization 2019-02-26

“It is Not Easy Living with This Illness”: A Syndemic Approach to Medication Adherence and Lifestyle Change among Low-income Diabetes Patients in Lima, Peru
Human Organization 2019-02-26

Using Rapid Rural Appraisal Tools to Explore Gender and Forests in the Global North
Human Organization 2019-02-26

Shelter as Home?: Syrian Homemaking in Jordanian Refugee Camps
Human Organization 2018-11-30

Making Black Communities Matter: Race, Space, and Resistance in the Urban South
Human Organization 2018-11-30

Staple Food Diversification Versus Raskin: Developing Climate Change Resilience in Rural Indonesia
Human Organization 2018-11-30

Malawi, Orphans, and the Search of Authenticity in Protestant Short-Term Missions
Human Organization 2018-11-30

Against a Regulated Market in Human Organs: Ethical Arguments and Ethnographic Insights from the Organ Trade in Bangladesh
Human Organization 2018-11-30

Structural Vulnerability and Supplemental Security Income: Subtle Modes of Punitive Governance within Federal Social Welfare
Human Organization 2018-11-30

Traditional Cultural Properties or Places, Consultation, and the Restoration of Native American Relationships with Aboriginal Lands in the Western United States
Human Organization 2018-11-30

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