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Latest papers

A Systematic Review of Research on Pet Ownership and Animal Interactions among Older Adults
Anthrozoös 2019-03-19

Pet Ownership and Human–Animal Interaction in an Aging Population: Rewards and Challenges
Anthrozoös 2019-03-19

Future Directions for Research on Human–Animal Interaction in an Aging Population
Anthrozoös 2019-03-19

Introduction to the Themed Issue on Human–Animal Interaction and Healthy Human Aging
Anthrozoös 2019-03-19

Loneliness, Depression, and Physical Activity in Older Adults: The Therapeutic Role of Human–Animal Interactions
Anthrozoös 2019-03-19

The State of Research on Human–Animal Relations: Implications for Human Health
Anthrozoös 2019-03-19

Relationship of Behavioral Interactions during an Animal-assisted Intervention in Assisted Living to Health-related Outcomes
Anthrozoös 2019-03-19

Biopsychosocial Factors and Cognitive Function in Cat Ownership and Attachment in Community-dwelling Older Adults
Anthrozoös 2019-03-19

Epidemiological Panel Studies of Older Adults: New Frontiers in the Research on Human– Animal Interaction
Anthrozoös 2019-03-19

Animal Metropolis: Histories of Human–Animal Relations in Urban Canada
Anthrozoös 2019-03-19

Living and Robotic Dogs as Elicitors of Social Communication Behavior and Regulated Emotional Responding in Individuals with Autism and Severe Language Delay: A Preliminary Comparative Study
Anthrozoös 2019-01-15

Transgressive Little Pests: Hiker Descriptions of “Shelter Mice” on the Appalachian Trail
Anthrozoös 2019-01-15

Examining the Impact of Naturalistic and Unnaturalistic Environmental Enrichment on Visitor Perception of Naturalness, Animal Welfare, and Conservation
Anthrozoös 2019-01-15

Perceptions and Attitudes of Urucum Settlement Residents about Local Wildlife
Anthrozoös 2019-01-15

The Next Social Contract: Animals, the Anthropocene, and Biopolitics
Anthrozoös 2019-01-15

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