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Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Founded in: 1970
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Association: Association for the Advancement of Baltic Studies (AABS) (@balticstudies)
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Category: Area Studies

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Latest papers

Do I need want to speak? Foreigners in a “small” language country
Journal of Baltic Studies 2019-06-05

Music education literature in German-language polyethnic schools in Estonia, 1860–1914
Journal of Baltic Studies 2019-05-31

Trilemmas of recognition in the Baltic states’ foreign policies
Journal of Baltic Studies 2019-05-06

Politics with a human face: identity and experience in post-Soviet Europe
Journal of Baltic Studies 2019-04-30

Soviet religious policy in Estonia and Latvia: playing harmony in the Singing Revolution
Journal of Baltic Studies 2019-04-26

The answers you seek will never be found at home: reflexivity, biographical narratives and lifestyle migration among highly-skilled Estonians (Södertörn Doctoral Dissertations 140)
Journal of Baltic Studies 2019-04-25

Latvija un tās iedzīvotāji cīņā par savu valsti un pretestība okupāciju varām, 1918–1991: piemiņas vietu ceļvedis pa Rīgu un Rīgas apkārtni/Latvia and Its Citizens in The Struggle for Freedom, and Their Resistance against The Occupying Powers, 1918–1991:
Journal of Baltic Studies 2019-04-20

Finnish tourists in Soviet Estonia: security considerations
Journal of Baltic Studies 2019-04-08

Latvian CDI: methodology, developmental trends and cross-linguistic comparison
Journal of Baltic Studies 2019-03-25

Unthawed: post-Cold War economic ties between Kaliningrad and Europe
Journal of Baltic Studies 2019-03-21

Fighting against or hiding behind an image of peripherality? Response strategies to discursive peripheralization in Rural Estonia
Journal of Baltic Studies 2019-03-21

The welfare systems of the Baltic states following the recent financial crisis of 2008–2010: expansion or retrenchment?
Journal of Baltic Studies 2019-02-06

The Baltic miracle? The economic crisis and its consequences for young people in the labor market of the Baltic states 2007–2017
Journal of Baltic Studies 2019-01-30

(Ine)quality of life: Lithuanian labor migration to Sweden during the economic crisis and its aftermath, 2008–2013
Journal of Baltic Studies 2019-01-25

Economic inequality in satisfaction with healthcare in the Baltic countries during and after the economic crisis (2008–2014)
Journal of Baltic Studies 2019-01-24

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