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Latest papers

Drawing conclusions about what co-participants know: Knowledge-probing question–answer sequences in new employee orientation lectures
Discourse & Communication 2019-05-17

‘Discursive news values analysis’ of Iranian crime news reports: Perspectives from the culture
Discourse & Communication 2019-05-03

The language of suffering: Media discourse and public attitudes towards the MH17 air tragedy in Malaysia and the UK
Discourse & Communication 2019-04-27

Reconstructing mothers’ responsibility and guilt: Journalistic coverage of the ‘Remedia Affair’ in Israel
Discourse & Communication 2019-04-27

Legitimation of value practices, value texts, and core values at public authorities
Discourse & Communication 2019-04-27

Book review: Nira Yuval-Davis, Georgie Wemyss and Kathryn Cassidy (eds), Racialized Bordering Discourses on European Roma
Discourse & Communication 2019-04-24

Book review: Jan-Ola Östman and Anna Solin, Discourse and Responsibility in Professional Settings and Vijay K Bhatia, Critical Genre Analysis: Investigating Interdiscursive Performance in Professional Practice
Discourse & Communication 2019-04-24

The discursive construction of ‘Tunisianité’ (2011–2017)
Discourse & Communication 2019-04-22

Ana as god: Religion, interdiscursivity and identity on pro-ana websites
Discourse & Communication 2019-04-04

A cross-cultural study of English and Chinese online platform reviews: A genre-based view
Discourse & Communication 2019-04-03

Space and legitimation: The multimodal representation of public space in news broadcast reports on Hooded Rioters
Discourse & Communication 2019-04-02

Weaponized iconoclasm in Internet memes featuring the expression ‘Fake News’
Discourse & Communication 2019-04-01

Book review: Xinren Chen (ed.), Politeness Phenomena across Chinese Genres
Discourse & Communication 2019-02-13

Book review: Delia Chiaro, The Language of Jokes in the Digital Age
Discourse & Communication 2019-02-13

Book review: Jai Mackenzie, Language, Gender and Parenthood Online: Negotiating Motherhood in Mumsnet Talk
Discourse & Communication 2019-02-13

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