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Latest papers

Book review: Delia Chiaro, The Language of Jokes in the Digital Age
Discourse & Communication 2019-02-13

Book review: Xinren Chen (ed.), Politeness Phenomena across Chinese Genres
Discourse & Communication 2019-02-13

Book review: Jai Mackenzie, Language, Gender and Parenthood Online: Negotiating Motherhood in Mumsnet Talk
Discourse & Communication 2019-02-13

Discourses around climate change in Brazilian newspapers: 2003–2013
Discourse & Communication 2019-01-31

‘We don’t need to abide by that!’: Negotiating professional roles in problem-solving talk at work
Discourse & Communication 2019-01-22

A pivotal interactional role to oversee contract negotiation activity: Insights into a key interdisciplinary legal-business practice
Discourse & Communication 2019-01-16

Book review: Stephen Pihlaja, Religious Talk Online: The Evangelical Discourse of Muslims, Christians, and Atheists
Discourse & Communication 2019-01-12

Book review: Monika Bednarek and Helen Caple, The Discourse of News Values: How News Organisations Create Newsworthiness
Discourse & Communication 2019-01-12

Book review: Darryl Hocking, Communicating Creativity: The Discursive Facilitation of Creative Activity in Arts
Discourse & Communication 2019-01-12

‘Bisexual oysters’: A diachronic corpus-based critical discourse analysis of bisexual representation in The Times between 1957 and 2017
Discourse & Communication 2019-01-09

The pragmatic-semiotic construction of male identities in contemporary advertising of male grooming products
Discourse & Communication 2018-12-24

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