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Latest papers

Article V Conventions and American Federalism: Contemporary Politics in Historical Perspective
Publius 2019-04-10

Learning without Widespread Policy Adoption: Early Childhood Education in the American States
Publius 2019-03-28

Decentralization and Policy Experimentation in Education: the Consequences of Enhancing Local Autonomy in California
Publius 2019-03-28

Federalism and Public Opinion on Healthcare: The Design of the Affordable Care Act’s Insurance Exchanges and User Experience with the Exchanges
Publius 2019-03-11

The National Question and Electoral Politics in Quebec and Scotland: Democracy, Diversity, and Citizen Engagement, by Éric Bélanger, Richard Nadeau, Ailsa Henderson and Eve Hepburn
Publius 2019-02-15

The Increasingly United States: How and Why American Political Behavior Nationalized, by Daniel J. Hopkins
Publius 2019-02-15

Federalism and Decentralisation in Health Care: A Decision Space Approach, edited by Gregory P. Marchildon and Thomas J. Bossert
Publius 2019-02-11

Transfer-Based Decentralization and Poverty Alleviation: Evidence from a Quasi-Experiment in China
Publius 2019-02-08

The Limits of Federation-wide Political Parties in Ensuring Federal Stability: Nigeria under the Peoples Democratic Party
Publius 2019-01-10

Paradox of Redistribution: Legislative Overrepresentation and Regional Development in Brazil
Publius 2018-12-20

Without Precedent: Chief Justice John Marshall and His Times, by Joel Richard Paul
Publius 2018-11-29

Dynamic De/Centralization in Federations: Comparative Conclusions
Publius 2018-11-28

Conceptualizing, Measuring, and Theorizing Dynamic De/Centralization in Federations
Publius 2018-11-20

The Parliaments of Autonomous Nations, edited by Guy Laforest and André Lecours
Publius 2018-11-08

Crossing Boundaries for Intergovernmental Management, by Robert Agranoff
Publius 2018-11-08

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