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Latest papers

The Counterterrorism War Paradigm versus International Humanitarian Law: The Legal Contradictions and Global Consequences of the US “War on Terror”
Law & Social Inquiry 2019-03-19

Mediating Illegality: Federal, State, and Institutional Policies in the Educational Experiences of Undocumented College Students
Law & Social Inquiry 2019-03-18

Working around the Law: Navigating Legal Barriers to Employment during Reentry
Law & Social Inquiry 2019-03-14

Wondrous Depths: Judging the Mind in Nineteenth-Century America
Law & Social Inquiry 2019-02-22

The Narrative of the Number: Quantification in Criminal Court
Law & Social Inquiry 2019-01-09

International Judges on Constitutional Courts: Cautionary Evidence from Post-Conflict Bosnia
Law & Social Inquiry 2019-01-09

When the Death Penalty Goes Public: Referendum, Initiative, and the Fate of Capital Punishment
Law & Social Inquiry 2019-01-09

Fairness at Trial: The Impact of Procedural Justice and Other Experiential Factors on Criminal Defendants’ Perceptions of Court Legitimacy in Poland
Law & Social Inquiry 2019-01-09

The Judicial Politics of Burqa Bans in Belgium and Spain–Socio-Legal Field Dynamics and the Standardization of Justificatory Repertoires
Law & Social Inquiry 2019-01-09

Producing Expertise in a Transitional Justice Setting: Judges at Rwanda’s Gacaca Courts
Law & Social Inquiry 2019-01-09

A Grassroots History of Colorblind Conservative Constitutionalism
Law & Social Inquiry 2019-01-09

Slavery and Just Compensation in American Constitutionalism
Law & Social Inquiry 2019-01-09

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