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Latest papers

Slow Law: Temporal Logics in US Death Penalty Mitigation Investigations
Law & Social Inquiry 2019-06-06

Work, Identity, and the Regulation of Markets: A Study of Trademark Law in the United States and Germany
Law & Social Inquiry 2019-06-03

Marital Consciousness and the Criminalization of Spousal Abuse
Law & Social Inquiry 2019-05-31

What Makes Hartog Hartog: Introduction to a Symposium on the Work of Dirk Hartog
Law & Social Inquiry 2019-05-31

The “Right to Wage War” against Empire: Anticolonialism and the Challenge to International Law in the Indian National Army Trial of 1945
Law & Social Inquiry 2019-05-31

Parents and Adult Children: The Elusive Boundaries of the Legal Family
Law & Social Inquiry 2019-05-31

Slavery, Freedom and Contract: Blurred Lines and Historical Resistance
Law & Social Inquiry 2019-05-31

Pigs and Positivism: Between Jurisprudence and Politics
Law & Social Inquiry 2019-05-31

Rights-consciousness as an Object of Historical Inquiry: Revisiting the Constitution of Aspiration
Law & Social Inquiry 2019-05-31

Response: A Muddle in the Middle
Law & Social Inquiry 2019-05-31

The Mythology of International Rule-of-Law Promotion
Law & Social Inquiry 2019-05-31

Judging the Troops: Exceptional Security Measures and Judicial Impact in India
Law & Social Inquiry 2019-05-30

Property and the Obligation to Support the Conditions of Human Flourishing
Law & Social Inquiry 2019-05-29

Who Will Safeguard Transnational Surrogates’ Interests? Lessons from the Israeli Case Study
Law & Social Inquiry 2019-05-27

Reframing Black Southerners’ Experiences in the Courts, 1865–1950
Law & Social Inquiry 2019-05-27

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