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Latest papers

Geomorphology of the Pieria Mtns, Northern Greece
Journal of Maps 2019-06-14

Geology of La Reforma caldera complex, Baja California, Mexico
Journal of Maps 2019-05-29

Hydrogeology of a high Alpine carbonate aquifer (Pale di San Martino, Dolomites, Northern Italy)
Journal of Maps 2019-05-24

Detailed alluvial fan geomorphology in a high-arctic periglacial environment, Svalbard: application of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) surveys
Journal of Maps 2019-05-22

Geology of the Alpha Regio (V-32) Quadrangle, Venus
Journal of Maps 2019-05-22

Geomorphology of the coastal alluvial fan complex Guanillos, northern Chile
Journal of Maps 2019-05-17

Water in most important towns of the Czech Republic
Journal of Maps 2019-05-13

Editorial: Perspectives on the contemporary art-geoscience interface
Journal of Maps 2019-05-11

Changes in forest cover in Sierra Nevada, Mexico, 1994–2015
Journal of Maps 2019-05-06

Allostratigraphy and paleontology of the lower Miocene Chilcatay Formation in the Zamaca area, East Pisco basin, southern Peru
Journal of Maps 2019-05-06

Geomorphology of the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica
Journal of Maps 2019-05-03

Role of structural inheritance in the gravitational deformation of the Monviso meta-ophiolite Complex: the Pui-Orgiera serpentinite landslide (Varaita Valley, Western Alps)
Journal of Maps 2019-05-03

Assessment of soil erosion risk in a typical Mediterranean environment using a high resolution RUSLE approach (Portofino promontory, NW-Italy)
Journal of Maps 2019-05-03

Litho-structure of the Oltrepo Pavese, Northern Apennines (Italy)
Journal of Maps 2019-04-27

Geometry and paleo-ice content of rock glaciers in the southeastern Alps (NE Italy – NW Slovenia)
Journal of Maps 2019-04-26

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