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Category: Geography

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Latest papers

Flooding, channel dynamics and transverse infrastructure: a challenge for Middle Ebro river management
Journal of Maps 2019-04-02

Geology and stratigraphy of the Mexico Basin (Mexico City), central Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt
Journal of Maps 2019-04-01

Biophysical landscapes of the Ejido Tzurumútaro, Michoacán, Mexico
Journal of Maps 2019-04-01

Geovisualization geoscience of large river floodplains
Journal of Maps 2019-03-27

Oil and gas development and small business lending in U.S. nonmetropolitan counties
Journal of Maps 2019-03-27

Geomorphology, beach classification and seasonal morphodynamic transition of a Mediterranean gravel beach (Sardinia, Gulf of Cagliari)
Journal of Maps 2019-03-27

Geology of the southern Monviso metaophiolite complex (W-Alps, Italy)
Journal of Maps 2019-03-26

Shallow landslide susceptibility, Rupinaro catchment, Liguria (northwestern Italy)
Journal of Maps 2019-03-26

Interdisciplinary palimpsest: visual representations of coastal change combining digital craft and geomorphology
Journal of Maps 2019-03-26

Malawi Stories: mapping an art-science collaborative process
Journal of Maps 2019-03-26

Paleotopography and anthropogenic deposition thickness of the city of Aachen, Germany
Journal of Maps 2019-03-26

‘Reading landscape’: interdisciplinary approaches to understanding place
Journal of Maps 2019-03-25

Morphotectonics of the Tasso Stream - Sagittario River valley (Central Apennines, Italy)
Journal of Maps 2019-03-20

Chasing the line: Hutton’s contribution to the invention of contours
Journal of Maps 2019-03-11

Handmade tortilla production in the basins of lakes Pátzcuaro and Zirahuén, Mexico
Journal of Maps 2019-03-02

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