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Founded in: 2000
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Association: The Global Research in International Affairs Center
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Category: Area Studies

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Latest papers

Turkey’s Erdoğan: leadership style and foreign policy audiences
Turkish Studies 2019-02-10

Overconfidence and risk taking in foreign policy decision making: the case of Turkey’s Syria policy
Turkish Studies 2019-01-23

Justifying privileged partnership with Turkey: an analysis of debates in the European Parliament
Turkish Studies 2019-01-21

Party regulation in Turkey: a comparison with modern Europe
Turkish Studies 2019-01-04

Ethnic boundaries in Turkish politics: the secular kurdish movement and Islam,
Turkish Studies 2018-12-30

Turkish Studies 2018-12-27

Turkish Studies 2018-12-15

Defining semi-public space: a case study in the gated communities of Yaşamkent, Ankara
Turkish Studies 2018-12-15

Untangling the gender gap: nomination and representativeness in Turkish local elections
Turkish Studies 2018-12-15

European Union funds and the assumed professionalization of Turkish civil society organizations
Turkish Studies 2018-12-11

Turkish attempts to improve its reputation during the making of the post-war Turkish-American rapprochment (1945–1950)
Turkish Studies 2018-12-05

Influence and impact: interacting factors in asylum policy-making and implementation in Canada and Turkey (1988–92)
Turkish Studies 2018-11-14

Do industrialization, democracy, and financial openness promote financial development? Evidence from Turkey
Turkish Studies 2018-11-10

The making of the ‘new’ patriarch in women’s self-narrations of political empowerment: the case of local female AKP politicians in the aftermath of 2009 elections
Turkish Studies 2018-11-09

The New Turkey and its discontents
Turkish Studies 2018-11-07

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