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Latest papers

Negotiating Women in Egypt's Post-Mubarak Constitutions (2012–2014)
Politics & Gender 2019-03-13

Descriptive Representation and the Political Engagement of Women
Politics & Gender 2019-02-26

New Forms of Revolt: Essays on Kristeva's Intimate Politics. Edited by Sarah K. Hansen and Rebecca Tuvel. New York: SUNY Press, 2017. 230 pp. $85.00 (hardcover), $22.95 (paperback).
Politics & Gender 2019-02-13

Bodies in China: Philosophy, Aesthetics, Gender, and Politics. By Eva Kit Wah Man. Albany: State University of New York Press, 2016. 282 pp. $52 (hardcover).
Politics & Gender 2019-02-13

Thematic Review: Transgender Body Politics and the Policing of Gender Norms and Transgressions - Beyond Trans: Does Gender Matter? By Heath Fogg Davis. New York: New York University Press, 2017. 208 pp. $25 (hardcover), $17 (paperback). - Phenomenal Gende
Politics & Gender 2019-02-13

Sex and Secularism. By Joan Wallach Scott. Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 2017. 256 pp. $27.95 (hardcover).
Politics & Gender 2019-02-13

Do Women Favor Foreign Direct Investment?
Politics & Gender 2019-02-07

The Gender Gap in Political Discussion Group Attendance
Politics & Gender 2019-02-06

Role-Model-In-Chief: Understanding a Michelle Obama Effect
Politics & Gender 2019-02-04

The Gender Gap in Brazilian Politics and the Role of the Electoral Court
Politics & Gender 2019-02-04

A Gender Gap in Party Congruence and Responsiveness?
Politics & Gender 2019-01-31

The Substantive Representation of Women in Poland
Politics & Gender 2019-01-31

Making a Difference: Toward a Feminist Democratic Theory in the Digital Age
Politics & Gender 2019-01-31

Conservative Women in Germany and Japan: Chancellors versus Madonnas
Politics & Gender 2019-01-31

Do Parties and Voters Counteract Quota Regulations? The Impact of Legislative Gender Quotas on Ballot Ranking and Preference Voting in Poland
Politics & Gender 2019-01-23

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