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Latest papers

Israel’s ‘turn to the sea’ and its effect on Israeli regional policy
Israel Affairs 2019-03-12

Traffic congestion on Israeli roads: faulty public policy or preordained?
Israel Affairs 2019-03-09

Socialists in name only? Socialist–Zionist wartime progressivism
Israel Affairs 2019-03-09

Israeli Haredi media and the ‘female factor’: the case of the Kol Barama radio station
Israel Affairs 2019-03-02

The Turkish government’s attitude to Israel and Zionism as reflected in Israel’s military operations 2000–2010
Israel Affairs 2019-02-27

The Leibowitz way
Israel Affairs 2019-02-18

Indo-Israeli relations in the Modi era: a transformative shift
Israel Affairs 2019-02-15

The state‒religion issue in Israel: is the consociational model still alive?
Israel Affairs 2019-02-15

Transjordan’s occupation of Jerusalem in the 1948 war
Israel Affairs 2019-02-14

Self-determination, statehood, and the law of negotiation: the case of Palestine
Israel Affairs 2019-02-11

The Bar Kokhba War AD 132–136: the last Jewish revolt against imperial Rome
Israel Affairs 2019-02-11

Iran, Israel, and the United States: the politics of counter-proliferation intelligence
Israel Affairs 2019-02-11

Is she still ‘the legendary Jewish mother’? a comparative look at Golda Meir’s and Tzipi Livni’s election campaign coverage in the Israeli press
Israel Affairs 2019-01-21

Universal values in childhood concepts and education in the ‘New Yishuv’, 1882–1914
Israel Affairs 2019-01-15

Israeli media reality vs. consumer attitudes: TV viewers’ ethical perceptions and attitudes towards regulation of embedded paid content
Israel Affairs 2019-01-14

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