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Latest papers

Pushing on an Open Door? Ethnic Foreign Policy Lobbies and the Cuban American Case
Foreign Policy Analysis 2019-05-02

Rally around All the Flags: The Effect of Military Casualties on Incumbent Popularity in Ten Countries 1990–2014
Foreign Policy Analysis 2019-05-02

Why Kill Deposed Leaders? Regime Types and Post-tenure Fates
Foreign Policy Analysis 2019-04-25

A Transatlantic Secular Divide? The Representation of Religion in EU and US Foreign Policy
Foreign Policy Analysis 2019-04-19

Measuring International Engagement: Systemic and Domestic Factors in Brazilian Foreign Policy from 1998 to 2014
Foreign Policy Analysis 2019-03-27

China's Energy Diplomacy: Does Chinese Foreign Policy Favor Oil-Producing Countries?
Foreign Policy Analysis 2019-03-15

Using the Carrot as the Stick: US Foreign Aid and the Effectiveness of Sanctions Threats
Foreign Policy Analysis 2019-03-15

Peaceful Dispute Resolution by Authoritarian Regimes
Foreign Policy Analysis 2019-03-15

US Strikes in Somalia and Targeted Civilian Killings by Al-Shabaab: An Empirical Investigation
Foreign Policy Analysis 2019-03-14

Multilateralism and the Use of Force: Experimental Evidence on the Views of Foreign Policy Elites
Foreign Policy Analysis 2019-03-14

Public Diplomacy and International Conflict Resolution: A Cautionary Case from Cold War South America
Foreign Policy Analysis 2019-03-14

Role Dissonance in Foreign Policy: Russia, Power, and Intercountry Adoption
Foreign Policy Analysis 2019-03-05

Learning for Legitimacy: The Gaza Flotilla Case of Meaningful Learning in Foreign-Policy Strategic Planning
Foreign Policy Analysis 2019-02-19

Domestic Attitudes toward Regional Leadership: A Survey Experiment in Brazil
Foreign Policy Analysis 2019-02-15

Harmony and Resilience: US Democracy Promotion's Basic Premises
Foreign Policy Analysis 2019-01-25

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