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Latest papers

Revisiting the Malayan Emergency: the China factor in the Baling peace talks
Cold War History 2019-02-14

Italy, the developing world, and aid policy, 1969–1979: the ‘historic compromise’ and Italian foreign policy
Cold War History 2019-02-11

Challenges for Soviet-American collaboration in the Cold War: the capitalisation of pianist Sviatoslav Richter for American musical markets
Cold War History 2019-01-28

Balancing between the COMECON and the EEC: Hungarian elite debates on European integration during the long 1970s
Cold War History 2019-01-23

Neither for, nor against Mao: PCI-CCP interactions and the normalisation of Sino-Italian Relations, 1966–71
Cold War History 2018-12-21

Modernism came flying: a micro-history of artistic internationalism and cultural encounters in US-Chilean relations, 1968
Cold War History 2018-12-05

Life after the Bomb: Nuclear Fear, Science, and Security Politics in Switzerland in the 1980s
Cold War History 2018-12-03

From Selma to Moscow: how human rights activists transformed U.S. foreign policy
Cold War History 2018-11-27

Safeguarding democratic capitalism: US foreign policy and national security, 1920–2015
Cold War History 2018-11-24

Vietnam’s American war: a history
Cold War History 2018-11-24

Campaigning between East and West: Finland and the Cold War in the presidential campaign films of Urho Kekkonen
Cold War History 2018-11-24

Early Cold War evolution of British and US defector policy and practice
Cold War History 2018-11-24

General Lyman L. Lemnitzer and NATO, 1948–69: a deferential leader
Cold War History 2018-11-20

A lost chance for Balkan cooperation? The Romanian view on ‘regional micro-détente’, 1969—75
Cold War History 2018-11-14

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