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‘Don’t ever mix God with sports’: Christian religion in athletes’ stories of life transitions
Sport in Society 2019-04-23

Composite vignettes of Swedish male and female professional handball players’ career paths
Sport in Society 2019-04-23

Transitioning to and thriving at the Olympic Training Center, Colorado Springs: phases of an adaptive transition
Sport in Society 2019-04-14

Transtemporal sport histories; or, rethinking the ‘invention’ of American basketball
Sport in Society 2019-04-07

Navigating the shift from netballer to former netballer: the experience of retirement from elite netball in Australia
Sport in Society 2019-04-07

Elite athletes and media appearances: opportunity or obligation?
Sport in Society 2019-04-05

Inevitable need for change – identifying and removing barriers to supporter participation in German professional football
Sport in Society 2019-04-03

‘Why do I want to go and watch that?’ English non-league football fans in the Premier League era
Sport in Society 2019-04-02

Precarious pursuits, broken ‘dreams’ and immobility among Northern Irish soccer migrants
Sport in Society 2019-04-01

‘Safety first’: towards a security legacy and fan-oriented research agenda in the English Premier League
Sport in Society 2019-03-27

Ideological conflicts behind mutual belief: the termination of the ‘dual-registration policy’ and the collapse of an effective elite diving system in China
Sport in Society 2019-03-27

Reconceptualizing sport for development and peace (SDP): an ideological critique of Nelson ‘Madiba’ Mandela’s engagement with sport
Sport in Society 2019-03-27

‘Our wee country’: national identity, golf and ‘Ireland’
Sport in Society 2019-03-19

What is a good father? The meaning of a good father through sports parenting in South Korea
Sport in Society 2019-03-14

The ‘boy scouts’ and ‘bad boys’ of skateboarding: a thematic analysis of the bones brigade
Sport in Society 2019-03-06

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