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Latest papers

On the track of visual style: a diachronic study of page composition in comics and its functional motivation
Visual Communication 2019-05-15

Special Issue: The visual politics of the human
Visual Communication 2019-05-09

An aesthetics of the human: Peru’s Ojo que Llora memorial
Visual Communication 2019-04-17

Reading war photographs: the 1971 India–Pakistan war in the Anglo-American press
Visual Communication 2019-04-17

Insertion or voice-off in rendition of graphic codes: an experiment in Persian dubbing
Visual Communication 2019-03-27

Creating engagement with solutions visuals: testing the effects of problem-oriented versus solution-oriented photojournalism
Visual Communication 2019-03-21

Shifting toward a humanized perspective? Visual framing analysis of the coverage of refugees on CNN and Spiegel Online before and after the iconic photo publication of Alan Kurdi
Visual Communication 2019-03-18

The Monument to the Children of Villatina: commemorating innocent child victims in the context of lethally stigmatized youth in Colombia
Visual Communication 2019-03-03

Book review: New Mythologies in Design and Culture: Reading Signs and Symbols in the Visual Landscape
Visual Communication 2019-02-11

Changes in working practices in a rural community of Romania
Visual Communication 2019-01-24

People of immigrant and refugee background sharing experiences of mental health recovery: reflections and recommendations on using digital storytelling
Visual Communication 2019-01-19

Investigating intersemiosis: a systemic functional multimodal discourse analysis of the relationship between language and gesture in classroom discourse
Visual Communication 2019-01-19

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