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Latest papers

Retail therapy: Making meaning out of menial labour
Journal of Sociology 2019-03-25

Chinese business migrants in Australia: Middle-class transnationalism and ‘dual embeddedness’
Journal of Sociology 2019-03-21

Whither decolonisation? Indigenous scholars and the problem of inclusion in the neoliberal university
Journal of Sociology 2019-03-21

Tactics of the ‘Ugly Australian’: Morality, masculinity, nationalism and governance amid a cheating controversy in sport
Journal of Sociology 2019-03-11

Love and hate at the Cultural Interface: Indigenous Australians and dating apps
Journal of Sociology 2019-03-05

Book Review: Sonya Michel and Ito Peng (eds), Gender, Migration, and the Work of Care: A Multi-scalar Approach to the Pacific Rim
Journal of Sociology 2019-03-05

Administering faith: Does the religious institution administering a school influence educational achievement?
Journal of Sociology 2019-02-13

Parrhesia: Accounting for different contemporary relations between risk and politics
Journal of Sociology 2019-02-11

Book Review: Amy Chandler, Self-injury, Medicine and Society: Authentic Bodies
Journal of Sociology 2019-02-02

Book Review: Zygmunt Bauman and Thomas Leoncini, Born Liquid
Journal of Sociology 2019-02-02

Book Review: Tom Barnes, Making Cars in the New India: Industry, Precarity and Informality
Journal of Sociology 2019-01-25

Book Review: Giuseppe Giordan and Adam Possamai, Sociology of Exorcism in Late Modernity
Journal of Sociology 2019-01-18

Book Review: Pam Nilan, Muslim Youth in the Diaspora: Challenging Extremism through Popular Culture
Journal of Sociology 2019-01-14

Book Review: John Carroll, Land of the Golden Cities: Australia’s Exceptional Prosperity and the Culture that Made It
Journal of Sociology 2019-01-10

Immigrant network diversity in the land of the fair go
Journal of Sociology 2018-12-10

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