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Latest papers

Politicization and security policy: Parties, voters and the European Common Security and Defense Policy
European Union Politics 2019-06-03

Studying power and influence in the European Union: Exploiting the complexity of post-Lisbon legislation with EUR-Lex
European Union Politics 2019-05-30

Eurozone bailouts and national democracy: Detachment or resilience?
European Union Politics 2019-05-21

The evolution of European Union law: A new data set on the Acquis Communautaire
European Union Politics 2019-05-15

The relationship between national identity and European Union evaluations, 1993–2017
European Union Politics 2019-04-23

Acceptable in the EU? Why some immigration restrictionists support European Union mobility
European Union Politics 2019-04-23

Public deliberations in the Council of the European Union: Introducing and validating DICEU
European Union Politics 2019-04-17

How media shape political trust: News coverage of immigration and its effects on trust in the European Union
European Union Politics 2019-04-12

More interest in interest: Does poll coverage help or hurt efforts to make more young voters show up at the ballot box?
European Union Politics 2019-04-03

Citizens, immigration and the EU as a shield
European Union Politics 2019-03-28

European Monetary Union reform preferences of French and German parliamentarians
European Union Politics 2019-03-27

Improving the distribution of asylum-seekers through a multi-criteria index
European Union Politics 2019-03-12

Enlargement and exit: The origins of Article 50
European Union Politics 2019-02-28

Conditional legitimacy: How turnout, majority size, and outcome affect perceptions of legitimacy in European Union membership referendums
European Union Politics 2019-02-27

Party group coordinators and rapporteurs: Discretion and agency loss along the European Parliament’s chains of delegation
European Union Politics 2019-02-18

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