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Latest papers

Uber’s entrepreneurship discourse and its neoliberal appeal: analysis of coverage in English-language dailies in India
Critical Discourse Studies 2019-04-16

Populism at work: the language of the Brexiteers and the European Union
Critical Discourse Studies 2019-04-10

The Brexit referendum: how trade and immigration in the discourses of the official campaigns have legitimised a toxic (inter)national logic
Critical Discourse Studies 2019-03-19

Splendid isolation again? Brexit and the role of the press and online media in re-narrating the European discourse
Critical Discourse Studies 2019-03-18

Brexit and the imaginary of ‘crisis’: a discourse-conceptual analysis of European news media
Critical Discourse Studies 2019-03-16

‘Crisis’ as a discursive strategy in Brexit referendum campaigns
Critical Discourse Studies 2019-03-14

The critical juncture of Brexit in media & political discourses: from national-populist imaginary to cross-national social and political crisis
Critical Discourse Studies 2019-03-14

‘Out is out and that’s it the people have spoken’: uses of vox pops in UK TV news coverage of the Brexit referendum
Critical Discourse Studies 2019-03-14

The discursive – material knot: Cyprus in conflict and community media participation
Critical Discourse Studies 2019-03-06

The discourse construction of the most affected subjects by the housing problem in Buenos Aires city: critical analysis from Converging Linguistic Approaches Method
Critical Discourse Studies 2019-02-28

National menace: mediating homo/sexuality and sovereignty in the polish national/ist discourses
Critical Discourse Studies 2019-02-21

Semantic dilution of inequality: a smoke-screen for philanthrocapitalism
Critical Discourse Studies 2019-02-05

Denying, downplaying, debating: defensive discourses of inequality in the debate on Piketty
Critical Discourse Studies 2019-01-29

¿Qué Importa el preámbulo? Pensamiento decolonial en el preámbulo de las constituciones de Bolivia y Ecuador: una aproximación desde el análisis del discurso
Critical Discourse Studies 2019-01-28

‘Piketty is a genius, but … ’: an analysis of journalistic delegitimation of Thomas Piketty’s economic policy proposals
Critical Discourse Studies 2019-01-25

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