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Latest papers

The emergence of the hybrid older reader: A cross-national study
Communications 2019-06-12

Why do we click? Investigating reasons for user selection on a news aggregator website
Communications 2019-06-12

The impact of sharing brand messages: How message, sender and receiver characteristics influence brand attitudes and information diffusion on Social Networking Sites
Communications 2019-06-12

Interpersonal discussions and immigration attitudes
Communications 2019-06-12

Ten theses on the reality of video-chat: A phenomenological account
Communications 2019-06-12

Fragmentation in high-choice media environments from a micro-perspective: Effects of selective exposure on issue diversity in individual repertoires
Communications 2019-06-12

Ferrell Lowe, G., Van den Bulck, H., & Donders, K. (Eds.) (2018). Public service media in the networked society RIPE@2017. Gothenburg: Nordicom. 265 pp. (The publication is also available as open access at www.nordicom.gu.se.)
Communications 2019-06-12

Bucher, T. (2018). If … then: Algorithmic power and politics. New York: Oxford University Press. 216 pp.
Communications 2019-06-12

Morse, T. (2018). The Mourning News: Reporting violent death in a global age. New York, NY: Peter Lang. 267 pp.
Communications 2019-06-12

Exploring film genre preferences through taste cultures: A survey on contemporary film consumption amongst youth in Flanders (Belgium)
Communications 2019-06-12

Evens, T., & Donders, K. (2018). Platform power and policy in transforming television markets. Cham: Palgrave Macmillan. 304 pp.
Communications 2019-05-03

Pathways to political (dis-)engagement: motivations behind social media use and the role of incidental and intentional exposure modes in adolescents’ political engagement
Communications 2019-04-12

Gender role portrayals in television advertisements: Do channel characteristics matter?
Communications 2019-04-12

The meanings of sharing: On Facebook sharing strategies among Polish migrants in Germany and the UK
Communications 2019-03-30

Still marginalized: Gender inequalities in the largest Polish daily’s sports coverage
Communications 2019-03-16

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