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Latest papers

The rise of randomized controlled trials (RCTs) in international development in historical perspective
Theory and Society 2019-05-15

Correction to: Mixed methods research: what it is and what it could be
Theory and Society 2019-05-06

Narrating political opportunities: explaining strategic adaptation in the climate movement
Theory and Society 2019-04-13

Mixed methods research: what it is and what it could be
Theory and Society 2019-03-29

Symbolic capital, informal labor, and postindustrial markets: the dynamics of street vending during the 2014 world cup in São Paulo
Theory and Society 2019-03-10

Nationalism as competing masculinities: homophobia as a technology of othering for hetero- and homonationalism
Theory and Society 2019-03-10

Reversal of fortune: growth trajectories of Catholicism and Protestantism in modern China
Theory and Society 2019-02-25

Unseen suffering: slow violence and the phenomenological structure of social problems
Theory and Society 2019-02-21

Good on paper: sociological critique, pragmatism, and secularization theory
Theory and Society 2019-02-18

The great antagonism that never was: unexpected affinities between religion and education in post-secular society
Theory and Society 2019-01-28

The business-class case for corporate social responsibility: mobilization, diffusion, and institutionally transformative strategy in Venezuela and Britain
Theory and Society 2019-01-19

Theory and Society 2019-01-19

Hydraulic society and a “stupid little fish”: toward a historical ontology of endangerment
Theory and Society 2019-01-18

Misdiagnosing medicalization: penal psychopathy and psychiatric practice
Theory and Society 2019-01-08

Historically contested concepts: A conceptual history of philanthropy in France, 1712-1914
Theory and Society 2018-12-06

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