Social Justice Research

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Latest papers

Innovation as a value in healthcare priority-setting: the UK experience
Social Justice Research 2019-04-15

Journey Forward: The Black Experience in Context
Social Justice Research 2019-03-20

Incorporating Inequality Aversion in Health-Care Priority Setting
Social Justice Research 2019-03-09

Simultaneous Use of Public and Private Specialist Services as a Potential Strategic Behaviour in Access to the National Health Service: Is There a Pattern by Socio-economic Level?
Social Justice Research 2019-03-05

Priority-Setting and Personality: Effects of Dispositional Optimism on Preferences for Allocating Healthcare Resources
Social Justice Research 2019-02-28

Self-Objectification, System Justifying Beliefs, and the Rise of Labiaplasty
Social Justice Research 2019-02-27

Public Health as Social Justice? A Qualitative Study of Public Health Policy-Makers’ Perspectives
Social Justice Research 2019-02-25

Perceived Unfairness and Psychological Distress: Less Harmful as Age Increases?
Social Justice Research 2019-02-20

Is Justice More Important than Would Be Expected? The Role of Justice in Management Control Systems to Generate Goal Congruence, Trust in Managers and Fairness Perceptions
Social Justice Research 2019-02-18

The Consequences of Social Inequality for the Health and Development of India’s Children: The Case of Caste, Sanitation, and Child Height
Social Justice Research 2019-02-09

Infrahumanization and Socio-Structural Variables: The Role of Legitimacy, Ingroup Identification, and System Justification Beliefs
Social Justice Research 2018-12-19

Some Remarks on Equality in Health and Health Care
Social Justice Research 2018-12-18

Explicit Cost-Effectiveness Thresholds in Health Care: A Kaleidoscope
Social Justice Research 2018-12-17

Operationalizing a Conceptual Model of Colorism in Local Policing
Social Justice Research 2018-11-21

Perceptions of Economic Inequality and Support for Redistribution: The role of Existential and Utopian Standards
Social Justice Research 2018-11-17

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