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Enhancing the Measurement of Composite Indicators of Corporate Social Performance
Social Indicators Research 2019-01-21

Territorial Determinants of the Brexit Vote
Social Indicators Research 2019-01-21

Deep-Rooted Culture and Economic Development: Taking the Seven Deadly Sins to Build a Well-Being Composite Indicator
Social Indicators Research 2019-01-19

The Long-Term Effects of Parental Separation on Childhood Multidimensional Deprivation: A Lifecourse Approach
Social Indicators Research 2019-01-18

A New Dataset on Horizontal Structural Ethnic Inequalities in Thailand in Order to Address Sustainable Development Goal 10
Social Indicators Research 2019-01-14

Household Income Diversification and Food Insecurity in the Upper West Region of Ghana
Social Indicators Research 2019-01-10

Wellbeing as Emergent from the Leveraging of Polarities: Harnessing Component Interdependencies
Social Indicators Research 2019-01-10

Inequalities in Longevity by Education Level in Spain: A Life Satisfaction Approach
Social Indicators Research 2019-01-09

Disability and Social Exclusion in Italian Households
Social Indicators Research 2019-01-09

Life Satisfaction and Job Satisfaction among University Faculty: The Impact of Working Conditions, Academic Performance and Relative Income
Social Indicators Research 2019-01-09

How Reliable are Students’ Evaluations of Teaching (SETs)? A Study to Test Student’s Reproducibility and Repeatability
Social Indicators Research 2019-01-09

The Rise of Merit-based Inequality Acceptance After Exposure to Competition: Experimental Evidence among Chinese University Students
Social Indicators Research 2019-01-08

A Hybrid Enhanced Scatter Search—Composite I-Distance Indicator (eSS-CIDI) Optimization Approach for Determining Weights Within Composite Indicators
Social Indicators Research 2019-01-05

Explaining Differences Within and Between Countries in the Risk of Income Poverty and Severe Material Deprivation: Comparing Single and Multilevel Analyses
Social Indicators Research 2019-01-01

Estimation of Disaggregate-Level Poverty Incidence in Odisha Under Area-Level Hierarchical Bayes Small Area Model
Social Indicators Research 2018-12-14

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