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Latest papers

Adult Children’s Education and Later-Life Health of Parents in China: The Intergenerational Effects of Human Capital Investment
Social Indicators Research 2019-03-19

Dimensions of Social Stratification and Their Relation to Mortality: A Comparison Across Gender and Life Course Periods in Finland
Social Indicators Research 2019-03-18

Correction to: Better for Everyone? Egalitarian Culture and Social Wellbeing in Europe
Social Indicators Research 2019-03-12

Correction to: Vertical and Horizontal Inequality in Ecuador: The Lack of Sustainability
Social Indicators Research 2019-03-12

Correction to: Does Horizontal Inequality Matter in Vietnam?
Social Indicators Research 2019-03-12

Correction to: Patronage and Public Goods Provisioning in an Unequal Land
Social Indicators Research 2019-03-12

Inequality Versus Inclusion in US Cities
Social Indicators Research 2019-03-09

How to Enhance Social Participation and Well-Being in (Formerly) Homeless Clients: A Structural Equation Modelling Approach
Social Indicators Research 2019-03-09

Conceptualizing and Measuring Financial Resilience: A Multidimensional Framework
Social Indicators Research 2019-03-09

Transforming Economic Growth into Inclusive Development: An International Analysis
Social Indicators Research 2019-03-06

Inequality of Opportunity in Indian Women
Social Indicators Research 2019-03-04

Work in Transition: Labour Market Life Expectancy and Years Spent in Precarious Employment in Spain 1986–2016
Social Indicators Research 2019-02-28

Socio-Economic Indicators for Performance Evaluation and Quality Assessment: Statistical Methods and Applications
Social Indicators Research 2019-02-28

Is the Validity of Cost Utility Analysis Improved When Utility is Measured by an Instrument with ‘Home-Country’ Weights? Evidence from Six Western Countries
Social Indicators Research 2019-02-23

Material Deprivation and Working Poor in Hong Kong
Social Indicators Research 2019-02-21

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