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Latest papers

A Development of the Human Development Index
Social Indicators Research 2019-05-23

Building Statistical Indicators of Equitable and Sustainable Well-Being in a Functional Framework
Social Indicators Research 2019-05-22

Developing Thai Happiness Index
Social Indicators Research 2019-05-22

Correction to: Beyond Formal Access: Organizational Context, Working From Home, and Work–Family Conflict of Men and Women in European Workplaces
Social Indicators Research 2019-05-18

The Importance of Variables in Composite Indices: A Contribution to the Methodology and Application to Development Indices
Social Indicators Research 2019-05-18

The SOLA Model: A Theory-Based Approach to Social Quality and Social Sustainability
Social Indicators Research 2019-05-16

Which Income Inequality Influences Which Health Indicators? Analysis of the Income Inequality Hypothesis with Market and Disposable Gini Indicators
Social Indicators Research 2019-05-15

Constructing Taiwan’s Active Aging Index and Applications for International Comparison
Social Indicators Research 2019-05-11

Correction to: Inequality Between Whom? Patterns, Trends, and Implications of Horizontal Inequality in the Philippines
Social Indicators Research 2019-05-06

Does Institutional Quality Matter for Multidimensional Well-Being Inequalities? Insights from Italy
Social Indicators Research 2019-04-23

Can Rural Development Be Measured? Design and Application of a Synthetic Index to Portuguese Municipalities
Social Indicators Research 2019-04-22

One Size Does Not Fit All: Alternative Values-Based ‘Recipes’ for Life Satisfaction
Social Indicators Research 2019-04-20

Measuring Multi-group Polarization, Segmentation and Ambiguity: Increasingly Unequal Yet Similar Constituent Canadian Income Distributions
Social Indicators Research 2019-04-17

Neighborhood Social Disadvantage and Bicycling Behavior: A Big Data-Spatial Approach Based on Social Indicators
Social Indicators Research 2019-04-16

A New Extension of Bourguignon and Chakravarty Index to Measure Educational Poverty and Its Application to the OECD Countries
Social Indicators Research 2019-04-13

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